Henry Ruggs


Also Rae Carruth


Can't believe that POS got out in under 20 years and tried to get custody of the boy he tried to have killed. God bless that saint of a grandmother of his for raising him to the absolute best of her ability. Seriously every pic I've seen of him, he has a massive smile on his face despite the terrible hand he was dealt by his father


His father is an absolute and complete scumbag who tried to end of the life of his girlfriend and her unborn kid. Carruth may have killed his partner, but her son's life didn't end that day. It had only just begun. Despite suffering massive brain damage and cerebral palsy due to the nature of his birth, Chancellor Lee Adams was and is still able to live an incredibly fulfilling life, even graduating from high school. I hope that Adams continues to live his life to the fullest. Just to show to the whole world how much Carruth has failed, failed as a partner, failed as a father, failed as an athlete, and failed as a person.


Absolutely agree. Chancellor is a king and deserves only the best for himself and his grandma


Oooh true, that guy needs to be behind bars for the rest of his days honestly.


i mean not the rest of his days…one mistake shouldn’t arrest your life


I mean does the innocent woman who burned alive in her car get a second chance?


Young, dumb, and after a life of poverty super wealthy and then got hammered and go and unintentionally kill someone. I don’t think he deserves life behind bars either unless obviously it was proven intentional. Regardless, drinking and driving definitely deserves time and when you take a life you gotta pay the toll. Definitely not a life sentence though given the circumstances imo. Dude was basically a kid fresh out of college. He’s going to have to live the rest of his life with that weight on his shoulders. His career was killed before it even fully began with no door back in and that dream went away because of very stupid decisions.


When you get behind the wheel drunk and drive 140 mph down a residential road. You didn’t unintentionally kill some one.


by definition he unintentionally killed someone


Oh come the fuck on. Like we all agree that harsh prison sentences don't help anyone until suddenly you have a specific case in front of you and then suddenly all of reddit is like "and throw away the key!!!" Give me a fucking break, he's a kid who made a horrible mistake, lost literal generational wealth, and will spend a significant portion of the prime of his life in jail. If you want a super harsh sentence past that, you're a sadistic pos honestly. America needs to get over this "throw away the key" mindset, it's toxic af


You know who doesn’t get to spend a significant portion of the prime of their life? That young girl just driving back home from walking her dog. The person your responding too didn’t even say how long he should spend in prison, just that “unintentional” isn’t blowing .20 going 140 in a residential. Also, lost literal generational wealth doesn’t mean fucking shit when that family lost a literal generation.


An eye for an eye is not a healthy way to punish people.


I dont think anyone suggested a death sentence


I was just responding to the unintentional part, I said nothing about the sentence. He should get the appropriate time. Edit: did this motherfucker report me for suicidal thoughts. Lol 😂


Idiotic take


Except legally he did. If you point a gun at someone and empty the clip into them, you clearly intentionally murdered them. But Ruggs wasn't speeding like that intending to harm anyone, he recklessly manifested extreme indifference to the value of human life, which is second degree murder. I'm unaware if that jurisdiction has a felony murder statute (you are criminally liable for any deaths that result from your commission of a felony) but he could also be charged under that. It very clearly does not meet the purposeful and premeditated standard that first degree murder requires however


big "mistakes" require big consequences. Even if you were joking (not that you should) this piece of crap didn't make a mistake. They tried to kill innocent people.


i’m sure he wasn’t consciously trying to kill people


Speeding like he was isn't new. There was a report he did it many times before. So to me that says he didn't care if he injured or killed someone else.


Not caring about the wellbeing of others isn't the same as trying to kill them.




Yep. Take away someone else's ability to have a life and yours should be forfeit.


I agree if it’s murder in the first degree. While what he did was wrong and should have consequences, the whole point of going to jail is rehabilitation so you can contribute to society once you are deemed not a threat to it anymore. He was a dumb kid who made a dumb mistake and it resulted in a loss of life, do we really need to lose another in the process in the case of Hernys. Going to prison shouldn’t just be about punishment and I think people forget that sometimes because they have that “eye for an eye” mentality.


It’s 2023. Every one needs a reason to hrs. Their pitch forks and complain about something. In this day and age, we aren’t allowed to make mistakes. The growth of the internet and social media has made it so that ppl can continue to bring up the mistakes you made in your past, no matter how much you’ve grown from those mishaps. It’s BS, but it’s the world we live in now 🤷🏾‍♂️


All depends on how he responds to this situation, repentance is something everyone deserves if they show remorse


I agree with you but it would have to be like 15 years right? I hate guessing but what do you think?


