Burrowhead my ass!


Can't belive it, I joked with my dad at the beginning of the season that the best storyline for the championship game teams would be Chiefs Bil and Cowboys Eagles. I'm 2 games away from calling it


Except the Brock Purdy-led 49ers exist, so.....


Y is there 50k comments sheesh


If the chargers are in this game instead of the jags… Do they win? I feel like this was a major missed opportunity. Jags offense basically stayed home for 3.5 quarters.


Yes, I feel like the Chargers are literally built to beat the Chiefs, they play so much better vs. KC than most anyone else


If Mike Williams was playing then yes




What’s the update of mahomes??


He won the game, now trying to find some grub that tops Waffle House


He’s at a nasty ass Whataburger using fancy ketchup, I heard that’s what he puts on his steaks too.


That fumble by Agnew at the goal line lost them the game.


The pick by Watson did not help either


Ball security is job security.


I'm looking forward to a chiefs game where they dont mention Tyreek Hill. I can't be the only one so fucking tired of that narrative.


I too am sick of it. Mahomes good Hill good Move on!


Collinsworth and Romo dick sucking GOATs


Either go for two or miss the extra point.




Florida is basically just like Cincinnati


The word is “bandwagon”


Cat teams gotta support cat teams. Plus - other reasons like LSU so burrow but - cat teams like cat teams




We are. It’s called bandwagon


We got rid of Brady just for Mahomes to take over


It doesn’t end.


Fox has bad announcers but at least their stream doesn’t look to be 1 minute slow lol


Better than hearing Chris Collinsworth blowing mahomes the whole game


Yes!!! This!!!!


i think Olsen and KB are good tho lol


You know, I’m super happy for the Jags that they made it this far. We were unironically rooting for them and yelling ‘Duuuvalll’ when they played the Chargers. I watched this game at a bar in San Diego and there was a group of like ten Jag(off)s watching too. We all had a fantastic time talking shit and taunting each other. There was only one Florida man among them that couldn’t handle it but they were gracious losers and we wished each other well. The chiefs and jags have both come a long way and I’m happy to be a part of it!!


As a Chiefs fan, I’m happy for the Jags as well. I know quite a few Jags fans here in South Georgia and one of my best friends is down in the lovely city of Jacksonville now, so if I had to pick a tertiary team (my secondary is the Falcons), it would be the Jags. Obviously I wanted the Chiefs to win and I’m happy that they did, but if we lost I’d be rooting for y’all to win it all 🤝


This is nice. I’m glad you had fun!


No one but that team’s fans want to see one team dominate. It’s that simple. I want the Bills to get the SB. And would love them to do it over and over, but I won’t be mad if another team that is long suffering gets a chance and wins it. But I don’t want to see the same teams keep winning it, regardless of team, conference, etc.


Lmao, you're acting like the league has any control over this, Pat Mahomes is just that guy, but at least he's more fun to watch than Brady. Also, it's not like this is unprecedented domination. They've made the super bowl twice in the last 3 years, something new England, Seattle, and Denver have all done in the last two decades. Also, you're a bills fan, stfu. You guys have an explosive rivalry with the chiefs and a legit shot of beating them this year, just shut your goddamn mouth, appreciate you have a real generational QB unlike the vikings, and enjoy the fucking game you whiny loser.


You are a salty bitch. Jesus. What I said is true regardless of my team, it’s from years of perspective. I was able to watch the four falls of Buffalo in real life (while tv). I am fortunate to have a QB who will let us contend for some time. But I still stand by the idea that I’d love to watch other teams get SB wins. I want the Bills to get their turn, ideally this year. But I don’t need any one team to dominate, including the Bills. And Mahomes is fun to watch and amazingly talented, no question!


Yeah lol sorry, im just a butthurt vikings fan.


I’d be happy to see the Vikings get a SB. In the near future. They definitely deserve it like the Bills. Good luck next year.


Simple, you drink the kool-aid that the Rams drank last year and immediately slip back to irrelevancy.


Like the Rams did


Yes, that was the point of their post


You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian. The chiefs where so cursed for so long that I will gladly trade being hated by other fanbases for this run of dominance.


Same here. Enjoy it!


The chiefs longest playoff drought since 1985 was 5 years. They were literally never cursed. They’ve fared better than most of the league. And won 2 Super Bowls.


What’s worse? Not making it to the playoffs or making it and getting absolutely kicked in the dick round 1 for 20+ years?


