Did you go to high school with an NFL player? What were they like?

Did you go to high school with an NFL player? What were they like?


Grew up with Jon feliciano and James white. Feliciano went by mongo in HS he was in my guitar class and was very very bad at guitar. James was just really really good at football


>guitar class What kinda school was this


I moved to a new state and recently learned some of the high schools have fishing teams.


I went to school with Kenny Golladay. Good dude. Very modest and hard working. No one was claiming he’d be an all-world receiver despite his remarkable athleticism and build (that cat was huge in person—and his growth spurt didn’t come until college). Our program relied on the ground and pound + defense strategy. CCL football do be like that sometimes. That said, he would absolutely bury dudes while run blocking. The sound of the pads when he hit someone was kinda scary lol. The physicality and toughness in his game was always there. His insane work ethic + late, huge growth spurt + good WR coaching in college and then again with the Lions helped him grow into the player we see today. I’m proud to have Kenny represent our alma mater, both on and off the field. Pat O Connor was on our squad too. Cool story: he came out of the womb with a full beard and soundly defeated the delivery doctor in an arm wrestling contest to win his freedom. Pat, not even a day old, armed with only his umbilical cord and a couple of loose Busch Lights, fled into the Dan Ryan woods, upon which he was adopted and raised by The Bigfoot and his harem. I’ve the seen family photos. Uncanny father-son resemblance.


My biggest claim to fame is passing a blunt to Kenny at a college party. 10/10 experience would do it again.


I went to the same HS as Saquon. I'm a few years older, so I had graduated while he was still there, but I went back during college breaks and worked out in our field house with him. Also, my brother was one of his teachers. Legitimately one of the nicest guys I've talked to. Everyone who went to the gym (which was the entire football team, wrestling team, and some random guys and girls from other sports) loved him, including coaches. At the time, he wasn't highly recruited, so everyone was really hoping he'd make it. My brother also said he was a good student both in terms of trying and being pretty smart, and not thinking he was an entitled football player thinking he didn't have to do shit cause he was going to the NFL. Oh and of course he was an athletic freak even back then. Dude was just fucking huge. So he's still one of my favorite NFL players, I'm happy he's done so well for himself.


He legit has looked like a nice dude every step he takes. Still....


I went to school and played football with Vita Vea. I met him the summer before he started high school and he was already 6’3 240lbs. Our coach didn’t even give him a chance to be in JV, he started practicing with varsity from day one. Always was a good kid who enjoyed joking around and it’s really cool to see that he still seems to be the same way. His cousins and I were good friends and I used to drive them all to and from football practice. My senior year, his sophomore year, was when the legend of him being a running back started - that year we were also short of OL so he would have two jerseys ready at all times so that he could play RT and our wildcat. It’s really cool to watch him be successful now


Faced off against Dwayne Haskins in a 7 on 7 league. We were giving everyone a chance to play and put a guy with minimum experience back at safety. Dwayne fired a pass on a crossing route that went through his receivers hands and hit this scrub in the face and knocked out three of his teeth. Haskins threw 9TDs against us and that moment was easily the most happy I saw him all game. Also played summer league ball against Chase Young and Markelle Fultz. Chase had to be the most aggressive rebounder I’ve ever played against but always had the cheesiest smile on his face. Was so excited the WFT got both of these dudes from the DMV. Glad one of them panned out.


Jalen ramsay. Kind of a dickhead


You're kidding


Hard to believe I know


I, for one, am completely blindsided by this unexpected development.


I was in Cub scouts and grade school with Matt Ryan. He and his family are friendly, well mannered people. I ran into him when he was in college, unaware he was about to be the number 3 overall pick. He remembered me and was very down to earth and was a nice guy.




Will never not upvote this reference


When he was at BC he came to one of my practices in HS and the first pass I tried to catch from him was so much faster than what I was used to that it went right through my hands and bounced off my facemask.


Matt just seems like a consummate professional


Yea I'm going to be pretty controversial but say it anyway, he seems really nice.


He's just unhateable.


