“Me in my room after getting yelled at by my parents”


Omfg. :D. Thanks for the nostalgia.




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Fr fr


“Ok, you don’t *have* to eat your veggies, geez”


I was thinking the exact same thing. What is a parent supposed to say to her after she says that she doesn’t want to go to bed because it’s not too late? “Whatever you say, Honey. Just don’t cut me.”


Assume the sparring position!


My daughter after hearing the GOP say that single women don't know how to vote without a husband to tell them. Edit: Ooh, the brigading by fascists to this comment is just spectacular! The private messages threatening violence are even better, happy to see some fascist accounts get banned. So sorry you guys are having a tough week, I'm sure you will all feel better after raging away on social media for a few years.


Better watch, the gravy seals are coming for you!! 🤣


Seriously I got Y'all Queda getting all wild-eyed over here!


Your daughter heard this? Where?


Jesse Waters just said it, and many others in the GOP: https://news.yahoo.com/women-marry-settle-down-stop-005849281.html https://www.thebulwark.com/blame-all-the-single-ladies/ And they've been saying it for ages even before single women wiped them out in this last election: https://michiganchronicle.com/2022/09/24/trump-backed-house-candidate-suggested-women-shouldnt-vote-or-govern/ https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/politics/2021/10/22/ann-coulter-says-women-shouldnt-have-right-vote-19th-amendment-missouri-state-university/8528256002/ https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jesse-lee-peterson-fox-news-womens-rights-voting\_n\_1501070


I had no idea. Thank you for links


I believe some dumpster fire of a guy on Fox said it. Followed it up with “put a ring on it”


Bless you and your daughter.


With a hair comb or a shampoo bottle.


as long as it’s not a remote control


Is this a reference to the Worlds Greatest Freakout video where the dude shoves a remote control up his butt? I thought that was so hilarious back when I was a kid. Especially the part where he's rolling around in the covers and then all of a sudden is just naked somehow.


man.. the times when youtube felt so organic. it's nice with the amount of content we have now, but back then everything felt so simple and uncomplicated or maybe I just grew up now and see the world for what it is.


Yup. It was a fake vid, but an OG good one


With a gift wrap paper tube.


my swiffer or broom handles have become this (swords & katana) and (light sabers). there can be only one.. give up I have the high ground.. battle till the end.. bent and broke broom handles.. nobody knows what happened.


this is possibly the hardest I’ve laughed at a reddit comment.




i feel like this is the best comment ive ever seen on reddit lol


This comment made my day, thank you xD


Of course, when I do this at the park with a stick I'm a weirdo, but this kid does it and is a champion.


Sword beats stick. Also, the Aikido Gi beats Husky dog Fox furry suit for combat. So, there's that.


Husky frog dog furry suit you mean


LMAO! I have to Google that now!


Everything that comes up are husky suits damnit, where's my husky frog hybrid?!


Be the change you want to see.


Depends on which treatises you’re studying. Fiore has a section teaches how to defend yourself with a stick, and if I remember correctly even states something along the lines of “use a tree branch to beat your attacker to death if you’ve not got a sword”


Pretty sure the use of a Jo staff style was developed to beat an elite swordsman.


Yeah, all the “peasant” weapons are usually to deal with those pesky lords and soldiers who can afford swords. Fiore typically states the use of a rod of office or cane, and even has a section dedicated to what to do if you’re seated when attacked. There’s only like 1 paragraph dedicated to using literal sticks.


> Sword beats stick. I feel like there's some long-bearded old martial arts master who is patiently and eagerly waiting for the chance to disprove this claim to an overconfident pupil.


Hand beats stick and the cops are called


It’s because it’s not a stick you are swinging around and yelling Hiiyah at passing bystanders. It’s your…


Same as it ever was. Miley Cyrus gets scanty and licks a sledgehammer and she's empowering women. I do it and I get banned from Wickes.


I think she's just better at it than you. Keep practicing. Eventually, you'll graduate to replica light sabers on TikTok. Then, you get fade into obscurity like the rest of us.




