Username checks out


I’m convinced this is just that BakerMVP whatever’s alt account. And he’s trolling us every week lol


Go one level deeper. He's actually Baker himself.


This is why he’s been playing bad all year. Been spending too much time trolling on Reddit.


Needed an anti Reddit clause


The reverse KD


It’s the ultimate performance art


Kanjuro from one piece would be proud


Ka, ka, ka, ka, ka!!


"I’m playing both sides, so that I always come out on top"


Where is /u/BakerMayfield2022MVP when we need him?!


Fuck the haters


Borderline iconic reddit beef


Y’all better watch out - baker will ball out this weekend. We talking 135 yards, 16/35, 1 TD, 7 rushing 😡😡 2/9 3rd down


Is 70 of those yards coming off a busted defensive assignment in the 4th quarter?


Half will be from CMC snagging a batted ball in the air and making something out of nothing.


Oh no, it will be CMC picking up a fumble. Can't have him getting fantasy points.


As if Baker throws to CMC lol


Yall are playing the Cardinals. Given our history, probably going to be a career day for Baker.


I don’t miss the baker mayfield experience at all I genuinely enjoy watching brissett


Well you got like 6 games of that left before you get to enjoy watching the unrepentant serial sexual assaulter.


The 2018 NFL draft is gonna be an all-timer for making draft analysts look bad. They really whiffed greatly on the QB outlooks


I completely get how people whiffed on Josh Allen, simply because seeing improvement that drastic is unprecedented. We've literally never seen a QB be as inaccurate as Allen was in college and thrive in the NFL Having said that, I have no idea how everyone whiffed on Lamar, because that one seemed sort of obvious just watching him play


Lamar badly needed to rebuild his passing mechanics. All he did in college was throw with his arm, and not with a solid base. Lamar was a project with a sky high ceiling, and as the Ravens found out, could be a great QB with proper coaching and an offensive built around him.


>Lamar was a project with a sky high ceiling, and as the Ravens found out, could be a great QB with proper coaching and an offensive built around him. I have no doubt Lamar or Allen would be out of the league or on the way out if they had been chosen #1 by the Browns. Neither one of those guys would have survived the Browns going through 4 head coaches in your QB's most important developmental years. Situations matter and those two went to ideal ones looking back.


I feel like situation is so absurdly important. Would Mahomes be Mahomes if he didn't go to an Andy Reid team with a year to sit and learn? Would someone like Darnold have been able to succeed there instead of getting stuck on the Jets? Do teams like the Jets or Browns continuously suck because they keep whiffing these picks, or do they keep whiffing picks because they continuously suck? It's probably some combination of the two, but its definitely a complex balance.


Look at Trevor Lawrence this season with an actual NFL coaching staff. It's night and day.


Another great example if he keeps it up.


And thank god he got one quickly. If he had another year or two of the carousel who's to say what happens?


I know they get shitted on, but props to Jacksonville and their ownership for realizing they fucked up and changing things quick, not waiting until their year and possibly screwing up the culture more.


But also, no props to Jacksonville for the hire. Literally nobody thought it was a good hire. Not the pundits, not the fans, not the players, nobody. And it went even worse than we could have imagined.


Reminds me of Kurt Warner in the Cardinals. His thumb was still bothering him so the QB coach told him to wear a glove and well.... the rest is history.


Look at Tua. He didn't magically start throwing insane bombs, more like good coaching situation finally found him. Even if he doesn't live up to his draft capital, it shows coaching staff makes a huge difference.


He didnt magically start and still hasn’t lol. His coaching staff played his strength and got him WRs that can make YAC. Incredibly accurate and good on short throws, but once Tyreek goes deep if there’s a safety overtop anywhere close it’s wraps for Tua.


I’m 99% sure Mahomes would have been awful if he had been taken by the Bears. That team ruins every QB it touches.


Imagine Mitch tearing it up while some scrub Mahomes was all but out of the league


That’s NVP Mahomes in this scenario


> I feel like situation is so absurdly important. Would Mahomes be Mahomes if he didn't go to an Andy Reid team with a year to sit and learn? I don't think so as someone who watched a ton of Patrick games at TT. He had a ton of bad habits from having to play 100% Hero Ball so much in college under Kliff Kingsbury. Sitting under Alex for a year and being developed by Andy did a ton for Mahomes game. >Do teams like the Jets or Browns continuously suck because they keep whiffing these picks, or do they keep whiffing picks because they continuously suck? It's probably some combination of the two, but its definitely a complex balance. I am a big believer that culture comes from the top and until the Browns get an owner that is competent at all they will continue to be a dumpster fire. Same reason why I believe my Cowboys will continue to fail reaching the level they want until Jerry is gone.


