But still Number 1 in jaw line.


You can cut steel with it.


He could circumcise an ant


I love this and am using it every chance I get.


Wish granted brother


Is this an oblongs reference?


Separated, divorce isn't final, but they're still living in the same house


Trey: "Oh, hey, I'm Trey...Kyle's new--" Jimmy: "I know who you are."


I hear you like football too little buddy. Maybe we could be friends


You’ll never be my real quarterback!


Yeah we know who he is clay-ton DIE REPLACEMENT FRIENDS!


Had to look it up but thanks for reminding me of Saving Silverman.




Why don't you grab me a beer from the fridge?


Brings me back to being 5 years old with my parent again.


You too bro? Shit was hella awkward


Ahhhhh yes, brings me back to middle school when my dad had to suddenly sleep in the basement...


Took me until college to realize that my parents didn’t sleep in separate rooms because of my dad’s snoring. Don’t know how I didn’t figure it out given their screaming matches. Sorry dude/dudette.


Ugh, the screaming matches... I walked in on my parents arguing once and my dad yells, "I could've cheated half a dozen times! But does that mean anything? Noooooo!"


Half a dozen is quite specific


This is me right now


Hang in there bro


49ers front office are tigerbelly fans


this is me


This is my dad and his boyfriend. They broke up like 2 months ago and now they are just spiteful roommates until his boyfriend finds a job and can move out.


You know you can stay here one year no rent


God damn lol Do you think Jimmy is like "Ok look I know I said it's cool but do you have to be a dick about it?


I dont think he's being a dick. He's not saying Jimmy is their 4th best QB. He's saying Jimmy isn't going to take any snaps (a good thing for Jimmy, who doesn't need an injury in a meaningless game ruining his value) and if he was allowed to, he would have just omitted Jimmy from the depth chart, because even if the first 3 QBs go down, Jimmy isn't going in


Why not just convert Jimmy to safety during practice, like the Texans did last year? ;)


Because he is a liability in coverage... duh.


Excellent box safety though


Do we know for a fact he's a liability? He's so handsome that he might blind opposing QBs, but no DC has been brave enough to try it


Good point. Desean has much more fluid hip motion.


Define value


Getting a late pick and money off the books is better than just cutting him If he gets hurt again, the 9ers would be screwed in the situation


I mean it's valuable to Jimmy and to the Niners that he doesn't play. As soon as he's cut he has teams looking to grab him, but they won't pay this salary unless they're desperate.




That's not being a dick. He doesn't want a rival getting a free starting quarterback. Players should do what's best for players. Teams should do what's best for teams. Neither is being a dick for doing so.


Because we all know exactly where Jimmy will end up as soon as he's cut.


They’ve done right by Jimmy. He’s made more $ than he’s worth given how injury prone he is. I love the guy, but it’s a business and the timing of Jimmy’s surgery fucked up any trade plans they had. Given that Seattle is one of his most likely suitors, the entire NFC West benefits from Jimmy ending up there as late as possible.


I'm legit worried if Jimmy ends up a Seahawk. I've never put much stock in the "they only won because of Kyle" thing, and Pete has a proven record. Jimmy has some good weapons up there who have all been practicing for a QB like him (Lock) since Russ left. Also everyone says Jimmy is one of the fastest playback studies around, by week 3 this guy could be throwing short passes fo Metcaff for 7 yards and the entire NFC West doesn't want a even semi-good Seahawks team. The Seahawks tend to just win inexplicably...Jimmy just tends to win inexplicably...I don't want to have to deal with that combo twice a year.


I'd say his patience has to be wearing thin. Meanwhile lance has the accuracy of a 10 year olds hucking cupcakes at a wall. It's gotta hurt.


He better be good too, people shit on Garoppolo but he's a pretty good QB, for sure has a good winning record and that doesn't happen *despite* the quarterback Also up there for fastest release in the league. Amazing with the quick short/medium throws I promise I'm not his burner account


I feel like I'm missing something. Jimmy is EASILY a top 32 quarterback. Probably in the 15-20th range. As for truly what the fuck facts. There's a real chance Tom Brady starts his last game after Jimmy.


