Folks are tired of the religious oppressors. They need to start showing these unwashed savages the way to their “Lard”!


But enough about US politics XD


"This would never happen if I was president. But there are good people on both sides." -Trump, probably


Narcissistic Americans always have to make everything about them. This is about Iran.


Reddit is largely made up of North Americans. While Americans are very focused on their own politics, it's disingenuous to pretend people from other countries don't also bring it up.


I see more comments from people shitting on americans than I do actual americans being assholes.


Most of us don't give a fuck.


Where’s Iran anyway? -Us


“Iran so far away” -Flock of Seagulls




-Us as in reddit or U.S.? Both work.


He meant "us" as in "them"


Right next to jerkoffistan I think.


Or douchebagistan


Perfect lol , and I’m Canadian btw


As we like to say here in the states. “If you don’t have haters then you’re not playing the game right”😝


i must be old bc i thought it was "dont hate the player, hate the game."


"They hate us cuz they ain't us"


Hahah same. I love people calling me a "yank" on r/Soccer all the time 🤣🤣🤣


We like to shit on ourselves as well


We are proud we fought off the Christian nationalists in our country. We are proud of Iran for doing the same thing. To be triggered by someone talking about America lol


We haven't even begun to fight off Christian nationalism in America. I have seen this level of fighting back in Iran before, it was 1978 ams 1979 when the students that are now largely in charge set Iran back hundreds of years in dedication to their faith. I hope that nation, and the world, can embrace secularism as it is the only.universal path forward.


The incredible irony of an American saying "look how shit that government is, it's almost as bad as our own was" when they were responsible for getting both governments into power.


Not really, we literally lost the war in Iran. The govnt that took over won, and now the people are fighting back. I'm still proud of them regardless. Every single woman, and every man guarding this women fighting for what's right


Every country has its troglodyte. Every country has committed massacres at some point in its history. I don't think anyone can point fingers.


Well, TBH the American government DOES bear a lot of responsibility for Iran having the oppressive theocratic government that's been there since '79.


Right? Not one fucking post about the protests in Iran without at least one comment in the top 3 about muricans and their shitty politics.


Half of the time it’s not even the Americans doing it, it’s the Europeans from what I have seen


It’s like this everywhere, are they all really so self centred they can’t relate to a story unless they are somehow the main focal point? Lol


Dam almost like Reddit has a majority American user base, go onto an Indian social media platform and id bet international news is correlated to India in some way in the comments. Jesus get a load of yourself brother


women weren’t forced to wear hijabs b4 the cia destabilized iran. better to not strip a current event from its historical context.


Narcissistic people* not just american ones, all of then. Its what narcissists do


Americans really think they’re so oppressed lmfao


I went to Sam’s Club yesterday for some Webber garlic jalapeño spice and a box of croissants and they were out. Fucking worst country ever D: But for real though, the abortion thing is crazy.


Costco was out of Muscle Milk, again. The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


Costco doesn't carry any hot sauce. None. It's like living in North Korea


Crazy. I couldn't get my cat his favorite treats last week. They were all out! WTH is the country coming too!!!


A trans cashier put the money on the table instead of in my hand literally 9/11


You don’t see the parallels? We are 100x more free than Iranians at the moment, but there are government officials talking about “Christian nationalism”. Abortion is banned. Birth control is banned is some states. Don’t you see this is how it starts? If republicans control the government again, you better believe this will be us in 5-10 years time, easily.


Eternal vigilance is needed. Here in Australia the previous government was headed by a Pentecostal Prime Minister and over time giving important portfolios to fellow Pentecostals. We voted them out . People can have their religious beliefs but no way it should be intertwined in government. Church and State should stay separated .


I could not agree more. Australia and America have parallel issues IMO. With similar cultures


And Australia manages to get it right infinitly more often than the US does.


Yall are not free. It's an illusion. You're literally a slave to capitalism. But hey you can dress how you want to. Great.


Sadly I think you’re more right than I’m comfortable with. The problem is they let everyone have guns. It could get real messy in here. It’s going to be a ride for the next few cycles at least.


Iran has 228 per 100,000 people in prison. The USA has 629 people per 100,000, the highest rate on the planet, and the highest total (2,068,800) as well. Truly a nation of freedom.


