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This school is just for 2nd - 4th graders, and this is a small town. I would imagine the number of students killed represents a large portion of their student body. This is so fucked. https://www.ucisd.net/Robb And they were just two days away from the last day of the school year… unbelievable. This is just so fucking sad.


So the kids killed were 6 to 8 year olds? Those poor babies :(


Imagine being the parent whose kid that morning asked why they have to go to school on the second to last day. I don't think I even wore a backpack the last week of school and definitely skipped the last few days on many occasions


Uvalde Hospital is linked to an emergency blood drive tomorrow at the Herby Ham Activity Center (Uvalde) from 9am-2pm. No pre-registration needed.[Facebook Link](https://m.facebook.com/HerbyHam/?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZWrm47Jm-90d80KHTy5DhvBeydh3Y_d19dARn1RwzM8d0JkpiG-447mjLKT4-jgfgGaoPQ5nTiW56EIsMniKMkHfv3HJUSFeWvoyKx-SR9KHxph6APyzafvOVLHpj_JHfYGyOqnsiAZu-vr7SLFxPou6_p452iMtbuYDI2cOKP_c73C3yUHjfWK8HG3_r-iidA&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R) More ways to donate blood in South Texas [South Texas Blood & Tissue link](https://biobridgeglobal.org/community/our-thoughts-right-now-are-with-the-community-of-uvalde/) University Health San Antonio Donor Room for appointments later in the week [Twitter post ](https://twitter.com/UnivHealthSA/status/1529218935803023360)


A reminder to everyone - you should also consider donating blood beyond just this time. Blood goes bad and hospitals often need to replenish over time.


If Uvalde ISD is anything like the one in my town, this is probably the last week of school...my girls have been doing mostly games, movies, and field days. Bunch of kids could have been outside, having a great time. It's appalling.


2 days before summer break


Imagine all the happy plans that were made for those kids. And now their families are planning funerals. Fuck this shit.


Tragic isn't a big enough word. My daughter can't stop talking about camping in 4 weeks when school is done. What kind of senseless, avoidable shit is this to rip families apart and spoil what beautiful, short lives we all have in this finite space & time.


I just don’t have the vocabulary to describe something like this. It’s unfathomable to me.


The funerals from **last week’s** mass shooting in New York State AREN’T EVEN FINISHED YET. Wtf is wrong with this country? This shit—nearly every DAY—is fucking PROFANE


That’s the first thing I thought of. Today was my 9 year olds last day of school. He was so excited, he got up at 2am this morning, got dressed, brushed his teeth and hair and was ready to go. He was so excited. These kids were probably just as excited. That’s all I can think about.


I saw a post of someone looking for their kid. And the girl was smiling and wide eyed with a robb elementary shirt 💔 i hope she is well. My heart is shattered


The photo from Sandy Hook of that teacher’s sister still haunts me. Just unimaginable.


I'm friend with a parent from then, her kid has never recovered from it mentally.


How can you? I don't think I'd ever feel safe anywhere again


Not a parent, though obviously distraught and this is horrible, but I can tell I’m reacting in a different way than my friends who are parents are currently reacting. Idk why, your comment got me and now I’m crying.


My kid is only 3 but yeah, I've noticed a distinct shift in my emotional response to school shootings since having him. I always knew it was horrible but now it's a personal nightmare.


That’s the part I lament about the most having kids. It’s not the temper tantrums. It’s not the sudden 3am loud cries. It’s the realization you can do everything right as a parent and still have something horrific like this happen at no fault of your own. My heart breaks for everyone. Especially after reading that comment, children are usually so innocent I can’t imagine how traumatized they were 😭


My mind keeps latching onto the idea of these parents spending the last 2 years trying to keep their kids safe from COVID and then having something like this happen.


It was my nightmare too. I lost my son in a car accident when he was 25. It doesn't matter how old they are when you lose them it still hurts forever. Unrelentingly. These poor parents.


I read that this Thursday was their last day of school for the year.


2 days away. Absolutely gut wrenching, what the fuck


Imagine all these little kids that saw their friends die right in front of them. They are never going to be the same.


