The Maine state government will probably just drop tuition support entirely. There, everybody happy now?


Tuition support is just taxes funding private schools. That's something that should be stopped because private schools are not subject to the same equal education protections that public school is. That funding that provides tuition assistance to private schools would be better spent improving their public schools.




What happened to trailer schools? That’s what I used as a kid when we didn’t have school buildings in the district.


I remember learning in a series of trailers for a couple of years because the school district had to rebuild the school proper for some reason. It isn’t that there aren’t alternate solutions, they’re just leaping on the privatization cop out because they can. I’d speculate on someone in that decision making process getting kickbacks somewhere. Cui bono, follow the money if they aren’t doing the obvious.


I think the problem is more that it's Maine, and there's like 5 students within 30 miles, which isn't enough for a high school. Might be enough for a one room school type elementary, but much after that and you have problems.


And the private schools in the area are boarding schools?


>Granted, they need to be building schools for those districts. Honestly, not necessarily. A lot of towns without high schools just don't have the population to support their own. Especially in towns that are close enough to have a few options available already. Edit to add an example: One of the families that started this case is from Glenburn. According to their district's website, "Our high school students have school choice and attend schools such as Bangor High School, Brewer High School, John Bapst High School, Hampden Academy, Hermon High, and Orono High School." This town doesn't need to build another school.


> A lot of towns without high schools just don't have the population to support their own. Especially in towns that are close enough to have a few options available already. God, this reminded me of a conversation I had with my SIL, a devout, conservative Catholic, on school vouchers and government funding for religious schools. I asked her if she was serious that there should be multiple private and/or religious schools in a given region just to cover each sect, and those that trend more liberal or conservative. She of course said yes, because "parents should be able to have that choice". So I followed up with the population density issue, which in her area (which is also my home area) is very much a thing due to how low it is and that they closed a school a few years ago due to how few new families are popping up there. Seriously, the school I went to K-8 at was 20 miles from home, and high school was 45 miles away. And brought up how each existing school district up there already consists of anywhere from three to five or more towns sharing a K-12 school system; ours is one of the larger ones, with an average graduating class size of 45. And closed with that if she wanted her kids to go to a private religious school, to either homeschool them, or send them to the already-existing Sacred Heart (religious school in our area) and not waste resources building what would essentially be single-room schools.


You'll quickly find out that many such small towns will be left with only one option to send your kids to school: a religious school. If that religious school just happens to not be your type of religion, your kids will be quickly learning all the prayers and rituals. Seriously, funding religious schools because there's no public school option is a *terrible* idea. If it takes 5 times as much money to establish public school option in those small towns, that's where taxpayer money should be spent.


Not sure if they can - IANAL but I think the state has the legal duty to educate every child. The children getting these vouchers live too far from a public school to attend, so they use the voucher at a local private/now religious school.


So no ones going to bitch if Muslims demand funding for schools right? How about Satanists?


Scientology and every other kooky religion to follow. Expect the floodgates to open as people invent religions. Not to mention, there are plenty of churches around that exist specifically for tax breaks. Now this will expand to schools. Just another way to scam Uncle Sam.


“Come on down to Joel’s MegaCollege, for when those snooty fly by night online colleges are too elitist for you! Brought to you by Brawndo and Alex Jones brand suppositories. Use coupon code ‘GLBL-RUBE’ for 10% off at MyPillow!”


Disturbingly accurate


Yep. Then after a few years you’ll get industries so saturated with brainwashed lockstep alt-righters that they wont hire people who went to normal colleges and got actual degrees. It’s Idiocracy.


Lack of educated employees is the reason many countries can’t attract businesses to help them climb out of poverty, along with corrupt governments full of people stealing everything in sight. Welcome to America 2030.


Some countries are trying to climb out of poverty. The USA is building a slip n slide into it.


"The United States" will not become markedly poorer. The middle class will become smaller. And smaller... ... and smaller... ...and then bigger! No, sorry, that was...I fell for propaganda. Smaller.


The problem is that a good parasite shouldn't inadvertently kill its host while it's ~~grifting~~ feeding.