It’s not that Americans think they are so oppressed, (even though we have more people incarcerated than any where else in the world) it’s that we understand our rights and are willing to fight for progress. Also, we understand how slippery the freedom slope really is. I mean look at Iran, in 1978 women were allowed to attend universities, wear jewelry, live a typical female’s life then in 1979 a religious zealot gets in charge and forces them to wear hijabs and stay at home.


It doesn't take much to let the oppression in, but it takes a lot lot more to remove it. Freedom requires eternal vigilance.




Yes, this


A sect of people is trying to make religious persecution very real there as well


I mean…. have you seen the shit our cops do? Not a whole lot different than the incident that brought this about.


Self centered much? This post is about Iran. Try not to make EVERYTHING about your political opinions.






It's a good time for it because many of their neighbors seem to be distracted by war with neighbors.


This is the inevitable outcome of oppressive, religious authoritarian regimes. To all you lurking right-wingers who support the idea of declaring the US a "Christian Nation" this is what you want. Basing your policy around religious ideology leads to freedoms being taken away, then when people get unhappy and self-express and are punished for it, they snap and tear the system down. You like to circulate made-up stories about how "entire cities" were burnt down by antifa/BLM, etc. But you haven't seen a fraction of the violence that would result from creating laws around morality and religious text. You have your fantasies about maintaining order with your AR and pickup truck and good 'ol boy buddies and going around shooting people who you think are enemies. You are not prepared for actual civil unrest. You will lose things you care about. It won't be fun. Stop fantasizing. Stop fetishizing violence. You can live your own life here so let others as well.


"Apes Together Strong" \-Caesar everybody shuld rebel against the status quo in every country


Internet blackout in Iran. Elon Musk, time to do your thing.


The days of governments being able to cut off internet may be coming to a close. Access to the internet should be established as a basic human right.


>Access to the internet should be established as a basic human right. Not like that will stop oppressive governments. Russia, China and the US each have a laundry list of human rights violations every single year. (And they like to keep track of each other and post them.)


The brilliance of the US and other democracies is they continue to prove they can do better than before in how they treat combatants and prisoners of war. For the longest time no one on a world scale set parameters of ear. The creation is the UN helped set those goals. They are law and over time the military warriors learned those expectations and have sends minimized significantly in historical terms how enemies and prisoners are treated. Being humane in war is counterintuitive to a warrior. However, it is setting in to many. I am a marine. And I guarantee you I and all under my command treated prisoner and combatants better than my predecessors. This is true for most democratic countries as we have a larger influence in history and freedom of the press. Human rights violations will always occur in war. But I and most humans measure our mistakes after and make changes to avert those mistakes again. Tell me sir, how does China and Russia score in comparison when only one person makes the rules and covers up the truth vehemently? The EU, US, UK, Japan, Singapore, and many others all fight if they must, and when we are victorious, we don’t look back on our atrocities and turn away. The press presents them, we shake our heads, and demand change. That change is slow, but it happens. It’s the inches in change that amount to us all getting closer to being brother and sister Vs boundaries and war. Information and truth will set you free. Change and voting will equals change. It’s flawed at times but it will prevail. Daetrax, don’t fall for the simplicity at pointing at the heavy hitters. Look to what they stand for and there people. The US knows Iran is an enemy. But we also know the people are not. They are repressed. However, they are in many ways like our neighbors in our homes. We know this of Russia too. We only fight when that oppression is too much. And sometimes we fight for the wrong reasons but that is less common than the later. Imperfection will exist in a human led, civilian run government. Because we have the failings of being human. It’s better than one man making the calls for us all my friend.


What are you on about? The United States has paid countries in the West to host black sites where we have detained, kidnapped, tortured, and killed people without any due process for decades now. We intentionally avoided declaring war in order to deprive people of their rights under international law. The United States literally invented new ways to violate human rights around the world. Everything we are watching in Russia now, the United States did first. Save the white washing for those too young to remember the time before universal surveillance of United States citizens. You know, back before Saudi Arabia provided the majority of the 9/11 hijackers, and our current president was just over there giving fist bumps to Prince Bone Saw like a 20 year series of wars that resulted in giving the Taliban a country never happened. Spare us. We have been gaslit long enough.