Eh it's a waiting game for Jimmy now. There are suitors but not suitors at the price point. The reality is he's likely to end up a Seahawk once he's cut and that's fine, but..well the Niners really want to avoid that.




He has a great winning record, but the huge caveat is that he’s not consistently healthy to be reliable and to be paid what he’s being paid.


>for sure has a good winning record and that doesn't happen despite the quarterback *Tim Tebow enters the chat.


I don't remember Tebow getting a double digit lead in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl Tebow was also a horrible passer, Garoppolo is entirely a pocket passer


Nuh uh not anymore. Lance now has MVP accuracy. You must have missed the update today. But for real, this is probably going to be how the first year of Lance's time goes. Super talented game that shows everyone the upside, then just an absolute turd show.


Shanny only wants to trade Jimmy so he can be the best looking member on the team Pathetic jealousy


Have you seen Juszczyk? My wife's husband thinks he's hot.


Are you in a throuple?


I wis...I mean, um no?


Wanna be?


Just a throuple of besties


Is it just me or does he look like Rich Vos?


Bosa wins. Sadly his political views have publicized a few times and they're... Unfortunate.


Did Jimmy G fuck Shannys wife?


You think Shanny's wife will turn down Jimmy G?


Hell, I wouldn’t


She would never… because of the implication


Maybe he fucked Shanahan and didn’t call the next day


It's Jimmy G. The odds aren't terrible, even if it wasn't intentional


Not intentional? Jimmy: Look Kyle, it just happened. Kyle: Sure, sure, it just happened. Could happen to anybody. It was an accident, right? You tripped, fell on the floor and accidently stuck your dick into my wife.


Shanahan followed up by saying "I mean, have you seen how handsome he is? We couldn't keep him off the chart if we tried."


He's #4 on the depth chart, but #1 in our hearts.


Also in our pants.


At this point, Shanahan's wife must moan "Jimmy G" in bed for the petty hatred to get like this.


"Give me that quick release Jimm -- I mean Kyle!"




We need Kyle Shanahan vs Jimmy G as the co-main event on the next Jake Paul fight card.


“No touching of the face or hair”


"Of course..."


"I killed a guy with a Trident!" - Jim Tomsula, probably


“That’s Carl’s stone cold lock of the century. Of the week.” -Jim Tomsula, probably


I know it's a movie quote and all but the name Tomsula just like a man with hands like catchers mits that beats people to death with some cut of meat.


No way Tomsula wastes a good cut of meat. He’d use a stale meatball sandwich.


If you think tomsula has ever let a meatball sub go stale, I got a bridge to sell you.


Celebrity Deathmatch


Imagine it's right after the Super Bowl in 2020 and given 0 context you see a quote 2.5 years later listing Garoppolo as #4 on the depth chart.


To be honest, I'm still kind of lost as to what's going on. 49ers are dead set on trading him, Jimmy is kind of fine with it, is that the general situation? I'm just wondering why a trade hasn't happend yet, or is there actually something else going on that I missed completely?


Teams know the Niners will eventually have to cut him so they can get him for free and pay a lot less in salary.


It's gonna be pretty funny if Lance is absolutely terrible.


Seems like most of the reports are that Lance isn’t performing well, but it’s training camp so I don’t really take much of it as a sure sign.


camp is where coaches, players, even whole teams experiment. I don't think any of the pre-pre-season rumors are worth shit, and often even pre-season stuff is proven wrong by the end of the regular season. How long did it take before Jamarr Chase put all the bad rumors coming out about him this time of last year to bed? Week 5? Week 7?


Lance will be. Also Jimmy G may not have pretty stats but he was really fucking good at winning. 49ers are about to be 7-10 team and fans will be talking about missing jimmy halfway through the season.


Well if the Seahawks pick him up they can visit him in his hospital bed.