Iaido and Kendo practitioner here. This is over-the-top martial crazy. Cool, but a LOT wrong here. No sageo, scabbard is upside-down to start and her dropping it…Oof. Great Kata, but very Anime inspired. The kid is a badass, don’t get it twisted. But it’s kinda funny.


Kenjustu practitioner here, agreed. A fantastic dance routine. But definitely not a practical demonstration.


Iaido and Torite practitioner here. Anime style 10/10.


Home Alone remake by Quentin Tarantino


Send an email.


Wet bandits played by Gary glitter and Rolf Harris.


Your average guy here. Looks pretty awesome to me.


I took Taekwondo once. Looks pretty awesome to me too.


My cousin and I took that as well. They asked us to stop coming because we were just kicking each other for an hour straight. Turns out they prefer discipline in students.


I took Tai Chi, I’m pretty sure the kid is the world master of 8 year olds with swords who gets critiqued to death by older practitioners.


I certainly wouldn’t fuck with her


Yes, don't fuck with kids please


Beatsaber practitioner here. Could also be beatsaber. Looks exactly like what I imagine how I look while practicing my art.


Dorito and tamagotchi practitioner here. Her fingers and uniform were too clean and I didn't see any extra batteries in her routine.


Mexican ground karate practitioner here. Fantastic dance, though it doesn’t look like her joints are aching enough, clearly not a realistic demonstration.


so theres a competition for best anime style and one for best practical use?


No, this just isn’t an iaido/kenjutsu competition, looks like it’s some sort of generic “martial arts weapon routine” competition that’s judged on theatrical effect.


Martial arts video criticism practitioner with a couple of minutes of experience here, these two guys sound experienced, I totally agree. Ps. My mom is a black belt (3rd dan) in karate, and I'm sure she agrees too


Barbiejustu practitioner here. This routine is perfect for defending your Dream Home.


Hamburgerdo No. 9 practitioner here. I'm hungry.


Heinzo 57 here. Wanna hook up?


Sure, just don't soggy my buns.


sigh *\*unwraps\**


I’m thinkin’ Arby’s


Or becoming the strongest swordsman in the world If you had 2 more swords


Kouchi-Sityng practitioner here. We call this in the Dojo Sherikkagan Style, only few people from from the same family line ( tree ) are able to achieve such discipline and power through the a sword to the point the breathe of the user sometimes its said (myth) spits fire ![img](emote|t5_m0bnr|4014). Amazing Kata, not sure if she is might be a lost extremely rare child from the family, nonetheless 10/10.


Almost all kata/poomsae have no practical application and are all for show. I don't see how this isn't any different. It was impressive and visually appealing to watch.


Kata absolutely have a practical application. Muscle memory is created during repetition. That's exactly what they're for. To practice the motions you'd go through when killing someone. It is not so simple as merely swinging your blade wildly. And you can tell that the way she does the forward grip cuts that she isn't attempting to mimic those movements. This is purely for show. And that's fine.


I haven’t practiced karate in over 20 years, but you better believe I can still run through most of my katas I won competitions with. Certainly could not do them well, but the muscle memory is absolutely still there.


Which has some history to it. When your style is created to resist an authoritarian occupation force, you probably want to avoid writing stuff down. Kata are the memory of karate, the means by which you teach and record the style.


How you gonna learn how to swing a sword without practicing how to swing a sword?


Dancer here. Agreed. Edit: “dance practitioner”


I beginning to sense that Reddit doubts her commitment to Sparkle Motion. Or should I say [Mistah Spahkl-uh Motion](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiAaEPcnlOg).


If I’m not mistaken, kenjutsu is live combat with actual katanas. Kendo is the sport


She's 6. Leave her alone.


Right on cue, we have the unsolicited opinions from the weeb delegation. They are unsurprisingly not impressed that a child is not combat ready with a Samurai sword... excuse me... *katana* Edit: Triggered the neckbeards. Apparently they can dish out the criticism to children, but can't take it.