But on the other end, you have the Bengals whose owner didn't change, but for some reason had a wake up moment and stopped being a cheap skate, and look what happened.


The owners daughter took over football operations didn't she?


She and her husband "run the business" but everything still goes through Mike and that includes the checks. It definitely seems like Mike had a moment of clarity when he and Marv split, it is an entirely different culture there now.


I was shocked when I heard he was going to sell the naming rights to the stadium.


We stopped being cheap? Is this because of the indoor practice facility, or was there more to this?


I'm about 90% certain if we took Allen he'd have lasted two seasons with advanced joseph, with little to no development, before our fanbase drove them both out of town.


The Bills were a much much worse franchise than you guys. We missed the playoffs for 20 years straight.


People not accepting that Josh worked away from the team to improve himself. Baker has never had a QB coach until this off-season


People also need to cope with the fact that they fucked up on passing on him. You see the same thing with Bears fans and Mahomes


Yup both Allen and Mahomes worked hard to improve their craft themselves. It has less to do with organizations than people realize


I'm still convinced Tim Couch would've been great had the Browns not led him to slaughter.


I'm sorry but his name is Tim couch. Not happenin


Agreed, but also if you looked at his college career you'd see that he did improve as a passer each year, which showed that he was coachable and that the problems would be, at least, semi-fixable on top of the incredible physical talent he brought. From watching him here and there it seemed that each year at Louisville he became a better passer. Sure he wasn't Tom Brady, but the steady improvement shows a lot imo.


Allen was lucky to be drafted by a team with solid coaching too. If the Browns took him at one, we'd be calling him a bust and he'd kicking around the league like Rosen, Mayfield, & Darnold.


You do know Lamar’s first snaps on offense where not as QB, they actually did play him in other positions to bring him along. Again, the Ravens have had to re-invent their offence, no other team is built like the Ravens. He was a project, but he went to a great organization and he is a high level guy, which meant he took full advantage of his opportunity.


I wanted the Jags to take Lamar so badly. I had a friend who was super sold on Baker that thought I was an idiot for liking Jackson more than Mayfield.


His size was the big knock. He was a fantastic runner who was built slight. He was also a decent passer, but didn't wow. Hes really improved alot. I think a 2nd round grade was solid for him, IMO.


Fun to watch in college does not always translate to the pros. We really don’t know.


I look back at my picks and I whiffed hard and was event right. I thought baker was best in draft. Darnold was bad. Rosen was bad. Lamar was good, and Allen had no future. How many thought Allen was awful is the biggest takeaway. Only a select few thought he could be what he is.


Simms of all people


I’m not sure of what people think of Simms but I find him to be pretty good on his takes of potential success. Especially with QBs and WRs.


Yea I think a lot of people around here shit on him due mostly to his show with Florio, but I really like his other show. It’s more in depth and analytical.


Simms also said Lamar was the best QB prospect in Baker's draft and that Josh Allen was #2. He was also early on the Mahomes and Herbert hype trains before they were even drafted. He is essentially an attributes-first evaluator. I'd say he's on to something, except that he had Zach Wilson #1 over Trevor Lawrence.


I mean it’s too soon to say who will be better between Lawrence and Wilson yet. Wilson hasn’t even played a full season


Impressive to be worse than Fields


Yeah I'm actually shocked because Justin has been atrocious


I cannot explain to you how bad Baker has been. I don’t care for ESPN’s QBR metric, because I think it’s just a number they make up to then get people talking about, but he has been really bad. Last week he was overthrowing receivers, under throwing receivers, and at one point couldn’t even hit a wide open pass in the flats, sailing it like 2 yards above the head of the target. It’s been really bad.


how bad is Darnold if he cant beat Baker at practice? geez


He beat Baker in his performance last year, and he probably beat Baker but Rhule is a clown and wanted “revenge” Baker everyone was talking up this offseason


All indications during camp was Baker was outplaying Darnold and it wasn’t really close. But I do agree Rhule is a clown


Nah Darnold is just trash.