Honestly, Jimmy does a better job at masking a bad Offensive Line than even Russ does. Russ tries to extend plays, Jimmy just whips the ball out fast and short. It might only be 5 yards but that can happen before the line folds


!RemindMe 120 days


jimmy actually has outstanding stats. like top 5-10 qb stats. sf lead the league just last year in ny/a. i honestly don't get the huge disrespect he gets in sf except that if it's about the whole missed a serious game because of his injury because of contract risks, which i guess makes sense but it seems so absurd to let that be the reason you give up on someone as talented as jimmy. even with injuries, he seems like the kind of guy you ride with given how much experience he has


I'm not sure if I'd say "outstanding", but you're right his numbers are probably better than what most people think. 8.2 y/a for his career is super impressive. So is his 67.7% career completion. Conversely he's only thrown 71 TDs in his career vs 38 INTs (1.86). And it's hard to *not* knock him for the injury stuff. He's played an average of 8.6 games per season with SF so you're basically signing up for half a season of good-to-pretty-good QB play


Nah, not with the talent we have on this team. 49ers win despite Jimmy. Look at the playoff games back in 2020. He threw less than 20 times in 2 games.




The narrative sold is just different now. He wasn’t a bad QB. But he wasn’t a good one consistently. He was ALWAYS good for multiple “wtf was that” throws a game. He was a winner no doubt, but it doesnt take a top QB to win with this roster. I am all for Lance, Mac Jones would have been a fair pick too. I think IF Lance hits his potential the AND we can hold this roster together we could totally be the #1 team.


From yesterday’s reports out of camp, that might be more of a “when”’scenario than an “if.”


I can't guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive Sunday.


Nah today he had a great day though so that clearly means he is going to be a future HOF now


Mahomes also reportedly struggled mightily in his sophomore season training camp. Then he had one of the best seasons of all time


patriots flairs really seem to have a mega hate boner for Lance. Easily the most represented haters in the Lance threads, more than the NFC west rivals. Y'all insecure or something? Thought you folks were happy Mac dropped to you.


I don't hate Lance. I just don't think Jimmy is as bad as Shanahan makes him out to be. So if Lance blows up in his face it would be enjoyable.


I’m a 49ers fan and I agree. I think we should keep Jimmy G for another year and give trey more time and also another year to get back to the super bowl instead of the possibility of a huge decline. It’s obvious the locker room loves Jimmy


I understand that perspective. Jimmy G has been my main dude this whole run, but he's had an unfortunate combination of injuries and not making The Play when stakes were the absolute highest. It might be an unfair set of circumstances, but I really think the hundred million dollars and dozens of NFL qb winz in his pocket have adequately compensated him. I guess all's I'm saying is don't feel bad for Jimmy. Jimmy doesn't, and a whole lot of us really enjoyed his time as our QB.


Lotta Pats fans like Jimmy a lot so it makes sense.


Yep, we still think of him as our boy.




Well, considering you don't have a flair, I'm happy for you and hope you have a great day while reading this here trey lance thread


There's just a lot of us skewing your perception. That and we want Mac to be the most special bestest QB of his class so we have to be down on Lance.


Remember when the Texas made Watson play Safety?


Look, I don’t think Jimmy G is the best quarterback ever, he has his flaws, BUT DEAR GOD! They are treating this man like he’s a bum. If he has the cast, he will perform well, he helped you to a super bowl just 3 years ago. Trey Lance better be worth it


The real reason is they are building Trey to be a leader in the locker room and on the field. Jimmy was a great leader, and everyone on the Niners defended him when he was struggling. Kyle himself was a big defender of Jimmy over the years, even though Jimmy has missed so many games. They are not giving him a treatment like Baker. They want to avoid a locker room split with two leaders, so keeping Jimmy at arms length is what they must do. Jimmy knew this was the plan, there is a reason he gave a little farewell speach at the end of last season.


They're not really treating him like a bum but just mishandling the situation. Jimmy doesn't have the best arm and they want to open up their offense with Trey Lance who has mobility and a cannon of the arm. Josh Allen potential. They've communicated this with Jimmy pretty openly. The problem is he was supposed to be off the team by now... and well he just isn't. The quote sounds bad but everyone knows what's going on.


As a niner fan I don't think they are mishandling this one bit, aside from maybe the fact that jimmy hasn't been traded or released yet. They made this decision last year and have been open with jimmy. Once this is all over I'm sure while jimmy will feel a bit slighted as this is his team and he has won, but it's the nfl.


