Eagles and Dolphins in top 3. Man I did not expect that this early in the season.


I love it. Part of what makes the NFL so fun when year to year things can change so quickly


At one point the playoffs were 50% different each year for a long stretch.


Yet the cream always rose to the top. Now, it truly feels like a wildcard. There is no boredom in just knowing one team is a shoe in for a conference championship game.


I still think the Chiefs are a lock for the AFC Championship game. They've been in it 4 years in a row


That's true now but even 5 years ago it was always so rigid as to who would be where in these things. Happy to finally see some changes in rankings because that's when football is fun. Edit* i should say that i just meant in respect to the power rankings. This is the first time... despite some other impressive runs that i remember the dolphins even being in the top 10 of the power rankings.


5 years ago the Rams got really good out of nowhere, the Chiefs didn't have Mahomes starting yet, the Blake Bortles Jaguars and the Case Keenum Vikings made the Championship game and Carson Wentz looked like an MVP before getting hurt with Nick Foles throwing his big dick around in the playoffs.


And the Bills were starting Nathan Peterman


“Jim Kelly reportedly ‘Not happy’ with current Bills quarterback situation” — A headline to an article I remember reading when I first started frequenting this sub circa 2014-15


Well, on the Chiefs front they were still an excellent team ever since Reid got there. They wouldve wont the division every year if it wasnt for the Manning Broncos/‘15 Broncos all time defense. The Chiefs still made it to the playoffs every year. The Jaguars going to the AFCCG was literally one of the most singularly odd runs a team had, considering what happened prior and after


That Jaguars team reminded me a lot of the 1998 Falcons


NFC championship was Foles vs Keenum. We didn’t know how good we had it


I seem to recall something about the Eagles five years ago…..


I’ve been an Eagles fan way too long to book my playoff tickets after three games. This week should be a legit test of where we stand.


TBH, the Jags scare me more than the Cardinals for some dumb reason. I think it's because the Jags are still somewhat of an unknown. Should be a great game this week.


I don’t know how for real the eagles are because I don’t know how to judge the lions/Vikings/commies


Oh yea? Can you tell me about it? I've got time.


This dude Nick. Hung monster dong.


I listened to the police scanner from Philly online after that SB. Best thing I’ve ever listened to. Dude trying to break an ostrich out of the zoo. Report of an unconscious man who stood up when the medics got to him then reported to be on the lookout for a man in jeans and an Eagles jersey. Just amazing.


Didn’t they have to grease the lightposts in Philly to prevent people from climbing them?


Didn’t work


idk i still have PTSD from when we started 3-0 in 2013 before it all went to shit


This season has been really good so far with the lack of domination by the usual contenders


It is very, very unusual to only have two 3-0 teams and one 0-3 team after three weeks. It looks like this season, sort of like last season (when going into the final week of the regular season it felt like 10-12 teams could win the Super Bowl), is going to be wide open with a lot of parity. Somewhere Pete Rozelle is smiling.


I smell a Week 18 with an inordinate and anxiety-inducing set of postseason scenarios


You’re just saying that because the afc east was like that for 2 decades, there’s always been a similar level of parity outside of the greatest dynasty in US sports history






Am an Eagles Fan, the inner turmoil of loving what’s happened so far coupled with crushing pessimism so I don’t get burned is unreal. One more game like that from our D and I’m sold. Crushing coverage vs Minnesota and big boys sacking Wentz last weekend. 9 sacks man. Other concerns are our run game and special teams. Despite all this I’m obviously still over the moon with our overall play so far, if we can sort out these other niggles the league should be worried.


Eagles I did expect, their roster is annoyingly stacked.


The Eagles also play what looks like a fairly easy schedule this year.


There's not one game on it that I'd say we currently should lose on paper. That said, we always seem to boof games against the Cardinals, and I'm sure we will drop 1 to both the Giants and Cowboys


The quality of NFL teams is so close that even really good teams will lose a few games in most cases. That’s normal.


Evidence: The chiefs vs colts


Nah, the Giants are not going to be good again this year. No receivers, no offensive line, no studs on defense. They’ll be below average at best. You should smoke them twice.


we said that last year and Hurts had one of his worst games as a pro lol. Division games are just weird sometimes.


Those bastards.


