Guy slaps pizza in someone's face and hurled insults at him. Gets knocked out in return.

Guy slaps pizza in someone's face and hurled insults at him. Gets knocked out in return.

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I feel bad for the guy the guy who punched that bitch. Just look at him he was genuinely happy meeting people smiling shaking hand . And out of nowhere he was tricked, insulted and kind of assaulted.


“Straight up assaulted” FIFY (A slap is a slap pizza or not)


And that deserve to be fucked by behind ?!! Seriously ?!! Gets balls fuckers !


If you pizza slap someone you deserve a sucker punch.


Yes he deserve a lesson but not like that, you guys are pure shit . GET BALLS !! Act like real man , not knocking someone by behind ! F u all little monkeys


Nah dude, get real you fucking degenerate. Getting slapped with a pizza while performing a handshake is way more disrespectful than a punch to the jaw. Did you not see him shit talking after the pizza slap? He is just pouring fuel on the fire at that point. To be fair he should have expected that punch and not turned his back to him. Btw, i got all of my 3 balls.


OR or or or dont be a bitch and assault someone. this dude got a nice large dose of karma


"Act like a real man" Lol you got so many insecurities dude


>Act like real man I agree!! They should have dueled with pistols at dawn, like real men!


No. If you do something THAT disrespectful to a total stranger and then continue to hurl insults at them while telling them to "calm down", then honor is completely out the window at that point. That asshole deserved worse.




Perhaps he should have stolen his watch too..


I think we got the guy in the video who got knocked out, boys.


This dude seems illiterate as shit lol🤣


Real men don't go on slapping pizza on face while shaking hands with a Random Man


Fucking yes! I wouldn’t have stopped at one.


The slap started it and the guy was continuing it with insults. Getting surprised slapped and insulted is far worse then getting decked from behind shortly after doing the slapping. I probably wouldn't have decked the dude because it isn't worth to me, but I can't put someone down for throwing one solid punch like that.


When you lay hands on someone, "hu hu just a joke man..." is not a 'get out of ass whuppin free' card. On top of literally slapping someone with greasy pizza, I guarantee that pizza ruined anything it got on. That punch was deserved. Bet you that asshole thinks twice before doing something like that.


Inwish buddy would have said" be cool it's just a joke" after knocking him the fuck out lmao


Found the pizza guy


Nope I’m that kind of [pizza guy](https://imgur.com/gallery/MZn9Fef)


the bigger the slice, the bigger the sucker punch. Good luck


Did you hear the shit too? Slaps him with pizza and proceeds to keep calling him fa**ot. This guy had it coming.




Don't assault people, don't get assaulted


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!


You wanna know how I got this scar? Slapped someone with a slice of pizza.


What do you get when you slap someone with pizza and insult them? YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE


YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE* Dunno why you tryna censor the original quote mah dude


Holy Robin Batman


The little b**** holding a camera deserves to get knocked out too.


Yea he should've got one just the same




Right he just sits there like a parrot talking shit


That was a beautiful knockout. Sorry not sorry but the one that got punched deserved it. ☺️💅🤣


Swift and painless, not even a recollection of it. Golden!


Yeahhhh he looks pretty concussed




I swear


He deserved it, i what a waste of pizza.


Lessons learned I hope


Why is this crap here?


I’m wondering the same.


Had to downvote when I caught the subreddit.


this guy got off easy fucking prick


Idk how guy kept his cool as long as he did. As soon a a guy slaps a pizza in my face, especially if its hot, we are fight that immediate instant. Thats super disrespectful.


The next level?




"He got aggressive and socked you" - Dumb as shit friend of pizza slapper.


Dude got what he deserved. Don't get why everyone jumped to his aid when he was throwing the one throwing insults around.


Because this is the world we live in. A ton of people doing wrong and many backing it. Sad world we live in.


Kinda exactly that and it pisses me off. You often hear afterwards stuff like you shouldnt have done anything


I think I saw this for the first time back when I was in high school, I still find it entertaining


Now he will become the Joker


“Wana come to my place?”


