Isn't Acho the dude that compared playing Manning and Brady, and then it turns out he didn't play against either?


He was concussed you heard the man


Still symptomatic to this day


Legend says he's still trying to figure out which house is his


Acho is beside himself. Driving around his neighborhood begging (thru texts) family for address to his own home.




Yup. He’s one of the new bad talking heads at espn Edit - FS1 not espn


I thought he was fox sports


I think you’re right, thought this was his twin Sam that’s at espn. They’re both bad talking heads lol


I didn't realize there was more than one of them lol I just recognized the last name


I looked it up honestly. Saw his last name & immediately thought ‘that’s the guy who has the worst takes ever on espn’. Turns out it runs in the family


If our dumbass sheep brains stopped consuming that type of content, they'd stop getting jobs. But alas here we are lol


Sam is better. Not good, but better.


They're not twins


Turns out he didn’t talk on either.


His brother is on espn and he sucks too. Sucking at being a talking head runs in their family.


Man, that's a shame. Sam Acho was a top notch human - I mainly remember he tried to do a lot of good stuff off the field for the limited time he was in Chicago, he seemed like a smart dude.


I think both the Achos are good people. I think they still do a lot for the community. They just suck at talking about sports and have stupid af opinions. Good people, bad pundits.


It’s not just having bad opinions, they’re also kinda boring about it.


They've decided hot takes and attention matter more than credibility. 🤷🏾‍♀️




His lies and overexaggerations did get him a TV show. Not bad


If i could get 6 figures or more to say stupid shit, i absolutely would. Fuck it.


Lol him being a hot take artist doesn’t mean he isn’t a good dude


Yeah, that's fair. I just wish him well for his post-playing days.


A broken clock is right twice a day


Then it turns out he was never at ESPN


He’s so insufferable. Even more so when he was with Marcellus Wiley. They tried so hard to stand out and drop otherworldly metaphors and knowledge.


Absolutely no one can tell the difference between those two shitholes.


Seriously we need to stop posting this fool here. Has the worst takes I’ve ever seen


It’s weird they got rid of Wiley but kept him at FS1.


Is he wrong here?


Well he's a known liar and probably made up this story, so he's at least irrelevant, why give him clicks. We can have a thread to discuss Tua staying in and concussions without his tweets.


Him and Shady are hard to listen to.


Yes, he's a known liar. This likely didn't happen.


Or the concussions really took their toll and he's remembering things he didn't do!


His car commercial was god tier cringe. Hate that man


He’s also the one who said olympians shouldn’t smoke weed bc they might accidentally impale someone when throwing the javelin


Tbf, he got a point. Throwing jav while baked isn't a good idea.


lol true, but athletes aren't competing baked, it's for recovery and relaxation. And XBox.


Smoking weed gave Michael Phelps’s gills


For regular people sure but for olympians who throw jav every day for their entire lives I think you can trust it


A concussion will do that to you 😕


Wow, that must have been a really bad concussion.


Acho also said everyone should be allowed to smoke weed in the Olympics except for the field athletes because they might accidentally spear someone with a javelin. Dudes a clown


He is a moron but a broken clock and all that.


Or just an outright liar


That may have been his brother Sam Acho who did play against both Brady and Manning.


Nah it was him. "Peyton Manning would make you wrong. Tom Brady would just wait for you to be wrong, and there's a difference. … If somebody makes you wrong, you can never be right, but Tom Brady has to wait on you to become wrong. "When you played against Peyton, it was as if you were never right."


I was going to defend the quote as “at worst, misleading”. But I watched the clip. He said “I played against old Peyton and old-er Tom..”. So I had to look it up. Game logs, snap counts, etc etc. He did not play against either of them. There’s a million ways he could’ve framed it to not look like a bozo. “I was in the meetings”, “I watched the tape”, whatever. I always assumed those former players exaggerate to hype guys up, but I never imaged they blatantly make shit up. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/A/AchoEm00/gamelog/


Yea he was clowned pretty hard here


I missed it. I’m gonna look for the thread. That’s gotta be amazing


He's a bit of a drama queen.


