Peter King: I would bet Rodgers, today, is solid on never playing for the Packers again

Peter King: I would bet Rodgers, today, is solid on never playing for the Packers again


Julio Jones drama is over so we're back to Rodgers


> Julio Jones drama is over You don't know that. Maybe he'll show up to Titans camp in a hot air balloon, refuse to retire his decommissioned helmet, get frostbite from doing cryotherapy barefoot, and then call Jon Robinson a cracker and try to fight him. You just never know.


Julio would never throw gummy penises, that is how you know he isn't a diva.


If throwing gummy penises is cool, you can call me Ron Jeremy.


Your username just got a different meaning...




Not gonna lie. I clicked on to make sure some freak didn’t already have the name.


You never know with Reddit


Give a million monkeys a typewriter and all that


A gummy penis is still a gummy penis by any other name?


Ask and ye shall receive


Oh hey guy


It will be a self fulfilling prophecy now




The helmet thing was easily the funniest of the AB drama. The guy tried painting his old team's helmet as if *professional equipment staff* wouldn't notice...simply incredible


That and the fact that even if the paint job was flawless, a professional equipment person could easily differentiate what model and brand they were looking at based on parts alone lol


I like to think MBC painted it himself


[Actual picture of Mr. Big Can painting the helmet the night before said practice](https://images.app.goo.gl/JXxkPNq2CvKH8YcC7)


Some reason I was hoping and expecting manning face but was still not disappointed


If it was raining brains, I'm not sure Mr. Big Chest would get wet.


Mr. Bypassing Cerebrums


Mixing metaphors hurts everyone.


Then you see him with a girl dancing on his car on a tiktok after being late to meet with the team


I mean, if you're trying to be a more memorable impact than Dolphins legend Aqib Talib, you really have to go balls out. He was on the team for 3 days and we'll remember him for decades.


Right up there with "I'm the Juggernaut Bitch"


Shut up Charles!


If someone just made that up or you read it without context....you'd be like quit your bullshit. And yet.....


Mr. Big Copycat




and then he gets released and heads to bucs




Can... can he stop by New England first?


Guys plz no


wait did MBC show up in a hot air balloon? I remember all the other things but I do not remember the balloon


Nope. He rode around in a hot air balloon on Hard Knocks, and then the next scene cut to him at training camp. People who didn't actually watch the show heard about it and assumed he flew right onto the 50-yard line, and because no one bothers to confirm anything, the myth has already been solidified so it may as well be a fact.


To be fair AB has shown up to camp with some ridiculous vehicles including a Rolls Royce and a chopper


Jalen Ramsey showed up to Jags camp in a brinks truck 2 years ago


I mean the collective head canon of him touching down in the middle of Gruden's practice is epic and much funnier.


It happened, I heard about it.


I mean that’s probably the least ridiculous item on that list so what does it say about the rest?!


Blonde mustache incoming!


What about punting a football,yelling “fine me for that!” and then getting fined for that?


Oh cool, we're getting Julio after all.


Antonio Brown just read all of that and is like, "man that is what I call a tuesday."


"Call me Mr. Sequel Chest"


what a fantastic time to be a raiders fan


Whats funny is a few weeks ago when the Rodgers stuff seemed like maybe it was coming to a resolution, and the initial story about Julio demanding a trade and never wanting to play for the Falcons again broke, someone said "Typical media, the Rodgers drama ends and so now they start the Julio drama" Except then Julio *was* traded.


We have known since the Falcons went looking for a new GM that a Julio trade was on the table. The owner came out and said it was a possibility and that the new GM would be allowed too. It shouldn't have been *that* big a shock that he was actually traded.


Tell that to the falcon subreddit, they were a lot of people in denial that he was gonna get traded


I got clowned bad in the comments when I shared the podcast episode where a reputable Boston reporter who has written award winning nfl books, shared that Julio is unhappy with the Falcons and wants out. A few days later the incident on FS1 happened.


Michael Holley?


Yeah I think that was him.


What's more funny to me is Schefter broke a story based on multiple sources and info he gathered over the course of months. Then a couple weeks later he acknowledged that Rodgers himself didn't phone him up like "yo I'm out" and everyone here acted like it was a fabricated story, typical media, etc. The irony of course being that gathering info from multiple sources over the course of months is, in fact, excellent reporting. Now the resolution everyone was sure was imminent because Schefter was a "hack" still hasn't arrived.


