No masking tape needed for this freestyle painter.

No masking tape needed for this freestyle painter.

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It's much easier than you think.


Well, i tried it once and it was a disaster so i think you are just talented, modest or simply a liar.


It's usually a disaster if you use too small a brush, not enough paint or go to slowly. Big brush, well loaded and fairly quick and it does the work for you, your don't need much talent.


Seconded. If you spend any time painting and practice, a good brush and learning how to meet the edge and practically anyone can do it. Maybe not as fast as this guy, but you can do it.


Truth. I remodeled a house last year. First time I tried this technique (called “cutting” IIR) was a disaster as I was trying to use cheap brushes and valspar paint. (Garbage). Changed to a quality brush and Sherwin Williams premium paint and it was surprisingly easy…. Edit: Walmart’s “Better” and “best” line of paintbrushes are amazing. I use a 2.5” or 3” angled brush and it was a breeze.


I ONLY use Sherwin.


Yeah. I made the mistake of using Valspar once. Never again. Not worth the $2 difference.


I had to use 3 coats, a full gallon, in an average bedroom and there are still spots that don’t have full coverage. There is no savings on this garbage that would make it worthwhile.


Some high end Sherwin can be $80 a gallon. It fucking just glides on.


I’ve only ever bought the higher end stuff once. It was about $50/ Gal and we were using it to repaint some veneered dressers. Not only did it glide on but it’s SUPER tough. Great quality stuff.




PPG is the way.


Yup If you can't find or afford Purdy brushes, Sherwin Williams are quite good, so is SW superpaint.


As a new painter, it's interesting to read stuff like this. I have a few paint samples from Lowes, both valspar and Sherwin Williams. I didn't notice a quality difference, but I'll definitely pay more attention now!


In my area the paint discount table is always full of returned cans of Valspar at knockout prices. Even the little swatches they paint on top of the can looked bad. It's a shame because the have gorgeous colors.




Agree! A good brush is key! Practice, practice, practice… eventually it will be second nature. This video shows this person painting without a drop cloth which I find unnerving.


That’s my next thought… no dropcloth on a carpet??


+1 to ponying up for a decent brush. Using a poorly made or poorly maintained brush is a great way to fool yourself into thinking painting is difficult and frustrating.


Nice painting


Get a good brush and use good paint. This guy is quick, clearly he's painted a lot, but yeah it's not difficult to do with the right brush and paint.


There is probably a slight gap or indentation on the right side of the trim he's painting. It helps a bit but certainly not required to paint like this, but that speed on a semi blind edge indicates it. If you paint enough you can paint by feeling the texture or edge not just using your eyes.


It does take practice, but probably less than you'd imagine and yes, the right tools/supplies change the ease of execution.


Not that I don’t see that you’re joking, but you tried it *once*. By the fifth time you should get the hang of it. Just don’t use cheap brushes.


Thirded: this is not difficult.


This is tradesmen work. Thousands of people can do this


>Well, i tried it once Yeah. well. It's called "cutting in," it's basic painting technique


On the painting crew I worked on for years, if you couldn't do this you were not around long. Masking tape takes a lot of time, and a good indicator the new prospect was not a painter before as probably claimed.


As you said.. You tried it once. Its a profession, and like carpentry, driving or most things that need skill most people can aquire this skill but have to practice.


i meant i tried it once without the masking tape, but i painted many times with tape.


I understood that. And that painting without tape is a skill thats perfectly possible to learn for most people, but not after 1 try. But this guy is good of course, not denying that. But I've seen many professional painters do the same a bit slower.


As long as the wall and the ceiling were mudded well just about anyone could do a perfect line without tape with less than 5 hours of practice I’d say. The speed this person is going I’m sure you could do after practicing for 20 hours of so. It’s all about how well the drywall work was. If it’s perfect, then painting it is effortless


I'm with you, jealous hatred is what I feel for that painter lol


You never move your hand or wrist, just slowly move the brush up until only some bristles are in the corner then you move your whole arm in a straight line. You get it down pretty fast. However, I’d never do that little space between the door trim and corner without tape. You really have to jam the brush in there.


3" Purdy brand brush. Just remember that the paint you dip into gets wiped lightly on the rim before application and it will draw itself from the brush heel while applying, the amount depends on pressure. You can get quick like this guy or go slow, just follow through and remember to stretch the paint where you can.


Purdy is the best, there is no competition. Much harder to do this with a $2 brush !


Picassos fuck pretty hard


Those 2$ brushes are for BBQ sauce in my eyes!


I’ve painted professionally, here and there. While I may not be the best painter out there, that was the first thing I said when I watched this. This man has *good technique* and a *very good brush*.


