This sub doesn’t care lol. They’ll still make the same Kelvin Benjamin jokes even with knowing what he was going through.


Eddie Lacy too.


And the media and people are still using Allen Iversons practice line even though it has a very serious context regarding the death of one of his close friends.


Oh snap. I didn't know that. Context is everything.


Here's the whole story: https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29143112/the-little-known-story-allen-iverson-practice-rant It's sad.


I had no idea that was related to the rant.


Yeah fat shaming is pretty rampant here for bunch of people who are probably also fat.


Fat normal people aren't fat. Only fat actors and athletes are fat.


And they justify it by saying being fat isn’t healthy we’re trying to help them. Someone said it worked with smoking. When I said smoking affects other people, their response was “being fat is a bad influence for kids and teaches bad habits” lmao


You won’t win with this. People genuinely hate fat people. I was thin for a long time, had big people in my family so maybe that’s why I never was taught or learned to feel disgust or hate when around a fat person. Gained some weight over the years and obviously it’s not like it’s everyone but here and there you definitely pick up on it. Not even like potential dates or people next to you at the ballgame. Nope, just random ass people who are in no way inconvenienced by your weight or anything. It’s like they go out of their way to be shitty and then like you said, justify and rationalize it. It’s whatever, like I have thick skin so it’s never bothered me, but it’s very strange and very real.


I was a skinny kid who got fat in my teenage years. As I got to about 16, I was made fun of and feared girls wouldnt like me. At 18 I was 5'6" and 200lbs. I literally ate 1 bagel everyday coupled with the gym everyday. I dropped to 135lbs. It was horrible. I was so scared to eat more than that. Im 38 now at 170lbs with a wife and son and its still on my mind everyday. People dont realize this sticks with a person for life.


Most of the athletes we make fun of for being fat on here aren’t even out of shape in the way the average person is. They’re just out of shape *for professional athletes*. A retired pro lineman could outrun 99% of all people reading this, no question.


I played American football here in the UK, as a corner, got a pretty high level and I was regularly one of the fastest guys on any team I was on. The fastest I ever ran a 40, while training for it (we're amateur, so it's all alongside my day job) was 4.68. Usually I was around a 4.8/9. This year, **nine** o-linemen ran in that range at the combine, and they are approximately 1.75/2 times my weight. I would be stunned if the average person, regardless or weight, without any training for it, could get up and run a sub 5.5 40-yard dash. So yeah, completely agree. These guys may carry some extra fat, but they are still capable of things most of us will never dream of.


Can you imagine the downvotes if someone made those same jokes about a female athlete on Reddit?


Yeah, if there's anything Reddit is known for, it's preferential treatment of women and opposing fat shaming


Guarantee you most of the people calling him fat haven’t seen their feet in a decade.




>The world continues to get softer every goddamn day. Also him posting in the hockey sub: why is hockey so violent? That's not me making fun of you, it's a fair question but you probably don't wanna call other people soft if you're going to post stuff like that


I think anyone who accuses the whole world of being soft leaves himself wide open to get made fun of.


That's fair, but I just wanted to show him that "soft" can be interpreted in alot of ways. Being against fat shaming in the nfl isn't soft. These guys are literally trained and fed to be that way. There's a solid video on YouTube showing how physical stats for positions have drastically changed and that's because coaches are trying to form players into lab specimens for their respective positions, with linemen being one of the biggest changes


Found Ben's account


Shapiro or Roethlisberger?




I wonder if you would have that same energy if people made fun of your cousin.


Why isn't a softer world a desirable thing? You are saying you don't want things to get better. I want a softer world for my kids - not to get bullied, free college, 30 hr work week - fuck yes I want it all for them. Imagine how many other things people will learn to do if they don't have to spend as much time slogging through the shit of life. Better and softer are not the same thing but a better world is worth a softer world.


How would a 30 hour work week even work? If you’re hourly you’d be making less money. If you’re salary and they made it so you can’t work past 30 hours then hardly anyone would be salary.


So it’s 100% true that productivity per person is higher than it’s ever been and it will only go higher as more and more becomes automated. What is the point of automation if it’s not more leisure time and less work?