Jimmy still being on the team is part I was saying they mishandled. I'm sure there's some method to the madness but it just seems silly.


Jimmy's injury and he decided to have surgery late.. it made it impossible to trade him. He only just began throwing a week into preseason. I think a trade will materialize with very minimal compensation and it will include a restructure for jimmy. Jimmy won't really have a choice but to restructure since he will hit FA with a blank slate and the niners will take whatever little they can. The team trading for jimmy will do it to ensure he doesn't go somewhere else in FA. I can see the browns, giants, commanders. Or if there is an injury at qb, it can make things interesting.


Kyle treating Jimmy like he's Jared Goff or something. Just trade him for the 2 seconds you claimed someone offered already.


Super duper duper skeptical we ever got offered 2 seconds. he'd be gone if we were


Lynch said he never received an offer for Jimmy, yet people will still parrot that BS from florio


Yea lynch said that the shoulder surgery killed any chance of momentum on a deal.


BS from Florio!? I would never in a million years expect Mike Florio to be wrong and just fling shit at walls hoping there's some modicum of truth!


Can you explain to an outsider why Jimmy G's stock plummeted so much? I mean you guys had that 2020 run where you played us in the SB. I generally thought he was a decent, middle of the road QB. How did it change so much in 2 years?


Surgery at the worst time really tanked his value. Plus the most needy teams ( Washington and Steelers) picked up their QBs pretty fast.


I still think Jimmy to the Browns makes a lot of sense. One year left on his deal, and we've got the cap space to take the whole thing. It would certainly be worth like a 3rd round pick or whatever it would take to upgrade from Brissett to Jimmy for this season. The roster is too good to just waste a whole year without even having a 1st round draft pick the following year


First off, there’s less than a zero chance that anyone is paying Jimmy G $26M this year. It’s not happening. Unused cap is rolled over to next year and the Browns will need it when Watson has a $50M cap hit. Jimmy G will have to rework a contract for a trade to happen. He can basically veto any trade. Which he should. Why make your new team give up a pick when you can sign with them the day he’s released. The Browns may want him and may try to sign him at that point but it will be for $5M or less. I still think he goes to the Seahawks on a cheap 1 year deal. He needs to be a starter to get a nice contract next year


Please no. Jimmy doesn't deserve your fan base


Even Baker claims to still love the Browns fan base It's the Browns Jimmy doesn't deserve


We don't deserve Jimmy either. Send him to the Giants where he'll be the sexiest man in NYC, with a new regime and not a dickhead owner willing to pay $230m to a serial sexual sicko. Just going from Daniel Jones to an actual QB will be enough to stem the tide of New York sports hate for a year at least while he plays his way to a new contract


It wouldn't make sense for the Giants to take him. We can't afford to give up any draft capital while we're rebuilding and we already have a veteran fringe-starter in Tyrod if Kones really struggles. Plus, we're not really trying to compete this year anyway. Bringing in Jimmy would hurt our draft position for next year when we'd be looking for our QB of the future.


If Jimmy goes to the Browns and they stay healthy, they probably win 10+ games, make the playoffs, and then Jimmy would get a nice multi-year deal in FA next year. If he goes to the Giants they probably win like 5-7 games, he'll look mediocre, and then he'll join the QB carousel. Cleveland is pretty clearly his best option.


Teams know the 49ers don’t need him and will eventually cut him. Why trade for large salary and give up a pick?


28 million reasons why


Only team offering 2 seconds for Jimmy at this point is going to be the Seattle Dragons


New Orleans Breakers need a QB now that Sloter is in the NFL Edit: This didn’t age well


Edmonton Elks


For 3 games until Chris Jones decides to cut him for no real reason


you know this 2 seconds thing was straight up bullshit, right?




I think he means, 49ers never claimed to have an offer for jimmy. They actually said the opposite, florio just made up 2 2nds


My god, Florio sucks


We all know what he is by now


It's not even a good lie.


I'll offer him two second portions of my mashed potatoes I'm making tonight.


Woah slow down bro you gotta make weight


I’ll offer him two seconds of love, that’s all I can handle, have you seen that man?


Dude will probably garner as much trade interest as a prime Matt Cassel


They'll be lucky to get a single third at this point.


