The guy has balls


“You sent me to Iraq, and my friends are dead” - No one listens. That hurts Its Freedom of speech until the speech is the truth.


To top it off people are booing him.


“Why you booing me I’m right”


He had to get it out of him, it's the only freedom he has.


Yeah if anything it had to be a weight off his chest to finally be able to verbally express his feelings to the man that did that to him.


It's telling that they're so evil that even a "sorry" is too much (which is mostly a nothing gesture anyways).


Saying sorry would be admitting fault so they wouldn't do that.


How can you spot a narcissistic Canadian? They never say sorry


I think my ex was a narcissist Canadian, even though she was born in a Hispanic family 🤔


As he's detained and probably charged for disturbing the peace.


If I had the desire to shout at someone like this guy did, I'd probably feel any consequences were worth it


My local state representative actively avoids me whenever he sees me. Fuck that lying piece of shit. I ask him hard hitting questions loudly in the grocery store. Hold these people publicly accountable


In fairness I’d also avoid the guy asking hard hitting grocery store questions and I’m not a politician or a liar.


Not a chance


He was actually detained after this and has been detained multiple times while doing his independent, anti-war and anti-imperialist journalism. His name is Mike Prysner, he is an awesome human being.


I thought evil Russia detained journalists.


You don't want to hear the things the u.s. has done to some of the journalists we've arrested and put in prisons off American soil so we can do illegal things to them. Edit: I couldn't find an article myself to corroborate the exportation of journalists offsoil for looser regulation on prisoner treatment, nor about u.s.'s involvement in advanced intereogation on whistleblowers. I found this interesting article regarding more recent whistleblower prosecutions, though a disclaimer is necessary that it doesn't support my original claims. I was referencing the story of Chelsea manning here, however the treatment of her was likely a fabrication I'd overheard or read somewhere without credit. https://rsf.org/en/news/us-trump-administration-prosecutes-third-whistleblower-under-espionage-act It isn't specifically about Trump, it is just a reference of the time-frame.


Appreciate the follow up about him.. take this award. 👍🏾


Dam' bro some people really just don't care about others


In fact, over 73 Million people don’t care about others


Don’t act like Democrats *and* Republicans didn’t send us into that war, Democrats *and* Republicans didn’t perpetrate that war, and Democrats *and* Republicans are responsible for American imperialism today still. Grow up.


One is the president today.


Humanity sucks. The only thing you can do is try not to be one of them and if you're lucky you'll influence a few people along the way.


Around 8 billion actually


Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers. Like damn, that sucks, I'll think about it breifly and hope it goes well for you.


im sorry but thoughts and prayers dont do shit in wars and death is just something u said to try to help the other but it general is just like say thank u dont do shit but its convenience


If you’re booing that you are a mindless pos.


Thay just don't want to be inconvenienced with seeing the cost of there choices. (Your Boos Mean Nothing, i have seen what makes you cheer) - Rick


bc people dont give a fuck about other people emotions and wheh someone start showing emotions speak they get kicked the fuck out and get booing bc society is fucked


“Your boos mean nothing to me; I’ve seen what makes you cheer!”


Rick, for the win.


If you notice, people got quiet the second he said "you sent ME to Iraq". I think at first they just thought he was a heckler, then realized he was a veteran.


And then still booed him because that's how much these people actually "support the troops." It's just all rah-rah propaganda.


Just like all the conservatives i know who supported the police until Jan 6


It's okay, they put yellow ribbons on their mailboxes so they clearly support the troops.


And then they also voted for cunts that didn’t pay 9/11 first responders’ treatment until two decades later(much less, help for veterans)


They want their war profiting guilt free.


The Right respecting veterans.


Because these conventions are about blind support and donations not open dialogue about truths.


And why tf are they dragging him out. He's just speaking. They assaulted him over nothing.


It's wild that ppl booed him smh. Like this man was there, he lived thru the lie, he knows 1st hand it was a lie and that ppl were dying for nothing and he still got booed smh. Wild what society has come to these days.


It's not society. The Republicans at this event are the ones that sent this man and his brothers to get killed over lies. The Republicans are the ones that abandon veterans after they fight our bullshit wars and don't give a duck shit what happens to you after you've served their purpose. George Bush fucked up at least one whole generation of Americans, and I can only hope his future Alzheimer's makes him suffer worse than Reagan. Dick Cheney continues to get fake hearts when he and his lies caused so many men and women to lose legs, arms and minds.