Eh, to be a bit fair, Schefter gathered all the info with the express purpose of Twitter bombing the draft to make it look like his source was a malicious Rodgers. It was an underhanded move, even if that doesn’t discount he had sources.


Of course that doesn't make any sense though, because there was no resolution to the Rodgers situation. It was just stalled.


A certain contingent of fans basically decided that the whole thing was a non-event, manufactured out of whole cloth by Adam Schefter for clicks. I'm not claiming to know where the truth is, but there's more smoke than you'd expect without a fire of some kind.


The Rodgers stuff never seemed like not does it now it is coming to resolution. They are as far apart now as when they offered him a new contract and he said no a few months ago.




If we warm Rodgers up enough will he be liquid or gas on never playing for the Packers again


Liquid Rodgers traded to the Bears, automatically becomes a top 3 Bears QB


>Liquid Rodgers suspended 12 games due to nanomachines.


> nanomachines NANOMACHINES, SON.


If anyone has that nanomachine tech, it's Brady


I always suspected Kurt Warner's tenure with the Rams was a science experiment. "With this nanotechnology, I could turn a grocery-bagger into an NFL MVP!"






Played college ball, you know. At some cushy Ivy League school. Try University of Texas. Could gone pro if... wait.


Liquid Rodgers demands trade, upset Solid Rogers received all the dominant genetics


Actually Liquid Rodgers would be the one to have the Dominant Genetics.


Liquid Rodgers retires, Tom Brady loses arm in ~~disc~~ week 1 injury, Rodgers donates right arm to Brady as he uses his other arm to read Jeopardy! questions, yadda yadda yadda, Brady wins Super Bowl in post-Apocalyptic world where mecha-Fitzpatricks quarterback every other team. ... or something.


>mecha-Fitzpatricks finally, a weapon to surpass metal gear


But then Brady is secretly playing for the Giants and the Falcons and the Mets


He does, but he was *told* he only had the Recessive Genetics. Keep him motivated to hate his brother.




Once he gets fined, the league better watch out for Punished Rodgers


“Adams, I’m already a demon.”


I’m imaging him transformed like kids who drank Capri Sun in 90s commercials.


*I have never stopped thinking about this*


I forgot about that, it’s only slightly less haunting than the kids whose heads were turned into giant pieces of fruit by Gushers


Why would we trade for a backup QB behind Fields? (this is sarcasm, of course he would start over anyone and I would be very excited to have him on the Bears for many, many reasons)




A cornered Bear is more dangerous than a Packer!


I would say he’s pretty fluid under pressure


*dududu dudududu*


We can raise the temp AND pressure to have Rodgers at the triple point, where he could potentially be solid, liquid, or gas on never playing for the packers


Supercritical Rodgers!


Dont forget plasma


At what temperature do Aaron Rodgers rumors go from solid to liquid?




Its a vert NICE temperature.


Quark gluon plasma Rodgers?


Same. I'll never play for the Packers ever again either.


You'll never catch me suiting up for the Decatur Staleys after all this. Feel free to @ me.


I applaud your courage, sir or ma’am


I'll go ahead and join in. I'll never play for the Houston Oilers ever again.


Me neither...but if they want to pay me Rodgers money...


When Rodgers doesn't get traded Peter King: "but I never said anything about tomorrow so technically I was right!"


> When Rodgers doesn't get traded I don't think these two stances are mutually exclusive. It's entirely possible Rodgers 100% wants out and hates the Packers with all his being. Yet it's also entirely possible the Packers refuse to trade him. In fact, I'd wager *heavily* that is precisely where things are at right now. The relationship is clearly very fractured, and if it hasn't been repaired by now, it's probably not gonna be. Only real question at this point is who is going to blink first in this game of chicken. Will the Packers hold and force Rodgers to play out his contract? Will Rodgers say fuck it and hold out? Or will the Packers finally come to their senses a bit and realize what a monster haul they could get in return for a guy who doesn't want to be there?


This is exactly where the conversation should be. There's no doubt he wants to go, but where? If you take all 31 other teams and cross out the ones who have Quarterbacks and you cross out the teams that even with Rodgers would be lucky to go 9-8 next year and you cross out teams who have nothing to trade us, you're left with maybe Denver and Washington. So okay, is Rodgers going to go there? Highly unlikely.


