Of course he fucking is. Ever since Limas Sweed was straight trash, the Steelers decided that every WR they drafted would be at a bare minimum good, and very likely great. I just wish my own team would make the same decision one of these days.


you know the ancient magic as well as I, you are forbidden from drafting good WR and we will always wiff on DB.


Do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. I was there when it was written.


Sutton's solid and Norwood looked good for a 7th rounder. Other than that, yeeessshhhh its rough out here.


I still see Artie Burns in my nightmares


Still don’t understand how tf burns and Davis looked so fucking good the first year and then dropped straight to trash (Davis was avg for a year or so)




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I've been saying for years that Senquez Golson is just Breshad Perriman in a wig and fake glasses, but so far I haven't found any police precinct willing to investigate further




So the last time we hit Cowher was coach?


Damn near 20 years ago lol


I think they have 3 non-busts via draft at DB since Troy. Sutton, Edmunds, Norwood (may be a bit too early on Norwood, though he had a solid rookie outing). That’s just grim. Hilton turned out well but he was UDFA.


Keenan Lewis


Bryant McFadden too Edit: and Ike


I think we’re going to be very happy with Ojabo and I’m glad we have him but man I was really hoping we would be able to snag Pickens, or at least trade a few of those 4th round picks to trade up and get him smh, of course he ends up with the Steelers. I hate it


As a UGA fan, I was thoroughly pleased.


as a florida and bengals fan its like you were born to be my natural enemy bruh


All we need now is an Auburn/Browns fan and we can say "wow fuck that guy" together.


but don’t worry! proche and duvernay are actually way better than WR4s according to some people on our sub. they’re definitely breaking out!


Yeaaaah it’s definitely concerning 😅 I do like proche’s hands but Idk if I like him enough to be our WR2 that’s for sure, but I guess we’ll see once the season starts


I understand the idea that our top pass catchers are going to be Bateman, Andrews, dobbins, and maybe even likely. Duv and proche don't need to be a typical wr2 and wr3. However, we still need depth because if ONE of Bateman's or Andrews goes down we're fucked


Agreed that’s what worries me the most, especially after last season, our depth of one of them gets hurt is shit


they’re just fast guys who are a dime a dozen. anybody who thinks it’s remotely ok for them to be starters is probably a boomer. that thinks we only need to draft defense i was furious when we took ojabo and if pickens ends up being as good as camp buzz then i think it’s time to give the draft reigns to someone other than EDC


You’re downvoted but EDC really hasn’t had any great drafts. I wouldn’t even say he’s had a single good draft yet. 2019 Hollywood was the best but he’s like 5th best receiver in that class now. He was the first one taken too if I remember correctly. No one else stands out and Hollywood was never consistent enough anyway. 2020: Dobbins looked good in his half season his rookie year, Queen hasn’t been what we expected outside of a few big plays his rookie year. Duv has been a solid returner but that’s it 2021: Bateman and Oweh have shown potential but still too early. Not much else going on for anyone else in the class. 2022: took 2 low value positions in the first round. It may work out but nothing is making me feel good about his selections so I’m not getting my hopes up


exactly. he has not done great on his first round picks. he’s a good gm but his drafting is questionable unless you’re a blind homer


Idk if I’d even say he’s been a good gm. He’s given contracts to players like Boyle and Richard, hasn’t been able to get a vet difference making receiver for Lamar, and hasn’t even signed Lamar to an extension. There’s a lot to dislike so far.


Thats kind of reactionary Id think. Ojabo was a borderline top 10 talent at a position of need, even if he was injured


yeah drafting a guy with an achilles injury over drafting pickens (in our biggest position of need) was ridiculous. i think the move is gonna age like shit


Rashod Bateman will be good


Calvin Austin has also looked really good too.. but then again, Boykin has looked pretty solid the last week of practice. Who knows what happens once the real games start. I was pretty jealous of Travis Jones (although Leal has looked really solid) and the Alabama corner.


Lmao another guy I wanted as well, I figured if we got rid of Hollywood we could use another smaller fast guy and then of course.. Steelers take him as well, but they can keep Boykin I’m not upset about that hahaha


I actually think Boykin has a good shot of making the team as special teamer and backup Z. He was just a poor fit for Baltimore's offense.


Me too. Really thought it was lined up for us


It was surprising to me the Ravens went punter before trying to grab Calvin Austin in a draft that had a few really solid punters.


> Ever since Limas Sweed was straight trash Ol' Stone Hands.


