Dad slowly reveals huge lottery win to his sons

Dad slowly reveals huge lottery win to his sons

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Hate it Jealous Cute though




The only thing I asked for 🤑😪


When's the last time you played the lottery?


Stopped playing for a while lol. Had enough of losing. But spent so much money on it throughout my life, the least they could do is throw a couple mil my way 🤷🏻‍♂️


Mega millions is over 500 million. Drawing is today.


You'd be better off dumping your savings into a random shitcoin and hoping it moons. Lottery is just tax on stupid people




This is the way…the only lottery that’s going to be easy to win


Why can't we just share the wealth.


"Congrats and fuck you" FTFY


Bro if this happened to one of my parents they wouldve threw my ass to the curb


If my dad win that much money, I'd hug him so tight and probably crying, not because the money, I just miss my dad. Edit : thank you for the award, super big warms hugs for you


My dad passed in January. I would do the same.


I know this isn't the same hug, but I'm sending you virtual hug right now.


Thank you! Back at you!!


My dad just turned 70. We haven't spoke in a year. Everytime I talk to him he makes me feel unaccomplished, not sure why he does that. I spent most if of my life loving and learning music, something he thought as a waste of my time I guess.. after he and my step mom voted Trump I realized we are very different people and I don't like them.


I have been there. My dad and I parted ways during my teen years, after he and my mom divorced when I was 13. At 16, I was able to make up my own mind about visiting him on 'his' weekends - and did not want to go anymore (didn't really want to in the first place). He did not come to my wedding, even though I did invite him. We did, after a number of years, begin to mend fences. We would go to their house for their holiday dinner, talk on the phone (he lived about an hour away, so we did not go there often), and see each other now and then. Sadly, he passed a number of years ago. I do think about what sort of relationship we would have had, if the lung cancer had not taken him when it did. When he got really sick, I was there almost daily for an hour or two after work. I still remember the last time I saw him. Hospice had provided a hospital bed for him, and he was set up in a spare room. My sister and I were both there that day. She told him that he could go whenever he wanted, that we would miss him but we did not want him to suffer either. After she left, I pretty much echoed what she said. I told him to go when he was ready, and not to worry about the rest of us. His last words to me were "See ya, bud." Two days later, I got the early morning call from his wife. He had passed in his sleep.


I feel you. Haven't spoken to my dad in years. For very different reasons than you but I can still relate. It's definitely a struggle because ultimately I want to make peace, I know it is healthy in the long run. But I'm in such a good place right now in my life, I just don't feel like opening myself up to that negative energy. Same with my mother, unfortunately, although that relationship will be easier to repair, as when I'm ready to reach out she will be much more receptive. My parents were both abusive growing up, then did a ton of work on themselves and transformed into "new" people, so everyone thinks they're just wonderful, and I'm just a dick for being stuck in the past 😶. It's really tough. It's nice to vent to internet strangers sometimes, appreciate y'all 🙏


Sounds just like my dad but 60


Spa sorry for you both, I miss my dad immensely too


*gives hug*


It does get easier, my dad died 8 years ago just before my 18th birthday, cherish the times you had, remember just because he's gone you're not alone! It will seem impossible at first, but it's honestly not, I hope you're getting on as best as can be, he is with you always💕


My dad passed away this week. Im very sorry for your loss.


My dad doesnt have many years left. He's in declining health, had a heart attack that almost was the end of him, and has a lung condition that means he'll struggle to breathe eventually. I hope he'll be around for 10 more, but who knows. I've done financially well in life, so early this year I purchased a house on the Spanish coast in secret for my parents, with enough space for them to bring their children and grandchildren on as many vacations as they want. I'm giving him the keys this christmas, when hopefully this pandemic is over and travel is safe. The plan was to use the money to build myself a new house but that can wait a while. With the world as it is and some due time to reflect, this seems like the best choice for my soul.


You're a good son/daughter, they must be proud to have you. I wish it won't be long till you can safely meet/visit your parents again. *hugs*


This is the kind of video the internet would love to watch. Going on a family vacation to then learn the keys are actually his.


Yes! Put your intimate family moments on public display! That internet points are much more satisfying than keeping your family's privacy!


You can rather easily blur faces out with the use of apps these days. Just a suggestion since it’s not exactly the best time for many people, so a little light can help many.


This will be so exciting!


I was expecting a hug too


I can give you a hug too *hugs warmly*


No dad gang represent


We all share the same feelings *hugs*


They're guarding us from above.


Everyone argue over how to invest !!! START NOW!


GME to the m o o n 📈


You smooth brained son of a bitch!!!


