We're all in different levels of fitness.

We're all in different levels of fitness.

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I definitely recommend giving this guy a follow (Hybrid Calisthenics). Most of his posts are like this and give ways to slowly improve without hurting yourself combined with an inspirational attitude. He gives other advice every now and then not related to a certain exercise specifically. I would love to sit down and chat with him, he seems like a genuine person.


I dunno, for me, fitness is something about constant humiliation and pain. It's suspicious if otherwise


What do you mean, I don't understand. Like fitness for you is all about feeling the pain? I don't mean it doesn't hurt and make your muscles sore, I was referring to joint pain, ligament pain, more long lasting pain etc.


No, only guilt and humiliation


Basically i need to be gagged and at gunpoint during my workouts?


Now you’re getting it. That’s when the fun starts.


Woah, step-brother, what are you doing?




Shouldn't it be pullups ?


Nah, he dipping Into those cheeks son


It's just tough to work out with a raging erection


Idk, i can’t do bench without that.


"How much do you bench, bro?" "About four inches... four and a half if I measure it from the bottom."


Letterkenny fan spotted?


I understand what you mean, but it absolutely does not have to be like that. I grew up morbidly obese and with some health conditions, and physical activity was all about guilt and shame. Then health got better and I started a new approach for other aspects of life. Approach being "Fuck it". Then I automatically used the same approach to fitness and it changed everything. If you want to do it, do it. Do it for yourself, not for others. Do it minding what YOU think of yourself, care for yourself and love yourself. Don't ever think of anyone else when you exercise (or when you do anything else in life to be honest). Fitness is one of the highest expression of self love one can perform. I wish you luck and a wonderful life my fellow human.


How do you make it not absolutely tedious and boring?


Glad you asked! ​ I believe you are referring to going to the gym and do a certain amount of reps. I understand that could not be your cup of tea and it is absolutely fine! As the guy in the video says "Everyone is in a different place in their fitness journey". That includes also likes, dislikes, personal preferences etc. ​ Fitness is a broad term and could include different things depending on your age, sex, gender, health, preferences, etc. ​ Personally I'd tell everyone who wants to better themselves one thing: "Just start". If you don't like gyms, go for a walk, better than sitting around all day. Want to spend some quality time with friends? Go for hikes. Go play tennis, go play football, rugby, whatever you like. It is also a great way to make new friends if you need some more. ​ Your goal is specifically the gym and you are looking for a way to make it less boring? You can do many things. Listen to music, whatever pumps you up, be it hard metal or Cartoon themes. Whatever works for you. Set a goal and log the updates whenever you can. Most of the times lack of visible improvements can hit you hard. Watch something while exercising, I see many people doing it at the gym. Bring someone with you, work out together and bond over those gains. You can literally do whatever you feel like. ​ For me it started with wanting to generally improve my appearance, but then once you start, you begin to feel better everyday, both mentally and physically, and when you slip and go back to feel like the old days, that really hits you hard. It's like the best of drugs. Going to the gym or exercising in general now is a strong need for me, for my mental health.


> Listen to music, whatever pumps you up, be it hard metal or Cartoon themes. Unless your gym already blasts some dogshit music. Totally not salty from personal experience.


The last para hit me hard. I've been battling with intense anxiety attacks for couple months now. I freak out and think doom and gloom a lot. I’ve been on and off antidepressants. I've used therapy, mindfulness, meditation to reduce my anxiety with moderate success, but I still “slip” a lot and it comes back with a vengeance sometimes. Workouts definitely helped me feel more at ease. It helps me channel the pain and anguish I feel from mental stress into physical. Feeling shitty? Go and take all that energy out until you can't feel it anymore! Or run as far as you can until you feel like you're gonna collapse. I can’t feel bad about myself if I give 110%. Plus it makes me so tired that anxiety doesn't have a chance to come to the surface. I do a variety of strength and cardio but the type of exercise doesn't seem to have any effect on the amount of relief. Sometimes even just a brisk walk out in the nature can do it. I can't recommend it enough. 


Weird to say, but feeling like you could collapse any second after running like hell is truly the best feeling. And thanks for sharing! Always know that you are not alone.


For example, I used to beat myself up about always giving up lifting and not being able to put on muscle. Then I gave endurance sports a go and really enjoy them. Now I get to be the slim one.


