Mechanic uses social media to inspire people as he overcomes his disability. Such an Inspiration !

Mechanic uses social media to inspire people as he overcomes his disability. Such an Inspiration !

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This is just another case of a disabled person forced into the workforce because his government assistance is dismally under developed.


You can’t make the assumption that he’s “forced” to work… It’s just as likely he wants to work… it has to do with fulfilling one’s sense of purpose…


And that’s completely understandable but with government support he could retrain into a position that wouldn’t further damage his body. Repetitive strain injuries are a real issue and we even get training in the office on how to avoid them.


Maybe he ENJOYS being a mechanic! I know guys who love to fix things…


Looks like a tire service tech job. Not a mechanic. I don’t think mechanics mess with tires unless they are training a tire tech


Uhum i am sure he does honey.


Maybe he’d like to have options!


Maybe he does!


I understand and agree with what you’re saying, but it’s more likely that he doesn’t.


Why don't you think he has options?


Because of reasons listed before.


Maybe? Who doesn’t like having options.


maybe this IS his option


Dude. Just stop.


This is the 4th time you’ve replied saying stop it. Ffs dude sort yourself out. Edit: actually it’s the 5th..good lord!


And yet you still haven't stopped. WTF is wrong with you? STOP!


Learn to code


What a boring, terrible job to have.


It was a joke


you've never coded have you? it doesnt have to be your dream job, its not mine either, but I wouldn't call it boring, it's mentally and intellectually stimulating. You're solving problems and puzzles any way you want to solve them.


Anything requiring sitting on your butt looking at a computer screen sounds boring AF to me.


that's the thing, you don't see it as anything more than sitting on your butt in front of a computer screen. You don't see the mental stimulation it provides. Try solving a rubik's cube. Do you already know how to? You're doing nothing more than standing or sitting there, right? False. You're solving a puzzle. You're trying to use the right code to bring about the outcome you want. You're probably thinking about hacking. you might think hacking is exciting like in the movies where there's a ticking clock and there's explosions and danger and server rooms all lit up with blue lights and everything like that. That's not what hacking is like at all. Like i said before, programming does not have to be your favorite thing. But it is far more than just sitting on your ass.


It's my dream job, and I love doing it. Also whilst making more money than you most likely. DOWNVOTES ENSUE!!!!!!!!!!


Making a lot of assumptions on behalf of some you have no right to. Most blue collar guys I know, myself included, love the jobs they do. I love being an equipment operator. It's hard on my body but it's a job I wake up happy to be able to do. This guy probably made these videos working as a mechanic because he likes what he does. But I don't want to fall into the pitfall of assuming as much. If he has a social media account maybe reach out and ask.


I’m simply saying having options are no bad thing. I don’t understand why you’d take issue with that, and yes you are making assumptions on his behalf. Perhaps you should touch base with him!


Dude. JUST STOP already. It's not working.


This is the third time you’ve replied to my comment with stop, or stop it. Behave yourself.






People who aren't disabled don't understand this shit


Carry on!


Stop. Please.


You’ve said that twice now, stop it.


Exactly. Please do... stop already bro. Just stop.


I’m respectfully asking you to leave me alone now, it’s getting too much.


You sound mentally disabled.


I'm not physically disabled and engaged in repetitive work activities that could lead to damaging my body o4.cpuld result in injury. Do people think repetitive lifting of people age 3 to 21 or even those who work with older people dependent on others for meeting their toileting and bathing needs aren't putting repetitive strain on their bodies that could lead to early damage or worse? Lots of jobs can have actions that endanger even non disabled peoples well being, even in auto mechanics.. but are you advocating that people with disabilities should obtain from such jobs to not further damage their bodies but not advocating for the same for all people? How is that not some form of ableism? I don't understand really.


Very few jobs come without some risk, which is why you’re trained to do them.


You’re an office slut and this guy is a nail gun


I work both in the office and on the floor, both have strict guidelines on how you should pick up and set down items of certain weights. Perhaps you don’t have such guidelines/employee protections in your country!


I’m sorry, but you’re basing your comments on the ASSUMPTION that he is being forced by the system to do this job. You simply cannot know that, cannot know his motivations…it is the case that millions of people find it satisfying to work with their hands…


Who doesn’t like having options?


Please, for the love of all that is holy, no one wants to listen to you talking about options. STOP!