What’s the point? More money for the boss, silly


Pay more per hour. Then delete Mondays. I know Tuesday Night Football doesn't have the same ring to it, but screw Mondays.


I’ve never experienced it but I know people whose workplaces had the transition to a 4-day work week and their salary was not impacted. Not sure how that works but I assure you, if people want to give me the same amount of money for working less, I will not say no.


Oh absolutely, I would love that. I just don't see how pay wouldn't be affected for hourly employees unless they just gave everyone raises to offset it which I doubt.


>Not sure how that works Somebody, somewhere made a decision that the lives of their employees meant more than potentially more profit.


Same guy who posted he cried during the new Thor movie.


It's a lot harder to maintain weight for some people than others. Belittling them is not the best course of action if you want them to lose weight as it can lead them to mental health issues that help spiral their problem. It's not being soft, it's having empathy and not being a dick.


> It's a lot harder to maintain weight for some people than others. Should add a disclaimer that for 98% of people, it’s a self-control issue that makes it harder for them to maintain weight, not a medical issue.


Self control is a large portion of it but there are a lot of other factors that go into getting good results. Metabolism, genetics, self control, mental health, location (food deserts), etc. This is all before medical as you said and applies less to professional athletes. This is coming from someone who has lost a lot of weight ~80lbs.


Calories in calories out. Only a few medical conditions can change that.


That isn't true. Some people's baseline resting metabolic rate and non exercise movement helps them burn more calories than others with no exercise. And it's not negligible. It can be hundreds of calories difference. There have been studies on this.


Eat less than you burn. It’s not that complicated.


Yea, people that have never counted calories before will be surprised at how much they eat. I remember when I first started tracking calories to lose weight, I thought MyFitnessPal was broken when it said that 30 almonds was more than 10% of my daily calories.


The point he’s making is some people burn calories quicker than others. It isn’t that complicated. If me and you weighed the same, had the same body fat etc, and went on to have the exact same diet and the exact same physical activity, that does not mean we will weight the same after a year. Sure, whatever genetics you were born with is no excuse, but the point OP is making is it’s harder for some than it is for others.


Go to the Jets reddit. Dudes are literally just saying "Becton is a fat piece of shit, that's why he's hurt again" and then complain that they don't understand what they said that was so bad.


Happened in the Patriots sub last year with Trent Browns injury


It’s funny how a lot on this sub is on its high horse about the dumbest shit but then will mock someone’s personal appearance. And, they’re not even funny. Fat jokes is an elementary school thing.


The high horse part is fucking infuriating. Such hypocritical holier than thou mfers


The only reason this sub posts training camp performance threads is to make fun of players, they are completely meaningless


That and we’re like crack fiends needing a football fix


I’ve been jonesing for months, gotta get that hit!


Yeah it's the first real football talk we've had since February. Let us have this much


>This sub doesn’t care lol. They’ll still make the same Kelvin Benjamin jokes even with knowing what he was going through. It's crazy because Benjamin was out of shape for 2 or 3 months, and he gets clowned by people that have been out of shape their entire adult lives.


Anybody who makes a Kelvin Benjamin joke I automatically assume is the least humorous person out of their friends group and probably a nuisance to be in company with


The death of his mother certainly affected him, but he also had a terrible attitude and tried to blame the team for his struggles. Edit: One of Kelvins biggest concerns coming into the NFL was laziness and a bad attitude. The weight gain in his fourth season was definitely a result of his mothers death, but OP is wrong assuming his attitude only became a thing after his moms death.


> death of his mother > terrible attitude Hmmm, wonder if there’s any correlation!


Except these issues were there before the death of his mother. He was held back in school twice for laziness and frequently was giving up on plays well before his mothers death. Struggling with weight gain has more to do with his mother dying, but he’s always had a shitty attitude.


Idk you’re still responsible for your actions even if there are reasons beyond your control that affected them. Every person with a shitty attitude or who’s a jerk is that way due to circumstances and shit that’s happened to them. So either it’s okay to make fun of actions or not


It's not exactly black and white. If I have a buddy who lashes out at me because he's upset about his house burning down, I'm going to be more understanding than if he just acts like a prick all the time. These guys' job is to provide entertainment, but they're still humans. Can we give them the barest measure of human compassion and allow a little bit of understanding when they suffer one of the worst periods of grief they'll ever experience?