Not to a sizeable portion of our fan base unfortunately. Because he's so universally liked, I'd say the fanbase that hates him the most is actually ours. He's probably our franchise's #1 player so it's pretty embarrassing.


Competed against Montee Ball and Blaine Gabbert in high school. Ball was actually kind of chunky in high school but still had the athletic ability. Held the state record for career rushing yards for a bit (three of his starting offensive linemen went to a D-1 school and the other two went to respectable smaller schools). Gabbert was a dick. Definitely had that “Whoa there mother fucker” energy even in high school.


Not surprising for a guy named Blaine


Yeah, you are locked in to a certain attitude about life pretty early on when you are given a name like that.


You either become an NFL QB or a Pokémon Gym leader.


Blaine is a pain and that is the truth.


Not all of us are like that 😔


Fuck you Blaine I'm sorry you didn't deserve that


Whoa Gabba Gabbert


Went to high school with Chad Kelly. Everyone knew he was going to get his shot in the league one day if he could manage the off field issues. Dude is a hell of an athlete but not the brightest. He would always fail the easiest Spanish tests lol.


Yo soy swag Kelly


Yo soy fiesta


We ain’t play escuela


A common saying around WNY senior year and beyond was that Chad Kelly was so dumb he spelt his name wrong on the SAT's. Helluva athlete though.


You laugh but I did that on the PSAT.


I worked with him at Ole Miss, I’d imagine his English tests weren’t great either.


We are really covering all of his language classes lol. I had American Sign Language with him for a summer. I borrowed a pen and he threw it to me from across the room which is the closest I’ve ever come to being a scholarship WR


Unfortunately for him, dumb QBs who depend completely on their god-given athletic ability get filtered out pretty quickly in the league.


My one and only interaction with him was when I was on the freshman football team (he was a junior) and I lost my practice pants. He offered to hook me up with a new pair, but never did. I still feel the betrayal to this day. You said "I gotchu" Chad, but you didn't get me. ^also, ^go ^Joe's


Not school related, but my Aunt babysat Darren Sproles for years when he was young. She went to a few of his little league games. Apparently they had a 5 carry limit for him each game, as it was literally a touchdown a carry haha.


Imagining him running away from the babysitter trying to avoid bedtime is hilarious.


imagine baby Sproles hittin his babysitter with a spin move to juke her out lmao


Kid Darren sproles, against normal athletes and height is less of a favor when you’re a kid, must’ve been the most unfair thing in pee-wee sports


KC Metro HS football legend Darren Sproles. Man, those Olathe squads were always the talk of the Friday Night Sports Minute. Him and Tony Temple.


I went to high school in Cobb County, GA, and between me and my brothers we played with or competed against Azeez Olujuari, Kenyon Drake, Justin Fields, Bradley Chubb, Evan Engram, Darren Waller, probably some others I’m forgetting... Azeez and Fields are the two I know best and they’re really good dudes. Intelligent, diligent, ambitious but not abrasive.


I also played football in Cobb County, but a few years before. The best players I personally played against were TJ Yates and Jonathan Dwyer. Dwyer was absurd in high school. I still remember watching the film leading up to the game and the coaches were amazed. I played with two future NFL players. I was friends with Brynden Trawick who was an UDFA that ended up being the highest paid special teams player in the NFL (excluding punters and kickers). He was incredibly talented but did not put in the effort. Everyone knew if he could get the drive together he’d have a chance. The other was Jerrick McKinnon. He was a couple years younger and played WR. He was good for a younger player but wasn’t a huge difference maker or anything. Wasn’t particularly big/fast. He ended up becoming a QB after I left (zone read/spread). Was the MVP when Georgia Southern beat Florida which is when he started getting legit draft buzz. If you told me he’d play in the NFL when he was a sophomore in high school, I’d have called you crazy. He was a nice kid in all my interactions with him.


Played against Jordy Nelson in high school. He was clearly a different level of athlete than everyone else. He was an all state as a quarterback and defensive back all state in basketball , and won the 100,200 and long jump at the state meet in track . I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about him


If Jordy was from a larger metro area he would have gotten a ton more hype. Remember seeing him at K-State and was like: “whoa, this dude has got some serious game” really vivid memory for me.


