People need to stop believing the Facebook shared stories of how trafficking works. This type of thinking about being trafficked because of being in a car accident, or zip tie on your car handle, or a note under the windshield just spreads fear and inspires people to do dumbass shit like this.


>People need to stop believing the Facebook That covers it nicely


I remember talking to this dude at work. I mentioned something about who small we are compared to the rest of the universe. He goes “but the universe is really small.” This caught me off guard so I asked him to repeat himself. He said that “The universe is small. Didn’t you see that video on Facebook?” He tried to find it but could not. I asked him “The universe is small, in relation to what?” He looked at me like I was crazy and said “In relation to nothing, the universe is small.” So I reply with “If the universe is small, then large doesn’t exist. If everything that exist is located within this universe then everything in the universe is also small. So large cannot exist.” He said I need to watch the FaceBook video because I don’t understand and walked away. He’s right, I don’t understand.


I’m trying to even think of how his brain could’ve failed at math that hard


"No, you see Miss Universe married Jeremy Small, it just took her this long to change her name.."


But my sisters boyfriends mothers cousin shared a meme that says these things happen all the time! I’ve never met this person but if they’re my sisters friends friends friend on Facebook it must be true.


There's something deliciously ironic about the story, though. The internet makes the world smaller and often convinces people that isolated incidents thousands of miles from home are actually problems that need to be addressed in their own neighborhoods. Like, for instance, some nutjob causing a car accident in order to entice human traffickers.


I live in rural Ireland and there's a golf course, a few miles outside the village, that's all about green energy, is entirely watered by our copious amounts of rain, is open to the public at very reasonable prices, will rent out decent clubs, does extra to encourage girls/women to play, and is surrounded by acres of farmland. It does a lot for our village. A few years back, some people were out protesting it for being a misogynistic club for elites that was causing drought and saying it should be turned into apartments. And it was pissing rain all day. We were dealing with floods at the time.


Why? Was someone “behind” the protest that actually believed that or was it just some pro-housing at all costs group?


It was about 20 people and I think they were just going on the general Facebook/Twitter fad of Californians protesting during drought, forest fires, elitist country clubs, and all that. My guess was being in an online echo chamber against the powerful elites and then protesting without any real thought.


Behold the Americone Meme


It’s only true if accompanied by a Minion’s picture. Particular, Kevin.


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Save Ferris!


I heard he’s a righteous dude


Oh, Ed! You sounded just like Dirty Harry...


Try living with the trouser snake!


Stop Facebook.


A lot of these people seem to think they're the main character of an action movie, and the belief in these conspiracies is often based on it making them feel special and smart.


Venturing into conspiracy land it’s facinating how many conspiracies are based around pop culture items, like books and movies. They absolutely think movies are true stories and that the bad guys leave little clues about so they can feel smarter than the average person, thus all you need to do is think hard enough and you too can discover who the murderer is!


Yeah I’ve thought about this a lot ever since my cousin referenced a fictional movie as fact. My best guess is that since people do not read novels anymore movies have naturally taken the place of entertainment and inhereted undue reverence


Based on a true story. They think it's close to what really happened. That's never the case, unless a director is trying.


Like u-571 or argo that didn't even get the fucking country that did the work correct??


Nah people have believed novels in the past, this is just how human brains work.


It’s like they never mentally matured past mid-junior high school.


Believing in super heroes is more like K through 3rd grade mindset. By 2nd to 3rd grade some kids are already reading 100s of page novels and encyclopedias. By 4th or 5th grade most kids should already be there.


Every conspiracy theory you ever heard that sounds like a science fiction or horror story, was written as a short story before the conspiracy started. You can literally read science fiction from the 30s-70s and see where all these insane ideas came from.


Hell sometimes they even know they are using Science Fiction. There is a sort of "prequel" to HG Wells' War of the Worlds, where this person finds this crystal which upon peering into it shows them another world. Essentially whats happening is these are probes the aliens of Mars used to scout out Earth. When I was a little kid I was big into conspiracies, and there was actually a theory that these Probes actually existed and that all the fancy jewels in the world were actually "looking glass" sorta things from aliens. Even back then I thought it was silly, but it also helped me realize that most conspiracy theories were just idiots and 8year olds like me going to extreme lengths to reach a more often than not stupid conclusion.