>Everything we are watching in Russia now, the United States did first. It's not even close. Right now we're witnessing indiscriminate state-sponsored/state-endorsed murder, rape, and torture on a massive scale. Russia's openly recruiting murderers and rapists from their own prisons to fill their ranks for crying out loud. People love to talk about the CIA operations at Guantanamo and pretend that's descriptive of how the US military worked when in reality most detainees received better treatment than the US soldiers guarding them. * When our supply routes all went red and our rations started running low our commanders provisioned food for the detainees first to ensure we didn't violate Geneva protocols. * When scoring different strike options, one of the biggest criteria is likelihood of collateral damage. I've seen entire firing solutions get scrapped because a random civilian wandered too close to the strike zone. * There was even a period where "clear threat" was re-defined as receiving active fire which meant we couldn't engage enemy fighters until they were actively shooting at us ... all for the sake of trying to follow the laws of war. * And finally this, I used to work Human Intelligence and I once got reprimanded for mentioning "Egypt" during a debrief because that could potentially be interpreted as a threat to hand them over to that country. That's right, foreign detainees were so desperate to remain in US custody (as opposed to Egyptian or Pakistani custody) that merely suggesting other countries constituted a threat. You may not know it but the foreign fighters we captured certainly knew that Americans guaranteed basic human rights in a way no other country did and fought to remain in our custody until they could secure a release. At the individual level, most soldiers really didn't care about preserving the civil liberties of enemy fighters, we just wanted to survive. But the command staff at the top really believed in the whole "hearts and minds" strategy and now that I'm 10 years removed from all that I can appreciate how seriously the US took its responsibility to preserve human rights.


Alright people, for those of you not in the military I'll say this once: Never trust Humint. However, as a Siginter I can confirm that this is correct for the most part. Sarcasm and jokes aside though, the military makes a lot of mistakes but generally is very good about following the law these days. I can't say much for the CIA because I have never worked with that organization, but the NSA DEFINITELY follows that law as I have countless experiences working with them.


Professional armies and professional behavior wins wars, decisively. Everyone benefits when you run a tight ship. For the most part, agencies, directorates etc know the stakes and it's hard work just to get in the door, and fucking up is no joke, so have some faith. NATO and pals are pretty good. Also unprofessional militaries don't really get the benefit of technology and it's such a force multiplier and enabler it's crazy.


No basic human right can be derived from the labor of another.


Ofc it can. As long as the people providing the labour's are being paid.


Just hang off his balls more why don't you... He aint gonna do shit unless it makes him money... When will you Elonsexuals gonna get that?


I was gonna say since when did people start to like him?


People have always like him, people have always hated him, most likely it's going to stay that way I love him for his engineering work (primarily SpaceX), and his personality. I hate him because of his more stupid projects, and his personality. But at the end of the day I don't have to think he is a great guy to be a fan of his work, although I definitely wish he would stay away from politics. And you can recognize that someone seems to be lacking some pretty fundamental skills, like being a good boss, but still believe that they are doing some good for this world


I dont think this has anything to do with liking him. He does how ever own starlink which is a satelite internet service that can be used to circumvent the government black out.


Doubt he'll do shit. Its not as cool as helping Ukrainians defeat Russia. He wont get to shake any president's hand. Elon Musk is a weasel and a terrible person. I hope hed do something good, but I don't expect it in the least.


Ukraine accepted starlink terminals because they control the territory. Why would Iran accept the terminals lol.


I fear the tyrant ayatollahs will order the automatic weapons to be used against the people.


Internet shut down now. The killling wil start.


Unfortunately, you seem to be right. In previous protests, government shuts down the internet right before killings begin.




Can't have the video footage leaking. Fucking scumbags


30 years ago shutting the internet down would prevent that. Now on every corner there's 200 phones shooting video. All of this is still going to be documented and broadcast around the world, whether Iran's government likes it or not.


The moment the internet goes back up, Twitter and Reddit are going to be flooded with multiple videos of police massacring protesters. From the few comments of people who live in Iran and still have internet access, it sounds horrible.


But then it's already over, and the momentum within Iran is gone.


This is where Starlink would be useful.


Iran might be headed for a Civil War


Should have happened 30 years ago


Or, and I'm just spitballin' here, the US and UK shouldn't have performed a coup on their democratically elected leader in 1953 in favor of the Shah (aka oil), which ultimately led to the Islamic revolution of 1979.


Hey…live and learn, amirite?


CIA already planning the next coup if Iranians decide to elect a leftist.


I’m guessing they’ll be a bit more flexible on the politics of any secular leader who wants tot nation to rejoin the world order, what with the spectre of Communism no longer looming.


