The quarterback doesn't pick the cadence, the cadence picks the quarterback


Yer a QB, Harry


Ironically, Harry actually isn't a very common name for NFL QBs (at least, as far as I can tell — feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).


Harry Peritestes played quarterback for the Colts in ‘75.


Makes sense, as it’s not that common outside the UK (never met a Harry in my life!)


From US, my dads name is Harry, unfortunately our last name is Johnson.


Don’t forget Prince Harry, he plays for the Colts.


Best comment here


I’m sure Harry Styles would make a great QB


Rodgers got and/or modified his from Favre. Here's a quote from Favre in 2007 about cadences over his career: https://archive.jsonline.com/blogs/sports/31881259.html


Yup. Favre used Blue 58 more though. Rodgers only does it a few times a game.


he doesnt do it anymore but iirc a few years ago blue 58 was the actual snap call if the fake green 18 cadences didnt work “green 18, green 18 hut- blue 58, blue fifty hut”


Still is


Feel like Rodgers usually calls Blue 58 when he’s trying to get a free play


I wish someone would use the old Tecmo Super Bowl cadence. READY, DOWN, HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT


Only if they used it for 30 seconds straight in a “draw them off or take the delay and punt” play.


I can hear this so clearly


NES Tecmo Bowl is the perfect solution for overtime in the NFL lol. 9 players. The offense only gets to run 4 different plays. Problem is if Bo Jackson comes back it fucks up that overtime idea lol.


EJ Manuel basically


“RED 18 NEEDLE DICK NEEDLE DICK NEEDLE DICK” -Gee Grenouille, Quarterback South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs


Not only does Gatorade quench your thirst better, it tastes better too, idiot.




He poked me in the eye!


Your name is needle dick


In highschool "needledick" was my audible to receivers to run a go to route and when the coaches told us we had to change it because parents didn't like it we called it "Steven!" who was one of our wide receivers who's ex girlfriend told everybody he had a needle dick. Good times. We also had "Johnny" which was a quick slant, and a shout out to our homie who busted before a girl could get it out of his pants. (She thought he never got it up and was devastated. He later confessed to everybody that not only was he excited but he was a bit too excited. She was very happy to hear that.) Nothing like some good ol fashion sex shaming on the football field.


Captain insano


Preferred age and skin color of partner. Rodgers playing it risky like usual, Josh Allen playing it safe, and Mahomes hitting on those granny Smurfs. -Jason La Canfora, probably unironically


Stafford got a thing for cartoon snails I guess...


Peyton shouting-out his baby mama in Nebraska


Rodgers loves orcs confirmed


I wanna meet Rodgers’ blue 58 year olds


Noticed Baker was saying "Ready, go" in 2nd Pittsburgh game and it sounded weird. Can't remember him using that one before.


Players usually use “ready, go” instead of their usual cadence on the road in louder environments


That ones been going on for awhile now. They use that in the louder environments and it actually sounds like Tretter to me.


Ah! Interesting insight. I've always wondered why his voice sounded kinda funky in those moments as well. A little gruffer, not with the same twang. You're probably right.


Yeah I remember Baker always used his distinct “Curveball-set” (might be “turbo-set” but prob heard wrong) and “White 80” in the past but heard a lot of “Ready, go” this year, interesting that the center’s the one calling the cadence in their offense on the road


It's only the snap call for especially loud environments, I think it helps cut down on false starts on the oline specifically. But Baker uses White 80, Black 80 and Turbo set a ton. Baker always calls the plays and coverages and Tretter calls the protections and blocking for run plays typically.


I always hear Deshaun Watson say “Niner go” was wondering why he loves them so much


Clueing us in on his eventual destination long ago


For the longest time I thought it was “line em’ up” or something but think it’s “Rhino-go”


It sometimes doesnt seem like hes moving his mouth whenever the camera briefly pans to him from the front


The center says ready go. Packers did the same tbung and it was Linsley who said it






something about a QB who sounds like he could eat you


“Oh you been watching film too, huh? Well watch this” 😂😂


Still the most badass pre-snap banter I've ever heard. That moment alone made me a Newton fan.


