[Klis] Sean Payton said there was a gambling policy packet distributed to team a week or so ago with 20-minute video presentation. #9sports

Clippy about to save the whole league from suspension


Clippy about to save the whole league from suspension


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Sounds like that would be a suspension anyway, at least if you traveled with the team for something.




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Terry Bradshaw spoke to the Detroit Lions this morning and informed them they are not welcomed to win his money on the Fox Sports Bet App.


1) Don't gamble illegally, at all 2) Don't gamble on anything related to the NFL, at all 3) Don't gamble in the workplace, or while working, at all 3a) "In the workplace" includes *, practice facility, stadium, team hotel, Draft or other League or club event* and *on any League or club charter or other transport* 3b) "While working" includes *while traveling on club or League business; or while making an endorsement or promotional appearance* 4) Legal, non-sports gambling during personal time (*i.e.* not *while working or in the workplace; see 3a and 3b*) is allowed, except for entering sportsbooks. 5) Bets that do not include money or things of value are allowed 6) Season-long Fantasy Football is allowed, provided the prize is worth $250 or less. Daily and Short-duration Fantasy is not allowed. Outside of endorsement deals and business ownership, that's pretty much what you need to know as a player, and it took me <15 minutes to type that out.


1) Don't promote (or license your image to promote) any gambling business etc, *unless* the promotion is *specifically and clearly* promoting non-gambling goods or services (i.e. hotels, restaurants, performances, etc) and isn't physically in a physical location primarily used for gambling. 2) Don't work for, own, or operate any gambling business, unless 2a) the ownership is via a passive mutual or index fund *or* 2b) the company is publicly traded, its primary business is something other than gambling, your ownership stake is a trivial share of the company's outstanding shares, and your ownership stake doesn't grant you a role at the company or access to non-public information 3) don't accept any comped benefits from a gambling business in excess of $250 4) don't "maintain social, business and/or personal relationships with persons generally known to be professional or problem sports gamblers, in a manner that discredits the reputation of the NFL, NFL Players or the game" 5) Report any gambling debt in excess of $10,000 to the NFL Security Department at (800) NFL-1099 That's it! Took another 10 minutes to read and type out. Feels like a five minute in-person explanation followed by an open question-and-answer session with someone from the club's legal department to clarify anything players might me confused about would be more useful than a 20 minute PowerPoint deck.


Step 1: Ask your agent if you can do X thing Step 2: If the agent says no, don’t do it. If the agent says yes, go ahead. If the agent doesn’t know, get a lawyer. Step 2b: Listen to the lawyer if necessary


Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does


Players are really having a tough time wrapping their heads around "don't bet on your team, don't bet in the facility/on company time" thing, aye?


Is mayonnaise betting on your team?


No, Patrick




Horseradish is not betting on your team either


apparently jamo was in the team hotel when he placed the bet not in a facility and still wasn’t on an nfl game


Yeah but both “in the team hotel” and “while traveling on club or League business” are explicitly mentioned as places and times you can’t gamble, so


Yeah but normal people on business trips are a little more casual in their hotel room than in an office. It doesn’t feel the same as being at work when you’re on your own in a hotel room


Many employers still expect you to follow a code of conduct while on business trips


I would never watch porn in the office. You bet I’d have no issue watching porn while alone in my hotel room while on a work trip. Like I get the rules are the rules, but it still seems a bit unintuitive.


I agree with you. The thing we need to remember is this is the NFL and these players are being watched 24/7 whether they like it or not. They’re being watched by fans,NFL sponsors and others in a BILLION dollar industry. I’m not surprised that the NFL is trying to be as scummy as possible with the way these rules are written to cover their ass and not the players.


yeah, but when a policy *explicitly mentions* that something's prohibited when traveling with the team and in the hotel, is it really a surprise when people get punished for doing that thing while in the hotel while traveling with the team?


Company dime, company time. Seems pretty straight forward to me.