Not making the playoffs is worse. As atleast if you make the Playoffs that means you actually won a couple games during the regular season. So I’ll take knocked out round one over 4- 6 wins.


Same. We got knocked out in the wild card round 5 years in a row and as shitty as that was, when we came out and won 2-7 games and missed the playoffs the next 5 seasons it really sucked. It's even worse when you know the season is over in week 4 or 5.


Lol…welcome to the NFL. You must be new here






We'll see




For you it’s a “no”…


Jags played pretty well overall, lost the game from by a few bad calls and because they didn’t do a good job guarding the only person the chiefs threw the ball to, kelce. Next season I’d be worried if I were the chiefs


The chiefs just won with a one legged quarterback and a backup on a 98 yd TD drive. I think we’ll be alright next year too.


Never said you won’t, no need to be defensive. I don’t expect you guys to be any worse than this season


You said the chiefs should be worried. Did you mean we should be worried about the Jags specifically?






Literally nobody said Mahomes was the 3rd best qb in the division. Don't make yourself look ridiculous arguing against people that don't exist. Got the number 1 qb on everyone's list and still playing the underdog card lmao


I get it, y’all won the south we are playing each other next season. It will be a good game for sure. I thought the eagles had fucked up by firing him (hindsight 20/20) it worked out for both teams. I’m excited for our next matchup


Will all do respect, everyone said that last year. If we still look good sans tyreek hill, and all but wasting a 1st rounder on a RB that hardly plays, I think we will be fine. Edit: and they brought in one of the best WRs in the league into the division. And a ton of top pass rushers. And Wilson (let's not pretend we all knew he was going to be dog shit). Beginning of the season AFC West was slated to be the hardest thing in the NFL hands down.


All do respect to you, but last year we didn’t have the deadly combo that is Dougie P and Master T. We will have to see. Good game


people say this literally every year about the Chiefs. worried? no, we suffered decades of shit teams, so we're just going to enjoy every good season we have


As long as y’all have Mahomes, you’ll be a consistent threat


It’s a turn of phrase dude, I’m just saying that the chiefs are going to have it tougher next season, not that you’re actually legitimately worried lol


Conveniently forgetting that Patrick Mahomes was hobbled more than half the game


Jags didnt help themselves by giving up a TD drive to Henne.


I genuinely don’t think it would have changed much. Henne was a god


For one drive and then it was hobbled Mahomes. Let's not pretend it didn't affect the level of play.


Lol even hobbled Mahomes executed operation pass to kelce to perfection. Henne came in and scored the one touchdown the game was decided by on an incredible 98 yard drive


People said we needed to be worried when we traded Hill, won’t make the playoffs, etc. 5th straight AFCG incoming. I think we are okay as long as we have Mahomes but maybe I’m wrong.


I would disagree. You’ll be fine as long as you have Mahomes and Andy Reid.


Greenbay thought they'd be as long as they'd have Rogers... Quarterback heroics will only take so so far for so long, need a full team to win a superbowl.


Pat has already had a better career than Rodgers.


No he doesn't.


How many super bowls Arod been to? NFCCG’s? Pretty sure Pat already has more postseason wins in general. Lol


He doesn't. Superbowls more of a team win. Whats pats td-int ratio? How many mvps does he have? Both of them are probably the best QBs to play talent wise and Mahomes probably has another decade in him. He will probably end with a better career but right now he definitely does not have one.


The difference is one folds when the brightest lights are on, and the other carries his team on one leg.


Tell me you don't watch the packers in the post season without telling me you don't watch the packers in the post season.


I watch you guys give up 300 rush yards every postseason game, and watch ARod melt down and fold.


Not saying you guys are gonna suck at all, clearly you have a superstar and a system that seems to work, it was more of a “watch out for the jags” than anything.


I love Doug Peterson. Such a good OC and a great head coach. Definitely the Jags are going to be talked about in the future with Lawrence as QB. AFC is going to be rough.


Tbh we where told the same thing with the Texans in 19. Got to prove it. I think you guys are going in the right direction and Doug Pederson is a hell of a coach. And that division is…something.


That division is the biggest thing going for them. Texans are in the 9th circle of hell, Titans are trending down fast and hard, the Colts are… well in Indianapolis which is basically hell.