We can’t even learn THAT from the pandemic


Most still struggle with soap, I think vaccines were beyond witchcraft for them


Fortunately, when Billy-Jeb decides to mix the chlorine with the ammonia to try to create motor oil, that problem solves itself. Why an accountant is trying to make motor oil at the office is anyone's guess..


LITERAL Idiocracy Exactly the dude who got his degree from Walmart or Costco lmao It’s only a matter of time


Straight up there is a construction/contracting company around where I live, and the owner is as super fundie as you can get. His trucks have bible quotes on them. He will literally only hire people who went to Christian colleges. (Unless you're one of the dozens of Hispanic laborers they have)


Call…. The irs and file a complaint. Each of those employees is paid cash and under the table. Guy prob owes 100,000 in taxes


The Taliban, if you can't beat em....become them?


I'm a simple man. I just want to finish my masters at Costco.


Best I can do us a certificate from 7-11. Take it or leave it.


Ironically I'd sign up for that before trump's college lol


It's got what assholes crave!


Do the suppositories come any bigger? Mine keeps slipping out :(


>Brought to you by Brawndo It's got electrolytes!


It's what plants crave.


I know, I just talked to a plant!


go away i'm baitin


> Alex Jones brand suppositories Gavin McInnes, surely...?




Let’s Go Brawndo !


We got time for a latte?


I'll be starting my Jedi training temple here next year.


Here in the UK, a lot of people put "Jedi" for religion on their census returns. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jedi_census_phenomenon


It's all fun and games until Boris sends out order 66.


That's for religion, the Jedi Academy is for education.


> there are plenty of churches around that exist specifically for tax breaks John Oliver showed how easy it is to found a church and get tax breaks http://www.ourladyofperpetualexemption.com/


> http://www.ourladyofperpetualexemption.com/ What the actual fuck, who sent him SPERM in the mail, and why?


He asked for seed and they delivered.


Reddit church?


I guess it's time to start planning for a part 2 where he starts school.


They want to eventually abolish public funding for all schools. This chaos will ensure it.


When you spend your time attacking education under the disguise of "educational choice," it makes the resultant uneducated people a lot easier to herd.


They LOVE the uneducated!


Who else would vote for a reality TV star for president?


But he's a _businessman!_ He will run the country like a _business!_ - Actual thing my father said when voting for Trump.


I have some sympathy for voters who said that in 2016. I have no sympathy for voters who said that in 2020. After you've had the trick explained to you multiple times, anyone who still thinks David Copperfield is a real wizard with real magic deserves no slack.


I had what I thought was an intelligent person make that argument to me. Yeah, having an actual successful businessman might be good for the economy (possibly, but probably not), but who knows if they will be good at everything else being president would entail.


Sadly accurate. He ran his businesses like a crooked fuck too.


I tell everyone who will listen. Roe is just a trial balloon for Brown. Brown is the real prize.


Uncle Sam is all of us. The Supreme Court is letting churches and other religious institutions scam all of us.


The last three decisions by SCOTUS support christian nationalism & increases [the police state](https://ij.org/press-release/supreme-court-ignores-constitutional-violations-by-federal-police-green-lights-absolute-immunity-even-in-cases-dealing-with-attempted-murder-and-well-documented-lies-by-officers/). I knew things would get bad when Trump & McConnell got three judges in but fully developing a bleak dystopian future.


Kind of seems like next Tuesday or Wednesday will be the really horrific shit, I don't mean to detract from the horrifying decisions already made but it seems like they're going to wait until right before the end of session to announce the worst stuff.


We lost a secular supreme court & now have a permanent Christian Council.


I feel really sorry for young people, they'll never know how cool we were. Now, we're the fcking Duggars or worse, we're these people: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/18816617/warren-jeffs-flds-cult-leader-wife-briell-decker/amp/


Times like these remind me of the words of the great Boots Riley. "They got the TV, we got the truth They own the judges and we got the proof We got hella people, they got helicopters They got the bombs and we got the, we got the We got the guillotine, you better run"




Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption


All religions are invented by people. The concept of religion itself was invented by people.