I’ll never forget reading about the little girl they carried out covered in blood from Sandy Hook that survived by lying as still as should could among the bodies of her murdered friends. That poor baby is never going to fully recover from a trauma like that . . . Edit; I thought my phrasing was clear but I’m definitely NOT saying this child is doomed to a horrible life and we should just write her off; I’m saying that she experienced an extreme trauma that is going to stay with her for the rest of her life. C-PTSD isn’t something you “overcome” and even with the best therapy available she isn’t going to be the same person she would have been had this horrific thing never been done to her.


The sole survivor of the first classroom. If I recall correctly her words when they got her mom on the phone was "Don't worry mommy I'm okay but all my friends are dead" The survivors of Mrs Soto's class were spared only because the gunman's X-M overheated Edit: To really hammer in how much worse Sandy Hook unfolded than you could think, this is what one girl heard while barricaded in the bathroom: "Help me Help me! I don't want to be here!" "Well you're here" followed by gunfire


The second grade teacher told the parents when delivering the children to the safe zone "They heard everything."


Holy fuck that's haunting. Poor baby.


I can't imagine being the sole survivor of your grade school classroom, hiding among their dead bodies. Poor girl is traumatized for life.


As a parent, this is so fucking heartbreaking. I'm not gonna quote your edit but I have a comment. I used to know someone who survived Vegas (unharmed but she was there.) She wrote a piece on her experience that I read. She said as she was running for safety, she came across like a trailer back stage. Someone was ushering people in there and tried to recruit this gal. She wrote that she didn't hide in there for fear that if the gunman found them, there was nowhere to go so they'd all be at higher risk for being shot. I know in a school you don't have a lot of great options for safety, but that's what I thought of. You end up barricaded in a bathroom and there's nowhere to run. Absolutely terrifying when nightmares become reality.


The detail that really just broke me when Sandy Hook happened was the pictures of the teachers leading the kids out with their eyes covered so they wouldn’t have to see what happened. That the teachers had just survived something so horrific, but still had the presence of mind to be looking out for their students to protect them from any additional psychological harm beyond what they’d been exposed to. That photo still makes me ugly cry - and I’m someone who is really disconnected from my emotions.


That girl must be like 16-17 now. Damn.


News reported that grief counselors will be at the high school tomorrow where the Sandy Hook survivors go to school. Tomorrow is gonna be a tough day.


They are. My daughter will be 16 Friday and she was their age when it happened.


Yeah, some of those kids are TikTok now. I've seen them come up this past year.


I actually think of her often. I hope she is having a good life.


Side Note: Alex Jones can go fuck himself


At 12 years old I saw my best friend get gunned down in a corner store. Now at 26 I still wake up at times from night terrors, I yell extremely loud and drench the bed in sweat. Unfortunately you never get over it. It’s baggage you carry for life


God, this hurts my soul.


Pretty much. I saw my best friend die in front of me at that age. I still haunts me. At least I didn’t have to see his brain matter.




I’m so sorry. Every time I read about parents today railing against any rule or reg that didn’t exist when they were a kid by arguing “they didn’t have helmets/seatbelts/safety locks when they were a kid and turned out fine” all I can think is that we never hear from the kids who didn’t turn out fine. A recent example was on a Facebook post reminding parents it’s not safe to let your kid ride on your lap on a riding lawn mower. The amount of people arguing that they do and will continue to do so was appalling. Yeah maybe nothing will ever happen. Or maybe something unforeseen will happen and you’ll wind up living with the knowledge you mangled your child for the rest of your life. Personally I’d err on the side of caution with relish if I had kids.


“Regulations are written in blood”. :(


I am so sorry my friend. I hope you are able to find some peace. Sometimes we never forget


The same thing happened not even a year ago to two children getting off the bus on the opposite corner. The bus driver let them off and they ran in front of the bus across the street. One brother made it and the other watched his get run over


The death toll has just been updated to 18 children and 3 adults.


18 kids, a teacher, the perpetrator and his grandmother.