My friends died under Obama and I served under him, so no it’s not just the republicans killing civilians and military… it’s every single imperialist that runs this country that’s killing them and us.


This only Republicans are the only bad ones mantra needs to stop. Both Republicans and democrats are at fault. I really wish people and individuals realize this two party system needs to be abolished when all they do is hurt the common people for profits. But don't worry right now we can blame the democrats, then in the next 4-8 years we can blame Republicans.


Obama's greatest crime was refusing to prosecute anyone in the Bush administration. The worst example is Gina Haspel, who facilitated mass torture and was later appointed CIA director by Trump rather than rotting in jail until the end of time.


A lot of very important democrats in the legislature voted for the war too, with nary a second thought. I’m not shifting blame here, but the issue is not as black and white as you are making it out to be. The corporate dems have the ability to be just as evil as the republicans.


But they’re the party that support the troops the most 🙄


They would have only cheered if there was a pandering/patriotic song playing and if he was being featured as the “soldier of the week” while he was standing and waving like a good little soldier boy. At that point, we’re allowed to clap.


And everyone jeering because of him telling the truth. The common man is mere canon fodder to the elites.


Wish they let him continue.




His best friend died from cancer they are linking more and more into burn pits. From Iraq


My cousin served 1 tour in Iraq, and 2 in Afghanistan. He got cancer. Also had his shoulder blown apart. You cannot tell me that the cancer isn't linked because not only him but six other guys on his convoy got cancer.


They had burn pits in Desert Storm (1991) too and the VA is only now reviewing if it might be a concern but they don't want to pay for the coverage if they can avoid it My mom was over there and exposed to tons of things and had vaccines that aren't even documented in her military records


The freedom to ignore other people’s freedoms, more like.


Its Freedom of speech until the speech is the truth. Hit right in the face. So true.


us freedom of speech is free to say what ever but no one listens, how is it different then from the crackpot places where they do not let you say things they don't like to hear? Look at recently congress were like fuck you and the DC voters had their legal marijuana thing changed.






After going through a war torn area.. this would be a cake for him. He is fantastic 🙏


Every word he shouted is Verifiable and True... Yet, we don't do anything about it. We allow people to lie and commit crimes using other peoples lives to do it and then NEVER do anything about it :/


The fact that nothing was done about this played a major part in Putin's propaganda over Ukraine. Basically: "US does this all the time and nobody is ever punished. But now they are sanctioning us. The West isn't interested in justice. It is interested in domination."


Not sure if that’s an actual Putin quote, but it’s not wrong. Edit: since I’m still getting replies 12 hours later. Putin is a cunt. Our bad behavior doesn’t give him a pass, but it does give him the ability to spin his propaganda. The two events are not remotely the same, and I was not suggesting that they are. We should not have been in Iraq. I do believe it’s true that the west cares more about influence than justice. That does not mean Putin’s atrocities are ok. Stop trying to argue with what you think I said.


Not the actual quote but one the most dominant narratives in Russia's media.


Yeah they use whataboutism pretty effectively over there. Almost as if they helped teach it to some folks over here. I agree btw. America is a guilty motherfucker.


I was gonna say, is it really Whataboutism when it's true? I always thought Whataboutism was when you bring up irrelevant things as if they're the same, not when you directly point out that historically there's been no punishment for the same actions, which would mean there's bias afoot.


It’s still whataboutism when it’s true. Just because someone else has done a similar unethical action, that doesn’t excuse your unethical behavior. The proper response to a whataboutism is to ask “if everyone is doing it, when are we going to be the bigger person and stop?” So yes, Russian media justified Russian actions by pointing out what America has done too. That only means both governments have improvements to make, not that both have an excuse to keep going.


I don't think it justifies Russian actions, I do think it means the US can't speak. If I'm a bully that goes around punching weak kids, I can't suddenly run crying to the principal when some other kid starts doing the same. That's just pitiful.


Plenty of Americans didn't support the Iraq war, are you trying to say they don't get to speak?


They can speak all day. It's the politicians and other war-mongers, the people who represent us in regards to other governments, who can't speak. The USGov as an entity has, very recently, committed most of the same atrocities Russia is committing now, so it's obviously not justice, but bias, that drives the USGov behavior now. But I'm the person who says "If your gov had anything resembling a concentration camp in WWII, your gov should've toppled by now, just like Germany & Japan." Personally I would've moved out of the country by now, but that's very expensive, and historically we've done a good job making sure nobody wants Americans to move to their country. I don't identify with war mongers, that's what this country is, and I'd like to leave. For now I just argue here I guess.