Lmao wow


Is he wrong here?


Just saying, he doesn't have a record of telling true stories...


Concussions will do that to a man


He's a known liar. Anything he says will be challenged now.


He was spot on. All of these people who 5 days ago said he was wrong are the idiots here, not him


Just protect your guys from themselves man


Thats the inherent issue. Players will always wanna play. The NFLPA is on it. https://www.nfl.com/news/nflpa-to-investigate-handling-of-dolphins-qb-tua-tagovailoa-concussion-evaluatio


Nothing will come of it. Just like nothing came of Patrick Mahomes getting absolutely rocked so hard he couldn't stand up and then somehow being out of concussion protocol and ready to play 7 days later.


That is a completely different situation. Medically speaking there’s zero data that says a concussion is automatically a 2 week recovery. Someone being cleared to play *one week later* is within the bounds of possibility and safety. Tua being so woozy he collapses while walking and then being fine 20 minutes later is much different.


Medically speaking *there is a lot of fucking data* that 7 days isn’t a full recovery lmao https://ihpi.umich.edu/news/study-normal-concussion-recovery-could-take-month


I love how the headline of your think is **could**. And then the actual article is literally just a study on how long it took players to come back from a concussion. It gave zero medical information on how long it takes to recover


and yet it has more upvotes than the comment they were replying to smh


Sure, but even in that article there’s zero *definitive* timeline for recovery. Which is why I said “automatically a 2 week recovery” in my original comment. Some people take 6 months to recover from a concussion. Everyone is different. NFL standards might not be 100% recovery for clearance which is another issue entirely, but a week is more than enough to determine if a player is having continuing symptoms from a concussion. Unlike a 5 minute test done in a tent on the sidelines.


Nothing ever has an absolute definitive timeline, or at least almost nothing. The established medical procedure to avoid Second Impact Syndrome is ~10 days, but changes with factors like age. Going against the established practice just because “we’re not 100% it’s necessary” isn’t ethically defensible


That's studying a completely different issue of when players have come back vs when they need to


You would have to be able to prove it definitively. Which is the inherent problem. "Well he wobbled..." isn't good enough. Neither is Acho's "When I had a concussion..."


Exactly, and the 5 minute questionnaire on the sideline isn't definitive or good enough either. Player safety should mean immediate removal from the game.


Either way the a doctor not affiliated with the NFL cleared him to play. How could this be the dolphins fault in any way whatsoever if he was cleared by them. Who are they investigating?


The doctor, the team, the front office, eyewitnesses to see if the doctor was coerced in any way. The NFLPA is the only party that actually cares in this mess. The James Woods character in "Any Given Sunday" was a bit heavy handed, but addressed a known problem in the NFL. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2022/09/18/nfl-qb-tyrod-taylor-sues-chargers-team-doctor-over-punctured-lung/10419364002/


Best case scenario is that all protocols were followed and approved and it really was just a back injury. It would be a TERRIBLE step back if the NFL skipped any steps in approving him to come back in the game.


I’m sorry, but as a doctor I don’t see any plausible way we can say a back injury caused his dizziness/wobbliness. So many things don’t add up. 1) every patient I’ve ever seen with severe back pain is incredibly stiff, walks very slowly and steadily, and certainly cannot bend over like Tua did repeatedly (let alone play an NFL game) 2) back injuries don’t cause dizziness/vertigo, unless the pain is so severe that they’re about to lose consciousness. In these cases, they’re crippled with pain. 3) hypothetically if this *was* a severe back injury- these don’t magically get better in 20 minutes. I can give somebody 4mg morphine IV and they’ll *still* be crippled. Back strains last days/weeks 4) about 10 seconds before Tua’s dizziness he coincidentally hit his head on the ground with great force 5) the symptoms we saw on TV are exactly the same seen with a classic concussion This whole story is very suspicious, and I think is the reason the NFLPA immediately jumped on it