The whole nfc south except for the bucks is trash


It’s honestly a case of how the mighty have fallen. Makes me sad tbh.


I mean we're probably plummeting again next year but I'm gonna ride this high while I got it.


I remember when every NFC South game was a slug fest. Now it’s like 3 crippled old men slap fighting while y’all laugh at us.


That's so accurate and it hurts.


The falcons defense sucks but at least the offense is fun. More fun to watch than our team currently


You joke but who is stopping giannis from the backfield?


*flagged for dunking on the goalpost*


Giannis could dunk the goalpost without leaving his feet, I'd love to see it


Lmao welcome to the baker experience. Guy fucking sucks


This is who Baker is though. He had one OK season when people barely had tape on him and the Browns has an easy schedule. Most TDs by a rookie isn't thst telling of a stat when Daniel Jones is 4th on the list, and part of the top 12 are Minshew, Jameis, Butch Sonegin, and Charley Connery. Hell, Dan Marino is way down that list.


If York doesn’t hit that field goal. You would be leading the division and the heels of baker having 2 scoring drives in the 4th. You should be mad at your coaches for having a sham qb contest. Even if baker doesn’t work out, darnold never was gonna be the guy


Multiple things can be true at once: our coaching sucks and so does our QB.


Fields can run


But he can’t hide from the pass rush


For sure, just explaining why analytics like him more than baker who has been bad at everything


Pats and Vikings is a hilarious mix of teams; the most successful team ever versus the Vikings, a pinnacle of underachievement


Maybe he doesn’t qualify for the stat because coach doesn’t let him pass?


I believe every stat has Fields as the worst qualified QB and Mayfield as 2nd worst, except for QBR…


Has he thrown enough passes to qualify?


Only in QBR though, right? I mean I've watched them both play, and Baker is NOT worse than Fields. Baker's also playing under arguably the worst coach in the league, and I've watched his receivers drop a shit ton.


Fields: "He gets to have receivers?"




For sure, he sure can’t see them


deep state NFL had to injure GEQBUS so faker could start Btw last year at this time darnold had lead the panthers to a 3-0 record while leading the league in rushing and passing touchdowns


When Cleveland sends QBs they are not sending their best. We need the GEQBUS back immediately!


There are some bad hombres in Cleveland


r/thedarnold is leaking. Maybe we should... BUILD THAT WALL!


And make shady brady and the buccs pay for it!!!


actually r/the_darnold


Dont blame me! I voted for the GEQBUS!


The LibRhule media is pushing Faker on us and STEALING the QB position from GEQBUS. I dont know how much longer I can stand by and stand down 😠


Are we forgetting that Panthers head coach is Matt Rhule and the OC is Ben McAdoo?


Believe me, we will NEVER forget what Ben Mac-a-Poo and the LibRhule media have done to slander GEQBUS


Don’t quote the LibRhule media at the GEQBUS


He should throw the ball to DJ Moore. He makes QB's look good.


Dj Moore : "it's still a kids game after all"


My brain couldn't decide if this said DJ Moore or DJ more


My fantasy team agrees


Justin Fields: *sideways glance monkey puppet meme* Whew!


Does Fields qualify as a QB averaging 99 yards a game in 2022?


Not bad for a running back


he's more of a holder *for* the running backs


Imagine losing to Baker


You just triggered the entire city of Cincinnati


u/JEH_24 is now banned from all Skyline Chili locations




Long live empress


Very scared for the Panthers game. The bad man was gone but he's coming back...


That's Pittsburgh's 2023 QB Baker Mayfield for you


wait why did I upvote that so fast?


I like to think we actually lost to a combination of Jameis and Laviska Shenault Jr


To be fair... He played like Joe Montana against us.


Cincy in shambles


Panthers should try out Rosen next, just run through that entire draft class


Rosen needs to be on 3 more teams for the prophecy.


If they do that does that mean they eventually get Josh Allen?


Yes, but only after they trade for Mason Rudolph and Mike White


“But baker won the franchise a playoff game”-Reddit Baker defenders. News flash: so did Tim Tebow(on a game winning OT drive nonetheless). Doesn’t make him good.


found darnolds account


He is who we thought he was.


