My how the tables have turned, asteroid. For millennia it was you crashing into us, tremble now at the irony as we crash into you!!


The asteroid seems unconcerned…


That was just tip, wait till we stick the whole sausage up that ass-teroid


This is about moving it, not probing it. They're gonna move it right into Uranus.


My anus would absorb that asteroid like it was nothing


Uranus sounds like a black hole


Looks like a brown dwarf to me


Like a brown dwarf but meateor


Hahahahahah you fucking animals are great!!


Bravo on this convo gentleman


Get NASA on the phone, we've got an object collision prevention plan to propose.


Username starting to look kinda sus….


What are u doing Step-NASA ?


Hahahaha! Good one!


It's no coincidence that all the rockets we send up are shaped like dicks


The asteroid was paralyzed!… It couldn’t move… The asteroid fainted… The universe is about to send out Mega Asteroid X… Will you switch global space programs?


We will see once time shows, like what happens, if it moved or not...


Just a slight move isn’t can cause an asteroid to fall out of trajectory of the planet. Which means we all get to go to work tomorrow…. Yay…


It had full coverage with the general.


And to think just 20 years ago we were sending oil drillers into space to nuke the asteroids.


Plot twist: NASA discovers oil on the asteroid.


America will now go liberate the asteroid to provide it with much needed democracy and freedom.


plot twist: seems like we have an active threat to earth, nobody wants us to know about. The 2 biggest companies in the world that kinda popped out of no where are both developing space programs, now nasa has successfully launched dart, the economy is crashing due to the excessive money grab from the rich. What are they not telling us? guess they couldnt really tell us a timeline due to people wanting to live their lives before it possibly ends, taking away from productivity and causing chaos. makes you wonder


May I direct you to the documentary - Don't Look Up?


US Military: We’ll take it from here. Shareholders: we should let it impact and mine the oil!


*….”I could stay awake just to hear you breeeeeathannnn”*


Ya but now I won’t have to cry so hard when father figures sacrifice themselves


You joke, but for all we know, developing this skill may be what allows intelligent life around the galaxy to survive filtering events and become the rare interplanetary species. Redirecting incoming asteroids may be quite high on the priority list, if we want to avoid extinction, surprisingly.


Perhaps keeping a habitable environment where we are rates a smidge higher on the scale of importance for us to escape filtering events


Hear me out… how about maybe we do *both*?


Ask the dinosaurs how habitable the environment was.


They were on earth for 165 million years. We can't even make it to 300,000 years without trying to kill ourselves and everything else on the planet...


And 300k is generous. 50k years since agriculture. 6k years since semi modern recorded history. We've had working toilets less time than we've been polluting the planet. Electricity is sub 200 years. Modern medicine is less than 100. We better figure it out fast, we sure fucked it up quickly.


About 10,000 years for agriculture. Not 50,000. Agreed that we have fucked things up in record time very recently.


I think there is a much greater chance of humanity being the undoing of humanity.


We're coming for you fuckers....


They hit a 525 foot rock 6.8 million miles away. That's absolutely insane.


How the fuck do they have a live feed of this rock tho lmao


if nasa became a cell phone service provider i would switch in an instant


I hate phone providers so much that this actually gave me fucking hope.


In a future USA that isn’t ran by corporations and instead delivers services at cost to citizens.




Okay Ryan we get it. Give it a rest.


Actually that's drake


This is essentially futurism in a nutshell where actual real world working scientists and engineers and teachers etc are running the government instead of people who have never been in a public school or had to use a computer in the last 30 years.


Real world scientists and engineers don't wanna run government. They wanna solve scientific and engineering problems. Signed, A sciency engineer.


And damn every problem got solved in an instant


Be ready to send text messages that take a day and a half to transmit in full.


I already have AT&T though.


This might be a really stupid thing to say, but what if NASA sold some sort of service to make a profit to then fund future missions? Maybe they already do and I’m just reinventing the wheel


this is what space x is doing through starlink, by providing internet to millions they can make a profit and fund future mars missions. NASA can't do this because they're a government organisation.


There was a second satellite to collect information and relay it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LICIACube The data travelling at light speed should take about 37 seconds to get back to Earth (6,800,000 / 186,000 = 36.559) so there was a delay.


So there is a satellite 6.8 million miles away from us with a wifi connection?🤔


You think that's crazy? There's another one over 14.6 billion miles away.


And my fucking wifi gets fuzzy in the bathroom


To be fair, there aren't many walls floating around in space.


And his wifi doesn't cost billions of dollars and ran by some of the smartest people in the world.