Those people who believe there's illuminati symbology in currencies and modern government architecture blow my fucking mind. You believe people are both secretive, smart and powerful enough to run the world with effectively nobody knowing but also... Left clues in... Money? Changed building code to make some staircase or wall curve specifically? I don't understand the connection. I just can't fathom a single reality that makes any kind of sense.


>I just can't fathom a single reality that makes any kind of sense. In my own observations, I think that the real impulse - deep down - is that they desperately want to believe the world has structure. Just imagine, for a moment, that there actually is an Illuminati-style group running the world. That means everything wrong is *their* fault. That means they can be fought. That means overturning them could fix all those things that are wrong. It points towards a possibility of self-empowerment. On the other hand, there's the (very likely) reality that we are in a world that runs on chaos, where little or nothing is planned, and the vast majority of things that happen are the emergent byproduct of a million smaller factors colliding to create new unpredictable eventualities. This is a terrifying concept to a lot of people. And to avoid acknowledging it, they go hard in the other direction - imagining a central structure so rigid that nothing is left to chance. It is, at the least, a sympathetic viewpoint. Or would be, if its proponents weren't so batshit crazy and violence-prone.


correct. you can easily prove this by telling people that just about anything breaks down to luck and they had nothing to do with the outcome and watch them go insane. human beings need to believe the universe is more than random chaos and they have no control, most people will devolve into violence if you challenge their notion of a structured and ordered universe in which they have some control. this is literally why religion exists.


Heh, reminds me of the time I was watching an nba game a decade or so ago and my roommate came up to me and said “you ever wonder if it’s all just staged and pre-planned and everything is just faked?” I looked at him and said “you really think about 500 millionaires below the age of 30, primarily driven by their own personal egos and desires are going to collectively be able to keep a secret, literally ANY secret from the world? Because that would be more impressive than ANY of this basketball they’re playing.”


You're 100% correct. This is also the reason why the majority of these conspiracy theorist are ultra-religious. They have always needed someone above them telling them what is right or wrong and when something bad happens it's "God wanted it this way".


Yeah. Like when that one movie had prayer blankets found in Mexico and suddenly right wing dipshits were warning everyone about ISIS terrorists sneaking across the border.


https://www.themarshallproject.org/2022/01/12/as-murders-spiked-police-solved-about-half-in-2020 Just from Googling murder solve rate USA, that's the stuff that actually gets money and attention (better solve rates). And without even reading past the headline, I'll bet it's actually much lower than the stated "half"


I take my cues from The Wire. Stringer Bell: ", is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?"




Indeed. They're egged on by the likes of Alex Jones. Politically they run toward authoritarianism, the bigly, tremendously strong father figure. He alone can protect against "them ".


I ditched Facebook, have no idea what any of this dumb shit is about, and am glad for that little bit of sanity.


There is a sub filled with those peoples but i can’t remember the name.


Starts with r/cons... I think, something like that.


The funny thing about this is.. the traffickers would be the ones to cause an accident to do their crimes. Not the potential victim lmao. Did she just see a creepy looking guy in a car and run into him?😂 Comprehension isnt abundant for these people.


People have lost their minds and they are turning sex trafficking into what stranger danger of the 80's and 90's was. It's embarrassing. Like convinced that if a sticker got stuck to their car wheel while driving it was placed there by some trafficker who followed them out to the suburbs to kidnap them or their kids. I agree people need to get a life. Especially the paranoid Facebook parents. In fact according to the UN "Traffickers target people who are marginalized or in difficult circumstances. Undocumented migrants and people who are in desperate need of employment are vulnerable, particularly to trafficking for forced labour". So Facebook Karen that doesn't include you and your family shopping at Walmart on a Saturday afternoon and seeing a sticker or a piece of garbage blown near your car.


> they are turning sex trafficking into what stranger danger of the 80's and 90's was. True, and at the same time - it's so much worse than that. These people are so invested in this weird conspiracy world, that they're willing to *create* the thing they can't seem to really find - just to say they've found it. The last 6 years or so have been a real eyeopener as to the overall state of mental health of America. Holy shit.


