She raped them too, she wasn't just some helper. She's a fucking child rapist and should always be called that. It was a business venture they ran together; she procured and groomed the children for them both to rape and traffic.


Their "guests" too.


Where’s the list of clients


In her head. And that's where it will stay unless they can get her to talk.


Isn't she on suicide watch? Or has that not happened yet?


According to her lawyer she was put on Suicide watch. But I don't recall if the prison confirmed it. It could have been just another bid for sympathy.


“She feels the same way she made hundreds of little girls feel - don’t you feel bad for her?”


Well put. I hope she keeps feeling that way for the next twenty years. Its still less than she deserves.


Yeah, I can't imagine how many years she'd get if they just compiled the ages of all her victims. However, isn't she old enough that she'll likely die within the next 20 years?


I think she'll live past 20 years. The vile ones always do.


You really think she will survive the year? Unless she's taken steps to ensure that if she dies the client list/tapes get released, then I wouldn't rate her odds of living through this.


She probably has that in place. Or she would've wound up dead or disappeared by now. Though honestly 20 years for trafficking kids seems light. So they might already be working with her.


Yeah, she's going to be Epsteined.


As a novice, how would one go about taking those steps? A sealed file left with a lawyer? But in a situation like this, can any human be trusted not to leak before death? So maybe something else?


Off the top of my head, I would probably try and automate it on a prepaid cloud server or ten, timer that only I can reset, distributing to foreign journalists, perhaps with a bitcoin blockchain signature. Edit: Strike the cloud server, if you have the know how you could probably program a "Smart Fridge" to spill the beans so to speak :)


Bruh she's not suicidal. This is a pretext for her to die in the same mysterious circumstances Epstein did. Just you wait.


It's called suicide watch because they are going to watch her commit suicide.


It's, "suicide, watch!" EDIT: Added "!"


The guards are feeling mighty sleepy.


She’ll disappear or mysteriously commit ‘suicide’ with the cameras off. She knows too much.


There was already the report that somebody paid another inmate to strangle her in her sleep. I think the report might have come from her legal team so you may take what i said with a grain of salt but I believe it. Either they succeed in scaring her to keep her silence or they succeed in killing her.


I thought “suicide watch” meant guards would “watch” you commit suicide. Did they change that since Jeffrey?


Something tells me there will be a 10-15 minute malfunction in all of the cameras in her wing soon..


I think she’s on murder watch


Her cell mate isn't scheduled to be moved for a little while so they have to postpone her suicide until a later date when there are no witnesses.


How does that work? Why are they killing them only after they are firmly sentenced, years after initial capture? If you want them to shut up wouldn't you kill them off as soon as possible?


Gotta disable the deadman’s switch first.


She's stayed quiet because she hopes that's what is keeping her alive. And maybe she thinks she can handle prison. It's a distinct possibility that some time inside will make her rethink how quiet she wants to be. If someone *were* to make sure she killed herself, might as well wait until people stop paying attention. It'll be interesting to see if she's still alive in a year or two.


Sudden Off Camera Death Syndrome


SOCDS nuts


fucking beautiful.


Genius...this should get platinum.


Epstein was on suicide watch. Then they took him off of it and after that... he didn't kill himself.


So she got 20 years for trafficking countless children and didnt even cooperate? Fucking disgusting. People have gotten harsher weed sentences


She wasn’t given 20 years for “countless children”, she found guilty on 5 charges, all of which could have been levied at her for a single trafficking crime if deemed necessary. I think 4 victims testified at her trial. Idk enough about the case to say if evidence for other crimes was included at trial but she can still be charged based on other crimes she committed. Basically she’s getting 20 years for a fraction of her crimes, not the totality of them.


She also participated in the molestation. Yeah, she deserved way more time


She won’t because she knows if she does, she dies


Even if that's true. She's sixty years old, she'll be seventy-eight if she gets out (its federal prison so no parole and her crimes disqualify for early release). This realistically could be life for her.


