Kai Greene, a.k.a The Predator wins the 2016 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in style 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Kai Greene, a.k.a The Predator wins the 2016 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in style 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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This is so ugly. But it takes a lot of work, so I respect him.


Imagine dating a bodybuilder and... It doesn't work out. :)


🙄 🤬 😆 🤣 👏 👏 👏 Edit: Thank you kind Redditors! I'll wear my silver awards with pride! 😊🥈🥈


We don’t do that here


Omg your comment made me die




154 upvotes. Maybe the community thinks it's time to move Reddit to 21st century.


21st century sucks. We don't do that here.


Can you imagine posting emojis instead of paying real money to give awards to show your appreciation of a comment? What a commoner.


Wait, that's illegal




It means you need to put in more work!


He's called Predator, but this dude looks like fucking Goro from Mortal Kombat.


That was my first thought


Top comment is toxic. That’s unfortunate. Like your anonymous respect means anything when you start off with cruel language. This is called a backhanded compliment and typical from insecure people Let’s do better, don’t upvote hate


> Top comment is toxic. ~~That’s unfortunate.~~ Reddit.


It’s also his opinion on a subjective opinion (personal appearance) Dude doesn’t look the look but respects someone for putting in the time and effort it takes to get to this. Not really insecure sounding…


It's not toxic at all. The commenter finds him ugly. That's their opinion. You find him beautiful, that's yours. You would agree with me that beauty standards are a myth right? Then it means it's upto every single individual to judge what's beautiful and what's ugly for themselves.


takes a lot of Roids too.


You wouldn’t look like like that with an Olympic level coach and high grade roids sir. Let be straight lol.


Thank fucking god


What do you get from hating? Might not be your cup of tea but you wish you had the same motivation in anything in life


I wish I had 1/1,000,000,000 of what this man has. The dedication, the mentality, the sacrifices. I hate the burnt leather looking skin but I respect the hell out of this magnificent unit of a human.


Why does someone always assume the person is hating and bitter? He made a statement that’s true. He didn’t say it didn’t take hard work or anything negative about him. So what’s your deal?


Typical Reddit gaslighting




kai greene definitely uses steroids. im not hating. he also puts a metric fuckton of effort into eating perfectly and his workouts. people need to watch some vids of him lifting before they hate. dude is legit a fucking beast


Yeah, wouldn’t be surprised if he uses some roids. But you can tell its more dedication/habits. Thats the guy I want keeping our gates if we had some 👍


I say fuck it, let em all take roads. Level the playing field. They are gonna do it anyway, and at one point, you hit a wall with what humans can do. It sounds fucked up, but advancing steroids are gonna keep pushing the limits of humans and they can keep up with the testing so the guys following the rules are fucked. Why not just let them all use them?


PEDs are very common. Genetics also play a large part. Would be fooling yourself to think he’s not on the sauzzle though.


This. At this level, everyone is on a highly customized steroid stack for them. All the top IBFF pros are older, usually late 30's, and have it down to a science after 2 decades and high level doctors. That said, for about 40 years it boils down to who has the best genetics. They all work harder than any of us can even imagine.


You think he doesn't use steroids!? Really!!!??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Do you think that Wrestling is real too?


If that was true Arny would never have gotten where he did. He admitted to roids and had a body millions of men aspired to.


It's both. You can't look like that without juice.


If you think a human body can get like this without a cocktail of enhancing drugs you're very delusional.


They use roids…they don’t abuse roids. If utilized properly with a doc that knows what they’re doing produces phenomenal results like this.


This does not take away from what these dudes accomplish


Real talk, what are they doing that's so dangerous?


Steroids can be dangerous but these guys have doctors telling them how much to do it’s all regulated. It’s physically impossible to look like this naturally.


Ok got it, I didn't know what was going on in this video or what you guys were talking about. Thanks


no they have coaches telling them how much to do and health is an afterthought in pro bodybuilding. these guys die young. there is no safe level of steroid use in the pro leagues.


Beyond the steroid use and how damaging it is to a persons body, they also take diuretics a few days before and up to the day of a competition in order to enhance muscle definition by flushing as much water from their bodies as possible. They are dangerously dehydrated during a competition, there have been many instances of body builders suffering debilitating muscle cramps, seizures, fainting, and even cardiac episodes while competing.


Jeez...and what are they competing for? Is it just a stage thing where they show up and get judged for how they look?


Body building becomes an obsession for some people. To always push to be bigger, stronger. It’s no different than any other human obsession, I guess.