Sometimes we have to accept the tedious and boring parts of life for the benefits they bring. Personally I find brushing my teeth tedious and boring, but I like not being in pain, being able to eat a variety of food and not having to pay big dental bills, so I brush them. Exercise is the same. Except eventually it becomes fun as your fitness increases and you can find yourself doing more stuff. But to begin with, treat it like brushing your teeth.


Put on some enjoyable music and let your mind wander. When you first start doing it it’s hard to do that since you’re feeling unfamiliar strains and aches but as you progress a little it becomes easier. Once you have the movements down you can enter a pseudo auto-pilot kind of state where your muscle memory is doing most of the work and most of your mind is thinking about other stuff. The easiest version of this is when you’re on the treadmill or elliptical; walking/running are already very second nature to you so you don’t need to think about them at all and you can think about other stuff. Doesn’t really matter what you think about. Think about how badass you’ll look when you’re at the level of fitness you are aiming for, or about some issue at work you’re trying to find a solution for, or go over your schedule for the week, whatever works for you. Once your brain is sufficiently distracted you stop consciously paying attention to time flowing by and before you know it you’re wrapping up your set.


If you're not used to working out this can be hard, but it goes along with not giving a fuck, just do what you want to do (again that might take a bit of trial and error but you should instantly feel what you like or dont like when you try it) Even just go climb a tree or jump along rocks, that's the shit I do, I'm in my mid 20's and I like to think I'm at least a step or two above average strength/fitness but I havent stepped foot in an actual gym in *years*. Like I HATE the concept of treadmills, even worse are the treadmill/eliptical bikes for people who want a treadmil but want to also be able to move around.. just go for a run and if you're worried about the impact just run slower or go for a decent walk, the effort will still be the same and the fresh air and real world environment will be much better.


The elliptical machine can burn wayyyy more calories than a treadmill or the exercise bike as you’re using your entire body


The same way an addict does heroin: get high on it.


By trying lots of stuff, finding the things that make you *excited* and happy, and doing more of that. Euphoria, and enjoying what you got goin on. Things that make you smile. Maybe that's running in the sunshine in short-shorts and a bright pink headband. Maybe that's biking down country roads with your headphones blasting. Maybe it's heavy mudder' truckin' deadlifts and crushin PRs. Or maybe you've got some goals you can train towards... big squats make hard hiking a lot easier. [Find your stoke.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTxxX3cJ7Zs&t=326s) Your body is your body, it's not like anyone elses. Work your weaknesses, push yourself, but run it like an experiment in having as much fun as possible :)


The actual act of exercising can indeed be tedious and sometimes boring, it’s the progression that makes it fun and rewarding. You need to develop an attitude of “I know it sucks but I also know that the benefits make it worthwhile” to get yourself over that initial 1-2 month long “pain period” where no progress is seen. Start as small as you possibly can but be consistent(ie. Very short runs or just doing a 2/3 exercises in the gym), this way you train your brain not to resist so hard when going to exercise, whilst also getting the release of endorphins from actually exercising. Then just build it up as much as you like. When progress starts to happen, it becomes less of a chore because the benefits are more obvious, and you begin to enjoy it :)


Feels like you have taken fitness to the level of meditation. You have essentially combined physical Swole with mental Solitude to attain Swolitude. Impressive! :D


Ahahah I love Swolitude! I'd say I integrated fitness in my everyday life and it helped me a lot, so I believe and hope it can help other people as well! ​ Thank you for your kind comment! :D


Best of luck on your fitness journey!


I really like your comment. As someone who actively sabotages myself when I start feeling fit and healthy I find your comment very encouraging.


Aw you made my day! Feels like a cliche' to say, but you can really be your worst enemy. The following is a message for you and for whoever is reading. Know this: I obviously do not know you, but I can say without any doubt that you are a force of nature, a wonderful miracle. I am not kidding and I cannot stress enough the fact that I truly and sincerely believe this. Start believing it, start internalizing this thought and you will not only stop sabotaging yourself, but you will will start to change to your very own eyes. And it will be he\*king spectacular, like nothing you have ever felt before.


That’s really inspiring. You should be proud of yourself. I had an accident and find fitness more difficult now, but I’m just doing it to my own standards and ambition, not someone else’s ability, just to to make myself happy. Any day I do something/anything is a win.


That is a wonderful mindset! Cheers to you my friend!


i get you, i have a humiliation fetish, too


He's being sarcastic haha


If my nose and ears aren't bleeding at the end of the workout, what even is the point?


Yeah I completely understand and have a similar issue where it was always used to humiliate or bully me, just don't let it stop you from doing things you love and being the best version of you possible


You other bullied you because you work-out? What kind of unhealthy and unhappy kinds of people are those?


