This little boy pulled off impossible last shot..

This little boy pulled off impossible last shot..

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Yeah but can he do it *without* the bumpers?


Ha Ha Ralph Wiggum. Bumpers or not he still made a very impressive s shot.


Congratulations, that was the joke.


Thanks for that 👍


And you're welcome for this... In bowling, this split is called a lily. Life-changing, I know.


Well they should call it the fork


And why the fork is that?


Cause he forking said so! That’s why!


Now now, be knife!


You will pay for that, very spoon, I swear!




Blasphemy, should be called the trident


I concede. This one speaks truth. I knew something was nagging my brain about calling it a fork.


Wow! I'm looking forward to this kid. Hope to see him on a tournament soon.


I didn't know that. Gonna impress my friend's with this knowledge.


Did you guys know there's 10 pins?


How do you miss the joke entirely, and still get nearly 300 upvotes


I thought that I added to the joke.


.... in a way, you did


How do you even miss that joke




Ralph Wiggum?


anyone who can bowl with bumpers is a god in my eyes


I bought my own shoes and a ball so I could look like a pro right up to the point I make my approach. That's when the illusion shatters. Bumpers don't bother me since I can't spin the ball anyway.


The illusion of success is still a form of success


The trick is to convince yourself of that illusion.Makes living much easier.


There’s really no big trick to spinning the ball if you have your own…the asymmetrical core inside should make it spin and “hook” without much effort from you. All you have to do is focus on your release point, find your spot and hit it


I didn't get the asymmetrical core since that seemed too advanced for me. plus the shallow finger holes didn't mesh well with my skinny little bitch fingers. I did, however, have "HOMER" inscribed in it.


An asymmetrical core is not advanced. It’s just more expensive. It’s really like a cheat code. The ball just spins for you.


Not all bowling balls have asymmetrical cores. There are 3 major core types, each with their own hook characteristics: solid, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Solid balls don't rotate on axis (since they are solid they don't actually have a rotation axis defined by the core) and are good for picking up single pin spares since they can travel fairly straight. Symmetrical balls will hook when they rotate on axis. They "read" closer to the end of the lane, meaning they hook later than asymmetrical balls. Asymmetrical balls will also hook when they rotate on axis but do so earlier. They are used in circumstances where you need the ball to read the oil pattern on the lane earlier to be able to find your pocket and maintain energy. Asymmetrical cores are generally considered a bit more chaotic and weaker, compared to their symmetrical counterparts, because they spend more energy at the front end of the lane. These are general rules of thumb but can vary based on a few factors like cover stock (the surface on the ball itself), the oil pattern (house shots favor fairly weak symmetrical cores usually) and the shape and size of the core itself.


You’re quite clearly more knowledgeable than I am. I’m a hobbyist bowler who found moderate success in my local league bowling with my asymmetrical core and my solid spare ball. It just seems to me that those who pick up bowling as a hobby rather than a casual social event usually start out with a pair of bowling shoes and an asymmetrical core.


I only bowl as a hobby, before COVID I was in a couple of leagues and bowled alone once or twice a week. Learning more and more about the sport has always helped me perform better in league and, hopefully, somebody might read my post and take away something that helps them at league too!


Wishing you good rolling :)


To be fair, I was running purely on assumptions. I'll have to give it a go.


I honestly don't understand the spinning thing. Can't you just hurl the ball straight down the lane and hit the spot for a strike between the front and one of the first side pins?


Theoretically possible, but in practice, it just doesn't work out like that The way you want to hit the first pin is so that you knock it in a straight line into the next pin on the left. They follow a line down the left side, knocking out those 4 pins. The ball starts another chain reaction down the right side, getting the rightmost 3. Now, there's 3 left in the center in a smaller triangle formation. The ball hits the middle one, which hits the left one, and the ball hits the right one. Idk if that explanation made sense, but if it didn't, doesn't really matter. The key point is that you need a chain reaction running down the left and right sides. However, if you throw the ball in a straight line, you would have to be a few lanes to the side to hit it! This is where spin comes in. You can have the ball start in the middle and curve into that trajectory so that it ends up on the right track when it reaches the pins. That's why you need to spin it.