He absolutely dominated Texas his last year at kstate. Had like three touchdowns, one being a punt return.


I don’t think anyone in Kansas has a bad thing to say about Jordy or his parents.


Not high school but sophomore year at vcu i had to take a winter break course and mo alie-cox was in my class. It was only like 15 students and he and I were the only two boys (men?) in the class so we sat together in the back. He didn't talk alot and mainly slept but he did all the readings and when the teacher asked him to participate he always did. I remember once I complimented his input to our discussion on "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson and he said "Man, school's dumb", laughed and went back to sleep haha. He's so nice though, always had a big smile on his face when we were dismissed for the day lol


Played football with Kyler, used to think i was a good WR but it turns out my QB was just Kyler Murray


I am curious but if you guys were friendly does this invoke a lifetime of fandom to wherever Kyler plays?


Oh 100% shit was crazy though 4 of my hs teammates went into the NFL


Who else?


Greg little, Jalen Guyton, and I forget the last Edit: Bobby Evans


That's gotta be a really weird feeling having your teammates that you were probably friends with (or at least friendly with) go on to be professional athletes. Like you probably can't just text them like "hey I'm gonna be in town you wanna grab lunch?" like regular old high school friends could


I ran into some of them back home, DHop was there too. Super weird


Hey that’s cool. You met the new, improved version of you!


Lmao hell of an upgrade


Nah, you’re selling yourself short


Did y'all win it all?


We never lost a game


*checks flair* wow what a life you've lived.


My dad's from Cleveland and gaslighted me into being a browns fan lol


Kyler Murray went to Allen High School which is the biggest high school in Texas, I believe they won 3 state championships and Kyler went 42-0 as the starter.


What the fuck this high school has a stadium that's bigger than some D1 stadiums


*Texas things*


I saw Kyler at a restaurant after a Cardinals home game. He didn’t touch any silverware. His girlfriend literally fed the man. My buddy asked for a picture and his MOM told my buddy no. Literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.


This has to be pasta…


No it was crab rangoon, but good guess.




It was Korean BBQ. I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse. I’m sorry it wasn’t pasta.


That is very cool. Must’ve been a blast playing receiver with him


We put up like 80pts a game lol


If anyone’s curious, [here](https://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/allen-eagles-(allen,tx)/football-fall-14/schedule.htm) is the schedule of Kyler’s HS team during his senior year (‘14-‘15). They went 16-0 and put up 40+ in 12 games, 50+ in 8, and 60+ in 3. Kyler threw 54 TDs to 7 picks and ran for 1,498 yards and 24 TDs. Jalen Guyton was his favorite target, hauling in 74 catches for 1605 yards (21.7/catch) and 16 TDs.


Every game vs. Desoto was a classic. If it weren’t for Murray, they probably 3-peat instead of Allen.


Played against Aaron Jones in highschool, he ran right through me. Nice dude though.


915 represent! Aaron Jones and his family do a lot for the community. RIP to Jones Sr.




My high school played Vita Vea in a championship game. He was a man amongst boys lmao


I've thought about this. I got a track scholarship and all that but at every level there were always people "my age" that made me wonder. In high school in particular there was this guy who was so built and huge and he was running near olympic times. I was very athletic myself for being 16 and this "kid" was a monster. He wouldn't have been out of place on a mens team. Do people lie about their ages? There was a case in Canada a few years ago where some 30 year old (I think) was posing as a high school student to get his diploma. Made me think is all lol


That guys name is Ricky Lafleur


I’m a fuckin athenlete now it’s awesome, gonna go on the road games sell a shit ton of hash to the kids it’ll be fuckin dope, as long as these two FUCK UPS don’t fuck it all up this time SMOKES let’s go!


He had to get his grade 10


Haha think you know what you’re talking about, one of my friends played against a “top high school basketball recruit” who turned out to be in his 30s……taking “grown man amongst boys” to another level


he played against Greg Oden?