I don’t think anyone is saying he can’t be sad and go through mourning. It is entirely on him when effort and accountability flags are a recurring issue. He got called out for a lack of effort in Buffalo by Sean McDermott, it was obviously still an issue when he went to KC, and when he reported to Giants camp last year he gained weight between minicamp and training camp after being asked to drop weight


>Can we give them the barest measure of human compassion and allow a little bit of understanding when they suffer one of the worst periods of grief they'll ever experience? Yes, unless they play for a team I don't like.


Sure you’re still responsible for your actions but I think it’s the way that a lot of people act like they’d be pillars of poise and professionalism in the same situation when they don’t know that at all.


Right but his mom died in 2017. Kelvin had a bad attitude and effort problems since he was drafted. OP is trying to make it a holier than thou situation when his mothers death and his problems weren’t always directly related.


Dude what? Having a shitty attitude does not mean you can fat shame them. Sure? Get mad at their actions, not their weight gain.


I mean he’s a pro athlete. If his weight gain is that much of an issue, it’s fair game. I don’t think it’s right to be making fun of the guy but there are legitimate concerns with his effort and laziness.


Effort and laziness sure. But the context of the conversation was fat jokes. Come on man, I know you’ve seen all the Kelvin Benjamin jokes on this sub. It’s not some constructive criticism like you’re making it seem. OP was clearly talking about the fat shaming that goes on.


Just seems like a really weird hill to die on when clearly most people are just fishing for karma when they say that


Seems like a really weird hill to die on when that’s exactly the context of the thread? I mean why jump in it if you feel that way then


It’s all a spectacle for them


The Kelvin Benjamin jokes are so cringe, I instinctively downvote any comment that has his name


God I want Saleh and Zach to work out so bad. Zach’s game is so entertaining when it’s cooking and his personality seems to be infectious to his teammates. And Saleh is such a natural leader well spoken person that the two of them, if they find success, will run NYC effortlessly


Saleh seems like a good dude, I hope he does well. It's way too early to tell if he'll be successful, but I want him to be.


Me fucking too. I love Robert Saleh I would run through 15 brick walls for that man


I'm right there with you. Saleh is the fucking man.


I would watch both of you run through 15 brick walls for that man.


While I completely agree, it's important to remember that when your career earnings at 23 years old are over $10 million, part of the deal is that you face public criticism. It's part of the job, and professional athletes, even those on their rookie contracts, are paid extremely well for it. People should act like adults, but it always rubs me the wrong way a bit when millionaires in the public eye complain about the way they're talked about on public forums.


I think the bottom line with what Saleh is saying and what you mentioned is that people should act like adults. I feel like most athletes understand that criticism comes with the territory, but people always overstep that line.


It’s social media though. Most of the trolls are teenagers. Telling them to act like adults is futile.


The teen years are *exactly* when we should be teaching people not to be asshats, if they haven’t already learned it.


If I were a GM I'd put a no-Twitter clause in every contract. The place is a cesspool.


That’s ridiculous, they’re adults, they can use whatever social media they’d like. But they need to realize they’re pro athletes and will receive criticism and hate on those platforms.


They can use social media *after* their four hours of homework. Not before.


I mean, I think they realize it. Just doesn't change the fact that having 10,000 comments/tweets/DMs when you just want to look at ass, funny videos or family shit doesn't get you down.


I feel like most dudes have social media as a branding type deal and barely touch it. And those that do wanna use social media will have an unknown private burner where friends and family can follow them and they can browse without worrying about said DMs and comments.


And there's those that don't. Michael Thomas, Stefon Diggs, Kevin Durant are three big names off the top of my head. I think every offensive lineman I've ever seen on twitter uses it as a personal account. Nick Bosa. Had to delete tweets. There's ton that use it as personal accounts and don't make burners.


I see your point, but that’s because I’m assuming you mainly see reasonable criticism. Athletes have posted and replied to shit in the past and there’s death threats, mocking things about their family/dead family etc. and to go further start harassing their family members as well.


It’s also words lol. There are always gonna be trolls on the internet, but that’s usually the extent of it. No one would ever say this shit in person.