Well anyone that has bowled know you can also get a strike just bowling straight without spin, but my question is, the chance to get strike is higher with spin? Like if you bowl straight the area you gotta hit to get strike is just way smaller than when the ball spins in from an angle?




Most of the time you bowl "straight", and get a strike, you're actually curving it a little bit without realizing. But yes the chance is MUCH higher if you spin it.


thanks for taking the time to explain. Makes sense.


Now someone needs to tell you about oil patterns! Not me, though, since I still don't quite get them.


I love nuances.


Somebody better than me once told me that the point of the spin was that if you miss you still knock down most of the pins and are set up for an easy spare on just one side. If you go for a straight hit and miss, you're left with more pins and/or a harder spare.


I believe you'll be left with more splits if you miss the right spot going straight down.


hooking the ball into the pocket, when you know how to do it, is more consistent and carries more energy into the pins, giving you more pin action (pins hitting other pins)


Pick him up, pick up Ho-merr!


Its best to use a spare ball with no weighted core and very little grip. I guess have a 6 ball bag helps


I know, but I feel that a beginner who doesn’t have confidence that they can throw a hook at all would benefit right now from just getting a good hard-hitting hook ball and learn to read the lane and hit their spot. If they can do that, then they will arrive by themselves at the conclusion that a straight spare ball would be beneficial


6 balls in your bag? Any issues with chafing? I’d imagine it’s hard to walk


That sounds like a /r/restofthefuckingowl explanation.


I can see why you’d think that, but it’s really not. With an asymmetrical core, the ball really just rolls the way you want it to, making a nice curve on the lane. Figuring out the release point and form is just about repetition


Come bowl in Canada. We prefer 5 pin bowling here and you don't even try to spin the ball, which is a lot easier to throw anyways.


Sounds almost like candlestick bowling which I've always wanted to try.


Hold the ball without your thumb in it. It’s that simple. Two fingers in, cup the ball in your palm and roll it out of your hand.




Your cousin is above the gods




Mark it zero!


This is not Nam, Timmy. There are rules!


My friend actually bowled a perfect game but they refused to add him to the "perfect game" board at our bowling alley because the bumpers were up. He never actually touched a bumper cause he's actually a really good bowler(210 or so average) but they still wouldn't give it to him.


/r/UnpopularOpinion and no offense, but, I think that's fair.


Can he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke?




And without that middle pin


Bumpers is the only true way to play. Bowling is boring without bank shots.


I'd be lying if I said that wasn't the name of the game when the kids play with us. Also saves me from having to make petty excuses for my gutter balls.


I once got a gutter ball WITH bumpers. Was about 8 and the class field trip was bowling. On the 2nd frame I knocked down one of the bumpers by Fred Flintstoning the ball and throwing it up in the air. It landed on the bumper then we had to play the rest of the game win one bumper down.gutter balls and tears galore thanks to me lol


Bowling is right up his alley


Yeah he is in the right lane


sadly to say, the kid pictured (Jack Munsen) was hit by a car two days after this video was taken, crushing all hope of a career in bowling




i made it up








i just think it’s fun to lie on the internet


But...you're not allowed to lie on the internet!




It still is. Hang in there. Reddit might spare you.




if you can find an article i'll believe you because i sure can't find one


‘Саuѕе thе guttеr’ѕ whеrе mу mіnd іѕ аnd whеn Іt’ѕ іn thіѕ frаmе, bеttеr ѕрlіt lіkе thе fіvе аnd thе tеn ‘Саuѕе wіthоut а ѕесоnd tо ѕраrе, І’m ѕtrіkіn’ аgаіn Аnd whеn thе bеаt іѕ uр mу аllеу, І gо rіght fоr thе реnѕ God Pen - Eminem - [Alfred's Theme](https://youtu.be/X1k5U7up5L4?t=234)


Isn’t the 7-10 split harder? Asking for a friend... But like still, impressive.


Nope. A 7-10 has a pick up rate of about 0.07%. A 5-7-10 is considered almost impossible with a pickup rate of less than 0.005%. It's so rare that even creating a 5-7-10 split is an accomplishment in an of itself.