(Stone) hands down my favorite Steelers player of all time. At the time I would watch games with a lot of Steelers fans and man, I've never seen a player so hated by the team's fanbase.


Ironically some fans still love him for the devastating crackback block in the AFC Championship game against the Ravens. I watched it recently and there are dozens of hits in that game that are hard to watch and would today be lengthy suspensions. Back then they weren't even a penalty.


His name is almost still totally guaranteed to elicit a very negative reaction from fans. Him and very brief experiment Donte Moncrief.


Oh do you not remember when goddamned Moncreif was in Pittsburgh?


Sammie Coates was their last legit miss at the position (among guys picked in the first three rounds). He was drafted seven years ago.


Coates had his moments and he was a fourth rounder so all good with him


He was a 3rd rounder


James Washington. A 2nd round picking turning into a #4 WR is a miss.


I firmly believe Washington could be a #2 on a lot of teams. His rookie year sucked, but he was a pretty reliable guy after that


Also made a couple pivotal grabs in big games. He stepped up when needed to, we just didn’t need him to very often


I think he'd have been fine but his hands got mangled and Ben got old.


Yeah, Coates flashed some talent before his hands got mangled.


Yeah, Ben broke his hands up against the Jets.


Demarcus Ayers was drafted the very next year and never did anything.


Right but he was a 7th round pick.


Right? lol. The odds of a 7th rounder making the 53 is so incredibly narrow, let alone be a meaningful contributor. Steelers also had rostered Wheaton, Rogers, DHB, Coates, Brown, and Cobi Hamilton on Ayers' rookie year. No chance was going to get meaningful playtime.


Additionally, they must fall off horrendously upon leaving the team, with the exception of Emanuel Sanders and hopefully JuJu


A big part of it is just that they are taking one in the 2nd or 3rd pretty much every year. I'd say James Washington, Sammie Coates, and Marcus Wheaton were all well under expectations for 2nd and 3rd rounders.


Coates was good until his fingers broke and Steelers rushed him back. Wheaton is the average what to expect from a 3rd round pick. Maybe slightly better. Played whole contract out, and got a second contract from a different team.


How the fuck did the Ravens pass on him 3 times...


>Limas Sweed Now there's a name I have not heard in a long time... A long time...




You guys get secondary players


He did lay that one block though


Somehow if Pickens was drafted to the Bears, he would have spontaneously combusted on the field day 1


I seriously don’t understand the whole Steeler WR narrative. It’s been AB and then a bunch of average to below average pass catchers. I mean if the biggest name after AB is JuJu then what does that tell you? Even their new “stars” Claypool and Johnson have been inconsistent at best. I seriously don’t get it.


Emmanuel Sanders, Hines Ward, Randle-El, Mike Wallace, JuJu Martavius Bryant until he got suspended, Claypool had a solid yr, Diontae Johnson is a good receiver. Stop hating lol


DJ was like the only consistent thing on our offense the last 2 years lol


Because it goes back well before AB. In recent (last 25 years) NFL history, you're missing Emmanuel Sanders, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Plaxico Burress, Martavis Bryant, Diontae Johnson, Antwaan Randel El, and Hines Ward. A lot of these players were very good receivers in a different era of the NFL before quarterbacks routinely threw for 4k-5k yards every season. Is there another franchise that comes close to this run of solid receivers during this time?


The bengals honestly have an argument


Not hard to find those guys when you draft in the Top 5 every year.


The bengals star receivers have been gifted to them as a result of having top five picks at the right time


They still got ochocino and Higgins in the 2nd. Not saying there isn’t a difference but it’s still impressive they have hit on as many as they have


For sure, they’ve drafted some damn good receivers. But it’s not quite on the same level as the Steelers who can seemingly pull talented wr out of any round


Definitely. I'd say they lack the overall depth that the Steelers have had and it's still early for Chase/Higgins. No one on either of these two rosters have come within a mile of what 6th-round pick Antonio Brown did during his time in Pittsburgh on the field, yet. It also stinks that two of the better receivers (Sanders, Burress) had stronger careers after leaving Pittsburgh.


Yeah if chase keeps it up after another like 6 years he will be in the convo with AB


Chase is an amazing player but it's hard to project anyone to do what he's done for 6 seasons in this league. He's a player who relies tremendously on elite athleticism too, and there's an endless list of those who start to lose a half of a step in their mid to late 20s. AB legitimately has 8 elite seasons in the NFL and probably could've had 10-11 if he didn't run himself out of Pittsburgh because he spent all his advanced money.