Don’t start no shit won’t be no shit.


Only cool people have key lanyards hanging out of their pocket


After the slap he became a Joker cosplayer


What a pizza shit.. deserved it


What nerve. I mean how can you open hand slap a man , in the face and have the GALL to sit down and make jokes? Well deserved and expertly executed knock out. A lesson was learned .


Chat shit get banged


Talk shit get hit


Speak crap, get slapped.


I forgot how satisfying this video is. Had douche bags always think it’s ok to do things to me and got just this


You got knocked out by a what? Say it again bud when you wake up from your nap




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Let’s be real...legit deserved it.




Too bad Macron didn’t see this video… (He was slapped today by a French citizen)


Don’t do stupid shit


Earned it.


Karma, bitch.


I heard that punch with the sound off


Ahahahaha That’s what you get


how do these people record.


Why so seriousss?


Thanks to Mr bum face for the lesson...and those not believing him he has evidence scarface for life! Bum squad takes another L....


I don’t give a fuck what angle pizza cunt got hit from, he deserved what he got. That being said, the guy who socked him should’ve done so from the front within a second of getting pizza slapped.


I don't know anyone who wouldn't have done the same. I would have done it as soon as I got hit with the pizza. Guy got what was coming to him.


And this folks is how the Joker was born


"Just a prank bro"


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!


blood on the leaves


That’s satisfying


What was he saying to your man anyway? Like I have no doubt that he deserved it but I didn't catch what he was saying


That's what you get for wasting food.


This does not belong here.


Anyone else get annoyed when the caption spoils the whole video?


“It was my friend who did this...I need to...” You need to have your friends back; that’s what you need to do.


I mean he slapped him with a pizza, dude deserved it


I would expect nothing less, slapping pizza in someone's face. There is a lesson I believe.


Awesome. Maybe next time he will think twice before beign a piece of shit.


action follows reaction. simple physics.




This is a example of "you kinda asked for it"


He ain’t talking heat now. “He got aggressive.”Slapping someone with pizza isn’t aggressive beforehand? and talking shit saying guy is a bitch basically after pizza to face.


Ehh the guy deserved more that than, I would’ve gone on a full beat down


How to get knocked out 101.


That was a straight @conormcgregor left.


And by the looks of it that's not the first time he's punched somebody in the face, he's got some speed too


There is nothing „nextlevel“ about running away after a sucker punch. Nextlevelbitch maybe


Mess with the Bull and you’ll get the horns every time


Should've knocked them both out


Lmaoooo stupid snow roach got what he deserved. What an ignorant piece of shit.


What’s a snow roach?


I’m quite curious as well


Sounds like a white slur. Not hard to figure that one out.


Almost correct. No such thing as a white slur. Its just an insult.


Just never heard it before. Is it slang for Canadians?


No idea. I just think snow refers to white and roach is a pest. So white pest.. something that supposed to offend white people; too bad us white people don't give a fuck 😛


Neither do us Canadians


Today lesson


sucker punched from behind.......🙄🙄 dude absolutely deserved to be slept but do it from the front


Fuck that, you wana be an ignorant cunt best watch your back. He got what he deserved that little bitch thought he could pull that shit and get away with it?


If dudes going to act like that and be dumb enough to turn his head afterward he pretty much asked for it


Another tough one here


never said I was tough, just said a suxker punch is a bitch move 🤷‍♂️


What about the sucker Pizza slap?


yeah that was pretty stupid but they were face to face


Well, I'm pretty sure he wanted to do something from the front but the pizza hand decided to cower and hide behind the girl in his safe space. Fist Chad came knocking before heading out of a lame party. I think fist Chad handled it fine, and I'm very against sucker punches just not here.


nah, he didn't hide behind anyone. he sat down out in the open. dude had to push the girl to the side so he could wind up and swing


