This comments section sucks ass, yall who havent experienced depression dont understand the level of dysfunction it can cause a person to be unable to even do basic tasks like hair maintenance. Just show some empathy and appreciate this hair stylist


I don’t think anyones questioning that depression sucks. It’s not “nextfuckinglevel” though. The hairstylist is.


I would say it's more /r/HumansBeingBros than /r/nextfuckinglevel (although 13 hrs is pretty next fucking level)


13hrs speaks more of dedication and being a great person than skill.


It's "nextfuckinglevel" not "nextfuckingskill" tho


And most people do not have that level of dedication for anything. How many people you know would want to spend 13+ hours at their job cleaning up the worst mess possible the entire time. She showed a level of dedication beyond the norm. Its next level...


A level of humanity. A level of empathy. Far beyond any call of duty. She might as well be Supergirl in the flesh to that young lady trying to pull out of depression. Her character will take her far. She could join my team any day. We’ll teach her anything she doesn’t know, because what she has already cannot be taught.


Rule 1: "... be it an action,..., a moment..." I think it's pretty fucking fitting.


Her dedication was certainly next level. Shit I prolly woulda given up after hour 2.


Stand practically still for 13 hours and tell me how much skill you think it takes. Standing for 8 and constantly moving makes me want to kill myself because of the pain in my feet. That’s probably because I’m fat tho


Isn't skill the refinement? Hairdressing isn't about endurance, she is clearly pushing herself because she is a great person.


I learned recently how long it takes some black women to do the extremely long braiding that I don’t know the proper name for. 13 hours is about par for the course. It has got to cost a fortune, and the physical hand stamina to do it is nothing short of incredible. It does look pretty dope, by my god, that’s a lot of work.


It’s next level. For a severely depressed young lady trying to pull out of a hole, this woman was a superhero. Mad respect.


This is absolutel nextfuckinglevel empathy and compassion tho.


I assumed this post was about the stylist being NFL, I think that’s the point. Thirteen hours out of empathy is simply amazing.


Yeah. Coming from someone whose dealt with extremely knotted hair. This is crazy


Yup, That's a person who you can go to and be sure they did the best job they thought they could do for you. Yeah I like her.


The most ignorant amongst us will look at depression and take "invisible disorder" to literally mean the disorder doesn't exist. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. If it is not functioning properly, it affects EVERYTHING.


I don't think people realize how hard personal care is for people in deep depression. Yeah, it's gross. Some people don't shower or brush their teeth for weeks, sometimes months. When just getting out of bed becomes a chore, hopping in the shower can feel like climbing a mountian. This is not a symptom of being "too lazy" or being fine with smelling, looking, and feeling like shit. Severe depression literally makes you unable to care about yourself - mentally AND physically.


Depression is debilitating for adults, but my heart breaks that this 16yo *child* didn't have someone in their life that cared enough to brush their hair and make sure they were taken care of.


My hair has gotten pretty bad a few times. I learned to lightly brush out the "top" layer of hair, then keep it in a bun so no one could see how bad it was. Then when it gets bad enough, I chop off a bunch of hair and the cycle repeats.


The biggest problem with showering for me when I was this depressed was that it was too much quiet time to think. I'd cry every single time and be in a state of PTSD emotional turmoil and high anxiety by the time I got out. Then, it would be time to style and dry hair unless I wanted severe bed head from sleeping with it wet. Most of the time, I didn't get farther than throwing a tee shirt over my wet body and pulling on panties before I collapsed right back into bed.


Or when you only have so much energy to pretend to be a normal human person. I can either have the energy to go to work or I can perform daily hygiene sometimes. A buzzed haircut saves a bit of that.


Climbing mountains is definitely easier




Agree everything about THIRTEEN hours is nextfuckinglevel Period


Totally agree Exclamation point


I have only recently finished a course of anti-depressants. Depression lasted 3 years. At its peak I couldn't even make myself eat. And I'm now just sliding back into its suffocating grasp, because nobody can help me. I'm totally worthless, and can't be helped. Everything makes it worse. I don't know why I am writing it here, but I just don't want any of it


Nobody is worthless, friend. Even if you think there may not be anyone you have meaningful connection to now, there is always a chance of discovering that connection tomorrow. It's not easy and doesn't come quick but that's part of what makes that relationship so meaningful once it begins. Hang in there. You can do it.