Thanks friend. TIL I know nothing of bowling


Yeah, I had to Google it. Apparently the 7-10 is only like the 6th or 7th hardest spare to pick up. My whole life has been a lie as well.


Creating it is definitely harder but definitely easier to get since you have two things taking out both pins vs 1 thing.


I don't know shit about bowling, I just did some Googling and that's what the pros say. Apparently to even have a chance at picking it up you need a lighter ball(like 10 pounds), a slower throw, and almost no spin. That's the reason it's so difficult. But like I said, I'm not a bowler.


Obviously, you're not a golfer.


She’s not my special lady! She’s just my lady friend whom I am helping conceive


Since he's a kid, he's probably using a lighter ball. The throw was pretty slow. Looked like it's spinning to me, but I don't bowl much. Cool that you can see most of these in the video.


Type of ball. Spare ball with little traction and plenty of spin


It’s the hardest to pick up consistently, but others have a statistically lower percentage as it’s safer to get the remaining pins and let the outlier stand vs risking missing all of them - I am too lazy to provide proof. But it’s picked up more because it’s really the only thing to do on a 7-10 split but a 5-7-10 it’s safer to go for a 57 or a 5-10 then risk curving through all - stupid stats


This makes sense


I saw that a 4 6 7 9 10 aka Greek Church is the hardest but they're only basing that statistic off tournaments. Main reason is, going for more pins is more beneficial than trying to pick it up. Thus, not very accurate to determine it's difficulty. I saw a video of a pro bowler and a robot trying to see which is harder, Greek Church vs 7-10, 7-10 had zero conversions but they picked up the GC plenty of times. ​ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMoSsCDgZys](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMoSsCDgZys)


They’re mistaken, sort of! They’re right about the 5-7-10 being more difficult, but this is a 1-7-10, not a 5-7-10. A 1-7-10 is *much* easier than a 7-10, you weren’t wrong in your assumption!


I was about to say this. A 1-7-10 is something I would prefer over a 7-10 just for pin placement but a 5-7-10 would suck balls


Out of curiosity, how can you tell the difference between the 1 and 5 here?


Simply the diagonal path the pin took, plus a little depth perception! If it were the 5 pin, it would’ve been sharper to the left, rather than a ~45° angle.


After the ball hits the first pin it is pretty easy to see how far it travels and judge that there room for a few pins inbetween.


Because there is no way to make a 5-7-10 split hitting the 5 pin at that angle.


Well now you know more than most!


This is a 1-7-10 he picked up, not a 5-7-10. You can see the lead pin is much further in front than the 7 and the 10 pin. Still a nice spare, but not quite the crazy odds of a 5-7-10


Thank you. I was hoping somebody would point this out. Great shot, but you need a *massive* amount of spin to convert a 5-7-10.


Spin yes, massive amount, not really. An average throw with a little hook and correct placement will do the job. That’s using a real bowling ball though. House balls suck and are not made to hook


This is the 1-7-10 tho.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!


Are you actually Jewish? Because I feel like some of these you’re just making up


It’s the Laverne and Shirley opening. I only know this because I watched a crapton of Nick at Nite when I was a kid.


And I was referencing a [line from Bojack Horseman](https://youtu.be/7pYHMhsxntc) ;)


Oops, guess I got wooshed.


The 7-10 is assuredly harder to pick up. Other combinations like this 5-7-10 only have lower pickups because it's typically going to be smarter to go for an easy 2 pins than risk going for the spare. The raw stats don't tell the whole story.


Makes sense


Do pro bowlers ever practice for the 7-10? Based on some of the other comments it sounds like this setup is so rare it almost never happens so why prep for it?


Check this 10 minute video out. It explains why the 7-10 is mostly just luck. It requires you to bounce the pin off of the backboard. This is difficult to practice because different lanes have different types of backboards. Some are a solid wall which is easier to bounce off, while some others are more like a mud flap that absorbs most of the momentum of the pin so it can't hit the opposite side. https://youtu.be/EMoSsCDgZys


Yes, but probably just to knock one pin down as hard as possible. There's a youtube video where bowling machine that can do things humans can't could not hit the 7-10. Even if it hit it once, the EXACT same throw the next try would fail. No pro is going to *seriously* practice hitting both pins. It's the kind of thing you only do if you're already perfect at the game.


