Matt Cassel don't give af, have to respect it


Millionaire that’s taking his kids sledding Thursday at noon, I wouldn’t give a fuck either


He's turned into a pretty good media personality too.


Ya I enjoy him on the NBC stuff he does.




I can't even talk about this guy without referring to him as "all pro quarterback Matt goddamn Cassel"


How is this is the first time I’m ever seeing this


Matty Nice catches a lot of shit from our fanbase and i think that's fair enough, but i still have a soft spot for that baggy-sleeved, hat spaz. Fuck Todd Haley though.


“Fuck Todd Haley” - every fan of every team he worked for


Wait.. did we just become best friends?


he was a big shithead for sure, but he was probably our best OC of the last 15 years


Arizona doesn’t mind him


It's a little weird as well since despite him not accomplishing any true team success he was still a Pro Bowl QB for you. There's a lot of teams that would kill to have a QB good enough to make a pro bowl.


Mitch Trubisky made the Pro Bowl tho


That's NVP Mitch Trubisky to you


They should have cancelled the Pro Bowl once that happened.


I was in the Joplin Tornado that was one of the largest tornadoes in recorded history. I broke my foot in it. I will always be grateful of Matt Cassel and the Chiefs coming down and helping with the debris cleanup and signing autographs. I got a signed Matt Cassel jersey that I'm still happy to own. Matt Cassel will forever be awesome to me.


2010 AFC West champion Matt Cassel


God we got our shit tossed in that playoff game vs the Ravens.


I don’t even think it’s fair, considering I vividly remember our fans cheering when he left a game injured with a concussion.


Oh yeah good memory. That was a low point.


> left the field with a concussion > oh yeah good memory 👀


Didnt Cassel really ingratiate himself with KC by being a very active and positive member of the community?


I wonder if all the other kids stuck at school can see them sledding.


Cassel: give me Reid, Kelce, and Hill and see what happens!


He had Belichick, Moss, and Welker and he was... pretty good.


And an all pro offensive line and he still got sacked more than dang near any QB in football. Then he comes to KC with much less protection and much less intelligent coaches and we saw what he was when he didn't have 10 years to pick out the perfect pass: below average.


Yeah, being only ‘pretty good’ taking the reins of one of the greatest offenses of all time isn’t a ringing endorsement of his overall abilities.


not much different. Guy had a really good Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles and couldnt do much. I dont even think he would have been at the early KC Alex Smith level with this talent. He wouldnt even be the best passing TE on the team


He made a pro bowl and won the AFCW


We had an absurdly easy schedule that year, the AFC West was ass and a bunch of QBs better than him couldn’t make it, so he got a spot. Cassel seems like a good dude, so I don’t want to slander the guy, and while he wasn’t the only problem with those chiefs teams, he was definitely one of the problems. If Cassel is your QB you’re going to need literally everything to go your way for your ceiling to be a wildcard exit.


My brothers kid goes to school with Ryan Lefebrevres kid however the fuck you spell the Royals radio guy. So occasionally I see him at kids parties and shit, he is pretty nice in person and he knows I love baseball so we talk sometimes. But he doesn't love to talk about baseball, he said he gets tired of it from the games so last time we were talking about football and how many guys blow their money. He told me when Dwayne Bowe first came to the Chiefs he was getting huge paychecks drawn off UMB bank, thats who the Chiefs used. So he would go to the UMB bank on Raytown Road over by Arrowhead and just cash the whole check, thousands and thousands of dollars every time. The UMB bank guy was like, do you want us to make a cashier's check out to your bank or something, its dangerous to carry all this cash. D Bowe goes, nah, I don't have a bank, I mostly keep it in the car. In the car! That motherfucker was stashing tens of thousands of dollars in his car, in his wallet, in his jeans, he never had a bank account, just cashin all that shit, can you imagine that?


My favorite D-Bowe story was that he would go to the grocery store in Miami - in his own jersey.


I really hope somebody talked some sense into him at some point, or he's probably *broke* broke.


Dbowe never struck me as the smartest guy ever. I'd put a couple C-Notes on broke if it came to it.


Makes me kinda sad. My man was cashing checks with commas. We really need to teach finance to the youth.


I would have stolen that car


and if I remember correctly, he didnt make it to hard to figure out which car was his


Welp, he's a fucking idiot. Goddamn.