You stay in your one dimensional life and assume others want to do the same. The career of most changes with the skills they pick up along the way that can be transferred into other professions, why you think this is bad is beyond me.


I don't, I think that your unintelligible drivel that we're all downvoting needs to stop. PLEASE, STOP.




Those guidelines aren't enforced for you, they're for the company's liability


Agreed but they’re government mandated, at least they are in my country.


Depends on the state you live in. Here in Minnesota your county will grant you 40K every 5 years. For vehicle and home modifications.


🙄 I dont know, I mean how many times do your think this guy is hitting and crushing his dick and balls? I doubt hes like " God I love my job"


He’s a bad ass dude! He doesn’t want a handout! He wants to work; he’s an amazing example for all of us!


This thread is kind of a train wreck but we should all agree that he should be getting hand outs whether he wants them or not.


Wearing both jerseys I see


I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve them, he would certainly be entitled to any aid he could receive. I know men/women like this; as it’s the norm where I’m from. These kind of men/women consider it the height of disgrace to take a handout, when they are capable of working to support themselves despite having to work harder at it than most. I take your point, just adding some more perspective.


Yeah... i dunno what I'm doing here.


Some people - GASP - want to work for a living, regardless of what all the lazy fucks tell them they should want.


I never wanted to work for a living. I wanted to be independently wealthy from the get go so I could just volunteer to do work that I enjoyed. Work involving helping people. But I didn't come from money and I don't marry anyone rich so I could not work, so I work for a living is why I work, not because I want to work for living bu because I have to. And the work I do is damaging to my body, can be harmful and dangerous, and stressful, but it pays the bills. I have other options I know but not working isn't one of them.


>volunteer to do work that I enjoyed. Work involving helping people. It sounds like you DO want to work, but you haven't found a paying position doing the stuff you actually want to do in life. That IS a tough part of things, getting paid to do the things you want to do, a lot of people haven't gotten that to happen in their lives. There are some jobs that are "helping people" type jobs that maybe you could consider doing such as High School counselors, or hospice care - not sure. I do feel for you, it's tough when you're working so hard for something you don't want to do and probably not as much money as you feel your time is worth - I've been there.


It came across wrong.. I do work in q field I enjoy. Just if I was independently wealthy or had other financial means I wouldn't have to go so hard at my job and could take a step back to repair or maintenance my own physical needs better. Like today my feet were just sore and mentally I was too exhausted to continue work when I got home. I'm glad I only had to worry about making dinner for myself.


Sure, but for many people a different question is so pressing, that it permeates our view of the world. The question is "what has this person earned". Suppose this person got injured on the job. Well then the company probably isn't paying enough for the damages. Suppose this person got injured doing an extreme sport. Well his insurance probably isn't paying out enough. Suppose this person was born with this condition. Then the state probably didn't give him the support that Americans want him to get. Our forefathers worked themselves to the bone so that we could have more opportunity, and we intend to use it. EDIT: AGAIN, this thread is dumb. What am i doing?


>Suppose this person got injured on the job. Well then the company probably isn't paying enough for the damages. Why do you assume this? Where are your stats? >Suppose this person got injured doing an extreme sport. Well his insurance probably isn't paying out enough. Why should normal insurance pay out a lot for dumb shits doing extreme sports? >Suppose this person was born with this condition. Then the state probably didn't give him the support that Americans want him to get. Again, where are your stats or facts? Or are you just assuming? >Our forefathers worked themselves to the bone so that we could have more opportunity, and we intend to use it. Not even sure why you think our forefathers had intricate views on extreme sport insurance and assumptions about disabled people working. >AGAIN, this thread is dumb. What am i doing? This we can agree on, whatever you are trying to do... it isn't working. Stop.


You’re right. It’s pretty obvious. There’s no way he doesn’t want to be doing this.


I agree with this but he should also have the ability to not work should he chooses.


Disabled people should be at home doing nothing all day -this guy probably


Right ? I mean if I lost my legs I’d still want to work at least a bit to break the monotony of staying at home all day


You are ignoring that fact that this gentleman most definitely had to fight to get into (or to stay in) his current industry. Being a mechanic is not a last resort profession for a double amputee. The world is biased against disabled people, and work place injury lawsuits are expensive for employers to deal with. It would be easier for a person with his disability to wander into an office job- many of which that offer better hours and more consistent pay. Are you ignoring what his hiring process alone must of been like?


