ty ill walk


I’m a little curious what happens if you sneeze and your hand comes off the “wheel”.


Let’s just say that there’s a reason you don’t see joysticks in cars more often.


Everyone's a gangsta until the controller drift makes you flip your car 4 times on the interstate


Landed on the wheels though so kept the combo multiplier.




Everyone's chill until someone says "hey lets go in his car I've got joy con drift in mine."




Mercedes: Here, have a seizure.


The difference is the Tesla is an actual production car, this one is just a toy model. It will never enter production.


So the Cyber Truck?


Sick burn


It's a venus man trap


I've tried my joystick on a driving game, the experience was not very different from using a controller. Also I feel like if you hit a pothole and bounced in your seat you'd make your car swerve by scrambling to put your hand back on the joystick ball thing.


It’s all fun and games until you realize there’s no cup holders.


Or seat belts. That's a big windshield to fly through.


Don't worry. It's vegan glass!


Also, free range and gluten free. With vagina candles for dash backlight.


Are the vaginas ethically sourced? I don’t want factory farm vaginas used to make my candles.


>factory farm vaginas great band name for an all girl garage punk outfit




Or headlights.


Its like how mac got rid of all the random ports on their macbook pros in 2016 and then all the mac users complained about having to buy dongles for every random usb/sd/etc accessory to work with their "Pro" computer. Now the 2021 Macbook pro is touting all the random ports they added back as a new feature... no, its an old feature that you were just fucking up


It's why I hate apple... Every other product is new coke and then they reintroduce the original except they pretend it's new. At least coke had the decency to admit they screwed up


Apple have finally admitted they made a mistake, it just took them 5 freakin' years of denial!


THIS. So much this!


I've owned several Mercedes throughout the years.... no cup holders was a real problem!


Looks like shit, should be on r/ATGE tbh


I mean, it looks awesome for a good futuristic movie. But I would hate to see this thing in a public road. Too much fancy lighting, too much minimalism in a car you're supposed to drive on a daily basis, store things in it and be comfortable, too distracting with its shitty ultra vibrant rgb lights. A Joystick for a wheel? So, the car is volatile to sudden small movements when you're driving 100kmh? And you can't manually control the speed or even ... Break/handbrake!? Come on. Like, it's shit and dangerous if you wanna drive daily, but beautiful for a movie concept car.


Way to many lights is where I draw the line


Actually looks great for a straight up show car but that’s it.


Yes basically, like a hot wheels toy show car


> Yes basically, like a hot wheels toy show car I mean, that is exactly what it is. It's not a production car, just a fantasy.


Did you hear, the plastic car with an invasive root saved some plants. That should change your mind


Vegan leather. Ugghgg. Cow are herbivores




Or drive a normal car?


Ugly as hell


The exterior look was the one thing I liked about it. Nearly everything else seemed like a disaster. How do I see out the back window? Why spend so much money on lights? The seats look really uncomfortable. The steering wheel seems like a major pain to use: give me larger movements to more precisely control the car. How frequently will those scales need replacement? How am I supposed to remember all the various light codes on the tires? Where’s the speedometer and GPS? Why is the button for opening the door on the wrong side of the door so that when it opens I have to walk all the way around it? When this goes into mass production are they really going to go around neighborhoods and forests looking for that invasive root or are they going to start farming it? I like the transparent side doors for visibility, assuming I can make them opaque for privacy when I want to.


I’m assuming this is some kind of limited edition car, rather than something they will ever mass produce. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it’s literally the only one they ever build. It’s probably more of a publicity stunt than anything else. Make something crazy and weird that will get people talking about your brand. It’s a tale as old as time in marketing. But I had pretty much all the exact same thoughts you outlined. The exterior shape is actually kind of cool, IMO. But the rest just seems impractical and kind of gimmicky. Which makes me think it’s all just a publicity stunt.


It's a concept car not even limited edition all the things the guy above you complains about is just design language and tests.




I found a spot to strap the car seat just fine.


If you get a job going in a convoluted circuit and specialize in doing it faster than anyone else, I'm afraid you're gonna be stuck with an F1. I know... it sucks. I don't know exactly how much luggage you have, but you should look into buying a commercial airliner. The legroom sucks, but there's tons of space for bags.


Exactly. I can’t believe some people actually think this will ever be made available. This is just to show off new technology and potential designs.


reddit will never be able to understand concept cars and fashion shows.


ugh thank you. had to scroll way to far to see this, all this car is for is showing off the potential tech like the brake lights, wheels, dash etc. it probably doesnt go much faster than what we saw in the video.