I knew straight away I'd find apes here 😂


Wait some of us have four legs not two


You still an ape though it's not physical it's a mental state my fellow ape! Esr some 🖍 and let that sink in.




At this point we’re making the CCP’s propaganda department look pathetic.




Ape man ape man, how can we ape?


Buy and hold GME/AMC


The only Stonk there is


Throw it all in to Crypto. If he does it right he could walk away with 1 million


Just save it, I wouldn’t have quitted my job, In retirement, get a castle.


With 15mil lets say after taxes 10mil, that is by far in quit job territory At a 5% rate that's $500,000 annual, just from sitting on your ass cashing dividends or selling stocks. If it was only 1mil I'd keep working but that much its worth quitting


Judging by the flag, I think this is Denmark. There is no tax on lottery wins there. I was surprised when I found out some countries do tax your winnings


Some countries I'm jealous of like some have zero tax on crypto gains after a year, but balancing income tax i think the US still has the best situation for anyone over 50k or so


All in crypto, buy high sell low


This is the way


ngl i was talking with my gf about this. for i.e. 500.000 we first would buy a little house where we finally can get a dog. Also no we wont quit our jobs but we would take a few months break searching for another job somewhere near the house. then, we both would get our driving license to be more mobile. then we would make our first vacation in 5 years. lets say we would have 50.000-100.000 left. this money we would get to the bank and hold it for some major problems like operation stuff and something else. or just for our future.


I hear this bitcoin thing is really taking off!


Jesus it tanked almost 10% not an hour after you said that lmao


I'll probably keep most of it in a simple ETF. A little in savings, a very small amount in crypto (no shit coins). I'd keep a little bit for myself as a treat, maybe buy some powders and hire a lovely woman to choke me out every now and then. Oh and donate some to a few good charities I believe in.


this is 10 years old and has been on youtube ever since


This is reddit bro, this gets posted weekly for Karma


I’ve been a redditor for 10 years and I’ve never seen this. Strange!


12 years and I haven't either


Same. First time seeing it.


Yep narwhal the bacon and first time for me


In 15 years it's not even pocket money!


sad that it works anyways...


The way he gives away money tells me he is back at his old job by now, hating the video


Are iPads 10 years old?? Yeesh


So all the money is gone by now because of lavish spending?




Statistics, the majority of lottery winners end up broke again.


78% i read somewhere....


Probably the plan to spend lavishly that's In the video




Would like to know where they are now, where im from, after taxes that might not be enough to sustain your children (not sure how old were they)


I wouldn't tell my kids or my family just me and the wife would know life would change but not that much apart from staying at home a lot more and more holidays and maybe a few upgrades here and there I'm happy for this fella though and his kids but personally they don't need to know how much you have they might become lazy and rely on the fact you have money Once the kids reach an appropriate age and stages in there life we're they are self sufficient and no longer require much help and support I would tell them at that stage


Ya idk. I definitely think that you can teach kids financial literacy and work ethic while being open with them about the sources of your income. But I also think it’s your prerogative whether or not you choose to disclose that information to your kids.


You can, but if you've just won a life-changing amount of money, you prunable need to learn how to apply those lessons to a different financial circumstance yourself before teaching anyone else. People who've built this kind of fortune themselves don't give their kids thousands of dollars over dinner. It was clearly a rush for all the of them, which is heartwarming to see, and I'm loathe to suggest they shouldn't have that, but at the same time, it's exactly that relationship to money as a source of instant gratification that makes most lottery winners end up in a worse place financially and emotionally a year after they win than before they won. Maybe they've done great, but it's more likely that the moment we've witnessed here is the high point that they will chase into ruin, sadly.


I feel you on this- I think I’d say I won stupid things I bought with the winnings like ‘I won a new car’ but not that I won enough to quit working


Yep. Be sensible and it's enough for you and yours to be very comfortable forever. Quit your job and start spending and... yeah.


Ultra true. Most people who win the lottery end up in financial ruin because well... Poor people play the lottery and once given the money spend it ruthlessly. Usually they're recommended to get a financial advisor but "Why would I give someone money to tell me how to spend my money?" It also tends to tear families apart but this man seems to have a loving relationship with his sons. Hope they're all doing well even now years later.


Yep. Put it straight into a managed investment, the growth would be enough to cover inflation, give you a nice stack of cash every year to spread around, and continue doing so for your decendants in perpetuity. Straight up quitting your job and "living the life" isn't a recipe for happiness. There's no satisfaction or achievement in that life. Buying a new car makes you happy for a few months, but thereafter you'll feel just as miserable as you always have... until you buy another new car. $3m sounds like a lot, but if you start by buying everyone a house, and going on holidays, a few failed "investments", and before you know it the remainder, over x years of your remaining life time, is actually pretty slim. Fuck having to go back to work later in life to fund your retirement. Props to this guy. Yes I'm jealous. He seems like a nice guy. But he's not off to a great start with his new found wealth.