>These people are so invested in this weird conspiracy world, that they're willing to create the thing they can't seem to really find - just to say they've found it. You just described Evangelicals' relationship with the End Times. Come to think of it, these are usually the exact same people, aren't they?


People claiming there's secret witchcraft going on everywhere, all the time, and it's all right there plain as day to see if you know "what's really going on." And then I think to myself: the only people who believe in witchcraft and satanism are these motherfuckers. They're the witches, they're the satanists... might call that the "Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled." Also, why the fuck don't any of them who see conspiracies everywhere, not see this ultimate possible conspiracy, the most insidious and utterly effective - don't they love to fantasize about that shit?


Ah, yes. Dominionists. Those who believe in an all-powerful God they can somehow manipulate. *Source: I am a Christ-follower but not *that* kind. To explain, dominionists are ones who try to bring on prophecy in order to accelerate the end times. But The Bible is very clear a) you cannot manipulate God into doing anything against His plan. B) no one knows when the end will happen. So if you think you are lo-key the architect of the end times, you inherently are prolonging the end times. Logic loop.


There’s a reason they support Isreal


Suburban and urban whyte women needing to be the martyr, victim, or savior...all wanting to be the main character. There are so many actual problems that their time & energy could be devoted to, but it wouldn't be as fantastical as they clearly need.


Why leave rural women out of it? I see this so much from rural people I know, almost as much as the suburban folks.


It’s time to acknowledge that 90% of “rural” people are just suburbanites that live on a back 40 or 80.


100% this. 10 minutes beyond the last mega-development on the edge of town is now "rural America" to most people.


…whose entire culture is cosplaying as actual rural people. It’s pretty strange to me but that’s the best way I can describe it.


I mean, they could do plenty to help *actual* anti-trafficking / survivor support organizations. But they’re fucking allergic to even the slightest hint of reality, so psychotic bullshit it is (in many cases making the real work even harder, according to people who work in this field).


Facebook Karen usually wants to make it even easier for traffickers to take advantage of such migrants by making them wait in Mexico for their claims to be processed, or “losing track” of their kids.


Not only that, but you can inform them all you want about the real facts around human trafficking- they genuinely do not care because the usual victims are poor, undocumented POC that they can otherwise ignore and pretend don't exist. It's similar to the concept of the "less dead" in serial murder cases, where people from marginalized groups actually make up the largest percentage of victims. They don't care about trafficking or victims at all. They only care about imaginary threats to themselves and their own "in" group.


Turns out, she’s the human trafficker. You should have seen how backed up the street was after she did that.


I have to admit I'm not up on my Facebook conspiracymongering. How the hell does causing a car accident then make you bound for kidnapping and being trafficked? Other than it happening, er, in traffic. Maybe this woman just misunderstood the multiple meanings of the word?


I had never heard about any of this until this thread and I have to say it sounds like she was a willing participant in a slightly more grown up but still completely unhinged version of the tidepod challenge, remixed with a conspiracy theory on trafficking and topped with a garnish of white knighting. Delusional and insane doesn't quite begin to cover it and is at the same time, I feel, sadly unfair to genuinely delusional and insane people.


People need to stop using Facebook\*


Parents in the 90s and 2000s tells their kids to not believe anything on the internet. ( I was there) Parents now believe anything on the internet.


So basically you're saying ultimately people didn't listen to their parents so here we are 💀


It’s literally just bored housewives freaking out cause somebody put a water bottle on their car. Shit if I were a teen I’d be doing this constantly as a troll


I’ve actually been getting a lot of videos lately about trafficking from my sibling group chat (3 sisters) but don’t know much about it myself. Is there some kind of conspiracy theory going around?


