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Fun back and forth but them edits made me take a shot or two of bleach.


Yeah I thought this was recent but those edits scream late 2000s early 2010s. Really distracted me from following their conversation


What conversation?


The bit of dialogue in between the Jackie Chan Rush hour clips


It's like when you were between two channels so it kept going back and forth


Yeah I thought I was watching rush hour


Yeah It really is a lot worse than I thought it would be


Agreed. I was looking forward to actually hearing them discuss it, but all the edits made it hard to follow what the actual conversation was because it just kept jumping around so much.


This is the network television equivalent of sludge TikTok content, I guess


edits ruined a funny video


Next week on ESPN: Roger Goodell and Jim Irsay break down Deflategate.


And I break down, mentally


I’m sure winning the Super Bowl that year made it all better.


You’re absolutely right. One of my fondest football memories is watching Goodell have to honor Brady as SB MVP at the end of that year.


And then winning the Super Bowl again in the season Brady got suspended for it. Deflategate was all BS but kinda hard to complain about it looking back


Losing those picks, particularly the 2016 1st rounder, sucked tbf.


Why? You guys have hit on 1 first rd pick the last decade. Chances are pretty good it would have been somebody like Kevin Dodd. That's like me getting upset over us trading picks for Adams. Is that a smart way to rebuild? No, but it's not like those picks were gonna turn out anyway.


At that point in time, the Patriots had drafted in the first round Donta Hightower, Chandler Jones, Nate Solder, and Devin McCourty all within the previous 6 years. All of those guys were very important pieces in multiple championship runs. Edit: and Sony Michel in 2018 ended up being a vital part of their final SB run


We’ll gladly take advantage of the buyer’s remorse, ship him home pls


Maybe so but I still think it's reasonable to be upset about losing a 1st and a 4th b/c of the ideal gas law.


> Deflategate was all BS Yup, according to the deflator it was all on the up-and-up


[Roger that](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mtgrq_ilOg&t=1s).


Who is going to do Spygate?


Matt Walsh and Eric Mangini.


Well they could use the work


Instant classic with mangenius


Dont forget Rex Ryan! He loves bringing that up.


I'd be hard pressed to find any Colts fan who through we had a chance in that game REGUARDLESS of the football inflation level. They played like shit and got beat. Take the L and move on, bro.


The most annoying time in the NFL. Team gets blown out, starts crying about minute percentages of air in or not in a ball.


With special guest John Harbaugh


I low-key kind of like the "you turned it into a pass by hitting me" argument.


Yeah that was a good way of explaining it.


I thought that was a joke. Can you explain the logic so I understand?


A pass normally needs to leave the throwers hand. Since there was forward movement on the arm when the person hit Brady, it's assumed that was a pass attempt. So when the person hit him it was assumed to be a pass. If he was pulling it back in, it would have been assumed to be an attempt to retain the ball.


That's actually the most logic I've seen in favor of the incomplete pass call.




He literally says in this video that his intention was to bring the ball back to his body


He's been saying for years he wasn't going to pass the ball The hit came before Brady could pull the ball back in, so "the hit made him pass"


Idk to me it seems like he definitely stopped swinging his arm and started pulling in for less than a second before he gets hit


That's why they got rid of the tuck rule. It was hard to tell when the ball was back into the body (fumble) vs part of the throwing motion, which previously wasn't just limited to throwing arm moving forward (incomplete pass). Dumb rule. But the rule was applied correctly for the situation


Tom now owns us on and off the field.


Truly the dankest timeline.


Tom Brady literally owns the Raiders. Feelsbadman


[Reminder that the only reason Bill knew to argue this call was because it was called against the Patriots that season. ](https://youtu.be/aLinvznUn6c)


Ironically the Patriots had something similar happen against them in Brady's last season. Week 7 the Patriots [exploited a playclock loophole ](https://youtu.be/ipsxeWIZnYY) against the Jets in a blowout. Many people thought it was just to bring awareness to a broken rule. In the playoffs [Vrabel and the Titans shoved it down their throat to help win the game](https://youtu.be/M83HvDYxCpo).


When Vrabel left he was but a learner


That's the Romo I liked. What the heck happened?


Like everything else that becomes popular people think they need change 42 small things to "make it more accessible" which then destroys what made it special/good.