The guy was a Pro Bowler at the NFL level after starting 0 games in college. I’m sure he’s comfortable with how his career turned out.


Turned one decent season into $65 million, good for him


_Brock Osweiler has entered the chat_


Hey don’t talk about Browns legend, 2nd round pick receiving, Nick Chubb loyalist Brock Osweiler like that. To this day I still praise that beautiful human being for playing the long game and getting that huge contract with the Texans. Eventually gifting us a hell of a player.


*Laughs in Matt Flynn*


Gave us 'brady is a system guy' an argument for a few years too


I think most people sigh any amount of self awareness know they're not as good as Patrick Mahomes.


matt should have responded "some...where...over dwayne bowe...way up high" and linked him this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bFr2SWP1I


He wasnt the best by any means but he sadly was the best QB we had there for awhile. Hes now doing a weekly segment on the KC Sports Network Youtube Channel and hes actually pretty good and my opinion of him has changed completely. Its actually great to have him back involved with the team even if an unofficial capacity, something I never thought Id say a year ago


Can we appreciate Bowe's 2014 season too? 60 rec, 754 yds, 0 TDs lmao




The whole team went nuts when he scored this season, It was hilarious


I think you're required by law to link his [fumble at the one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2a9sU_9dAw) when talking about Bowe's 2014 season.


the legendary moment in which he almost ruined and then cemented the “no WR TD” season


Ultimate team player


I can’t believe that was 2014… I still vividly remember all that chatter about the no WR TD thing.


Bro that was 7+ years ago. Fuck.


It was the pain we had to endure for Mahomes.


New fans wonder why some of us longtime fans are grumpy and/or pessimistic - it was shit like this. This was also the year of the 38-10 Colts WCG game loss no? I mean, I could go back decades but I won't.


Lol. If long term suffering makes you grumpy, then the Lake Erie Bros must all be 3000% grump.


Oh for sure we're not the only ones. Just the only ones that I care about!


Hahaha. Cheers.


Hey buffabro - you should know it's all love. Please tell your fellows we fanbases should not hate each other - we are the future, and we're at LEAST 90% each good peeps.


Chiefs had two separate 20+ year streaks of zero playoff wins after winning Super Bowl IV.


the Colts game was the season prior, this was the year we ended 9-7 and just missed the playoffs, Andy’s only year missing. it was a rough go there for a while before then…


I try to not think about it.


What kind of voodoo magic does your team have going on with goal line fumbles?


Just allergic that year


It was against the Chargers, of course some crazy shit happened


I guess I didn’t realize kelce played in 14. In my mind he started the year mahomes was drafted


Crazy when you consider he also had a season of 72 rec, 1,162 yds, **15** TDs. Led the league in TDs that year


We got the best version of Bowe.


Taste the Dwayne Bowe goat Fantasy name too


Nah man. You missed the opportunity for Weeden Wayne Bowe.


Should I *take your word for it?*


"the Dwayne" I wonder what his atm machine pin number is


The year the Chiefs WRs had 0 TDs as a unit. And the Texans looked at the guy who was WR coach that year and said "yup, that's the guy to lead our tank"


His fumble in the last game of the season at the goal line actually had me laughing.


How about his 2015 season where he couldn't muster enough skill to surpass WR4 on the Browns depth chart


We had such a bad run of FA WRs. I remember it was Dwayne Bowe, Brian Hartline, and Kenny Britt across various years. I had to look it up just to see how bad it was though. 2015 gave us: * **Dwayne Bowe**- 5 catches, 53 yards, 0 TDs in 7 games for $6,250,000. * **Brian Hartline**- 46 catches, 523 yards, 2 TDs in 12 games for $3,000,000. 2017 was: * **Kenny Britt**- 18 catches for 233 yards, 2 TDs in 9 games for $10,500,000. So in hindsight, Hartline isn't actually as bad as I remember.


I remember loving Hartline while he was on the Browns. Might have been due to him being a hometown hero....


He was pretty good with the Dolphins, but we definitely got rid of him at the right time/after he peaked.


We're no strangers to Browns cast-offs, either. Y'all remember Peyton Hillis? Yeah, we tried to make *him* work, too. (Big surprise, he was NOT he 2nd coming of Gale Sayers.)


I much prefer his 2015 and 2016 combined stats 5 Rec, 53 Yds, 0 TDs, 9.1M paid


My fantasy team that year was named "Make It Dwayne On Them Bowes."