Lots of people on this sub seemed to think Baker was poised for a breakout this offseason


A lot of people on this sub are stupid


I have no idea why. He had literally the perfect situation surrounding him in the Browns in terms of talent support and all he could muster up was a decent season. He's in that Flacco/Cutler tier where their peak is only ok-decent when the situation is perfect. You can't succeed with a guy that needs everything around him to be elite for him to be ok.


I wanted to see him ball out but I didn’t put any money on it.


Nah he's worse. I thought Baker would be inconsistent but it would even out to around average. Dude has had one good quarter in 3 games.


This sub thought he was Joe Montana reincarnated so not sure who we is


We is me and anyone else here in Cleveland that actually could see what was happening here for past 4 years.


The baker hype was quite literally just Deshaun hate manifesting in another way. This dude is trash


Pretty much, yeah. Everyone here was projecting their Deshaun hate (well deserved, btw) to manifest onto Baker. Most people who watched him play knew that was not going to happen.


which doesnt make sense because he actually looked promising during his rookie year but ig that was because of the tyrod buff


He doesn't see the backside route, it took the NFL 1 season to learn that and rotate an extra defender to his pre-play read side


Deshaun is elite at reading the backside


A lot of players look amazing in their rookie year and a big reason is because teams don't have film on them against NFL competition. The league adjusts. The ones that make it are the ones who keep adjusting.


No even before all that went down people last season were saying that baker was a great QB and was only not performing well because he had an injury to his non-throwing shoulder. Baker is ass and always has been.


This exactly right, and reddit was the only place who ever thought Baker was good post 2020.


I only ever really watched him in ravens games and in the Steelers playoff game. He never looked bad in those so I guess I made bad assumptions


Of course it was. Browns fans held the line saying he wasn't as good as he was being hyped after the trade. The only retaliation is that he wasn't a sexual predator. Meanwhile, Jacoby is having one of his best seasons ever. I'm all in on the Stefanski train. Dude can get the most out of subpar QBs.


Yep. The Browns had every reason to move on from Baker and his play this year only cements it. Regardless of how much of a garbage human being Watson is, Baker Mayfield was never going to prove them wrong.


The big issue with Baker is that half of his play is honestly elite, and the other half is worse than many backups in the league. If he was just average or honestly garbage it would be easy to write him off, but if he went to several teams with complimentary offenses for his skillset (SF, Det, Indy, etc..) he'd look pretty good. Not elite All-Pro, but Top 10-15 in the league probably. Rhule's offense is a horrible mismatch for Mayfield and it's showing. I agree with the Watson influence though. A lot of the Baker hype was just wishful thinking to make the Watson move look even worse.


I'm not here to hate on the guy but there was very little about his play that was ever elite. The bar in Cleveland was just that low. He put together a nice string of games at times and that playoff win against Pittsburgh was magical. But it also was very clear that even without his injury that Baker would always be what was holding our team back.


I mean he broke the rookie passing TD record without even playing the whole season. I feel like people forget that. It's not like people just assumed he'd be good for no reason. The drop off has been a little surprising.








Sam Darnold was the worst QB last year and Baker Mayfield is the worst QB this year. Is there any commonality between the two?


Not that great imo


No no Baker is not bad, he just requires the best o-line in the league, a top 3 rushing offense and 2 top 20 receivers. I blame the Panthers on this one /s


And he still in that situation refuses to look for the checkdown or the guy in the flat, airing it 20+ yards into double coverage instead. What a moron.


To be fair, he threw the best hospital ball in the league


I mean, obviously he's underperforming, but I'd like to point at least some of the blame on the worst coach in the league by far


What’s Josh McDaniels got to do with this?


What is that when converted to useful stats?


it’s like 1/3rd of Mahomes QBR if he regressed to the average


Whos average?




I mean even Baker must watch his own game film and be like damn. I frigging suck. Pretty soon his new WR Dads are going to be breaking down his tape lol


See I think that was part of the problem with him and Stefanski. Stefanski schemes guys open really well and every Monday is probably screaming at the film and showing Baker and it just never manifested into anything.


He isn't a checkdown Charlie like Peak Alex Smith was, Stefanski wanted him to take the open in the flats or dump it off to Chubb or Hunt. Baker airmails the pass 20 yards into clear double coverage. I wonder who the liability is...


Just wait for Zach Wilson to come claim that Baker


Beat me to it. Worst QBR… so far… I sure do hope we are wrong though.