Yea she was the barrier. Gotta go through the barrier before you reach the boss fight. Pizza hand should have been alert after his public stunt.


he shoulda just left or at least sat in a different position


You do realize that a sucker punch doesn't mean from behind only Right? He was standing in front of him with no signs of hostility and out of the blue he sucker slapped him with the pizza. And he got sucker punched back. Well deserved




Yep.. The sucker pucher was significantly smaller in size so he probably thought that he cant take him in a fair fight so just hit from behind instead... Very bitch-like behaviour


Seriously not okay! What a whiny little c*nt that strikes someone that isn't watching. The assailant should be taken to court. Obviously, he suffered no ill effect from the pizza slap. While that is also not okay, there is zero justification for such violence and the video shows this. I think you people thinking that this is somehow just are of the same low moral code as the assailant. Shame on you!


You're drunk again


Apparently, I can still tell right from wrong.


What would you have done? Told the guy off? if I've ever seen a guy deserve to get punched in the face, this was the time.


Yes, telling him off. Empty a bottle of water of his head, by all means. There's probably dozens of non-violent ways to get your revenge of your so inclined. It doesn't matter what he deserves, you are not the executioner. We don't do vigilante justice, for obvious reasons. I doubt you know the context of the pizza slap? What if that was "justified" in your eyes too? Should pizza-slapper now find the next opportunity to stab this guy while he's not watching? And if he survives that, is that then justification to murder the first person? - Do I need to be more explicit for you to understand why it's*always* wrong to hit someone?


Oh so you're not actually drunk you're just a dumb fuck lol.


I think you win the argument award.


by your logic whats wrong is to retalliate at all. you think if they dude just dropped a coke on the pizza slapper he would have just smile and say "kay we even now"? ​ what kind of world do you live in? are you that deluded by the internet that you have cant understand how the human mind works anymore? what the fuck happened to you to get all of your pride sucked straigh out your body dude?


Yes, you got it! The law forbids you from that retaliation. You essentially condone criminal behaviour, you Muppet! It doesn't mean that you have to just "take it". There are authorities to report this to. There are plenty of non-violent ways of responding. Pride? This has nothing to do with pride. If you think that the assailant should be proud of his actions, IE: punching a guy in the face that wasn't looking, I think the delusion is on your side pal. At least the other guy had the courage to slap the pizza in his face while facing him!


"yes cop i want you to do something to this man because he slapped me with a pizza" yeah, fuck that. also, this has everything to do with pride? what do you think prompted the other guy yo punch him? if the dude just stands there not doing anything after someone not only slaps him with a pizza but shit talks him about it what do you think other would say? man, fuck that, what do you think *he* will say to himself? this is literal humiliation and only a fool or someone who has no dignity or respect for themselves would stand there taking it or would go cry to the authorities. also, again, if you act in a nonviolent way you're still retaliating, which disproves the point i was replying to.


The call is: "Yes cops, I've been assaulted by a man from behind. He punched me with a first and knocked me out. I'm bleeding from my face. There were plenty of witnesses and the assailant is still here." You have pride in your achievements, or maybe the achievements of your kin. Maybe, by a stretch, of your own person. What prompted the other guy to punch him was simply anger. Maybe, by a stretch, a feeling of being mocked and ridiculed that made him feel ashamed and humiliated. Don't try to pretend you don't understand that the dude didn't act because of anger and scorn. You are right, only someone with very little dignity would cry to the authorities because he was pizza-slapped. But only a person with no dignity on show would sink to a level so low as to assault someone for being humiliated. Dignity doesn't mean you have a big ego, dignity means showing the composure of a human being. Sucker punching is certainly nothing I could call dignified. And lastly, what does that say about you? You feel it's right to draw blood from the people that humiliate you?


\>he wouldnt draw the blood of the people who humiliated him weak.


So by your theory I can spit and piss on you yet you can’t retaliate because you suffered no ill effect?


You couldn't, no. But here is the difference: I wouldn't wait to deter your efforts to spit and piss on me until you've sat down with your back to me, and then punch you from behind. So you not understand how this is crucially different?