This car is like the clothes in a fashion show. Showing off all kinds of different ideas, some of which get modified like crazy to be practical and realistically feasible and then maybe make it in a commercial model 10 years in the future.




>auto break I turn all the shit off. I program as a hobby and I've seen enough of Toyotas break code that I'll never trust an auto manufacturer to make gimmicky software that won't get me fucking killed. Damn near died on the highway because of ford's lane protection and auto break bullshit. Brand new car driving it home, some jackass tries to wedge himself into the 3/4 of a car length between me and the next car. I do what I'd always do and break and move over to the other lane so this idiot can have his damn spot. Except the car slams on the breaks for me instead of the gentle tap it needed, and then stops me from moving the wheel to get into the next lane because I dared to not signal in the half second I had to react. Fortunately the idiot spotted me just before PIT maneuvering himself on my front fender. So no horrible crash. But I pulled over the next exit and spent 20 minutes going through the settings and disabling all that shit. I pay attention to the damn road. I don't want or need any poorly thought out, potentially buggy or compromised software deciding the best thing for my vehicle in risky situations. Keep your AI and auto break. I'll rebuild a model T if I fucking have to.




That won't happen. It's too vulnerable to hacking and connection failure. Eventually there would a series of intentional crashes killing tens of thousands and would probably also be used for remote assassinations.


--verizon enters the chat--


They mentioned it’s a collab with Avatar, and if they mean the movie, a lot of the design choices make a lot of sense.


I can't stop thinking about what would happen to my beautiful glass doors when I'm T-boned by a coal-rolling diesel-converted lift-kitted 1996 Bronco with a giant wench on the front bumper driven by a redneck getting blitzed off a 32 ounce Big Gulp in a plastic mug that's filled with half Mountain Dew and half Everclear while screaming out the lyrics to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird" and the last thing I hear is that extended guitar solo and a giant screech before I'm impaled by a four foot sliver of glass and a chrome steel tow hook. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸


This painted a picture. Honestly the guy driving the bronco in this scenario sounds like he was having a great day prior to this incident.


He probably was, but he shouldn't've been drinking and driving. Now his tow hook is embedded into my larynx and he'll see my dead eyes staring back at him every time he drinks. He'll shudder and pour another drink to make it go away, and never listen to Freebird again without a little shudder of revulsion


He should just switch songs and get a softer winch


It's too late for that now, don't try to fix him. He's just trying to live with it




Yeah, just let me crouch down and stick my hand into the filthy, dirt-laden wheel arch to unlock my car. What a shambles.


These are concept cars. They will never be produced.


_Checks to see if sorted by controversial_ ^nope...




Impractical as heck too


It’s not meant to be practical. It’s a concept car


In this thread: This fiction book is crap, none of this stuff ever even happened! What a horrible book!


Classic reddit man. "Everything is shit, I know best, and no fun is allowed."


Until it isn't


Yeah, I bet if we showed someone living in 1920 a modern Camry, they wouldn't like it


No I bet you would have been tried for witchcraft


1920, not 1620


Kidding right lol thing looks awesome


Getting new tires will require a second loan.


Nah, new monetization scheme, tires as a service.


Just to get TIRED of the colors


They will last a long time. This car can't exceed 11km/h


Imagine how this thing goes on potholes and speed bumps.


This guy assumes I care a lot about lights.


Dude was super impressed by pretty useless lights indeed. Best bit of information for me though: ‘these are the wheels.’


those lights would be illegal to operate on the road anyway lol


Yep. Last thing we need is our urban centers lit up with so many lights that you can't tell what's an emergency vehicle and what's just another poser in a fancy car


...Oh, Then you shouldn't look up the very real Dekotora trend in Japan.


My boss didn't give two shits about the weekly reports I used to provide till I changed them to colorful pie charts. Same info, but now it was colorful and graphic. He then proceeded to wow all his colleagues with his colorful pie charts every week. They all loved them. The data was literally the same data with the same percentages. Some people are easily amused with colorful lights...


Haha, this is literally 90% of middle management. Doesn't matter how much or how little you do your actual job—if you know how to use Python with Matplotlib, you are an ace player.


Im the C++ guy who rewrites those python scripts after management falls in love and adds a few features only to find it now takes hours to run. Last win was a big script parsing a 6tb csv file that took 26hrs to run... rewritten in C++ took 13 minutes. But what do I know, no one cares about performance right... except Wall Street who was paying me fat checks to rewrite python garbage... :)


Why in the hi-falootin' fuck is your organization generating reports from a 6 TB text file of values separated by commas? Python... was never the problem, my friend.