AB had one year in his career with 1450+ yards and 13+ TDs (at age 26) which is what chase did his rookie season and that’s not including playoffs.


He also led the nfl in catches 2x, rec yards 2x (one year he did it in 14 games),TDs once, had 6 straight 1100+ yard seasons (was on pace for 8 straight but got hurt one year so that cut the streak off) and 4 straight 1st team all pro. Like I said, chase can absolutely be in that convo if he keeps this up for a while but it’s rare we see a WR have the level of success brown did for as long as he did. Chase has the potential to get there but he has to keep this up for a while first.


Yeah I agree. One of the things chase has going for him over AB is that he had an amazing season as a 21 year old where as AB was more of a late bloomer


Yeah for sure. Wouldn’t surprise me to see JJ and chase wind up as better than him with longer sustained success due to how amazing they were right away.


Bengals have only taken 4 WR’s in the 1st since 2000.


The Bengals have had Chad Johnson, Carl Pickens, AJ Green, TJ Houzmenzada, Peter Warrick, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, Mohammad Sanu, Marvin Jones, and the list goes on. I’m sure you can compile a long list for a lot of teams.


Carl Pickens is 52 years old. If you add up all the players you just listed, you get about 1.25x of an Antonio Brown. Because he started acting crazy people forget that there were actual headlines questioning if he could catch Jerry Rice during his dominance.


Lmao AJ Green and Ocho alone are right there with AB. Op said in the last 25 years which qualifies Pickens for the argument.


Look, if Chase has a 8 year stretch where he's AP/borderline AP, we can have this discussion then. Until then, the Bengals don't really hold a candle to the Steelers in this or most others for that matter.


Couple of things. I gave AB full credit and I’m not even talking shit against the Steelers but the narrative. He’s only one receiver and I’m not comparing Chase to him but you seem to forget that AJ Green was right on his level. As far as comparisons the Steelers have only been to the playoffs one more time then the Bengals since 2011 and only have been AFC North Champs one more time not to mention we have won the last 3 games so we are much more comparable then you want to admit.


AJ Green was not anywhere close to AB's level. That's ridiculous. AB spent multiple seasons as the unanimous top wr in football and other seasons as 1A/1B with Julio. AJ Green was never even in that conversation. I don't even need to address the other parts. Cheers!


AJ was the third best WR in the NFL during that stretch. He was a tier below AB. Him and ocho would be second and third on a combined Steelers bengals WR rankings since 2000. Not including jamarr


r/nfl Bengals fans are exactly where Browns fans were last off-season.


How so?


Do you want the honest answer? Finally have success after years of being utter trash (hadn't made it past the wildcard since NINETEEN-NINETY, only 8 double digit win season in last 32 years, etc.), and instantly think they're the greatest team to ever play the game, that no other team even comes close to stacking up on paper, they have no weaknesses, and are locks for a superbowl run, etc. On top of that, completely ignoring that things like front office, coaches beyond head coach, ownership, etc. greatly contribute to long term success and that the roster is all that matters. See the infamous sports illustrated cover before the 2019 season "the browns are back!" noting their roster was just so stacked. They proceeded to go 6/10 that year. I will note, at least your owners didn't completely shit the bed like the haslems this offseason. So that's nice. -- Don't get me wrong, I think Bengals win the division this year. Just answering your question.


I remember film guru Greg Cosell said he's his WR1 in the 2021 NFL draft.


I’ve seen a lot of people say that if it wasn’t for injury/locker room concerns he was a sure fire first round pick.


As a UGA fan, it wasnt even locker room. It was straight up on the field emotions. He was a hot head at times but seemd to reign it in his last year (though he barely touched the field).


Whenever anyone questions Pickens' character, I always direct them to his post-Sugar Game MVP speech.


I like to refer people to his game vs GT. Yeah, he'll probably punch somebody, but he'll put points up before he does. Win/win.


Or he'll squirt water on the opposing QB when he lands in your bench... I'm gonna be honest it was the dumbest shit but I'll never not laugh at that.


For the curious: https://youtu.be/MXFq2HMVgD0?t=81


Greg Cosell also said that there are real character concerns with Pickens that extend beyond what us fans know. There’s a reason he fell to the second, and it’s not just because he’s sometimes a hot head on the field. There are tons of players like that. Teams are privy to a lot more information than we know. They are doing deep background checks on these players.