He'll probably get 5-20 at the most.


how many years would it take you?


How old is too old to ever drive again? That long. Earlier if self driving cars become standard I guess. But this man cannot be entrusted to have a vehicle without recklessly endangering the rest of society.


well i don’t agree with your punishment but I understand


It should if you kill somebody


That O-lineman that the Titans took in the first round a couple years ago fizzled out instantly


Ahhh yes.... Isaiah Wilson. Played less than 5 snaps iirc and got flattened on two of them. From 1st round pick to out of the league in a single season.


Man for a first round pick that takes skill. I mean JaMarcus Russell was one of the biggest busts in NFL history and he still went 3 seasons. This dude must have been really bad.


>This dude must have been really bad. He just simply didn't care about the NFL. Was blessed with genetics that made him the size of a mountain. But once he was drafted and knew his guaranteed money he basically gave up and started trying to be a rapper. He routinely was late to meetings and fell asleep during film study repeatedly. He got his check and bounced.


Even Fat Albert Haynesworth knew you gotta get the 2nd contract to retire early. 1st contract doesn’t pay jack


Haynesworth knew with the life style he wanted he needed the 2nd contract to cover it. Wison wasn’t smart enough to relise that


Or he was smart enough to realize $11 million was enough. Even at a low 5% return he could have $550k a year to live off for the rest of his life without sacrificing his body and future health to the grinder that is the NFL. Probably giving.him.too.much credit though. Don't know him at all outside of his poor nfl play.


That's $11M pretax, plus the agent takes a cut. Union dues are $31k/year. Leaves him nowhere near enough to retire on for 60 years unless you're moving to a trailer park.


I just like how his Wikipedia describes it as him "dropping out of the NFL", lol.


He basically just quit it appears. I know he signed to a team after he was cut by Tennessee but by all appearances he basically just gave up on football


But hows his rap career?


Worse than his NFL career.


He did extreme 2020, did crazy shit


Isaiah Wilson?


Why does Zach Wilson appearance match his personality tho?




The average fan believes that foolish narrative. One game or comment is not why Zach Wilson isn't playing nor is his career over.


Never draft the richest kid to lead your team


Peyton and Eli Manning come from a wealthy family and their careers turned out just fine.


And coming from money = not good at football is one of the laziest takes ever


Especially when you watch the draft, and you see that all the high level QB prospects are upper-middle class at the poorest these days


It's not about being bad at football, it's about how rich people are less likely to be humble/good leaders


People only think this because you only hear of people when they are shitty. I went to a school where I was one of the "poorest" (not at all poor my parents are both doctors) kid. Almost all the other kids came from families of CEOs, old money, real estate powerhouses, etc. 90% of my classmates were all and are still all super well adjusted people that aren't ass holes just because they come from money. Freaking Ted Turner's grandson is probably one of the best people I know.


I think it's more along the lines of coming from money means you find yourself above reproach. Not a trait you want in a leader. Hence the not letting your defense down while only scoring 3 points. Wilson hasn't shown the qualities you'd want in a franchise QB, let alone anyone on your team. He should've owned up to that disaster of a game and taken sole blame, no matter if it was his fault or not. There's a reason he's lost the locker room so easily.


> I think it’s more along the lines of coming from money means you find yourself above reproach. While this can be true in real life, most NFL players have been under some of the most brutal leaders imaginable while being coached in college. I can’t speak to Sitake and BYU specifically because I don’t follow cults masquerading as universities, but I don’t think someone like Saban is giving you an easier time because you came from money. Wilson is a shitty leader, but he’s the exception, not the norm. Most QBs come from money these days.


Football heritage makes it different. Hundreds of millions due to jet blue ownership and going to a Mormon college (as an athlete) who really was y transcendent? Could throw great, but passing is different. It’s just mind boggling to me.


Steve Young is another example who came from a wealthy family. He had a hall of fame career. Patrick Mahomes comes from a wealthy family as his father was a professional baseball player.


Funny coincidence here, the college that Wilson (and Young) went to is named after Steve Young’s great great great Grandfather. Yes, Steve Young is a direct descendent of Brigham Young. Rich and a nepo, and yet it worked out pretty fucking well. Edit: and in case you don’t think Steve Young becoming the QB of BYU had anything to do with nepotism, how much recruiting do you think BYU was doing in Connecticut?