Hol up, now. Not taking anything away from the Jags improvements, but I do disagree with your Titans take. Two weeks ago the Josh Dobbs led, Todd “The Clown” Downing playcalling, 23 players on IR Titans lost to the (7 players on IR) Jags by four points. Earlier in the season we lost to the Chiefs by 3 and to the Bengals by 4. Nothing shocking. But then Tannehill went down alongside half our starters and Malik Willis did Malik Willis things. Season go to shit? Sure. Trending down hard and fast? Nah. Take it back! Take it back!


I like Vrabel. Don’t get me wrong. Dude used to rip cigs in the chiefs locker room when he played for us that’s awesome lmao. I just think the team is aging and your OL is bad. But I could be completely wrong. I’ll take it back ;)


Ha! I used to *haaaaate* Vrabel as a player, but he’s really surprised me as a coach. Our O line has been absolute dogshit for a few years in a row, which gives me even more respect for what Henry has been able to accomplish. And you’re right, we’re getting old in some key places. Congrats on the win!


All it takes is one good FA/Draft rotation and y’all are solid again. I just worry about the wear and tear on Henry.


Jags are definitely gonna be a force if they continue to build off this year. I’m a Doug P stan btw. Hope next years game is in the AFCCG😁🤘🏻


PS we should have held on to henne lol


Lmao Henne is King


For sure. Gg bro


Great game. My nail beds are bleeding bub. TLaw is the truth.


You should be worried if the FO doesn't make a couple of necessary moves But they probably will make at least some of those moves because they seem they know what they're doing, so don't be too worried


I live in Brett Veach Town bubby I ain’t worried. He about to line up another fire draft. Jalin Hyatt gonna be catching bombs from Mahomie next year 👀


Toney and MVS did ok. If they’re healthy, they’ll be ok


MVS sucks. He had 1 catch for 6 yards. Not impressed with him at all.


This may be a lame opinion, but I like the SNF broadcast the most. Going to miss all of them until the next season


True Sunday night football is the best, partly bc of the time slot and the matchups. but I really like Buck and Aikman on the MNF call.


I like Joe and Troy as well. Easily in my top 2 casting duos, especially since they’ve “stopped caring”


Mike Tirico is so underrated


I agree. I feel like I’m in the minority of people who like Collinsworth but I like him as well. The overall broadcast quality with the cool graphics and the SNF theme are just top notch as well


And it all starts with the theme song


Yeah the SNF theme is the best out there hands down. I could be miserable from the panthers game on any given Sunday, but hearing that theme as I’m trying to finish my last beer and not fall asleep gives me life and sounds great


So true. The best one in football


Bye Maria 😞


Everyone who isn’t a bills fan needs to be routing for Cincy tomorrow. A “neutral site” game is going to open Pandora’s box in terms of future conference championships games where the NFL charges out the ass to attend their “pre Super Bowl games”


I don’t understand this narrative. The chiefs were handed the 1 seed whether your a chiefs fan or not that wasn’t deserved. A player literally died twice on the field and the bengals got the worst end of the stick but the bills also couldn’t play to determine if they were the 1 seed. The chiefs benefited from this. Stop complaining because if it weren’t for this horrible situation the chiefs likely wouldn’t be the first seed. Bengals and bills both beat them. They are very lucky


Teams who got screwed the most in order 1. Cincy 2. KC 3. Bills Way down at the bottom are the bills. The chiefs may have gotten the bye but the Bills who looked in real danger of losing that game would have fallen to the three seed and would have to go on the road for a AFC championship game. But now the Bills somehow get to host a game against the team they were losing too during the stoppage and get a neutral site game. Doesn’t really even matter tbh, there not playing at a neutral site next week anyway. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Kc is not number 2 at. Bills and bengals both beat them. They shouldn’t have been first seeds they were awarded it.


I know it’s hard but actual try reading the post instead of just saying “ThEy bOtH bEaT kC”. Btw this victim mentality and “we’re now americas team” is really sad


Although I agree with you, I kind of want it to happen so I can go


Why do I keep seeing this sentiment? I feel like it's only popped up the last few days. Why is a neutral site game more beneficial for the NFL?


Because they can shop around for the venue that will pay them the most.


