Guys I don't think my erection is supposed to last this long




Vikings D line is getting 0 pressure




Thread open until Staley firing confirmed


Here because it still isn’t closed for some reason


I believe in White Jesus


Herbert still better than Mahomes /s


Why this thread still open 💀


Staying open all year


Brandon Staley is running it


Sean Payton just laughing rn


Watch Herbert walk away unscathed, somehow.


What do you mean, you’re not actually going to make the claim that Herbert was the one who choked a 27-0 lead right? Anybody who watched that game knows he wasn’t at his best, but he was **FAR** from the reason why we lost.


Three points in the second half.


Fuck you Spanos


This loss legitimately makes me question staying a fan of this LOSER FUCKING FRANCHISE. Herb shouldn’t sign a god damn deal with this team under any circumstance. Clearly, we are nothing more than a tax write off for our worthless ownership. So many Chargers through the decades have deserved better. I hope Herbert avoids this piece of shit ownership down the stretch. Dude could thrive in 31/32 franchises.


Oh come on the texans org is way worse


Texans walked from Watson. Making them automatically better than Cleveland in the intelligence department


Watson demanded out and numerous teams pursued him. I get the circlejerk because seriously fuck Watson but cmon with this revisionism


They knew how deep his shit was. Texans aren’t well run, but they just don’t have quite the storied history of tripping over themselves as Cleveland does. Give ‘em time maybe. And they got a potentially franchise changing haul for a QB they couldn’t do much with. Cleveland sold the farm and may have nothing to show for it. I just don’t know. But I’m no GM. I’m just an ignorant football fan


I wouldnt say they walked in any way shape or form


I mean they do stumble, more like. But I also appreciate they don’t polish their turds unlike the browns. Pun intended


If Brady walks I want Tampa to dish out cash for Herbert!


Mom said it’s our turn with the good QB


I mean you have a bad coach but a stacked roster, idk how you can hate on the organization this hard


Dont be a bitch. We all suffer for our teams.


Even without the flair, that comment reads like a raider wrote it.






Hold my beer.....


Chargers always lose some heartbreakers. As a Raider fan, I know how it feels to cheer for a losing franchise.


Y’all have rings. Y’all have history. We have clown makeup and mediocrity.


My buddy who is a Bengals fan texted me at halftime to say congrats, I told him just wait, you don't know my Chargers.


Scheduled comment lol I'm sure they want you back again next week


Incredible night for the 'social media QB' crowd. Awful night for those still hanging onto the 'Herbert is better than Burrow' crowd.


If you watched a minute of this game, you’d know he wasn’t the reason why this team lost. He wasn’t at his best, far from it, but there’s many reasons why we lost, Herbert wasn’t one of them.


That 'receipts' post from Chargers Twitter but unironically.


>'Herbert is better than Burrow' crowd. These people exist?


No, but it's fun to make an obvious point that sounds like a spicy take.


Sean Payton now thinking “Oof, Mahomes and Reid… Maybe being an analyst isn’t so bad….”


Craziest playoff season game I’ve ever seen besides maybe 28-3… and my team did it!!


Congrats! Even at 27-0 I knew that was ironically the best situation for the Jags. They’ve been thriving off late-game comebacks. Dougy P’s the man and completely outclassed Staley/Lombardi twice in a season.


Was a larger comeback than 28-3


Yes thank you I know how numbers work


Indy got a larger comeback, sorry ring less boys


i honestly forgot about you guys this season




Oh big baby drunk as hell. Don’t mind them.


Shot out to the guy on here who told me (us) the halftime odds. Made me some money. Lol


I tried placing a bet at 20, 30, 35, and 40 and the odds kept changing and u couldn't get it to accept it. Gave up and knew I was going to regret it. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


Yup I threw $35 on the money line at half. Made me a nice bit of cash


What was the odds


Never tell me the odds.


Wait, what happened here?




This has to be up there with the Patriots vs Falcons comeback HOLY SHIT.


Bigger deficit Lower stakes


This was our super bowl fam


Regardless, grats on the insane win!


true not AS huge as a superbowl comeback but still it's pretty freakin' sweet.


Can some (sober) adults analyze what I just watched for me?


Lawrence decided football was too easy and sand bagged the first half to keep himself entertained


Fair enough


Lawrence living up to the hype


How is throwing 4 ints hype? Oh wait you have Dak


NGL the 4 ints made me turn off the game for a few minutes. i came back half way through the third quarter and realized my QB just had the yips.