Useless?! How dare you! I need lights on the back to give a visual representation of my speed, otherwise people will only know how fast I'm going if they literally look at how fast I'm going! That's crazy! And don't even get me started on how long I've wanted panels that shift direction with my wheel movements. #GameChanger


Programmed lights are “mind blowing”. This guy must go nuts at Christmas.


Wait till you see what happens when someone shines a laser on the wall around him.


Literally LOL’d!


Lol yeah he’s like ‘all 4 tires work independently so this car can literally crab walk sideways, but enough of that boring crap, check out these LIGHTS’


Guaranteed they don't work for some reason. Designers dream.


That’s a gamer keyboard on wheels.


Came here to say this’d glad I’m not the only one. This is a real lesson in substance vs. appearance.


Judging by r/pcmasterrace that’s all you redditors want.


Ah the future, never being able to pull into driveways again!


Imagine crashing with this thing!


Probably crash just going over a speed bump lol


Yeah but looks like it has a top speed of 3 km/h


Most concept cars are this way


But does it turn into a cannoli?


The forward momentum would push the joystick forward, accelerating the car lol I’m just wondering how smash-proof those doors are, because of that fat fuck parked next to me.


I didn't see any seatbelts.


Neighbors will be like, “It’s that fucking guy again driving vegas up our street.”


If fortnight designed a car


He said avatar which I think he means the James Cameron movie, which still dosent make any sense


Avatar is an electric car concept company. They don’t actually make cars, they just design them and talk about how amazing they are.


That’s awesome, but this is literally in partnership with the [movie](https://youtu.be/4A62mpfAJMo) Edit all these car reviews are like carbon copies


Oh lord - that one is worst. Could not finish it. She explains the air brake scales, yet then continues to make stuff up about them reacting to your mood as you become one with the car.


She’s not “making up stuff”. Yes, it’s bullshit, but it’s what the marketing people told her was the design inspiration of the car from the creators of the movie. Supercar Blondie is, and always has been, just a mouthpiece for car companies to talk through. There’s a reason she’s popular, and it’s not for her knowledge or love of cars.


Concept cars rarely make the assembly line.


I can see why


And thank God for that


This is obviously meant to be a work of art, not a mass production car. This isn't road legal, but it is beautiful and surprisingly functional.


Lol thank you, everyone in here commenting like this is going to be something they can buy at the dealership. Obviously was a project where they probably got to try out some prototype stuff and have some fun with it.


you'll notice that one of reddit's very most favorite things to do is explain why thing that might be mistaken for something cool looking and/or innovative is *actually* bad, ugly, impractical or dangerous. My favorite so far has been from one of those skyscrapers with plants all over it (like [these in Milan](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4w7lsydq8ks/maxresdefault.jpg)) are actually a really bad idea because "what if it rains???". Yeah, buddy ... I'm sure none of the people involved in this project for however many months or years it took to build it ever wondered whether or not the soil that the plants grow from will become too heavy when it gets soaked by rain water.


It's basically the haute couture of cars. No one expects you to use it as every day wear, but innovation and concepts from something so bold and new will influence the modifications and designs of the future.


That’s what I was thinking. I have been seeing cars like this sense like 2000 and never seen one be put into production. I remember going to the LA auto show when I was younger and they had a jeep with independent working wheels. I thought it was a great idea. It was called the jeep hurricane. I assumed I would see it everywhere. I have never even heard anyone talk about sense than.




It's like fashion shows. Nobody is actually going to wear half a tomato cage as a hat. But it gets attention and fashion nerds probably eat it up.


Imagine sitting on the backset like a damn shrimp


omg im dying


is what the guy in the back seat is saying.


>"The backseat **becomes** the headrest Yuck!


Sweet! So in a collision I can be shot forward and around and have my skull compressed into the person in front of me?


So your hand gets stinking every time you open the door….great idea.


"Let's put the fingerprint scanner at the dirtiest place of the car!"


Hope it's just because the model they got wasn't fully fleshed out. Video tries to hide it. Probably not even a finger print scanner but a button that activates the door.


You don't honestly think they're going to make another of this car. It's just a publicity concept


The car isn’t going into production. It’s a one-off concept car.