I have no clue what you are talking about. Tony Romo today sounds like the only football he watches is the football in front of him. Tony Romo then sounds like he studies film.


What did these rules have to do with accessibility?


>That's the Romo I liked. What the heck happened? They were talking about Romo's commentary being good then, but not anymore. Hence my response to their comment.


He got Flanderized


That vrabel thing was way overhyped. It wasn't the same situation and it could have backfired real bad had the Patriots scored and he has to answer why he wasted that time.


I can watch BB get his own shit thrown in his face all day. Thanks for that


I’m sure he sobs into his eight Super Bowl rings thinking about it




Oh, and the ninth ring for breaking Jets fans.


I can watch the Chargers be the Chargers for the rest of my life In fact, I think that's realistic


Thank goodness you dont get paid to think


You’re not good at zingers


He's no Howlin' Mad Murphy that's for sure


I didnt make a zinger


> I didnt make a zinger I know that’s the problem


Person A- makes bad joke Person B- "that wasn't funny" Person A- "WELLL I GUESS I SUCEEDED CAUSE I WASN'T TRYING TO BE FUNNY!!!!" Person B- .....


Phil simms actually says during the broadcast that he thought it might get overturned based on how they called the play. It’s more dramatic to act like it was this insane shocking call to everyone, but it was really more like one of those situations where casual fans think it’s a fumble and people who arch a ton of football were probably like “uh oh I’ve seen how they call this” Kinda like those survive-the-ground catches where most people think it looks like a catch but there’s always a few people in the room who are like “I’m telling you that’s gunna be incomplete”


I think the big difference is Brady had the ball knocked out of his hand. Jets QB just lost the ball on the pump before he could tuck, which seems like a much more honest implementation of the tuck rule.


Thanks again Jets


Brady doesn’t even believe it was an incomplete pass


it honestly reminds me of a soccer tournament where the other team scored and one of my teammates convinced the ref that the ball went in through the side of the net. literally everyone knew it was a legit goal, on both teams. but somehow the ref accepted it. we still lost like 5-0 but it's one of my favorite memories anyways, just the audacity of it.


Of course he doesn't he realizes it's a bullshit rule but rules are rules and it hurt him a few games before against the jets so everyone got to see the rule in action


In fact, no. Per the rules, yes. What the rules said at the time is vastly different than what happened in actuality.


Yea I mean it was a bad and unintuitive rule lol it took them way too long to change it (it lasted like 7 or 8 years after this)


yeah he does.




The charisma with these two is so great


Hard to tell with the video being cut up with a funny clip every 3 seconds. I'd like to see this clip without all that bs




I think you can find the whole thing on Hulu. I watched it not that long ago and it’s a short, entertaining watch.


When they started wrestling on the couch i had to do some untucking of my own if you know what I mean.


I like how Brady seems to suddenly remember they are on camera and pulls back from the sexy tickle fight he clearly had in mind.


Big Michigan men slapping meat


Glad Woodson ended up with a ring, even if it was for the Packers. 2 teammates at Michigan who ended up being elite at their positions in the NFL, always will be connected with the Tuck rule.


That's sacrilegious with that flair, you dirty dog you.


I don’t, please elaborate.


good for woodson being able to laugh about it now


Easer to laugh when he got his ring with the Packers I bet


bigger man than I


Tom Brady tucks.


Justin Tucks too!


Yup, tucks in the ball from 60 yards out every Sunday, no bedtime stories


Both of them


That guy tucks


As a huge Brady and Woodson fan this is *hilarious*! I think it was a fumble, clearly Tom does too lol


It is and always has been karmic retribution for the *Phantom Roughing the Passer* call.


Kenny Stabler always seemed to roll a 20 when things looked dire.


It's an old reference but it checks out.


At what point does it stop being a tuck? Tom had two hands on the ball and his arm stopped moving forward. If you do a pump fake during your drop back, is it now impossible to fumble unless you bring your arm up to pass again??


>NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2. When [an offensive] player is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his arm starts a forward pass, ***even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body***. Also, if the player has tucked the ball into his body and then loses possession, it is a fumble. Tom clearly lost possession before getting 2 hands on the ball as his arm was still moving forward. It's a dumb rule they got rid of but it was called correctly based on the rule.


Why did this even become a rule? What a weird thing to come up with. Was there an incident in a previous season that caused them to write this in?