Hang on mate. You just said there was no justification for the violence not the way the violence was carried out. I agree that the guy should’ve smacked him straight away instead of waiting till he sat down but other than that the violence was completely justified.


So we can throw poop at him and just turn our backs and we're cool. Let's go.


Lol. Me first.


I think you guys have heard of something called "the law"? No, throwing poop at me would be assault. If I defended myself to stop you throwing poop at me, your action would be considered if you then sued me for assault. If you succeeded in throwing poop at me, turned around and walked away, and I then assault you, we'd both be guilty of assault. The viciousness of my attack, with your back turned to me, might earn me a prison sentence. This isn't hard to understand. Seems like people here are five? So you really think this is how justice works? Are you US American? Christians?


Sure, show me how this plays out in a court of law! I think you know that no judge or jury could render a "not guilty" verdict in the charge of grievous bodily harm.


You don't think that this makes a major difference, mate? One is maybe an act of self defense, albeit the violence of the attack makes this clearly a criminal offence. Whereas the other is an act of revenge. Honestly, think about it from a legal perspective. Punching someone so hard his lights go out maybe funny to you, but this is quite dangerous. And that's why, if reported, either assailant would be arrested. You may get cautioned, unless the other party presses charges. Then you literally have: "I slapped him with a pizza, standing right in front of him" vs "I punched a guy from behind so hard he bled from the face and was knocked out momentarily" the latter being somewhat mitigated because he was made ridiculed. Since it's all on video, you see clearly that the pizza slap may have hurt, but it certainly didn't draw blood or caused the other party serious pain. And that's why one of the two carries a potential prison sentence, whereas the other would result in payment of damages, at most a token gesture. If you can't figure out what's wrong here, mate, you've probably got some other problems to boot.


Pizza man started it


Are you fine years old? Try that excuse in a court of law.


self defense chief. guy got assaulted by wanna viral star and the dude got it in return


Sadly, I understand neither of what you say here.


Yes I am fine years old. The finest of years.


Thanks for proving my point.


You're welcome. Happy to help




Looks more l like a school mensa with all those kids around, but I assume the country they reside in has the usual state powers, you know: police, judges, courts, prisons? If you want to press charges because you've been assaulted and the assailant is still present, you can count on the police to show up.


If you don’t want to get knocked tf out then don’t slap people with stuff. Cunt deserved it


Sure he did, but as explained: you are not an executioner. Go to the police if you don't like something. Defend yourself if you have to, sure. But THIS is obviously not self defense.


The police isn’t gonna do anything


The police *IS* going to do something when you've been knocked out by a person that attacked you from behind and you wish to press charges. Such is them laws, dumbnoob.


Then they should arrest the pizza man also. What u gonna do if someone slaps you? Suck his dick?


I literally wrote that both people would be arrested. I'm not sure why you jump straight to fellatio, dumbnoob, but you can try what you like as long as it's not criminal battery. I'd hazard a guess you've never got sucked off before? But I'd reply by maybe shouting back at the pizza slapper. Maybe I'd find a piece of food that I'd throw in his face. Maybe there are other items around that wouldn't hurt too much when tossed in someone's face. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for people to defend themselves, and will defend myself of someone would throw punches at me. However, I would not hurt someone physically because I was humiliated.


As i said before if you a cunt then you should expect a punch or slap and if u throw a bunch or slap you should also be prepared to get one back. Pussy boi thought no one will do anything if he acts like a cunt and look where he ended up


Best lesson that kid has ever learned.


Well, I guess he would take this attacker to court. Attacking someone with a strike to the face who isn't watching - it won't matter much that it was provoked. I hope it serves a lesson to both. Albeit, a conviction for assault probably does probably leave a bigger mark in the long run.


Yeah dude ngl he deserved something but definitely not this, I mean like come on, he just slapped him with a pizza😂 I'd find it fucking hilarious


Found pizza guy