Went to HS with Rashard Mendenhall, played football with him too until Freshman year. Dude was such a beast and an unbelievably nice guy! Mostly quiet, wrote in essay contests and such. But man getting hit by him even in junior high was unforgettable. We all knew he was pro material by like 11 years old lol.


He was on my floor in the dorms at UIUC. Can confirm, dude was so nice.






And you never will


It's funny how the tone of that sentence can have vastly different meanings.


I went to your rival school, and one of my teachers who had tought Andrew luck a few years ago still had the box of tissues he brought to her class on the first week of school lol


"You're gonna need these after I'm done with you, bitch." - Andrew Luck, probably


Ah, so she was a Colts fan... The long con.


Saw him (looked pretty hammered) struggling to eat a slice of pizza at Pizza My Heart in downtown Palo Alto once. Let it be known that I ordered and ate TWO slices before he could even finish that one. Source: me


When is your pro day?


If you played football, we probably know each other. Was a sophomore when Andrew was a senior.


My brother played at Boone county highschool in Kentucky with Shaun Alexander and sometimes he would come over after practices, my brother played H-Back with him but technically Fullback. He was very cool down to earth and just super nice in general.


He would still come back into town and play Flag football with us over at Conner. My Calc teacher was one of his best friends. Great dudes both him and his brother.




> Also i played against Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson in basketball. Have you been able to lead a normal life without ankles?




Glad to hear about Nate Burleson because he seems really nice.


Omg dude Jamal Crawford..I always told myself that is one dude I would hate to gaurd I wouldn't have ankles left that's awsome


I went to school with Torrey Smith. Nice guy, I tackled him in practice a couple of times, so I guess I’m NFL level talent. I never had any classes with him, but he was well liked and he came back and visited the school just a couple of weeks after making the NFL. iIRC, the first thing he did with his first rookie check was buy his mom a house, so that might give you an idea of his priorities.


My college roommates were both on the team at Stafford with you and Torrey. Both of them had nothing but great things to say about him and that he was super nice, except he just ran circles around everyone most of the time.


My friend went to high school with Aaron Hernandez... he was apparently kind of a bully.


Can confirm. Was neighbors with his cousin, who was the same age as me. DJ wasn't bad, but Aaron once locked us in a gardening shed for a few hours in the middle of summer, so I'd say I wasn't exactly surprised to find out that he was a murderous sociopath


Zero responses to this in two hours baffles me


One of my buddies played o-line with La’El Collins in high school. He said he’s legit the nicest dude.


Of course. Because Collins has never felt physically threatened by any other person ever. ;)


I imagine he’s the dude who steps into a fight and grabs each person by the scruff of their necks and says “now come on guys! There’s gotta be a better way!”


Throatzilla disagrees


Did.... I miss something?




Good to have a heads up that La’el Collins won’t pay up if you eat his ass. I was this close.


Lmao her videos she’s wearing a balaclava like manningface


Yeah I went to high school with Tyler Lockett where we both made a a pact to get laid.


Your username makes this comment all the more juicy


Ya put the spanish fly, in the puddin!


Did you end up fucking a pie?


This one time at training camp


Had a college class with Tyler Lockett. He always made time for everyone and even helped some people figure out macroeconomics.


I TA'd an Anthro class with starting DL Johnnie Church at the University of Florida. I was collecting the skulls at the end of class and this fucker had pulled all of the teeth out of his. I complained to the Athletic Department and they punished him by making him miss the bowl game that year. Ha ha just kidding - they basically told me to fuck off. Edit: I forgot that of course Johnie Church (or however the fuck it's really spelled) [was arrested for domestic violence after beating up his wife.](https://www.spokesman.com/stories/1995/aug/01/gator-charged-for-battery/) Never trust a man who pulls the teeth out of skulls.


From the sounds of it I don't think Lockett held up his end of that pact


Went to middle school with Elijah Holyfield, he got expelled for getting a bj in the hallway right outside our orchestra room.


In the fucking HALLWAY?


No, the sucking hallway


I was going to go with In fucking MIDDLE SCHOOL?