Young was a great qb. If Steve Young stayed in Tampa Bay, his career wouldn't have worked out either. It was bad. Being traded to the 49ers with Bill Walsh changed his life. Story was Walsh asked his 49ers staff, if they should trade for Young and all declined. Walsh told them they didn't know what they were talking about. If Wilson stays with NYJ, good chance he doesn't develop. Steve Young and Zach Wilson share a lot career similarities so far.


Oh I’m not saying he wasn’t a great QB at all. My point is that some kid growing up rich, or being given opportunities due to nepotism even, isn’t an indicator of competence. Hell, as much as people like to circle jerk about that, you still see people clamoring for a chance to draft the newest Manning, before he’s ever taken a snap in college football.


Absolutely. There is great documentary on Epix about Steve Young. He was the 7th qb at BYU at one point and was moved to safety Why? The offensive coordinator, Doug Scovil didn't teach left handed qbs. Odd. Doug Scovil actually coached in the NFL and was instrumental in developing Randall Cunningham. Steve Young may have gotten to BYU with nepotism and wealth. His time at BYU and in the NFL was filled with strife and backsteps. We all are eventually faced with fear of failure at different points in our lives despite, for some, being raised in a family of financial contentment. Fear.. fear pushes us all to work harder, to double our efforts and time. Fear is a companion of success.


If Zach Wilson goes to the Niners and has a HoF career with Kyle Shanahan Imma have to off myself.


Nepo baby Montana better


Nick Foles comes from a wealthy background and won the Super Bowl MVP. The idea if you come from a rich family doesn't mean you would lack leadership ability. Winston Churchill came from an extremely wealthy family and he lead England and Europe to defeat Nazi Germany & Hitler. I been in his childhood home. One can learn to ride a bike in the rooms.. they are that big.


Lol you're 2 examples are a super average if not below average career back up that has a single really famous run he went on and a famous world leader. Keep in mind that 99.999999% of world leaders in history came from extremely wealthy families because the world is unfair. So every good, bad, forgettable, infamous, etc leader ever came from money. All of them did


Steve Young came from a wealthy family and Hall of Fame qb. He also was a mormon and attended BYU. Patrick Mahomes comes from a wealthy family as his father was a professional baseball player. The idea that you lack leadership skills being raised in a wealthy family shows lack of understanding of human behavior.




Lol ok that's dumb as fuck. No Mannings anymore...


Like he came from a rich family but on top of that his uncle owns JetBlue


His career as a starter in the NFL is. He will be a backup sure but the only way he starts an NFL game again is if the QB ahead of him gets injured.


Eh, he's still only 23. If he puts in the time and effort he can still become a starting guy eventually, we've seen guys turn into quality starters really late like Rich Gannon and Geno. Got a lot of work and learning to do though.


Redditors just have a hate-boner for him because he comes from a wealthy family. With that said he definitely wasn’t good last year though.


No its not at all. There is a lot of qb's drafted high that continually get chances to perform for qb needy teams. There are a lot of teams who would be willing to trade for Wilson.


Jets aren't even necessarily giving up on him. He could still get another opportunity with him if Rodgers only plays a season or two for the Jets.


Exactly. He's played, essentially, one season of games for a first time OC that gave up on him. The signs aren't great, but a year sitting and learning behind AR12 is a pretty good second chance to have.


Sure after Rodgers is gone you put in Zach to tank for the first overall pick and replace him immediately. That's the only other logical time I can see him being a starter.


Hopefully if they’re tanking they don’t play the Bills, cause he looked just fine beating your team


Yeah I’m not sure that’s accurate. When it’s truly decided that a guy is washed the NFL has no problem tossing them. Johnny Manziel never saw a second team. JaMarcus Russell never saw a second team. Jake Locker never saw a second team. A lot of guys will get their second chance as a back up and be gone in 2-3 more seasons or maybe swing a career out of holding the clip board. Guys like Brady Quinn, Blake Bortles, Brandon Weeden, Paxton lynch, etc. Most high end of the draft QBs who get the chance again showed SOME promise at some point. Even Trubisky had an 11-3 record his sophomore year and pretty decent while not impressive stats before finding his way to a back up job and getting the seat warmer job with the Steelers.


Slight correction but Locker actually voluntarily retired, he probably could’ve had a backup job but he lost his passion for the game. The other two you’re correct on.


Johnny Manziel, JaMarcus Russell all had drug issues. It was common knowledge. Russell tested positive for codeine. Jake Locker chose to retire when his contract was up instead of signing with another team. Locker had offers.