No I can't. I literally am falling back into a pit of depression, and unlike the last time *now I have no money to climb back. The process of my unavoidable Doom has already began, and I have no way to stop it


It’s ok to ask for help. Everyone needs help now and again.


I have noone to ask help from. Friends? None of them. GF? None. Family or relatives? None. I'm alone. I could ask a therapist - but they don't help for free, even if I'll beg. Yes. I tried begging. No result. I'm forsaken


I don't know if you're in the U.S. but there are city/County run facilities that will take you even if you don't have any money. In a pinch, you call an emergency number and let them know that you are spiraling and need help, the most important thing is to get people/professionals around who can help you. If you stay isolated then no one can know that you need help.


The only facility I can "seek help" in is my city's mental asylum. But it's not made to help those who struggle - it's made to isolate psychos from society and pacify them with sedatives. My country is too busy killing civillians in a country of their neighbours, they don't care about what their own citizens feel. Everyone expects me to uprise and rebel, but I can't even find a reason to rise from my bed on a weekend day


Just know, I'm falling too. This is my first time, no money, ass people, no friends or anything. They take depression as a minor inconvenience. I can't get a job and family is forcing me to go into one. I can bearly task myself with anything. I'm not even having it that hard either, and I'm sure what your going through is much more severe, since if you feel like therapy helped then you fell back in the pit, it's probably from non treatable depression, which is pretty severe and needs help. What I go through is not as difficult as yours, but the fact you made it this far shows your will power to not give in is far superior to an average person, and you may think its not, but it's your depression talking "no I'm not, I'm lost hope", but I know your far superior than that. I hope you do better than me at least. Also have a read about Buddhism and inner peace or something. It teaches how the outside world interferes with your inner peace. It's quite an interesting read


Please seek help again and get back on the meds if they helped you. That's what they're for. You're not worthless.


Amen. God damn. What this woman did to someone dealing with depression. Normally I don’t like publicizing good deeds, but this deserves it. That part about the tip almost made me cry.


i recently talked to people about depression. people who don’t have and have never experienced it. they said literally “they were an up-and-coming artist, how could the be depressed?” and once again i was reminded of how many people *truly think depression is laziness and being sad.* i tried my best to explain that that mentality is so far from truth and it’s an actual inability to cope, function, etc. imagine someone with broken legs being told “what do you mean you can’t walk to the mailbox? it’s *just right there.*” it wont happen because for most people, they can only begin to understand what they see/experience first hand. then a smaller group can sympathize but not truly understand. then a small group can empathize regardless of if they’ve suffered themselves, and the. a smaller group yet has experienced/experiences it at least once or more. fractals of fractals of the population can truly relate and empathize and understand what depression is and what it can do. for anyone out there in one of the more broad camps, please please please A) accept that depression is NOT being sad (a clinical migraine and a headache are related but not the same), B) that people can’t be told out of depression, C) if you haven’t experienced it you are still important as a person, but your experience and perspective is skewed without having felt it first hand.


It becomes harder, when your city is under rocket attacks everyday and hundreds of thousands civil people in your country were killed by your neighbor country


I could understand this as an adult but she's sixteen. Where are her parents?


Agreed entirely. You can tell this lady is an actual decent person too. Not just doing it for brownie points. Def more people like her needed in the world.


I can’t even take care of myself, and I’m the same age as her. It feels so weird to accidentally drop a knife on your foot and have some concerns about the sharp end hitting instead of the blunt handle.


I do understand depression. What The Doctors do with some information to make a story is bullshit


So thankful there are people like this hairdresser. 💕


You're clearly kind, so don't take to much stock into what people online have to say. There's always someone online looking for a fight or trying to put someone else down to make themselves feel better. Let their anger fade into nothing by ignoring it. Anyone who wants to speak negatively about someone having a hard time should be ignored. They aren't worth the energy.




Yeah, matted hair is no joke. You have to take tiny sections, and comb out like a millimeter at a time with a fine tooth comb.


This actually happened to me, it was hard even to shave, the barber was really pissed.


