Then he farted.


Hijacking top comment: Tom Brady just responded to this video on twitter, subtly promoting his brand of course: ["@maxkellerman ratio + I have a swimwear line now 👍"](https://twitter.com/TomBrady/status/1552704511826960386)


Tom is fucking ratio’ing people now. We’re all fucked


What does that mean lol


"ratio" is used or refers to when a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the original tweet. you add the "+" to add an insult, usually when the person replies KNOWS their reply is going to "ratio" ​ So in this case "ratio" (Max had a horrible take) "+ I have a swimwear line" (I've continued to be elite for so long I have now started my own swimwear line and I'm using your horrible take to advertise for it)


Back in my day “ratio” meant a tweet getting more replies/retweets than likes.


Never felt quite as old as just now when I realized my understanding of Twitter beef terminology was out of date


I can’t even begin to put into words how uncool it makes me feel that this slang I don’t understand is now being used by a hero of mine that I’ve looked up to most of my life at this point. A 44 year old man is making me, at 27, feel old and out of touch. I guess it’s time I look up wtf this shit means


I mean if it makes you feel better it almost definitely wasn’t him who tweeted that lmao


Wait is it really not him behind the socials?


I'm sure it's some type of partnership but there's no way he tweeted that himself.


I assumed it meant that in the six years since he has three rings. A ring every two years is a stellar ratio. Guess I'm just old at 35 for not even recognizing it as slang or whatever.


Are you an NFL quarterback?


In a Monster’s Inc style, KellermanFartz are the fuel for Brady. Someone get my dude some b e a n s


This was actually genius by Kellerman. Either he's right and gets to shit all over Brady or he's wrong and people shit all over him for years. Either way someone gets covered in shit and people talk about Max.


Could still be proven right. Watch Brady fall off a cliff after his next ring in 2044


Bold of you to assume it’ll take him 22 years to win another ring


well hes gunna retire, and when his kid makes it to the league, he’s gunna Unretire, sign with a divisional rival and win another super bowl just to let his kid know he’s the big dawg and he’s still got it


It’ll be illegal to tackle a 65 year old on account of elder abuse laws. So dual threat Brady’s gonna slowly shuffle to the end zone on his walker with the squeaky tennis balls.


Brady's elegant, Gazelle-like gait at 65 will be a sight to behold.


I don't think it's that deep. Brady was 38 when Max said this. How many QBs have maintained their level of play into their late 30's and early 40's? What Max said wasn't some outlandish take, it's just that Brady has defied aging.


Fair chance you're right and Max just got (un)lucky betting on Brady. I wouldn't put it past him because Kellerman isn't just an idiot, he's a professional idiot.


Yea it wasn’t that insane at first, there really had been basically two good starters past age 40 in nfl history It got worse with hindsight because Brady had an average 2018 and a below average 2019 (by his standards, obviously we now understand the horrid weapons were a factor there) and kellerman used his slight decline to “prove” he had hit the cliff The problem is that his definition of the cliff was that he’d look good and then SUDDENLY hit a wall and be unable to play, a la 2015 Peyton. So when he was mvp in 2017, max would claim he wasn’t wrong because the whole point of the cliff is that you look great one day and awful the next (ie fall off a cliff). Then the next two years show what looks like very slight steady decline….and max was saying this is *also* the cliff Basically he was trying to say if Brady was the best qb in football, cliff is still right, and anytime he’s not the best qb in football the cliff is right


Half the time these talking heads don't even care about their opinions, they just want to have extreme opinions that people remember.


Nothing was extreme about predicting a guy approaching his 40s was going to fall off a cliff, and he would have been right if he was talking about any other QB in history


Soo Rodgers is going to fall off a cliff this year?


Very possible


>Either way someone gets covered in shit OBJ has entered the chat


That's how these shows have always worked. Whether these opinions/predictions are proven right/wrong is irrelevant, what matters is that people watch and talk about them and react to them.


This applies for every talking head hot take. Chris Simms, even though I still really like his analysis, stirs shit up with his rankings all the time to troll and get headlines.


Max can go take a long walk off a short pier.


But I was told someone would be falling off a cliff.


The pier can be on a cliff. I wish the man no harm, just an unpleasant experience.


That's how all these shows work


Please don’t encourage these talking heads to continue to make dumb hot takes.


He proceeded to win mvp the season after this one


So we'll call it a wash?


Coming from the dude who tried to cover up a fart with cough on TV https://twitter.com/espn975/status/1118230377905180672?t=CNxvw6uWwcKulz-3q21knw&s=19


Honestly not a bad effort, it took some CSI investigational prowess for me to actually hear it - I would say we commend the man for that. That was a veteran level cough cover.


Let's put that investigational prowess to the test. Count all the farts in the full clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2o1g7IWq8Y&t=344s&ab_channel=ESPN


Max “Brown note” Kellerman


I mean he can't double down on it. Yes he could I suppose but he trapped couldn't.