What are you even talking about dude


I think theyre just trying to point out it doesnt matter the context of a video, someone whos obsessed with anime or japanese culture will always downplay the talent displayed in the video to correct them on what was wrong with it. The equivalent to some couch potato trying to talk about what some professional athlete did wrong despite them literally practicing the sport daily. Its pretty rampant on reddit lol. Also theres like this weird dynamic where “weebs” are outspoken especially and people who hate on weebs are also outspoken. Idk man the internet is just filled with judgmental humans and hate and unnecessary bickering


They specifically praised her talent and dance skills. They simply pointed out that this is not a martial arts championship, as advertised. Also, the music was hideous. That one's on me.


Not just neckbeards for 3 weeks every 4 years my mother would become an expert on the most esoteric olympic sports. Then they started televising the Paralympics and she expanded into wheelchair spots expertise as well.


You said anime...we came


His ex hooked up with a guy who likes anime soooo ... yeah, they're all bad now.


Did you not read the post? They said that while it isn't practical in the real world, it is still impressive, they weren't discrediting the girl


She didn't even release her Bankai. Pathetic.


There may have been a misunderstanding. He is not criticizing her, but her art. She is very talented and I am sure she will continue improving, but her moves are purely theatrical, no real power or use in the real world. Those who have practiced martial arts will know the difference, and he’s pointing it out. We’re not belittling her, but only pointing out the differences for the uninformed.


Well aktually🤓


The sub name is nextfuckinglevel. This video belongs here, but it's also fair that someone with actual knowledge points out it's just for show.


you mean to tell me she is not going to win any war with that?


It's ludicrous that it even has to be said. In their head they're like, "Not realistic, I could take her."


That's not what people are complaining about. There is traditional martial arts, you do kata to learn techniques, train muscles, meditate, etc. There is more fighting oriented martial arts, where you do this by shadow boxing, etc. Both have in common that you learn a martial art. Then there is ballet and Tae Bo. The girl is absolutely talented, but this was a dance routine. I did some karate 20 years ago and feel this way. Let me try it another way. I'm not sure where the current clinical trials on acupuncture stand. But even if you assume it's totally worthless, if some new fad emerges where people just stick needles in anywhere, even someone who thinks the original is bullshit, at least it follows a millennial old tradition.


Calm down mate. I’ve been doing various martial arts my entire life and not one single second of it has been to be able to “take” anyone. Nobody is immune to a conversation about their form *in a martial arts competition*. Like she’s six, so don’t shit all over it and keep it in context… but I’ve seen some six year olds with *amazing* form and technique. Super cool video and I hope she sticks with it. But it’s no big deal to discuss her form, it’s a competition which means form matters. Nobody here with any knowledge on the matter is threatened by a six year old having fun and every one of us would be cheering her on if we were there, it’s so cool to see kids get into this stuff. That said she probably could take me, I haven’t done much training with swords so yeah, off with my legs I guess.


Conversely, here's 9 year old Mahiro Takano performing several Shotokan kata in Sia's music video. They are all done correctly and done with impressive skill. Criticizing the legitimacy/authenticity of what is being performed does not take away from the skill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2NgsJrrAyM


Anime practitioner here. Her form was terrible. At no point did her hair change color. She never held a rose to her face while reciting her intro speech. The background never went crazy-colors while she was motionless and drifted across the screen. She could beat me up though, so points for that.


Team rocket, Jesse or James? Is that you?


I think that was Goku


Ramen enjoyer here. Surely you don't practice your Iaido and Kendo for practical use?


He's getting ready for war actually


Lightsaber VR practitioner here. I agree she is def not ready for the trials. Lots of anger




Lol this comment is fucking hilarious


>Actually, if you look closely with a professional eye, this 6-year-old girl is actually not an expert.


Years of karate experience myself (YCOA, so of course a mixed bag), and yeah despite this being more flashy than a regular kata, she clearly has a lot of talent and does know good technique. Her kicks were on point. I would love to see her do a more traditional kata because I have a feeling she'd even put some black belts to shame.