There were a lot of Dream Team memes coming into the season, but at least on paper the Eagles looked like a very complete team. The big question mark was Hurts, who has looked better than anyone could have expected so far.


The chargers are the dream team this year. Been saying that for 3 months or so lol


My vote was broncos dream team szn before the year Havent paid attention to either too much but isnt herbert playing super hurt too?


Herbet is on fucking life support right now its brutal


The whole team is, man. Herbert had broken ribs, Slater tore his bicep, Allen has hamstring issues, JC can’t get his ankle right, Bosa just messed up his groin, Guyton tore his ACL, and Linsley has knee issues Ugh


I had you guys being a serious contender, and the AFC west as a whole being the best division. Then your entire team showed up on the injury report.


Not an eagles fan but a hurts fan. Good for him.


I know some people were making jokes but I think it was more because it was literally just funny because of what happened with that team. Anyone who talked serious for a minute said nothing but good things. Myself included. Since the draft I was saying how I loved the aggressiveness to trade for Brown and draft Davis and Dean. Then you fuckers went in and traded for Gardner and I was like SOB! Every Cowboys fan knows that safety has been an issue for years. That this front office doesn’t value the position at all and that finally last year we were getting good play from Kearse. Dan Quinn has been great. But you guys saw an issue and immediately addressed it and got better. That’s how you win games and that’s how you compete to win championships. I get we draft well but we’ve tried the whole “draft well and get affordable cheap players in free agency” approach for years now. It’s like “just another 20 years and you’ll see it’ll all pay off”. Fuck that! I want to win now. Definitely jealous of your front office. Howie runs that team well and stays aggressive. Never stops trying to improve the team.


Definitely willing to admit I was wrong on Hurts. I thought he was overrated because of his rushing stats for fantasy, but he's been throwing the ball really well.


Crazy what happens when you add a couple good wrs. Not saying Jalen was perfect last year, but in the games I watched teams just doubled or tripled Smith and everyone else but Goedert couldn’t get open or catch. Look at how mortal Rogers and Brady look without their studs


AJB is a game changer. He’s a beast and really gives the team two top-tier receivers. Add to this duo the continued development of Quez Watkins, one of the fastest guys in the league and he’s got weapons galore.


They had no wrs. The wrs weren’t bad but terrible. Like practice squad bad


That Titans ranking is certainly uh....generous, to say the least.


I feel the Jags are getting disrespected here… 18… they beat the chargers handily. They’re 2-1.


We're used to it down here. Just like in '17, we prefer everyone sleeping on us, lol.


These rankings seem to be putting way too much value into last year. After week 1 that’s understandable but we’ve seen enough now to know which teams are different from 2021


I'm still having a tough time differentiating the '22 Broncos from the last five years though


Well it’s simple: y’all have a professional chef now


Opposite of last year where they ranked u guys below us after beating us and playing well enough to get the #1 seed.


Titans moving up that much by barely defeating the winless Raiders. (͡•_ ͡• )


Over another AFC South team that's won their last two games by a combined score of 62-10. Yes, I'm slightly bitter.


I'd rank you guys above us right now.


Oh EASILY No offense


\>no offense Correct


how is Todd Downing still in the nfl baffles me


You’re right we don’t have much of an offense, especially in the 2nd half


Teams are playing two halves?


Same. But there's no way I'm counting you guys out. Your team always has a gritty ruggedness to it and can pull a win off anyone. This may be a new year, but I really doubt you guys just fell off a cliff during the off-season.


Rooting for you guys and Pederson this year, except for this week.


It should hopefully be a good game. Most Jags fans are already happy if we go 2-2, so beating the Eagles would be incredible.


I just want to see it be competitive. The Eagles are ridiculous this season so far, so if the Jags can manage a close to one score game I think I’ll be happy.


You build a statue for the man and you can't just give him this win too? Completely selfish lol


Too many people in the Eagles fanbase are ready to put a tick mark in the win column for this weekend, but I'm really hesitant after seeing the complete pounding your guys laid on the Chargers. I wouldn't be surprised if this game is close, I think Jacksonville might be ready to make its return as a dangerous team.


Y’all should be ranked above our poverty ass franchise


The chargers have no business being above the jags right now


If it helps, these rankings mean absolutely nothing :) I think the Eagles game this week will really dictate how the Jags are viewed. Hard to shake the perception of last few awful years off by beating sub-.500 teams.