Dollar per foot of range I'm sure NASA's wifi is cheaper


Maybe but the transfer rates suck and the ping times are even worse.


You can see all of the spacecraft we're talking to at any moment at https://eyes.nasa.gov/dsn/dsn.html. We're talking to Voyager 1 as I type this, through Goldstone antenna 14 at a blistering speed of 20 bytes/second. Hopefully your wifi is a little faster than that!


Scott Manley recently made a good video about the deep space network, if you wanted to know a little more about how it works. https://youtu.be/4aRr4bYiJFM


Essentially, yes


For real. I can’t even go take a shit without my phone hopping off wifi.


You’re not suppose to wipe with the phone


You simply need 3 phones and use them like the 3 seashells.


They're watching something that occurred in the past live if that makes sense


Technically, all live broadcasts are of something that happened in the past. It might just be fractions of a second, but in the past none the less. The longer the distance, the more 'in the past'. You can even argue, that the things you look at with you own eyes are things that happened in the past. An event few meters away, fractions of fractions of a second. The sun, about 8.317 minutes ago.


How is this not the top comment. This context is absolutely out of this world.


Because lots of us have been following the story and there’s tons of fun facts about it. Like this asteroid was actually a “moon” of a significantly larger asteroid


Wow, so it hit an object ORBITING a moving object!


Orbiting another moving object (the sun)


Which is orbiting another object (the galactic core).


Which is orbiting another object (the local group core).


Which is orbiting your mom.




Damn his mom is huge


Going 14,000 mph


And to think I barely made it through Algebra. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


Yep. Truly something amazing.


Team Planet Earth! Look at that pretty blue spec defending itself with precision! The dinosaurs would be proud.


Let's not forget to include these are moving targets


So the test was just to see if we could hit it, right? Not to try and move it? Like it was a test of our ability to do the math to intersect its course in case we want to like, land a propulsion device to steer one away?


It was also to move it. We’ll know in a month or so if we moved it


No. The impact itself is what will hopefully shift it slightly off course. Because it's travelling millions of miles, even a slight bump can lead to drastic changes in its path over time. It's going to take a few weeks for the data to show if/how much they were able to shift the asteroid and then maybe they'll adjust how large an object they'd need to send in the future or the speed it'd need to travel.


I can’t even hit the toilet and I sit when I PEE!! Fatherrrrrrr! Whyyyyyyyy?


We did it guys, we have avenged the dinosaurs! 🦕 🦖


“Rank you, ruys!” I like to imagine the dinosaurs talked like Scooby-Doo.


This has been confirmed.


Better than Dino from the Flintstones




Hell naw, that dino-smasher was the best thing that could have happened. Thanks to that big rock boom-boom, there was room for the wee mammals to take over. This was an asteroid thank-you kiss.


Yeah but now we don't have any dinussy so was it really worth it?


![gif](giphy|OUKCUp9wO8a52) Thank you.


Only to be redirected to be a direct hit in 32 years.


Watch me do it again punk




New New Yorks early attempts at a prototype space trash ball deflector




I hope they let us know before it hits so I can commit a bunch of vicious crimes beforehand. It would suck if I had to live like a citizen until the very end.


It's only the threat of recourse standing in your way. Figure out that part and you don't need to wait for the asteroid.


Nah appearances must be kept, the barbarity is for the fall.


but Summer's over


!RemindMe 32 years


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Asteroid deflects, only to hit a new asteroid into earths orbit--


8 ball in the corner pocket


32 years later: oh no we forgor


I mean they don't even know if this one change trajectory yet


That’s what I’m sayin like what if I just hit and nothin happened


Then they learned A TON on what not to do next test


The ripple effect...some bastard species hits an asteroid for "science", altering its course, a 1000 years from now and the slight adjustment of its trajectory amplified over time and vast distances...it hits another planet and wipes out an evolving species that was on the cusp of something profound... annnnnd it's gone.


Probably what happened to the dinosaurs


Nah...they got bored of Hollywood milking the franchise and keeled over


What if this asteroid that we just hit gets redirected into a blackhole and blackholes are just natural time portals and it went back in time to get sent to earth and killed the dinosaurs? We killed the effing dinosaurs!


I'd watch that movie.


an interesting idea for sure, would definitely make for a cool novel.


So, you mean things just keep happening and it affects the future? The ripple effect is so goofy because, of course doing something leads to something else happening. How do you know some other bastard race isn’t like super hitler, preparing to tour the galaxy, turning every live planet into gas giants, and THAT’S who the asteroid we hit smacks into? Boom, we’re hero’s and world peace erupts!