So he’s a perfect receiver for the AFC north


If you have a strong organization and leadership, taking players with locker room or attitude concerns can be a real draft hack. Ravens used to be that way, but Harbaugh put an end to that practice and prefers strong character choir boy types. It’s a little frustrating tbh


Seems like the Cowboys get a lot of those guys and their players are always getting into trouble


They don’t have a strong organization or leadership lol.


After hearing Greg talk about Pickens I was sold. Had Pickens as his favorite surprise pick to be best at his position out of every positions and then said it wouldn’t be close.


Cosell was also surprisingly high on Pickett as well pre-draft. It's funny sometimes to see just how different the talking-head draft pundits see things from people who actually understand the NFL. PFF for instance had Sam Howell as their number 1 quarterback for most of the draft season, before finally replacing him with Malik Willis after every other draft network put Willis #1.


They had Pickett as QB1 at the beginning of draft season and QB5 by the end of it. Legit dropped him that much over maybe a 2-3 month period. Guys like Mike Renner who *loved* him during the season suddenly hated him in the pre-draft process. It was really odd honestly.


One of the oddest things I've seen from them is their obsession with some stats/metrics and not others. They obsessed over hand size even though Pickett gave everyone a legitimate reason why his hands would measure smaller with his thumb issue. They also are still obsessed with Pickett's longer time-to-throw, which is obviously influenced by the fact that he was one of very few college quarterbacks who scrambled in order to throw and not just to run when the pocket broke down. It takes about 15 minutes of Pitt Panther game film to see that Pickett wasn't just sitting behind an elite offensive line waiting for a player get to wide open, he was being pressured nearly every drop back.


If he was fully healthy, the only one in this draft I really think would've challenged him for WR1 was Jameson. Pickens has nuts physical ability, and some of the best body control for a WR his size.


i was more excited about the steelers drafting pickens than i was when they drafted pickett tbh


Same, was really hoping they'd take Pickens in the 1st round because all of the talk of his attitude concerns from "anonymous scouts" just struck me as a smokescreen for either the Chiefs or Packers to grab him in the late 1st. I'm still shocked at the receivers taken before him in the 2nd round.


Yeah no idea if he has attitude concerns or not, guess really the only people that would know that well is the Georgia coaching staff. The only thing I can remember him doing is spraying Jarrett Guarantano in the face with his water bottle after he got tackled out of bounds, that’s probably more of a childish thing to do though than a long term character concern thing though


Yeah, I'll take a little immaturity over some of the guys in the league who think they can come into the NFL and not workout, not watch film, etc. Pickens is just a super energetic guy at all times it seems.


I just remember Pickens switching his college commitment from Auburn to UGA at the last minute and the "reports" on recruiting forums that the reason was academic. Like, if you can't get academically eligible for fucking *Auburn*, it does say something about you. And then there were the immaturity concerns - even discounting the water bottle incident, I remember him drawing some totally unnecessary unsportsmanlike fouls. It just reminds be a bit of AB's college career - all the talent in the world and good production when on the field, but dropped in the draft due to character red flags. Except Pickens played for the national champions and not Central Michigan, so he's been more visible and thus remained high in the draft.


He’s a football player in every sense of the word. He’s going to shine in that city


I wouldn't put much stock into recruiting forums. Georgia is a better school academically than Auburn anyway, and none of these big time SEC schools are giving a player of Pickens' calibre a hard time about their academic status either way. AB had some very concerning stuff before entering the league, which is why he was a 6th rounder. Not remotely comparable.


I'm assuming the reason he dropped in the draft was due to character concerns. Fights, sideline stuff, etc. He can play and thought he could mature into a great WR, which is why I really liked Pickens in the draft. It says a lot that he came back for the Championship game. Could've shut it down, go to the draft, but chose to come back.


I was at a game where he punched an opposing player in the helmet after his teammate caught TD to put Georgia up by 30 points. I also knew some folks on the UGA training staff who said he had a record number of demerits and should’ve been thrown off the team. He’s just that talented lol


I was very vocal about pickens. Loved him. But if Gute loves Watson, I'm kind of glad they got watson before pickens was drafted so we'll never have to think what if Pickens was available at our spot. He was, and our guys chose Watson.


Really? I feel like it'd be better the other way. Like if Pickens ends up better and you have to constantly wonder "why didn't we pick him instead". Like TJ Watt.


Yes, which is why I can roundly blame Thompson for taking King instead of Watt. The team's fault and theirs alone.


