What is the sensitive information that is being shared on TikTok? I'm still not sure how it's a significant threat, when FB is a place where actual discussion takes place, and they were selling our information to Russian assets.


One is an American company while the other isn't.


I really wish that Apple allowed more consumer power in what information that apps can retrieve from your phone. Sure you can restrict an apps ability to use your location and camera. But it can still send out information on what phone you are using and other information that makes your phone distinct.


Almost all apps get the ability to find your unique phone ID. It's part of accepting terms and conditions of most applications. That's how Facebook can serve you ads between apps, same for Google. Doubt either of them will stop tiktok bc it's not in their interest todo so.


Instagram is turning into TikTok anyway.


Both FB and IG. On neither of those I want to see random videos and content from people I don't follow. Yet in both every other post is content I don't want to see. It's making both sites next to unusable.


It’s awful. My current IG feed: Post from a friend Sponsored post Post from a friend Sponsored post “Because you watched x” post Post from a friend “Because you watched y” post Recent stories Post from a friend Sponsored ad Suggested post That is utter dog shit


How do you get it to include so many of your friends posts?


The first step is having friends.




Normally it some hot chick thats attractive the sponsored or because you watched x post The whole design of it is make you spend more time on the platform


on my discover, it’s only women in bikinis at the pool. i think i clicked on one like a year ago and never got back on ig until today so it had time to fester


I run an large-ish Instagram account. They do this to keep you on platform longer. So you waste more time on the app going down content rabbit holes. Its great for people like me who have larger followings. But annoying af if thats not your jam. The bigger issue with this is that often it sends people down toxic rabbit hole. Political, pseudo science, and just general dis information. The biggest problem people dont talk about with social is that the information we get creates our reality. And a lot of people get bad information thus live in false realities. So take this in to account when talking about tik tok. Imagine is you are a hostile government with access to a large section of the population. Call me crazy but it would incentivize them to give a lot of people bad information. Not that it matters but my account is center on sobriety and addiction. This is the core concept behind it. Giving people good information through videos and memes. And it works. Btw IG at its core is a meme app. Its kinda funny now that about half the memes originate on IG the other half on redcit


hey, i know this is crazy, but dont waste your time with this stupid shit, maybe?


So I can waste my time on Reddit instead? Got it!


Some people use social media to keep up with friends and family. It's not all "like and subscribe".


> On neither of those I want to see random videos and content from people I don't follow. Which is exactly why my use of IG has nosedived hard. Maybe I'm an outlier but it seems like a surefire way to alienate your userbase, no?


Exactly. They're trying to be TikTok, but if I wanted to use TikTok I'd be using TikTok.


Now our data will be safe and secure in the hands of… Mark Zuckerberg! But yeah definitely don’t want China to have it, they can use it to create effective disinformation campaigns just as well as they curate your feed.


Well I have great news because Zuckerberg would definitely not sell your data to China on the regular in order to gain access to their markets!!! Also I may have a brain injury, send help.


I assume you're being sarcastic, but regardless - https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/china-harvests-masses-of-data-on-western-targets-documents-show/2021/12/31/3981ce9c-538e-11ec-8927-c396fa861a71_story.html


I assume you’re being sarcastic, but regardless - [national brain injury information center (NBIFC)](https://www.biausa.org/brain-injury/about-brain-injury/nbiic/contact-nbiic)


The real mensch right here. Good lad


Imagine if Putin owned Twitter


Probably the same reason Tencent owns 10% of reddit. Not for financial reasons but purely for data access.


Don't forget YT.


Pretty much. Also, both are utter garbage. So, I just stay away.


You say that like it’s a good thing? Fb and Insta should be off the damn App Store too


No, I hate the "reels" bs from instagram. If I want that I will go to TikTok!!


this. it pissed me off so much. I hate reels with a passion. I just enjoyed seeing photos and comments under them. Now, you can't do any of that really b/c reels just get in the way. everyone's trying their best to get on /r/iamthemaincharacter


When the FCC commissioner provides a regulation and legal standing for such an act the tech companies should comply. Until then, even with Tik Tok being a glaring example of bad faith, they are asking private companies to perform a regulatory function.