But owners of competitive teams are giving up a huge home game. That is like half the league owners just bending over for owners who don’t really care about winning.


just doesn't seem like enough money for the NFL to care


Teams get to keep the revenue outside of ticket sales but the teams get to control the prices for the tickets. Now the NFL will get to keep 100% of the profits from a neutral site game as well charge whatever they want. Chiefs Bengals tickets last year opened with the cheapest ticket being 199 and 21k for the most expensive one. This year, for the neutral site game, they opened at 600 for the cheapest and 53k for the most expensive…


This site estimates the 2022 SB ticket sales at 65 million (https://www.thestreet.com/lifestyle/sports/super-bowl-revenue). The TV rights deals are 3 billion per year., which is the bulk of the NFL's revenue. I guess if you think they bring in $100 million for the two games, thats a 3% boost in revenue. I guess that's more than I thought. But I still don't know how you would ever get the owners to agree to voluntarily give up the revenue from hosting a home playoff game...


Owners would care. If you are the Texans, with the very low potential of going to the playoffs in the next year or five, having a AFC championship or NFC championship in your space will be big for profits even if you aren’t playing. This year, teams like the Bangles (no benefit with a mistral site vote), Bears (because they would have never of gotten it chosen as the neutral site), Dolphins (because they already got a playoff game), Chiefs (no benefit to the neutral site), Bills (no benefit to the neutral site), and Raiders (got the Super Bowl coming and ProBowl) all voted against it. The owners voted yes because they was potential profit for the to host that game.


I bet the nfl would cut the he teams in on a certain percentage. I assume there would 17 yes votes with southern teams and domed teams (including Tennessee and Chicago who will be moving to domes shortly). You only need to essentially find three or four votes for it to pass Or all the proceeds could be put in the general fund that is dispersed among all of teams at the end of the season. Would be more insensitive for teams who don’t make the playoffs regularly to vote yes


It’s been a thing for a bit. NFL floated the idea back in the 70’s but never got the support.


Everyone is a Bills fan - they are America's Team!


…I don’t have the heart to tell him…


Yeah it's really ruined the Super Bowl. Especially last season.


Really? So you would be ok with the Bills not hosting it at orchard park next year if they where the 1 seed.


But the chiefs don’t deserve the 1 seed. That’s the whole point. They were given the 1 seed.


By that logic neither do the bills since they left Cincy…


So how much money was lost lost on that kick?


Coworker of mine had chiefs by 9…we found him slumped in a corner…dude lost 100 bucks lmao


Oh RIP lol


I made money. Had jags +7.5 😎




Man seeing the jags keep it close warms my heart, small mistakes but they are going to be a tough team to play on anyone's schedule.


They’re pulling comparisons out of their hat. The Chiefs are like the 12th center mongol army


My favorite play of the game was when mahomes threw the ball straight down and intentional grounding wasn't called.


Do you know what the word intentional means?


Don't you have mock drafts to look at?


Congrats on your well earned win over the Jags! Hopefully Buffalo takes care of Cinci for you!


Lol we want Cincy. We don't turn from adversity, we run towards it (and also a true home CG)


Lol cause it worked out so well last year.


Better than falling on the refs for an excuse.


My favorite part was when you didn't understand intentional grounding


Yep, intentional grounding is only a foul applicable to non-superstars. Clearly doesn’t apply here


Throwing the ball straight down with no eligible receiver within 10 yards.


Did you miss the part where he didn't *intentionally* ground it? How the ball actually slipped out of his hand when he was throwing it? Dipshit.


No calls ever called on kc lol nfl wants them to win


Narrative is getting pretty old buddy


It’s the truth buddy


That's the 2023 NFL. You know Bills are winning tomorrow.


I guess thinking its rigged is easy when you flair the biggest poverty franchise in the league.


Lol criticizing other fanbases when you have 70K fans do a racist chant every week.


Did you start watching football last year?


Shouldn't you be enjoying the off-season?


Good game, but I’m genuinely getting tired of the Chiefs just going to the AFC Championship game each year. Looking forward to some of these other teams develop and surprise me next year.


Maybe when they play as well as the Chiefs do, they will.


Someone had to replace the Patriots who did the same thing for decades. As far as recent history is concerned, the Chiefs are a different/developing team.


Would’ve been more fun with the jags


Well, they could have been there a few years ago but some team stopped Bortles




This was me back when it was the Pats.


Yeah but those guys need to pay their QBs now


Tony dungy is shit


In a litter box


Kansas Shitty, Maria both hot and ice cold 😂


Kansas shitty? 😂😂


Kansas shitty wok!


Oh please God, someone find a clip of this! I’m playing games and just checking the score every now and then 🤣




She bounced back so fucking quick too 🤣