Denver and Washington would both love to have him. Not sure Murphy or Rodgers are cool with Washington, but Denver is highly likely if Murphy decides to cut ties.


And with only one team the return in the trade is probably lower than expected


Exactly. So if Rodgers digs in and refuses to show up, Murphy has to decide whether to get as much as he can out of Denver now knowing the lack of options limits his leverage, or does he wait a year hoping to get more? If we're playing Madden, you might as well wait for next year so the package is bigger and because the the package will mostly consist of picks that can't be used until then anyways. But this isn't Madden, and the publicity and drama that will follow the team around for a year as Rodgers sits is probably something Murphy wants to avoid. So maybe he takes Denver's offer now, as long as Paton offers enough for him to save face.


>as long as Paton offers enough for him to save face. Ok let's not forget that it is Aaron Rodgers here lol. If Murphy ever opens it up to trade, the Broncos will not be the only suitor as reddit will have you believe and the Packers will get their haul, that is certain.


who else will trade for him besides the broncos? name 5 teams... i feel like there are at least 5 and then would rodgers even go there?


The list of viable trade options is artificially small at the moment. If Murphy decides to trade him now, the package he receives back will be smaller than if he traded him two months ago.


he made a bet and he'll have to lives with those results


You don't need 5, you need 2 or 3 but - Giants, Raiders, Colts, WFT and Broncos would do it with the latter 3 feeling they're probably only a QB away from a potential SB win.


Derek Carr is our BEST PLAYER. Last year he had a QB performance good enough that over 91% of the time a QB does that well his team makes the playoffs. At the same time our defense was the 21st worst NFL defense of all time. All 100 years of the NFL and every single team combined, 21st worst ever. The Raiders are in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, just a QB away from a SB window. It's the defense Lebowski.


I think this is the likeliest case - same sort of stuff I feel happened with Julio. I would not have bet on him going for a 2nd and a 4th/6th swap. The market just wasn't there and Julio wanted out. So. Low haul. Will GB likely get at least 1 1st rounder for Rodgers? Yeah. But it's not going to be some of the crazy trades that have been floating around.


I think Denver (again, if Murphy decides to trade him) will still have to come out of pocket plenty. Something along the lines of three 1sts give or take. But the packages of three 1sts plus Juedy and/or Surtain are highly unlikely.


I would have to think there is no way in hell that denver is going to give three firsts and someone like Jeudy, but that's pretty much the only scenario I can see the front office accepting. We severely bungled everything Rodgers related, but management really holds all the cards. I personally think you give him the guarantees or whatever he wants in terms of contract/money, bite the bullet on Love, and you go all in for the next four years and see what happens. The continuity we've built in two years has this team so close to getting over the hump that he's not going anywhere that gives a better chance to win then Green Bay. But ultimately it comes down to #12 on where his career goes from here. If he wants to win, he should stay here. If he wants to stick it to the packers and hold a grudge due to the wrongdoings, that's on him. Nobody knows what is going to happen because I think he is one of the few players that would actually hold the line and just go off into retirement and probably be perfectly fine with it. All I know if that if I were GM, I'm sure as hell not blinking unless I'm presented with a Herschel Walker scenario. Him forcing his way out and then coming back and knocking the packers out of the playoffs or something in the future would be the biggest kick in the nuts. The collective amount of alcohol abuse that would follow would have a measurable impact on the average sconnie's life expectancy for years to follow.


Great comment. I’ll respond to a couple of your points. Rodgers in a vacuum may be worth the three 1sts and young studs. The problem giving that much up is that it is only worth mortgaging your future (picks) if it opens your window for 2-4 years. Giving up the present (young players) isn’t worth it because if you give them up, your window might not be open anymore, making the whole exercise pointless. I’d pay Murphy all the picks he could eat, and maybe include either Hamler or Patrick. I would even do one stud if that meant not nearly as much draft capital. Surtain being worth 1.75 firsts for example. I agree that GB should do whatever it takes to smooth things over. I actually think that still is possible, and maybe even most likely. I wonder if the agreement is a one year contract and then he is a free agent. “One more run at this thing then we go our separate ways.” I think he would have an excellent chance to win a SB in Denver. I’m biased, but Denver is loaded everywhere except in the most important position. Tougher Division for sure, but a roster built for right now with Rodgers behind center. Him knocking out the Packers out would be gross, and the thought may take the NFC off the table. I hope so as a Bronco fan! I don’t think you guys end up trading him. But I wouldn’t be shocked. If he is traded I do think it will be to Denver and it will be a handful of 1sts. Lastly, I feel for Packer fans. We went through something similar with Cutler demanding out. Obviously different planets in terms of talent, but at the time we thought we finally got our Franchise guy, only to have a dumbass coach screw it up, leaving us with Orton. Anyways, we want different outcomes, but I can appreciate how crappy this is on Packer fans. I’m on my cell so please excuse the likely typos.