Little known fact is that being rich means words can’t hurt you.


If you don’t like it then log off the internet.


'HoW iS cYbEr BuLlYiNg eVeN rEaL, jUsT lOg OfF' head ass.


For professional athletes where in 99.999% of instances you won’t be face to face with the people saying shit it’s definitely applicable.


Professional athletes who want to be able to log on to their social media and use it like normal people. Or go to the store/shopping without being harassed. No. It's not that simple.


I’m sure they do but when you’re a professional athlete you’re in the public eye. Everything you do is under a microscope. It sucks but it’s a apart of making a shit load of money for playing a sport.


NEWS FLASH: Being a professional athlete means youre no longer a normal person. Thats part of the whole "being famous"


i mean... yeah though? Get the fuck off twitter if you thinks its a gross hell hole. seems fair to me. I didnt bitch about everyone incessantly on fb. I just left FB.


Not asking for mandates But Trevon Diggs suspended his twitter, props to him and good move IMO


Yep, their multi million dollar contracts are a result of football's/other sports' massive popularity. It absolutely blows that some fans are absolute asshats - to the point where death threats (looking at the Lakers) and racist remarks are sent to players. But if you put the million dollar contract on the table, and ask if they would rather take the "fair treatment/no criticism on social media" or give up the big pay day, players are taking that million dollar contract and calling it a day


Making a lot of money doesn’t mean that your mental health is in a better place than anyone else’s, it just means that financial struggles aren’t one of the things making it worse. Valid criticisms of his performance are one thing, cyber bullying is another thing entirely. Becton didn’t do anything to any of the people being shitty to him.


Being an athlete with a huge bank account doesn't make you any less human or deserving of humanity. There's a fine line between criticism and dehumanization, and Saleh is addressing the latter. No one is saying anything against the former.


we all know that criticism is blown way out of context on the regular


You can be critical of people while still following the golden rule. Shocking concept I know.


Especially when many of them probably have their own press agent


Unfortunately the coach is 100% correct, but also unfortunately, Saleh coming to his aid is only going to bring out even more hate online. The only way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. This will feed the fire.


Saleh is a god damn legend and I have no doubt gonna turn the Jets around




Have fun in last place


Definitely when they replace Zach!


Pro athletes are not humans. They are things on TV (or occasionally distant figures in a stadium) that exist solely for the entertainment of us drunken couch bound slobs.


people act like the game was the product but i genuinely think what you described is what people buy from the NFL. Fair or not.


I hope we keep seeing more and more coaches in the league with this type of mindfulness. Guys like Salah are immensely good for the league because they’re good human beings. When you have guys like that, you just hope they’re able to win games and stay there.


Ok. There's one thing I don't hate about the jets. It's that coach.


Lmao this thread summarizes exactly what Saleh was talking about "Oh who cares dry your eyes with the millions of dollars you make loser" Ya that was the point he was making ya dope. You think because they're athletes making good money it just gives you the right to degrade them constantly


not caring that they are emotional is not dehumanizing. Death threats are obviously a no-go but my lawd people will call earned criticism "dehumanization" at the drop of a hat.


The phrase is drop of a hat


lol u right


„We dehumanize these players in the worst way possible.“ Maybe chill with the hyperbole for a second, Coach.


Are they people; real people? Sure. Are they also being paid a minimum 100k a year? (Internet barely makes fun of fringe players anyways) So in reality we talk shit about assholes making millions upon millions of dollars. Fkin deal with it. I’ll take half their salary for 10x the jokes and criticism




Problems in the world, sorted: 1. Single mother cant afford food 2. Family in Ukraine getting raided by Russia 3. Twitter trolls to millionaires Im not saying he's wrong. We've been browbeaten with this type of message for the past years. We get it. It's becoming comical with the woe is me stuff.


Lol I guess North Korean citizens existing, Yemeni civilians being bombed and Uyghur detainees are like 4-6?


>Im not saying he's wrong. We've been browbeaten with this type of message for the past years. We get it. It's becoming comical with the woe is me stuff. It's not like we can only focus on one problem at a time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking people to be more empathetic to others - it is something that seems to be slowly eroding over time and a lack of empathy can be a contributing factor to a lot of the bigger problems in this world


not all problems are equal. The airtime this stuff gets is over the top, that's all im saying.