>Scientology and every other kooky religion to follow. Expect the floodgates to open as people invent religions. I mean that's ~~how~~ why the [Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Spaghetti_Monster) was created.


Kris Jenner already has created a church and I bet she will garner millions by opening a school next. Just. You. Wait.


Courts in US have already multiple times ruled that Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a real religion, so all the religious equality laws don't apply to them. It doesn't make much logical sense, but those have been the rulings. No reason they can't continue to single out religions they actually want to benefit. Satanic Temple has been more successful in courts as of now. The whole stupid situation of courts being able to make a ruling on what is and isn't a real religion shows that the govt should stay out of it in the first place.


> Just another way to scam Uncle Sam. GOP: Look how broken the government is! *spends every waking minute figuring out new ways to break the government*


No more separation of Church and State.


This ruling allows that. If the state offers broadly available funds to certain schools they cannot deny the funds to other schools based upon affiliation with religion. They are stating that denial of the funds based upon religion is discrimination beyond the constitutional scope of separation of church and state. So you cannot deny a Muslim school just like you cannot deny a catholic school or a Mormon school.


I sort of get that part. It makes sense (to me), at least to the extent that the government can mandate what the money is used for. For example, decades ago I went to Catholic school for both elementary and high school. Even then, we received some operating funds from the state. I think the money was generally earmarked for supplies, and each piece of equipment (books, computers, overheads, etc.) was clearly stamped that it had been funded with state dollars and was not to be used for religious purposes. (I remember being surprised when I looked at my (public-school attending) cousins' textbooks, to find that they didn't have that giant stamp. Lol.) That seems easy enough to parse: if the state makes a pot of money available to all private schools, excluding parochial schools entirely would be discriminatory, so long as the money is not being used to further a religious purpose. (The obvious caveat, however, is that money is fungible. So, even if the state isn't buying Bibles for the school, by receiving state dollars for its art or English programs, the school now has more money available for its theology department.) But at least this looks good on paper. The case I'm not sure about is with vouchers -- where the state gives money to parents to help with tuition. According to the Reuters story, the schools at the heart of the suit seem pretty extreme, or at least more than what I experienced in my school. I'm wondering, if religious doctrine permeates a school's core, how the state can give money to the institution without violating the establishment clause. Maybe, even in that instance, voucher money also needs to be earmarked for supplies used in teaching secular subjects?


Provided that they are NESCA accredited. That was a key part of the case. The state has an objective standard, and funds are to be dispersed provided they meet those objective standards. Anything they do on top of that is something that parents can chose for their child.


I live in the same city as The Satanic Temple. This really does sound like an area where they'd generate a lawsuit to challenge the decision. Someone in a GOD T-Shirt tried to burn down the temple a couple weeks ago btw


I’m actually a big fan of these guys. They’re using stupid loopholes to promote a positive agenda and play the system. I love it


They already have After School Satan programs. I imagine a whole school wouldn't be much of a stretch.


And of course, idiot conservatives don't even know this is not a Satanist religion.


> Muslims demand funding This is precisely what will cause the Christian Nationalists to flip their shit. They can't think past their own immediate gratification until their fragility is again triggered by fear.


My mom thinks the world is burning and the solution is (to, "bring back") prayer in schools. I've argued with her, pointing out a hypothetical that, what if the government agreed and now Muslim prayers were instituted and the kids have to pray towards Mecca. I can tell by her responses that she can't even conceive what I'm saying, it's like she's deaf to it. Same when I argue the fact that kids are welcome to pray in school, as long as it doesn't disrupt others. She can't hear it and definitely wants a universal Baptist prayer requirement in every school. I love my mom but she's nuts.


Around 15 years ago, there was an article in the *National Review* (a very conservative publication, at least in the pre-Trumplican era) of all places, that was titled something like "Why I Am Against School Prayer." It was a conservative talking about going to a baseball game at a high school in Hawaii, and the game started with a *Hawaiian* prayer. The article was basically the guy feeling very awkward in that situation and suddenly realizing what it's like when the shoe's on the other foot, and actually changing his mind on the issue.