Watson is more of a project than Pickens. I had to choose between the two and went with Watson as I don’t trust the QB situation in Pittsburgh enough to develop him


I understand your caution The Steelers don't really have a history of developing WR talent


Yeah try to name one decent WR that developed in the Burgh?


Can't think of one since Stallworth


Taco Charlton has entered the chat.


Watson wouldn't of lasted much longer for sure. I have no idea how he ends up but he had some really nice Senior Bowl practices. Ironically, Doubbs was unanimously a 2nd/3rd round prospect until the Senior Bowl practices where he struggled, but I heard rumors he may have been injured. I think a lot of the 2022 draft was just that it was another truly deep receiver draft overall and a few teams made reaches for receivers that probably shouldn't have gone top 50.


I liked Brisker a lot (still do), but I was real mad when we didn't take Pickens with our second pick. And as soon as the Steelers got him fate was sealed that he'd be awesome


I keep getting Pickett and Pickens confused with each other whenever I see a headline with one of their names.


Me too. I thought this was heading for Lamar style "not bad for a Wideout" type stuff


Who is Mark Kaboly


Steelers writer for The Athletic and a guy who's torn more Achilles' than most NFL players.


I love that he's now known as the Achilles Tear Guy.


He’s basically made it his identity at this point.


He’s one of our beat reporters


Probably the best


Only because Ed Bouchette is gone


The NFL Youngboy hype train starts now


Will the Steelers ever have bad receivers lol??


James Washington was here for a few years.


He said bad receivers. James Washington has always been a 3rd-4th WR on the depth chart and he always did everything anyone should expect from a 3rd-4th WR imo. I actually think he's a pretty good receiver that just happened to get lost in a very crowded WR room. I was looking forward to seeing him in Dallas before the injury.


YES! i dont understand why the actual fuck everyone on the r/steelers sub hates him lol he was absolutely fucking solid the year our defense was crazy good and ben was gone the entire year.


Sleestak is the worst, we all know this lol


It's easy to say now but might have preferred him over Watson. Looked like a really good all around reliever and it would keep the Georgia theme alive. Doubs makes up for it though


As a Georgia fan and Packer fan, I tried to will this into existence and was hoping he was who they traded up for. I'm excited for Doubs, but I can't see how we passed on Pickens... lets see what happens with Watson.


So did you go to Georgia and are from Packers territory or are you just a really big fan of the letter G?


I’m actually from CT and my dad was a huge Packers fan so I followed suit. But as a kid I followed Georgia because the G was the same yes, but my favorite dog is a Bulldog. Basically, serendipity lol


Really kind of a surprise considering what a big Georgia fan Gutekunst seems to be.


I think a lot of the Packers sub wanted Pickens to be the pick. If Pickens is good and Watson is okay to bad.. yikes. Add that to the long list of post 2010 SB blunders


Of all the blunders that would be near the bottom of the list. And can't even really judge it until year 2 at the earliest. But very early signs say Pitt is ahead on this comparison so far


I preferred Watson myself, he fits what we needed most. I’ve got high hopes for him, regardless of how good Pickens is.


Damn and I thought I was high on him coming out of college


Between Pickens, Pickett, and Pittsburg I'm having to read these tweets pretty carefully. Just give me Pickett in the ski mask.


No joke: the Penguins' first round pick this year was also a kid named Pickering. So it's Pickens, Pickett and Pickering in Pittsburgh. Have to read all my Pittsburgh sports news super carefully...


No pressure on the Pirates


There never is




Hell, move them. I don't even care anymore. I'd rather the ballpark just be turned into a public park/baseball museum. We'd probably get more enjoyment out of it.


Imagine having a beautiful park in the most gorgeous part of the city and people have to begrudgingly go to a game because they suck so bad.




We’ll just Pick 1st.


Thats a lot of draft Picks


“So it’s Pickens, Pickett and Pickering in Pittsburgh.” I read this in Daffy Duck’s voice.


I am waiting for the announcers to call “Pickett to Pickens picked”


Wait no




I was really hoping we would have grabbed him too:(


Y’all got a good ass draft dont get it twisted😂😂 McDuffie was a steal in the late round and Karlaftis has a super high upside. Skyy was probably the best pick for you guys considering Tyreek just left so it makes sense. Was so happy when u guys passed on him lol


Now you feel what I feel everyday


If you saw him on draft night you already knew this


Kaboly is what people from outside of Pittsburgh think Pittsburgh people are like. I get so much enjoyment watching him in the background of player interviews.