CNN just reported 13 children transported to local hospitals with injuries, 2 confirmed dead unknown age, 1 man in his 40s transported as well. **Edit 1:** ABC News twitter now reporting 14 students plus 1 teacher dead. Suspect, an 18 year old student, is also dead. Source: https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1529202121949818881?s=20&t=us2e6Qr2OD80qUG7SevSOA **Edit 2:** ABC local affiliate confirmed 14 students dead, 1 teacher dead. The suspect additionally shot his grandmother before entering the school. 15 students were transported to local hospitals and 1 elderly female is in critical care. Source: https://abc13.com/uvalde-texas-robb-elementary-school-active-shooter-district-lockdown/11889693/ **Edit 3:** The district said that the city’s civic center will be used as a reunification center and that parents will be able to pick up their children there. **Edit 4:** There has been a lot of conflicting information about the shooter being apprehended alive or killed. Governor Abbot stated 3 minutes ago the shooter is dead after barricading himself inside the school and having a shootout with Border Patrol Police. To quote Abbot, "It's believed that responding officers killed him," he said. "It appears that two responding officers were struck by rounds but have no serious injuries." **Edit 5:** Pete Arredondo, the chief of police for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, has confirmed the shooter acted alone and is dead. The Chief of Police identified the shooter but I will not be posting his name or information. **Edit 6:** 18 children were killed in Tuesday’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, according to Sgt. Erick Estrada of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Note: some news agencies are reporting 18 children and 2 adults, while some are reporting 18 children and 3 adults. Can’t confirm how many adults were killed at this time. **Edit 7:** AP is now reporting “at least 19 children dead”.


Gov. Abott just confirmed that fourteen are dead. So far they've mentioned one teacher, but implied the other casualties are children. The school is for kids in the 2nd through 4th grade.


So 8 to 10 year olds. Those poor babies.


I can’t even fathom that. How will the parents and the officers who came across that scene ever be normal again? How do you explain what happened to the kids that survived? I just can’t believe how someone could be so cowardly and evil that instead of just killing your self you decide to murder a classroom full of children before you go.


The surviving kids’ innocence is lost and that is truly a fucking shame. They’re so young.


Over a dozen of them in hospital with likely gunshot wounds…imagine wearing that scar for the rest of your life. Or being one of the “unharmed” survivors having witnessed your classmates and friends shot and murdered. I was in 1st grade and went to school in the same district as Columbine when it happened. The lockdown, the community terror and trauma was really scary and left a scar on me. I can’t imagine what these kids, parents, and teachers are going to go through now for the rest of their lives. I have a 12 year old and I’ve always thought to myself that I might homeschool him for high school, as it seems it’s mostly high schools that have mass murder events these days. Guess that was hopeful thinking. Fuck.


My kid’s age. I’m equally numb and sick.


I don't have kids and this makes me sick to my stomach.


I love my kids but being a parent is so fucking scary. People are sick. I just want to keep them with me forever but you can’t raise kids that way. Sometimes I wish I never had them BECAUSE I love them so much.


I feel the same way and this is also what keeps me from having any more.


My kid just turned 8. And these kids had 2 days left of school… I can’t even anymore. I watched sandy hook air live before having a kid and my heart still broke. There has got to be a point of enough


Jesus christ. Uvalde is such a small town. That community will never be the same again


Am from Newtown. Can confirm


How did Newtown change after that event? If you're willing to share? Hope you're healing.


Pretty much everyone knows someone who died or lost someone, if you can imagine how that would impact a community. It’s all intertwined. My parents went to high school with several parents who lost children. My aunt lost several of her students and one of her best friends. My older cousins went to that elementary school and were in lockdown with siblings of children killed, and my younger cousins later went to the renovated school. My grandparents’ church congregation was still being harassed by Alex Jones-types every Sunday up until just before the pandemic. There’s been a simple but poignant memorial at the end of their street that’s been up for the last 10 years. There are memorials on people’s lawns every December; Christmas is forever tainted.


the shooter is also dead. looks like it was by police. 15 in total. shooter also shot his grandmother prior to the school shooting. unsure of grandmothers condition at this time.


Abbot confirmed that 15 are dead, plus the gunman > Abbott says the suspected shooter, an 18-year-old man, also died and was believed to be killed by responding officers. He says 14 children and one teacher were killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, about 85 miles west of San Antonio https://apnews.com/article/b4e4648ed0ae454897d540e787d092b2




Almost a carbon copy of Sandy Hook, down to the murder of a family member to start things. Infuriating how this country can't take concrete steps to end this kind of tragedy.