Damn! Good thing that poor girl didn’t go to your barber. Lol


Damn! Good thing that poor girl didn’t go to your barber. Lol


As a hairstylist that’s not uncommon esp when doing color corrections, which can be split over 2 days. With matted hair you have to go in such tiny little sections and so gently as to not break the hair as it’s already compromised and from the after picture shown in that video it looks like she also got her hair cut and some highlights!


Hell, it took me 10 minutes to get knots out of ONE twist the other day. However, I'm black and have 4c hair so my average wash day is a 7-8 hr process anyway


"And that was the best tip I ever could've got... I still wouldve liked a real tip though" lol seriously though how did it take 13 hours?


What parents let their 16 year old stay in bed for "months"??


Maybe the same that made her like that, idk her story but i was pretty depressed as far as i remember, i was neglected and had trauma from them, so i used to skip a lot school, i would remain for days amd my parents just gave up and continued to live their lives.


The kind of parents that other people have is just shocking. My first roommate in college had to be legally emancipated from both his mom and grandmother over constant physical and emotional abuse. These are the two humans I’d count on the most and they were his worst enemies at 16. I don’t take family love for granted since. It definitely changed me.


My friend’s dad was a piece of shit that didn’t care about my friend’s depression. He would make jokes about her attempted suicide, CONSTANTLY scream at her telling her she was worthless and fat and ugly (not true), and beat her and her siblings. When I would spend the night he would move the beating to 3am so I didn’t witness it happening, but the screaming and things crashing around would wake me up and terrify me. If I woke up in the middle of the night and my friend wasn’t in the bed with me, I would feel immense dread. He was the only person I’ve ever felt true hatred for. I wanted him dead and gone. And now he is!He got hooked on heroin and died in a car crash :) (he was the only casualty).


>he was the only casualty Gotta love when the trash takes itself out. Hope your friend is doing better


Totally. Wtf


She may have been in the hospital for awhile due to her depression. They're not going to force hair combing on her against her will. I recently had a family member in the hospital for a couple weeks and, even though the nurses tried to keep her hair from matting, most of it had to come off.


My parents just watch me slowly die of depression and anorexia in their basement. Granted I was 18 but as long as I was paying rent they didn’t give a shit. to this day I don’t know why they didn’t just have an abortion instead of a kid.


Depression /chemical imbalances in the brain can be hereditary so others in the household could be in the same state of mind. I do agree that any adults in the household should have put their own issues aside long enough to see help for the minor child in the home.


The kind of parents that other people have is just shocking. My first roommate in college had to be legally emancipated from both his mom and grandmother over constant physical and emotional abuse. These are the two humans I’d count on the most and they were his worst enemies at 16. I don’t take family love for granted ever since. It definitely changed me.


Parents are also depressed and struggle to get out of bed themselves


Mine. It also happens when you just leave your hair up for days/weeks/months without brushing or bothering to take it down at all. Depression is no joke, neither is shitty parenting :/


I like the stylist, but that fucking show, “The Doctors,” is absolute fucking garbage. It’s all about conning people into getting plastic surgery and procedures they don’t fucking need and absolutely shitty advice.


My mom watched it a lot for years growing up. One thing I remember was a diet tip telling you to eat in front of a mirror.


So you can see how delicious the food you are eating, TWICE!


The power of self loathing will knock the fat right off those hips!


Or maybe I’ll just get jealous of my reflection and try to take my own food from the mirror.


I’ve never seen it, but I assume they push supplements and shit too. Just like that shyster known as Dr Oz.


It’s a lot like that, only with added body shaming!


At the end: this will be 2000$ please


Just a word for the non-American English as a Second Language people reading this: In the US, the dollar sign ("$") comes before the currency amount. The cents sign ("¢") comes after the amount. For example, $0.50 is the same thing as 50¢.


I spoke to the owner of a salon who was telling me that many people think the stylists’ job is just making people look better, but he said it’s a lot about giving people their confidence back.