He is Jared Goff.


Still really unsure why Washington opted for Wentz instead of Garoppolo.


They are a poorly run team?


Huh you know what, that might just make the most sense


they did not want to wait for Garoppolo to be able to throw Wentz didn't miss any of training camp, Garoppolo may have it's as simple as that, Garoppolo getting the surgery super late ruined any chance for the team to trade him


What are the cliff notes on this situation?


49ers drafted Jimmy’s replacement and they’re moving on, they just are waiting till the last moment to cut him. Probably optimistic that Deshaun gets a year+ suspension and the Browns come calling. John and Kyle have said that Jimmy knows what’s up, and has for a while, so it’s not a big deal. Jimmy also hasn’t asked for a release yet as far as I’m aware.


Brock Sturdy and Nate Studfeld are just that good


What did Jimmy do to deserve this


he was good enough to get a big contract out of us but not good enough and healthy enough for anyone to want to trade for him and his big contract. that's what he did. he's the ultimate wiping his tears with $100's gif.


Everyone’s gonna shit on Shanahan for being “a dick” to Jimmy but he’s just being transparent when the media says “omg Jimmy is still on the depth chart Trey is a bust!!!”


I dont understand how Shanny is being a dick. He isn't saying Jimmy is their 4th best QB. He's saying Jimmy is not going to play If the other two backups get hurt in their preseason game, they aren't putting Jimmy in. They'd put in like a WR at wildcat or something


Exactly. I think it's just people keep asking him if Jimmy is staying and he's making it as clear as possible to everyone time after time


So do they just let Jimmy sit if there’s no trade partners? I guess since he’s being paid, it doesn’t matter to him. Can’t help but feel like he should be on another team and actually get a chance to play.


Definitely cutting him. They said they’re waiting until the 53 man cut. He’ll be let go then if a trade doesn’t happen


isnt that kind of a dick move to jimmy though? he is gonna go to a team and have like 3 days to learn their offense


It is unfortunate, but part of the business. I am sure they will release him shortly before the final cut so Jimmy saves face (probably with a statement like "Jimmy has requested to be released to seek another starting job") and he can seek a new team on his own. But I agree, it sucks that he will have a short window to learn if he's going to start somewhere else. Just no one bit for a trade, of an injured (and injury prone) QB who's team was clearly moving on from. He only just passed physical a week and a half ago so he couldn't be released without an injury payout until that.


Literally every other team would hold him until the end also. Would it be fair to just release him now so that he can sign with the seahawks and learn the offense and then compete against sf during the season? That's the reason they are holding. Truthfully if russ was still there, I think they may have released him already but the fact that one of the teams that doesn't have a qb is within their division made it inevitable that it turned out this way


I don’t know why this isn’t a more popular position. If Jimmy is released a month ago he lands in Seattle for sure. The longer they wait, the less likely that becomes. I think SF has played this exactly like they should have. It’s not like what they almost did to Steve Young.


Exactly. Imagine if Winston was hurt, why enhance the saints in the nfc at this point? It's either you send him to the afc, get blown away by a trade, or you wait until the very last minute


Right, especially since Jimmy is way better than anyone, especially the 49ers, give him credit for. I wish him well wherever he goes, especially if that winds up being with us. That said, you wait till the midnight hour to cut his ass.


I agree as a niner fan from back at the tail end of Montana and young. Jimmy is the best qb since garcia in my opinion. I really do believe it has more to do with cap and maybe his injury history than him as a player. Will always respect jimmy and will continue to wear his #10 niner jersey with pride. Just hope he doesn't end up as a seahawk. I'd like to see him take the browns to the playoffs as a one year rental.


This opinion is valid but how does no one seem to see the validity of the injury guarantee unless he passes physical that I mentioned. Even our GM mentioned that Jimmy's surgery threw off their timeline of moving Jimmy. He literally just passed the physical less than two weeks ago, so there was little incentive for 49ers to cut him and eat $7+ million unless a team would have traded some capital for him. Now he can be released for no cap hit.