I totally agree with you and thanks for providing that input. Hoping they get to the bottom of this cause even if it benefitted us, 1000% not worth to have him out there and at risk of second impact syndrome


as someone with chronic back pain, I second this. I was told I fell in a similar way during a medication induced seizure so I am going with brain trauma, even if minimal


I still don’t think he should’ve gone back in. I kept thinking, if he takes another hit to the head, that’ll do some damage


Maybe it was one of those neighborhoods where every house looks the same


Little boxes made of ticky tacky


RIP the good seasons of Weeds, 1-3


Weeds walked so that Breaking Bad could run... fr though, god damn that show was fun. To be that big and last even 3 seasons before jumping the shark is best case. Nealon is a legend, and iirc we even got Nancy Botwin titties... Ok I'm gonna rewatch now lol


Lol the show went so far off the rails it really never felt the same after season 3.


Wow I didn't know he was in the UK


Seriously dude, go to any suburb with an HOA (which, let's be honest, most NFL players probably live in homes with *at least* an HOA, if not a gated community). All of the houses are cookie-cutter lookalikes built probably by the same developer.


It’s easy to get lost in Plano when you’re sober, let alone drunk.


I can personally attest to this fact. Broke my phone and it’s the only night I’ve ever been in Texas, completely lost walking around looking for my hotel. Must’ve walked 10 miles before sleeping in the grass outside a bank. Woke up unbelievably itchy. Don’t get drunk in Plano if you don’t know Plano.


It depends on when they were built and the lot size from what I can tell. The neighborhood I grew up in was built in the 90s and has acre lots, the one next to us that was built in the 2000s with small lots much less variety, and the neighborhood being built right now that I pass every day on my way to work is rows of the exact same house varying between the same 3 colors (blue, red and gray). It's one thing that just annoys me cause there are 3 more neighborhoods going up near me that are doing the exact same thing




not every suburb. just a lot of the newer large developments




A Midwest suburban McMansion


It's that Vivarium neighborhood


That movie was fuckin weird. I love a good strange movie usually, but that was one that was just confusing and strange and left me with a weird sense of unease.


That was the goal. That little kid was unnerving


Maybe it had one of those invisible barriers like in Severance after the gate.


Concussion test: Are you the starting QB? Yes: Congratulations you pass! No: Unfortunately you'll have to sit this one out.


I read this as: >Doctor: Are you the starting QB? >QB: Congratulations you pass! >Doctor: Unfortunately you'll have to sit this one out.


The concussion protocol has always been a farce. The only way we are gonna truly be able to stop people from playing with a concussion is to not let them back in the game if they possibly have one, but that will never happen.


This is a fact.


The only way we’re gonna actually be able to stop them is to eliminate this game lol I love football with my whole heart but it’s without a doubt the worst sport you can play if you want a long and healthy life. These guys are getting their brains scrambled every Sunday


Yeah it’s just objectively a terrible sport for your head there isn’t a fix for it


Yeah the weekly factor is pretty huge. Obviously you got martial sports which are pretty brutal, but at least the fighters have months to recover.


Also depends on the specific combat sport you're referring to. Boxing is terrible for the brain. The gloves are there to protect fighters' hands, not their heads. And the 10 count rule is absolutely brutal. Bare knuckle boxing, although it visually looks like a much more damaging sport, actually leads to less brain damage due to the fact that there are no gloves, so fighters can't go 100% on their punches or they will break their hands. Leads to a lot of nasty cuts, but not as much internal damage. MMA has got it down pretty good imo, especially by scrapping the 10 count rule. Essentially, if a fighter is out even for a second, he is out, fight's over (as long as the opponent has the sense to follow up with ground n pound immediately, which most do). And then of course you've got your non striking combat sports like wrestling and bjj which are infinitely safer. I'd say all in all football is actually worse for the brain than most combat sports.