Next time you’re going through a hard time, I really hope that people show you more empathy than you’re displaying here.


Here's the thing. I can't do anything about Ukraine or solve world hunger. I can not be a complete asshole to random strangers. Only one of those things is within my power. Saying we shouldn't bother about the stuff we actually can effect, because there's a bunch of worse shit we can do fuck all about is a cop out.


nice strawman. neither you or i are on twitter "dehumanizing athletes", nor i am sure anyone we know is, unless you are in middle or high school This is kinda my point. Go help some old lady cross the street. A lot more value than worrying about RB for the Giants twitter feed. Im not saying the Giants RB twitter feed doesnt matter but the amount of conversation it dominates is out of whack. That's just real


empathy isn’t finite


I wonder how many of you made fun of MBC and thus dunked on mental illness. But comment on how people were mean to kelvin


>I wonder how many of you made fun of MBC and thus dunked on mental illness. But comment on how people were mean to kelvin Has Brown been diagnosed with anything or are you assuming?


Dry your tears with $100 bills


I don't think i personally dehumanize them, but at the same time they get paid millions to play football. So i understand that they have feelings and everything, but at the same time they don't have to worry about things the large majority of us worry about constantly...da rent


They literally sign up for this. Its like enlisting and being surprised when you have to deploy.


Don't want to be dehumanized, walk away from the millions. You are entertainers.


Jesus. Imagine seeing a reminder to treat people like humans, and thinking, "Fuck your mental health. You make a lot of money, so that gives me the right to be a piece of shit and you just have to sit there and take it." Seek help. Go to therapy.


Didn't say anything about treating them like shit. Criticism and praise regarding their play is fine. People are going to look at injuries through the lens of them as players, that's fine. If anything the people who obsess over them off the field are the ones treating them unfairly. Why the fuck would anyone care what Aaron Rodgers thinks about a vaccine or politics? Unless he's talking football, I don't give a shit what he thinks or says.


No you’re wrong. They’re people first. There is no threshold or dollar value that devalues a human. We can’t treat someone like an object because they’re an athlete.


Wild how many people are just defending being absolute assholes to people just because they make money. Why be an absolute asshole at all?


A huge percentage of the population are assholes. That’s why, unfortunately.


Entitled* assholes


They're football players. Part of the job is being a public figure. If you don't like it, don't do it. Nobody is forcing them to play NFL football.


Just like no one is forcing you to be a trash human. You're just doing it for love of the game. Seriously, just shut the fuck up.


Anger issues much


Am I yelling at clouds when it bothers me when twitter is called an app and not a site?


App is a more accurate term than site although platform makes the most sense in my opinion


Saleh is just doing damage control. It’s absolutely unacceptable that Becton couldn’t maintain his weight. Full stop, zero excuses. There’s middle school wrestlers making weight week in and week out. Teenagers that have more discipline. That aren’t getting paid millions a year and without the resources he has. Terribly hard to feel bad for someone who’s issues are self-inflicted, and even harder to pick a bone with people merely *pointing this out* on *social media*. It’s such a nonissue in the context of the world it’s insane. The guy getting paid millions to stay in shape can be roasted when he doesn’t stay in shape. That’s reasonable. The roasting he’s getting is 100% valid.


Robert Saleh is a boss I think anyway.




Why is that African American man smoking ganja in the thumbnail tho? 🤔🇺🇲👉🏻🙏🏻🏁🇺🇦


Uh same reason as everyone else who’s smokes, to get high. Duh


What does getting hi feel like? I don't wanna be like chooch and chang


Who fucking cares? Does someone that smoke pot immediately disqualify them from participating in life?


Depends on the strain, I’ve definitely been too high to participate in life before lol


I once ate a handful of gummies without thinking of dosage. I stopped participating in life that day.


It’s a “bug” where sometimes the first person to reply to a tweet’s photo pops up as the thumbnail. I’m not sure why it happens, just that it does. Sometimes it’s hilarious like this one








You're getting paid millions of dollars to play in the nfl. If you can't take some criticism gtfo, ain't nobody want to root for a little bitch