No, they bullied me because I was unfit and unable to keep up with them, which has led to me relating those negative feelings to exercise


Oh. Well, I'm glad that didn't stop you from trying to be a better version of yourself :)


So am i


That's some excellent insight into how people associate negative feelings with exercise.


Agreed I'm glad that I'm now starting to not relate them though


Some people want a guy with a positive attitude, others want to be publicly humiliated by a psychopath. Live the life you want! Brought to you by CrossFit (TM).


We’ve all got our kinks I suppose..


Same here. If I could still move after a workout (when I was younger) then I did something wrong. I’ve come to realize as I’ve aged and my body doesn’t bounce back as quickly that lower and slower works. It doesn’t give you that burn and intensity but I can feel normal the next day.


Patience and dedication. People tend to want instant results which is where the pain comes in. Going back to simple exercises finishing your reps and not breaking a sweat for two weeks is where people give up.


Consistency is the key to it all. Slowly built up over time and then maintained. It’s unbelievable how the body adjusts over time.


I liked him instantly.




Surf ninja is definitely the coolest way to be described and definitely the vibe this guy was giving.


He’s so wholesome


Genuinely he seems like the Bob Ross of exercise.


Ha, great comparison


I put him more as a the Chris Traeger of fitness... which, I now realize is redundant.




I like how it's just really short and to the point. No back story. No fancy schmansy graphics. No him showing off. No guff. Just here's the help, here's inspiration. Now go!


He also has some humor vids like the awkward dances post on April 1st. Good channel and good stuff


>Hybrid Calisthenics on which platform? :$


Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok I believe, if you Google that name and a platform of your choice it should come up


Thank you - just YouTube’s him (too old for tiktok lol) I’ve never done a pull up and with a trapped nerve in my lower disc (I do lots of swimming now) time for fat boy to die but these seem so easily attainable. Thanks for suggesting and posting his name. (Let’s see in a years time I can post a video like this)


Never a bad time to improve yourself. You can do it, be safe and be strong!


I lift weights and dont really focus on bodyweight ish but I've seen him before and he is great. Kind


He really does, I was thinking that he seemed like a genuinely nice guy


Jeremy Ethier is really good, too, in my opinion. Gives a lot of science based advice on how to avoid injuries and such.


Wow thanks for posting this! I really appreciate it. Is there anywhere people on Reddit would appreciate me posting videos here? Should I post them in my own Subreddit? Or is the nature of Reddit to let other people post for it to circulate? Let me know what's most convenient for all of you. I can tons of content, so it's no issue to post it another place.


/r/fitness, brotha. They'd love you there.


Why have you done this to the poor fella lol






Probably worth asking the mods on r/bodyweightfitness Not sure what their policy on stuff like that is but seems the most relevant subreddit. Posting in your own sub is a good idea too.


>mods on r/bodyweightfitness No need to make things up


🤷 I have no idea. Not one of the few fitness subs I tend to lurk. Just thought it seemed the most relevant.


It is very relevant :) I’m just making a joke because that’s a mostly unmoderated sub


- Create a sub, post videos there freely and people can comment. - Comment on /r/fitness, and share relevant videos in the comment should also work. Good luck, I enjoy watching your videos :)


On any wholesome thread sir, I follow your YouTube channel and your attitude is inspiring and kind.


Hey it’s you! Love your work and attitude 🙂


Huge fan here. You changed my life!


Hello my friend 👋 You should post them in your own subreddit first and then crosspost to other relevant subreddits. This way, people can find your subreddit by the crossposted content. There is no need to holding back. If it fits into a subreddit, just crosspost it. Keep up the good work! Edit: my neck is grateful to you Edit2: check out r/HybridCalisthenics


What advice did they give that was helpful for your neck?




And you have a beautiful day ! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Thanks for doing what you do :)


I really struggle with working out due to mental health, but your push ups video really, really helped and inspired me. Thank you!


r/bodyweightfitness would be a great place to start.


Great videos! Can I just do close-grip pullups and that’ll eventually allow me to do pullups?


Make your own sub. I'd be more inclined to engage with your content via Reddit than through YouTube comments as a current subscriber to your channel. Have a great day my man.


Source: Hybrid Calisthenics (youtube)


Just…. I don‘t know…. Insert a link?


[Hybrid Calisthenics](https://youtube.com/c/HybridCalisthenics).