This has been one of the most confusing aspects of modern agency oversight. It's not uncommon for the agency to request or ask for specific measures to be taken. What the hell happened? They're the regulatory body. When did they cede their authority? Demand and enforce. If you have to ask you have no authority in these scenarios so why the fuck would the entities you're trying to control listen in the first place?


Hey I've actually taken Administrative Law and maybe I can shed some light on this. Official orders from government agencies basically require a lot more work and have certain process requirements to make sure it's done properly. Informal advisory opinions don't have those same requirements because it's not a binding order. When everything is working properly, these are the preferred method because there's faster turnaround and response time. Even though they're not binding, companies generally follow them because it's the agency telling companies how they're leaning on an issue. It's usually when enough companies fail to follow the advisory opinion that they turn it into a rule. That's what happened with catalytic converters back in the day. The EPA issued an initial advisory opinion asking car manufacturers to get pollutants down. They didn't, so a formal rule was made to get into compliance within X-years.


> If you have to ask you have no authority in these scenarios they have to ask (well, one corrupt and famously ignorant political hack of a commissioner 'asks') because they literally have no authority in this area. It's not communication infrastructure, its a piece of software, thus it has absolutely FUCK ALL to do with the FCC. Now, the question of Carr knowing that the FCC (and thus him) has as much authority in this area as he does to tell Ben+Jerry to make more Phish food and less Americone Dream; that's uncertain, despite having been an FCC commissioner for almost 5 years (and 'general counsel' to the FCC for a few months before that, a job he got by being Ajit Pai's assistant)


Government regulatory body is bound to constitution, and with last TikTok ban failed catastrophically, they likely won’t be able to do it. That’s why they are asking private entity to do it instead.


It’s a single member engaging in (political) messaging akin to a letter to the editor. This is not the agency requesting anything. That said, the concerns with TikTok are legitimate.


The article says the letter was issued on FCC letterhead, so it is more than a mere personal letter.


Where did I say it was a ‘personal’ letter? I didn’t. I said it was a letter used for messaging, which it is. It is not a letter from the agency and it carries no legal weight. It is a letter written by the only commissioner that writes these letters. No other commissioner has a ‘letters’ section. Because he wants them picked up and reported on. Because they have no weight in and of themselves.


I agree that it's largely political messaging, but it's more formal than a letter to the editor. The FCC Commissioner is the head honcho and it was a formal letter backed with agency authority. A gaggle of lawyers will have reviewed that before it went out. It's applying substantial political and public pressure to comply without intervention or to find an alternative solution to the problem. Should it escalate, having written a formal request before issuing a rulemaking gives the agency a modest buffer against the heat they would take for doing so.


>”the FCC Commissioner” To be clear, “the FCC Commissioner” would generally be understood to be the lead commissioner, called the Chairperson. At this time that would be Jessica Rosenworcel Brendan Carr is not “the Commissioner,” he’s just one of four sub commissioners who serve under Rosenworcel. Specifically he is an anti-net neutrality Trump appointee who has claimed to value the First Amendment but has consistently pushed for reforms under the guise of whatever the latest fear mongering drum Trump is beating, reforms that would result in giving GOP officials greater power to censor and control messaging in social media. Many of his policy positions and views are largely not considered credible by his colleagues and professional peers. The Biden administration is not going to try to come down hard on TikTok because they don’t want to set a precedent that would allow a future president like Trump to start randomly shutting down private communications for their benefit. The legal theory Carr is setting forth would have massive ramifications if it was accepted


Once I realized who owned TikTok, I got rid of it


ByteDance. Like all larger Chinese companies though it has ties to the CCP. As does Reddit, being partially owned by Tencent.


I've been running into so many redditors trying to convince me China is awesome lately. Maybe I'm paranoid but I suspect there's lots of CCP employees here.