Packers probably aren't cool with trading him in conference But other than Snyder and crew are POS human beings, Washington has a pretty good roster to walk in to. Scary Terry with Rodgers would be, well, scary.


As a Bronco fan I hope they stick to the AFC because there are a few teams that would probably bid on Rodgers in the NFC, Washington is one of them, and the Saints are another.


I think if we're talking about a legit situation where any team could make an offer, there are absolutely more than 2 teams. We just saw QBs in Goff and Stafford get traded, Wentz is massively behind Rogers in talent if the Colts could make an offer, the Raiders would take Rogers over Carr in a heartbeat, same goes for NYG. Teams find ways to make things work if they really want to, and if Rogers *really* is on the market, there's no way its a quiet one.


For sure. If GB sent out a memo in February or March telling all teams that they were accepting offers for Rodgers, and both GB and Rodgers didn't care where, there would be a dozen-or-two teams that would be interested. But in reality, that list wouldn't include bad teams because trading the farm for a 37 yo QB only makes sense if he is the missing piece. That list of teams gets smaller when teams like the Rams and Colts trade assets for other dudes. It gets smaller when Packers decide to send him to the NFC. It gets smaller when Rodgers limits the teams to ones that he's interested in playing for. I think the list is super short right now, maybe one team long. But since Murphy and Rodgers have to agree on the team, and the team needs to be in a certain place talent wise (good roster except QB), I don't see the list being alot longer next year either.


If he goes to Washington they can win a super bowl in the next 3 years. That team is pretty loaded.


Agreed. Not sure Murphy or Rodgers would want that trade to happen, but Washington is a QB away from an open window.


There's probably a couple more options that could get creative. New England would be interesting - Bill likes Cam but would realistically ship him out in a second for Rodgers. Mac Jones would just sit behind Rodgers until he can beat out Rodgers because that's how Bill rolls.


If there is one team I'd be OK with getting Rodgers, it would be the Patriots. If we can't have fun, then no one can.


>Will the Packers hold and force Rodgers to play out his contract? Will Rodgers say fuck it and hold out? In either of the situations the Packers come out better. Either they have Aaron Rodgers or they get his guaranteed money back and have a bunch of free cap space. >Or will the Packers finally come to their senses a bit and realize what a monster haul they could get in return for a guy who doesn't want to be there? What is that monster haul and who from. Rodgers is gonna be 38 at the end of the year. He's had multiple recent injuries. And he wants a new contract to make him one of the highest paid QBs in the league. Obviously he just won an MVP but Peyton Manning & Drew Brees were both MVP candidates or winners only to look like a shell of their former selfs only 2 years later. If someone trades for him they got 1-3 years max to win a title and their fall off will be bad afterwards. Add in that the trade market right now is very low. Julio barely went for a 2nd. Rodgers isn't gonna bring 2 or 3 1sts + players


I think at his age, Rodgers is playing for legacy now. He's regarded very highly, but there is always that "but" of "but only one ring". This isn't a Carson Palmer situation, where Palmer said fuck it then, I've made $100M I can retire today and be happy. It's not about money for Rodgers, he's set for life, he will have endorsement money rolling in long after he retires. Palmer didn't have an all time legacy to protect and enhance, Rodgers does. What's he going to do, sit for a year at 37 years old? Packers have all the leverage here.


I agree actually. Every star in the NFL makes enough money to retire and take care of their lineage for generations. Not all of them are remembered as being the greatest of all time and a second or third ring puts Rodgers in the 1% of his peers.