Nah. Evil people always live through expectations


Unless there's a pardon.


I would risk looking over my shoulder the rest of my life if I could avoid 20 years in prison.


She still deserves to be in prison. Her coughing up the names doesn't absolve her of her involvement.


FBI.gov > search > Jeffrey Epstein > go wild Edit: vault.fbi.gov sorry gang


Name checks out


A lost of clients is useless unless there is evidence to show wrong doing. Anyone can make a list of names up. It means nothing and could actually lead to a lawsuit where the pedophiles get money for defamation.


I agree, but man that island was crawling with Cameras. Somebody had to see something. Why is no one talking to the superintendent who kept the island running, lol?


because everyone on the island is complicit and nobody would be willing to incriminate themselves


Not even for an immunity deal? I guess they got the message of Epstein's death loud and clear. Snitches get ~~stitches~~ suicided.


It took something like 2 weeks for investigators to go to the island after Epstein was arrested. It seems pretty obvious that someone took a pretty big bribe to delay their arrival until some "cleanup" could be done. Probably petabytes worth of video was scrubbed off of hard drives in that time.


Pedos aren’t just going to stop having sex with kids. You get their names and you wait for them to slip up. There’s no way it was a one time thing.


could be why they haven't said they got anything.


Any investigation like you're suggesting has to be very discrete to the point of having no public transparency until it bears fruit, and these people are wealthy and well-connected. Do you anticipate those investigations going well? Or do you suppose, lacking any external compelling reason to do their jobs and with considerable monetary and institutional motivation NOT to, law enforcement will look the other way?


Remember when the FBI/CIA invaded his island? They got it. Where's it now, probably ashes in an incinerator.


You mean when Bill Barr was in charge of the Justice department & Trump is one of those on the lists of interest due to his close links to Epstein?


hell bill barr's dad wrote child sex slave fanfiction and gave jeffery his first job at the dalton school. he was the principal for christs sake. Whatever is going down is deeply connected to the American government ( I think 99% of conspiracies are bullshit but this one actually stinks)


Was really looking forward to a plea deal and some public dirt to fly.


We’ve been waiting for the public dirt to fly since Epstein was re-arrested nearly 3 years ago!


Has it seriously been 3 years since this all started? I know COVID fucked our time perception, but god fucking damn…


Ya nearly. Epstein died August 10, 2019 and was arrested a month or so before. Arguably it didn’t even start then — he was first imprisoned in 2008 and there were rounds of reporting in 2011 (when the infamous Prince Andrew photo was first published) and 2015 (when Virginia first joined the Crime Victims Rights Act case). Big milestone that someone has finally been sentenced even if we haven’t gotten to the bottom of it.


And Maria Farmer contacted FBI about Epstein in 1996. They didn't care, and Farmer had to go into hiding for 24 years because of threats from Epstein and his friends


Something tells me they are waiting for all the culprits to die before anything is released


Huh. I need to process this a bit. Feels like something glitched out. That said, finally at least a little sliver of justice for the countless victims 😕


The last two years have been the longest decade of my life!


You can only get a Plea deal before it goes to trial. If Maxwell's not talking, we sadly can't force her.


Can sentences be reduced for cooperation in cases?


> Can sentences be reduced for cooperation in cases? [Apparently yes](https://www.burnhamgorokhov.com/criminal-defense-resources/federal-sentencing/federal-sentencing-reductions): > Cooperation with Federal Law Enforcement > The most significant source of sentencing reduction in federal criminal cases is through cooperation: specifically, cooperation with law enforcement, such as the FBI. Cooperation means providing information, and possibly testimony, about criminal activity. Sometimes cooperation can be more extensive, such as when a defendant agrees to act as a long-term informant in a criminal organization. The more extensive the cooperation, the greater the sentencing reduction that can be expected.


This is probably the only way she lives and doesn't get suicided.


Seems light for literal sex trafficking


She also literally raped them herself. Not just trafficking.


Seriously, I thought she'd at least get elected to a Florida congressional seat.