It's just the next stage of misinformation campaigns. It's why there has been an increase in *well Ukraine is just as bad really* type of posts in the past few months.


You think that is CCP or the Russian “troll” farms getting back online?


They do it in the form of memes too. Don't assume every meme is posted by some neckbeard.


Because of how effective the Russian troll firms were at harming the us. It was nice having them gone for a bit.


as their overlord, china has been taking over for the Russians lately, as they've been showing some pretty hilarious incompetence.


Ever notice how often weird fake/staged chinese videos make the front page that always seem weirdly gungho about china? I see cool stuff from all over the world all the time, but they usually don't make it feel as much like a bragging travel commercial or something.


Why not both?


Yeah, some serious qonspiracy nonsense. One tidbit I see repeated is about how "anti-LGBQT" Ukraine is, and that Russia invaded with the intent to somehow liberate the LGBQT (by *murdering and assaulting them* according to news sources). I assume this is somehow an attempt to build support for Russia/QOP.


Noticed the same thing on Tik Tok - even going so far as to insist it's all "American propaganda" and do the same thing for North Korea. Very bizarre and sudden.


I've run into those people, too. Also on Twitter. They try to convince me that the Uyghurs aren't actually being detained and all the reports are just lies. It's exactly like holocaust denial.


China’s taking a playbook from the Russian trolls.


I mean China fucking blows as an Authoritarian hell scape, but damn I'd take some of that high speed rail and public transit.


Did you just "at least he made the trains run on time"?


No, we'd need trains in order for them to run on time.




Interesting how you're downvoted for giving an answer other than the lib standard of Russian bots


It is lately because China is in free fall collapse. Got to keep people from realizing that the emperor is naked.


China number one s/


You really don't need anything special to work out China. They work for themselves and are consistent. They say in meetings what people want to hear and domestically say what CCP wants to hear, that then gets press internationally. It's like the easiest autocracy (slightly technocracy) to ever grace the earth Don't understand why everyone gets their panties in a twist trying to work out what they're saying. It's very plain.


You're being paranoid.


Actually, no. I don't think I am.


Why do you idiots keep spreading that pointless talking point even though you are always corrected that there is a significant distinction between minority and majority shareholders. Tencent has companies in which it holds a majority of the shares. Reddit is not one of them. They have absolutely no say in the operations of Reddit. At all. You muddy the waters and create dumber people on this site by saying this shit like it means anything.


Tencent also seems to be on board is being a passive majority shareholder, as long as the entity is making money it will just sit back and take in the money. Of course I imagine their China operations are probably a bit more active. Like if Tencent had a Chinese Reddit app that would probably be much more hands on.


People just want to someone to blame for reddit getting progressively worse over the years.


Which is funny, because I've been on Reddit since 2006 and it has always been shit


Personally I am okay with blaming the idiots running it instead of weird shadow government takeover conspiracies lol.


Remember when reddit harassed pao?


Hey, the Providence Mafia only had a minority share in Mr. Hong's Fish Shop but they got to make a lot of the business decisions...


You’re right that tencent doesn’t have nearly enough shares to control what Reddit does. But 5% ownership is enough to at least have a seat at the table. It’s more so a seat at the kids table, but they can still try to propose changes that the majority owners and board members will vote down


Since when does china have to propose anything these days. American companies will punish workers or athletes for even speaking against china.


If you’re going to run from any company with 5% or more of Chinese ownership, you better get you’re bug out bag and head for the hills. Preferably hills in another country as they own quite a bit of US debt.


I own Microsoft shares and therefore run Microsoft and make all their decisions. AMA.


So when you personally designed the covid virus was it meant to kill people who had already planned to accept the mark of the beast or people without the noble variant of the merivingian reptile bloodline? I got some serious yarn line dangle going on here


People think it’s all about 5G. It’s really about 7G. It’s all about the long con.


Omg. I didn't even THINK about 7G. Better start burning down all radio towers to be safe


What happened with that MS bid?


Anyone paying attention never installed it in the first place. The internet is not safe. Your phone and the apps on it are a security and privacy battleground, and there is nobody looking out for you. Take an interest in this stuff. Its very important.