And how is this behavior increasing his chances at a better legacy? People love to complain he doesn't have any weapons, but even a QB of his caliber doesn't lead the best offense in the NFL with no weapons (source: Brady's last years in NE). Yes, the Packers are a WC team at best without him, but what team can he go to with a *better* supporting cast? Denver has a better defense but worse offensive cast. Washington is the same. The Packers are in cap hell because they have so much home grown talent (see: Clark, Bakh, and Jones getting big contacts this last season, with Adams and Alexander needing them next), not because they're bad at the cap. Rodgers exacerbates this issue. If he's concerned about legacy, sign a 3yr/$75m gtd contact that gives the team the flexibility to grab other players. Going to another team (which then will have lost draft capital to acquire him) won't give him a better shot at a legacy.


Denver has a pretty decent offense, Fant and Sutton, Jeudy going into his second year.


How is their O line? Packers receiving group outside of Adams isn't great but the O line has consistently been top tier.


Left side is solid. Center is entering his second year. He struggled as a rookie, but did show improvement over the course of the season, so he should hopefully be better. The right side is inconsistent in terms of who's playing what and generally not good. Broncos have been drafting O line and bringing in some free agents, so maybe it comes together.


Idk about the entire OL but I know their Left tackle finally had a break out season last year


Disagree. Rodgers could sit a year. It's not like he will suddenly forget how to be a great QB, or drop off. A full year for Rodgers to fully heal and not have to run a round like mad getting hit all the time, makes him dangerous the next year.


He will 38 going on 39 at that point Tom Brady playing into his 40s is rare, not the norm


I don't think Rodgers legacy is going to be remotely different with a second ring. People said the same thing about Peyton and that second ring didn't change anything. Hell, he barely even deserved it, though history won't remember that too well. When the bar is set at 7 rings and counting for an all-time great QB, having 2 or even 3 doesn't really mean what it used to mean. Rodgers legacy is pretty well locked in stone short of a Brady-esque run to his mid-40's with a bunch of rings and MVP caliber play seasons.


Peter King being the one to say this just helps ease my mind.


Well that’s just like, your opinion, man.


I just want my ~~rug~~Rodgers back, man!


It really tied the ~~room~~ team together


Fuckin A man


I'll believe it when i see it.


The only reasonable take there is at this point. Yeah, this could be some colossal pissing match, but it could also be a fairly ordinary contract dispute.


And next week I will bet that the relationship is totally fixable.


I don't take Peter King's opinion with any confidence.


But what about his opinions on coffee?


Does he buy pre-ground or whole bean?


He stops at Starbucks.


I would bet King, today, is solid on never going to Dunkin Donuts again


Patriots fans would never


Notice how he throws in "today" so that when this backfires in August/September he can just refer to that and say he changed his mind since then. It lets him be right no matter what happens even if he has zero info. No balls to stand behind his own assertion.


He didn't even need "today", I feel like "I bet" was enough for us to not take anything he says after that seriously


> Notice how he throws in "today" so that when this backfires in August/September he can just refer to that and say he changed his mind since then. That is how opinions work. They are (or should be) based on the best available information. If you get new information, or something changes, your opinion can change.


That’s fine but it assumes you have anything useful to bring to the table to begin with.


It almost makes you admire Hot Take artists that bury their heads up their own asses. Sports could prosper from having just a couple hundred reporters that strictly report facts, everyone else is a leech and their followers are bored, lonely, sad sacks.


Lol there’s research done with politics that effectively says the more someone appears on TV, the worse their predictions are. Phillip Tetlock is the author and wrote about it in his books Expert Political Judgement and Superforecasting (I’ve only read the second), but the articles I could find refer to over 80k predictions by almost 300 political pundits in his research. ([Brief simple version here.](http://www.newsweek.com/id/184815)) The takeaway seems to be that good prediction doesn’t sell.


That's awesome. It makes sense logistically, but writing a book on it is an extreme way of exploiting how stupid pundits are. Fake news is a very sad thing to be addicted to. :/


Oh we're back to this now


NFC North right now: 🎵 These happy days are yours and mine happy days! 🎵


God I'm praying and hoping with every single fiber of my being that Love is elite. The salt would be enough to stop the hearts of every non Packer fan in the tri state area.


if you roll into a third straight hof qb i am going to move back to africa and live peacefully on a mountain with no internet where i will never hear about football again


For the record, I'm not expecting it lol. But I do think it's a bit ridiculous that Loves been almost entirely written off because odds are immense that he's not as good as Rodgers.