She did a Chun Li rapid kick. That was wild


I mean sure. I don't think that the point is so much to show that she's a competent and combat effective child-warrior. I think It's just a fun demonstration of a little girl really putting her mind into learning something that is less often expected of little girls, and pulling it off really well and really seeming to enjoy and find accomplishment in it. I think it's OK if it's not perfect form if enjoying it inspires her to keep learning and growing in the craft. Plus the dedication on display here implies that she could really have a future as a martial artist with continued training.


All these bullshido artist critiquing a child.. pathetic


You know these things are officially judged by adults?


Redditors when a 7 year old girl isn’t a perfect technician at martial arts


This child is 6. RELAX


I came here to say something similar, it's impressive for any age but more so for someone so young. And Kung Fu does a similar "extra" thing with its Wu Shu tournament sets. However I'm astonished at the level of her aggressiveness. If I yelled like that at the end of a set I'd burst a vein in my forehead and have a stroke.


Just an ordinary martial arts practitioner here w/ a few decades experience. The kid is absolutely awesome! Forget the dogma, she's not even a teenager yet. Huge kudos to her! My kids might win in an unarmed fight (testosterone inspired comment 🤣) but who really cares.




Her energy level was always at 100.


Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts master here. This is amateur stuff. This kid has clearly never been hung in a pit full of hungry cats while covered in sushi.


Jesus christ shut the fuck up.


Friggen neck beards on here shitting on a little girl lol “ my form is far superior to her silliness “


Take the year you were born, and subtract it from 1986. If the number is positive, it means I have been a martial artist longer than you have been alive. Her kata is flawless, and you are trying to boost your internet karma by trying to be a badass commentator without the knowledge to back it up. I pity you.


Pooki sokuku chunjutsu practitioner here and I agree. Her stance is wrong and she didn't use the fireball jutsu. She needs to practice harder smfh


Maybe but how many videos you got on front page. She has 1


The Kill Bill prequel looks pretty bad ass.


Kill Billy


Killy Billy


Beatrix Kiddo kiddo


[Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with Samurai swords... ](https://youtu.be/uSjS_l3wGu8?t=243)


You win! 🥇




If you know, you know. (If you don't know, wake up, how have can you not know)


The bullet wasn't the only thing trying to quickly evacuate a hole in that scene


I came here to shit my fucking guts out and shoot someone, and I'm all out of shit


Best comment lmao


shounen lmao. Really is a martial *art*.


i mean this feels like a obsecure version of gymnastics with sword so like it's perfectly okay and obviously not meant to be a viable fighting style lol


Idk, the fact that it encorporates a sword makes it much more viable then most none sword weilding fighting styles. Like, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is great for hand to hand. But what do you do when someone lobs of your hand with a blade? Hard to grapple at that point innit.


give 'em the ol' stump thump


It's simple. You just do that thing where you clap your hands together on the side of the blade.


I bet a BJJ guy could kick my ass if I had a sword and did nothing but kata. They know range, and footwork, and actually spar. If you can trick me into swinging and missing (not hard if I've only ever done routines) they'll shoot in close and my bones will never be the same again.


A complete idiot BJJ guy. The best thing about having a weapon is that having it Especially one where instant death or dismemberment is an option, is a deterrent. The fact that I square up to fight tmand the other person confidently draws a sword is gonna make 95% of bjj or anyone reconsider their options. Also, idk if you've ever trained. Nobody *only* practices routines. As demonstrated by this girls footwork and agility. She definitely practices more then just recital stuff. Her swordsmanship isn't perfect, but it doesn't need to be. It really just needs to hit with the sharp side and whoever your fighting is going to stop fighting. Fun fact. Did you know back in the day when wars were people lining up in columns and shooting, that about 99% of the time when ammo was low and someone decided to have their side do a Bayonette charge, the other side would break down into full retreat. Because the thought of getting stabbed in the gut and having to see your intenstined is terrifying to... everyone. Just about ANY style of weapons based combat (and I say just about because there are thousands of martial arts and I won't pretend to know them all) is gonna be an advantage over any without weapons. Even an untrained idiot with a sword can easily beat a BJJ expert if they have ANY common sense and aren't using a sword that's too heavy. Don't even get me started on knives and guns.