Started in 1999 and after the tuck rule game in 2001 season the NFL quickly got rid of the rule...in 2013. I don't remember the specific play, but rules like this usually are derived from some random play. Like I am sure in 1997 or 1998 a QB was starting to throw, then lost control mid throw and the refs were stuck like..."Shit, was that a fumble or a pass? he was kind of throwing the ball, but sort of stopping his motion...but it came out kind of like a pass, but it only went like 3 yards...but no one hit him....~~TD seahawks????~~"


Yea I bet there was some situation where they were like “well let’s just remove all ambiguity and call it incomplete” And then obviously in hindsight you removed ambiguity and also made the result of the play seem completely wrong lol


If I had to guess it was to remove the gray area if the ball was being tucked or not.


His left hand touched the ball before the hit.


Definitely does, but it looked like he didn’t actually bring it back to his torso, hence the rule coming into effect. Glad they abolished it awhile later though.


That doesn't matter at all. He clearly didn't have possession with both hands.


And Woodson hit Brady in the head during the chop, which should have been roughing the passer (first down + 15 yards). So the refs accidentally got the call right-ish.


Yea. that was never going to be called in the early 2000s


Yes it was. [It was literally a point of emphasis rule change for 2001.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_NFL_season#Major_rule_changes) See [also](https://matref0.tripod.com/steelerfury/NFLRULESFAVOR.pdf) But hey...never let the facts get in the way of a good story, right?


If they called that roughing the passer and not a tuck rule, it would have still gone down as a controversial call.


Nah. It was blatant. Sure, maybe teams/fans might whine and complain like they did about the illegal contact a point of emphasis in 2003/2004...so they might have done complained like, "Why are they calling that now!!!!" But it wouldn't be controversial like the Fail Mary (or the tuck rule for some people who choose to make their own interpretation of what it means for a ball to be tucked back into their body)


Ok so the title is misleading and that video was useless. Cute to see Brady and woodson having some fun, but that didn't break down anything.


Bruh what was point pf those rush hour edits


Charles Woodson is the greatest Packer of all time.


Over HaHa Clinton-Dix?? Please…


Tony Mandarich would like to have a word.


Here comes Brett Favre with a lawsuit from the top rope!


He may have replaced Don Majkowski on the field, but not in the hearts of true Pack fans. They loved watching the Majik man play in their home stadium in Milwaukee.


By gawd that’s Reggie White’s music!!!


Over Gilbert (Oh Lawd He Comin’) Brown?? Please…


"But the Vaccine" and "spreads misinformation" aren't football arguments so no he's not


This edit is trash lol




Many comments on here but I know what we are all trying to say: “I wish I was Tom Brady.”


who tf edited this and thought it was okay


Damn it Tom stop making me like you!


I like this kind of things. Brady on fox will be a very watchable experience imo


Would have been better without random movie clips spliced in


Perhaps the greatest football example of a terrible rule enforced properly.


This is the rare case where the refs got it right but the rule was wrong.


I remember watching that game and then and now I thought the Raiders got royally screwed. Even by the words of the ridiculous tuck rule it was by no means clear that Brady's arm had not stopped moving forward when the ball came out, meaning the replay was inconclusive. And the call on the field was a fumble so in my opinion that should have stood. But I thought this episode was a disappointment because while Brady had imo the proper light hearted attitude about it, Woodson was too churlish. Yeah I know it is harder for the guy who got screwed to be light-hearted about something. But my man it's been 22 years.


Woodson got his Super Bowl, just not with the Raiders.


What’s the statute of limitations on churlishness? CC: Lions fans


Churlish is my second favorite NFL player behind Insubordinah-TAY [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFABkCgSaHw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFABkCgSaHw)


Churlish (adj) - rude in a mean-spirited and surly way. TIL


Thank you. Saved me the hard work of Googling it lol


I believe Ay Ay RON and Bahlocky were being churlish.


Eh, I thought Woodson was just acting like any former top competitor would. He didn’t seem too bad. You made a pretty big point that it’s easier for the dude who wasn’t screwed, and also won tons of rings.


There are times when maintaining that grudge is important. To this day, the 1972 US Olympic basketball team refuse to accept their silver medals after they got screwed by Soviet administrators. Some of the players have written into their wills asking their descendants not to accept the medals.