Yeah i used to know a guy who was into bodybuilding, he actually quit because it's fucking mental the amount of strain they put on their body to achieve this, i get that its an 'achievement' but i still feel off about it. He would stop drinking water for like 2-3 weeks before the competition, limited to a single cup a day. Wouldn't eat anything other than basic sustenance for food, basically a protein bar a day. During the few days before the shows he could barely focus on anything, was failing exam. He told me he never once in his life felt as weak and disgusting as he did standing on that stage, a single push wouldve thrown him to the ground. I feel like bodybuilding as a hobby is very respectable, but the level of expectations and strain needed to compete is undoubtedly unhealthy.


There are also Natural Bodybuilding organizations that test and prohibit stuff like this.


That's more next level, even if I wouldn't want to be that bulky myself


Totally! I like being able to scratch my own nose :)


And apply deoderant and wipe your own ass. Both are a problem for these guys.


Rag on a stick 😉


Bart Simpson reference?


Hey, Ms. Doesn't-find-me-attractive-sexually-anymore, guess who just tripled their productivity?


Professional sports also drug test and prohibit stuff like this. Yet…


They don’t look like that all the time. There’s a lot of prep and he’s probably so dehydrated he’s ready to pass out. And still did an amazing show. I have a lot of respect for the dedication that goes into competing like this because I’m lazy as hell.


Yeah I had a buddy who was a body builder. I saw him a couple days before he competed and then he posted the pictures on Facebook. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently it’s so much flexing, it burns a lot of calories.


Kinda looks like a DBZ character. Gotta admire the dedication




What ugly I don't understand


He’s fucking amazing.


Kind of a mean thing to say about someone. If you think it's ugly then that's cool, but you don't need to say it.


Looks pretty non ugly to me


You shouldn't body shame. Even if you don't find it attractive you should keep your opinions of ones body to yourself out of respect. Also it isnt even the point of the video


Y’all be like “don’t fat shame people for their bodies” then be on here shaming people for their muscles.




People that say that is because they are fat themselves. They will always hate on anything physical or mental that required a lot of hard work and dedication. That's why fat people say to other's don't fat shame but they will go out of their way and shame ANYTHING that took hard work.


People are allowed to not find something attractive.


Then don't complain if people make fat jokes then ok?


me being a fat fuck myself, im pretty fatphobic. In the way that other people say it though. They think that being fat is a beauty, which its not, its unhealthy and just plain bad. Self Respect is amazing and is good, but if your fat you shouldnt do nothing about it except accept yourself. that just solves nothing


I appreciate this comment, sick of the big is beautiful. Sure we live in a time where being above the recommended weight isnt terrible. Being overweight however is incredibly unhealthy and there is an insane amount of research to back that up. I put on weight after getting off some meds and I'm not too bad but I've 100% noticed a decline and difficulty in certain tasks or just daily life. Its nuts. Not shaming you cause sounds like you're aware lol just people that blantaly ignore facts bother tf out me


I've been low weight for the first 22 years of my life (24 now) and I've just put on a few pounds and I can already feel that activities are getting more exhausting to the point where it needs to change. Like just 5 years ago I could run 10km in like 50-55mins right now I don't think I would even get the 10km without a break.


That I understand and I'm sorry you have to deal with that, I know it's tough. I don't make fat jokes ever. It hurts peoples feelings and I don't like that. I just can't stand people that do the same thing about muscle people or even skinny people. I see it a lot.


Who are you talking to though? Just, everyone? I don’t get it. Who’s complaining about people making fat jokes? Are they here? Couldn’t there be some people that make fat jokes or fat shame, and then completely different people that don’t? The comment that started this thread said, “y’all”, like, who’s y’all? Aren’t there a shit ton of people that use reddit?






True, and they are always clammy


Clammy is such a weird word that really doesn’t reference anything specific but everybody knows what you mean by it.


Heaving breathing…


I am not attracted to this it all but I’m impressed by the work that goes into getting to this level of competition. Not everything exists solely to be attractive.


That doesn't mean you have to call strangers ugly over the internet. It's just petty and shows insecurity.


Cool. Do you offer that unsolicited opinion on every post you find unattractive throughout the day?




One of the kindest and genuine bodybuilders out there.


Didn’t he also do porn?




LMAO, this got me good.


Oh I'm dead... Those fucking wet squishing sounds still haunt my dreams.


^(...what about a grapefruit?)




Internet classic.




Imma teach you how to grapefruit yo man. First ya gotta blindfold ‘em…


Hi there...


You tell me, boss. Also, a link wouldn't hurt.


.......... ....... .......... sauce?


For science no doubt


... I'll be damned. You seem to be right.


Kai like the Bob Ross of bodybuilding. For real. Gentle soul.