I think the guy was a mechanic when he still had his legs, and he wanted to go on even after sadly loosing them




We wasnt forced to do that specific job. I have a disability too, but I can work. Should I not?


No its not, he probably just enjoys it


God fucking damn! Why does everything have to be political? Can we just have a moment of inspiration?


Fuck that. Yes, government assistance is trash. But if I was in his shoes I’d rather be out there doing something, working, living life than just be at home. Ain’t shit stopping him


Or the guy could like working on cars?


this is just another case where disabled person have more will and motivation than healthy lazy clowns like you who are living in antiwork sub doing nothing expect crying and whining how everything is bad. no shit sherlock, if you do nothing then nothing will change


Some people like to work. Hell there is some evidence showing that work increases our happiness


Exactly what I was thinking. Poor guy. Still doing a great job tbh!


Maybe some people don’t want to be a drain on society and actually enjoy working/being a productive member? Nothing wrong with people on disability pay, but I’d imagine being at home doing nothing all day could be demoralizing for many…


As much as I love this, I just hope he stays safe!


How does he keep from getting hurt from the inevitable debris that ends up on a shop floor. Think of how many little metal splinters he could end up getting.


At the end it shows him cleaning the floor. My guess is he frequently cleans the floor, and probably stays super aware of his surroundings.


I Iove it. I'm sure that's it. *lmfao*


Ahh. Yes. Another instance of inspiration porn


Get it dude! All of the respect!!


yay more inspiration porn


That’s badass!! Love to see peeps using what they got at 100%, kuddos!!


Fuck ya amigo. Wrench some shit! Get it!


Twice the man I am.


He makes not having legs look more like an advantage


This is EPIC!! I do agree he's at risk for repetitive strain injuries! Whatever makes him happy though...haha I sit here on my phone now straining my hands and neck so hey, tis life!


When I was on the tools I was worried about repetitive strain injuries. So I got an office job now I’m crippled by an office chair. Now I have to stretch daily and can’t miss a week at the gym or my hips tighten up and I can’t sleep. Working in the tools I was far fitter strong and more mobile, all I had to do was use mechanical aids when lifting. I don’t doubt that repetitive strain injuries are a massive issue but they can be avoided.


I’m worried this man is gonna crush his own balls


Same thought.


I have a feeling he doesn't have to worry about that.


He isn’t overcoming anything, he’s living his life All these tearjerker karma farming posts always talk about “overcoming” and “being an inspiration” but nobody about his abilities as a mechanic. It’s dehumanizing


Hopefully this is by choice because he loves mechanic work and not out of necessity,


Damned impressive.




That upper body strength tho


I would not want to arm wrestle this guy.


This is fucking insane. Holy shit. Mad props to this guy. I’ve worked as a mechanic, and to do that with no legs. Just incredible.


He'd be really good as a special effects double.


How far we from mecha legs.. i think a lot of folks would find a new leash on life




where the safety glasses😔




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Why not just use legs, though. This one's for khabi lame.


He's fucking it up for some of us that like to get over.


That looks to be Tire Experts in Salem, Oregon. Been going there for about 20 years


What a beats


Someone should give him some prothese and an exoskeleton.


this reminds me of get over it in several ways, and its so cool to see


I really hope that he screws with all the new hires by acting like he got crushed by a car on their first day 😂


Seeing this there is now way I can give money to people with two legs and arms


This guy is the FUCKING MAN!!!!


Im curious what exactly he “standing/moving/stepping” on when out of the chair. Also, how does he avoid squishing the floppy bits?




He doesn't need a jack. Awesome. And inspiring of course.


He might be half a man but that half is more a man then I’ll ever be


Like a fucking boss


That man right there is a fucking superhero. I would bet my own fucking legs that he works BECAUSE HE CAN!!!!! Could u imaging him doing nothing after what u have seen?? I take my hat off to him, I work with people who don’t have half the work ethic this man does. And if I’m wrong in ANY of this I’ll donate a weeks pay to him or any charity he so desires….no shit.




That man is a badass!


I respect that a lot of people just live off disability but i respect the grind


Someone who knows the value of work! I’d have him work on my car any day. Good man!




Here’s a person who’s never half-assed anything in his life.


God fitting in a wheel well like that would be pure awesomeness at times.