There’s still time.


Child sex trafficking to be specific


CHILD sex trafficking.


They *raped underage girls*. Let’s not pull punches.


They trafficked children. And ultra rich folk bought them.


They’re called children.


exactly the beating around the bush is even more pathetic when it's underaged males getting raped (or any age male). they'll usually say "sodomized" or "assaulted". like...why is it so hard for you people to say RAPED. the words "sexual assault"/"abuse" are just as triggering as the word rape, so it can't be bc of that.


The reason they say sexual assault and not rape is because they are different things legally, and if you call someone a rapist in writing when they haven't been convicted of that crime in court, your publication is going to get sued for libel I wish this comment could be stickied at the top of every post like this. Journalists are not being complicit in this or trying to downplay it. Just trying to not get sued


Cool lemme see that client list


Ask the FBI about that


u/DANG3RTITS has been found dead.


He committed suicide, he shot himself in the back of the head 4 times. A tragedy.


They are pretending Jeffrey Epstein was the only one to abuse those poor girls. Maxwell was a human trafficker. We have to demand the names of her clients or we are all propping up the amoral power class which rules us with our silence.


When I watched the movie Taken, I thought it was kinda far fetched in modern times. Boy have my views changed over the last 10 years.


Trafficking also happens through family members. Kids don't need to be taken from their homes to be trafficked to pedophiles when their parents are the ones doing the trafficking. Source: Me. A previously trafficked child (by my dad). Edit: I am well loved and protected now. Edit2:It's important to note that I was conceived *for the purpose of* being trafficked.


You aren't alone, I'm sorry. This is far more common than most stomachs can handle, or are willing to believe. Glad you are safe and able to speak up now.


I am so happy you are safe and loved.


Taken is tame compared to the reality of human trafficking.


I've worked in child welfare and this shit is common. It's not usually some organized group of bad guys packing people into crates, it's more like... parents getting drugs from a shady guy they call their underage daughter's "boyfriend," so they look the other way. And he shares her with his friends in exchange for, you guessed it, drugs. Fucked-up, disinterested people can commit mundane evil on a scale you can't even imagine. Epstein is that plus a criminal conspiracy and real estate.


Takes an average of about 3 days from the time a young person becomes homeless to when they are solicited for trafficking.


I was a homeless teen and didn't even realize I was being trafficked until it was too late. Sleep with a man, he gives you drugs. Need more drugs, sleep with him again. Next time you need drugs he has you sleep with a friend of his. Before you know it that's all your life is. I was in a teen shelter and the guy with the drugs was a "counselor". One day I looked around and realized we were all just turning tricks for 20 bags and he was charging premium for underage sex slaves. At the time I just figured, it is what it is, this is what you do to survive. I have a teenage daughter now and I can't imagine her going through something like that.


Wow. That's awful. I am glad you escaped that situation.


Good on you for getting so far in your life! I'm sorry that happened to you. I know it doesn't make it right, I just wanted to express my condolences. It's amazing what the human brain can adapt to and normalize in order to survive.


If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get out? How can people help?


Not exactly an uplifting story but I tried to kill myself and was admitted to the hospital on a psych hold. The staff at the hospital got me into a long term rehab where I spent 2 years. After that I just found a job and made it work on my own. As for how you can help, I'm still trying to figure that out myself.


I know it's a very small thing compared to what you've been through, but your strength and your resilience is astounding and inspiring.


How awful! Glad you're safe now. 💜


You might like You Were Never Really Here


Taken is actually extremely unrealistic, and nothing like the reality of human trafficking. The trope of the nefarious stranger in the shadows kidnapping middle class white women to sell them is basically a myth. Traffickers seek out women and girls on the fringes of society and from impoverished countries.