Whataboutism has been pretty weaponised at this point to simply excuse Western hypocrisy.


Correct - it’s an attempt to gaslight rational thinkers who see nefarious actions by imperial powers basically as “overthinking it”


The whataboutism is using the hypocrisy as a justification. Pointing out that the US commits war crimes and has killed WAY more people than Russia in the last twenty years is just telling the truth. Saying it to justify your own invasion is hypocrisy and whataboutism.


Funny enough Trump backed us out of the Rome Agreement right when the international criminal court was going to hit some of the people involved with Iraq and Afghanistan with war crimes. Cause I guess America does no wrong? Fuck that shit.


It is, and I'm quite happy to see people like you understand this. It's the same thing with Israel invading Palestine. I don't see any meme or video about that on Reddit, but lately, it's been filled with anti-russian propaganda in every subreddit I'm subscribed to. No one talks about the involvement of the United States in the Ukrainian coup in 2014, the way the US placed its pawns to put an anti-Russian far right government in power. I see a double standard that I don't like. Of course Putin is a problem, but he is directly pointing to the hypocrisy of western countries. He must be laughing at how dumb people are and how they believe Russia is, somehow, the "evil we must get rid of". I wish people would understand that this manichean vision is wrong.


You’re about to have like -200 downvotes. I agree with everything you said though.


You think Zelensky is "far right?" If so, I'd love to hear what side of the spectrum you think Putin falls on.


They literally have a government funded and official Nazi battalion that wears SS insignia ... They're as far right as you can possibly be. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azov_Battalion


That’s true, but you should point out that the political party that is associated with this military unit is a fringe group, supported by a tiny fraction of Ukranians and completely unable to win elections: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Corps


And has been for years. So effective has it been, Republicans - the president and party who pushed that war - now all pretend to be peaceniks. If anyone is interested in the point America’s decline really started to accelerate it began with the ACTUALLY stolen 2000 election. George W Bush was a fucking catastrophe for America. The kind that buries a country.


It’s not wrong. And that’s why it’s dangerous. And the US (and some of its allies) can only blame themselves for this propaganda lowering of defenses.


Iraq was led by a dictator who came to power then immediately executed all of the officials who were in power before. He was a piece of shit and after the invasion was over the Iraqi people hanged him. None of that justifies an invasion of a sovereign country though and all of that shit was a terrible tragedy. And people should be held responsible. Putin taking on Ukraine is not a good analog in my opinion as Zelensky is no Hussain.


This comment is incredible. I wish I could give you an award. That narrative about Iraq that you described is exactly the same as Putin's narrative about Ukraine. You're just convinced that you're right because all you've ever been exposed to was western propaganda. It doesn't even matter that you're commenting on the video where someone who has been directly involved says that propaganda was wrong. You still believe those lies. The same way people closer to Russia believe Putin's lies. Your comment is hilarious and terrifying at the same time.


Two wrongs dont make a right, but are we really now disputing what a piece of shit Saddam and his clique were? If anything, complain that the world doesnt do more about these people. Like, noone gives a shit if it happens in Africa, but when Saddam does it while sitting on a bunch of oil and practically next to Israel, the neocons suddenly care. The *pretexts* for the Iraq War were lies because being a terrible tyrant just isnt enough to get team america world police involved, thats what the above comment is saying.


I've been shouting it forever but I keep getting downvoted.. the hyprocracy and motives of the West are disgusting and no different to the East. [This is the most upvoted post on r/videos, but needs to be shared on all platforms. Propaganda is spurring on both sides.](https://youtu.be/hWLjYJ4BzvI)


I don't have to support Putin because my country did something shitty (which I opposed throughout and to this day) 20 years ago.


Fuck Putin. Edit: read carefully, I said the motives and hypocracy of the West is **no** different to the East. In other words, East is equally shit as West. Also, West and East have been fighting proxy wars all over the middle east, completely shattering my homeland and neighbouring friends.


fuck, he's not wrong though, how can you criticize another country with a straight face for the same shit you literally did not even 2 decades ago...


Condoleeza Rice was on tv the other day talking about illegal invasions of sovereign countries with zero self awareness.