So if you bring your wife on a business trip she has to stay in a separate hotel room so nothing inappropriate happens?


They can stay in the same room, but what positions are allowed are written into the players contract


Rookie contracts still dont allow anal. For obvious reasons


Yes and no non work activities either, cell phone stays locked in the safe so you aren’t wasting time on their dime.


Is it in their contract to not do certain things? I would assume if my wife started ripping lines of coke, yes, I would be responsible for any fallout. Being under contract to not do something on company time isn't hard to understand. And player contracts are not only for the 17 games - whataboutism to general employment isn't applicable at all.


Of course it is. If I am staying in a hotel room, I have an expectation of privacy regardless of who is paying for it.


Are you at home: * No: Don’t bet. * Yes: Next question Are you betting on the NFL: * Yes: Don’t bet. * No: Go for it


I think the best solution for these guys would be just to get a second cell phone that they leave at home and do their bets on if they really have to bet. Simple.


Theve already caught some people using different phones registered to people other than themselves, due to location tracking so that won't always work


They really should just stick to betting on the ponies.


Betting on horses in a Calgary hotel room would get you suspended if you were there on team business


Well most left college early so they didn’t get a chance to learn that lesson


Also to be fair a good chunk of these guys wouldn’t have gotten into college if it were for football in the first place


If they had attended classes in college they may have been able to sharpen up on critical thinking & reasoning.


I honestly think that some players just don't realize the implication that they could be incentivized to play a certain way if they bet on football games, especially ones they play.


Broncos country, let’s not ride to the casinos


I will ride to the casino on my horse if I damn well want to u/cc20r - Calvin Ridley


I find it weird how many people on Reddit I’ve seen defend players when they bet on games that aren’t their teams but get suspended a year like Calvin Ridley. Yet everyone knows how bad insider trading is. These players have access to way more information than any normal person. They probably have friends on every team that they chat with. They have an unfair advantage even if it isn’t their team, which is why they’re not allowed to bet. It’s basically insider trading.


Because were comparing it to other suspensions. Having inside knowledge to bet on games isn’t illegal like insider trading. I do agree it’s similar and gives them an advantage but the punishment just doesn’t add up to me. Calvin Ridley: betting on his team to win when he wasn’t even playing is a year long suspension. He had inside information and that gave him an advantage. Deshaun Watson: sexually harassed 4 women (I know it’s likely more and likely more than just harassed, but I’m just basing it on the report) is 11 games. PED suspension thag affects the integrity of the game: 6 games. Greg Hardy: beat the shit out of his girlfriend. 10 games. The list goes on. So yes, it gives them an advantage. But with insider trading, these guys are making millions. These players are getting caught betting a relatively small amount. And even then, it may be immoral but it isn’t illegal. And yes the punishment is clearly defined. I just think the suspensions are way too harsh when compared to other suspensions that have done way worse things.


I get that, but I also think it's that some things are more directly in the purview of the league. If I go to chess tournaments and get a ban for cheating, but then I rob a liquor store and the chess club doesn't punish me, that isn't them saying "cheating in a game is worse than robbery", it's them acknowledging they are not the police or the courts.


Yeah and I totally agree with that. PED's for example affect the integrity of the game while beating the shit out of a man or woman does not. But here's the thing, Ridley did not cheat. He bet on a game he wasn't playing in. PED's for example have a direct effect on the integrity of the game. Betting when you're not even playing does not.


>Yeah and I totally agree with that. PED's for example affect the integrity of the game while beating the shit out of a man or woman does not. Haha how do you type that out without pausing for a second like hmm wait a min? I understand the point you're making but just reading the words and thinking about their meanings it's a ridiculous thing to say that a company can have employees on staff that assault , rape, and murder people, yet to most that doesn't affect the "integrity" of the game. We are in the worst timeline.