Yep. I did the same thing for colts vikings and usually any other game that goes up by 3/4 possessions. Only time I don't is when Brady's at the helm, learned that lesson after 28-3


Close kinda but idk the hype was huge. Purdy an unknown way outperformed But we will never see what he would be like in Shannys system so it's a big game of give and take. Talent or scheme which do you prefer?


The team with more points at the end of the game won.


You could do better, friend


I'm not sober sorry


No sorry bruh, 'grats


Is Sean Payton to chargers all but confirmed at this point?


Not sure, but either way Staley definitely already got fired


Frigging Chargers are the masters at finding ways to lose. 😭⚡️


It is so fucking painful.


You guys should try doing it more in the regular season like us, that way the playoffs can't hurt you


Chargers and Cowboys HC position both potentially available by Tuesday… Sean Payton playing with house money… Saints getting a 1st round pick just purely from demand


Hate to see it...


Lawrence genuinely outplayed Herbert in that 2nd half. Who would’ve thought


Lawrence has great coaching staff to help him developer and progress his game prop to him, he will be great. Herbert is succeeding in spite of poor coaching


Herbert is so overrated. Collapses under pressure


Bullshit take.


A bar so low you need a shovel to reach it.


Feel the pain of the AFC West


I turned off the game to take a nap. What the fuck happened?


Trevor flipped his crocs to sport mode


Combo of chargers choking and jaguars jagging.


This dude knows football


A personal life lesson happened. Dont turn the fucking game off next time. I went to poop during Germany 7-1 Brazil missed 4 goals that was my lesson.


Don’t worry Chargers fans, Staley will lose in the Divisional Round next year.


As the coach for the ... (some other team)




Maybe but then they'd prolly still intentionally throw the #1 pick away


Damn, what a COMEBACK by Jacksonville.




The Chargers had 3 TD drives tonight, 2 of which started inside the red zone because of INTs. The Chargers' offense is *absolutely* more to blame than their defense. That's not to say Herbert isn't good. I think he's excellent. But at a certain point I just have to say, it's not my job to prove people wrong about Herbert, it's his. Tonight wasn't a disaster for him personally, but it wasn't good either.


Herbert one of my favorite qb’s but got damn the coaching ain’t right.


Herbert is still a top 5 qb in the league. Other than willams and Allen all his wrs are journeymen players, but it’s not even that his coaching staff mainly Lombardi is horrible at designing any play that is not a screen or 5yd check down. This game fell under being out so he’d and poor execution of the game plan by the chargers coaching staff. Hell if Staley would have rested his players, Williams would have played tonight and would have been the difference with them coming put with a win. That said it wouldn’t matter cause this team would still lose to the chiefs. If Staley and hopefully TT get fired from this game then the choke job was worth it imo


Allen, Williams, and Ekeler make for an excellent and varied group of receiving threats (all that's missing from the group being among the league's best is a speed guy), and the offensive line is well-built. His offensive cast is really good... but that's when they're healthy. Injuries and offensive coaching are definitely obstacles Herbert has had to overcome time and time again. The entire offense is just baffling sometimes. But Herbert could stand to be more creative, a better improvisor. He needs to improve his game, and he needs to better overcome those obstacles to be widely considered top 5.


They scored 3 points in thr 2nd half?




But you’re also only up 20 because of your defense. Offense should’ve sustained drives, they left them on the field the entire 2nd half


Chewing the clock still means you need to move the sticks.


And now No Chargers no.....


Herbert's first playoff appearance and his defense just checks out in the second half. This man is cursed.


This is on Herbert. He was awful down the stretch


3 points in the half...


Sure, but if you are up 27, you put up 30 you should be fine. Especially up 20 at the half. He gets some blame but not even a fraction of what the defense gets


The defense had 4 picks


The defense and ST put them in position to get a chunk of those 27 points. Herbert had mistakes but there are some factors on offense that definitely did not make Herbert's life any easier though -Mike Will should have been available. -Staley activated only 4 WRs despite that and Carter got injured so you could imagine how that closes the book on a lot of plays. Not to mention I guarantee the Bandy fumble was a DeAndre Carter play -LT2 got injured and immediately the pocket started collapsing on almost every dropback -Classic Chargers missed FG (So Herb put them in position for 6 points but that's not a number I'm willing to die on a hill for) -Run game went back to being absolute shit and put then in a lot of long passing downs I hate to make excuses for a pretty inexcusable choke. But I feel like I was watching a completely different game than the people jumping on the herbo hate wagon


Defense got him 5 turnovers dude


Yeah you are right. That is particularly hard to excuse in any situation.


They need a better play caller. A QB with that type of running back and receivers should be able to put together at least one solid drive a quarter.