I love this rollercoaster of events. Humans redirect asteroid. 1000 years later, an alien cures space cancer. That aliens name is Space Hitler. And then total annihilation.


“What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machine escalated into a war which has decimated a million worlds. The Space Hitlerians and the Humans have all but exhausted the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides, now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by 4000 years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other. Total Annihilation”


But what if it's space Harambe?


Nevermind. This is the comment going in my diary.


RemindMe! 1000 years


It won’t be anywhere near another planet (outside of our solar system) in 1000 years.


We just witnessed live in real time something on an asteroid seven million miles away. What a time we live in.


Well I feel like the communications delay would be at least a couple dozen seconds if not minutes, so not quite real time, but I’m just being an asshole now.


37 seconds


Wow that's a LOT faster than I thought. That is indeed amazing


Words I've never heard before in real life.


Even your own eyes perceiving something in front of you are delayed by the time your brain processes what you see. Think about that. You never see the now. Always the past, lagging by about a tenth of a second.


A tenth? That seems too long


Finally, NASA is doing what we wanted to do. Blowing shit up in space.


It's what they wanted all along, shit, it's what we have all wanted.


They've already purposely nuked Jupiter too


Good riddance! Fucking Jupiter


Don't stand so close to me you stupid planet


> They've already purposely nuked Jupiter too What?


If this works, it will make the movie Armageddon seem very overly dramatic. Lol


did we really need to know this worked to come to that conclusion?


Yeah, because if it doesn’t, then Armageddon may not be overly dramatic… lol


Wasn’t the asteroid in Armageddon the size of Texas or something?


Asteroids that size don't really sneak up on us. So it's still very dramatic.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_asteroid_close_approaches_to_Earth Note that half of asteroid near misses had no warning. Largest asteroid in last twenty years that we KNOW of that was a near miss https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_AH was discovered 2 days after it passed. It was larger than the meteorite that caused the Tunguska event. (couple hundred metres) We've got a km wide asteroid passing by in 6 years and a 300m wide one, passing by in 2029 'very' close to earth. But these are only the one's we know about.


Yes those are scary big but not the size of Texas. I was just commenting on the movie logic. Killer asteroids can sneak up on us. But they are not the size of states.


Bad science but still a entertaining plot, love the shuttle design


What I’m waiting for is the data of the impact and see what results this yields. It’s astonishing being able to hit a moving object such a great deal of distance


did they intercept it from the side or hit it head on or rear end it?


Almost a direct center.


I believe the question is asking where the impact took place in relation to the movement of the asteroid. Did we hit the asteroid from behind and speed it up? Did we hit the asteroid from the front and slow it down? Did we hit the asteroid from the side and shift it's path, but not significantly change it's current speed? Does "direct center" have a meaning in this context?


Did we pit do a pit maneuver on it ...


From Neil D. Tysons podcast, the aim was to increase the orbital speed of the 'moonlet' around the asteroid. As opposed to trying to knock it away. The safest 'do no harm' mantra.


They hit it more or less head on. They will compare the orbital period to see what effect it had.


Anyone else hoping to see something crazy as it kept getting closer? I kept imagining crazy space cows looking up in the last frame as their world came to a fiery end.


I can’t even tell of anything happening in the video? It seems like the view is zooming in as she counts down, but I don’t see anything that looks like a collision or jolt. What am I looking for and where am I looking??


It’s essentially a dash cam. You’re watching the car hit the truck through the car’s windshield.


Thank you!! Can't believe I had to scroll this far to get this information.


Once the space craft hit the surface, it was destroyed. All equipment and the camera immediately stopped, so we didn't get to see anything. Once the feed stopped, they knew they had hit the target.


Well the camera was moving toward the asteroid at 14,000 mph. So basically the last picture it took was right before it smashed to smithereens. We didn't really get to see the impact directly because it instantly broke apart the satellite.




I feel like NASA has "The Right Stuff" again.


Honestly, now that the massive money drain that was the Space Shuttle is gone, they (finally) have the funds to reinvest into scientific missions. Now just imagine how great it’d be if they weren’t getting screwed over by Boeing on the SLS project, but I digress.


Yeah... sure... it totally was the shuttle that was draining NASA's budget \*quietly hides the last 40 years of heavily partisan budget cuts*


I was going to say exactly this. While the space shuttle might not have been the most efficient project (and also shoehorned by politics) it was not the thing that crushed NASA's budget, politicians looking to kill climate science did a much bigger chunk of damage to the budget than any space program ever did.