I’ve done this for someone when I was a trainee stylist. She had recently overcome agoraphobia and was humiliated and embarrassed by her hair. She was in her 40/50s I’d say. I spent three days with pintailed combs, knit combs and buckets of conditioner. I picked out every knot, smoothed it out. My hands were aching and painful. The woman cried with joy and relief thanked me profusely and walked out without paying a penny. She still smiles and says hi when I pass her in the street. Bitch


I was with you til the end…


She had over 20 hours work out of me and did a runner without paying… I’m all for doing a good deeds but I wasn’t a friend or charity. I was a trainee stylist who took time and effort to help her and she ducked out without even just leaving a tip.


The end is the best part. They should call them out loudly for not paying when they see them. Work was done, work should be paid for.


What... the fuck...


What parent allows this to happen is the real question


The parents who probably caused the depression by being neglectful


not always. sometimes people have chem issues and if it springs suddenly enough parents panic not knowing what to do.


I think they are speaking more to the matted hair outcome...which a sure fire sign of neglect by parents. It is a factor leading to a CPS call for mandated reporters. Unless the child was being physically combative when mom/dad/other went into their room to help comb through their hair or clean their face, there are limited excuses.


Hats exist. So do hoodies. People will hide their addictions, their depression, they're anything they are ashamed of to an extreme level. Women who have miscarriages will carry a pillow under their shirt to avoid telling people, even their husbands, that they lost the baby.


Plus it's usually months long waiting lists even for urgent psychiatric care


Why ask a question like this as if horrible human being aren't having children everyday?There are parents that literally murder their children and you're shocked that there are parents that would neglect their daughter for months?


Parents who are struggling themselves


\*lol\* Hilarious downvotes. This is why we can't have nice things. Every generation has to learn everything all over again, the hard way. When these redditors are no longer 12, they'll realize that grownups are people, too.


I’ve been in nearly the same seat as that kid. Not in the same extreme. But still kind of. Even how much my parents tried they couldn’t get me to do anything. I didn’t go to school, my dad said to my psychologist that he hadn’t seen me smile in months. My parents can push someone so extremely hard, they would 99% be able to push most people to do most things, no one will ever be able to come close to being able to push someone do to something as them. They blew off 1.5-2 hours everyday in the start of everyday, for so long. They couldn’t push me to do basically anything. Parents aren’t always able to help, I know now that I most likely made them feel helpless. The answer isn’t always good parents, because at times even the best parents can’t help. That’s why we have therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. I feel bad for everyone involved, including the parents.


I was homeless and wore a beanie for years since I slept in woods. I would take showers at a university shower open to students and faculty which I passed for and tried to wash my matted hair and it was pointless. I hadn't brushed it in months and I had to steal scissors from Roses, return to the showers and scalp myself. Then my hair grows like a weed and in a few months it was like a pi xie cut and I never went without brushing it ever again after I had to cut all my hair off.


She's a saint 💯


Nfl where?


The story’s more r/wholesome getting those knots out is nfl. I’d just cut the knots out


Thirteen hours


Just bossbabe things xo


I'm just glad they didn't show the girls face for once


Spirit is what drives someone to spend thirteen hours helping someone else just to make them feel good. That is why I love spirit above material things.


Offfta someone who has battles with depression when she said I’m worthless I know that feeling. It’s horrible and just replays in your head over and over. I use to wake up in the middle of the night and that’s all I thought, I was worthless and I’m just a piece of shit. I can’t explain that any better it’s fucking terrible and i hope she finds help and stays strong. Bless those hair dressers souls


Yeah. I have phases where I couldn’t take a bath or do my hair for days. I’ve gone 3 weeks. Curly hair just makes it worst.


When I was 12, I was in a weird awkward spot as a kid. We'd moved from a different country, I was weird, other kids were mean. I stopped brushing my hair all the way. I'd pull my hair into a tight ponytail and brush my scalp to make it super flat and no lumps and the bottom but I stop brushing out the tail part. One day I realized that it had solidified into a huge mat in my ponytail. I thought we were going to have to cut it off but my mom sat me on her lap and worked it out over an hour. It isn't hard to get to a bad point with your hair.


I’ve been down low and developed knots and thought I should just chop my hair off. My mom helped me get it out once. This makes me feel not so alone.


These are the type of people worth looking up to. Well done.


Imagine finally getting the strength to go out and deal with it all and then she gets shamed on the internet for it.