I feel like not enough people are commenting that this was in middle school


Didn't go to school with, but competed against Melvin Gordon in track. Guy looked so out of place. He was so much bigger than everyone else by an insane margin. Seemed cool, chatted with him a few times while waiting for long jump. Edit: [a photo from the state meet](https://imgur.com/gallery/pWiFvem) Tbh he doesn't look *as* big as I remember, though his arms are fucking massive. Also this is like 8 meters in and I can't believe how fast lane 6 got out.


Haha exactly this but with Knowshon Moreno.


There's a name I haven't heard in a while


Same with me and Maurice Jones Drew. He was a senior when I was a freshman. I was a long distance runner so I didn't race him, but he looked like a man among boys. Biggest legs I've seen in person.


To be fair, MJD's legs looked massive compared to other NFL players.


i watched kareem hunt hurdle our 6 foot safety in highschool. everyone in that stadium knew he’d be playing on sundays now


yea i feel like people actually don’t realize still just how shifty and elusive kareem is. reminds me a lot of kamara


My cousin went to high school with Greg Olsen. She said he was legitimately one the nicest guys she's ever met. His brother was a complete asshole though.


Larry Fitzgerald went to our rival high school. When I was a sophomore on the sidelines of the varsity game he made the most unbelievable sideline one arm leaping grab right in front of me. When I replay it in my head I seen his jumping in slow motion and then he hit the ground in stride and scored. My buddy who went to his high school said they played the highlight on repeat the following Monday during the school announcements. Everyone knew he then was extremely special, but we would have never guessed he’d an all-time great. His father was a well-known local sports reporter and he knew folks with the Vikings. When Larry was younger he was a ball boy for the team. As he got older Cris Carter, Randy Moss and other Vikings would come to games occasionally.


Competed against Baker Mayfield in middle school. He went to LTMS which was down the road from us at HBMS, so everyone from both schools knew each other either through other people or through elementary school. He was the most popular kid at our school and didn’t even go there. Dude was just different even as an 11-13 year old. I moved during 8th grade, so didnt go to high school with him.




Most popular man in my family too. Never met him though.


Mike Gesicki gave my friend a concussion in volleyball. Still haven't forgiven him for that.


Is your friend Scott Sterling?


I went to high school with the Albino Rhino, Dairy Sanders himself: Zach Zenner. Nice dude. Our school's football program is perennially godawful so it was nice to actually make the postseason for once when he was there.


Lol I went to rosemount. Didn’t play football but remember my senior year when we played you guys J-Mo was injured and everyone was like “o this is gonna be a cake walk” since everyone thought Parsons was like the star of the team and zenner switched from RB to QB. A couple guys were like “nah this zenner dude is pretty legit.” We got up 21-0 right away and then Zenner led like 2 straight scoring drives where he just carried people all the way down the field. After the game everyone was like holy fuck, that guy was a lot better than I thought. Then he just tore it up at SDSU. His brother was an insane athlete, ran like a 10.5 100m and was all state swimming. I think his sister is a D1 swimmer as well. Everyone said the whole family was supposed to be just wonderful


I’m not going to lie, I’ve never heard of him before. That being said, if his nickname was actually Dairy Sanders, I will seek out and buy a jersey right now.


He was fun to root for. Also worked towards a medical degree in one offseason


He was a fringe RB who barely made the roster but he kept getting chances to start because of injuries. He became a fan favorite due to his work ethic, community volunteerism, and the fact that he delayed going to medical school to play. I think he ran/helped out with a few medical studies done at Wayne State in the off season.


I worked with a construction worker who played with Aaron Rodgers in high school up in Chico. He said in hindsight Rodgers was more subdued and quiet and was generally of the "first to arrive, last to leave" mindset.


Went to the same school. Aaron was a really good kid in high school. I overlapped with his brother Jordan, who also played QB, and Jordan was responsible for one of the most famous plays in our high schools history. Two other NFL players came out of our high school class as well.


Aight but what was the famous play? Also: man I miss Chico I gotta get back up there this summer.