The show "Big Sky" did this pretty well. One of the traffickers gets pissed at another for abducting girls that had "people who would come looking for them" instead of prostitutes


But then the movie doesn't work because the audience doesn't care


Truth zinger 😬


I traveled to Paris alone to visit a friend after my first year of college. A strange man starting chatting me up while we were waiting to get through customs and get our bags. He even tried the same line from the movie about sharing a cab into the city because they were so expensive. I am a pretty introverted person so there was no way I was at all interested in talking to this man, let alone getting in a vehicle with him. Luckily for me, my friend’s boyfriend met me at the airport to help me catch the metro into the city and get to her apartment while she was at school. As soon as that man saw me talking to my friend’s boyfriend, he practically disappeared. This was in May of 2006, 2 years before the movie came out.


My sister and I were approached in Tokyo by some white man looking to start an “English Club”. We were due to leave in a few days anyway, so there was no point and told him so and he kept at it. He disappeared fast when my mother came out of a shop. That wasn’t the only incident like that I experienced as a young woman. There all the job offers of “hostessing” I never applied for, offered on the street, etc. So many guy friends at the time just did not get it why my girl friends were so “paranoid” because they’d never had the onslaught of men trying to lure them into dangerous situations to hurt them. The feeling of being hunted is horrific. I have a daughter now and I don’t think I’ll ever be ok letting her go anywhere without me, just remembering what I was lucky enough to escape.


I'm a lanky ass dude and even I got hit up on the street in Tokyo for something that sounded really shady. "Your style is so cool! Come to our office in Roppongi!" Yeah, no thanks. I didn't really realize how ridiculous it is for women (especially attractive ones) in Japan until I heard the horror stories from female friends. There are predators literally everywhere. Even rural communities get the occasional big city creeper company coming through looking for easy pickings.


Copy pasted from somewhere else in the thread: We already have a ton of names. For example billionaire financier Leon Black, billionaire financier Glen Dubin, British royal Prince Andrew, former Democratic senator George J. Mitchell, former Democratic governor Bill Richardson, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, former MIT computer scientist Marvin Minski, a “Spanish president”, “another prince” etc. etc. All this is just from one survivor. There are other likely candidates to be sure, for example former US presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. But with conspiracies like QAnon so prominent in the American imagination the whole case became a partisan culture war side show somewhere along the line. Edit: there is some confusion in the replies about the credibility of above list — these names were provided by survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre through her various depositions. Here’s a link detailing one of the more recent depositions to be unsealed (August 2019, days before Epstein’s death) in which many of the above names were first mentioned https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/08/new-details-in-unsealed-jeffrey-epstein-documents. Recall Virginia’s claims form the basis of the entire Prince Andrew scandal, which was settled likely for tens of millions even though no physical evidence of a crime was provided by the prosecution.


But they need to be investigated and indicted. Names aren’t enough.


Right. If I remember aspects of the case correctly, being named in the client book wasn’t inherently of sexual nature. They recorded every person they knew with influence. It’s possible someone was just an acquaintance or something less nefarious and still named in the book as a contact. Epstein had a fun habit of secretly recording the acts of his clients as blackmail. That would theoretically be a good way to cross reference, if we are to believe Stormy Daniels. Notice how we heard of the videos in the safe at the beginning and then nothing else about it ever again.


What happened to the recordings seized by the FBI during the raid of Epstein's apartment???


I truly wish we lived in a world where this could happen, but we don't. There are no consequences for the rich and the powerful.


Remember when ABC killed their investigation on Epstein and his friends when the royal family threatened to block their access to the upcoming royal wedding? clown world


I hate it here


There is video (or audio) supporting this, it is enraging.


Amazing that the cult dedicated to flushing out pedos in the political system isn't storming a building somewhere


Because it's not actually about pedos in real life. It's just an evolution of the Blood Libel. Q is all about crafting a narrative about "those people" doing the worst things they can imagine in order to justify killing them. The crimes are always salacious and universally loathed. Child rape is one of those things that will get an instant negative reaction out of people. Cults work by triggering your emotional reaction first, as this is dead certain to shut down your logical reasoning.




Yes. They’ve even issued public warnings. Qcumbers just decide these organizations are now part of the bad guys.