It's actually white-80.


Yeah, Mac Jones is using his cadence now which feels wrong to me bc of how different QBs they are


It's a pretty common cadence. He also will occasionally use "alpha, go" which I believe is something Bill O'Brien coached that stuck around. Brady used it a ton back when BOB was the OC, then I remember Watson using it a lot under BOB too.


Heinicke also uses it lol


Pretty sure Taylor Heineken uses the same cadence Cam did from their time together in Charlotte


Is it ready? I thought it was white-80 Edit: yeah no, am dumb. Sometimes it kinda sounds like white-80, but definitely saying ready.


Music to my ears. I used it all the time playing touch/flag football in college


Always sounds like starting a motorcycle engine to me, so good


Rrady…. White 80….. white 8 hut


I'd love to know this too. Wentz used "White 20 set" when going slow and "Sunday sunday set" when skipping cadence, similar to "turbo set" or "cheetah" Bradford used "set ready go", which I thought was kinda neat


"Set ready go" was also a Chip thing. I know Foles used it a ton during 2013-2014.


This is an interesting question. Burrow uses Turbo-Set like the McVay QBs. I'd assume Zac Taylor being the QB coach for the Rams had something to do with this, but idk how it originates.


"Turbo" is pretty much an audible that means "ok pay attention we need to snap the ball soon" if I remember correctly Edit: yeah it means he wants the snap on his next signal


Didn’t know that, I wonder why they don’t try to change it up more or call it several times in a row then not hike the ball to try and draw someone off who’s anticipating


because the purpose of that particular call is to make sure the ball gets snapped


Turbo set has grown on me immensely


It’s funny every qb in college does the “clap”


Pretty sure OSU started it as a way to get through the crowd noise in college and now is used by everyone


I think they did, I remember when the Hawaii defense kept clapping to get them to jump offsides.


I'm pretty sure that's an unsportsmanlike penalty lol


The qb clap and stomp are some of the least enjoyable to watch signaling or even movements in football for me.


Qb in the backfield faking clapping, stomping then a clapping.


Rank your bottom five favorite signals and movements!


5. Fake sliding (or side sliding), and fake ducking out of bounds before sneaking a few more yards. 4. Extreme delay option plays, where the qb and rb just kind of run fused, as far as they can together, before doing something, or nothing. 3. [this defensive signal](https://youtu.be/NTdtqHY3Slw) in particular :D 2. qb clapping and stomping 1.when a player tries to hand the ball to an official, but the official breaks out of his signal pose early to grab at it, then too quickly and awkwardly stoops to pick it up off the ground.


I don't think that was a defensive signal, I feel like Steve is always just doing that with his face


Doing the deer antler gesture with their hands to their heads


I think the NFL regards the clap as a false start so it can’t be used in the NFL.


Nah. Kyler does it all the time


I think it did. No one does it in the nfl


Kyler did it for a bit and got flagged multiple times for false start


He still does it, he dis it a ton vs Seattle


It's clapping with no snap that is considered a penalty I believe.


Maybe we should send Jason Garrett to college? He’d be a goat there


This is an interesting topic. You should watch Colin Cowherd’s video where he tries to guess who’s cadence it is from a pre snap audio sample. I played along, and it was a lot harder than I thought.


Thanks for that I just finished watching it. I’m disappointed I missed Mac’s lol once I heard “RITA” I thought TB12 but the voice was different


There was definitely some I was surprised I missed.


Got 7 (Mac, Brady, Rodgers, Carr, Mahomes, Stafford, Big Ben). Better than I thought I’d do honestly, although I’m pissed I missed Allen.