It was in response to OP. I used to have the opposite view and say I don't give a fuck, some things are beyond football. But then I realized, it's a slippery slope. It's not an issue with the NFL, it's an issue with the criminal justice system. If the criminal justice system didn't have enough to convict or gave them a slap on the wrist, I don't see how the NFL can determine they were wrong. That opens a whole can of worms. A recent example is Matt Araiza. Most thought he was guilty. Imagine if he was years into his career when that unfolded and the NFL suspended him. With that said though, guys like Watson and Hardy still violated NFL rules. So I agree with you as well, this is a shitty timeline. But in the shoes of company's like the NFL? It's just all around a slippery slope.


I definitely understand that approach. I have just found it amusing in all of these threads about gambling seeing so many talk about the integrity of the league like they don't know what the word means or something. Feel like I'm taking crazy pills ha. But yeah in a very laser focused way, I agree, the league is doing what's in their right. It just doesn't sit well with me is all. And for the record I also agree, it would be wonderful if we approached crime from a systemic point of view vs a case by case personal attack. We're not there unfortunately though. Maybe some day.


Yeah for sure. I was even using guys like Watson and Hardy as an example as to why Ridley’s was too harsh.


"Haha how do you type that out without pausing for a second" Because they're talking about the integrity of the GAME, and you're talking about the integrity of the NFL. The GAME has rules and goals unaffected by the morality of those involved in it. I think Watson doesn't belong in the NFL, because he's a serial rapist. Feel like that's a stain on the shield. But do his actions lead to a tangible effect on any NFL game? Outside of being suspended for some of them, they don't. However, players being involved in gambling on NFL games can absolutely have that effect, because they may take different actions based on what either they or their buddies gambled. Its why it gets referred to as an existential threat; Watson is an embarrassment to the league, but players fixing games would actually kill the league. For all the things that people say "That's it, I'm done with the NFL", people will actually be done with the NFL if they don't have faith in the game they are watching. So the NFL is justified in taking a disproportionate retribution against it.


>Deshaun Watson: sexually harassed 4 women (I know it’s likely more and likely more than just harassed, but I’m just basing it on the report) is 11 games. Sexual assault, not harassment. Here's an extract from [the report](https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/08/01/sports/football/deshaun-watson-suspension-decision.html): >I, therefore, find that the NFL has carried its burden to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Mr. Watson engaged in sexual assault (as defined by the NFL) against the four therapists identifed in the Report. Mr. Watson violated the Policy in this regard The sexual assault being unwanted sexual contact with another person by intentionally causing them to touch his erect penis. Here's the "as defined by the NFL" part: >As noted above, the conduct of "sexual assault" is not defined in the CBA, the Policy, or the Report. On behalf of the NFL, one of its investigators defined the term at the evidentiary hearing as the "unwanted sexual contact with another person.'' The NFL contends that Mr. Watson committed sexual assault by allegedly "touching [his] penis to the women without their consent:" 16 As it is the NFL's prerogative to impose the Policy on its players, I am bound to accept the NFL's definition of sexual assault. Therefore, it is the NFL's burden to prove that it is more likely true than not that: (1) Mr. Watson intended to cause contact with his penis; (2) he did so for a sexual purpose; and (3) he knew that such contact was unwanted.


Thanks, I thought it was harassment for some reason since I remember them saying it was non violent…how the fuck can you sexually assault someone non violently.


I totally get that, I also found that description and many other things about the whole process kinda baffling.


It is illegal in many states to bet on sports with inside info. https://www.vanderbilt.edu/jetlaw/2023/01/09/fixing-mma-the-ongoing-insider-betting-scandal/#:~:text=In%20a%20letter%20to%20their,to%20prevent%20such%20insider%20betting.