Someone in my league was “Somewhere Over The Dwayne Bowe”


Half the people who owned him and had internet access had this as their name


Yeah it does feel like not the most original thought How many peoples’ leagues were called D’brickashawshank Redemption though


I read that in Elmer Fudds voice.


“Taste the Dwayne Bowe” was my team name. Really fucked me that year...


How about his 2010 season where 15 out of his 72 receptions went for TDs?


I feel bad for all the terrible things I called Matt Cassel during games. He's such a nice guy.


He's a nice guy that was not good at the things I needed him to be good at on the football field. -- Dwayne Bowe, probably


--Browns fans about Dwayne Bowe


“Not good at the things I needed him to be good at on the football field” -Browns fans about Dwayne Bowe. Fixed it for ya


To be fair Bowe wasn't very good either. lol Big guy, crazy high point, but the man loved him some buttery popcorn before kickoff.


Dwayne Bowe was a guy that had immense natural talent, but he just didn't really like football. He can say whatever he wants about Cassel but after he got a contract he checked out. He never liked football, hell he didn't even play it till he was like a junior in highschool.


You should read about this Royals draft pick from the 90s. Dude fuckin hated baseball but he could throw a baseball 100 miles an hour. He took his signing bonus, bought a farm and some tractors, put in the three or four years required and was like cool, Im done here right?


I always felt like Greinke never liked baseball that much lol Hes just always been so damn good at it that he couldn't help but play it. I fully expect when he retires to never hear about him again. Hes gonna have a giant house somewhere, with 30 acres on every side of it, and hes just gonna play video games all day.


And he is going to have Uber Eats bring him Chipotle every day. I remember when they started charging for Guac at Chipotle, dude lost his mind, he was legit mad about that and he was a millionaire many times over.


You remember the players name? Tryna find who you talking bout but haven't able to Though I did learn that one of the Royals first round draft picks in 1992 was named Sherard Clinkscales, so that's pretty cool


No, it was a really good article back in the day. Posnaski maybe? I tried to google it earlier and I couldn't find anything. And now Im a lot more high so I doubt I'll have any more luck. I mean A LOT more high


Lmao, same though.


I will always have love for Matt Cassel. He always seemed like a great human-being. Football be damned.


Dude made $65 million as a pro after throwing 33 passes in college. I'd be happy as fuck too.


That is absurd. What a pro


I catch strays and I was not paid $65 million, so that’s an amazing trade off.


Dak makes enough for all cowboys fans to catch strays. We deserve it


How much do dog catchers make nowadays?


The fact that Bill Belichick managed to find an decent NFL QB who did almost nothing in college amazes me to this day.


*Brady in shambles*


>decent https://media.giphy.com/media/5EWXn67F3uqoILvEsC/giphy.gif


Even with how the award has been diminished, going to a pro bowl (as an alternate) still puts you solidly in the"decent"column.


I thought this was going to be the hat gif https://giphy.com/gifs/kansas-city-chiefs-3oriNW46FKDgK0LUk0


Decent to me equals serviceable as a starter. Which he was.


Forgettable QB but top notch negotiator.


Always, I was 100% a Cassel homer back in the day despite all his flaws


After he made that probowl in 2010, I was pretty excited. I figured he would be a good QB for a while, but it just wasn't the case. I think what really damaged the whole situation was Charlie Weis leaving. If Haley and Pioli weren't such sacks of shit, I would be willing to bet Cassel would have been in a better position to have developed further. Weis had the offense clicking and Crennel was a really good DC as well. Dumb and dumber couldn't get out of their own coordinator's way. (Not saying Weis was a worldbeater, but he had the offense looking much more functional than Haley and his bullshit.)


Yeah there were times in 2011 where it felt like we were about to turn a corner we went seven and nine and weren't that great but we also had those huge wins against Green Bay and winning in Denver for the first time in a long time. I was kinda optimistic going into 2012 :(


Crazy to think now that the Broncos haven't beat you guys since Peyton was there


Winning 13 games against Denver in a row is honestly more surprising to me than winning a Super Bowl. If you get to the playoffs enough times you can win three or four games and win the Super Bowl but beating our rival 13 times in a row man what a pleasant surprise that's been.