Remember when everyone here was saying he was going to throw for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns and beat the Browns 45-3?


Yeah the revenge game was a little overhyped. It was still the Panthers and Baker was still getting batted down at the line.


Hey, that's higher than Brady's QBR of 16.4 against the Rams in the divisional round and nearly as high as Aaron Rodgers's QBR of 22.6 against the 49ers in the divisional round!


He is going to put up huge numbers against the cardinals tomorrow and then there will be 50 posts saying that people have been too quick to write him off this season. Then the next week when he plays like trash again there will be another 50 posts in response to the people who said he was written off too quick.


Baker would be better at being an actual baker


It’s more of redemption arch hype for him after the browns traded for the sexual predator


And at this rate all the sexual predator has to do is spike the ball and he'd be better than Baker in this stat I think (or maybe I'm thinking passer rating, not sure)


> (or maybe I'm thinking passer rating, not sure) You are, Baker's an 80.8 passer rating.


This guy really had commercials


And they were good ass commercials too


This just goes to show you how good the Browns roster was for the last few years, and how it was wasted on an average quarterback propped up by an ideal situation.


Panthers would love an average quarterback rn lol


While this is true I can't help but think you have an agenda OP


You can’t just make accusations that u/BakerMayfieldisAss has an agenda without some sort of proof


List of Baker Mayfield excuses 2019 \-He played under Freddie Kitchens (Despite Baker campaigning to get Kitchens as HC). \-Odell Beckham was free lancing \-O-Line sucks 2020 \- WRs suck \--TEs suck \- He won a playoff game (A game where the Steelers beat themselves) 2021 \- Odell is getting open the wrong way \- It's Bakers non-throwing shoulder messing with his mechanics \- Using his best stretch of his career in 2020 and acting like that was his base level of play while ignoring all other data.


This year they’ve already started - Rhule is a shit coach (true but that doesn’t make you throw passes into the dirt) - O line hasn’t gelled yet - Receiving core is weak I’m sure we’ll see more by the season end


He's struggling to get into a weekly routine because he's no longer filming the Progressive commercials, and has no idea how to pass that newfound free time


Somebody is going to need to hit him with the homework clause in his next contract!


“The rhythm and timing offense” shit was comedy dawg. Like what offense isn’t based on rhythm and timing 😂😂


There’s a thread on the panthers sub rn talking about that and that’s why baker hasn’t seen success yet. It’s actual comedy gold. Just totally nonexistent football IQs let me find it again Edit: this comment chain specifically. These mfers high on copium https://www.reddit.com/r/panthers/comments/xol9nv/how_to_fix_baker/ipze905/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 “Borderline top 10 QB” 💀


The Baker excuses never end.


they will end when his starting chances end which looks like week 6 right now




He woke up feeling dangerous(ly shit) this year


yet carolina is in 2nd place in division


Baker is so bad, he's made CMC look like Rex Burkhead. Even Kyle Allen knew to use him. Also he's made DJM look like practice squad player.


Well his QBR is an adult


Baker Bros in witness protection program


I'll never get why people took the stance toward the Browns fans who were critical of Baker as "haters". Some of us watched the all-22 film, or at least checked out videos of people who did and there were clearly a bunch of stuff to be critical about. People were acting like it was just being made up, why would fans want Baker to be mediocre. It was all right there in front of everyone's eyes to observe, the Stefanski Browns offense with that O-Line and running attack is an extremely quarterback friendly offense. Buddy can't read the field and process/diagnose at a high level that's all there is to it, yeah, he can throw a ball fast and hard but there's more to being a quarterback. The one true ability he does have is that he's quite good throwing on the run, Stefanski used that heavily during the playoff run and basically simplified the offense around him throwing on the run which is what led to his success during that late run. I couldn't wait until he got to a much lesser situation where more focus would be on him so all the doubters could see for themselves just laughing at Baker will get his revenge narratives, etc. I hope all you Baker fans finally have seen the light and realize all the annoyance and frustration you caused all the "haters" who dare be critical of the best quarterback we've.... Oh wait, we got Jakoby now so that doesn't even hold any more. Ya, Jakoby is better than Baker Reagan Mayfield. Baker can take the second best, oh wait then there's Watson... there's always third I guess, although I bet some of those other quarterbacks would've been better in this current offense than they were prolly better than the Bake.


I can no longer defend this man