It is hard to fathom how awful this take turned out being. Like imagine pulling Max to the side and being like… “Yo Max, just a heads up but Tom is not only going to put up an MVP caliber season this year in just 12 games en route to another SB win and SB MVP, he’s going to do it in one of the most iconic ways possible by erasing largest SB deficit in history. Then he’ll win league MVP the next year while putting up one of the greatest SB performances by a QB in history in a close loss, but follow it up again with another SB win the year after to make it 2 in 3 years. Oh and then he’s going to leave the Pats and switch conferences to lead the Bucs to a SB win despite having limited offseason opportunities to build chemistry with his new teammates, and then the following year put up one of his greatest seasons as a pro that was more than worthy of winning league MVP”. It’s insane that he’s had a sure fire HoF career just since this segment was taped.


Excluding longevity/career stats, 3 for 4 in the SB and a league MVP is a better HOF case than Brees, Ben, Eli, Russel Wilson, Rodgers, Aikman, or Favre. Only QB with a clearly better case over his entire career would be Montana (4-0 SB and 2 MVP's) with Peyton, Bradshaw, and Elway somewhere on the same level. Starting in his late 30's.


Well that didn’t age well.


Thanks for that explanation


Tom Brady has had a 3rd HOF careers worth of success since this was said


Oh man, I already gave my free award away today otherwise you'd be getting it. Well said. Kellerman is a schlemiel.


Brady lasted longer than max’s stint on first take.


Dwight: Tom Brady will fall off a cliff! Be assured this day will come. It’s just a matter of time. Could be one month, could be two months. Jim: Three months. Dwight: Could be. Jim: Four months. Dwight: I can see that happening, yes. Jim: Eight months? Dwight: That’s a realistic time line. Jim: [Pam kisses Jim on the cheek] Eleven months. Dwight: Perhaps. Jim: Okay now really think hard about this one: One year. Dwight: I can see that as a very real possibility. Jim: [time has obviously passed, as everyone is gone except Jim and Dwight] Four hundred and ninety-four months? Dwight: I can see that happening. Jim: Four hundred and ninety-FIVE months. That’s just…


Why do these talking heads ever make it to this sub? We KNOW they just make up hot takes to get reactions and most prob don’t believe half the shit they say.


It's not a hot take to say a guy who was like 39 at the time was going to hit a wall. It's a completely reasonable thing to say. The only reason this sub acts like it was a hot take is because it didn't come true.


people in this sub wouldve called max a moron for saying brady would still be playing at 45


People were calling Brady a moron for saying he would play until he was 45.


.... we weren't


There was a ton of doubling down tho, and a ton of weird redefining of what cliff actually means I said it it another comment, but when Brady was the best qb in football, in 16/17, max was saying he wasn’t wrong about the cliff because it comes out of nowhere and suddenly you just suck. Fine But then Brady’s 2018 was pretty average by his standards. And max suddenly decided that it was still the cliff that he was only like a top 10 qb instead of being the best qb. The. 2019 his stats drop further and he’s declaring himself correct about the cliff because his numbers kept declining Now setting aside that this was obviously due to the pats weapons being terrible, Brady slowly slipping from best qb to top 5-10 to mid-tier starter isn’t a cliff, that is just gradual decline over a couple years. His entire schtick was that it didn’t matter how good Brady looked, he’d wake up one day and suddenly he’d be bad


It's a fair take if you say Brady would most likely decline due to his age. But to say he would fall off a cliff and be a bum in short order after the season he was having is an absurd take.


Peyton Manning fell off a cliff in the last couple games of what was shaping up to be a very good season in 2014, which was a year after winning MVP and throwing for 55 TDs


Manning had multiple surgeries and have been throwing ducks for awhile despite his stats. Manning was visibly showing gradual physical decline in arm strength. Manning also had a muscle tear in 2014 when he starting playing terrible. Also had another injury in 2015. Brady had none of that and he has not shown much visible physical decline in arm strength.


I saw it on twitter and just thought it was funny


People like commenting on things that are easy to refute.


Ahhh this is cute. It’s before Molly married Jalen Rose and then started fucking her co host while married to him.




The rumor is that she started cheating on Jalen Rose with SAS that's why they got a divorce in December.


Really? I could imagine SAS having game to pull it off I guess. But damn lol


He’s very very wealthy.


The sheer BLASPHEMY The unmitigated GALL


Huh.. TIL


Hurling day, hurling day. One more day til hurling day.


Maybe he was speaking in a geologic time frame? There is a small chance that Tom Brady outlasts the current Cenozoic era, but I'll have to side with Max on this one.


any day now...


In hindsight, Max was 100% correct about everyone and everything he was saying...but TB is just built different. He is the exception to the rule.