It's gotten very popular on TikTok the last couple years to spread panic and encourage paranoia all in the name of "you can be too careful"


Yep. If your disappearance would make national news, you can safely assume you’re not being trafficked


Facebook Christians want to believe upwards of 800,000 children are trafficked yearly in the United States when the actual number is around 2500 or less per year: "The 800,000 figure in the NISMART survey refers to cases where parents reported children were missing to either the police or a missing children’s agency. (All told, the report said, 1.3 million children were reported missing by their caretakers or were missed by the caretaker for at least an hour but no report was filed).  But 99.8 percent of the kids were recovered. That left only a total of 2,500 (0.2 percent) children who did not return home or had not been located; most were runaways from institutions." https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2015/07/02/are-there-hundreds-of-thousands-of-sex-trafficked-runaways-in-the-united-states/


Those are tge facts but don’t tell that to the radical right - Qanon squad beliefs. They have been spreading fear and lies online for years.


It isn't anything new. Just the standard scared suburban and rural folks posting weird theories about finding a pamphlet on their car thinking it means they have been marked, or thinking they are being followed around at target.


Then it freaks out women who usually are very young or barely an adult, and makes them terrified for literally no reason because you are on high alert as a young woman :))


Yep, it even convinced otherwise intelligent coworkers of mine when I worked at a target to be afraid. It took a lot of convincing to remind them that they are at a random target in Minneapolis, they are not being trafficked leaving our store.


>She was later located and questioned by police. Hanson reportedly advised officers that she intentionally caused the accident in an attempt to get human traffickers to come take her, and that she had “back up” in the area that was waiting to save her after she was taken. She then advised that after her “back up” didn’t show, she got scared and fled the area. Holy shit! I wonder who she ran this brilliant scheme past, who gave her the thumbs up that it’s pure genius and let’s do it, not believing that she was actually serious.


At some point how long can you keep someone as the subject of the joke before it gets incredibly uncomfortable watching them actually commit to doing these things.


The gop: lmao sure bud


Probably her imaginary friend in her head. Maybe the wreck temporarily knocked some sense into her & she didn't see them anymore. I am sure she'll give her friend a good talking to once they return.




And 42 year old women?


Oh, you'll find this story hilarious. So I work as a bartender. Once, this lady came in, a semi-regular. There had been a group of foreigners eating and drinking pretty much all day, starting from when we opened up to this point (it was about 5/6 if I remember correctly). I believe they were from somewhere in Africa by their accents. Now this lady was older, maybe mid-50s, maybe even early 60s. One of the guys from the group, very obviously drunk off his ass, comes up to the bar to get his check. While I'm ringing up the check, he asks the lady if he can buy her a drink before he closes out. She says no, he says okay, then walks back to his table with his check. Here's the crazy part. The lady started talking to us about either confronting them or calling the police. Her reasoning? He was *obviously* trying to sex traffic her. If she had allowed him to buy her a drink, she said she would've been *obligated* to do whatever he asked next, including getting in his car and driving away with him. So she wanted to confront these people and accuse them of being sex traffickers. Obviously we did our best to calm her down, which eventually drew her ire and she accused us of being idiots and when young girls started disappearing in the area, it would be on us. This went on for about 3 hours, with her hurling insults at us and we tried to talk her down from calling the police or confronting them and just hoping the table would leave soon


What is it with old ladies acting like they are #1 highest priority targets for human trafficking?


main character syndrom


They were good looking once and that was the greatest thing they ever accomplished ( not an accomplishment ), their looks have faded, badly, exposing a complete lack of personality eclipsed only by the sense of entitlement they still cling to because no ones bothered to tell them they’re now just a raggedy old bitch. Not unlike the guys who played high school football and still talk about it even though they’re 100 lbs overweight and couldn’t tackle 2 flights of stairs. In their mind they’re still the big man on campus who banged the prom queen, in reality they’re fat alcoholic losers. People who never accomplished anything need to invent fantasies to feel they still have purpose and are special.




. . . By Midwest standards. Your 3 could be their 10


Because they're undesirable, lonely and have nothing going for them. So they have to believe someone wants them, even if it's just human sex traffickers.


A) they think they have the primo pussy. B) they subconsciously wish a crew of savages would risk all to try it out.


I don't get people who just think that human trafficking is incredible common generally. I got a lecture on another sub recently from someone who believes that not only is demanding no one ever take pictures of your kids perfectly reasonable (this arose from a discussion of a guest demanding photos taken at a wedding be edited to remove her kids from every shot), but it's obviously *necessary* to ensure no pictures of your children exist on the internet, because if there are...that's a straight line to your children being kidnapped and trafficked. An awful lot of people believe that Taken is a documentary.