Yeah until your kids find out you won the lottery and then are confused as to why you lied and hid it from them. That is a really hard secret to not have someone slip to them even by accident at some point. Obviously everyone parent the way they want but I feel like a better approach would be to tell them and explain this doesn't change things, or even flat out say you won't see this money until you have earned a job yourself whatever.


I would like to keep it secret should I hit the lottery, however that is impossible where I live. Lottery winners names are made public in PA.


Holy fuck, you sound like a lot of fun at parties bro


Shit, don't tell the wife. Don't even tell yourself if at all possible.


My brother had a friend that hit the lottery big when we were kids... $4 million if I remeber correctly. They told the kids, but kept it quiet in general. We only knew because my brother was really good friends with them. The only thing they changed in their life was putting new siding on their house. I'd like to think that's the way I'd handle it too.


Plot twist - he actually won 20 million and this is part 1 in a series of 3.


Part 2 is a 6 part series where he reveals each time that the sum of the money he won is even larger


[Part 7 is where he reveals mom and dad are getting a divorce, they're adopted, and also dying.](https://youtu.be/GvG7CHWyol0)


Maybe if the moms moves weren’t so weak.


"Obscenely lucky father terrorizes family with continual news of winning more money pt 9"


My dad if he won over 1million: we have no money. And can't afford food


My dad sold a house and got more than a million, still refuses to pay alimony and guilt tripped my when he bought me honey for 3 bucks (local beekeepers) and I then asked if I could buy a zucchini


F in the chat my friend I hope you cone across more zuchinis in the near future


I can’t think of a more fun way to do it! Loved it!


What a nice dad 😁


Happy cake day


here's 900 USD for shopping!


I hope he's responsible with it and either starts a business or starts investing it in a smart way. My friend won 3.2 million and blew it all in a year. Now he's poor again and lives in the ghetto.




Right? I tried to talk to him about it after he won but unfortunately he's pretty dense. He was a guy that grew up never having money and didn't understand how to manage money. Bought a ferrari and I knew it was all going to be down hill from there. Lol


Probably only such people win a lottery. I've never heard someone who knows how to manage money win a big money out of luck.


There must be people who have managed lottery money properly We only hear of people who have mismanaged


People who know how to manage their money don't play the lottery.


How, just fucking how dude. 3,2 million in one year is over 8700$ per DAY. How tf can you be this stupid


Congrats to them , seem like great people.


I'm so happy for this family. I wish them all very well and that their burdens be lifted to enjoy a life of fulfillment.


"Thanks for coming over." When you divorce too early and he wins the lottery. Damn.


*hears faint screaming of ex wife from across country*


"Here's a load of cash" yeah this guy is divorced.


I would never tell my kid that I won lotto... this is pretty funny though


I would think winning that much money would bring some big changes, either with a change of jobs or quitting altogether, maybe a new house, new car, vacation, etc... How would you explain that to your kids? You would probably want to talk with a financial planner ASAP, but not sure it would be easy holding back from telling immediate family.


>How would you explain that to your kids? # Drug money


If you don't tell them but they notice a change of lifestyle, they're going to have a messed up world view. Like, looking down on other parents for not providing the same, looking down on themselves once they start making money, ...


think about how much money that is... then realize that some people make that annually and pay less tax than you


When you have parents and they care for your future. Also, is this what jealousy feels like 😱


alot of jealously in the comments lmao - this is a great post though, what a fucking awesome dad too, made my hair stand up on end!


So this actually happened to me. Five years ago I got a call from my father late at night. He was never big on calling so I immediately thought something was wrong. He rambled on about a lot of things for about 15 minutes and finally began talking about finances. My career is in investments so I know some things. The problem was my dad was retired and didn’t have any money. He was on a fixed income. He then starts rambling on about the odds for winning the lottery. He tells me his state’s lottery odds is 1 in 40 million. I finally ask him what he wants and he says, “Haven’t you figured it out by now? I’m the one in 40 million. He had won several million dollars. He had been playing the same numbers for over 30 years. His birthday, my birthday and my sister’s birthday, and it finally paid off. Edit…There’s so much more to this story. As I read everyone’s comments about their father, it makes me realize how lucky I am. My father and I were estranged for 20 years. He sobered up and we reconciled 2 years before he won the lottery. Like I said, it’s a crazy story.