It was a playoff game against our crosstown rival. We never got to play them at home because there’s a bigger stadium in town that we play our regular season matchup in. So we gottem at home for the playoff game and it was ***s a u c y***. Ended up that we were down by a few and got the ball last. Drove down the field. Had the ball at the 17yd line. 0:04 on the clock and down. Jordan threw a beautiful pass on a deep post coming across the middle from his left. Touchdown, game over, beat rivals in the playoffs. Known as the “4 Seconds Play” because we lack all creativity. Made shirts yadda yadda yadda. It was a big deal and an awesome play


To Blake Page IIRC. I’ll never forget storming the field after that one. Most of my memories of Jordan, 2 years my senior, were not so fantastic though. I remember him being a dick to me a few times and totally unprovoked stuff. He had a pretty big head.


Shit yeah you’re right it was to him. And yeah Jordan was — and stayed — a huge dick.


Went to high school with Brandon Spikes, the lb that played at Florida and NE. Didn’t really interact with him much. Just remember him being pretty low key and freaking huge. We won state 2 years in a row with him there. Had a chance to go again my senior year but we dropped outbid playoffs because a teacher was padding grades for a player.


My high school had a pretty awesome football program. **Miles Burris - Raiders**: Friends with his sister and dad. I was older than him and his dad was always asking for advice on how to get him to bulk up. He was a little bit of a late bloomer. Had knee problems. Surgeon at one point told his dad he would never be able to sprint or some shit. Saw him later at San Diego State and he had put on probably 80 pounds since high school. He was quiet and shy. **Adam Jennings - Falcons/Lions/Giants** : He was adopted and had one of the most amazing work ethics of anyone I played with. Highschool offseason programs were insanely demanding yet he was there before we showed up and continued working out when we left. Preferential treatment didn't necessarily exist in the program but he did different workouts than most of us. Absolute burner compared to other high school athletes. I think he had signed with Fresno State as a sophomore. Really nice guy but had a short fuse, very competitive. Small, and not strong. He used to finish a set and stand up from the bench and scream "WEAK!" **Dallas Sartz - Redskins/Vikings/Seahawks** : I thought he had the most potential to last in the league of anyone I played with. Ladies man, all the chicks loved him. Got a ton of late hit penalties in high school because he played free safety and in high school teams generally run more than pass, so he was always half a second late to the action. LAID FUCKIN WOOD. He was lenky and thin but disproportionately strong compared to his build. Skinny free safety that could snatch more than the linebackers. Fast. Ran 4.5ish. Sells real estate back in my home town now. **Sammie Stroughter - Buccaneers** : One of the nicest kids I played with. Incredibly sweet. Still calls my mom every mothers day. Not a ton of experience coming into the varsity program but was beating out the starter by the end of his junior year. **Devin Wylie - Chiefs** : His brother is one of my best friends, and he played after I had graduated so I really only knew him as a kid when I would hang with his brother. They're weirdos like me, adventurous. Would drive to bridges in the middle of the night to jump off them into the river. Just weird unreasonable shit. Good people.


He just became a NFL player, but Najee Harris. One of the most humble stars I have ever seen/met. Najee would have an insane game, but then turn around and say he couldn't do it without his lineman. All around great guy, great player, and in excited to see what he can do in the NFL.


Mitch Trubisky played for a rival high school and one buddy picked him off twice in a game


Most believable post in this entire thread.


I was a high school teammate of Jammal Brown, who won the Outland Trophy at OU and was an All-Pro RT for the Saints. He was pretty chill and extremely funny in high school. Fun fact: he didn’t play OT in high school. He went to OU as a DT and was switched to offense his freshman or sophomore year.


Always makes me wonder how many kids are poorly managed in college or go to big schools with no room at X position and forced to play out of position when they could have been great at X position. Jevon Kearse always comes to mind. I wonder what happened if he stayed at safety rather than transition to LB then DE.