That's not true. All that says is the UFC stated that. If you keep reading, it says "Many states have implemented regulations with most being designed to require the sportsbooks trying to prevent such insider betting". > However, this incident demonstrates the need for states, or the federal government, to explicitly make it illegal for those in possession of insider information to bet on that event punishable by fine or imprisonment instead of solely requiring the sportsbooks to try and prevent these wagers. Such legislation had previously been sponsored by Senators Hatch and Schumer, but this failed to get through the Senate Judiciary Committee. The whole point of that article is to say that it should be illegal. Instead of making it explicitly illegal, they're trying to make sportsbook prevent the bets from even happening.


Free Jamo


Fanduel hitting the NFL like crack in the 80s


I love all of the people saying “all the players need to know is…” like they know the employee handbook at their job front to back. I don’t know how big of an issue this will turn out to be, but if a significant portion of your employees don’t know a significant rule then that’s an onboarding/training issue. If it’s just a handful of guys across the league then that’s on them.


If you are living a once in a lifetime job getting paid a handsome amount of money - and all they are asking you to do is “do not gamble during the season” - how is this hard?


"No packet, however, was distributed addressing bounties"...


This gambling policy is the just the new weed test, except the punishment is a lot harsher.


The league trying to cover their ass now. They didn’t clearly communicate the rules and now they have a growing disaster where tons of players committed minor infractions.


I realllly hope the raiders aren’t involved. If there’s one good thing about Mcdaniels it’s that I feel like he’s the most disciplined coach we’ve had in a while. And yes I know we had a lot of penalties.


The funny thing is the raiders facilities are literally right across the highway from the strip, I could definitely see players there getting in trouble


20 minutes seems excessive..


This video presentation brought to you by Draft kings, no enjoy this information video.


What’s with the hashtag?


Seems like nerds in suits thought about what kind of presentation would work for them. And then decided dudes who bash their heads and bodies against other people will definitely read this PowerPoint


"Coach what's this link with the affiliate code?"


Why would this be needed?? I thought the rules were crystal clear!!!!


They are, there’s just a higher concentration of idiots in the NFL/pro sports and teams seeing/hearing how their players aren’t following basic instructions are doubling down to make sure they don’t screw up. They still will, but that’s just because, like I said, they are a bunch of idiots.


what part of it is not clear


Well obviously the part where it seems multiple players have seemingly been caught to the degree that they needed to send out this package. Being part of the group with a bunch of players already suspended as well, it's a little annoying. I'm not saying that it is some grand conspiracy, just that it is annoying.


that doesn't really answer my question; what part of the rules isn't clear


Guess you'll have to live with it then, cus idk what you are missing when im pointing out that maybe something is a little unclear if multiple players are fucking getting caught for that shit. I'm not speedhawk, I'm not in the fucking league. I'm a fan that's annoyed with the situation. So please let me be annoyed. Thanks.


oh i mean of course you're allowed to be annoyed, but i don't know how you can make >"NFL Personnel shall not engage in any form of Gambling in any [...] team hotel [or] while traveling on club or League business" any *clear*er, you know? the fact that guys are getting in trouble doesn't necessarily mean the rules are unclear. plenty of guys got popped for weed when that was still being punished more stringently, was that because "don't smoke weed" wasn't clear enough?


Well im not the one struggling to understand it either it's the players. I'm like just a guy my dude. Maybe they should like lead with that shit in the handbook and with like bolded letters, maybe some highlights.


i mean the policy's like [five pages long](https://nflpaweb.blob.core.windows.net/website/Departments/Player-Affairs/Gambling-Policy.pdf). it's written in very clear english. i read and summarized it in this thread in less time than this 20 minute presentation.


The fact that it took like five iterations of the story before we even figured out exactly which rule Jamo broke implies that this maybe isn't super simple after all.


*shrug idk* I think the wording linked by jfgiv is somewhat clear. Unless they are like misunderstanding what NFL personnel means. It's just annoying in the end and I'm just bitching cus i feel like bitching.


They are.


Did he say anything about bounties?


Give them the rules after the punishment, makes sense only to the NFL




Whew! I was worried that gambling education video would be late.


Did it have the week one spreads??


15 seconds max…don’t gamble you fn morons