Tugboat is out to sea on that one. Come back to us!


He's a jets fan and was really mad about the jags winning the Trevor tankathon


If you only look at the first half of the game you could aaaalmost make an argument for it. But yea. There's no reason for us to move up like that after that game


Being the 1 seed last year, and for being a good team the last 6 years in a row absolutely gives the Titans more forgiveness than their play on the field up to this point probably deserves.


That would be what like, an AP Poll rank would be for though, or betting odds, whatever. Power ranks are supposed to embrace letting go of prior or predictive performance measurement and just straight up saying ‘who looks the best right now?’ Like, based on your statement I wouldn’t have the Eagles #1 still because I don’t think they’re the best team in the league(betting odds reflect that ‘the experts’ still don’t either) but it’s a power rank and as of today nobody is currently playing better.


We ain't THAT good lol


After the top 5, it’s a complete mess. They picking based off their favorite colors or something….


Titans finally prove their worth as the best in the AFC South after they blew out a playoff-caliber team.


I know power rankings are generally meaningless, but it really doesn't make sense to put a team whose only win was barely beating a winless team, over a team that's dominated their last two opponents.


They also have the winless team over 2-1 teams


Dan (the author) has always said that the rankings are incredibly murky after 10/11/12 spots and ultimately pointless. People ask weird questions if you don't have the full list though.


This Titans fan agrees with you.


Despite being 0-3, the rankings still have the Raiders 20th. So take all of it with a grain of salt.


Trust me, I expected to scroll down wayyy farther to find us. 12 is GENEROUS


I was thinking the same thing about the Niners. Phew our offense absolutely stinks. Jimmy sucks ass and our O-line now with Trent out has to be one of the worst in the league bar-none.


It’s so weird because in previous years we would blow out a good team and move up like 2, but in a year where we may be worse we move up 8 for a close win against an 0-3 team




I went to sleep and philly was in 3rd place, now they found a bunch of votes and suddenly they’re in 1st?!?!


Phins-Eagles Super Bowl confirmed. Ace Ventura is going to finish his fight with Swoop at halftime.


... seriously though, if it happens, I want Jim Carrey out there making a spectacle of things as Ace.


Halftime show he comes out dressed as Ace dressed as Rihanna and sings “pon de replay” with his butt


Rhianna singing a duet with Ace’s ass will be the greatest halftime show in the history of the sport


And they did dumps, they call them dumps. Big massive dumps of touchdowns... uhh, in Washington and Pennsylvania and, uhh... all over.


*Please don't be like the Cardinals last year. Please don't be like the Cardinals last year.*


Don't worry, Jalen watches film 😎


You should only get worried if Hurts start talking about the new Call of Duty release next month.




The only way I’d like to be like the Cardinals would be to have a mid season acquisition of a certain soccer star’s husband.


Why on earth would we sign AJ Feely? Dudes gotta be like 45 years old, no one can play at 45 Edit: lol he *is* 45. He retired in 2011 at 34 years old.


I doubt it. You guys are balanced across the board. Last year’s Cards were fairly top heavy and didn’t have as much talent in the trenches as the Eagles


The offensive line is everything


What's that?


Don’t listen to him he’s making things up


It's the dream we all chase but rarely ever catch.


Honestly, the Eagles don’t look like the first half of the season 2021 Cardinals. The Eagles’ offense has been really good in each of their first three games (they rank 1st in the NFL in offensive yards gained, and in the top 10 both in rushing yards and passing yards) and the defense has been excellent in the last two games (and ranks 5th in the NFL in defensive yards allowed). Though their run defense and special teams have been a little weak, they appear to be a strong but balanced team. The 2021 Cardinals weren’t really like that, or at least not nearly to the same degree as this year’s Eagles team so far.


This will end well…


Inb4 “does anyone really think the Eagles are the best team in the league???”


"They haven't had a real challenge yet"


Well... We certainly did not challenge them


Neither did we


Boy it's weird that the Eagles and Lions have played the exact same teams.