It's like when a person discovers that a rule is in place specifically because someone just like them exists. They assume blinders are a feature rather than a hindrance to human development.


Just tell her that catholic prayers are required


But what I'm saying her brain won't let her even consider the variable. To her, there is only one religion, hers. Which, even amongst Christians varies quite a bit. But after 70 years of conditioning...




Growing up, my parents' church openly mocked jews, catholics and outright hated muslims on a regular basis. I thought it absurdly ironic, even at a very young age. I'm sorry, belief in a god is just delusional mental illness. Buncha cannibals eating Jesus, gtfo with that horseshit.


I have read that at a certain IQ threshold, people are not able to comprehend conditional hypotheticals.


As the other person state the SCOTUS will find a way to make this ruling only apply to Christian schools. If we do see a case make it's way to SCOTUS they will rule differently for that specific case. The SCOTUS is illegitimate and being run by literal Christian Nationalists.


And they'll mask it as fake democracy, by saying it's up to the state or county to decide.


So was slavery.


Except in the South... It was prohibited by the CSA to make slavery illegal. You had to allow slavery if you belonged to the CSA.


"Something something... America's traditional values and principles..." The recent leak showed us a draft of the logic for sidestepping the idea of "establishing an official religion." The idea is they never *legally* say "America is a Christian country" (GOP says it all the time at rallies though) but merely "America is a country that has a specific specific philosophy which happen to exclusively align with charismatic, evangelical, protestant Christianity."


“Deep rooted American tradition” is a likely phrase.


No, they’ll do what they’ve always done and cut off their own nose to spite their face. This ruling basically says that if a state is offering funding to private schools, they can’t say no to religious schools merely because they’re religious. Maine, who this affect could work around this ruling by making the criteria to receive money based on specific curriculum (e.g. the private school must have a certified natural science course that does not meets certain criteria, or must have comprehensive sex education that covers proper use of various birth control methods, etc.) If this results in the “wrong” people getting state funding - they will push to end all state funding to private schools rather than abide by the Supreme Court decision.


It wasn't like private religious schools couldn't get public funding on the basis of being a religious oriented institution, it's just that there's certain standards they have to follow in order to accept public funding. [Grove City College v. Bell](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grove_City_College_v._Bell) is the reason a school can opt out of Title IX compliance or other certain federal requirements, *but* they cannot accept federal funding or federally backed loans as a result. It's a lot like a state that lowers the legal age to purchase alcohol below 21. They *can* certainly do that, but they won't receive federal highway funds as a result; so every state has stuck with the minimum of 21.


The SCOTUS will fix that too for them.


Will some people complain? Sure, that has nothing to do with the decision though. People can complain about anything (see...much of Reddit), Supreme Court decisions affect how the *government* behaves making the question irrelevant.


Muslim and Jewish organizations actually submitted briefs in favor of this decision.


This isn’t new. They’ve set the precedent over and over again. A state doesn’t have to give public money to any private school, but they can’t deny funding to one school over the other because of religion.


Muslim groups filed in the suit!


Welp. Looks like it's time to open Satan Tech Primary Academy.


Temecula Information Technology School and Academy of Satanic Sciences.


Sweet! Temecula isn't far from me.


Same where do I enroll


South East National Department of Navigating Universal Data for an Educational Society


Delaware Institute College Kansas Program Institute College School Jeez, this more difficult than I thought when I started typing.


Yahweh's Orthodox Union of Juvenile Unitarian Scholars' Technical Learning Opportunity School for Training and Teaching Heretics Educational Governance for Achieving Multiple Endeavors


This one is just cruel


god damnit


{chef’s kiss}


Bro, fuck you. I didn't figure it out until I got to lost. I haven't gotten baited this hard since the valedictorian at my sister's graduation told the entire stadium he lost the game. Respect though. That is a solid acronym.


The good ol TITS and ASS college


Cthulu Children's Culinary Center


If Satan Tech Primary Academy is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) ([view the process here](https://cis.neasc.org/)), and is located in a Maine school district that does not have a public Highschool (48 towns to choose from), and any parents choose to send their children to STPA, they can be reimbursed up to $11,952 by the state of Maine. Seems like it would be a lot of effort to "own the cons" or whatever.