All this guy is even asking for is an apology.


Then he’d be accepting that he and Tony Blair are war criminals like Putin


Difference is that this guy can do this in public and not really have to worry about having himself or his family suddenly disappear into a secret work/re-education camp.


Or maybe things are more complex than Bush is an evil genius (that is also an idiot) who was able to trick the intelligence communities around the world into verifying what the CIA was telling him. Also maybe the New York Times was in on the charade in 2014: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/14/world/middleeast/us-casualties-of-iraq-chemical-weapons.html


You know, if there's one article I've seen linked the most it's probably this. People who defend Bush or downplay the Iraq war all use this one article as a talking point when it literally proves their case wrong. >The United States had gone to war declaring it must destroy an active weapons of mass destruction program. Instead, American troops gradually found and ultimately suffered from the remnants of long-abandoned programs, built in close collaboration with the West. This is at the start of the article..... literally 5 seconds in they say there was no active WMD program like the Bush administration claimed. What this article is actually about if you ever read it was US backed programs that were long abandoned remnants of the Iraq-Iran war. Remains from prior to the UN resolution that US troops were running into, getting injured by and not being able to receive proper medical care for because the government kept it a secret.


Kaj Larsen. Ex navy seal. Went to harvard. Used to make content for CurrentTV back in the day when they made rad documentaries. God I loved CurrentTV. Edit. He’s Not kaj Larsen, he’s mike prysner. My bad.


Holy shit I remember when CurrentTV launched and I thought it was the beginning of something beautiful. Then it just... slowly... died. 😔


Yup. But some of the journalists are still sending it. Adam Yamaguchi does CBS documentaries. He did a great one on these people walking the Darien gap and one about Biohacking. Should be one YouTube. Mariana van zeller is w/natgeo and dropped a bunch of new stuff on Hulu I think. Here’s a link to some old CurrentTV stuff: https://vimeo.com/user27976318




had a good podcast called eyes left, doesn't seem to be doing it any more though. https://soundcloud.com/eyesleft


Every time I see this video is amuses me how loud and irate the crowd is until he starts screaming his veteran status.


Lol this shit upsets me so much cause they act like you can’t talk about the horrors of war if you weren’t there.


Thank god we have guys like him who were there and will talk about it.


Wait no not like that though


Quietly to yourself in a room with the firearm they let you keep. My fav part is the face on the people that know he's right and want to act like 1984 is a cute story as they wait for the murderer to continue his speech after the righteous person is removed.


considering the escort out it looks like you can't talk about it even if you were


Screams of someone upset about the war aren’t looked at the same as screams of someone with their friends killed around them. Even if both screams are saying the same thing it’s understood that the latter endured more pain.


Appeal to authority. Both people are stating factual statements with evidence to back it up, one person is listened to because evidence doesn't matter as much as the "validity" that comes with being an authority. You can and should speak out against war whether you were on the frontlines, in the reserves, or are just witnessing hundreds of thousands of people being slaughtered.


Well nobodies saying you can't but it means a hell of a lot more coming from someone who has experienced it


Early 2000s a lot of people said you couldn't criticize the war or the president. All had a bunch of yellow ribbons out to "support the troops" they were sending off to get blown up.


I don’t see that at all, the booing continues. He’s not a “good veteran” in their mind because he’s not towing the line.


Not to be that guy but its toe the line, as in standing lined up like soldiers


He prolly left the building with a free coffee


Thank you for your service. Now drop dead.


Yet nobody did a damn thing as the US invaded countries one after another. UK, Australia and others were involved as well. Nobody did a damn thing.


Lessons learned = 0 We’re all busy hating each other instead of going after the psychos at the top of the pyramid


We learn from history that we do not learn from history - Hegel


It's almost certain that Hegel never said this, as his philosophy depends on the idea that history is a process of increasing self-consciousness and self-understanding.


“Imma nuke all of y’all” -ghandi


Actually, France refused to get involved, calling everything a lie. Got a lot of flak for it. Still a great choice, in my opinion, it was the right thing to do and it was brave to call it what it was, no matter the consequences.


And Republicans absolutely shat on one of America’s oldest and most important allies - for telling the truth and trying to warn us. For that they were hated by right wing media and we got bullshit like “freedom fries”. Of course they were 100% right.