I'm also incredibly concerned about why this women thinks a 9 dollar martini obligates her to do whatever is asked of her.


Not even a 9 dollar martini lol. She had been drinking our rail rum and coke, which was just over $5 with tax But you're not wrong. She tried to appeal to some of my female coworkers with "You have to understand. If a man offers you something, aren't you obligated to do whatever he wants after that?!?" And they just said "No" and that absolutely set her off, labeling them as liars and such It was insane


Why the fuck would their be an obligation? My elder millennial ass is not processing that part. Even back in the day I don’t think most women thought that way. Am I wrong about that or was this something that happened before the 80’s and 90’s?


Conservative women usually seem to fall into the same mindset that conservative men have...that a woman should be subservient to a man. Just as these types of men a lot of the time think they are owed something from the woman if they give her something, so do the women who think this way as well


Bet this ties into the victim blaming you hear from people like her about date rape victims cause they had a drink or two with their attacker.


My old ass Gen X can't figure this out. What the hell is wrong with her? Too many quickies in the bathroom with whomever bought her a cran and vodka?


No, that's never existed. What likely happened is that she, as old as she is, likely had men tell her that shit after buying her drinks, which still happens today to women of all ages. There's tons of men that believe buying a gal a drink entitles them to her attention while she drinks it. It's bullshit, of course, but drunk men can get violent about it. She's likely been a victim, is ashamed of it, and wants others to validate her cowardice in the face of a drunk man.


This is why I never let men buy me drinks unless I know them beforehand. At the same time, demonstrating I have my own money sends a message I can take care of myself. That I don't need anything from these men and if they don't have anything I want I can just leave.


This was my first thought, and it's why I'd insist on dates that didn't involve money or get there super early and buy my own shit. Either way I'd pay attention to his reaction. It helped weed out both the guys who want to throw money around for the purpose of pressuring their dates afterward and the ones who are so insecure in their own masculinity that they simply cannot abide allowing a woman to pay for anything. Dating as a woman is usually exhaustively disappointing to begin with, I ain't got the fucking patience for that shit.


Well, now I know how to get all my chores done for the price of a drink. (But seriously, who thinks that way? Who?)


Perhaps she just found the guy really attractive but didn't want to admit he was her type so she was projecting. "Oh, it would have been terrible if I had to get in his car and go with him." It's like people who say they will get a tattoo if they lose some idiotic bet. They're just making a dumb bet because for some reason they feel they should be ashamed for wanting to get a tattoo. So they get a tattoo but don't have to "blame themselves" for getting it.


Should have given her a drink and told her to shut up. Once she takes that drink she has no choice but to do what you say.


By that point, she was too far gone. If we had offered her a drink on the house she would've thought we were in on it too lol


They want to kidnap her, yet she is comfortable hanging out unprotected , getting drunk alone. She had jungle fever. Her anger was sexual frustration. ( Isnt it always?)


I would have called the police on her or tell her to go home cause she’s drunk and causing a ruckus


Don't try to find logic in her statements.


Maybe she thought there was a correlation between trafficking and traffic?


Well that was different


Why wasn't she charged with hit and run? She ran into people and fled the scene....


The article doesn't say anything about running into people. Considering the charge she did get it's likely she hit empty parked cars.


Officers arrived on scene to find a 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan belonging to 42-year-old Joanna Hanson **had struck a 2016 Kia Sorento, causing $7000 worth of damage. The Sorento was pushed into a 2003 Pontiac Vibe causing an additional $500 worth of damage. The Vibe was then pushed into a 2004 Honda Accord causing another $500 worth of damage.** **Hanson reportedly fled the scene before officers arrived.** Whether the cars are occupied or not, is the definition of a hit and run. If you hit a parked car you still have to leave your insurance and contact information. ​ [https://www.progressive.com/answers/parked-car-accident/](https://www.progressive.com/answers/parked-car-accident/) ​ "If someone hits your parked car and leaves the scene, the accident could be considered a hit-and-run. This is a crime, and you should contact the police to file a report. The police might also be able to help you identify who hit your car. Reference your policy details or talk to your insurance company to see which coverages you have to protect you against a hit-and-run. Depending on the state, you may need collision or UMPD coverage in order for the damage to be covered."