Absolutely. He's better than I am, my father could give him a challenge, but my grandfather would probably run circles around him haha. He used to tint and add lead to his paint, then repel down a building and brush the whole thing! Crazy stuff...


The brush is definitely needed. Ive never found a better one than Purdy. People will see the chip brushes and think “why buy one brush when I can get a dozen?” Well, chip brushes can’t cut in like this.


Yup, this is how I do it as well, it takes longer to tape up a wall than to just paint it this way.


Trust me, if there’s a way, I *will* screw it up. Even with the damn tape.


That’s the key man, no tape. Tape is the training wheels of the paint world.


Not so easy with texture, but yes easily done! Steady hand loaded brush smooth strokes .


I would still cover the carpet... One accident and you're fucked


It is, although I'm not this fast a great brush is key. Don't skimp on brushes, people!


This video demonstrates why some brushes are $45 and some are $2. Better quality bristles allows better paint control


Yeah this is how I paint and most people who do it for a living even on the side can cut in as well. I am impressed by the lack of drop cloth though. I ain't that good.


My dad was a decorator. I grew up doing this and could cut in like this at about 12 or 14. Not a brag, just agreeing that it’s easier than you think


I do drywall finishing so Im around painters all the time. I dont even know if Ive ever seen masking tape ever used unless its spray paint


Part of the technique is how he holds the brush. I think a lot of people try this and hold the brush in a more traditional way like they’re painting a fence.


This is a essential skill for any painter. If you tape everything off you will be fired.


yeah I learned to cut in effectively at an after-school/vacation gig


I agree. A larger angled brush of good quality and a little bit of practice is all it takes. Buying higher end brushes (Purdy or similar) makes all the difference in the world.


Yeah it really is though... I was watching this and im like hmm.. seems like someone has painted a few things before. Took me about 3 or 4 houses that I painted with some guidance from the boss and I didn't need to waste time taping off anymore either.


Whoa - not even a drop cloth for the carpet?!


That’s what’s giving me the willies.


I don't care how good you are, that's just foolishness.


That was my first thought as well. Unless you’re replacing that carpet afterwards you always use a drop cloth.


This guy is an absolute madman


He missed a spot there... Aaand he filled it.




Anyone who's worth a damn at painting can do this


Agreed. One of the first things we learn as painter apprentice in switzerland. Leaving the carpet exposed like that is risky tho, just one drop of paint and you are fucked. To me that seems a bit unprofessional.


Especially with such a dark color.


My Guess is they replacing It or at least i Hope so...


TIL I am not worth a damn at painting


They are gonna regret that color.


I think it’s fantastic. Very close to my old bedroom color and I *loved* it. Depends on the room, and your overall esthetic, but then, paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change a room. If they regret it, you can always paint again.


Maybe the other 2 walls are a lighter colour. I can't speak though, just redecorated and almost everything is subtle off whites because I way too scared of choosing something too bright and getting tired of it!


You might get tired of the white too. The nice thing about paint is that you can always paint over it.


I have it as a feature wall and love it!


I also have a very similar colour as a feature wall and I love it as well!


How? It’s alway 50/50 you don’t like it doesn’t mean they don’t. I like it.


I agree. I was already tired of it by the end of the video clip.


Didn't know my regular ass work day was next level like that. Neat.


Same lol. Kinda makes me feel good about my self and my trade


The summer I worked as a house painter, all the older guys did this. No tape. So it was learn, or constantly clean mistakes.


Absolutely hate working with painters that don't cut in and instead run a tape line to the ceiling. Looks like absolutely shit afterwards and actually takes way more time and materials than simply learning to cut in.


Would like to see those edges close up


They end up cleaner than with tape. When you peel off the tape you’re ripping the edge of the paint and you can see the tearing up close. This is called cutting in a edge and it’s a basic painting skill.


Cutting in can be clean, but good paint shouldn’t pull off with blue tape. Also, have you not used the caulking method? You caulk and tape, then do the ceiling. Reverse the method and do the wall. The paint won’t bleed past the caulking edge. If you put in a clean tape line, you have the cleanest looking lines you have ever seen. I’m a contractor and see this done by a very talented painter almost weekly. We do ultra high end builds and remodels, and the fact that this guy is not using some flooring protection or drop cloth, says laziness more than it says skill. That should be bare minimum.


Right at the end you can see he hit the ceiling. This is the second video posted, the first one you can see him hit the ceiling multiple times. Some people are saying any good painter can do this. I work in residential construction, and the most seasoned painters use a tape, caulking, then reverse the method for the wall trick. The caulking line prevents bleed over. This guy is not using a drop cloth, that alone should tell you the potential for problems. It’s laziness, not professionalism.