They trashed the French as pussies because they needed help to kill Nazis in WWII, ignoring the fact that was essentially repayment for the U.S. existing in the first place because of the French's Naval help during the American Revolution. You know... ignoring isn't the right word. That implies those mouth breathers even knew that in the first place. Republicans love the poorly educated for a reason. Useful idiots are cheap and effective.


Canada was more diplomatic about it, but they also refused which was a massively controversial decision at the time. We are all happy for it in Canada today.


Is that why freedom fries became a thing?


yes. it was incredibly stupid.


It's disconcerting for you to say that given the amount of protest there was surrounding that war. A lot of us tried our best to do something. Are you suggesting we should have taken up arms against our own government?


Many people are suggesting the Russian people should


The largest protest in the UK, ever, to this day, was against the invasion of Iraq.




Went to Iraq twice and Afghan twice. Definately feeling this video


I’m sorry for your service and the shitshow that was going back home.


This will be my go to phrase now: "I'm sorry for your service"


That gave me slight goosebumps


i’m sure that will go over well


Sorry they lied to you


It was pretty obvious. More so than the first time, where it wasn't that obvious. At least to me.


If you enlisted right after 9/11 chances are the military still owned you in 2003 and sent you to Iraq












The worse part is the way they remove him. I dont think this guy is a security threat even if he is agitated. A real president in a real democracy should have been able to answer calmly to this (with lies or not but something). Not have forcefully remove a very educated military veteran like he is Pos. I like to think that obama would have had a discussion with someone like that. But then again i do believe that what this ex navy seal is saying is true.. so maybe some just doesn’t feel like dealing with the truth 🤷🏻‍♂️


You're fooling yourself if you still think Obama was a good guy.


Oh you preferred good ol' gut the middle class Mitt? "Good guys" don't become president.


Seems like we are always choosing between the lesser of two evils. We haven’t had a good president since Teddy or Ike.


It’s almost like a 2 party system is stupid as fuck and completely dysfunctional


It’s like George Washington himself warned against the party system as he was leaving office


That's plurality voting for you. Which multi-billionaire approved goon do you think will damage the fabric of reality less?


Yeah, that waif of a security guard is a real brute. Practically picked him up and dragged him out.


A girl I went to high school was killed in Iraq. The house in the video is one block from the house I grew up in. Lavena Johnson was barely 5ft and the military claims she killed herself with a rifle longer than her arm. Her teeth had been knocked out and her genitalia burned with acid. Not only have we killed innocent Iraqis, but also our own neighbors and friends, women who are rape and sexual assault victims. https://www.protectourdefenders.com/the-johnson-family-story/ Edit: Whoa, it makes me teary eyed to know so many of you care about Lavena’s story. The military is still maintaining this is a suicide, so you can ask your congressperson about this story. Former Congressman Lacy Clay (MO-01) was able to get photos of Lavena for her family, but the next fight is to get this reclassified as a murder so her assailant can be brought to justice. Lavena represents too many women like her in the military who have been silenced, may her legacy bring about justice! https://news.yahoo.com/16-years-later-grieving-family-162100992.html




Thank you for watching. Even though Lavena is gone our community is hopeful her story will help prevent further misconduct in reporting violence against women in uniform.


This the kinda thing that makes the movie Law Abiding Citizen so gripping. Like, if that father went after after single fucking soldier and body on that base until he got some answers, it would be hard to root against him. I would be seeing red if something like that happened to someone I knew bruh


The problem is the military is well trained in making sure your family feels good while they bury you. Lavena’s dad is an Army veteran with a PhD. I’m sure the Army didn’t expect all the questions they got or for our Congressman to ask for evidence. They fought and are fighting extremely hard for her, so that does lessen the blow. We are actually in a community of people who are army veterans and or retirees, like my parents, and everyone instantly called BS on the “suicide.”


r.i.p. LaVena. i hope her family gets some sort of justice. thank you for sharing her story.


Should've happened the same thing to US back then what's happening to Russia right now.


Hussein was a dick though, and it's generally seen more favorably if you go in and kick out a dictator vs invading a democracy.


Yes he was a dick, but the death count of the war, and the damage done to the country and its people, is no better. There are no good wars...


The US helps install half these dictators. And then when they go rogue, freedom bombs arrive.


CIA moment


Who do you think supported hussein back then, who do you think supported taliban? Correct USA! They just prepare reason of invasion amd click button 2 towers down and lets go :)


This guy is a real hero. It's just IRan and Afghanistan that the military American camps are not in it.