If you are trading for Zach Wilson you may as well just tell us you are tanking for the first overall pick. Wilson isn't even as good as Darnold and even he's a perennial backup for the rest of his career. There was nothing redeemable about Zach Wilsons play that says I'm comfortable with this guy as my starter unless I'm actively trying to lose games. The only coach in the league I can even see being that stupid to trade for him is Frank Reich since Frank traded for fucking Wentz.


You would have cut Josh Allen after 2 years lol.


Seems like one of those people who thinks anyone outside the top 10 at their position is literal trash and doesn't even deserve to touch the football field.


He’ll be a backups’ backup


If Zach Wilson ever starts another game I will be shocked. I never said that single comment was the only thing that ended him as a starter, just that it was the last straw.


Zach will get a Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield chance when his contract is up with the Jets.


More like a Josh Rosen chance


Doubt it. Darnold and Mayfield both showed much more potential / production. Darnold also played under Gase with one of the worst supporting casts in football, so there was the “what if” element for him too. Wilson doesn’t have that. He had an absolutely stacked supporting cast and was so bad that he was routinely outplayed by his backups and his backups backup. Im not saying “never” because nfl teams are perpetually incompetent but I would be very surprised if Wilson gets a 2nd chance like Mayfield and Darnold (which, is also worth nothing, hasn’t worked out)


Exactly. He's gonna get multiple chances once the Jets cut or trade or don't resign him. Heck he might be in the Rodgers trade.


Zach is worse than both of those guys. Career 22 games started - 4022 yards, 15 TDs, 18 interceptions, 70.9 rating, Any/A 4.29 Darnold (with the jets) 38 starts - 8907 yards, 45 TDs, 39 interceptions, Rating 78.6, Any/A 5.01 Baker with the browns 59 starts - 14125 yards, 92 TDs, 56 interceptions, rating 87.8, any/a 6.1.


Well consider yourself shocked because it will happen. This entire post is has no basis in fact or NFL precedent.


RemindMe! 1 year. Alright bud if we see it we see it.


One year lol


Dude, as others have said, he won't be signed with the intention of having him as a backup, especially if he's traded on a rookie contract. He's a 2nd overall pick. Teams will see him as a project


He def starts another game at some point (not going to end well though lol)


Matt Araiza


Didn't he get cleared of those charges?


No, the prosecutors decided not to move forward with the case, which is very definitely not the same thing.


It is crazy and disappointing that people don't get the difference. The lady is likely to be hurting for a long time and still has to see people saying Ara\*za is innocent...


How much evidence came out? Is it healthy to assume guilt as a society if the prosecutor drops charges? I have no info whatsoever on this case, so this is just hypothetical.


Rape cases are really different from pretty much every other crime. If someone is murdered, nobody questions if a murder happened - you have a dead body right there. But with rape cases, because frequently there isn't "conclusive" physical evidence of a crime, a prosecutor will never bring the case to trial. (Are those bruises from the victim struggling? Or was it just rough consexual sex? And in fact in this case, the fact that some of the victim's piercings were pulled out has been called "rough sex" by redditors and people in the media.) In an awful lot of rape cases, the only evidence that a crime has occurred is a woman saying so. And it is very, very difficult to get a prosecutor to take that case to trial, let alone get 12 people to agree that yes, this woman saying this man raped her gets them to the point where they believe beyond a reasonable doubt that that man is guilty. In this case, off the top of my head, I know that the victim 1) had sex that night, and was physically injured - some piercings were torn out and 2) recorded a phone call (with police) to Araiza in which he told her to get checked for an STD he had, while referencing the party the victim said she was raped at. I'm not a jury. I don't have to decide whether he's guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I choose, in my personal life, to use the "preponderance of evidence" standard that is used in US civil courts - basically, that the facts of the case mean that it is more likely than not that he's guilty, in my opinion. And it's a lot safer for women to err on the side of "he's more likely than not a rapist" than the other way around.


They had sex consensually outside before she went inside and Araiza was never inside the house.


Ever heard of the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”?


Why have due process when we can all be outraged together?


He wasn't proven innocent, Brian Banks was, Ara\*za wasn't. Rape is almost impossible to prove, and when they prove white boys get 3 months...


He wasn't proven guilty either. So he is innocent by default.


Only reason he wasn't cleared of the charges is because the prosecutor wouldn't even give a jury that chance.


Why didn't they move forward with the case? Based on the media reports it seemed they had a robust case.