I love watching this sport, it’s so much fun. But there is absolutely no way my kids are gonna play it.


I agree with the sentiment but acho also has a history of just flat out lying when he’s telling stories


He can never be concise


Hopefully he'll remember that football game he won every time he forgets something that happened 20 seconds ago


I got hit in high school on an int return (random blindside block away from play) finished game, went home. Next morning couldn’t even tell you the score or what I did after the game. Totally lost 6 hours of time.


Money talks. And the players want to win. Ofc Tua is going to put himself into the game, the point is that we shouldnt let them. I trust the NFLs concussion protocol as much as I trust my own wet farts. I hope Tua is okay.


This is Acho so just disregard this tweet.


In fairness Acho is a moron so fair chance he was on the wrong street


Isn’t this the same guy that said weed is dangerous for athletes, especially track runners since they throw javelins in track and field?


No way he would be wobbling around like that if he wasn't concussed


does anyone have a video?




thanks. i can’t believe they let him play after that


Yeah, pretty unreal. It's not a good look for the NFL even if he did "technically" clear the protocol. But I don't even see how he could've done that.


He didnt pass. They lied and found an "orthopedic reason". Everyone with 3 brain cells knows the "back was completely loose" excuse was bullshit. Here's a quote from the NFL concussion protocol. If a neutral sideline observer or a member of the player’s club’s medical team observes a player exhibit or receives a report that a player has experienced any of the following signs or symptoms, the player shall be considered to have suffered a concussion and may not return to participation (practice or play) on the same day under any circumstances: Loss of Consciousness (including Impact Seizure and/or “fencing posture”) Gross Motor Instability (GMI), identified in the judgment of the club medical staff in consultation with the Sideline UNC, who observe the player’s behavior, have access to the player’s relevant history and are able to rule out an orthopedic cause for any observed instability Confusion Amnesia


Because I'm pretty sure all the test is is basic questions (that you can easily lie about) and a pupil dilation check.


Yeah the on field test is a joke. Sometimes you get concussed, feel ok in 30 seconds, and then it all hits you like a ton of bricks the next day. Meanwhile going back out there is super dangerous in case of a repeated hit. If a player is visibly woozy after a hit they should just be removed from game and miss the next week as well. It will never happen but if they took it seriously it’s what they need to do.


Me either. That’s actually insane. Reminds me of when Daniel Jones get real wobbly last season. I’m pretty sure they didn’t let him play after that right? I can’t remember. Thought that was when Mike Glennon came in as a back up.


Holy shit this is the first I’m seeing this clip. Sincerely hope he’s ok man. Tuas alright by me.


If you've ever had a back spasm or sciatica, this is what it looks like when you try to get up. Your legs get fucked for a second while your back tries to figure it out. Not saying he wasn't concussed but the back excuse he gave is very possible.


Not entirely true. When it comes to the back of the head and behind the ears you’re really sensitive. You don’t have to be hit very hard, much less enough to be concussed to be wobbly like that. If you watch like mma or boxing, an inconsequential hit can absolutely devastate someone. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised that snapping your head back like that could erase a few loose thoughts


We can't blame the Dolphins for trusting the NFL's neurologist that cleared Tua to play. Nor even can we blame the doctor if he missed a diagnosis. If the protocol is designed in such a way that it relies upon a doctor being mistake-proof, it's already failed. I hope that Tua is not seriously injured and that Miami's medical staff is trusted with the autonomy to act in the best interest of players' long-term health


It is two doctors that are working together, the team doctor and the "Unaffiliated Neurological Consultant", and short of either having a full neurological unit at every game or kicking out any players that go into the protocol, that's probably the best option we have.