I think it’s a mix of Pickens having a lot of talent and our secondary not having any CBS that matchup well in man.


Probably but Pickens has had some absolutely insane acrobatic catches


As a UGA fan, I can confirm [he has been doing this since his freshman year camp](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yh8uAFi3Us). He has some of the best body control I've seen for a college WR.


Eh Akhello should be built for Man coverage and he was great down the stretch. But he has historically been inconsistent but his stretch at the end of the year was CB1 level, just remains to be seen if he can consistently do that Hes 6'2 decently long armed iirc and runs a 4.4


I’m not sure how much they’ve lined up but FWIW that one sideline catch where he snagged it away from him was nice


Won’t be surprised at all if he turns to be the best WR in this draft. He’s also younger than most top picks so any maturity issues aren’t as big deal as they really are.


And Jamarr Chase couldn't catch a thing during training camp last year. It's camp.


That’s what I’m thinking but I don’t want to be downvoted lmao I’m sure our flairs have nothing to do with this


Nah, you're right and more people would be saying that if it weren't the Steelers.


You have a point but that was a big extreme swing from Chase


how are the Steelers so god damn good at drafting WRs lol


I would normally call bullshit...but he's a rookie Steelers WR so by default he must be at least a 2 and be a world beater this year.


Pickett to Pickens has a nice ring to it


With a name like that, imagine if he became a star cornerback instead?


Watched every Georgia game and wanted him. Thought he was a late 1st tbh.




Team writer says player is awesome in camp. More breaking news at 11


This is why we hate bears, we need a WR but no we dont grab pickens smh


*Laughs in Randy Moss*


>That I've seen He's a Steelers beat writer


The Pickens news annoys me because everyone is pretending to be shocked that he's good. We all knew he was good during the draft, but he was injury prone with maturity concerns. I just don't understand why we're acting like he wandered out a bar onto the field and became a star.


I don't know that he was "injury prone". He had an ACL injury and came back within the same calendar year to make some big catches on the way to a championship. Did he have other injuries at Georgia?


He didn’t fall in the draft due to talent, he fell in the draft due to injury and off field issues. Steelers love those guys


There's been no substantiated reports of "off field issues" for Pickens. Just a few nebulous statements about his attitude and immaturity, which likely stemmed from him fighting a player and squirting water on another player. In a league that's largely comfortable with DV incidents, alcohol-related arrests, and sometimes worse, it was very strange to see so much talk about Pickens pre-draft. I was starting to think it was some conspiracy from a team who really wanted him. After following his time at Georgia, he always struck me as a team-first player who was just full of energy at all times.


I mean you could say the same things about AB after he was drafted, but it all came out years later that all the teams had identified major character and personality issues that meant he got taken off a ton of draft boards. I had heard pre-draft that Pickens has been taken off multiple teams draft boards due to character issues, and that the Ravens didn’t even have him as draft able, so take that for what you will. Steelers like drafting wr’s with character issues, gives them good value. DK Metcalf was also off the Ravens board due to neck issues but has been great so far, so it really just comes down to risk vs reward with guys like that. He is a wr who the Steelers took in the 2nd round, history tells us he will be great for 5 years for Pitts, then have a mental breakdown and go to some other team to be okay. Who knows though.


r/nfl has some kind of revisionist history about AB as if he had character concerns that Tomlin and the Steelers FO hid and head trauma somehow revealed. AB had very public, documented off field issues which is what originally led him to Central Michigan to begin with. I have no doubt you "heard" these things, because we all did. The fact is, these things largely came from one article in The Athletic where a single "anonomyous scout" said they heard Pickens had attitude issues. This was then parroted for weeks by every draft "insider". The Steelers haven't drafted many wrs with "character issues" outside of Antonio Brown, which is what led him to be a 6th round flyer in a draft where they already had taken Emmanuel Sanders 3 rounds before. It's amazing how somehow the AB saga has become some kind of marker for all Steelers wide receivers, even though he is the exception to the rule. The closest to him is Martavis Bryant, whose biggest crime is smoking weed.


You can make the AB comparisons but we kept him around successfully for quite a while. There’s nobody that regrets taking AB lmao


A WR is only as good as the QB throwing the ball.


DeAndre Hopkins disputes this claim. He had some real shit QBs until Rapey McGee arrived on scene.


Or just the guy before him in Andre Johnson.