Unpopular opinion, but Max wasn't crazy here. Tom had had a couple or even a few subpar games and was old. Idk how he could've known that Tom was going to extend his prime more than any other QB in history *by far.* If the next season after Max said this Tom did fall off a cliff and retired the year after no one would have batted an eye and Tom would have still been a first ballot HoF that played well into his 30's outlasting most other QBs. There's a difference between being dead wrong, and having a crazy take to just have a crazy take and then being wrong. Max was dead wrong, but a lot of people were. The logic was still sound and this isn't isn't even a top ten thing to make fun of Max for.


And to add to that, if you told this sub Brady would still be playing at an MVP level at age 45, very few would believe you.


> Tom had had a couple or even a few subpar games and was old. This was in the 2016 offseason. In 2015 Tom was on his way to winning MVP before half the offense got hurt, everyone with eyes could see that Brady was still very much playing like Brady. That’s why it was an absurd take, he was showing zero signs of slowing down, in fact he was getting better lol It was an intentional hot take to get Max attention after Bayless left.


Shoutout to Pats 2015 season where we flat out crushed the entire opening and went 8-0 before a string of 3 games ended our season when Dion, Edelman, Amendola, Gronk, and half our defense died. Still pushed it to 10-0 but iirc Edelman broke his leg in that 10th game and it was all gone.


The OL was the real issue, we shattered the record for most OL combinations in a season


I still remember watching redzone one random week and they cut to a pats game where they were talking about how a practice squad tight end was coming in for a series to play on the o line lol


100% they go undefeated if they the team stays healthy


Look at the date, Brady was having a great 2015 before everyone got hurt. He was clearly top 3-5 that year so Max pulled this take out his ass for attention.




>There was no logic to it, he only said it because Brady was about to turn 39 That's it. That's the logic. He was predicting Brady would fall off a cliff (not slowly get worse) because of his age. Period. Obviously he was good the previous season or what he said wouldn't be a take or prediction at all. If I told you that Hurst is going to be a top ten QB next year (I am not saying that), that's a prediction worth saying. If I said Adams would be a top ten receiver next year that's a waste of words.


Part of the issue is he’s paid to watch football and have a general understanding of the league, so he should probably understand that having a receiving group that is near bottom of the league in average separation and drops probably has an affect on the QBs output And it’s not like I expect him to know that type of stat of the dome, but I watched (say) Rodgers in 2018, and just from watching as a layman, you could tell that his game was fine and the packers offense was just horribly stagnant. It doesn’t take Ben baldwin to see that. So someone making millions of dollars should probably be able to watch the 2019 patriots and think “you know what, nkeal Harry kinda sucks actually” This is all setting aside that it’s a hot take show where they say crazy shit and then milk it for months on end lol


I want Iguodala!


A reasonable take considering that is what players usually do at that age


The fact that this actually sort of reasonable take at the time has been made to look so stupid just shows the absurdity of Tom Brady.


that was a pretty popular POV at the time and i know a decent amount of people in this sub felt the same way. of course it didn't age well but people would be clowning on him then if he predicted what brady would be doing now.


And yet this sub post more of these dumb ass hot take shows than ever before


Who cares about these old takes?


Kellerman is why Brady is going to play until he's 50.


I hope after he wins the Superbowl this year that he goes to yet another, third team and wins again. He's going to play until he's 50 just out of pure spite.


Kellerman probably made more money than Brady(contract earnings, not endorsements) shilling this take though.


Everyone is sick of hearing about Tom Brady, you can stop now. Please.


Not everyone




Not even close. I hope after he wins the Superbowl this year that he goes to yet another, third team and wins again. He's going to play until he's 50 just out of pure spite.


Exactly everyone.


I said it when he "retired" and unretired a few months later... Till Tom is elected into the HoF I'll never bet against him.


Elected? More like sealed in


And some people take what these analysts say or predict as fact.


Remember when Max was a rapper....


Well that didn’t age well


To be fair, at that point this was not an uncommon belief. What he's done since is unthinkable.


TOM WAS 38 THIS MADE SO MUCH SENSE AT THE TIME. Little did we know that he was the literal devil in disguise and just is getting better and stronger.




Rob Johnson was worse


Brady watches this clip first thing every single morning.




Brady appeared in 4 Super Bowls, winning 3 of them, and played elite football in the one he lost since this comment was made. Nice.


Perhaps he was being literal. Maybe that's how Brady is gonna go out. Pushed off a cliff by Giselle and the kids. They know he's been avoiding them.


Of course he did. He needs to sell clicks. And the genius part is that he’s still selling clicks 6 years later.


And every year year for 4 or 5 years after that the dude is a Clown


He did fall off a cliff     and plunged the salty shoals, diddled 31 nephews, won a Superbowl


then brady really delved into his PED abuse that is overlooked or cheats around regulation




Brady isn’t that good