Oh, looks like you're correct. I was thinking of the protocol for "Return to Play" after a diagnosed concussion, where the independent neuro calls the shots. On gameday the UNC works with the team physician (though the latter appears to ultimately make the call). It seems like the UNC can mandate the player be held out in more limited circumstances: >If a neutral sideline observer or a member of the player's club's medical team observes a player exhibit or receives a report that a player has experienced any of the following signs or symptoms, the player shall be considered to have suffered a concussion and may not return to participation (practice or play) on the same day under any circumstances: >1. Loss of Consciousness (including Impact Seizure and/or "fencing posture") >2. Gross Motor Instability (GMI), identified in the judgment of the club medical staff in consultation with the Sideline UNC, who observe the player's behavior, have access to the player's relevant history and are able to rule out an orthopedic cause for any observed instability >3. Confusion >4. Amnesia but if "confusion" should result in a player being pulled, how would the Jets even field 11 players?


I get the impression that both have to agree on the call to return to the field. And yeah, off the field, it's entirely independent doctors (which makes sense, as team docs aren't neurological experts). And dude, I know that the Bills just got beat, but you lost your logo! You don't have to give them up!


Just press the key fob until the house beeps at you.


Bills lost to a dude with a concussion




I get the feeling the concussion protocol isn't as thorough as it should be.


SB49 taught us that. Some teams honor it, some teams avoid it.


I’m sure nothing will come of the NFLPA investigation, but anyone who doesn’t think Tua had some sort of head injury are ignorant at best


At worst, they're hypocrites, and that's the worst part


Emmanuel Acho played 20 games in the NFL and his last game was in 2014. The NFL protocol has changed a good bit since then, so even if he wasn’t an idiot it’s not really a great comparison.


Then what's the point of even having the test then? If someone is a little woozy then just have a blanket rule that they are out. He passed the test so there's nothing wrong with him playing.


These tests are known to be inaccurate and easily beatable.


Then don't have them. But they do have them and the rule is if you pass then you play.


It what world should that mean that there shouldn’t be any test?! The logical solution would be to make a test/ protocol that actually works and makes sense… not get ride of the test and leave it to the teams.


does anyone have a video?




I'm just glad Acho was able to diagnose Tua off of his random anecdotal story.


The test is mostly to ensure an active player isn't going to die from injuries sustained on the field. That would be a bad look for the NFL


If a player passes the test what more can you do?


Improve the test


I've heard about players intentionally getting lower baselines so they could come back faster


Peyton mentioned it and caught some flack for it


Arian Foster talked about this on his barstool podcast


Dosians represent 🤝


They used to make us do baseline tests in high school and my whole team would do this. You know for a fact all these guys are too


We used to do this in high school


What do they even look for in the concussion protocol? I looked it up and maybe it’s just the articles being very vague, but it seems like all they do is test the player’s motor skills doing aerobic exercises. Do they even check their pupils for dilation and shakiness? That was the very first thing we checked after head injuries when I played rugby


Do team doctors give the test or an independent consultant? It definitely should be the latter and they should be paid by the league not the team if that's not already the case as well.


It’s supposed to be an independent physician


Ok cool, thanks


It's the latter.


Gotcha, that's good


That’s a discussion moving forward but I’m saying if you have an established protocol and a player clears it, is a coach supposed to hold a player out? How many weeks is the player supposed to miss after that? How do they get cleared to return?


This is reddit we react not figure out plausible conditions


Exactly. Honestly just sit any suspected concussion down for a few weeks. Let em simmer. Better safe then sorry


Then non-QB players will be getting cut left, right and center. If this happens, it needs to be accompanied by guaranteed contracts.


Yeah. Unfortunately this is probably the wisest move. Unless something dramatically changes in concussion prevention or treatment this probably is the best move


What about non QB players? If you sit them forcefully there will end up being more turnover than on thanksgiving, the potential for plenty of guys getting cut even if technically healthy. Not wise at all


In other sports you don't even get the chance to do the test if you show signs like Tua did of stumbling around. That's a far clearer indication of a concussion than a test.


i'm pretty sure in rugby if you are wobbling the way he was after a hit then its an automatic rule out. this seems like one of those situations where the test has been a failure most likely.