Seriously though, the Vikings and Commanders couldn’t capitalize on their many opportunities. I have to think a better team out there would be really tough on the Eagles. I’m loving these wins though. Feels good.




top 3 could all be inter-changed and I would feel fine about it! Just happy to be here right now tbh




Ace Ventura teams unite!




let's just fast forward to Eagles vs Fins in the Super Bowl. Fun matchup!


I think we can all agree a Jim Carrey vs Eagles mascot death match would be the greatest halftime show of all time


Laces out, Dan


Honestly I would say Dolphins over us just based on who they beat. I mean we beat some serious cheeks these last 2 weeks, but id give them the edge. Either way its meaingless, both teams look awesome.


They raise teams up so much for one win because they wanted them in that ranking to begin with so they were just waiting for an excuse to do it.


I don't think anyone besides Dolphins fans wanted us to be in the top 3 lol


Our defense is too loose for us to be 9.


Yeah my first reaction was we do not look like a top ten team. A shaky past two weeks to say the least.


I think Lions and Vikings probably both should've just stayed where they were at in the rankings. Lions looked better for the majority of the game, but choked it away with bad game management and mistakes. (Plus all of the injuries we sustained. RIP Tracy Walker) Vikings didn't look great most of the game, but stuck around and managed to win. So I definitely wouldn't move them down, but I probably wouldn't have moved them into the top 10 either.


I still think we are getting too much credit for that Week 1 win over the Packers, and that the Packers either aren't as good as everyone is assuming or at least they had some major issues in Week 1 that they ironed out after that game. Week 1 was just too easy, we seemed like a complete team in all three phases in that game but the following weeks showed that's not really true at all. I feel like it's more that GB stunk than that the Vikings were amazing.


I agree. I think this NO game Sunday morning will be telling. We need to find a means to tighten up our defense going forward. Otherwise this will be a long regular season and a very short post season.


This just makes me more nervous for each game. I'd rather be underestimated.


I mean it's hard to stay off everyone's radar when you're one of the last 2 remaining undefeated teams.


Titans over Jaguars might be the worst take I’ve seen this week.


How about chargers over jaguars as well


Man if only they could play each other to find out the better team 🤔


How about 0-3 Raiders literally over 9 other teams that have a win. Those other teams are mostly a shit-show, but come on. Whatever happened to "you are what your record says you are".


I mean if you think that way just go look at the standings instead of this.


See, it's only week 4 now so I logically know that these rankings are based off a small sample size and two of our games were determined off of very fringe situations. I logically know that they mean nothing and that we're probably not the 3rd best team in the league (or are we?) since I'm zoned in on the team and am much more aware of the play-to-play flaws and tendencies. But goddamn if it doesn't feel good to see my team at the top of one of these for once.


Amen, brother! Let’s enjoy this moment regardless of how long it lasts. Hopefully an entire season in the top 5?!?


Jags criminally underrated. I guess cause they lost to the bitch ass Commies


If we were 3-0 we still wouldn't be top 10.




We’ve won 62-10 in our last two games but the titans are clearly the better team. I mean they beat the raiders last week that puts them close to top 10 for sure.


I'm a lifelong giants fan, but I have massive respect for what the Eagles have done in a short space of time. Basically every decision they've made in drafts, trades and free agency has turned to gold.


These rankings seem very volatile, even more than usual this early. Team wins and they are top 5 in the league. Team loses and they are absolute dogshit.


Packers up to number 4? Come on. We barely survived TB which was putting fans in at WR by the end of that game and only put up 14 points total. Our win over the Bears was pretty soft too, we are not a number 4 team, not even close.


It's because everyone else sucks more


Well, this seems excessively reactionary.


As all PR lists should be/and are!


Despite the loss, I still think the Bills are the best team in the NFL by a pretty wide margin. That said, through 3 weeks, the Eagles really do deserve all the credit they are getting.


Even with their current injuries? This week will be telling. I’m certainly not counting any chickens.


I don’t expect most to see how badly beat up the Bills are. Hyde was arguably the best player on defense and is done for the year. 3 of top 4 CBs are out. Starting and backup Center, Right Tackle, and an entire WR corps that couldn’t finish the game…that Ravens money line is looking tempting.


I still fully expect Allen to light up our defense, but if I’m being optimistic I could see the difference being Campbell/Jones/Mudubuike taking advantage of Mitch being out just enough to tilt it.