I watched the recent one and did ok, got like a bit under half, but then I watched the original one and god damn I popped off. Got all but one right kinda feeling proud of myself for learning this useless skill. Only one I got wrong was Big Ben one I was between him and Russell Wilson. A lot of em just rly sounded like the QBs. Rodgers Green 18 shit was obvious. Brady and Mahomes voices are obvious. The first one just sounded like Matt Ryan. The one that stumbled a bit sounded like Mac Jones. The James Harden Purple Walrus was totally Carr. And that last one is a really raspy sounding guy saying rly basic shit and rly just felt like Zach Wilson. And the Lamar Jackson one just kinda sounded like his voice. Rly fun tho thanks for that.


Yeah the one from this year I did really bad. There are some guys I can just hear like Carr, Tannehill, and Brady. I just thought it was a really cool segment he does. While I don’t agree with Colin often, his show is by far the best in terms of sports in my opinion. He finds ways to make it different, and has cool little segments like that one.


And tbh I like that he’s honest. All the other segments with like four people feel so scripted and just kinda dumb at times. I understand why he gets shit, but I still kinda like him and often times agree with what he’s saying.


I remember watching some conversation leading up to the Match where Aaron (Rodgers) was talking to Tom (Brady) about how he noticed he had stolen his cadence, and some discussion about evolving and adapting play styles. Brady does have some distinct ones, though, like “Gronk, go over there” and “Lenny, other side, Lenny!” Pretty sure I heard a few of those or ones like them get mixed in.


Idk but I noticed Brady saying 'Linda Linda' alot lately lol


Leenda, leesten to mee


That means flip the play call, run it to the left. Or if it was already going left, keep it left


I think you literally just pick something. If it's a standard cadence the only requirement is that it's the same every time and it's very loud. Some QB's just say READY (cam) some QBs just yell gibberish because they're wearing a full mouthguard (lamar) and some just yelp like scared animals (kirk)


Old guy who poorly played qb in high school. If we called two plays, one being a run to the right, 34 or to the left, 35, then blue 34 meant 34. Blue 35, meant 35. 34 or 38 as well. Black ## was a audible from a longer pass route to a quick pass to the player with that number. Red 62 was audible to a quick pass play from a running play where 60 was the protection and the outside receiver ran a 2 route. Now, no doubt this doesn’t apply to every system, but I thought some may enjoy knowing this is a possibility if they didn’t.


That seems super complicated for high school but I never played. Would you say it’s standard or did you play in a top tier program?


I’d guess it was standard. Far far from elite. Like really far. Lol


We used color-number when I was in high school back in the 90s, but I was not given any guidance regarding what to use when it didn't change the play called in the huddle. I generally used "Black 8" or "Blue 22" as my default, depending on what we were using for the live colors (which changed the play at the line). Certain colors and numbers are easier to say loudly with a mouthpiece. I suspect the use of "8," "18," and "80" might originally stem from that.


I miss rivers yelling delta and clapping his hands like he just saw his kids taking his first steps to have the ball coming at him a second too late


I fucking loved rivers audibling like a mad man too


fucking fantastic question


Usually it's pretty easy to tell what they're saying but Mahomes has a weird one where I can't tell what it is and he uses it about half the time. The cadence itself seems like a 'turbo' call from other teams but instead it sounds to me like Mahomes says "while you wait" very quickly. If anybody knows what that actually is I'm certainly interested cause I've never heard that call by anyone else.




Makes sense.


“Helen Keller”




I loved Wentz’s “SUNDAY SUNDAY SET”


I was think of Monster truck rallies with that cadence. https://youtu.be/ohp_nmI_TFA




The OC/HC does. It's part of the playbook - which makes sense, as each of the other players need to know what it means. Obviously, if you have an elite vet like Rodgers or Brady you'll change it to what they like. But, technically speaking, the QB just gets it assigned to them by the coaches.


Derek Carr has some interesting cadences if I remember correctly


Yeah I could never tell what he was saying all season. Sounded something like “Silver set” but no idea if I was hearing it right


WE’RE GOOD WE’RE GOOD WE’RE GOOD. MONDAY MONDAY. SILVER SET, SET. Listening to Carr pre-snap is always fun


We good


Peyton Manning’s was always “Omaha”… at least in his time with Denver, not sure about Indy


Wasn’t that an audible, not a cadence?