You literally can't practice it. It requires bouncing one of the pins off the back wall and hoping it hits to other pin. I say wall, but it's really more like a rigid curtain, and its stiffness and whether it's attached in just the top or one the top and bottom can vary from alley to alley. There's too much randomness where even if you perfectly control all the variables you can control (like with a robotic bowler), there's no reliable way to pick up the 7-10 split. You roll for one, and hope the bouncing gods favor you.


Because you do not prep for it. 7-10 split is not rare in the sense its hard to create. Its rare in the sense it almost 100% luck to convert it. Its nearly impossible to use any type of skill to make the shot unless your bowling in an older bowling alley using older machinery. Then you can use the harder surfaces and the harder back flap to your advantage and try and ricochet one pin into the other pin. But then your best bet is to try hitting the pin so hard (Throw ball super fast) that it ricochets around to the other pin. If your playing using newer machinery/bowling alley. To my knowledge even if you were the most skilled player to ever do Bowling. You would almost never hit a 7-10 without pure luck. Which is why 7-10 splits would never be prep for or practiced since its almost all luck. Edit: Reason 7-10 on newer bowling alley and machinery is all luck is because the newer backflaps are almost completely flexible. While older ones were more stiff making it easier for pins to bounce off of compared to newer ones that kind of just hit them and get almost wrapped up in the fabric and fall down instead of bouncing off.


Sounds like it’s so rare, it may not have shown up in the data


Yeah that's why I wrote, "less than" 0.0005% There are less than 25 known times that it has been picked up in a dataset of over 477,000 frames played. Apparently it's just crazy rare to even *see* one.


Huh? If that's what you're using for your pickup rate stats then you're doing it *completely* wrong. It should be times picked up / times seen, not times picked up / all frames of data...


I didn't realize what he was doing until you pointed it out. Holy fuck, this guy needs to leave percentages to the professionals if that's how he's going to use them. He identified the split wrong and butchered the math on top of it.


It's infuriating that his super incorrect first comment that doesn't even get the type of split right has like 600+ upvotes.


It pissed me off way more than it should have.


....much less get footage of one. Congratulations lil man you've peaked in life.


Its not rare to pick it up. Its rare to leave one


You wrote .005% not .0005%. Either way the other replies you received are correct. The conversion % would not be 25/447,000. It would be (times converted)/25. The .005% number you referenced was the odds of a 5-7-10 split showing up.


Where are you getting those numbers? Getting to a 5-7-10 is a hell of a thing yes, but picking it up afterwards is way easier than a 7-10 as you have the 3rd pin to work with and can with geometry craft a shot that will reliably do the pickup. A 7-10 pickup relies on a freak bounce off equipment by the pin you choose to hit. In all the times a 7-10 split has come up on televised PBA play it's only been picked up 4 times. The last time it was picked up on TV was in 1991 [until 3 weeks ago.](https://nypost.com/2021/04/13/video-rob-stone-calls-ginger-assassin-anthony-neuers-7-10-split/)


That is... strange to me. I bowled almost every day for a few years when I was a kid, and picked up the 5-7-10 at least a few times. My method was to put a strong hook on the ball, skim the 5 knocking it toward the 10, and deflecting the ball the rest of the way toward the 7. I left the 7-10 split countless times and never picked it up. I saw it left countless times by others as well, and only saw it picked up in real life once... it was a HUGE deal in the bowling alley when it happened!


The 7-10 is actually harder. The 5-7-10 has less pick-ups because pros will go for points rather than try for all of them, so it appears harder in the stats, but in reality it is not. The 7-10 is literally down to luck on how the pins ricochet against the back.


> The 7-10 is literally down to luck on how the pins ricochet against the back [And they have changed the backstop to completely dampen any ricochet compared to what it used to be](https://youtu.be/EMoSsCDgZys?t=240).


I think half of my pickups were illegal bouncing out of the gutter


I'm honestly shocked so many people are buying his bullshit. Do people really think this is a **1 in 20,000** shot?