Ukobach Culinary School.


My wife goes to Satan for evil lessons once per week. I have no idea how much she charges.






No fucking shit, right?


Not yet. I'm about to startup my own religion.


Does it involve drinking craft beer at a local pub? If so, count me in?


I’ll also be a part of this new religion. Craft beer and local pubs are very important to my beliefs.


Letting trump seat 3 justices is having the expected result


Unexpected death/retirements aside Alito and Thomas are the oldest. And both of them may well be around for another decade. So this court is gonna have at least ten years of hard right decision making. And we will see the regressive ripples throughout society. Sigh. I don't even want a "liberal" court. I just want 9 people who clearly are interested in the best for the nation and interpreting the law/cases with as little bias or agenda as humanly possible. That's kind of the whole point.


Couldn't agree more, what I want to understand is which president was the first two essentially politically weaponize the Supreme Court by appointing justice so heavily politically aligned one way or the other. Or was it always that way?


It was always this way. It’s one of those fun things that reforming the constitution was supposed to be about. To address issues that the founders didn’t see. But hey. Venerating a document that was specifically designed to be changed every few decades seemed like the best path for dumb fuck Americans lol


It’s because even though the founders knew that religious dogma didn’t belong in enlightened governance, the people of America were and are deeply religious and very pliant to pressure from religious authorities. They are also quite used to venerating historical texts and figures. So of course the founders became legends and their text became a holy scripture that cannot be changed with any sort of ease.


There wasn't exactly a lot of "letting". Don't forget that McConnel blocked Obama's SC nomination solely on the ground it was Obama's, then he declared a sitting president couldn't appoint an SC justice in an election year, then he broke all of his own precedent to ram through as many of Trump's SC picks as he could.


He didn't break precedent. He straight up said, well we have control right now so we do what we want.


And his constituents continued to vote him in.


McConnell takes a lot of blame but Democrats dick riding the filibuster is still relevant


And also RBG refusing to retire because she was confident Hillary would be the next president and she wanted her successor to be the first supreme court justice appointed by a woman


> and she wanted her successor to be the first supreme court justice appointed by a woman is there a source for that part? i thought she just thought her seat was safe (as in knew it would be replaced by someone on the left), not anything to do with "the first justice appointed by a woman"


[source is a Slate interview](https://slate.com/human-interest/2016/07/ruth-bader-ginsburg-would-let-hillary-clinton-replace-her-on-the-supreme-court.html). Basically she was gambling everything on Hillary beating Trump because she liked the optics of having a woman select her replacement and that was worth risking a whole generation of the Supreme Court for, apparently. > Ginsburg said she presumes Hillary Clinton will be elected president in November. When asked about the possibility of Donald Trump assuming the presidency instead, Ginsburg responded, “I don’t want to think about that possibility, but if it should be, then everything is up for grabs.” The justice then acknowledged that the future of the court will be decided by the next president >”It’s likely that the next president, whoever she will be, will have a few appointments to make,” Ginsburg said with a smile.


Just about the only foolish move she ever made. Why RBG, why???




r/Conservative was talking about this issue. The three dissenters were “only appointed to push forward the Democrats’ agenda.”


Dipshit: "But Hillary just didn't *inspire* me..."


I voted for her inspired by the notion that the supreme court was inches away from tipping full reactionary activist right-wing.


At least you were right.


This! I literally said to my fucking dumb shit family and bet this would happen. My bets have all turned out to be correct but thank goodness they single issue voted which they now regret. I blame them every single time something like this happens. They complain. I say you did this. Maybe next time do two seconds of fucking research.


Other Dipshit: "I didn't like how Hillary ran her campaign!"


Third Dipshit: "But the DNC...!"


I agree with all three of those dipshits and *still* voted for her.


Most of those dipshits did too though. The idea that third party and protest voters killed the election is a fantastical myth. Most protest voters went to Johnson, the right wing libertarian. There was less than average voter attrition between primaries and general in the DNC. The sad but obvious truth is that white supremacy is *way* more popular and mainstream in the US than people want to admit, and running on a platform of proto-fascism galvanized those voters.