Out of the Loop can you explain what Boeings doing?


I’ll try and keep this brief or else this will turn into a proper essay. But in short, Boeing mismanagement has been the primary reason for the extensive delays and cost overruns encountered by the SLS program. Boeing was awarded the contract to develop the central core stage at a price of $4.2B for two launches. This central core stage is (to a degree) based on the Shuttle External tank. This is with an original scheduled launch for December of 2016. Everything else about this rocket is essentially off the shelf. The 4 main engines used are RS-25, which are (literally) the same engines used on the Shuttle. The solid rocket boosters are 5 segment versions of the 4 segment versions used for the space shuttle, and the upper stage (for the first four flights) will be the ICPS- the upper stage also used on Delta IV Heavy. The biggest development is the Orion Capsule, which has been ready since 2014. Admittedly, it has about a 5 year head start as it was part of the older Constellation Program, but still. Every other part of this rocket has been ready to go since roughly 2016, with Boeing being the primary contractor responsible for the massive cost overruns and massive delays. Here’s an [article](https://spacenews.com/nasa-inspector-general-sharply-criticizes-sls-core-stage-development/) to support my claims.


I love NASA dash cam videos.


r/idiotsincars guys I just flew around in my rocket and hit a giant asteroid. Am I at fault?


Nasa is at fault here. Clearly crossing the yellow line into the asteroids lane.


For those of you wondering, when you googled “nasa dart” your phone isn’t broken - Google is just clever.


Ha adorable, love the little Easter eggs Google adds to searches.


Had to try it after your comment. Pretty neat


HAHA love it!!


If only we could do this same thing with nuclear weapons.


Someone get Bruce Willis in on this


*“I’ll do it myself”*


Nuclear weapons don't do much in the vacuum of space. They are useless, without the pressure of the atmosphere just melt a hole. Large impact is not that good either. The asteroid (or comet) would get broken into smaller pieces and the Earth would get hit with lots of little pieces instead of one large one. They are trying a little bump that will not break up the asteroid but change its trajectory so a few orbits and, possibly, hundreds of years later will miss the Earth. Halley's comet takes about 80 years to go once around and that is one of the most frequent comets or asteroids to fly by the Earth. Some take thousands of years. There is no know way of deflecting an asteroid that is heading straight towards Earth from a close distance. Let's say 100 million miles or the distance to the Sun. It would be too late. > "This really is about asteroid deflection, not disruption. This isn't going to blow up the asteroid," Chabot said earlier. She says the collision is just a nudge that's similar to "running a golf cart into the Great Pyramid." https://www.npr.org/2022/09/26/1124340144/nasa-dart-shove-asteroid-first-test-planetary-defense


Launched a year ago to intercept an object the size of a fat Washington Monument over 400 million miles away.


I heard 400 million too on the broadcast, but apparently it 7 million miles away.


Ahh, thanks. I didn’t even stop to question it but now that I say it, it seems far fetched (pun intended).


So what happened after it hit lol


This only happened in the last half hour, so I guess we'll know what happens to its trajectory before too long


I mean like did it explode or something or is it to just push it


It's to push it


push it good


*Push it real good!*


Nope, just redirecting the orbit. This would be the real approach in the case of an asteroid heading at us.. and explosion would just turn the asteroid into a “shotgun shot” of asteroid debris, as an article I read earlier said


Marco Inaros has entered the chat…


Oye beltalowda


Ominous Voice Over: Although Nasa knew this impact would alter the trajectory of the asteroid, they could not have know the chain of events that would take place after. Little did they know, 3,379 days after altering the trajectory of the asteroid, a 29x larger asteroid was spotted approaching head on from the edge of galaxy. The altered trajectory of the original asteroid now collides with the 29x asteroid and puts it on a collision course with earth, projected to collide in the year 2034.


dunno what the big deal is. i was doing this on my atari 2600 back in 80s


Somebody get that guys insurance information??


What if this isn’t a test but an actual mission to save earth masquerading as a test


Now do climate change


Morgan Freeman would like a word.


So if this doesn't move it, what's the next step up?


Not sure but this meteor wasn’t big enough to cause any damage to earth - they just wanted to see if it was possible to change the trajectory


It has to move, otherwise relativity means squat.


At this point, I'm going to assume they secretly redirected it to hit us because they are sick of this shit too.


These engineers are simply the best!


it's all fun and games until someone blows earth up


Did we just declare war on the Clangers?