[Chargers owner to Staley tonight](https://youtu.be/yInw8LyWTN8?t=45)


Lmao fell asleep on the couch and the Chargers chargered all over themselves.


Tony Dungy 'll do that to ya


now i know how the falcons fans felt in the super bowl


At least it wasn’t the sb


I guess


Did Dean Spanos come out on the field to celebrate before halftime?


Embrace the pain. It only gets worse from here friend. The choke never leaves the franchise once it infects it


There have been more impressive choke jobs, but there isn’t a team sports that chokes more consistently than the Chargers. This one barely cracks top 5 of all time charger chokes.


The falcons are just as consistent at choking.


Not even close. The falcons historically are just awful. Outside of the Super Bowl there hasn’t been much to choke away


UrinatingTree disagrees. They’ve blown a lot of playoff leads. https://youtube.com/watch?v=i8EuOZ24Hlc


They’ve blown two or three at the most and blowing a 7 point lead at halftime doesn’t count. They’ve sucked but choked? You have to be good to choke. 🤣


Chiefs, Eagles, Bucs, Peyton Manning. Lots of franchises have cured the chokes.


Chargers are epic. Choking since the 70s


there's a reason why Marlon McCree exists


McCree is only a scapegoat, that was prime TB12 with 6 minutes left. Chargers would have lost regardless.


Glad to see the positive takes about Lawrence but it's lame that it seems to be in exchange for shitting on Herbert instead. Both are super talented QBs with great futures ahead of them, idk why people are turning on Herbert out of nowhere. Admittedly I didn't watch a lot of the game but looking at the numbers, Herbert wasn't really a reason They lost.


He scored 0 points in the 2nd half


You are obsessed with Justin Herbert.


And he probably scores a lot less in the first half of Trevor didn’t deliver them the ball at like the 30 a handful of times. Herbert did not live up to expectations for sure.


> Herbert Plays for the Chargers. He has nothing but a future of pain and misery ahead. At least Rivers had a family life he seemed to enjoy. His best bet is to get traded like Brees.


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Damn what are you on atm?


Wtf i need eye bleach


Find it at /r/eyebleach, I make frequent use of it


7-29-2013 here. If I can do it, anybody can


I got 4 months Tuesday. Your body and everyone around you will thank you. First week is the hardest. Avoid all stress if at all possible!


Order one up online man. You know you earned it and that's all that matters


I haven't drank in well over 3 years. Don't need any chip or anything like that. I did end up telling my friends that I owe them money if I ever drink again so that they'd stop pushing me to drink. Now I can go into bars and hold their beers while I watch them become shells of themselves as they get wasted. Examine its effects on others while sober and it starts to make sense why it's so fucking stupid.


You got this!


Good luck man


That'd be funny if Staley says, "I love everyone in that locker room, except 68, and he knows why"


Wow Trevor fucking Lawrence what a second half


Someone needs to count the points with Asante.


This gonna expose some people!! 🤷🏽‍♂️ LMFAOOOOOOOOOO


I feel horrible for both Chargers fans


https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/10c5u87/game_thread_los_angeles_chargers_107_at/j4eaa1l/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 This was me in second quarter. Can you believe the ending holy shit


I decided I'd take a nap and figured it was over. Wake up to Jags winning and have no idea how we got here. Figured 27 points, probably would end up more, was safe enough of a cushion. I never accounted for the chargers chargering it up. I'll never make that mistake again.


I was pretty much checked out at the half, kept it on in the background while I was playing games thinking it was done and boom I turn around and its freaking 30-20 that sure caught my attention


Jags are gonna dong the Chiefs next week.


Not a chance


Yea, because the Chiefs will be playing the Dolphins


We can dream


I for one look forward to the Dolphins Bengals AFC Championship


Chiefs have struggled with the AFC South this season. Lost to the Colts and needed OT to win against both the Titans and Texans.


And the last time they played the Jags Patrick went off for 330 with 4 tuds without juju bc of a dirty hit. Now they got a week of rest and prep. You’re dreaming if you think the Jags win that. I’ll save this thread dw


It wasn't a dirty hit you wiener


Homer take to counter my homer take


That was against pre-bye week Jaguars. Since then they've gone 7-1.


No one in LA gives a fuck about the chargers. Move and rebrand the team in a new city that wants a team. And think of a good name this time not like that Commanders boring bullshit.


They're like the Clippers a cheaper seat for when you can't afford the Rams/Lakers but still want to catch a game. They should have stayed in San Diego with their weak ass tailgate no parking run down stadium ass.


Or maybe put them back in San Diego where they never should've left to begin with.


I don't think they will be welcome back in San Diego


Tijuana here they come!