I’m pretty sure he said it changed every game. Sometimes it meant nothing


Omaha was his cadence in Denver. Eli and Brady had both used it at various times prior.


I have no idea but he always said it before the snap and it basically became a meme


Peyton said Omaha for both cadence as well as audible. Some of his Indy years it seemed like he was reading Moby Dick or trying to summon the Winter Soldier. Like 45 seconds of just randomness at times.


He also used “Hurry Hurry” for a while. I distinctively remember it from the divisional game vs the Ravens in 2012.


There’s a set number of league approved cadences which can only be used by one QB at any one time in the league.


Doesn’t Tom Brady now say green 19 which I believe Rodgers says !!? May be it just sounds same. But curious.


Tom has said Green 19 for as long as I can remember and if I’m not mistaken Jimmy G also says that one, I always just assumed Jimmy used it from all the years of sitting behind Tom, but tbf a lot of them sound pretty similar


I think Brady mostly used Green 19 under Josh with a bit of alpha go mixed in. Under BOB alpha go was used a shit ton.


Jimmy says one-eighteen if I’m not mistaken. Also Brady uses several that u can’t all remember except “alpha-go”


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Cent believe how many people fell for this haha


I did not know this.


That's because it isn't true


That explains me not knowing.




Well know you know


Are you being serious?!




What are cadences for?


It's like singing to your offense. It gets everyone in rhythm and also allows for play changes when the O is set. Basically gets eveyone on the same page. A consistent cadence and snap means everyone is popping at the same time. It's a fast game. Have to be moving as a unit.




i have flacco's pre-snap cadence seared in my head


i was scrolling quick and thought i saw flaccid penis for a sec


i remember a tweet from a sportswriter a few years that accidentally called him joe flaccid and i got a good laugh from that.


“Whiteeightyyyyyyyyyyy white 80 set hut”


Mahomes’ blue eighty is likely in reference to Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights who uses the same one


Stafford used blue eighty for the longest time too. Now he uses turbo set.


Interesting thread. I can remember in high school when we had to get together and learn the same cadence and timing with the other qbs. That way if I ever got in to a game the line wouldn’t be confused. Very simple. Team down. Ready set. Hut (as many times as the play was called on)


I noticed it because Mahomes has the same cadence and Alex Smith (white 80) and noticed Garapalo has the same as Brady (green 18), so I'm guessing it's a system thing from when you first get in the league? Not sure if there are other examples of that?


Worth noting that Garoppolo’s was “Red 80” when he first got to SF, then flip-flopped between “Red 18”/“Alpha-set” depending on whether or not we were up-tempo in 2019-2020, and is just now Brady’s cadence this season (but it’s “Green-18-white” when we’re up-tempo). Wonder why he adopted it so late. Maybe to pass on the Brady mojo to Lance? 👀


Interesting stuff. Can the defense yell to mess up the cadence? Penalties involved?


Allen is a cadence Ditto. He will bust out Rodgers from time to time, and quite frequently does Peyton's "Omaha set hut"




when rodgers retires its gonna be weird not hearing that iconic “green 18” cadence before plays makes me wonder if patriot fans felt a little off during 2020 week 1 not hearing the normal brady cadences (not that I think most care anyway)


Tannehill does the Reeeeeady but also goes Turbo Set.


I don't know about the origins of the cadence. But I have read about backup QB's working to have the same cadence as the starting QB. That way if they have to sub in, then there's less confusion with the O-line.


I always thought Rodgers said “three-19, three-19 hut”


Omaha Omaha


Isn’t Josh’s white 80?


Every Bills game I’ve watched the past couple years he’s said white 20 but you’d prob know better I might be wrong


Huh I’ll have to check. I coulda been wrong this whole tkme Edit: After checking, he uses both


https://youtu.be/rpG_CbeBRJM Ultimate Josh Allen cadence


Josh Allen be like “I mean hey they were bound to jump offsides on one of those huts”