Fourth Dipshit - "Don't threaten me with the Supreme Court!"


He would've only sat two if Ginsburg had done the non-selfish thing and retired.


Or if republicans didn’t block an Obama pick


If they didn’t block Garland, and Ginsberg retired under Obama, this would have been 5-4 the other way. Pretty crazy how different our country’s future will be because of those three nominations.


Hopefully this shit starts hitting home with some of those idiots.


Don't forget about Bush's nominations.... the majority of our Supreme Court Justices were appointed by two guys that both lost the popular vote to obtain their offices.


And he would have sat one if McConnell had done the ethical thing the first time, and or if McConnell had done the consistent thing the second time.


McTurtle would have just blocked the vote again.




This is one of the few posts that understood the ruling. Everyone else somehow thinks there's going to be a massive uptick in satanic schools.




I can assure you 90% of commenters didn't read the article, and thus missed this tiny little detail.


I read the article, it says "Maine required eligible schools to be "nonsectarian," excluding those promoting a particular religion and presenting material "through the lens of that faith."" In other words, to receive the state monies, you have to follow the state rules and be all inclusive. You have to be a public school in every shape, way and form, except that you aren't owned by the state.


The whole muslim/satanist school thing completely misses the point. There won't be those schools because their likely isn't the demand for them. There isn't a single accredited Islamic school in Maine for example. The schools cited in the trial discriminate based on religion and sexual orientation. Suppose they started discriminating based on race/ethnicity. The white only school will be picking up ~95% of all school funding. There huge potential for abuse as the rules are currently set. To fix the problem, maine needs to incorporate non-discriminatory rules as part of their school accreditation requirements.


I guess I understand the point of "if you're going to do this voucher system, then this naturally will happen." But it's tough to swallow [when considering the schools in question:](https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2022/06/carson-makin-supreme-court-maine-religious-education.html) > It’s worth pausing, as both Breyer and Justice Sonia Sotomayor did in dissent, to reflect on the victims of Tuesday’s decision. The two Maine schools that may now receive public funding are openly discriminatory, expelling students and teachers who do not adhere to evangelical Christianity. LGBTQ students, as well as straight children of same-sex couples, are not welcome, nor are LGBTQ teachers. Even custodians must be born-again Christians. One school teaches students to “refute the teachings of the Islamic religion” and believe that men serve as the head of the household. Another requires students to sign a “covenant” promising to glorify Jesus Christ and attend weekly religious services. Good to know people residents who fall outside of the "proper" demographic have a SCOTUS approved solution!




If this is accurate then I don't think it's a problem. The bigger issue is that private schools shouldn't be given public money at all... that is why they are called private schools isn't it?


Government money, private regulation is what they're after


Overall I think most people agree with you. But Maine had tried to use this funding to devise a solution to a uniquely rural problem: some communities were so small and remote that the state didn’t want to spend the money to build and fund a whole public high school. In fact, in order to be eligible to use these moneys, there needed to not be a public high school in an adjacent jurisdiction, either. So if you live in the middle of nowhere and pay your taxes but the government won’t build a school, you can use that money to pay for a private school. As the Court pointed out, “no law regarding an establishment of religion” means you cannot discriminate for OR against religion. So Maine can either build public schools for tiny communities and staff them fully, or they can let the people who would otherwise be served by those schools use that money for the school of their choosing, religious or not. Boiled down: the state can build schools, but they can’t both refuse to build schools and discriminate on a religious basis.


I have a similar opinion. It becomes an interesting and complicated issue when considering that religious schools discriminate admission based on sexual orientation. Funding private schools with public tax dollars opens up questions on whether the government is supporting private entities that unconstitutionally discriminate. I think there is a good possibility that, if this is brought up, religious institutions will be given an option to change their discriminatory policies and receive funding, or not be eligible for the funding. (Not that non-straight kids are wanting to even attend such schools)


Unbelievable how far you have a to scroll for common sense comments like this


Public funding going to religious institutions is not breaking new ground right? I think medicare can pay for care at a hospital with a religious affiliation, Pell Grants and GI Bill funds can pay tuition at a religious College/University.