Welp, I feel like a POS now...time to get a job. (I quit mine a month ago)


but can we all agree that camera man is a fucking arsehole /s


gloves would probably go a long way


I was working in the backroom of walmart unloading trucks and got a new manager who was in a wheelchair. I didn't say anything but a few people myself included were worried because it's very physical and in really tight spaces. This dude would pull full pallets of stuff out faster then half our people could, it was incredible watching him work


OHSA would like to know your location


What a fucking legend


Such an inspiration... to get useless internet points!


As a mechanic I feel inferior for complaining about my body aching after work now… also have to point out that a fully mounted tire and steel rim can be pretty heavy so the fact that this guy still does it like it’s nothing is fucking badass


I know people in this job. this man works circles around lots them. It gives him pride and dignity. You go dude.


At least he don’t have to bend over as much


TIL how much of fat lazy piece of 💩 I am. Wanna come to my pitty party?


And I thought I have a tough life. Respect!


I hadn’t scrolled all the way down so I couldn’t see his missing lower half, for the first couple of seconds of the video I was thinking “pfft this guy doesn’t seem that disabled” Testament to how much of a badass he is really if you think about it..


Fair play to the fellah. I don't see this as a positive. I see this as society's absolute failure to look after it's citizens.


Talk about busting ass! I’d assume that he wants more than what disability can pay for.


What do you do when you get horny


Inspiration porn? Seems a bit Jerry Springer show like. Stop using people with disabilities as inspiration porn. Unless they want to be used as inspiration porn.


Serious question, how does he poop and pee?


I’d hire this guy in a heartbeat


He's half the man than most of you scrubs


You mean overcomes barriers i society that makes them disabled.


I don't know one person that lives to work. Not one. Plenty that are forced to by this society that equates labor and productivity with usefulness.


Health and safety would like this one


I don’t know what he’s getting paid, but it def isn’t enough


Knew him growing up and even played church ball against him. https://youtu.be/qglJ-ArPdgw


I think I will feel honored to have this guy work on my car


I seriously doubt this guy feels "forced" to do this work. There's a big boost to his self worth IMHO. I couldn't do his job.


You know that guy is strong as crap!


Finally, a post that is N.F.L


Its surprising that the boss allowed him to work, even if he is not as productive as he would have been


Beast mode!! LFG!! Huge Inspiration!!


It would be nice if we could assume this was a choice. There's a lot of assholes convincing themselves it is. He's probably on a program that pays him less


Safest bet would be not to be an assuming asshole at all there mate.


The guy is smarter than us he’s paid to do sport




why? What about a round of applause to the man who hired you?




I know you think you're being complimentary to the disabled, but you're actually not. There's a TED talk by Stella Young, I'll link to it here. [Give this a watch and come back.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K9Gg164Bsw) ​ Done? No? You skipped the link didn't you? Trust me, watch it. It's not a rickroll. ​ Okay then. ​ This is just a mechanic doing his job. He's not more special because of it. He's not asking for you adoration or adulation. He's just doing his job and people like you are trying to heap praise on people like him for perceiving him as being like you. He's not exceptional for this. Maybe in actuality, he IS an exceptional person. But nothing about that is shown here. He's just a mechanic doing his job. Disabled people are not your inspiration.


Salute to your self respect


Dystopian bullshit. Guy with no legs shouldn't be forced to work at all. None of us should and this is not "next level" it's sad.


"Where TF is OSHA!?"


This dude is my hero. Amazing


Absolutely inspirational


I don’t see a disability


While I’m incredibly impressed with his physical strength and strong work ethic, as someone who has worked as a welder ( and has a sister who was a mechanic ) the amount of carcinogenic chemicals this guy is sitting in all day is extremely bad for his health. Crawling around on a shop floor is really unwise. I can appreciate his desire to not be stopped by his circumstances, but he’s just going to end up poisoned or injured.


Fuck the word disabled, it's a fucking insult to people like him who clearly are superhumans. This guy is a big motivation to everyone, 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


Good on him. Inspire more people he will. Everyone can do what they want when they put their mind to it


You have zero idea how it inspires me to see him doing all his mechanical work by himself. It's way better than all those motivation out there. It shows being independent is such a powerful thing. While people who are able and stay lazy lying on bed all day waiting for someone to come and help them succeed, this guy is nailing it on another level.


be careful you're not indulging inspiration porn


Yeah imma get out of bed now…


It’s amazing how “disabled people” can do all this. Makes you wonder if they’re actually disabled.


I mean given the fact that he's missing his legs I'd say yes he is on fact physically disabled


He looks pretty abled to me.


Mentally yes, physically no in medical terms