Yes, because the media is super honest and would never report on something in a way that makes it sound worse than it is for clicks


Rape cases are very, very, very hard to prove in court. In this case, the fact that the victim lied to Araiza about her age before sex/rape occurred leads me to believe that the prosecutor doesn't think they can get a jury to convict. (I don't think the fact that she lied about being underage in a party means that she was lying to police about anything else that happened that night, but a jury almost certainly will have that in the back of their minds). To be clear - the victim did have sex and/or was raped by Araiza - a phone call recorded with the police in which he told her to get tested for an STD that he had, after she brought up the party where she was allegedly raped by him, confirms that. We also know that some of her piercings were ripped out during the events of that night. But this ultimately comes down to she says Araiza raped her, and he says he didn't. And prosecutors didn't think they had enough evidence to actually bring it to trial and prove that he did it beyond a reasonable doubt.


Guess I was right.... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/prosecutors-say-ex-bills-punter-matt-araiza-was-not-present-during-alleged-gang-rape-per-report/


I was being facetious. This is not the run of the mill he said she said rape case. This is a "gang rape" case, meaning multiple individuals sexually assaulted the victim. The prosecutors could have offered a plea deal to Araiza's co-conspirators in exchange for testifying at Araiza's trial. That would substantially bolster their case as they already have forensic evidence that Ariaza did indeed have sex with the victim AND two co-conspirators + the victim who would testify that Ariaza raped the victim. That is what we call a slam dunk case. I think the prosecutors were skeptical of the victims account and decided not to press charges.


Yeah. It's BETTER than being cleared of the charges.


Johnny manziel


Johnny Football


😂 we have done a lot of stupid things, but at least we didn’t do that




I mean Paxton just straight up sucked to the point where the Broncos barely even gave him any game time, idk if he ever did/said anything off field that "ruined his career" and he was a late first developmental guy. I think if OP would have probably made a better point if he specified top 10 prospects or something, but even then there's a hell of a long list, I mean Josh Rosen exists


I didn’t finish watching the game last night but it looked like they benched him for some dude I’ve never heard of


He’s set the record for having been benched in more leagues than any other player. Pretty sure he’s been benched in the NFL, USFL, XFL & CFL.


Vontae Davis. Retired at halftime


That Livestream with lesean McCoy and tre'davious White recounting that day is hilarious


It wasn’t his own doing, but Pat White comes to my mind. Ike Taylor hit him so hard, he knocked him out of the league


I'm a Canadian and remember Pat White starting for Edmonton for a year, I'm definitely more of a NCAA/NFL fan but my parents only cared about the CFL and it was definitely hard trying to explain to them why Pat White was such a big deal lol. He's apparently on the chargers coaching staff so that's cool to see, always seemed like a pretty nice guy


Pat White was so good at WVU. Sucks his NFL career was never as prosperous. He was like the only QB to win 4 bowl games.




He did it legitimately like 7 times. I’ve never seen someone destroy his career over and over again and keep getting away with it. I half expect him to sign with the Chiefs next year and get another ring not because the chiefs would do that but because he keeps seemingly ending up in a better situation a year or so later every time he fucks up and nukes his career.


Mr. Bye Clothes


Major Bipolar Condition.


Ryan leaf


That locker room interview is a master class in melting down.


Zach Wilson’s careers not over. I’m betting that he’ll be given a chance to regain the starting QB job after Rodgers retires.


Maurice Clarett


Aaron Hernandez hung around for a while, then hung around for a while




Shots fired.


I don't think it's over quite yet. He is a high first round QB, so with the Geno Smith resurrection on people's minds he'll get a few more chances, either with the Jets or elsewhere. In a league where quality QB play is at a premium, someone will always think that they can fix him. Hey, maybe a couple years of watching Aaron Rodgers run an offense will do him a world of good - we'll see...


Jimmy clausen


Nah, Pickles played long enough for us to tease Mel Kiper for many years


He had a couple starts in 2015. Both against the Seahawks oddly enough. That alone should have knocked them out of the top 10 in DVOA must less still having them at #1 somehow


Nobody has stated the obvious one. Jamarcus Russell. Once his coaches tested him with the blank cd thing, it was over.


They had to invent the rookie wage scale because of Jafatass.


> Jamarcus Russell The icing on the cake is that he was selected in the draft before some guy named Calvin Johnson


Joe Thomas went #3.


I was going to say JaMarcus but also Josh Rosen, definitely two of the biggest flame outs and for completely different reasons


In a way, Kaep. His fall was pretty meteoric.