Exactly right. Also, the Mossadegh bullshit from the CIA was wrong in 1953, but let’s not change the topic now: mullah assholes gotta go!


We just did it in Venezuela like 3 years ago…


This comment is essentially why its so depressing o be human. Like even if one country figures it out, Big Brother is just waiting down the hall with all of their brainwashed constituents waiting to fuck up everything. ​ Until were all on board , were all in danger.


Operation Ajax IIRC


This happens every few years. It's usually ruthlessly crushed by the government. There's no reason to expect this time will be any different yet.


While that’s true that this has happened every decade or so, I’ve never seen Iranians act so violently towards the regime. In some of the clips you’ll see that the Basij are visibly shaken and are approaching cautiously.


They should be terrified. In an uprising, the Basiji will receive the brunt of Iranian anger and a desire for vengeance.


idk maybe the military doesn't help them this time?


With whom? The civil population doesn't have enough weapons. An asymmetrical conflict is more likely and would be the necessary step to aquire the material needed for an actual open confrontation.


War in any form is terrible I really hope it wouldn’t happen but I do hope for a kind of a revolution without bloodshed if that’s a thing


Few years back they just opened fire on protestors and kill a couple hundred. Didnt even deny it. If I remember correctly they have some revolutionary guard military specifically to suppress protests and coups. Its going to be hard for the people to win.


If they can sway enough of the military to not kill their own countrymen and women, it could very well end up fomenting into an all-out civil war.


That part of the military isnt even iranian, those are people mostly imported from very very poor countrys and trained their life and brain washed just to kill protestors, they dont even think when murdering all these 16 year olds on the streets


Never count on humans to do the right thing.


The IRGC does have that at an main part of their mission, but they don't just oppress their populace! They have lots of other important duties like: committing war crimes as shock troops during declared conflicts, fomenting revolution in regional neighbors, and carrying out terrorist attacks on the citizens of other countries...


And they will just do it again. Unless... https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/xkq8as/comment/iph9fxa/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


I'm iranian They start to shutting down internet step by step and as usual it's time to kill people now We can't organise ourselves and we don't know what should we do now to save our lives and keep them away They have gun and they use Deadly bullet against us Please be our voice and don't think that our silence is becuse of The end of the movement it's just Suppression


Anyone that can help with linking playbooks over here? I'm not very good at looking things up, Check out the Hong Kong and Delhi protests or the Ukrainian war. They all had a playbook on how to organize and stay moderately safe, this might help you guys.


You need to setup communications outside of things like the internet. The old saying "the revolution will not be televised" applies to the internet. As an IT admin, packetized communication is easier to block/control than analog/radio/person to person communications, period. And you needed to have that network setup before you have an event like this because setting it up now is going to be very difficult and confusing.




They’ve violently repressed protests previously but this has the seeds of revolution - hoping the people prevail.


There's no organized leadership AFAIK so probably no revolution. They need to institute reforms to placate the people.


Ayo who push the guy into the bush?


I thought it was a lady cutting her hair but he or she absolutely folded into that hedge like she died.


*Windows shutting down noise*


Now that you pointed it out, I watched closely and it looks like that person got shot or tased 😖


I thought maybe they got hit in the back of the head with something...


Ultimately a government cannot survive without the at least tacit consent of its people. Even the police and military can only do so much. They can disburse protests but they can’t force people to go to work. They can’t keep their own supply chains safe and under control. They can’t stop defections of government personnel and compromise of key intelligence. The amount of actual force they can bring to bear is high relative to individual incidents but low relative to the entire population. They can’t exert force everywhere at once. That’s why propaganda (and terror) is such an important tool for such governments. Once a clear majority of the people want them out, it is difficult to stop that from happening.


Also the fact that the military and police are people too and can be swayed as much as the general populous. They aren’t robots who provide eternal loyalty, which is sometimes forgotten.


Only if you don't indoctrinate them correctly...


A government needs compliance, not consent. Compliance can be achieved through bloodshed, and that's how Iran has done it every other time there have been mass protest.


>Once a clear majority of the people want them out, it is difficult to stop that from happening. Not really. I'm confident the majority of citizens in China, North Korea, and Iran don't like their governments, but when they start towards revolution the government starts shooting them, and they don't have guns with which to fight back. Having fanatically loyal police and military who are jazzed at the opportunity to drive tanks into crowds of protesters goes a long way towards keeping the rulers in power...


