[Rapoport] #Bucs LB Lavonte David was fined $12,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct, taking off his helmet and slamming it after a near-interception in the opener against the #Cowboys. No flag was thrown.

[Rapoport] #Bucs LB Lavonte David was fined $12,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct, taking off his helmet and slamming it after a near-interception in the opener against the #Cowboys. No flag was thrown.


I wondered when I saw this live why it wasn't flagged. Isn't it a penalty to remove your helmet on the field of play?


Looked up the rule when it happened. > **Unsportsmanlike Conduct** > ... > Removal of his helmet by a player in the field of play during a celebration or demonstration, or during a confrontation with a game official or any other player. > It is not a foul if: > I. a timeout has been called for reasons of injury, television break, or charged team timeout; or > II. it is between periods. I'd say it was a demonstration...and don't believe a timeout had been called. So yeah, should have been a flag (and it was a pretty big no flag at that time).


Yeah it’s pretty clearly within the “demonstration” term and should have been called.




I would argue that this has the potential to lead to an injury though. If players could remove them after the play was over without penalty, they may do it when they mistakenly think the play is over but the ball is still live. Making it a blanket "no taking your helmet off unless it's a timeout" keeps players from doing it by mistake.




I might be inclined to agree if almost every other sport didn't penalize the entire team for stuff like this. Really the only one that doesn't is baseball, and they just get thrown out of the game. If a player breaks a rule that is the same at every level they every played in, yeah it will reward the other team.




Ok man. Basketball you get a tech and the other team gets free throws. Soccer you can get a red card. Hockey you go to the box and the other team gets a power play. My argument isn't that that's how it's always been so why change it. It's like that for a reason, if it didn't penalize the entire team, people would do it. That's why they added those rules in over the past 70 years in these sports. And actually I take back my baseball point. If a fielder throws their equipment it's an automatic 3 bases for the batter which is a huge momentum change.




I'm saying that every sport penalizes the team for individual infractions. Literally every one. Baseball the batter gets three bases if you take your hat off and throw it at the ball, even if it's nowhere close to it. In basketball the equivalent to this play you are saying shouldn't be a penalty would be someone being mad at a call or missed shot and yelling/ taking their uniform off. That's getting a tech every time. In soccer it's literally against the rules to take your shirt off. In hockey if you deglove and get ready for a fight it's a penalty even if you don't fight. Are those specific enough? It's literally the same shit. They all get penalized in a way that hurts the team because otherwise it's not enough of a deterrent.


You can hate em all you want, it's still a penalty and should have been called.




No, you didn't, but the way the post was written implies that you felt that way. Seeing as you don't, fair enough.


This wasn’t the only penalty missed!.. If you’re on Brady’s team, you get away with things .. it’s been happening for 20 years now 🤷‍♂️


Maybe it wasn't a flag because the defense was coming off the field, being replaced by special teams? Just a guess.


It’s a penalty when the play is still going on iirc.


After the play too


Not sure I’ve ever seen that. Interesting.


I forget who it was against but in the Harbaugh years Aldon Smith got a sack and took off his helmet afterwards and got flagged


There was a game a few years ago where a player took his helmet off the last play of the game and it was a 15 yard penalty and put the other team in field goal range to get the win


It was the browns in somewhere in the 2000s. Dwane Rudd did it.


Loved that game! 2001 Week 1


In 1998, Priest Holmes (when he was on the Ravens) scored a receiving TD from Tony Banks against the New Orleans Saints. In celebration, he spiked his helmet out the back of the end zone… and was flagged for it. It’s been around for a while.


Its only a penalty after the play when you are doing it during a celebration.


It says “demonstration or celebration” in the rule book. Taking your helmet off and slamming it into the ground in the middle of the field is definitely a demonstration.


It's not really a demonstration.


Definition of “demonstration”: >an outward expression or display That was 100% a demonstration.


Its only a demonstration if you do it towards someone else.


That’s neither in the definition or in the rule book.


You can't demonstrate towards no one. Demonstrations are for an audience that's the entire point of the word. If you are Angry towards yourself its not a demonstration, if you are laughing to yourself its not a demonstration, if you are crying to yourself its not a demonstration. Otherwise every single action that takes place is a demonstration and there would be no point of the word.


This just isn't true


Spiking your helmet to the ground is rock solid “part of a demonstration”.


Refs were liberal with the word demonstration. He took off his helmet away from everyone else, I'd guess that's why they didnt throw a flag.


This is one penalty I do not get. It only potentially hurts the player doing it. Why does the team get a penalty? Sure, you dont want a player getting hurt, but...the league has completely undersold head injuries. Why penalize a team for a player taking their helmet off oncthe field... What the fuck are theycgonna do? Pick a fight without any face protection?


frankly when I saw it I thought, now that is just not something a sportsman would do


Think of the children!


My kid keeps crying asking why the football man slammed his helmet. I don’t know what to say and fear he may forever be changed by this horrible event


Are you literally shaking right now?


I am :(


I’ll have the butler prepare the fainting sofa.


I need lavonte to tell me how I'm supposed to explain this to my child.


It costs more to take off your hat than to attempt murder on Hunter Renfrow.


It's dangerous out there for a White Receiver


That was actually a big missed call


Isn't this unconstitutional? No ex post facto penalty shall be established. /s


Technically speaking it was already against the rules at the time he did it, they just didn’t catch him. In order for it to be ex post facto, taking the helmet off would have to have been made illegal after he already took off his helmet.


This guy lawyers


Huh, something actually came out of that. A ton of people pointed it out right away, and it happened right in the middle of the field, so it was hard to miss.


Hell yeah brother




Jensen got punched by Carlos Watkins. Did he get fined? I thought that was more unsportsmanlike than what Lavonte did.


We all know Jensen probably deserved it.


Trash talk is a valid part of the game. Shannon Sharp will always my hero for that phone number shit.


Good. Pissed me right off he didn't get called after the Keanu bullshit a while back.


Yeah refs are inconsistent as hell


I hate it when a tweet mentions a specific event and then doesn’t show the event. How are we supposed to form an opinion on something we can’t see? Now we gotta just take the tweet for truth and I hate that precedent


Just gave it fifteen minutes and I can't find a clip. I think most people aren't complaining about it for this one because of when the game happened. I imagine most people inclined to give a shit one way or the other were watching live.


Should of been 1st and goal


Game changer


Well he just got a big pay day this year so he doesn't care.


I understand it’s a rule, but it’s a shit rule so idc that he wasn’t flagged.