Wasn’t he more of a slow burn, then a drop? He regressed after losing the super bowl and was benched for Gabbert before his political activism saga started


I don’t think that comment ended his career, his poor play got him benched. He still remained professional and that’s why he is on an nfl team. I think he will get another chance at being a starter


He's the 2nd overall pick only a few years out from his draft year. Any team that brings him in will do it to try and rehabilitate his play


He almost definitely would have had a chance to come back in and make his case when Mike White went down if not for that comment, though.


His career isn't over, he will get a chance after Aaron Rodgers retires


Rosen was canned pretty quick


Lasted just long enough to get McCarthy fired


Vontae Davis


It is after all, a young man's game.


This guy has the correct answer


Brian Bosworth got trucked by Bo Jackson in a pretty hyped matchup. Don't remember much about the Boz after that.


He wasn't around for too long after that. He had the shoulders of a 65 year old at 25. Great college player, but definitely a HUGE bust


Leave Zach alone


Dimitrius Underwood walked out of the first day of training camp. Granted the dude ended up having severe mental issues that most teams weren't capable of addressing.


Chosen Rosen


Zach Wilson ended his career by sucking for 2 years There is zero chance if he was even average most of the time and had that one bad game and terrible moment he’s not the jets starter this year


I don’t think his career is done with the jets let alone other teams. He will get atleast one more chance with the jets and one more chance when he is cut and picked up from another team


Darnold saying he was seeing ghosts on national television didn't help his career.


Ryan Leaf. It was pretty clear he was terrible from the jump. His wrist randomly dislocated during throws. The fact that people thought him and Manning were equals coming into the draft is bonkers.


He was a weird dude. Fumbled the snap on his last play for the Chargers, taking their record to 1-15.(beating only the Chiefs) Gets signed to Tampa, who planned to develop him but he refused to be the practice squad QB so he went to Dallas for 4 games and threw for a total of like 500 yards a td and 3 picks, to then go to Seattle and retire before minicamp…lol 25 NFL appearances 317/655 pass completion (48%) 3,666 yards 14 TD vs 36 INT Career QBR? 50.0 I think he spent more time in prison for burglary than time he spent in the NFL.


aaron hernandez


Vince Young had a pretty rapid downfall. He technically stuck around for that one year in Philadelphia after his ginormous blowup with Jeff Fisher ended his time in Tennessee, but he only played a couple games and was out of the league.


The Bills’ punter Jake what’s his name from San Diego State.


Matt* Araiza


Ryan Leaf


That one guy that was on the titans and then traded to the dolphins and didn’t do shit. Can’t remember his name but I know he had talent.


Isaiah Wilson.


Antonio Brown literally took off his jersey in the middle off the game and marched off the field


Ryan Shazier


Aaron Hernandez


Johnny Manziel comes to mind


Ray Rice


Pat Tillman surprised everyone when he decided to join the Army after the 9/11 attacks after a short 4 year NFL career. He was a 7th rounder that progressed nicely and even made the Pro Bowl in 2000. He gave the ultimate sacrifice to serve his country and died trying. Sadly, he died of friendly fire. A true hero to walk away from a dream career to serve. He turned down a $3.6mil contract to serve his country. RIP


Antonio Brown


Idk if Wilson’s career is ended. The initial hopes of stardom are ended. He likely won’t be a starter again but he could probably stick around the league indefinitely in a backup capacity if he can manage to smooth out some of the more off-putting facets of his personality.


Chris Henry?


I mean, Ryan Shazier and Jovan Belcher both spring to mind.


Atleast his mom can make an onlyfans threesome with his moms friend.


No- Zach Wilson


If I had a dollar to bet, I’d bet it on Zach Wilson being the jets starting qb in the playoffs this year. It’ll be the feel good story of next season


I would say Michael Sam. Before he had announced he was gay. He was predicted as a 1st rounder. After coming out, he nearly went undrafted. I think he was the Mr Irrelevant. I don't think he played a single snap in regular season


I think the biggest issue with Michael Sam was that at 6'2" 260 he ran a 4.9 and put up 17 bench press reps. That's just not NFL level athleticism. Combine that with the fact he basically was a one year wonder (solid junior year but nowhere near the 18 sack senior season he had) in college and it really gave NFL teams no reason to put up with the "distraction" of having the first openly gay player and the media focus that would have followed He went to the CFL after and wasn't able to make an impact either


He was a 7th rounder, but not Mr. Irrelevant. Coming out isn't why he was drafted late. He was too small and too slow, which made him a poor NFL prospect.


Zach is a great teammate and well liked in the locker room. He just isn't good at football. People who believe anything else are uninformed