We need to start having "cutting the head of the snake" culture. Assassinations of corrupt officials/tyrants should be a lot more common.


lol of course it can. North Korea has done so for over 30 years. And do you think that the Chinese government has a lot of "consent" in the Chinese population? They don't have to exert force everywhere at once. Not everyone is critical of the government and of those who are critical of it, only a small minority will actually be bold enough to take action. And of those who are bold enough to take action, even fewer will think of anything smarter than ineffective protests. They (the goverment forces) just have to shoot at enough protestors to disperse the protestors. Rinse and repeat. If you look at Hong Kong, they could also use a variety of tools to identify protestors even AFTER the protest to enable a maximum of suppressive actions against the majority of the protestors. Anti-riot water cannon vehicles using non-washable dyes (optional: UV-light active dyes to make you think it's just regular water that will dry off), face recognition, video capture, kin liability, rape with objects in investigative custody, surveillance of hospital emergency rooms after the protests and arrests or denial of treatment for protestors etc. Their only chance: https://www.reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/comments/xkq8as/comment/iph9fxa/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


Good. Fxck all right wing, religious morons


How can you say that while also censoring yourself on the internet lol.


Morons like to call other people morons lol






If I've learned anything from these mass protests in countries with authoritarian leadership (party/dictator), it's that they're (mostly) useless. People there will just get shot at, arrested, tortured, punished, beaten etc., their numbers diminished and their movement weakened or destroyed. Internet access will be limited or blocked, Western countries will be blamed and more strict and cruel laws, punishments and authorities will be installed. Centralized protests just give dictators a big fleshy target to aim at. Protests only ever have a chance at success if the goverment forces aren't loyal or if the protests reach a critical mass at which point no government force can successfully suppress it anymore. The only way for people - the people of Iran in this case - to actually change shit is to organize themselves in a rebel movement or partisan cells and use asymmetrical tactics to actually weaken the power structures which allow them to be suppressed. Historical examples include: (written in imperative, bc it's shorter) Put harmful substances (water) in the fuel tanks of gov. vehicles (especially those which can be used against the population in protests), destroy devices which enable control over the internet infrastructure, poison the food and drinks of fundamentalist/radical/loyal goverment officials (not necessarily lethal) and steal their access documents, uniforms and equipment/weapons, sabotage government information networks (mail, telephone lines), tv and radio stations, lit goverment buildings on fire during the night, block critical infrastructure to goverment buildings (water and wastewater pipes, electricity, gates, roads (saw off trees), railway lines) or do the opposite by overstraining those (increase pressure in water pipes to cause massive water damage in goverment buildings, especially ammunition depots; infiltrate these buildings and open water outlets shortly before they close down in the evening or nightfall before weekends (if that's a thing in your country)). You should also consider starting to plan on how you want to take down or replace the government (highest officials). They won't do it for you.


I’ve seen it before. Ten years ago, during the “Arab Spring”. Goes like this until the government decides to unleash real force. And the people back down every time.


You do know many governments did actually get overthrown ten years ago right?


Internet is gone. Reddit works for sm reason. That hacker group did smt to some of their accs. They wanna kill. They dont care... Elon do ur best.


Send the next batch of 10,000 starlinks to Iran


I'd pay a global tax if it meant it helped enable internet access worldwide.




Russian history is always goes like this. "But wait, it gets worse"


I'm really glad to see men (as in males) fighting back against this as well...


This isn’t just about Hijab or women rights anymore, it’s people against islamic and republic


Time for another Iranian Revolution.


Shit yeah




Already has


Give them hell!


So the men are also supporting womens right not to wear head scarf?


We iranian men support our womens rights at any cost


Thank you


This isn’t just about Hijab anymore, it’s people vs Islamic Republic.


Its not a protest against hijab.. thats just the trigger, the government is very corrupt, everyone hates them, they killed 15yo kids just for being in the protests, they stole peoples money, they assassinated journalists and scientists, they ruined a whole country, people dont just want the hijab to go away, we want to see the leader, the president, the whole goverment and their supporters hanged from the street lamps.


People are sick of getting killed because of the whims of the few in power.


1979 Iran might have something to say about uprisings.


What's happening ?


Lady died cuz she didnt wear her head scarf so now ppl are fighting against the laws that say women have to wear head scarves.