...which was pushed into a 2003 Hyundai causing several hundred dollars of improvements.


> Whether the cars are occupied or not, is the definition of a hit and run. Which in Iowa is a [misdemeanor when there's only property damage](https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/code/321.262.pdf). She was charged with a [felony](https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/code/716.4.pdf). I'm sure a prosecutor will consider lesser charges in a plea deal. or tack them on as they see fit, but it's weird to call out the pitchforks for them.


Weird. Your laws don't become felonies once a certain damage amount is reached? Most have a progressive scale with the top being felony.


They're not my laws, but yes it's based on the amount of damage done. [Criminal mischief in Iowa](https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/code/716.pdf) has 5 degrees, with the top 2 being felonies. She's been charged with the second.


>They're not my laws Way to dodge responsibility, Paul.


I don't believe that the person you're replying to is disputing whether others being involved in the accident is necessary to qualify as a "hit and run." The person they were replying to specifically said the woman "ran into people," to which they responded that they don't believe any people were hit.


As someone as a teenager I hit a car in a parking lot and left without leaving a note. I was charged and convicted of hit and run. This conviction caused me issues when I joined the Navy.


If there’s one thing Qanon has proved, it’s that there is a mental health crisis in this country since so many people believe this shit.


Also that our public schools have been neutered and are failing.


Who do you think is on the school board?


I know 🙁


Well most of these people have been out of school so long they never got taught 1/2 what kids learn these days anyways


The lesson of germany in the 1940s was not that there were a lot of mentally ill people in germany.


Yeah, but the current rise in fascist rhetoric in the US can't fully explain people like this woman. Q-anon is definitely right-wing, but it's also plain fucking coocoo. Even a lot of Trump's enablers in Congress aren't going to go out there and say that JFK Jr. is still alive. (They won't address it as completely false either, because they need every vote they can get.) Reagan's policy with closing mental institutions, the erosion of education in America, and internet communities that validate the craziness of others are a perfect storm that is helping stoke the insanity of qanon, along with right-wing politics.


This woman has fallen for nazi propaganda. This was written two years ago by the founder of [Genocide Watch:](https://www.justsecurity.org/author/stantongregory/) [QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded](https://www.justsecurity.org/72339/qanon-is-a-nazi-cult-rebranded/)


I point you at the protocols of the elders of Zion. (Which is still relevant) Pretty much 1000% the same as q-anon. Hitler did not wake up one morning and decide that the Jews needed to be eradicated because of a rational economica analysis.


An important point to raise here explicitly is that the Protocols of the Elders was a hoax from the start. As in, yes, the text *exists*, but Mathieu Golovinski made the whole thing up (by plagiarizing other sources and switching a few things around, no less) circa 1902. Its purported origin has been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked -- as in, it is not actually a secret internal document of the Jewish Conspiracy^(tm) with blueprints on how to take over the world -- and yet to to this very day morons continue to try to use it as justification for their anti-Semitic ravings.


Quite. It's an example of the random lies surrounding in a constellation the fascist policy, beyond 'they took our jerbs'. These are not usually actually believed in a serious way by the leaders, but they form an useful and vital underpinning of removing rational discourse as a distraction.


Sure, but he also didn't say that Kaiser Wilhelm was still alive and there weren't people going into arcades to free children in the basement. I simply don't agree that this is simply repackaged Nazi fascism. I think it's certainly right-wing, as was Nazi Germany, and certainly is part of an overall fascist turn in the US right-wing, but there are distinctions to be made between Qanon and Nazi Germany and I find ignoring how distinctly online Qanon is harmful.


"there weren't people going into arcades to free children in the basement." They actually basically literally were. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_libel Though the more typical action was to find (or allege) a dead child, and murder a few dozen to hundred jews.


I think Civilization-ing is hard and some people are just not up to the task.


I don’t believe that hatred qualifies as a mental health issue.