I'm betting there is no fingerprint scanner but that the car was being remotely controlled by the designers and this "influencer" is just paid to make it sounds supper cool that that up and coming gen z market l.


That looks ridiculous. Looks like someone tried to define mid-life crises with a vehicle


More like the guy with the mid-life crisis was too depressed and gave his work to his 14 yo, fortnite-streaming son




Gaming grater by corsair


If you use the break inertia/momentum will force your hand forward, releasing the brake and giving throttle. Not very ‘handy’. Nice


Get in an accident then consecutively get in 2 more because you don't take your hand off the control.


i feel like something like this should be self driving only and then use that thing for minor movements like parking


So much impractical shit on this.


It was never meant to be practical.


Yeah the idea of a concept car seems to escape a lot of people. Though the placement of the “fingerprint scanner” seems like a particularly bad idea.


It’s a show/concept car. They’re won’t be many made. It’s goal is to implement as much impractical shit as it can to impress people.


Wtf kinda Pokémon is this ?


What if you don’t have a right hand?


Then you drive from the right hand side instead


But what if you have NO HANDS!? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|flushed)


Sit in the middle and lean.


You mean drive with your asshole?


You stick a dildo in the middle of that things and then you just drive with your ass


Squeeze your ass tight to activate the warp drive.


I see assholes driving all the time.


You sit in the backseat and use your foot


I suppose that self driving mode could be a possibility.


I find the commentary so juvenile. All those adjectives.


"The lights on the back actually turn red when you brake!!!" So does my 08 Mazda's.


That's the target audience for this type of videos, 14yo fortnight kids. Who else would like all these fking disco lights


Trypophobia 🤮


Jesus ikr cant take another look at its back


Yeah that was fucking disturbing


Thank you! I couldn’t figure out why this made my skin crawl.


Ugh made my skin crawl


That's where it's offspring are born!


Looks cool. Just don’t think I’ll ever drive a vehicle without a steering wheel. If I want to pick my nose on a road trip, I NEED to be able to use whatever hand I want.


The commentator is annoying


he also seems bad at showing us the car. “Check out these lights” x 10. but no info on what the scales do, what kind of engine, any features, etc




Here's a sneak peek of what I'm about to show you but first check out the Mercedes logo on the front, okay let's go literally right back to thing I just called a "sneak peek"


Getting t-boned is gunna hurt


No it won't. The t-boner will pass right through your cabin, killing you instantly.


How many V-Bucks does it cost to download this car?


but why, though. why in the hell would I spend money on factory installed ‘I’m fast as fuck boi’ lights when I don’t even install them my own damn self? what actual purpose does having modular color coded ‘air flaps’ that… help with steering(?) actually do? do the tires work better or is their purpose to cost 6g?


It’s a concept car, it’s basically just for marketing if I understand correctly. I think there’s also some parallels that can be drawn with the fashion industry. They design ridiculous outfits that nobody would ever wear, but they can and do set trends is subtle ways.


Good luck clearing a fucking speed bump. 🤦🏻‍♂️


You just need to crabwalk over them




The back of this car makes me uncomfortable in a way I can’t quite explain.


That's called trypophobia, my friend! I was scrolling to see if anyone else called it out.


Probably reminds you of insect eyes or rashes.


sEcReT bUtToN


"Vegan leather" is one of the most retarted things I have ever heard.


I gotta be honest, that car ugly as hell. Why tf they add so many cosmetics? What's the point of the scales and the lights that show how fast you're going that's behind your car? The scales are stupid but I'll admit that the brakes turning the lights red may be useful. It does seem pretty dangerous too. There is no wheel which would make it a little harder to control and the chance of you falling asleep in this car is pretty high


It's a concept car dude.


He’s not even blonde.


Trust me, even with this standard of quality, you would rather have him than the supercarblondie


So stupid


Riiiight. Interesting how these cars are never really driven in demos. Hence the lights. Put on EDM and get the models dancing next to it already.


Looks like something Beetlejuice would drive.


​ ​ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChqM3zqTREQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChqM3zqTREQ) Inspired by the film Avatar, we created the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR.


I’d have a trypophobic seizure driving behind that… thing.


Can't stop thinking "... But why?"




rgb = future, its official now


I reckon that one's a few generations off


Car looks like if you hit a speedbump the wheel will fall of and the car will scrape I'm sticking with my ford


Cool man because nobody can buy this anyway. It’s a concept car


nope give me this instead: https://youtu.be/cXt8L3hAEnM


RGB makes your car faster




I don't know, I think you've skipped a few generations.