Those corn oligarchs really want a good football team




I am cornoligarc. I need tp for my bunghole.


Wait so is Tepper off the hook for that 34M entirely then?


No, because he already coached the team for a few years and earned like half of that contract. $34 mil is just what he had left, to my understanding


So in other words... yes, Tepper is pretty much off the hook for the "vast majority" of the 34M still owed.


If this was what they thought by hedging their bet with that contract then why did they keep him for so long? If not having to pay out was so assured what took so long to do the obvious?


I think they kept him purely because he was known for 3 year rebuilds in college, and Tepper wanted badly for it to work. Kepe in mind that Tepper comes from Pittsburgh where they do not fire head coaches too. Add that to Rhule's first year being the COVID season, and I can understand why he was given a third year. In hindsight it was the wrong call, and I'm not saying I wouldn't have fired him this offseason, but I think that was Tepper's rationale.


Plus, there is nobody cheaper than a wealthy man - weirdly enough.


HoW dO yOu ThInK tHeY gOt ThE mOnEy?


Meanwhile Belichick will be paying McDaniels minimum wage for 3 years when he becomes a Pats' consultant next year.


No, they’re thinking was they’d hire a good coach. They got lucky that he was a hot commodity in CFB.


Not a lot of college coaches successfully make the jump directly into head coaching. good they had insurance


I'm not sure I understand what Rapoport is reporting. Did Nebraska decide to pay Rhule *instead* of Carolina or in *addition* to Carolina for the next few years?


Basics Rhule was owed 34 million by Carolina, but a standard clause in these contacts is that if you take another the job the money from the new job offsets what you're owed. Nebraska is paying Rhule as much as Carolina was, so the money Carolina owes him is almost completely offset


Thank you!


How is it offset? Is Nebraska on the hook for what Carolina had to pay Rhule?


Why not just back end load the deal so the Panthers have to pay up and then you get your money from Nebraska at the end of the new contract?


Because if Rhule didn't like that he could say no. Clearly they wanted Rhule and found a middle ground where they were both comfortable with the deal


Why would Rhule say no? The money up front is the same, it just comes from the Panthers. Then Nebraska could structure the deal to pay him the full $72M at the back end without being offset, so Rhule would see a lot more money.


Why would nebraska want to pay him a lot more down the line when they don’t even know how he’s performing? Makes no sense to give him an automatic raise in 3-4 years before he’s even coached a game


Easy. It’s $72M guaranteed either way and there’s a thing called the time value of money so it would cost Nebraska less than fair sharing his contract across the years and Rhule banks a lot more because he maximized his NFL contract.


So to clarify, they were able to get a deal done without spending more money, but they should have spent more money just because. You should reach out to the nebraska AD


They would be spending the 72 million either way. Rhule would double dip.


If Nebraska doesn’t pay him a fair AAV for all years, they open themselves up to a lawsuit from CAR. Weird rule, but very much a factor in all of this.


Cause he’s a coach and not a player that you need to finagle the cap for. Coaching contracts are pretty much always even over the life of the contract


Wish I could be dog shit at my job and get 72m.


Great strategy. Ask the Aggies and Spartans.


He's a cancer. Hopefully husker nation will see this sooner than later.


Are we really going to ignore the multiple college programs he turned around before going to th NFL?


Temple and Baylor post scandal were two of the greatest turn around of the last couple decades. Rule does a great job of recruiting and establish his culture in college


Some guys are just meant to be college coaches and not pro coaches.


He beat Penn State with Temple. He's my favorite college coach to walk this planet.


Only if we ignore all the players he's "used" to do that.


Nah I think he's just a college level guy with an approach and priorities that work at the college level and don't at the pro level. You can have stupid things like "the brand" and want control over everything if you're a college HC building a program and recruiting teenagers to come play for you, that just doesn't work with grown adults.


I wonder if he’d have done better at Stanford. BIG10 has bigger powerhouses than the PAC-12.