To be honest, I thought it was in the NFL too. Thought they changed that a little while back but I must be wrong.


Yeah I guess I just assumed that myself


This is sarcasm, right?


I hope so. Otherwise this is next level copium.


Imo a good start would be to not let people who almost fade out right after the incident back in the game... Dude was pretty much standing K.O.


Automatically rule out players who can't fucking walk. That's superior to any "concussion" test. He had a brain injury, back of your brain is controls vision, he was out.


Use common sense?


He literally collapsed to the field because his legs didn’t work properly. There’s no world in which that should even leave the option of passing a test to get in. That should be an immediate rule out.


We boutta lose another 1st round pick aren’t we lol


I find that hard to believe as the independent neurologist makes the call concerning concussions. If anything, I would expect some changes to/reform of the protocol.


No, give me entertainment. Give me Tua


I love how this is turned into a “Miami dolphins” thing. Every single nfl team would have done the exact same thing if their QB passed whatever testing the NFL says and that QB says he is ready.. who then drives you down the field healthy after halftime. We watched Herbert get every bone in his body broken last week, we watch joe burrow get his head slammed into the turf multiple times a drive. No one is forcing these guys to do anything and the repercussions are no longer an open secret. Multimillionaire adults don’t need to be protected by outraged fans because the player should have been knocked out of the game but decided to play through it for whatever his adult reasons are. This is an issue that needs to be solved at lower levels than the NFL.


It’s like creed three taps means the judge is holding up three fingers


Lets see what the NFLPA investigation finds. I’m glad it’s being looked into, regardless of the outcome.


There's simply no way they can screen a concussion accurately with how quick the protocol is. Honestly, if what happens on the field is bad enough to warrant a trip to the tent, the player may as well just sit out. Real shameful how the league handles player safety.


I passed a concussion test and for the next few weeks filled my car up with varying different types of gas because I couldn't remember which one my '98 Civic took.


Coach said 'his back was too loose' Tua said 'my back was completely locked up' So that makes sense


My God they really fucked up having him play tonight.


It’s the biggest intentional BS in the NFL. Concussion symptoms often show up even days later, and they all know it. Then the Dolphins lied and said it was a back issue.


Tua himself is saying it was a back injury that got exacerbated on the hit.


Because NFL players have never lied about injuries to stay in the game


And reddit famously has more knowledge about medicine than paid professionals


Specifically butt hurt Bills fans all of a sudden. Their dirty hit didnt take him out so they all angry


You think Tua’s gonna admit he was concussed?


Ok bro, we get it. Here’s the thing….the doctors CLEARED him. I trust a fucking doctor over non-Doctors! It’s crazy, we live in a time where EVERYONE is a fucking expert, everyone has a goddamn PhD!


Start holding the players accountable as well. Idc how much you guys don't like it, you know if you should be going back in or not. Tua isn't some fringe practice squad player worrying about his livelihood. He's got generational guaranteed wealth. He made the decision ultimately to play. It's on him as well. Theres not much to get mad at. A grown adult made a choice regarding his own health. More power to him, no sympathy for him. The NFLPA should be pressing for more, which they are, in order to protect players who are fringe roster players who could lose their livelihood if they don't play. I'm all for that. But this isn't that, so who cares. It's his choice and if he doesn't wanna remember how to get to his house in 25 years, that's no skin off my back. You have to hold *everyone* accountable, or no one. Can't go both ways.


I mean the man was looking dead eyed everytime they cut to him on the bench. And he played much worse after concussion than before concussion. There needs to be a rule where if a player can't stand on their own after a hit, they are automatically out. The dude legit collapsed onto the ground.


He made the biggest play of the game after that hit. 59 yard strike to waddle.


Tbf Tua always looks kinda dead eyed... Especially after last year.


That's why it's wild to see how confident he looks this year


Sorry for your loss