Qcumbers lol, that’s a new one for me. It’s cute. Albeit I’d rather insult them than give them a cute nickname, but I like it


I have an old high school acquaintance who was trafficked, and now she works with police forces to help train them. She posts to social media regularly to make pleas to the conservative circle we grew up in to stop buying into Q and how harmful it has been to her work. She constantly asks people to donate to actual organizations fighting human trafficking. Like, boring old law enforcement agencies.


That was in fact the entire point.


i guarantee to the crazies that just means “those groups are in on it!”


Legit had a patients daughter tell me that the school shooting in Texas was fake and set up by the CIA and then went down a rabbit hole where it was the democrats somehow doing it. My brain was fried after the first 2 sentences so I don't remember exactly what all she said. She then gave me a link to a Q page where I could "get woke"... I was in shock. This lady is in her 40s and believes all this shit religiously. She told me that Donald will be president by the midterms and that a military tribunal will execute Hillary Clinton. Her brother found me as I was doing my rounds on the hall and said "I'm really worried about her. She is in a cult, isn't she" I just kinda nodded and said "trust your gut" ... (I can't give advice on personal family shit)


Thank you for mentioning Blood Libel. It's very important to remember that much of the vitriol we hear today is repackaged blood libel rhetoric.


>Because it's not actually about pedos in real life No shit. My parents are big Qtips now, but they stood idly by while I was being groped in my church school nearly 20 years ago. I learned the hard way that they don't give a shit about actual pedophilia that they could single-handedly prevent.


explains when my friend and his wife fell into the Q anon hole, 2018 Christmas we were exchanging gifts and the kids were laughing and having a good time. 2019 Christmas they look like they aged 20 years and constantly talked about pizza gate, no laughs no joy. That's the last time I saw them.




Probably? Your own education growing up probably had a fair bit of revisionist history and spin thrown into the mix that colours your views on historic events by emphasising certain things and downplaying/ignoring others. But I honestly think the QAnon conspiracy is an entirely different kettle of fish- its not so much spin as it is a complete fabrication of hyperbolic nonsense and absurd leaps in logic, which is constantly contradicting itself and shifting goal posts.


Your regular reminder that the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House was a convicted serial pedophile who used his power to coverup inappropriate conduct between Congressmen and underage staff, and at his trial multiple people still sitting in elected office asked the judge to show mercy on him... and the Q people don't care about any of that.


This is a great concise explanation of the mechanics of QAnon.


> doing the worst things they can imagine And qcumbers have very [fucked up](https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3gedm/marjorie-taylor-greene-believes-in-frazzledrip-qanons-wildest-conspiracy-theory) imaginations.


This sounds like a rehashing of the [Satanic Panic](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanic_panic) of the 1980s, with very similar rumored stories amplified by social media.


It absolutely is. It’s just satanic panic 2.0. Edited just to link one of my favorite satanic panic videos- https://youtu.be/Kuzfa6vzEzk


Considering two of the people behind Q run a website known for child porn, I wouldn’t think they honestly care.


Somewhere there is a pizza place being scoped out.


QAnon isn't dedicated to flushing out pedophiles. It's dedicated to accusing all Democrats of pedophilia so that whenever a Republican gets caught being a pedo, they'll think "Who cares? Democrats are all pedos too so both sides are the same."


Isn’t it also dedicated to proving Jews are behind all evil things in the world or is that some other psychotic cult that’s taken over in the states


Yep, this is a revision of propaganda the Nazis used way back when who accused Jews of doing similar things to their precious Aryan children.


It is much older than the Nazis. The blood libel example dates to the 1100s or so. But if I had to guess it likely has its roots all the way back to the roman conquest of Jerusalem. Romans, if my shitty memory serves, seemed to love making up weird ass slander of people whose lands they occupied but didn't fully conquer. Which was amplified when the church and roman empire became one force, given the already existent schism between christians and jews.