This isn’t controversial. The team has informed Jimmy about the plan since their trade up before the draft. All last year, Jimmy knew it was his last season and it was in mutual best interest for Jimmy to play well. The team could go on a deep playoff run and Jimmy could up his value. Now the team is transitioning to Lance and wants to make it as distraction free as possible for the new guy and the team. Keeping Jimmy on the bottom of the depth chart and out of practices gives a clear signal as to what’s going on. This isn’t disrespect to Jimmy, it’s transparency about their strategic decision to go in on a rookie deal QB and use Jimmy’s money to pay other positions (Bosa will break the ceiling next season).


Guys there's a real chance Tom Brady starts a his last game later than Jimmy does


Man they really better hope Lance balls out. This is a really bad look otherwise


It’s a bad look regardless. They’re treating him like he’s a locker room cancer or something, and it doesn’t even do anything to help them move him. It just seems spite-driven, and that doesn’t do a lot to make players want to come there in the future.


How are they treating him like a locker room cancer? Because of his contract he is not in the teams plans for the future. Why risk injury or limiting reps for other players for jimmy? They are hoping a team calls them and if not he will be cut on the 53 man cut day


This thread is just a lot of people making drama for the sake of it.


Behind Brock Purdy is just disrespectful.


Did Jimmy kill Kyle's favorite goldfish?


I will say this, props to the 49ers here. This is not an easy decision to swing for the fences with a possibly more talented QB over a high-floor player like Jimmy G. But they said they were going to do and they've committed. As a Chiefs fan I went through decades of a team making the safer choice over the big swing until Mahomes. It sucks until it doesn't. Seems like the 49ers are trying to do right by him in a trade and I hope they do. Hope it works out for both parties.


Hoping the 49ers suck and Jimmy thrives this season, just for the memes


Well we definitely know FOR SURE one team that's going to suck.....


Yeah, the Texans :)


clever girl....


I’ve read some dysfunctional shit today now about Niners, Bears, and Commies. So nice and refreshing, being a fan of the very stable Jacksonville Jaguars franchise


They asked Garoppolo if he still wanted to be part of film sessions with the other QBs and he declined, both sides have moved on and I doubt Garoppolo is offended by this depth chart because he knows the deal. Although in the scenario where Lance picks up a significant injury in preseason, I do wonder what would happen then.


This isn’t dysfunction. The Niners are holding on to him because there’s literally no reason to release him even one second before it becomes absolutely necessary (cut down day). Why? Because if a starting QB somewhere out there gets hurt then Jimmy becomes a hot commodity. Though, I can see why a Jag fan would be confused when analyzing the moves of franchises that actually have a clue.


“Though, I can see why a Jag fan would be confused when analyzing the moves of franchises that actually have a clue.” Yes, that was literally the joke.


I thought they cared about Jimmy? They have to know that no one will trade for him and will wait for cut-down day, right?


They do to an extent, but not enough to release him if they think there's a chance they'll get some kind of compensation. The team didn't seem thrilled with the way he handled the off season surgery and what that did to their timeline, who knows what the relationship is like now. He's still really popular on the team so I doubt they'll go out of their way to fuck him over, but it seems like they're waiting to see if anyone gets hurt or something happens which is basically what Jimmy would be waiting for anyway.


Ironically the most likely player to get hurt is probably Jimmy himself, triggering a $7M injury guarantee


I hope kiara mia is helpin out my guy Jimmy cause Shanny gettin cutthroat over here


The way they’re treating Jimmy g is embarrassing


The Niners are just fucking Jimmy G. They knew they didn’t want him and knew nobody was trading for him. They’re just holding him until right before week 1 so others teams aren’t as interested in signing him and his money isn’t guaranteed so he gets nothing.


I have a bad feeling about this. 6-8 with three games left... "Hey, at least we traded Jimmy for some draft picks and and backup free safety!"


Kyle treatingJimmy like shit is really unnecessary. I get it he’s not the starting QB but Christ treat him with some respect Edited: treated to treating


He's going to get Watson'd without the sexual assaults.


for less money and less security


Dam, dude took them to a Super Bowl last year


Hmmmmm. A coach with the last name Shanahan treating a QB who led their team to their best season in a while like shit because he wants him out of town. I feel like I've seen this somewhere before. Must be my imagination. (/s)