Thank you :P


Worthy of my free award because im a lazy fuck, thanks


How lazy could u be sir lol


You haben‘t seen 10% of my lazyness And i‘m mobile


I’m.... impressed? Take my upvote and leave


Oh? You're approaching me? [link](https://imgur.com/t/jjba/S2dilFH)


I can’t sleep the shit out of you without getting closer


He says while slowly approaching in his motorized chair.


My first laugh of the day. Thanks!


Then you better be ready to walk all the way here ‘cause I’m not getting up


Ok y'all win :')


If you can’t type out two words on Google, then maybe following the steps in the fitness channel is a little too ambitious for you


I’m also mobile. My mother isn’t. She’s wheelchair.




My cousin loves toasted bread, but she never toasts bread because she is lazy. Like, putting bread in a toaster is too much for her


I’m too lazy to change my game when gaming so i keep playing a game that stopped being fun 2 hours ago


Same, except i have digital games so i never have to leave my bed (ツ)


In the time it took you to complain in this comment you could've googled it.




⊙ o ☉


I have never once in my life desired to do a pull up… but this guy makes me think that some day I can


I am basically a whale, but he makes me want to try and be less of a one.


Please do it. But start with your diet, not pull ups /r/fitness


It's our brother Hampton! He's so wholesome and his workout routine is pretty good if you have a busy schedule It's basically his own spin on Convict Conditioning. He offers more workouts and life advice on his YouTube channel definitely worth checking out.


Hampton 🥳 he is also on tik tok and instagram


I didn't even have the sound on, and I like this guy. Seems so real and nice.


What made you think: "waw, that's fucking next level!"? Don't get me wrong, he seems like a nice guy and I encourage people to workout at any level.


I mean, he did do a 1-H pullup.


My friend, can't stop yourself from being a hater? Don't let it ruin your day /s


It's not hating if you say that this doesn't belong here because it is nowhere near NFL


The guy is most likeable person I've seen on Social Media since forever. And what he's doing will genuinely improve the quality of some people's lives. Seems pretty next level to me. edit: typo


Just because he’s likable, relatable, and informative, doesn’t mean he is next fucking level. With this kind of reasoning I could post a random dog because he’s adorable, incredibly friendly, and always grabs the morning newspaper for me. Just because he’s a good boy (and don’t take this wrong, I freaking love animals) doesn’t mean he belongs on *this* board. It’s not hating, but instead trying to keep the board pure and from being overrun by karma farmers and advertising (which has just skyrocketed recently hasn’t it?)


You are fighting a losing battle. Once subs get big enough, their rules start getting ignored in favour of popular posts and more often than not the mods are a bunch of cucks that don't want to remove a post because it's popular. Just look at /r/Unexpected. The very first rule of the sub is that posts must be unexpected by themselves and not rely on deception by the title. Guess what? That rule gets completely ignored all the time.


I’m with you man...but let’s face it this is what Reddit is. I just block people who post this stuff.


His mindset and inspiration alone is definitely NFL for some of us, sorry it isnt doing it for you


I'm sorry if this isn't a mindset some of you have encountered much and therefore find it "Next Level" when you do. He's just a normal well meaning guy, I genuinely didn't realize they were the exception in the "fitness advice social media world".


Most fitness coaches are extremely nice and encouraging as well lmao this isn't even unusual or extraordinary in any way


Yeah I was waiting for something crazy or unexpected to happen at the end and it just...didn't Seems like a nice and helpful guy though


Have to post an ad somehow :) And this is, an ad.


This always happens in the bigger subs, and mods are too lazy to remove the popular ones. I hate it too but it's no point for me downvoting when like 18k people have already upvoted.


He’s like the Bob Ross of fitness


Why is this so accurate


As someone who's tired of all the beefed out, hyper jacked, self proclaimed ' fitness gurus' out there. I sincerely appreciate this person's approach to fitness.


All the "there's just one easy step > 5 years of unparalleled torture"


How is this next level?


The pull-ups he’s doing isn’t really “next level” (maybe except the one arm pull-up) but I guess the actual “next level” part is the way he uses inspirational and motivational speech to show some pull-up progressions, all within 2 minutes.


Thats hardly next level, its a short video on exercise progressions. You'll find them everywhere if you look for them


this guy makes it easy to reach people who never would’ve wanted to to look for them


Before he does the pull-up, his arms are straight and his body is lower. When he pulls himself up, his arms bend, his body rises, and he reaches a higher level; The next level, if you will.