As someone who is concerned for privacy in a general sense - why, exactly doesn’t matter? If someone doesn’t care that their metadata is being used to enrich others, why *should* they care? What impact does it have on their life? I ask this has someone who has never used TikTok, doesn’t have any social media on their phone, and barely uses any apps.


Link to Last Week Tonight's episode to point where it starts discussing how this data collection could be a bad thing. https://youtu.be/wqn3gR1WTcA?t=394 Edit: And a link to a spot where he starts with "You might still think I don't care about this": https://youtu.be/wqn3gR1WTcA?t=892 tl;dw: The amount of information that can be bought is pretty astounding, like buying a list of names/addresses of elder people with dementia so that a company can be more efficient in scamming them. This probably doesn't affect you personally, but it's more of a general "Hey this probably isn't great for humanity"


Targeting the elderly or people who struggle understanding things is objectively a bad thing, and a very valid argument for why this is a concerning thing.


Imagine if Putin owned Twitter


Exactly. I don’t give a shit about who has my data or what they do with it. I just want to enjoy my time online and I don’t really buy into the fearmongering


I’m open to the idea of it being scary - but I’ve never got an adequate explanation for why it’s so bad. Like, is this just about companies making money off our data? Ok. Capitalism sucks.


>but I’ve never got an adequate explanation for why it’s so bad. It enables them to influence your thoughts an opinions via targeted content. With Fox news, you become more radicalized the longer you say isolated in the ecosystem. But Fox news can't prevent you from changing the channel. But this way the influential content gets inserted into the places they know you will be anyway. I'm a white male in my 30s in the south. I was constantly getting ads for The Daily Wire before I turned off targeted ads on the reddit app. Now I don't see them at all. And that's just an example of the overt messaging.


TikTok - " Thank you for your face and gait. See you in jail."




>owns Isn’t it less than 15%?


It is and if it was a problem you wouldn't see fuck china in every subreddit that talks about china Besides that tencent owns a shit ton of stock in gaming as well reddit is nothing to them nor do they have any power


Who owns reddit? ~~its not china~~


If TikTok was owned by people who rescued puppies and housed the homeless I still couldn't be bothered.


Just from the headline, I'm pretty certain its going to be Brendan Carr, because its the kind of performative BS he does - I think he'd go full David carraldine if his masters told him to. \*clicks\* Yep, I was right. Carr isn't so much an FCC commissioner (a position that is supposed to look out for the public good) as the Satellite office for [K-Street](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K_Street_(Washington,_D.C.)#Lobbying) at the FCC


The government is like: Hey wait a minute? China is spying on and profiting off users personal data? Uh no, no, no THATS OUR JOB!


Right, like why do I care if a foreign country gets my data? What the fuck are they gonna do with it. American companies already sell my data, and that effects me a lot more than china...


Facebook basically created the data selling market.


You are okay with that?


Did I say that?


They have satellites that can read your watch from space. And Snowden said they can turn your camera on even when you’re phone is off. At least tik tok gives something back.


What does TikTok give back?


Entertainment. Information. A place for artistic expression. It’s YouTube without youtube. Thanks to tik tok, I see more musical and dance scenes in mainstream media(like the Bubble and Umbrella Academy). That being said, I did not download tik tok. Because I don’t want to freely give China my data, but half the videos I see on Reddit have the tik tok stamp 🇺🇸


A shortened attention span and most of the trashiest garbage shorts I've seen in a while. And that is saying something, considering FB, Twitter, and YT exist.


Cops who beat and taze parents as their kids are shot The clawing back of women's reproductive rights with threats towards gay marriage, contraception and interracial marriage made or implied The end of Miranda rights Vs Taking my wife's data when she uses the clock app. Yeah I don't think it's China I need to be worried about


You know something is bad when both the Dems and Reps agree on it


>You know something is bad when both the Dems and Reps agree on it Given how divided this country is and BOTH agreed it should be removed... yeah Something may be wrong..