There are thousands of people who could have been NFL talent if they had a better supporting system (both family and coaches)


Went to high school and middleschool with Patriots new UDFA kicker Quinn Nordin. He was an obnoxious assclown and I know most people felt this way about him


Why are our kickers always unhinged


I played college ball at LA Tech and know some NFL players. Super Bowl MVP Ryan Allen is the dumbest person I’ve ever met. One day we were standing around at practice and he goes “Man, if I don’t make it to the NFL, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.” And one of our O-linemen goes “Yeah, us neither, cuz you’re dumb as shit.” My brother played guard next to Bills lineman Cody Ford in high school. Super nice guy. Very chill. I coached against Devin White when he was in high school. Dude was playing RB and LB. Put up 3 TDs on my team in the first half then sat. Dude was a specimen. He knew he was going to the NFL. Justin Ellis, Noseguard for the Ravens, was the quickest mother fucker you’ve ever seen for that size. He and I ran shuffle drills against each other in practice and he smoked me. He would talk shit in whispers like Tim Duncan. Nice guy otherwise. IK Enempkali had an anger issue even in college. He got pissed at me when I wouldn’t text him the answers to a quiz in History 102 during my freshman year. He was always getting into trouble with bouncers at bars. There were some more guys that made practice squads and stuff, but nobody really noteworthy.


Stefon Diggs is a local, he was well-liked in school, people thought he was nice. His brother Trevon was an unbelievable piece of shit. Self-aggrandizing arrogant fuckhead. No surprises that he went to bama and then dallas. asshole.


Max Unger. Didn't know him well beyond watching him consume a massive amount of food every lunch.


Went to high school with Brian Cushing, and also lived in the same town as him at one point. As a kid, his dad would always be SCREAMING on the sidelines. In high school, he was undersized up until his junior year and then roided over the summer and came back huge and juiced. He was a complete tool in high school, but not a bad person. He owned the football team and basically was so good he could play any position except quarterback. It was great to see him succeed in the NFL but came as no surprise that he was busted multiple times for steroid use.


As someone who lived in Houston and watched the full Texans season of Hard Knocks, can confirm that Cushing is a tool.


I walked into Chipotle one day to the sight of Ryan Kelly with a burrito in each hand eating them like hot pockets. It was impressive.


I went to college with Gronk. He was an absolute asshole to other dudes, made so much noise in class when he was there. Kinda to be expected honestly lol.


Used to work with a guy who tutored Gronk and Foles Gronk- dumb as rocks but amiable Foles- genuinely nice but hokey


Yeah! I forgot about Foles, he was always super nice. He used to hang out at Cheeba Hut just south of the stadium


I love that man


I expected to hear this, but he seems like the friendly likeable asshole, not the douchey kind lol.


Kind of like that one friend you have always had that everyone hates the first time they meet them but over time you grow to like them.


My younger brother played with Minkah freshmen year of high school. Awesome kid. Its a shame i have to hate him now


I went to college and high school with Mo Alie-Cox. We were both in homeroom together and chilled there. We also lived on the same street in college and so we talked a decent amount. Very laid back dude. He was the school's star basketball player and when basketball season ended he just went to the beach for 2 months. We went to a very small private high school in VA so he sort of stood out. We didn't even have a football team so it's hilarious that he plays in the NFL now.


I love Mo and I hope that my Colts use him more this year


Richie Incognito is an absolute piece of shit. He threw a mason jar full of some unknown harsh chemical in a girls face because she told him to stop picking on another student. It wasn't a crime of opportunity, he brought the shit in the next day to do it. He should've been an abortion.


Matt Forte. I was a sophomore in HS when he was a senior. I had one class with him for a week before having to change classes. Seemed like an alright dude but never really interacted with him outside of practice. Being a sophomore and on the o-line we were often holding shields as scout defense and during a blitz pick up drill I was to rush the QB and Matt was to block me. First hit was kinda soft guess he had pity on me. My mouth got the better of me and I said something along the lines of "Come on Matt hit me I got a shield I can take it.". A few plays later in the drill I had to blitz and Matt was supposed to block me. He laid me out and I ended up on my back. Learned a valuable lesson that day. One other thing I distinctly remember about him was at the end of the football seasons we did a team dinner with all the families in attendance and handed out awards to the players in recognition of their accomplishments during the season. The dress code was collard shirt and dress pants Matt always showed in a button down with a tie like he was going to church. Was extremely well poised and practically thanked the whole team individually. I glad he had successful career. Dude put in the work to earn it.