A real martial artist will restomp the groin and not need that BJJ crap. -Master Ken


why would it not be? of course its ok and this girl seems to really enjoy it XD or use it to blow off steam


That's basically most martial arts demonstrations though. At least the ones I see posted online. A lot of twirling and spinning without any real application


This would fuck up a man in a fight did u see the way she was swinging that sword she would’ve dropped about 40 guys there


"Daddy. Can I stay up late and eat candy?" "Is your sword locked away?" "Yes." "Then, no."


I don't know why but this made me laugh for quite some time lol


Her name is JJ McParland. This is an older recording (2014)


Google says she has an active Instagram and is pursuing an acting career. She was voted out of the finals of Britain's Got Talent 2015.


Who the fuck had the balls to vote her out? I mean I would have been too afraid of her going Highlander on me.


That scre at the end terrifies me. How does such a small child have such primal rage?


Channel inner Monke.


I am wheezing, thanks :D


Hey man, like the song says. We ain't nothin' but animals. XD


I was thinking this had future stunt woman written all over it.


Really impressed. Totally respect the commitment to reach that level of skill.


Damn, she'd probably kick my ass.


Really reminded of the girl from the kick ass movie.


Hit girl!


She'd sliced me like a god damn california sushi roll.


I just kept thinking how nice it would be to be young again and have all that energy.


Home Alone remake by Quentin Tarantino


“I mEaN iTs A gOoD dAnCe RoUtInE” - neckbeards


I get what you’re saying, but at the same time, it seems unwise to argue with neckbeards concerning matters of the blade.


Just because they were studying the blade while I was slaying poon doesn't mean they were good students.




A young Beatrix Kiddo


My daughter is still scared of butter knives.


Anyone knows what the martial art is called? I train Aikido and a bit of Kendo and the moves seem very impractical... was just wandering if there is more to it than meets the eye.


Bullshido I believe it's called.


Same as aikido!


Aikido is a real martial art... it's practicality in anything but demonstrations is questionable at best, of course, but it is a real study.


They are impractical. This is more of a demonstration. Her sword technique is strange in the world of Kenjutsu. She is a talented dancer, though.


Its not martial arts💀


It's "Musical Forms", a type of WAKO kickboxing. It's essentially choreographed gymnastics combined with assorted martial arts. . It's very entertaining and impressive to watch. I know the girl in the video and was on the Irish team with her. This is a very old video, she's since been on Britain's Got Talent (got the to the finals I think) and I believe she's training to be a stunt actress now!


Kickbox form. They make the choreography by themselves.


The scream at the end is primal lol


I want 1% of her energy and passion


I felt that battle cry at the end through the phone.. awesome


Lmao, this girl is fucking awesome and as a 45 year old dude, I know she would just fuck my shit up. Bravo!


How I felt stick battling with my friends as kids.


Quentin Tarantino directing an episode of Full House with the 3rd Olsen twin


I’d follow her into battle!


Starting off a new origin story, Allyssa of the Apocalypse.


Just realized how fat and lazy I am ayyyyahhh


We’re gonna see this kid in the movies


She was on Britain’s Got Talent several years back. Got really far. Was excellent


Salute to her but there’s nothing next level abt this


I've never been afraid of children....but I'm scared of her!


It never occurred to me that someone could train their daughter to be Hit-Girl.


The other competitors are probably like "alright, I wanna go home now"


Looking forward to the lightsaber edit.


Why is this r/nextfuckinglevel?


It's not. It's not even Martial Arts


Dang! Idk though. I’d be terrified to be in that front row. Accidents do happen. Lol. She’s amazing!


What an adorable lil badass!


"""""Martial arts"""""


She’s fucking awesome


Beatrix Kiddo as an actual kiddo


That… was so… FUCKING AWESOME.


Is martial arts just dancing with a prop? *always has been*


Woah that was amazing


She is a badass.