I mean, they also do both have a shared agenda that everyone who isn't wildly wealthy should be paying attention to Separate from the tik tok issue, i personally don't really care about the app. I do care that the two parties seem to only be working for a small subgroup


More the opposite. Things they agree on are incredibly excessive military budgets (bigger than next ten countries COMBINED), corporate bailouts, no universal health care, domestic surveillance (Patriot Act passed with little opposition. In this case it’s likely that they agree because both parties are financed by corporations (probably FB driving this one) who are in competition with Chinese capitalists. Gov does not care about privacy, otherwise they’d strike down Patriot Act and curb NSA’s domestic powers


Meta must be concerned about Instagram losing ground to TikTok and activated all their pet Congresspeople.


More like the information the congresspeople and security state get about their constituents from meta is better than the alternative of the ccp getting that information instead, not to mention the societal implications of the algorithms controlled by countries we have no legal authority in.


It's a platform that easily is pushing VERY strong views (black empowerment, pro-choice, pro-LGBTQIA, gender fluidity, progressive religion) and that's only because I'm on 'that side'. I haven't looked up any 'rightist' tags, searches, b/c then the algorithm will get all confused. It's definitely more engaging than Insta (at least as a new user). Maybe they're afraid of the granular light it's shining on certain issues?


They both agree the public shouldn't have national health care and thats much better for the consumer than the profit driven nightmare we're saddled with


I wish the Secretaries of transportation and commerce used their legal authority too.. you know ?


Meta/Facebook is an actual malevolent force that deliberately destroyed the news industry and facilitated the destruction of the idea of verifiable truth, pushed US democracy right up to the cliff’s edge and continues to serve hate and nonsense to millions for no more reason than idiots will click on it and that makes money. But TikTok thirst trap videos and cat videos are how China is going to infiltrate and destroy us. Say what you will about the tenets of China but at least they have a fucking ethos.


I remember the 2000's and news aggregators killed modern journalism, and it's still the same today. One guy can pay for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal or Ney York Times, rehash the information into their own website, and then put it up for free and get ad click revenue. On top of physical papers dying out, newer generations expect the news to be free as they're used to it. No money to pay investigative journalists anymore, and ownership of the remaining ones is consolidated into a fiscally right wing oligarchy.


IMO tiktok has a lot of good content but you have to sift to find it. A lot of lighthearted and goodnatured content creators that really helped me get through the pandemic during lockdown, its like any social platform, its what you make of it.


I'm just sick of TikTok trying to get me to download their app anytime I want to watch a single video. No means no, TikTok.


Reddit does that too. As if their app is worth having.


Since when does the FCC think it has authority over app stores? When the government tells you what software you're allowed to download, that's a fucking *problem*.


the FCC doesn't think that, Brendan Carr thinks that. There are stories that the only reason he was made an FCC Commissioner was because he was SO spectacularly bad as the FCC's general counsel (a position he held for just months, and got by being an 'advisor' to Ajit Pai). You'd think after 5 years he'd know what is and isn't within the purview of the FCC, but then you'd also be thinking far better of Carr's competence than the evidence allows for.


I mean to a degree they already have; it's just recently they wanna request it more and do more of it.


It's like the FCC telling you that you can't visit one specific website. Fucking wild.


Haha imagine no more pornhub WTF


The world was fine before pornhub, food for thought. Downvotes tell me otherwise?


Since TikTok was exposed as being a direct funnel for all your private communications and habits directly to the CCP. https://youtu.be/t7STD2ESmWg Edit: CCP downvote agents out in full force today.


>Since TikTok was exposed as being a direct funnel for all your private communications and habits directly to the CCP. source: some guy's youtube video, who definitely has the inside scoop By the way, even if tiktok was all the things you say it was, guess what? It's still *my decision* to download the fucking thing, not the government's. If I want to download the latest update of Bonzi Buddy or a free vpn that will literally log all my internet traffic, that's my fucking problem.