I e had to shave my hair twice due to depression and not being able to look after myself. It broke my heart when. I had to do it but there was nothing else I could have done. I was so ashamed.


But be honest. When the cool shower water hit your shaved head...was it not the best sensation ever?! Did it not tempt you to stay like that for awhile?!


It was good as was stroking my head as it started to regrow (I found it comforting when upset)


Some of you people making stupid comments, cant even be nextfuckinlevel for 13min, this lady did it for 13 hours.


God bless this salon worker! Hope 16 yr old is in better place now.


I've been in her shoes. I had such a bad knot near the crown of my head. It's so embarrassing. But your health and hygiene become grossly neglected during these times. For those having problems understanding. Google "spoon theory" for both chronic and mentally ill ppls.




The world needs more people like this




Same. It's really difficult ain't it?


Yeah. Especially when you're alone. How you doing friend? Are you ok?


Just a horrible family pushing me to do 50 things and and force me into a job when I can bearly even bother to eat? Nothing much. You?


Is this a job you dont wanna do? What are your skills? What do YOU wanna do? If we could convince your family to let you choose your own job, what could we tell them?


I said I have no motivation, no hobbies, will anything. College killed and bored the only thing I liked that is physics and maths, and now I have minor arithmophobia. What's their reply? Make a decision for me and make me do it whether I like it or not. When I hear a favour or people subjecting about uni or job my anxiety sky rockets. What I want to do is discover new things, to discover an enjoyable hobby. I have a list i want to do but is quite pricey, and to do that I need money/job. It's a spiral downward. How are you friend? Something you need venting? I'd love to hear, unless you don't want to


That hairdresser would have the stamina to stand in the queue to see the Queen lying in state.


I'm not crying, you're...ah fuck it...I'm crying...


Damn I got some depression dread locks too and that shit sucks. Glad she seems to be doing better. No way could I ever drag my 30 year old ass into a salon and ask for something like this though, I couldn't handle that kind of confrontation, maybe I'll just shave my head since I barely leave the house anyway.


I wish someone would care like that for me. But that ain't reality


Honestly I feel the same, but I know depression has its own thoughts too, since I very would care for you. I gotta sort myself out first but, it's difficult, and people are assholes


Why am I in tears?


did.... I miss the girl? I see the stylist being emotional but not the girl Also.. great work and all legit super cool. But ladies (even you young ones) should know that shaved is also a look that's perfectly fine.


The girl probably did not want to be filmed and that is fine.


oh yeah that's perfectly fine.. it just makes the title confusing.


just karma bot things




What a wonderful hairdresser!!!


Damn. Who is cutting those onions?


help each other


That will be £1500 Quid please.


Badass Lady.


Thats the best tip I feel ya


Wauw that hairdresser is amazing. She basically gave that poor child her life back. No one is worthless, as long as there is life, there is always hope.


How come your parents let that happen? Get your daughter help!!! You can't just sit there and watch your teenage daughter melt in a bed!!!


Where was her family?


There are still some very good-hearted people 🌄


This is sweet and I hope the girl got help. But really … she is a child and the parents should have gotten her help before it got to the point of her being in bed for “months”. I hope they took her to a doc.


More of this in the world please.


This is so sad all around. This is outright child neglect/abuse. 16 year Olds are children, some one failed her.


There’s a reason hair stylists consistently come top in job satisfaction.


As a parent, I'd like to know where the parents were when their 16 y/o daughter was going through this severe phase of depression? When our children are suffering, it's our job as parents to help them with their hygiene, to brush their hair, to help them do the things they can't do because of depression. Mental health is so important, and it feels like this girl was just left in her room with her depression and no support.


What a beautiful woman 💗💗. I really hope that client is feeling better


I thought OP's title is some weird prompt to one of the AI text-to-image editors.


Sometimes heros style hair.




Great now im crying 😭 wish them both the best


sounds like me


Sounds to me like her parents were a problem that remain unaddressed..