Have A ✋beautiful day👆


hes so wholesome ❤️


I’m always in awe of people that can be this awesome. Def gonna try some wall pull ups


He's really nice. I like him.


I like that guy.


He’s so chill


I want him.


He does bring a smile on my face.


Thank you for showing us this incremental exercising. (65M) this has opened a new door for me.


Recommend checking him out! He has a YouTube channel ([link](https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCeJFgNahi--FKs0oJyeRDEw)) and a website that has his routine ([link](https://www.hybridcalisthenics.com/routine)), with scaled down (and up!) versions of each exercise. It's the first thing that's made me feel like I might be able to get into shape.


And a [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/hybridcalisthenics) yet a lot of cheapasses despite folks enjoying his videos 🤷🏽‍♂️


I enjoy his videos and appreciate that he has put them out for free, it's very kind of him. I also appreciate that he understands that not everybody can afford to support him with money - which is why he makes these things available for free. I personally was also unaware that he even had a patreon. Thank you for letting me know, and in the future if I do end up with some money that I can afford to put his way, I will do. The passive aggressiveness, not so necessary.


He also has a new app out cultivate long term fitness. Sorry I don't know how to link it😒


[Here you go!](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.disciplemedia.hybridcalisthenics)


This is an advertisement


I hate to be this guy, seriously, but what’s nextfuckinglevel about this? Just honestly curious what makes this different. Maybe I missed something idk.. but this is definitely meh at best. I mean encouraging people to work out is very important and I think that’s great, but this doesn’t belong here and I’m just seeing a saturation of meh things and personal advertising on this board. Kinda sucks.


This is awesome. I just got out of the shower after getting home from a late night gym session. 3rd one in the last month after nearly 2 years away. Torn meniscus which mostly healed up just in time for Covid to shutdown everything.


I love this guy


I need some of those adjustable height ring things (whatever the name is). Anyone know what the name is (and where to get some)?




There you go... Thank you kind stranger.


The nicest guy on earth!


everytime I see this guy I get the urge to watch twilight


I adore this guy’s positivity. He’s informative and encouraging. I feel like most people are either giving you the ‘hard truth’ or blowing smoke up your ass, so this is so refreshing!


I follow this guy on yt and he is the definition of the best friend .


The bar is set pretty low, If being nice is considered «nextfuckinglevel»


Hampton is the goat


This guy seems super wholesome! Gonna check his stuff out and see how I can progress


It's pretty impressive for me the way he can talk with barely any strain in his voice even while in a pull-up, definitely strong, but gawd those luscious locks...




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I've seen this on yoitube, what's the guys names Sauce pls




Can anyone give advice on how to make exercise actually enjoyable, though? For me the difficulty is not the actually difficulty, it's how skull-fuckingly boring all forms of repetitive exercise are. I just want to do literally anything else. I'd rather do ironing, and I hate ironing.


Personally, I listen to podcasts I enjoy ONLY whilst excercising. This led to me associating excercise with "fun podcasting", thus conditioning myself to be able to excercise with gusto. During the lockdown, I started watching specific shows only whilst training at home, leading to the same result.


Exercise is absolutely not boring when it's sufficiently challenging. You clearly have never known the fear of being crushed by a barbell doing bench presses without a spotter. It might not be enjoyable but anything that straining is not boring.


who is he?




This guy is like a friend/ brother that I never had.


I don't know where he is but that looks like such a peaceful place to work out.


Love this guy


Doesn't his hand orientation indicate these are chinups, not pullups? Fingers pointed towards you is a pullup, fingers to the side or away from you chinups I thought.


Nah chinups is palms towards you https://res-5.cloudinary.com/rubberbanditz/image/upload/c_lpad,dpr_1.0,f_auto,q_auto/v1/media/wysiwyg/blog_images/pullupchinup-image1.jpg


Not again this snowflake fitness videos.


This guy is so wholesome.


This man is such a fucking king


Wow, such an engaging young man. A little slower please, but superb. You would be a dangerous salesman. What else can I watch you explain for me? 😊


I saw this video a bit back and actually used the tip on the rings at my bouldering gym!


Thank you man, you've just boosted my self esteem :D


Damn, super likeable, very informative, and didn’t make me feel like a piece of shit. Subscribed!


What's the timescale on something like that How long and how often would you need to do this to go from not being able to pull up to Being able


Next week on things everyone knows, “How to swing a hammer”


This man makes me feel good just by talking about stuff, is this what charisma is?


This guy is like bob ross of fitness