Didn’t she wear it, but wore it improperly or some hairs were sticking out? I hope the Iranians organize and finally overthrow those religious nut jobs. Wanna practice religion? Cool. Don’t force it on others. Not cool. Crazy religious people are everywhere. Politics and governance are **not** places they belong.


She didn't die. She was Murdered by mutants who think they're above human rights and above women. The people that killed her came from a women and I hope a woman ends there life for what they've done.


Iranians rebelling against their religious government. I saw a post recently of Iranian women celebrating the burning of their hajibs (head and face coverings that are worn once they get married I believe). Inspiring shit


Iran went 'snap' because of built up tension. Seems like the government found the breaking point of their people's patience.


Fuck religion in general, glad they're all doing this


We have to respect everybody's beliefs, " in general ". I'm on protesters' side too and the reason people are protesting mainly is to have freedom, and freedom of choice. Hoping to see better days.


Imagine being that brave


Individually it's scary having these ideology, but in a group they have a chance against these religious extremism, especially these religious extremist that has "Death penalty because my book says so" as their backbone rule.


Excellent. Now let's see the Russians do the same.


its about time. hopefully people of Iran would succeed.


Such a culturally rich country. I’d love to see them finally divest their pariah status and return to stability and prosperity my lifetime.


The world is sick and tired of their “police” abusing their power. Police have been Intimidating, harming, and murdering citizens and people are fighting back.


May Iranians get the freedom they deserve. Godspeed


No offence to any religious folks out there. But religion just doesn’t belong in a modern science orientated world. For every 100 religious people there are at least 5 fanatics (random stats but you get my point). We can see what happened with the US banning abortion. Religion should not have any power at all and that can never happen unless you completely abolish it. An impossible task.


Hell yes!


It’s seems my last comments before internet black out : It’s a day before weekend and news about to internet blackout at 17:00 local time, regime will cut the internet and start to kill people’s like 2 years ago.


A liberal, secular, and stable Iran would be such an amazing stabilizing force in the Middle East.


This is one of the only things giving me hope these days. May the Universe shine a light on these brave men ans women. May they be granted protection and anonymity.


Except you did see it before, in 2009 when we had a chance to do something and we did NOTHING to help them. Like now. Want me to tell you how this story ends?


Look Russia.... this is how you do it...


Man I got chills. They are putting their lives at risk. They can't back out now either. There's going to be one hell of a showdown I hope they win


It's about time the country had a revolution from the religious nut jobs


Good for them. The people just want to live their life. They don’t want to be ruled.


I'm so glad to see so many man stand up for what's right.


Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men?


Let's promise to drop sanctions upon regime change. They used to be a pretty cool country.


No offence to any religious folks out there. But religion just doesn’t belong in a modern science orientated world. For every 100 religious people there are at least 5 fanatics (random stats but you get my point). We can see what happened with the US banning abortion. Religion should not have any power at all and that can never happen unless you completely abolish it. An impossible task.


These kinds of things occurred during the Green Spring and were ultimately put down by force.


Don't you know? We're talking about a reeee voooo luuution


Someone's gonna find that Simpson template of the father smacking his son, edit the American flag onto him saying "that's how you protest"


Over to you, Russian citizens...


This is how you actually fought back against oppressive government, the videos I seen from Russia with the anti-mobilization is utter embarrassment compared to this level of unity. Russian basically watch and moved away from the police that is trying to pick off protesters once at a time, to clarify this is not some person but a dozen and they didn’t make any attempts to help their fellows protestors at all. The level of selfish self preservation is astounding in Russia compare to this.


1 Iranian girl murdered by "police" - all people picks up pitchforks and axes. 55000 russians killed in Ukraine and Putin asks for 300000 more. Russians makes some noise loud as fart and... queuing up as sheep's to a conscript points.


Thank goodness!


They are fighting back just like the time they rebelled against the murderous corrupt dictator that the US put and kept in power for four decades.


Wow, great stuff, just keep safe


Persian spring


Fu*k yeah, For Freedom


русские,слабо так же?


This is so frikin cool to see


Good. They should be fighting back.


You go Iran! Get your country back. Fuck extremists. - Someone in the U.S. trying to do the exact same thing.


Be safe. Just seen too many protesters got kill by dictators 🙏🏻


This is how you show your leaders your unhappy…..take note russians !!


good luck guys i hope u will achive what u fight for


They have quite the fight ahead of them. I wish them the best.