Yep. Seeing Bush condemn the russian invasion pissed me off so fucking much. Fuck that dude. He should be tried as a war criminla. Him and cheney.


Or when Obama whines about children being bombed, all the while knowing he himself made it "legal" to kill kids in Iraq with drones. American politicians have a lot of balls for being war criminals.


Not just Iraq. Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen


America and Russia, same turd, different flavour.


Different "ass"


Oddly enough , all I can say , is “ amen ,” as if you listen in closely and let your gut lead , guy is telling the truth , and has the stones to try and get truth out there .. sucks to see the guy in that type of pain.. but amen


He's the only patriot in that room


He’s not wrong.


He should be held accountable, an ap ology won't change anything. Even if he apologizes it'll be bullshit


It was Congress who voted in favor of the war. And it was bipartisan. There’s no easy scapegoat on this one. Aside from the American people who keep re-electing these fools.


Do you think secretary of state Colin Powell blatantly lying to Congress about fake intel has anything to do with congress voting in favor?


Don't forget GWB and his "we cannot wait for the final proof - the smoking gun - that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud", despite all Intelligence saying Saddam had stopped his nuclear weapons research 20 years earlier.


Yeah its fine when usa does it, no sanctions or anything. But yeah lets destroy Russia for doing the same. Im against all wars including Russia’s over Ukraine, but i hate the hypocrisy the world is living in. And fuck Europe for being the spineless bitches that bend over to Usa all the time


I'm with ya. I especially hate how you have to literally spell that out too lest people yell "putin bootlocker!"


Shoulda thrown your shoes dude.


Nah. He’ll miss. W is fast at dodging, especially draft. But not as fast as Bill.


America initiate wars just to sell some weapons and nothing else.


This is Michael Prysner


10 years later, a Russian veteran confronts Vladimir Putin; “You lied.. you said it was some special operations and now my friends are dead” Sad world we live in


As if Putin will still be alive in ten years...


It's true, Bush is a war criminal.


That guy has my respect because he speaks the truth and isn’t afraid of the consequences. Whatever happened to him?


I don't know how many iraqis actually died, but I'm sure that number is kept ambiguous and is probably much larger than we are led to believe. This guy is not lying, and sadly enough, many people--especially in North America--will never know the atrocities our army has done in Iraq and Afghanistan. There need to be serious inquiries led by the ICC into American war crimes in these two regions, but we all know that will never happen.


Probably one of the most bad ass moments I've seen. Good for him, but damn I'm sorry he had to experience that.


China and Russia aren’t the only ones spreading propaganda


As sad as this is, "sorry" doesn't fix everything Bush should stand trial for his actions, this is almost as bad as what a certain Russian leader is doing right now


He aint wrong.


Bush and co are war criminals just like Putin.


It’s unfortunate that this is so unusual and seems so brave when he is so correct. Powerful people are not held to any account & us minions are just left to get on with it.


Since when did we start booing veterans? Jesus Christ.


To this day, I find it so unbelievably that this isn’t a bigger deal than it actually is


This world is a fucked up place.


And there are no consequences for Bush. And this has been happening throughout human history. And it will happen again and again.