The thing is that those also can't reject non-believers, can't reject emergency care, can't reject based on morality grounds, and can't reject staff either. The issue here is that those schools "integrate religion into their classrooms and **maintain policies against gay and transgender students and staff**". What's next, schools that have policies against citizens of certain skin colors?


I'm opening the 5-Fold Symmetry Cult of Cthulhu Academy Grades k-12 Contact me if you'd like more information about applying


If state money is going towards private instructional institutions, then the state should have a say in what that school teaches.


Remember the separation between church and state? The Supreme Court doesn't.


Who wants to team up and start the Satanic Temple Charter School?


HAIL SATAN! I knew the Supreme Court cared about Satan. When do we all Celebrate!?!!?!?!?


tax the churches... separation of church and state can't be maintained so tax them




I support church money supporting the public then, too!


No public funds should go to any private schools. Easiest way to fix this whole damn thing.


Note that the immediate law was mainly for rural areas where schools might otherwise be scarce. Even so, I agree with Breyer's comment quoted in the article: >"Taxpayers may be upset at having to finance the propagation of religious beliefs that they do not share and with which they disagree," Breyer wrote, adding that believers in minority religions with too few members to establish schools might see injustice in public funds going to adherents of more popular faiths. To be fair, I am dismayed that any public dollars are going to private schools in the first place. Even so, I wish the Supreme Court recognized that any rule allowing public dollars to go to religious education will necessarily favor the denominations with the most believers, effectively leading to an endorsement of those religions. It is yet another slap in the face for religious minorities as well as the areligious, who are increasingly faced with state governments and a judiciary setting up a religious state.


Big props to Republicans for understanding you don’t need to have a President in office to completely destroy a country.


This looks like a prime opportunity for the Church of Satan to make a point.


And that, children, was the day we all should have stopped paying taxes.


At what point can I just stop paying taxes then? Keep religious shit out of the government! I don’t care what you do in your free time but I want no money going into this bullshit.


from the article: Maine's program provides public funds for tuition at private high schools of a family's choice in some sparsely populated areas of the northeastern state lacking public secondary schools. Maine required eligible schools to be "nonsectarian," excluding those promoting a particular religion and presenting material "through the lens of that faith." Yes the satanic temple needs to get on this but really the problem is them providing public funds for private schools.


This applies to about 2% of the kids in Maine. It's not a shortage of schools, it's people living in areas where it doesn't make sense to build a school because there are [less than 50 people per square mile](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3d/Maine_population_map.png) for a huge portion of the state.


Yeah all the same once they allow public funds for private institutions they open the door.


If taxes can fund religious schools, then churches can start paying taxes.


> the justices in a 6-3 decision overturned a lower court ruling…The court's conservative justices were in the majority in the ruling… No surprise there just depressing.


honestly, this is the correct decision legally speaking. I hate what it will lead to, but the decision isn't wrong. If the state decides to allow public funds to be used for private education, they cannot discriminate against a private school due to its religious affiliation. That tracks. I don't like it, but it seems consistent


> If the state decides to allow public funds to be used for private education Yeah, but therein lies the problem.


10000% agree. Public funds for public school only. And tax churches. But none of those thing were before the court. This was exclusively " does a state that has already decided to give public money to private schools have the right to exclude a private school based on its religious affiliation." And legally they made the right call.




Time to open a school for The Flying Spaghetti Monster, bless his noodley appendages. Arrrgh!


Time to make a pagan/satanic school.


Look up Lakewood NJ to see how private religious schools bankrupted public schools.


Relgious schools or just the ones set up to indoctrinate children into good little reich wingers?


Step 1: Open a Christian school using subsided tax dollars Step 2: Apply as a non-profit and receive tax break Step 3: ask Christian community for donations Step 4: treat school as a business and upcharge education Step 5: fuck load of profit.


Time for the Church of Satan to open some elementary schools.




Opening a state accredited school takes WAY more time and effort than commissioning a statue of Baphomet