I fully expect every team to light up the Ravens' D. We made Joe Flacco look like an elite QB.


This right here is why I think it's fine to bump the Bills down. As the season progresses and some of the smaller injuries are recovered from, they should get better, but right now that secondary is beat to hell and all along the offense depth is being tested. That's totally normal for an NFL season, but current expectations should reflect that the roster is not nearly what it was even week 1.


Yeah they had a really weird game and need to get healthy, but I think Allen would carve us up right now. We rely a lot on 4 man rushes to put pressure on QBs to succeed on defense. That works against Cousins and Wentz but not so much against guys like Allen or Mahomes. Granted, you have to admit Eagles are looking like a top 5 team 3 weeks into the season. I wouldn't say number 1 personally, but power rankings are subjective.


Counterpoint is right now Hurts and our receiving corps would absolutely annihilate that secondary. Losing 3 of your 4 starting DBs makes shit difficult.


*4 out of 4. Top 3 CBs and both safeties, but Poyer should be back soon


Pathetic to have the Raiders that high.


I get the Bears haven’t looked good. But 27th at 2-1 while having a solid D and one of the best run games is so stupid. Dude hasn’t even said a single good thing about the Bears in 3 weeks.


Everyone knows the real NFL prize is the week 3 power rankings. Successful season achieved.


Lol these rankings are shit


These rankings affirm my team is good, so these rankings are incredibly accurate.


I guess I can’t really argue with that


Always have 👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀


These are the most disrespectful ranking out of all of them to the Jags. How are we not top 15 AT LEAST


Jacksonville at 18 is disrespectful


lions not ranked in the bottom half? what... what is this?


I really don't feel like we should be ranked above the ravens. Lamar Jackson is on a tear, our defense is inconsistent and our offense can't stop tripping over their own feet. I feel like the Ravens would crush us if we played right now.


Seems like an over-reaction to one week's results. Bills should still be #1


Power rankings are getting overly generous with us, we're not nearly that good as of right now. I guess this ranking having the Jags six spots lower than us is due to them playing the Colts at home and a banged up Bolts squad. Still need to figure out defense without Landry on the field.


Smells like bitch in here!


I have no issue with our ranking, but how are the 0-3 Raiders ahead of the Jets and Texans? Hell, how are they above 11 teams?


Is it even considered an upset when we shit the bed against the Colts anymore? They’re our kryptonite.




Looks like others have us at one. NFL Nation, USA Today, Fox Sports. Its still early, power rankings are nonsense anyways. Keep winning, stay healthy.




I'm so scared of this game. Short week, coming off a huge win, lots of injuries on that line. Feels like a let down is coming. I'm just hoping I have power so I can watch, supposed to start catching that tropical storm stuff late thursday.


Colts beat chiefs and move up 3 spots, titans beat the winless raiders by 2 and move up 8?


I never would of expected the Eagles to be the best team in the league


They aren't. They are good, maybe very good. But it's way too early to be this high.


I agree. Oh wait you mean on the rankings


Classic Denver...


Does the man have a Hate Boner for the Jaguars???


Titans: Barely beat the 0-2 Raiders? Up to rank 12. Jaguars: Shellack the 1-1 Chargers? Up to rank 18. Seems legit.


This is interesting. Miami beats 2 teams in the top 10 while eagles beat 3 teams not making the playoffs but the eagles are 1st ?


I don't get it either. I think Eagles are #3 behind Buffalo and Miami.


This is what happens when you just take raw stats without actually analyzing them. We're a great team but not better than the Bills.


No this is NFL.com using clickbait. The ESPN rankings seem much more logical.


I think I agree we should be behind Buf and Mia but tbf the eagles haven’t shown any weaknesses in their three games. Every other team has some evident flaw.


For sure. But that has a lot to do with the competition they've faced


They have the Vikings at #9, but please continue.


The Vik’s are in the lead in their division and we completely man handled them.


God did you ever. Embarrassing loss. Hope to meet again in the playoffs for a rematch.


Side note, and maybe it’s just me- but I wish these various ranker lists would start at the bottom and work their way up (err..scroll down) to #1. It blows its steam starting off with #1 and going from there.


I've seen a couple do that. It really sped up the process for finding my team's rank most of the time


I can’t look