Love is probably on the same level of talent that Rodgers was when he first joined the Packers. People don't remember the awkward training stage anymore. They all need reps to learn. If Rodgers pouts out for the year and Love plays so-so, he'll still get the reps and experience he needs.


People love to harp on how the media projected Rodgers as a possible number one overall pick, forgetting how pre-draft media is miles off on a bunch of players every single year. In reality, no actual NFL team with an immediate need at QB thought Rodgers was that good of a prospect. In his own words he needed to rebuild his mechanics from the ground up when he got to the pros, and his first season as a starter (after three years of pro coaching) was good, but not great.


Hey! In Africa I’m sure they have 1998 NFC Champion Vikings shirts!


have a wonderful *die*


Julio news is done so we’re all back on Rodgers watch until something budges


All this will be moot when the aliens show up anyways


peter king, today, still has an audience apparently


All this Rodgers stuff makes me appreciate Brady so much more. Guy just played out his contract without ever saying a single negative thing about the team, then left when his commitment was fulfilled.


I kinda like Brady for the Ultimate Competitor vibe he's got. You can see in his eyes he will absolutely do anything it takes to win. He just does it. I respect that.


Yeah right Rogers is gonna play this is all just bull shit


Peter King is a moron but knows how to get clicks


You know I’ve always liked this Peter king guy


no other situation give him best odds to win clock is ticking with camp about to start if he wants a new team




People in the comments acting like Peter King is a hack of a journalist. Could be be wrong? Sure, but chances are he's right considering his track-record.


This is the part people don't want to admit. Is it slimy journalism? Absolutely. Is Peter King some random twitter hack with no reputable sources? Not a chance in hell. Dude clearly has some pretty solid connections, we'll see how much this holds weight in the coming months.


Keep going. I'm almost there.


What’s the betting line and where can I place one?




oh shit


oh shit *yes*


Oh dang, Peter King thinks Mark Murphy is a war criminal


But how much would Peter bet? The house? The farm? Maybe the house and the farm?


Well at least the headline is transparent enough that it is clearly an opinion and not an opinion that’s stated as a report


Stick to your beliefs Aaron!




I would bet Peter King is so hard pressed for a story that he brings this up with no new information for over a month.


This article is just a refresh of all the bits and takes we had before. No new statements or sources of any kind. It's a slow Monday in June.




When will he be liquefied, Peter?


Does that mean the bad man will never hurt me again?


Just gimme the damn QB!


All I want is for Love to be awful so young Packers fans can finally experience what it’s been like to be a Bears fan my entire life.


I figured it out, love won’t be a HOF packer QB because he spells his name economically and correctly. Bart StarR? Bret FaVRE? AAron Rodgers? If he spelled his name “Jordyn Lovve” he be first ballot material, but “Jordan Love” will get you zero rings.


>He told Kenny Mayne two weeks ago he loves his coaches, his teammates and the fans, and he has spoken with reverence about the history of the Packers. So what is his actual beef then?


The front office. That's been the big talk for the last month.


yep, the one thing left out of that list. also I guess he didn't specifically mention the equipment staff lol


Well there's only one thing left. The Front office that makes decisions without coaching input


I find it funny that for the past two years, we were told he and LaFleur hated each other, yet LaFleur's name hasn't come up once in this drama, aside from him reiterating that he wants Aaron there. If anything, it seems like LaFleur may actually be the only person who can repair things, ironically enough. Anyways, to answer your question, Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst. They made the mistake of paying Rodgers to only be their elite QB and not the shadow GM.


>They made the mistake of paying Rodgers to only be their elite QB and not the shadow GM. lol I love this.


This is some stupid, stupid fucking shit. How does someone get paid to write this trash. The Packers, as poorly as the front office has handled everything, have the leverage in this situation. They should continue to use it. Status quo. Let him sit the season, get the cap space back, end up with a high draft pick, then trade him to a bad team for other high draft picks. That or blow up the front office are the the only two ways to handle the situation that should be considered.


Admitting that the team would be going from Super Bowl contenders immediately to tank mode isn't the way I'd try to make the case that the team has the leverage. They certainly don't have to give him away, but they can't make him play.