I’ve seen patients in the icu, esp neuro patients, wind up like this… I’ve been blessed with some dedicated coworkers who somehow find the time to comb and then do a single braid or two in their hair to save it. It usually winds up looking pretty good. I’ll start the combing job in some cases or chip away at it but I just can’t stand still long enough and am easily distracted trying to fix hair this bad. I have maybe 20-30 minutes in me if the time is there between everything else. It can also take hours especially if they keep getting EEGs with all the glue and getting to the back of the head isn’t easy either. So truly, thank you to those with this under appreciated skill.


In the US doctors are lying hypocrites. There are so many people that need this attention but these over-academized lying greed-based narcissists won't help if it's not on camera. Fuck these ego- and profit-whores. They are just whores. DOCTORS ARE LYING WHORES.


You must have gone through some horrible shit. I'm very sorry for that


This title can be read in at least three different ways. Punctuation is your friend.


Having long hair and knowing what it feels like to just get even one mat out ..no, really, please just shave it


Everyone has an opinion some times we are right and sometimes we are wrong. For someone to spend 13 hours on anything is nextfuckinglevel even if it doesn’t fit the category completely. Thank god or satan or chocolate chips that there are others out there who want to make life nextfuckinglevel…


I have had matted hair as a child(10-13) due to depression twice. The first time my aunt unmatted it & the second time we went to the salon bc it was so bad. She worked for 8 or 9 hours through my sobbing, but we were still only halfway there, so I asked her eventually to just shave it off lol its just so easy to not take care of yourself when you're depressed, people don't understand..you lose all sense of hope and life, so obviously you're not worried about hygiene or keeping your hair nice, it doesn't even really cross your mind, and if it does, sometimes you think you deserve to rot away to nothing. But when you are finally able to pull yourself up, you have to put in so so much work into getting yourself back to just 'basic'(cleaning, showering, brushing your hair, dental work, etc).


Not all hero’s wear capes. Some put the cape on the client and make them feel human again. Kudos to this stylist for not taking the easy road and hopefully being the change the girl needed.


I’ve got three daughters. I could have got through that in a couple of hours. 😊






I appreciate this, but as someone who has said "just shave it" and meant it, I wonder if this teenager meant it. Detangling her beautiful hair was a beautiful and caring thing to do, a way to make her see her true inner beauty and worth. But *long hair is a pain in the ass.* There's the brushing every day, plus styling, and washing. What if she asked for a shave because she really didn't have the bandwidth to deal with hair right then? By detangling that long, beautiful hair, the stylist added a new chore to her day, a chore that she may not be able to handle (I can't handle hair on my bad fatigue days, that's why I keep mine buzzed). I want to love this. I'm glad the stylist gave this young woman so much time and care. I just hope it was the right thing for the young woman, and that she got the help she needs.




But is it NextFuckinLevel tho


TV sucks now


There is no smiling 16 year old in the video.


No comments


"That was the biggest tip"... am I the only one that hears that and goes "why can't we just pay people a reasonable wage?"


God the comments shut up and move on


I wish there were more people like that stylist in the world. I hope that little girl gets better


When endless sorrow meets compassion. Made me tear up.


Don't really agree with the worthless part. Personally, I think Majory Taylor Green *should* feel that worthless. If there were ever a deserving candidate, she's it.


Is this video satire?


? wdym


People thought having hair like that is because someone is lazy. Even a homeless and junkies in the alley dont have hair like that. Having real depression will take the life out of you. Dont have any meaning in life, just a waste of oxygen, Literally. Its suffocating. Im grateful to have family that doesnt give up on me. Extended famiky excluded


Remember if you dont want to live for the joy you might one day get live out of spite fuck everyone who doesn't like you keep living just as a giant middle finger.


If u ever depressed get hagen dazz, lots of hagen dazz. Or try to listen happy 80's songs. My favorite is probably "dancing in the moonlight"


She could have shaved her head and saved herself all that time and effort but she’s a decent and caring person who wanted to help someone feel better about themselves. Most people wouldn’t bother. She’s definitely the next level!


The Houdini of hair stylist


I've been like that before. When you're truly depressed, hair maintenance is just one of those things that might not happen for months.


I bet even shaving it would be hard. My mom was a trained beautician for me and my brother she used sheep shears on our hair because it was a guarantee the blade wouldnt clog.


I wish I could just not get out of bed for months and months and months.


where are the parents..


Amazing commitment to humanity