So what if it’s been 22 years. Like Commander Taggart once said “Never give up never surrender”.


Nah Woodson is just getting his jokes in on Tom. Probably continuing banter they started in the Michigan days. He's hilarious in the documentary, definitely both guys showed their sense of humor.


The "Tuck rule" didn't specify that the ball had to continue forward though. The rule just stated that once the forward motion has started any loss of possession is considered a forward pass even if the QB is attempting to tuck the ball towards their body. It does not state that the "tuck" has to continue in the forward direction. Technically by the rules at the time, I still think the right call was probably made, a forward motion was started, and then Brady was brining the ball back towards his body when he fumbled. I do agree though that its a stupidly written rule, and should be considered a fumble otherwise


I guess I have always made that inference about the arm going forward/stopping. Otherwise, what if a QB pump fakes, makes the arm go forward in a passing motion, but then never tucks it back in to his body? Like say Mike Vick used to do when he was scrambling around in the backfield? Then IMO it follows that any QB could inoculate himself from "legally" fumbling the ball by just making that forward pump motion and then resetting to throw. Even if he gets hit and fumbles three seconds later, by the letter of the rule IMO it wouldn't be a fumble, because that pump fake never was "ended" by the ball being tucked back in to the body, which IMO would make no sense. So IMO, for this nonsensical rule to make any sense at all, the point where the tuck rule ceases to protect the QB has to be when the initial "throwing" motion stops, either because he has tucked it in to his body to run - or otherwise.


Oh yeah I agree, that's what the rule should be and why they changed it to say the following after the tuck rule was repealed "If the player loses possession of the ball during an attempt to bring it back toward his body, or if the player loses possession after he has tucked the ball into his body, it is a fumble." However this is probably a difference of rules as written vs. rules as intended. Rules as written that was a fumble (at the time), he lost possession bringing the ball back to his body after starting a forward passing motion (previous tuck rule). Nothing in the written rule states that the forward motion needs to continue through the tuck.




As an OSU guy, these two are michigan guys that are so hard to hate.


The tuck rule? Man, the NFL is really embracing pride month, huh?


I know they're both Michigan and in hindsight from the same time period but I never realized they were teammates


Love this


100% a fumble.


I maintain it was the right call, just an awful rule.


That shit was a fumble.


The amount of battles over the internet with raiders fans online… my goodness. Glad we won the SB that year but I wasted so much time doing that. Meh I was young


Stupid fucking rule but it was a rule for what 13 years? At least 2001 to 2013. edit: 1999 to 2013. So 14 years


The Patriots cheated and shouldn’t have won at least 3 Super Bowls. What else is new?


Rigged call. The U.S. needed to have a team “Patriots” when for American morale, is what the NFL and Govt thought. And this gave birth to Attire era. Brady was great but 2 of those titles do not happen without their Defense


That was a clear fumble! The NFL went into cheat mode for the patriots from that point. SMH


Loved that it happened to the raiders


It doesn't change the fact that the Raiders just stopped playing defense after that play. Prior to that play the Pats had scored 3 points. They scored 13 points after it. If their D played as hard after that play as they did before, they win that game.


The passing motion made it a pass, and it’s hard for a ref to argue where the release point should / shouldn’t be. So I get the call But I think at the point where his other hand touched the ball, any “pass” semantics are over.


Damn so how many TB SB Rings are BS then? I’m counting two so far


Brady admits fumble, NFL?? Take away and give title to NFC or no champs at all. I hate you NFL and you keep losing fans for stuff like this


Fumble *checks notes* (It was Tom Brady) Incomplete pass!


The NFL turned one of the most GARBAGE franchises into a dynasty simply because their name is the PATRIOTS and we were attacked. Government propaganda thru the NFL


Even his wife left him because the facade was over and she needed a REAL MAN not a LIAR




He did.




I miss those N if L shorts. Would he have ever gained the momentum and traction to keep winning years later or was this a specific domino of history?


my favourite Brady rings are the 4th and the 7th. The 5th one was also low key cool


Awesome content


It was a f’n fumble


Will not watch


I thought Brady showed some humility at the end when they’re playing pool. Saying if they don’t win that game, he doesn’t see himself starting the next year because of how poorly he read the defense on that play


It was wrong then and it's wrong now.