> If you get to the playoffs enough times you can win three or four games and win the Super Bowl https://ftw.usatoday.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/90/2021/10/bV2Xz3.jpg?w=1000&h=600&crop=1 (granted he did win back in 2010)


Let's not forget the fact that Haley -- so lost in his gourd -- walked onto the field, drawing an Unsportsmanlike penalty, against the Jets? That sealed his fate. So we had Romeo, he's the most-tenured of the OC's, let's make him the temp HC. And it KINDA worked? We dropped the Packers from their undefeated bid, so we made him the full-time HC next year. Cue up the 2-14 season. It did NOT go well. (I'll refrain from the Jovan Belcher jokes, 'cause that shit is daaaaark.) But he was so bad, that we had to cut ties with Crennel and Pioli, and jumped into the realm of "find a REAL Head Coach".... .... ....right as Andy Reid was looking for a new landing spot after Philly. Aaaaaaaaand we've KINDA bounced back since then. I'll shit-talk a lotta HC's, but the sheer TIMING of this one kinda *requires* that I hold my breath on any bad-mouthing on Todd and Romeo. They inadvertently delivered THE goods, and I think **most** of us will be forever greatful.


That season was why I was so excited for him to come in KU a few years later. Then he got fired a couple years later as probably our most disastrous hire in KU history. Dude just wanted that cash.


I'll always remember him playing a week after an emergency appendectomy. I didn't *love* him as a starting QB at the time, but he missed a game due to said surgery, and Brodie Croyle came in to lead the team to a 0-31 beatdown by the Chargers in which he passed for 40 yards on 17 attempts. Cassel came back, we scored 27 and 34 in the next two games (both wins), won the division, and I was suddenly pretty happy that we had a decent QB at a time when they were hard to find.


QBs are easy to find now?


A QB of Cassel’s level does seem to be easier to find now, just more expensive. Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Jalen Hurts, Taylor Heinicke, and Daniel Jones are all QBs teams are looking to dump or already have, and they’re clearly better than Matt Cassel. Those guys would probably be like in the top 12-20 range each year at QB, and be entrenched starters in 2007-2012.


Yeah but note my flair. We´´'re talking past his prime Joe Flacco, Paxton Lynch, Teddy Bridgewater. Some even pine for the Trevor Siemian era


Can confirm he’s one of the nicest guys alive


Gonna piggyback off this to let everyone know that he does a weekly analysis of the Chiefs offense on Youtube. Derrick Johnson also does the same but for defense too


I love Matt Cassel


Matt "Lassie" Cassel https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2012/1/28/2753947/matt-cassel-saves-woman-house-fire-kansas-city-chiefs


Smh Dwayne Bowe still hasn't been arrested for robbing the Browns


He was, however, arrested for driving to Sonic at midnight under the influence of marijuana.


...isn't that everyone who goes to Sonic?


If that's a crime call me OJ Simpson because I've murdered that menu on just one night


what an atrocity!




He shoulda said imagine I had megatron


He did actually have a career year with Cassel, it was with Smith where he caught no TDs his final year with KC despite 60 receptions.


He caught one, he just fumbled it and Kelce had to finish the job.


… so he didn’t catch it


Maybe I'm misunderstanding things, but a catch and a fumble is not the same as an incompletion.


You can’t catch a TD if you fumble it and someone else recovers it.


Oh sorry I think I did misunderstand. "It" in your first comment means "the TD" not "the ball." I get what you're saying now. (i.e. ... so he didn't catch [the TD])


No worries, it was fairly ambiguous


Also if Bowe was playing with Mahomes right now he would never so much as sniff his best year with Cassel because he wouldn't get as many targets in that offense with more talented players in front of him on the depth chart. Sometimes those bad QBs just don't give af and will throw to their receivers and allow them to make plays. We saw it with Keenum in Minnesota.


Bowe would have been such a bad fit too. Dude was a possession reciever and Mahomes likes to throw to open guys.


Mahomes has never had a possession receiver to throw to so we do not know that


Its reddit, it's not like any examples would be considered, so I won't bother arguing with you over it.


Cassel gave him his only impressive season of his career and he's throwing shade... weird.


[Throwback to when Matt Cassell worked as K-Swiss marketing director](https://youtu.be/EVcQi8oCgcY)


Me and Matt Cassell just fucked you up dog!


I was hoping someone was gonna post "Me and Matt Cassel Just Fucked You Up, Dawg"


How have I never seen this before? This is hilarious.