My god, the symmetry. Also I have never seen a back like that.


God i thought you said "i have never seen a black like that"


Lol me too!




This is getting dark...


That too!


Guy could probably crack walnuts with his shoulder blades.


Such a beautiful physique.


I misread this as “such a physical physique” lol


What a physical boutique!


the tasteful symmetry, he's even got a water mark


I can't stop looking at his trunks creeping up his asshole


lol I love this sentence


I’ll bet he’s just dying to pick them out of his butt.


someones got a wedgie


Isn’t there a subreddit for that? Hungry something or other?


HungryButts. Only females though.


I'm Mr T, I'll rip your cock off with my ass. It's gonna be really odd if you don't get that reference.


I think the man forgot his butt glue


When you pull two flat Lego bricks apart


Tip: You can relatively easily get them apart by using the wedge of the brick separator and pressing it between the two plates at the corner.


Precious Tip: Don't lose the brick separator. Again. Edit: I meant "previous" but I like it better this way.


Lol, I’ve always kept them so I have like 20 of them.


Wait, there is a brick separator?! I've been using my thumb nail for 30 years 😅


People who say it’s roids obviously have no idea the amount of work the top level bodybuilders put in. Of course they use steroids but they probably push more weight in a single workout than some people do in their entire lives. If the average person went on steroids there is no way they’d be able to obtain anywhere near that kind of muscle mass.


Not even the amount of lifting they do. It’s the non stop minute by minute routine they have to follow for weeks on end. The dedication is next level stuff


Not just the lifting, but the dedication it takes to diet to get that lean is insane too


Don’t they make themselves incredibly dehydrated before a show because it shows the muscles better?


Yes they do, but a pro bodybuilder is still going into a show at around 5% body fat. which is unbelievablely lean, so lean that it's super unhealthy. They only cut the water a day or so before weigh in, but dieting down to 5% can take months or weeks depending on how much they bulked up during the off season


I think it was Dorian Yates claiming he came on stage sub 1 percent. He claimed it hurt to walk cause even the fat that pads the bottom of your feet was gone...


Holy shit


They do, but that doesn’t get rid of fat. This guy has no extra fat on him, probably hasn’t eaten anything but chicken breast in years.


I agree. Their diet and routine takes incredible dedication. I have nothing but respect for them. Wouldn’t personally want to look like that but I’m in awe of their hard work and determination.


"weeks on end" is just the finish line before the show. For the top competitors, there are very few days off in a year and it's literally lift/fuel/recover all day every day.


Yeah they’ve already pushed their bodies to their genetic limits. They are pushing past that now with steroids. It’s not cheating at this level of competition. That’s like saying driving a car to work is cheating. Against natural genetic limits sure it’s cheating but against other cars? Nope.


There is no question this takes a ton of work even with steroids. But it is not healthy for men to have their physical role models of almost every type using the sauce and pretending otherwise. If somebody wants to use steroids, I could care less. But don’t lie tell everybody it’s just hard work and the right protein powder.


Anyone who thinks this is achievable naturally is a fool. You can't blame Kai for people being deluded, nor can you expect them to be upfront about taking potentially illegal drugs.


Me when my grand parents say I am strong




Much like his hairstyle, I would never, ever want muscles like that, but it looks like it took a really long time to perfect.


The good news is, you could never get muscles anywhere near this.


That is fucking wonderful news. I’ll still wear the banana hammock though.


Even you had all the determination in the world and could train for 100 years without aging you wouldn’t be able to get muscles like this. Neither could I or anyone else in these comments tbh.


Do you say that because of the steroids he took or do think its because he also has excellent genes besides the commitment and steroids?


Both, even with steroids and dedication most of us wouldn’t be able to get big like that. These body builders already have good genes, lots of them can get very large without roids, obviously not this large but definitely larger than any of us.


This \^ Even with all the dedication in the world + all of the PEDs, most humans could never come close to this. It's like being an Olympic sprinter – you've gotta be insanely gifted to start with AND THEN you've got to be more dedicated than any of the other hundreds of people that have the same natural gifts and the same goals as you.


Almost any type of athlete requires superior genetics. The type that 99% of people don't have. The upper tier of those sports have an even narrower margin than that. Steroids and PEDs can elevate you, but without the genetics we don't stand a chance


Kai had a body at 17 most people would work a lifetime for. He's a genetic freak, like all top level body builders. Steroids are involved, but they're really just the icing on a cake of dedication and genetics.


Lots of negativity in these comments.


Just bear in mind, when scrolling down a lot of these comments, they'd be even more laughable if you could see the person behind them.