This is one of these Pinterest mofos that make it look super easy until you try it then have to go and get a 10litre of white emulsion to redo the ceiling and save your marriage... or is that just me.


Damn I had to use lawyers to get out, this approach sounds waaaay cheaper.


Paints pretty expensive too


No decent painter uses tape for something like this. He will be finished before you could tape everything up and then the paint will run under the tape anyway and probably pull off something it shouldn’t.


Not sure this is the right sub for this post. A reasonably steady hand isnt quite nextfuckinglevel


Hardly next fucking level. I'm an amateur and I do it like this without over-painting. My lines are straight.


All these people are blind. This guy went into the ceiling and is not using protection. I’m a contractor and none of our painters would be brought back if they painted like this without a drop cloth or protection.


There is nothing special about this. I’m a builder and all my painters make this guy look like a slump. That whole area above the door is gonna look like shit once it’s dried. Nothing worse than brush marks where a 4” roller should of been used.


if you need masking tape you shouldnt be called a painter


Damn I guess I should call myself “a guy who applies paint to walls”


See, this is quality satisfying content. A lot of "satisfying" things being posted in general as of late just don't have this kind of... "yeeesss" to it.


A good brush, good paint, and a little experience go a long way.


Yes those expensive quality brushes, will give you those results.


Those lines are so clean


Everyone talking about "Get a good brush ffs!" brave of you to assume i don't have very shaky hands.


I have the shakiest hands ever and I can do this. Once you press the brush against something, it’s not too hard to drag it in a straight line. Also, it took me at least a year to be decently fast and comfortable with this technique. A huge part of it through is using a good brush and that little slap on the inside of the bucket to keep more paint on the brush.


Start slow, develop good muscle memory and the rest all lies in the quality of brush and paint. This dudes cut in hundreds of rooms probably but if you’re a first time homeowner and repainting, practice on the whole house and by the end ya might just love how satisfying it is. Tape is the frustrating part.


Some of you have never painted a day in your life, and it shows.




This isn’t that hard if you do it as a job, lol it does take some practice, but most trade painters can do this


This is not next lvl stuff, this is just how youre supose to do it, this is not hard at all


You mean "painter"?


I drooled and got myself dirty watching this, much less paint w/o tape, tarp, apron, googles, mask, air flow, barefooted, 10 different types of brushes b/c i have no idea what the fudge im doing.


It makes all the difference in the world to have the correct brush. I never tape it off, it’s a hassle plus the paint always runs under the tape or the tape peels it off anyway.


Thats a really nice colour!


I'm more impressed by the fact he thinks he doesn't need a drop cloth.


Notice how he went in the opposite direction to fill in the last strip of white at the end. That’s because little imperfections in the wall malformed his bristles when he pulled it in the first direction. Big mistake is to reload your brush and keep repeating the stroke in the same direction. A quick reverse stroke, as here, often does the trick. (Btw, this gets much harder as you get older and need reading glasses. In tight spots, it’s hard to keep your eyes the correct distance from your work area.) 🚀


First of all this isn’t hard and second I can literally see paint on the ceiling in 2 places smh


Realistically, most people that paint can do this. It’s called cutting and is a standard part of painting walls


AKA cutting it in


I don't doubt most painters worth their salt can do this. But the masking tape and carpet covering reduces the risk of a fuckup where you have to put in way more work to fix than you intended.


I wished I could cut in this good. It's one thing I'm useless at, I would have the paint everywhere.


Unless you have shaky hands, it's probably your brush. You need a good brush to cut in like this. If you have one, it's pretty easy. That being said, the person is pretty quick with it, so I'm impressed by that, I'd move a lot slower.


This. A good brush makes it so much easier. As a carpenter that’s done some painting I’ve heard the phrase tools don’t make the carpenter. Well a good brush will really help a painter. Also a good brush kept clean will last a damn near a lifetime


Yup. And it's not like you have to go spend several hundred bucks for a compound miter saw. You can get the only brush you'll ever need for like $30. If you really want to go nuts you can spend $100.


Even when it comes to saws cheap ones will do the trick. Just like keeping nice finish blades on them


Yea its the speed at how they do it that would have me making a mess with the paint. Although my hands aren't as steady as they were I can cut in but it would take me a lot longer and I'm impatient when it comes to painting. I hate decorating and want to get it finished asap so that's more than likely my issue I try rush it instead of taking my time with it.


It’s called “ cutting in a line “ and this guys good at it.


That stroke at 22 sec. Orgasmic.


That horrible noise makes my skin crawl


The paint brush looks like a Purdy.Best brushes imo


I wish I had skills.


This only looks impressive if you dont do it as a profession , very easy to do if the plasterer gives you nice sharp lines to work with. Good job regardless.