Yes. Though, to be fair, most conspiracy theories seem to have “Jews bad” at their core. Think of how many conspiracy theories hold up the [Rothschild family ](https://www.britannica.com/story/where-do-anti-semitic-conspiracy-theories-about-the-rothschild-family-come-from)as the ultimate evil. Or [George Soros](https://www.adl.org/resources/blog/antisemitism-lurking-behind-george-soros-conspiracy-theories)…


QAnon has a broad portfolio of crazy and evil


A d the thing is, if we had credible evidence Clinton was involved (and don’t get me wrong — I do believe he was, I just mean solid, actionable proof), you’d be hard press to find a single Democrat who would defend him. Not the same can be said about Trump.


It's important to note, having names is one step. Having any evidence is steps 2-100.


>former MIT computer scientist Marvin Minski Let's not muddy the waters. >Virginia Giuffre testified in a 2015 deposition in her defamation lawsuit against Epstein's associate Ghislaine Maxwell that **Maxwell "directed" her to have sex with Minsky among others. There has been no allegation that sex between them took place** nor a lawsuit against Minsky's estate. It's a pretty accepted theory that Epstein tried to get prominent people in bed with his sex slaves so that he could blackmail them.




Should have been 20years per victim. That’s absolute justice.


I’m assuming it’s fed time so she’ll have to complete about 17 years she’ll be 77 years old when she gets out. That will be strange, if she lasts that long.


So who were the clients who took advantage of Ghislaines's criminal underage trafficking? Y'know, the whole other half of the crime against these children? Oh, we can't have those allegations reach public ears? Yeah, I'd hate rich, powerful, old men have to face their lives being destroyed by such accusations. They're practically vulnerable children, if such allegations reached the light of day. 20 years at the end of living the high life by abusing, exploiting, and destroying the lives of others. That sounds like American justice to me.


We already have a ton of names. For example billionaire financier Leon Black, billionaire financier Glen Dubin, British royal Prince Andrew, former Democratic senator George J. Mitchell, former Democratic governor Bill Richardson, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, former MIT computer scientist Marvin Minski, a “Spanish president”, “another prince” etc. etc. All this is just from one survivor. There are other likely candidates to be sure, for example former US presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. But with conspiracies like QAnon so prominent in the American imagination the whole case became a partisan culture war side show somewhere along the line.


My favorite part of the QAnon/4chan Epstein saga is the way people got added to the flight logs after some twitter spat with tRump. Those logs have been on the internet forever. We know blah blah blah celebrity wasn't on there before!


Huh, that's funny. I never noticed before but u/graneflatsis is on the Epstein flight logs, right at the bottom. And yet here they are, deflecting! Very q-rious!


20 years isn't enough


She's not getting out. She's not doing 20 years. She's gonna spend a short time in a cell with a very flaky security camera.


I'll believe it when I see it.


You won't see it. The camera will "malfunction" when she is epsteined.


give it time, people were skeptical of epsteins "suicide" happening mere days before it happened.


Good, fuck her. Now, we just need the rest of the elite that were involved.


They are not elite. Change the terminology to ultra-rich


Top scum


Even better


The parasite class


The right answer ^


20 years is not long enough.


My uncle got 30 for weed.


Shit, some dude in Mississippi got life for carrying ~50 grams. 20 is an insult.


Should be 20 years per girl… What a piece of shit.


Meanwhile you have people sitting in prison for life for weed. I hate this planet.


That reminds me of this book called Shoulda Robbed A Bank. Its about a guy who went to prison for weed, conspiracy to distribute 12k lbs, and saw armed bank robbers come in and do less time than people did for cannabis related crimes.


12000 pounds of weed? Yeah that doesn't sound too surprising to me honestly.


Yeah its an insane amount. I'm not surprised he had a terribly long sentence. He's out now though.


Ways this could play out: 1. Ghislaine serves a couple months before she releases how fcked she is and turns witness and spills everything (well most things anyway). 2. Ghislaine is shanked in the shower by a fellow prisoner whose family receives a hefty payment from a former 'friend' of Epstein. I'm really hoping for that first one. Even if it means she gets to ride out her sentence in home arrest, those names need to be put out.