That’s such a lovely story! I’m happy for your family that your dad was able to quit drinking most of all and it’s pretty adorable that the dates that won him millions of dollars were his daughters birthdays ❤️


Every low income kids dream


In Brazil if you win the lottery you should keep it to yourself and move to another city ou country ou planet cause people would come after your money.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll remember that if I ever live in Brazil and win the lotto.


Wet blanket alert I guess, but........ I can't say I'm a fan of the dad just casually tossing money around like it doesn't mean anything.


I’m now curious to know how many people use “oh my god” that way. Is it universal?




I actually like that, considering there are plenty of “borrowed” words that we use in English.


jealous asf but i’m very happy for them


"here's some money boys... And some more.... And some more... Eh maybe a bit more "


hey its me your brother


I knew he was lying about how much he got when he said he quit his job but only got 35k


At first I was like uhhh, you should really reconsider quitting.


This is awesome. They're gobsmacked.


The way he splurges that money I feel he is not going to hold on to it very long and will be back in his job again, like many lottery winner unfortunately.


My Dad passed in 2001 but when it happens, he'll be smiling on me from heaven👼🏼 Edit.... My kids will be well taken care of as well as my Mom and grandchildren🎀


i know exactly how these boys feel because i’ve actually been in their shoes. that feeling is pure, unfiltered shock and lots of uncontrollable crying magnified x1000 when you were a poor kid


I dont think i would have been able to do that for my children without sobbing.


I don't think 2.7m is enough that I would quit my job over it.


As someone with a daughter and currently living paycheck to paycheck, this is something that may not be smart but that dad is soaring in the stratosphere. I would do this for my daughter in half a heartbeat.


Father, tis I!


Help someone in need too. Luck changed your life so you change someone else's too.


Aren't there whole companies or fund managers that specifically help people manage/invest large sums of cash like this?


Heeey thats my country Rare to see it om reddit


Denmark? Yeah, pretty rare. I wish I could see more of my ancestral home here.


The faces aren't censored in the original, why are they censored here lol


Dad was straight flexing with all that cash!!!


If my dad won the lottery we’d never know except we’d be having pizzas and good food more often


"ooohmygod", but with a Danish accent


TIL "oh my God" is a common English phrase in other countries.


I’m not crying, you’re crying


I have seen this so many times and it never fails to make me happy. I am not even jealous


How did they not hug their dad once?


I sincerely hope that this crazy upfront spending will be all of the frivolous spending he does. There's a reason that many lotto winners are worse off after they've won than before they won.


So happy for them. Jealous, in the sense that I would murder them all to steal their gains. But happy for them too. So happy.


Congrats and fuck you


So jealous! Congrats. The kids seem nice kids.


This the best video. What a great way to share good news.


Probably the most wholesome lottery winner I've ever seen.


Hey! It’s you! Daddy! I’ve been looking for you since… a minute ago. Hahaha


It’s very sweet and telling that he shares his “winning” with his kids!! Most people go crazy getting stuff for themselves!




They are screaming, oh my dad, oh my dad. This dad is a god!


All I hear is oh my god




Well now I know how I will tell my wife and son if I ever win a jackpot on the lottery or even just a large sum of money.




Absolutely LOVED it!! So great to see ppl so happy like that! For a dad to tell his sons that he just won a cool Mill USD and to see their reaction 😁😁😁😁 Well done dad!! Couldn't be happier for you and your boys ❤️❤️😁😁


This is so sweet!!! ❤️


My dad would do this, without giving me or my brothers 9000kr, and then tell us we’re not getting any of it and laugh hysterically at our faces.




Hate to see people living out my dreams lol


dad played that perfect!




wow, they can afford a belt to keep their pants up!


Quick! Let's replace his son's!


i'm gonna' show this video to a homeless guy i help out, he'll get a kick out of it.


*Rich dad makes children cry*


He forgot to say is was in dogecoin


Fuck yeah danish representation


Do not publish your lottery win. If people find out that you have over a million dollars in cash at home, some will try to steal it


Also, don't keep a million dollars in cash at home.


Money can buy happiness!




lol, the neighbours really would've been confused with all those OMGs


"Dad slowly reveals how many GME shares he bought before the MOASS"


What a great thing for that father to do! I love the sons’ reactions


"Pack your bags, I've won the lottery" "what? Wow, where are going?" "nowhere, just pack your bags and leave"


Feeling Jealous, can't help it😐


Mom suddenly return from that one fcking grocery store that many dads went missing.


Thsts amazing!! I can't wait to fo this for my family