It does when you go out and intentionally drive your car into your neighbors' cars to own the libs.


You sound like someone who just needs to "dO YoUrOWn ReSeArCh!" Seriously, any time I hear this term now, I shut down. Even if it's about something innocuous like looking telling someone to look up the best hard drive on sale or whatever. It's been completely ruined now. The moment I hear it, I hear whale noises


It’s code for “watch these videos from random people I specifically linked to you and ignore the actual evidence”


Oh I know. "I found this on a site that was 52 pages in on a google search solely to support my ideology" is what it actually means. Fuck that.


Yeah. Also ‘wwg1wga’ (besides there being no better expression for sheep mentality) is dangerously close to ruining BSG for me. Little too close to So Say We All


“I didn’t know you had a library card!?!?” “Not like that!”




So this lady believed that if she was involved in an automobile accident, human traffickers would descend upon the scene and try to abduct her? I know that the Q cult has crazy and nonsensical beliefs, but I have no words after reading that story.


Sounds more like a variation of the Facebook stories where someone claims that someone will kidnap you from the target parking lot.


They claim that earthquakes are the cover story for underground nuclear explosions from the war being fought beneath the Earth between the U.S. Army and the global pedophile conspiracy and their Morlock sex slaves that haven't seen the light of the sun for generations. It truly is insanity all the way down.


I stopped paying attention to Q Anon stuff around 2017 and every few years some new level of crazy emerges and I'm like "wow how did it get to this point?" Like when you try to follow the plot of the Young and the Restless based on weekday babysitting visits at Nana's.


Based off of this, I'm guessing the Facebook story goes something like.. someone else hits you in a minor fender bender, the other car pulls off somewhere to exchange information, when given the chance they snatch you into their vehicle. Doesn't sound insane, especially being a young woman myself. Its not like its something happening daily or weekly though. But the crazy funny part is.. she rammed her car into someone else thinking they would get out and try to abduct her lmao. Did she just look for someone she thought was creepy and accelerate? Edit: I want to add that these stories have been around for a long time because they are plausible and knowing the tactics that get you alone and vulnerable could save women. Qanon adopted them and added all the crazy. Before that they were just scary stories that probably happened once and are now shared as warnings. YO ladies, if anyone ever threatens you with a gun to get you to go with them somewhere else. Let them shoot you or fight with all your strength. If they're willing to shoot you, you don't want to be with them somewhere of their choosing and likely alone. Just throwing it out there. As a true crime fan, this shit does happen.


>Edit: I want to add that these stories have been around for a long time because they are plausible The stories have been around for a long time because they're urban legends. They don't have a modicum of reality, and propagate purely to add more entries into the list of Things Women Must Do Least It Be Their Fault.


No. It does sound insane and is not in fact “plausible”


Nuts and stupid. Wouldn’t the traffickers be the ones causing the accidents?


From what I gather in this thread, yes. I just don’t understand why she wanted to be abducted though.


Qanon is worse than opiate addiction.


Is that what this was? Good lord, they're even crazier than I thought.


If you hear some crazy shit about "human trafficking" that's almost always code word for qanon




I imagine there’s a lot of overlap in that Venn diagram.


It's called a circle.


What makes you think that? "Ah shit my doctor prescribed too many oxys so now I think there's pedo rings in pizza parlor basements"


Long term drug abuse does some weird shit to your brain. Also, part of the reason people get into conspiracy bullshit is that hit of dopamine you get from being "in the know".


Hey don’t shit talk opiates like that! In safe monitored doses it has its part in society to relive pain, Qanon has no place in society


With that guy who burned the kids alive, these are like the beginning events while the intro narration explains how society collapsed


Let me guess -- she's a MAGA dipshit and thought "trafficking" meant the activity revolved around regular driving?


Let me get this straight - this 42yr old woman thought that human traffickers would want to kidnap her? And that being involved in a traffic accident would somehow encourage them? She sounds completely delusional - No wonder her backup never came 😬


I'm curious if her "backup" was real. Seems crazy enough that they weren't.


Hey dad, mom's off her meds again.


No reckless endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, and/or attempted murder? If she admitted to causing it on purpose, it should be a slam dunk for the prosecution.