So why aren't all the "clients" being named and joining her?


That's good, but still not enough for me personally.


I'm actually pretty surprised its this good to be honest. She is 60 years old there is a good chance she might actually die in prison. I fully expected a slap on the wrist 4 year sentence.


20 years... she was sex-trafficking children for longer than that. Should have been life without parole for this evil cunt, especially seeing as how she didn't give up her clients.


How many victims is this for? I guess she's 60, so this is almost a life sentence, but still seems light for the crimes


And just like that, we get no closure


She trafficked probably thousands of people and only gets 20 years..


20 years seems excruciatingly low for her crimes


A crying shame. Life wouldn’t have been enough either.


Maxwell's sixty and she has to serve 85% of the sentence. This probably is life. Edit: Turns out her crimes disqualify her from early release, so its actually the full twenty years.


I didn’t follow this case too closely, so maybe this is my bad…but, I was expecting something more like life in prison without parole? Why only 20 years?


Parole isn't a thing in the federal system. The statute didn't permit a life sentence, and when that happens...federal judges use a wild maze of mitigating/aggravating calculations that are built into various statutes. The good news is that at least she'll serve every single minute of those 20 years, as her crimes make her ineligible for early release.




Less than one year per victim.


Good, now unseal the names of those who fucked minors and assisted Jizzlaine and Deadstein. Otherwise all those poor women are incomplete in getting justice and those that took part escape their owed karma.


Sadly we are never going to get names. The intelligence agencies in the u.s don’t exist to protect the common folk. They exit for national security and to protect the stability of the country. The client list includes hundreds of politicians from both parties and foreign, ceos of major domestic and foreign corporations, members of royalty, members of some of the most rich and powerful families and financial groups, and major celebrities. What do you think would happen if suddenly everyone realizes that opposing politicians, that are at each other’s necks, behind curtains shake hands and rape children together? The party of Christian values is raping children, the party that is all about minority rights are raping children. Your favorite celebrities either knew or participated. The CEO and board of directors of your favorite companies are raping children. Powerful members of friendly and unfriendly nations hanging out with our national role models raping children. If people realize that the, shaky, already eroding trust in our government would collapse. Even worse (for them) it might be a strong enough issue to unite people across party lines. Basically the status quo would change overnight. That’s why we will never know all the names, at best a couple of bones would be thrown at us to appease us but they already dragged it out long enough that people have lost interest. That’s why Epstein was silenced and Maxwell will be controlled. It never, and never will, be about accountability and justice. Instead it’s about damage control and there is nothing anyone one us can do about it.


It's fucking wild that I know people locked up a lot longer than that for selling weed... Smh Edit: this bitch deserves to be in there for life for ruining all those girls lives...


Not enough, but it’s better than nothing. I hope she suffers.


With 20 years maybe she dies in prison now? I kinda half expected it to be only about 4-5 years so the possibility she is stuck for life now seems good even though 20 years doesn't seem enough still for someone like her


Who were the clients? They were just as much part of the crime. If they aren't in jail this whole thing is a joke.


Anybody else feel like she got off pretty light?


Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself. Just remember that.


She won't talk. They publicly killed Epstein for even thinking about talking as a message to everyone else. Talk and we can get to you even in prison and face no consequences even when the whole world knows he didn't commit suicide. If you know that's what you get, you'll take the 20 years because if you can't even trust the judicial system to protect you, you can't talk. Only way she talks is if she thinks it's worth dying to eliminate this evil from the world, which she won't because if she wasn't a sociopath she wouldn't have done what she did in the first place.


Not enough years, now lock up the people she got the girls for


Where’s everyone else’s prison sentences? ONE person goes to jail? And only 20 years? These people had AN ENTIRE ISLAND.


There's a guy with 40 grams of weed doing more time than that


I just don't understand why they don't try to pull other abusers out of her. That's what they'd do in literally any other case.