I love that he even admitted he knows nothing about bowling and is just drunk googling shit right now. It's wild. The 7-10 is virtually impossible unless you get insanely lucky and are using an older style pin setter lane.


same here. was in a youth bowling league for like 8 years of my childhood and hit countless 1-7-10 splits, but NEVER have i ever picked up a 7-10, or even seen anyone in the league do it lol


Yea he's wrong, 1-7-10 and 5-7-10 are both easier to get. Robot can get them predictably, 7-10 requires luck and cannot be hit without good luck.


You're crazy, a 5-7-10 split is FAR easier to pick up than a 7-10. Like it's not even close. If you throw the ball with a hook to the left its ~~extremely~~ somewhat easy to hit the 5 and the 7 with the ball, and then all that needs to be done is kick the 5 over into the 10 which really isn't that difficult. I've picked this up multiple times and can't even imagine picking up a 7-10 which is almost pure luck since you have to bounce the pin into the back and have it come back out to get the other pin. Edit: Like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5XJyEIKkPI&t=4s Also if you're reading one of these articles that I'm reading, its not .07% its .7% for the 7-10 split. In this article where he actually went through REAL professional bowling data the 5-7-10 split isn't even listed in the top ten most difficult shots which means it has greater than a 2.7% chance of being converted which is AT MINIMUM 3.71x more likely than a 7-10. http://www.slate.com/articles/sports/sports_nut/2015/02/hardest_shot_in_bowling_it_s_not_the_7_10_split_it_s_the_greek_church.html Double edit: The article I'm linking mentions that a shot had to come up at least 50 times for it to be considered and I'm not sure if it actually came up 50 or more times out of the 400,000+ frames of bowling that this guy went through. It may not have. That being said I am POSITIVE that a 5-7-10 is easier to convert than a 7-10 Triple edit: From another article, most likely the one OP is referencing: https://bowl.com/Source/Source_Home/Making__Impossible__Splits/ >Now we come to it - a split so rare that even creating this split is an accomplishment. According to the data gathered by Ben Blatt from PBA.com, this split's success rate isn't even recorded because it happened less than 25 times in a 477,000+ frame sample. Picking it up is considered impossible to this commentator: That means it most likely wasn't included in the slate articles top ten list. If it really is harder to convert than a 7-10 then so be it, but I find that very hard to beleive because it's all in your control whereas for the 7-10 or the 4-6-7-10 it's basically luck.


Not sure if this exact split relates but there was a nice video on reddit recently that pretty much said pro bowlers will go for points instead of trying to make the split on splits like this that is why it looks to be more rare. I think this is the part of the video that explains it here. https://youtu.be/EMoSsCDgZys?t=578 Hopefully some bowling guru will come in here and let me know if this holds true for the 5-7-10 split because the one in the video talked about is the greek church split.


Isn't the pickup rate only less because it's more rare? Like if a pro set up and bowled 100 7-10 splits in a row and 100 5-7-10 in a row, which would have the higher success rate?


I know nothing John Snow. That's just what Google told me.


Haha fair enough.. I only know what I once watched on YouTube. I think they made a robot to try and perfectly get a 7-10 each time


That’s not true. 7-10 is harder. It’s literally impossible without the pin setter


That's wrong. Also percentages are wrong, maybe because this isn't even a 5-7-10. But your 7-10 percentage is wrong too. Also you can see [https://youtu.be/EMoSsCDgZys](https://youtu.be/EMoSsCDgZys)


That’s likely because with a 5-7-10 you’re generally talking about people throwing the ball a bit faster. So even if the 5 pin knocks into either side, the ball isn’t hitting the final pin. At this child’s speed, it just bounces off the 5 and actually hits the 10. Most balls thrown would not reach the 10.


Yeah I read in Googling it that(paraphrasing here) professional bowlers have to throw a lot softer with no spin to pick it up which is extremely foreign to them, adding to the difficulty.


That and professionals are pretty much never going to encounter a 5-7-10. It requires missing the headpin, which if you’re a professional really doesn’t happen. Getting a 7-10 split is from hitting the headpin straight on, which is just far more common.