The US actually found thousands of chemical munitions in Iraq after 2003. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/14/world/middleeast/us-casualties-of-iraq-chemical-weapons.html Sarin, Tabun, Mustard, etc. Dozens of US service-members were injured trying to recover them. All were leftover from the Iran/Iraq war and many were procured with the help of the US government. There's some anecdotal evidence ISIS used some of the leftover munition caches to target civilians and Iraqi/US forces (a US marine recon unit was hit with sulfur mustard by ISIS in 2015). All of that being said, it certainly wasn't the active program that was sold at the UN and to the American people by Powell, Cheney, Bush and company. These were leftovers from another war. But to say no WMD were ever found in Iraq is a lie replacing another lie. EDIT: thanks to everyone that took time to reply. I did get a laugh and find it odd some of you incorrectly assumed I was pro-Iraq war. It’s great you live in a place we’re you can question and be critical of your government, and you should realize how privileged you are with the current Russia/Ukraine conflict. Just wanted to list of some bullet points to help frame the very complicated situation in the Middle East. Hopefully someone learns something new today. - Iran and Iraq fought with chemical / biological weapons of mass destruction against each other resulting in massive losses on both sides. Unknown how many actually died but UN puts it at 500,000+ and some estimates the death toll up to 2,000,000 in just eight years (sep 1980 - aug 1988). - Iran was supported most notably by China, Israel, North Korea, Syria, Pakistan, amongst others. - Iraq was supported most notably by China, France, United States, Kuwait, East Germany, West Germany, and the Soviet Union amongst others. - August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait. Speculation as to why ranges from Iraq not being able to pay for their 14 Billion debt to Kuwait ($33,580,000,000 in today’s USD) and using the Kuwaiti oil to repay other debts to punishing Kuwait for overproduction of oil reducing Iraq’s oil profits, to needing a use for all the military units produced to fight in the Iran-Iraq war. - August 2 1990 Operation Desert Shield went into effect (a combat buildup of troops and the defense of Saudi Arabia) - January 17 1991 - February 28 1991 Operation Desert Storm took place. A United States-led coalition of 35 nations against Iraq in response to the Iraqi invasion and annexation of Kuwait - After the Coalition victory the following terms were required of Iraq: • Expulsion of Iraqi military forces from Kuwait • Kuwaiti independence restored •Destruction of Kuwaiti and Iraqi infrastructure •Establishment of Iraqi no-fly zones • Sanctions of Iraq by the UN Security Council • UNSC Resolution 687 ceasefire • Iraq disarmament • UNSC Resolution 689 establishes the UN to monitor the international border between Iraq and Kuwait • Ba'athist government retains power in Iraq (Saddam regime) • Beginning of Iraqi anti-government uprisings • Expulsion of Palestinians from Kuwait - Iraq was not allowed to manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD’s (biological, chemical or nuclear) - August 1995 General Hussein Kamel al-Majid, Minister of Industry and Minerals and former Director of Iraq's Military Industrialization Corporation, with responsibility for all of Iraq's weapons programs, fled Iraq for Jordan. Iraq was forced to reveal that its biological warfare program was much more extensive than was previously admitted and that the program included weaponization. Iraq admitted that it had achieved the ability to produce longer-range missiles than had previously been admitted. At this point, Iraq provides UNSCOM and IAEA with more documentation that turns out Hussein Kamel al-Majid had hidden on a chicken farm. These documents gave further revelation to Iraq's development of VX gas and its attempts to develop a nuclear weapon. - August 31, 1996, the Iraqi military launched an offensive attack against the city of Erbil in to defuse the Kurdish Civil War between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party. This attack violated United Nations Security Council Resolution 688 forbidding repression of Iraq's ethnic minorities. - September 6, 1996 Operation Dessert Strike was launched to destroy Iraqi air defense target for targeting United States Air Force aircraft monitoring the Iraqi involvement in Kurdish Civil War. - on November 8, 2002 the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted “Resolution 1441” which gave Saddam Hussein "a final opportunity to comply with its disarmament obligations" that had been set out in several previous resolutions (Resolutions 660, 661, 678, 686, 687, 688, 707, 715, 986, and 1284). - Unanimous voting of Res 1441 by permanent members: China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States - Unanimous voting of Res 1441 by non-permanent members: Bulgaria, Cameroon, Colombia, Guinea, Ireland, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Syria - On December 7, 2002, Iraq filed its 12,000-page weapons declaration with the UN in order to meet requirements for this resolution. - Iraq submitted many declarations marked full, final and complete. These declarations proved inaccurate or incomplete or was unsupported or contradicted by evidence and failed to account for substantial chemical and biological stockpiles which UNMOVIC inspectors had confirmed as existing as late as 1998. Iraq claimed that it had disposed of its anthrax stockpiles at a specific site, but UNMOVIC found this impossible to confirm since Iraq had not allowed the destruction to be witnessed by inspectors as required by the pertinent Resolutions. Chemical testing done at the site was unable to show that any anthrax had been destroyed there. - October 2002, US Congress granted President Bush the power to decide whether to launch any military attack in Iraq. The Iraq War began on 20 March 2003 - Iraq signed the Geneva Protocol in 1931, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1969, and the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972, but did not ratify it until June 11, 1991. Iraq ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention in January 2009


If you are trying to say that the US invaded over those types of WMD's you are misrepresenting history. US said he was developing a nuke program. That was a lie.


If that’s even remotely true, it’s not at all an excuse for the atrocities committed. GTFO