Ehhhh kind of but not really. When looking at the user base it 100% is a governments job to be involved when a majority of its populations user data is being siphoned out back doors to a hostile foreign state. Your naivete as too how that's "your choice " shows how unaware you are at how dangerous that can be at scale. Governments already ban the import/export of certain technologies so why would a foreign app be any different? Also, even TRUMP was being briefed about the security hazard presented by tiktok years ago. So just because your dumb ass decided to catch up to the rest of the class, doesn't mean this a YouTube conspiracy


It would be easier for govt to enact privacy laws so that no govt can access private user information. But they don’t care about that aspect. Even when you referred to Trump he just wanted Tik Tok to be sold to a US company or use US servers. Nothing about protecting user information from all govts. So either way the US is watching you.


Convenient you ignore the content of the video since it directly cites government agencies and individuals, including from other countries like India where TikTok has already been banned.


hey I didn't even watch your stupid video. there's videos on youtube "proving" the moon landing was fake or the earth is flat or chemtrails are real. People who get their news from content creators are fucking morons. Some guy on youtube with 12 followers isn't going to do a big exposé. Take a media literacy class holy shit


OK so because someone simply passed along video from actual government hearings on YouTube we shouldn't pay attention to it? Does that mean I shouldn't watch CSPAN because it hasn't passed through the CNN/mainstream media filter before it lands in your lap? Do you really need to be spoonfed information from your favorite MSN to get any sense of grasp on reality?


I'm getting called a sheep, *how original and unexpected.*


You know there are more articles and events than just what the news covers. Willfully acting like there isnt has nothing to do with being a "sheep". It just means you're uniformed. And who is calling you a sheep? I said favorite MSN, that could be Fox News too you know. Being smug about listening only to career talking heads on TV isn't something to be proud about. It shows a lack of ability to critically think.


The guy who was linked in the youtube video is an anti-vaxxer, but yeah, maybe I'm uninformed? I don't have cable. Keep up the assumptions, though.


Who gives a shit, the US government has been caught illegaly spying on US citizens. What is the ccp going to do with the data that I like sports and nerd stuff?


I literally don't care. The US gov and corporations already have my information, I don't think China knowing I like big ol titties is going to change much.


He has a point, but this is a Trump appointed hack at the FCC. He is asking because this is not his area of authority. The US needs real data privacy laws.


Goddamn it hurt to read this article. Does anyone proofread anymore?


Sounds good! Next make phone manufactures stop forcing you to have Facebook on your phone. I love my Google phone, but the main reason I got it because it doesn't come with Facebook hardwired into it.


I have never had a phone that had Facebook on it… I have always had the option to download and install the app, if I want. What kind of phone did you have? 🤣


It would be great of tik tok(and probably IG) were banned. My kids dont use it but nearly all of their friends are on tiktok. They are 6 and 9. Who the fuck thinks it's a good idea to let these kids post on there. My 9 year old has kids in her class talking about twerking on tik tok. Absolutely disgusting. Really, what parent allows this? I'll tell you. Fucking "influencers".


I bet the commissioner is getting bribed by Facebook to push this


Well its about time this chinese spyware was banned.


Members of the CIA, FBI, and armed forces are forbidden to install TikTok on their phones. That's all you need to know right there.


This. Frankly I wouldn't trust anything 100% developed in China. Super shady. The guy that founded Huawei was in the PLA and no one can convince me that he has not put backdoors in his tech for the Chinese Army to exploit.




Excuse me, you're actually incorrect: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/20/house-tiktok-federal-phones-374315 https://www.reuters.com/technology/bill-ban-tiktok-us-government-devices-passes-committee-2021-05-12/


Wasn't everyone made when trump said this like 2 years ago


Actually no, the common concensus on reddit was that it was one of the few things he had right


Reddit isn't real life


But reddit is part of that "everyone" narrative you got going there


Literally one of the VERY few things most people will agree he actually got right.


Please do! It’s a cancer to society and has ties to the CCP


Wtf, so now im going to be told what i can watch and what i cant?