She is a Mentally Unstable Q fanatic arrested in a state ruled by Mentally Unstable Q fanatics. She will end up pleading to inattentive driving and pay a $25 fine.


Unless the cars she hit were parked and empty. In which case the felony she was charged with sounds appropriate.


> No reckless endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, and/or attempted murder? Don't make me bring up CRT!1!


Someone I’m not friends with anymore wanted to kill herself so she bought a body bag and started hanging out at truck stops, like just wondering around waiting to get taken away and killed with the bag under her arm. She is 6ft + so, I had to break it to her that she’s just too much work to carry as dead weight. No one will sign up for it, she’s just not the right body type. She didn’t want to do it herself because she figured her husband wouldn’t clean her up in time and she didn’t want her 6 cats eating her face. Her morbid tendencies didn’t keep me interested as a friend, too much work (she’s got a life theme)


Wild. I guess the most reasonable solution, killing herself literally anywhere else to avoid the face-eating cats, wouldn’t fulfill her need for attention. Supplying her own bag was a thoughtful gesture.


When I was young, in the 90s, I had a friend whose dad was a crazy conspiracy theorist. He listened to AM radio conspiracy shows, but he didn't have the internet to organize and validate his crazy. I don't know what the answer is, but the internet is giving the crazies a place to congregate and become crazier.


$500 damage to the 2003 pontiac vibe... So, totaled then?


>Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree. And criminal stupidity in the first degree. /s


Please don’t rope Minnesotans into any of this


By definition, an accident cannot be caused intentionally. Collision is the word the author should have used.


Every other Qanon follower: wow look at these obvious false flags that are trying to make us look bad… everyone knows traffickers actually do…


Mugshot of Joanna Hanson. https://dubuqueia.mugshots.zone/hanson-joanna-lynn-mugshot-10-15-2022/


I get an Access Denied error on that link


Lucky you


Who the hell would traffic that.


So how does this trafficking thing work? Like a ambulance comes but it’s actually kidnappers?


Keep her in Iowa please (sorry Iowa).


As a person who has been to DBQ several times there probably isn't any human trafficking going on.


As someone who has a lot of family from there and visits at least once a year, there isn’t a lot of anything going on. Great little town though.


Omg this should be in r/nottheonion


Uh. Sounds like she was drunk and didn’t want to get caught….


What the...what? Am I drunk, or is it everyone else?


A Minnesota driver? She probably would’ve caused an accident eventually anyways. If you’ve never had the “pleasure” of having your interstate graced with their presence, then you’ve never eaten a cheese curd.


This country is in the middle of a mental health crisis...


It's honestly sad how Qanon and associated conservative outlets have trivialized one of the most heinous crimes that disproportionately affect the financially disadvantaged, foreigners and people with disabilities and turned it into some panic about those same groups abducting white (and in this case middle aged) women.


I can only imagine that Florida man was somehow behind this.


She said she had "back up" in the area...bet we know who it was!


Someone had a brain tumor for breakfast.


Imaginary friends were a sign you were unstable before Facebook Now they are proof.


i had to read that twice and i am still thinking "wait, hold up, why did she think this would work?"


My ex life in insurance is kicking in. If she intentionally caused the accident then her insurance won’t cover it. So those people affected are SOL. Their insurance will cover it but they’ll be out their deductibles. And loss of use unless they have rental reimbursement. Maybe the affected insurers will try to subrogate but then it depends on what the lady can afford if she is found liable. Would have been better for the victims if it was just an accident.


im gonna regret asking, but how does causing a car accident relate to human traffickers at all? like how is a car crash a dog whistle to make them show up


I have found it best to avoid midwestern towns with French names. Faribault MN is a prime example.


So she had to crash into other people?? Not a wall or a ditch, but she had to take others down with her? Then she ran away to leave those other people vulnerable to the traffickers she believes were coming?


What a way for my hometown to make the news!


This kind of chaos is going to get worse and worse as the economy sinks. Look for Q nutters to start doing things like taking school children hostage to “protect” them or setting synagogues on fire.


Annnnd she's a republican Trumper. No?