I played for your rival. I wasn’t great but I will never forget the day I got trucked by Matt. Wanted to take my ball and go home


i was a freshman at Briar Woods when Trace McSorely was a senior. he’s a great guy and a family friend of mine and it makes me very very very happy to see him succeeding the way he has been. he’s throwing it on a fucking dime baby. some insider information i have: i asked Trace’s sister if Lamar actually had to go take a shit during the Browns game last season. she said Lamar is “honest to a fault” and he never lies about anything so with that she didn’t think he was going to the bathroom, but she wouldn’t have been surprised if he lied about that one thing lol. less well known guys but Alex Carter and Cam Serigne, both fringe guys who had shots at the league but couldn’t really capitalize, also went to Briar. all of them are really great people. also my cousin played high school ball in Illinois with LaQuon Treadwell. said he was a cool ass dude.


Had a security guard at my middle school who’s kid played football at a nearby high school. He would always brag about how his son was going to play in the nfl one day and even as middle schoolers we knew that was highly unlikely and laughed him off. His son was Reggie Bush


Brandon aiyuk was/is my younger brothers good friend. I've known him since he was just a tiny kid. He was small as hell until like 13-14 years old and then he blew up. Even in the SYFL he was tearin kids up on the field lol


> then he blew up. you mean his arms grew one foot each?


I have no idea how someone at that height 5’11.5” can have almost a similar wingspan to a 6’5’ Megatron. Literally just one inch off. If he were to be an MMA fighter it’d literally be unfair because he’s athletic, has a huge reach and his body is just built for boxing and BJJ.


I bought weed from a dude who ended up on the Cardinals practice squad for a year or two. Friend was like "that dude gunna be in the NFL". This was Wesley college in 2007. I forget his name.


My co-workers brother played with Ray Rice. He said 90% of the offense was just giving Rice the ball. He said it was like a grown man playing football amongst children. If he only got 200 yards per game it was a major defensive victory.


My first year in college, thanksgiving break a classmate held a high school reunion party. Julian Edelman was there (he went to a neighboring HS) and my friend accidentally bumped into him. He immediately wanted to fight my friend while repeating, “I’m the quarterback of Kent State!”. Keep in mind this is a preppy HS and no one has ever fought, so of course the host kicks him and his other friends out of the party. While leaving he just continues to repeat the same statement over and over. Years later in our fantasy draft, someone picks Edelman, and my friend immediately types, “Lol, that’s the guy who tried to fight Andrew”. Wish I was the one who picked him in fantasy in hindsight...


Yeah, Im pretty good friends with Andy Isabella. Senior year AP calc with that clown, I will never forget 😂


Mayfield Heights right?


My college roommate played high school ball against Darren Sproles. Said he was the shiftiest dude he’s ever seen. Multiple 50+ yard TD runs each game without being touched. My friend said he was never cocky about it, Barry-Sanders like when it came to scoring. Just gave the ball right to the ref. Probably got bored scoring after a while. https://youtu.be/8RTXuBMmm0w From his wiki: Throughout his high school career, Sproles rushed for 5,230 yards, averaging nearly 8.4 yards per carry and 79 touchdowns.


Richard Rodgers, he was 2 years younger so I didn't know him that well. Seemed kinda cocky and not the brightest, but decent guy. Star basketball player and pitcher too.


Grew up with Luke Farrell, the tight end the Jags just drafted. He’s a great guy. I know Jags fans weren’t thrilled about the pick but I’m guessing that will change. Brandon Staley went to my high school. Never met him personally but he’s pretty highly thought of. I have quite a few mutual friends with Trubisky including his backup QB in high school. I’ve never heard anything but great things about him. Sucks it didn’t work out for him but he still has a pretty nice life.


I went to high school with a lot of college players and was friends with many. They were super cool to be around. I went to a high school that played against Lorenzo Taliafero and he dated my friends sister after the NFL. Apparently he was really cool to see around bars. Very quiet, shy, and humble dude. I used to see Kendall Fuller around time all the time and talk to him in college. He was very down to earth and humble. He was just a gracious and kind person.