I want this color! What is it called??


It's called cutting in, and there is a special brush for doing it. It saves a he'll of a lot of time and money fucking around with tape.




This is how I do. Good brush, best paint you can afford, and it’s Zen. Be in the moment every moment. My happy place is cutting lines.


It's not that hard, always a good idea to have a damp cloth on hand though.


I just look at a can of paint and I have smudges where there shouldn't be any. I'm not allowed to paint anymore.


This is how I had to learn to paint when I did Construction, It’s easier than you’d think and mostly about the angle you hold the brush


This is truly a gift.


how is this next level xD its not very hard..


I fucking came.


yeah they teach you this at day 1 in school


In German we say: Gelernt is gelernt.




I suggest you look closer


I need the RAL of this color


God, what a **hideous** wall color!


The guy who painted our house didn’t use masking tape either. I couldn’t even look at him painting the edges, gave me anxiety.


I mean this looks really simple


Im sorry but this isn't next level. Any painter that has a job painting does this.


Actually no professional painter uses masking tape for cutting the paint at the ceiling. It is simply much faster, cleaner, easier this way. I have done this myself, just not quite as fast. It is much easier than you think.


All real painters laugh at tape.


Was a painter for two summers and its a lot easier than people think. Also do people use tape on the ceiling? The line would never look good...


I don’t think any professional painters use tape tbh


Awfully bold to not tarp the carpet 🥴


It requires a certain brush but it is actually not that difficult.


The curse of being a pro painter, is looking at cut lines everywhere and judging the quality of others work.


No drop cloth either. That’s respect for the carpet.


Reminds me of KD Cares on tiktok he is a legend




Now try painting over the green with white again.


We had contracted a “handyman” to paint our entire house coz he claimed he’s great at painting and quoted us a terrific price for it. After 5 days of struggling he finally tells us the job is overwhelming him but he’s gonna do right by us by calling his buddy who’s a “real painter”. The real painter shows up the next day and does exactly what this guy in the video does and finishes up 2 large rooms in less than 3 hours! Dude then goes out for a smoke and comes back and fixes all the flaws in the other rooms that the earlier guy messed up. My handyman would have had a nervous breakdown had his buddy not shown up!


this is a new kind of porn for me


I don't know how I would feel if the girl in the back became a painter one day


at the end the lighting revealed how uneven the line wash eek


With crazy steady hands like that he could have been a surgeon!


Son of Bob Ross✌🏾🤘🏾




I knew someone who could paint like that. He had painted all his life. He knew how to mix colors by sight too. Smoked like a chimney. Died way too young.


That’s how I paint, just not that fast. If you’re careful and use an angled brush you get a much cleaner line than using tape which can peel paint, have paint leak under, etc not to mention the time it takes to put up tape. I only use tape on vent covers and other obstacles that can’t be removed.


‘Cutting’ is pretty easy also requires some attempts


A real painter he is, fewer of them each year.


I paint for a living…this is nothing special. I can do that and way faster. What a joke


Wtf dude, this is illegal


Tape makes it look worse


It's all about having a good brush


You know how some people hold their breath during those GoPro at crazy heights videos? This video does that for me.


this is just how you fucking paint a house if you're not an amateur. not only is this not next level, it only pays about 15 an hour under the table....


This gives me PTSD


No covering on the carpet?? Fuckin madlad


He’s quite sloppy with it, actually.


The secret- he didn’t buy the $1 brush.


My mum would go mental if he started painting in our house.


I’m pretty good at it but I use a sash brush. Whoever’s doing this is very good with that crap brush


How’s this next level? I can do that with my eyes closed


This is my dad,not me,I’d somehow get it all over me and under the tape


And this, boys and girls, is why you see $45 paint brushes in the stores.


I never knew painting was a thing that got gatekept. "You're a poser if you use tape!!!" like shit, I'm not trying to pretend I'm Pickassoh, I'm just trying to enjoy a creative hobby and hopefully have some new decor for my walls. Not everyone is perfect, and discouraging people from exercising their creativity just because you don't personally like their method is just kind of sad to see


I could watch people paint all day


I want this fella to do my walls…. I only use Sherwin Williams but waste so much time taping. Good brush tips?


Pretty normal, most professional painters do this every day as far as I know


I blast/paint naval crafts for a living. Practice is the only thing that helps with this. I've been doing it 11.5 years and I almost never tape off anymore. But this is super super satisfying to watch.


With a good brush and good paint, cutting is very rewarding. I must add though. Don’t buy cheap disposable brushes. They are junk. Buy a nice Purdy or Wooster brush and wash it out immediately when you are done. It will last a long time and outperform any cheap brush any day.