The pickup rate is low because leaving it is so low. The conversion rate is much higher.


I'm pretty sure this is the 1-7-10 in the video, you can tell by the angle and distance the head pin slides to hit the 7 that it's the headpin


Just throw a normal strike shot with either a bit more power, or slightly less angle. Whats hard is leaving this spare in the first place...


I’m assuming this is for pros, who use 15/16 lbs balls. I’m assuming this kid is using 10, max, which means the pins will knock the ball around a lot more than a heavier ball. Does make it a bit easier, since he doesn’t have to curve the ball to hit just tap the 5 into the 10 and still carry through to the 7 with the ball.


Really? I've seen someone pull off a similar split with a spinning shot to the right kinda thing. Not too impossible if you can get the power right, but definitely hard. Didn't realize it was a 1 in 20k thing though


7-10 requires a lucky bounce off a pinsetter or other hardware. There is no angle or spin you can roll the ball with to consistently pick up this spare. Mark Rober did a YouTube video on the subject. https://youtu.be/wM5NHC97JBw Edit: originally linked the wrong video.


That doesn’t look like Mark Rober...


The other way I've seen is to hit a "gutter" right at the end but the ball bounces back just enough to skim the pin and knock it straight over to the other.


Wouldn’t count. As soon as the ball touches gutter it’s dead


No he didn’t lol


The only reason this worked is because he threw the ball so softly. When an adult throws the ball it doesn't usually change directions when it hits a pin. At least not this drastically.


Yep, also the professionals use 15 pound balls with a lot of momentum so when it hits the line the ball is so fast and heavy it barely changes direction. This kid is most likely using a 6 - 8 pound ball, which moves drastically once it hits the pins, especially at that speed. Back in the league sometimes we would have games to just mess around and only use the 6 pound balls and no matter how fast you threw it, it was hard to get a strike just because of how the ball would just bounce off of the pins instead of following through to the pins at the back


This is way easier than a 7-10. If you throw a ball with a lot of hook you can clip the head pin on the left and you will pick this up most of the time. I bowled a lot growing up and I've picked up this spare several times. I've never come close to converting a 7-10.




You deserve so much more.


Thank you for **sparing** me your vote of confidence!


And my axe!


He peaked too soon!


good thing his dad didnt pulled out his shot.


Let me tell you something, he hasn't even begun to peak. And when he does peak, you'll know. Because he's gonna peak so hard that everybody in the bowling alley gonna feel it.


Barbara hurry get the video camera, he's going to hit his peak.


1-7-10 split?


That's what I see, but other people are saying 5-7-10. I don't think anything with the 1 is marked as a split.


The first pin doesn't travel at an extreme enough angle to be the 5-7-10.


Insane amount of backspin with a low enough velocity kept the ball able to be bounced off of the side of the pin and was able to get both. Nice roll!


Also a super light ball. A heavier ball would have just kept going straight


Yeah, what the hell was that ball made of?


Made for kids


Made of kids?


Guess it wasn't impossible then


Just like all the mission impossible movies


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Great shot


Kid gets lucky shot, "NextFuckingLevel!!!"


This really is next fucking level though. I've seen people pull off 7-10 splits before but I've never seen anything like this until about 60 seconds ago


Honestly speaking, I don't this it is Next Fuking Level if the child gets lucky, any thoughts?


No, you're right. This isn't "next level" I doubt he's a practiced bowler who has perfected his craft and can be considered "next level" at something. He's a kid who got a lucky shot.


I thought r/nextfuckinglevel was for actual skills, not luck


Right on little dude.




He's too dangerous to be left alive


1 7 10 isn’t so hard. 7 10. That’s hard.


Seems getting the 1-7-10 is more impossible than picking it up.


If it's possible, then it's not impossible, is it?


Matt from Wii Sports: "It's enough to make a grown man cry."


\*Looks through yellow tinted glasses\* Yeah well too bad it doesn't count cause his toe was over the line. This is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.


How is it impossible if he did it?


That's definitely the 1 pin, not the 5 pin.


No one looked behind the gassy troll. There were two snipers.




It's actually the 1-7-10 so it's technically not a split


we may have found the main character.




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