Right. Lol. It’s Reddit. The people saying “ew” and “this is ugly” are guaranteed ass crack hanging out of their pants, t-shirt too small, Cheeto dust in their airspace, living in their moms basement, DnD in their late 30’s type dudes.


You leave D&D out of this.


I actually think Kai has played DnD, he wrote a graphic novel and I thought he said it’s inspiration was things like Conan, DnD, and dystopian films


That works for any comment on reddit tho




This is also not what they look like everyday. It’s so weird how mad people get about this. I respect this in the same way I respect and admire ballet dancers who push their bodies to make incredibly difficult movement seem so light and graceful. They both take intense discipline and talent.


Ahhh so that's where all my muscles went


Jesus, this guy looks like Goro with 2 arms instead of 4.


You nailed it!


Always thoughts muscle definition like this was disgusting...my mind has been changed....fuckin amazing!


You should watch some Arnold videos then. He changed the game and it’s still impressive today.


Tbh bodybuilding in the 80s was much more aesthetically pleasing. That’s why it’s called “the golden era”. Many ppl including myself believe that to be the peak of bodybuilding. Arnold was literally the GOAT and will remain the 🐐


8 million chicken breasts died for this


Can't forget the countless fish and cows that were taken out as well


That is a beautiful man, the dedication and hardships he likely had to go through to get there is inspiring. You don’t have to say how you find it gross or ugly, you should appreciate his hard work or say nothing at all.


Holy mother of God 😲 very impressive


He sneezes the wrong way he demolishes a wall


When his ass went square. I felt that in my soul.


I love reading comments from all of the people on Reddit who’ve never stepped foot inside a gym when a bodybuilder gets posted to a general sub. The Cheeto dust is really thick on this thread.


No way he's natty. That hair doesn't even look close to real.....


Hey if you can’t grow it sew it


Would it be possible to win one of these if you just have perfect muscle definition, 1% body fat, but not roided up like this? My BIL is one of these guys and he can’t scratch his own back, can’t find shirts or pants that fit right, his head will barely turn but hey he’s got trophies.


No, not at the top professional level of bodybuilding. Most of these guys are already genetically gifted and then the drugs take it further. There are natural, drug tested federations/competitions, but they don't have the prestige or popularity that the Arnold or the Olympia do.


Wait so Arnold himself is pro-drugs/steroids?


Dude ALL bodybuilders do steroids except the “natural” categories. Also, yes Arnold did steroids.




Yeah not arguing that there aren’t people cheating in competition. I think it’s much more rare than “influencers” and coaches claiming natty though.


He literally discusses how to use them in his bodybuilding book.


Imagine what the wives have to deal with. Hey sweetie can you wipe my ass 😂


People saying this is ugly, like, yeah, you probably wouldn't want to sleep with a dude who looked like that, but it's still beautiful. So much dedication and poise. You just give this man a decent layer of fat on top and I guarantee everyone would think he's gorgeous. Minus the odd hairstyle. It's an offering to the beauty of muscles and the human form.


Amazing definition! He’s obviously worked hard to achieve such a physique! Imagine the discipline, the motivation level, the perseverance…. I have mad respect for this man!


What kind of transformer is that?! 😳 Did some great robot moves, lock and load gentleman… lock and load!


One papercut one kill that’s all it takes


That’s awesome!!! All the negativity aside; ask yourself could you do it? That’s a no




I really dont care about how people are criticising the dude's lack of sex appeal. Something like that is hard to pull off for anyone. I'd argue that in body building these people are "sculpting" themselves as self expression. Very much like a traditional artist dealing with a block of marble.


Kai especially fits into the second part of what you said. This is him channeling his passion into his body. He's really good about educating others and puts himself out there with his routines in ways that other BBs just don't.


I'm also known as the predator


No, that's "a predator".




If he didn't win, I cannot imagine what the person who beat him would look like


I’m your everyday normal 16 year old teen


I sneezed once and popped a muscle. Hope he doesn’t have allergies 🤧


I love Kai Greene so much. You cannot stop him from dancing and he loves to cosplay and do silly drag and has a Mini Kai doll that he takes places with him...He is just so god damn cute.


He looks like someone from baki


Looking like Goro with only 2 arms


Damn .... respect !!!!!!that is dedication and straight sacrificing !!!!!!


That form tho. Love the look of the muscles changing with the poses.


No offense to this dude but I wouldn't want my nickname to be the... predator.


Hungry bum


Ok ok this is terrifying and so satisfying at the same time. Terrifying because his pinky seems to have more strength than my body, and satisfying cause of the symmetry.


Predator? Nah, they should call him the terminator because jeezus he's a fucking machine.