We have CCP at home


No, just that that platform is sketchy af


That app doesn't do anything that any other app does. I mean it was today when we learn that a period tracking app sells your data.


You babies are loud but sure ain't smart. You aren't being told what you can or can't watch.... it's why OAN exists. You can literally say/watch whatever hot garbage you want. Having an app that is a literal espionage tool imbeded in millions of Americans phones is NOT PROTECTED. If another app wants to close the security liability and shut the back door, then they can post more dumb shit that you can choose to look at. I can choose WHATEVER car I want yo drive, government can't tell me what I can drive!(except they do, because every vehicle has to meet federal design standards. So you are only allowed to choose between government approved designs) Same thing needs to apply to tech, apps need a minimum standard of consumer privacy protection built in. Thankfully the EU politicians have yet to be bought by big tech and are actively implementing such laws.


OAN is a bigger threat to American citizens than the CCP


Yeah far right extremism is by far America's biggest threat. Waves arm towards all the mass shootings*


I’m sure whatever you watch will have another platform you can keep watching it on.


It's also extremely bad for your brain.


This is the real issue of why people should be against it. Swear my little bro-in-law has become more ADD after watching tick-tok for hours.


People act like tiktok being tied to CCP is somehow worse than anything. Reddit is no better, just a different master. My TT has literally no information about myself, and I use it to watch animal videos and cool shit. Tiktok is the greatest social media app to have come out, there’s a plethora of knowledge and skills to be found and learned and the algorithm it uses to personalize your FYP is amazing. People be trippin over boogeyman shit in another country when everything we use has its own boogeyman and nobody bats an eye.


All the people who complain tiktok is just thirst traps and dances either never used the app or have really creepy search histories. Mine is mostly gardening, arts and crafts, and mental health.


For reals. Once that algorithm locks in you’re only gonna see what you like to watch.


It's because the app actually reads your browser history, app history and keylogs your phone, messages included. I doubt everything on your phone is just about animals.


Maybe because of the human rights situation in China? It's somehow worse yep.


I mean the human rights situation in the USA is just as bad but nobody is trying to ban Facebook.


It is not just as bad. It's bad. It's not as bad.


Give me some examples lmao




We have migrant concentration camps at our southern boarder and the worlds largest prison population. We incarcerate African Americans at a disgustingly high rate. How are either of these different?


You've made it clear that you've already made up your mind so I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you of anything. You're right, China is the best.


Nobody said China is the best. The guy pointed out that our situations are extremely similar and China isn’t an exception. Plus we have a mass school shooting like every other week, and the only solution we were convinced we have is to throw even more guns at almost exclusively our problem, so we have that going for us.


We only allow our companies to spy!


Oh, but what will stupid people download instead?


TikTok should’ve been gone years ago.


absolutely no agenda for doing so.




Freedoms and rights aside I think people would be better off not being able to use it. But someone will just make a clone of it. Honestly don't think it would matter.


I will never understand people who are more afraid of a company in China, a place that they will likely never visit, than a company in America that will sell your data and give it up to the government you actually have to live under. My enemies aren't over seas, they are in my own country.


Considering how toxic most social media is, combined with how underhanded they are in commercializing their platforms, does it surprise anyone?


The FCC and I have that in common


I urge everyone to watch this video regarding what TikTok is actually up to: https://youtu.be/t7STD2ESmWg Edit: CCP downvote agents out in full force today


Please explain how it's more of a threat to the average working person than the current Supreme Court


How would this work if Apple and Google were forced to open their operating systems to non-app store downloads?


Tiktok is a Chinese company, so there is a threat that the Chinese government will get their hands on the data. Facebook, Apple, Google, and Twitter, are all American companies. So there is also a threat that the American government will get their hands on the data. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CLOUD_Act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_security_letter Does that mean that countries all over the world should stop using Facebook, Apple, Google, and Twitter?


Its too viral and distrupting our us centric business model for social media companies


I deleted TikTok from my phone for the simple reason that it was FAR too addictive. I'd sit down to "watch a few videos" and before I knew it, an hour would pass.