[Patrick Willis got in on this action too](https://youtu.be/jV-IqEmmNu0) [More Patrick Willis](https://youtu.be/DhroluJ2IPE)


I drafted Bowe in fantasy that year and some other guy in my league said "terrible pick" but was it really a terrible pick though Josh? ya jackass


All my homies hate Josh




Joshua the type of guy to just go by "Shua" because he thinks it slaps


Shua Shagovailoa


Ngl I'd ride pretty hard for some dude named Josh but going by Shua if he was like, a dope lockdown CB.


No, we hate Jody. Josh is whatever


Lol, Josh is also the name of the guy in my league who says every pick is a reach


There's also the overly optimistic dude named Chris who says every pick is a steal


Careful or you'll get hit with pool noodles


Matt Cassel has never seemed like anything less than a class act. Mad respect for the guy


He would've dropped even more passes.


He would drop the easy passes then Moss a dude the next play. Never understood his hands lol.


The JR Smith of wide receivers


Matt Cassell doesn't get as much respect as his play deserves. He's a whipping boy you would think was some kind of terrible draft bust. Matt Cassel as a starter went 10-5 with New England and 10-5 as starter with Kansas City. Pretty freaking good for a 7th Round Draft pick!


Man has made 65 million in career earnings he doesn’t have a care in the world.


Imagine all of the alligator arm drops he could have had 50 yards downfield instead of 7 yards downfield.


I don't think DBowe would be able to catch bullets from mahomes


I love Matt Cassel and always will


Imagine if Matt Cassel played with Tyreek Hill


Dwayne Bowe tweeted this from outside of his camper van in Idaho in between filming himself catching balls from a home made jug machine.


He can imagine it...somewhere...over Dwayne Bowe


Dwayne Bowe had literally one great season in his entire career (2010) and managed to milk us for 50+ million dollars. Arguably the most overrated Chiefs player of the past 2 decades. If he played with Mahomes he would probably be slotted beneath Demarcus Robinson, so around #5


Bowe wasn't an all pro or anything, but he was significantly better than D-Rob.


Bowe was good but didn’t he fall off after an injury? Iirc he lost nerve in his fingers so it was hard to catch


Sir, if you feel fleeced, how do you think the browns feel?


Bowe would be our starting WR2 feasting on single coverage and you know it. Shit on his work ethic when the team tanked or for being a generally unlikable person all you want, he is overrated in a historical context, but 2010 Bowe is a better fit for that position than every WR on our team not named Hill by a mile.


Yeah some people need to go watch prime Bowe again. He'd be an upgrade over every Chiefs WR not named Hill. Crazy what people forget.


If we are plucking prime dbowe, can we also pluck prime josh Gordon to compare him to?


ya prime bowe would be good on this team and easily the #2. he was pretty washed by the mid 2010s but 2008-2011 he put up some solid numbers on some pretty bad teams


Random thought, but there are some games that stick out in my memory. One of those is when the 49ers played you guys in 2010. After going 8-8 in 2009, I was convinced that we had a good team and were gonna make a splash in 2010. Then we started out 0-2, but I hadn't given up hope yet. I was convinced that we were gonna beat you guys and our season was gonna turn around. When the game actually happen, you guys completely spanked us, and I knew the season was over. Only 3 games in, but it was obvious that the 49ers weren't going anywhere that year. The next season, Harbaugh took over and validated my faith in the roster. But I'll always remember that 2010 game vs the Chiefs that absolutely destroyed my hopes.


You are wildly under rating bowe and giving Hardman and D Rop way too much credit


Bowe was better than Robinson Bowe would be our #2 receiver


This is just not even close to being true. He would be by far the Chiefs 2nd best WR. Almost 4 years of 1K yard with Chiefs when we did not have good QBs whatsoever minus one good Matt Cassel season. The end of his career should not be included in those great years. Solid WR, would have been a very good #2 for a team but was #1 for years for Chiefs.


You’re lying to yourself, he’d be much better than Hardman, Pringle, or Robinson




This is a horrible fucking take lol


It would just be more obvious that Bowe didn't know the playbook or the audibles.


Eh, he still would've dropped balls like crazy. Heck he might've been worse since Mahomes isn't a pocket passer, so he'd potentially have to adjust more to the ball.


Haven't heard about Dwayne Bowe since the Browns burned a multi-year contract on him. ... dude has been in the press recently for some petty and self-righteous shit recently


Well Matt Cassel may be catching strays but Bowe ain't catching shit