Via BNO, ABC claim as much as 14 dead


Here's the ABC story: https://abcnews.go.com/US/texas-elementary-school-reports-active-shooter-campus/story?id=84940951 And they've now updated to say: > The suspect in the shooting is also dead, according to sources.


It’s now 16 per BNO.


I'm a teacher of 8-10 year olds and I spend so much time worrying about this shit. I make no money and am not prepared to defend a classroom of my kids. Oh we can put a chair in front of the door? How helpful. It's exhausting seeing this. I can't imagine feeling that fear with my class. Breaks my heart.


I push into classes now to teach science, but I taught gen ed third grade for a few years. I would lay awake at night trying to figure out how I could get my 31 9-year olds across the field and through the gate to the neighborhood if there was a shooter. I worried about some of them not being able to keep up. I tried to make contingency plans for my student with cerebral palsy. I struggled to push away the thoughts of how my husband would cope if I was killed. What a nightmare.


CNN updated. 18 kids now dead. ~~3~~ 2 adults. Edit: It’s now up to 19 kids. Devastating. As some pointed out, the 3 adults included the killer/terrorist, and we do not care to include him in the death toll.


and for some reason the shooter had 105k followers on instagram hours after the shooting 😑 edit: his account just got banned


BBC news just said 14 are dead. My god. This is fucking awful.


Edit: as of ~~8:15 PM EST~~ 9:30 PM EST, the death toll is now 21: 19 children, 2 adults. The gunman is also dead & not included in the totals. It’s 15. 14 students, 1 teacher. Also one dead gunman. > Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says 15 people were killed in a shooting Tuesday at an elementary school. > Abbott says the suspected shooter, an 18-year-old man, also died and was believed to be killed by responding officers. He says 14 children and one teacher were killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, about 85 miles west of San Antonio. > Abbott says the shooter had a handgun and possibly a rifle. https://apnews.com/article/b4e4648ed0ae454897d540e787d092b2


He also killed his grandmother beforehand


I think I read shot, I don't think she was confirmed dead


I haven't seen her confirmed dead yet either. EDIT: The grandmother was confirmed dead after I posted this.


An elementary school, fuck man.


As someone that watched Newtown unfold literally 10 minutes from my house, this hurts alot.


My mom was a teacher in Sandy Hook and knew some of the victims. I’ll never forget that day I called her cell phone frantically trying to see if she was ok.


One of my highschool teacher's mother was killed during the shooting. Her name was Mary Sherlach, she was the school psychologist at Sandy Hook. We have a memorial up for her on my highschool's website. We had a small plaque in the hallway too, it was very chilling to walk by everyday.


Wow, we may have had the same teacher. I definitely remember my high school teacher losing her mother in the shooting. It was an absolutely terrifying day as a high school student in the next town over. We locked down and, as the story unfolded via cell phone texts and news posts, we all just felt our souls crushed by the knowledge that this was *here*, and that this was *real*. In our minds, we thought that *this* would be what changes how our country handles guns and violence. Instead, we got a doubling down from the Republicans and the shitstain that is Alex Jones peddling conspiracies that this never happened.


Im sorry. The trauma just ripples outward….


Take care of yourself. I can only imagine.


I work with kids and fuck how can anyone look at a child and think "yeah I wanna shoot that?"


I remember reading something about the Sandy hook guy, how he wanted to "save" the children, by killing them


Literally a second Sandy Hook 10 years later.


Holy fuck it's been 10 years already? Damn. Time really flies. I was 12 when Columbine happened, and since then it's hard to keep track of what happened when. So much unnecessary trauma.


I was 9 when Columbine happened. Sandy Hook was the first "big one" for me, and I hate to put it that way.


I was 13 when Columbine happened and in high school. It rocked our world. If 9/11 didn't happen Columbine would have been the event that split my life into before and after.


I was in college when Columbine happened. Let me tell you, this shit isn't normal. I went through my entire grade school without having to think about shit like this. Shit, I grew up during the gang violence filled 90s, and unless you were into doing dirt, you didn't have to worry about this. Everyone who came before me never had to think about dealing with shit like this. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.


I'm in high school rn and just hearing the announcements turn on during the school day is enough to scare you for a few seconds until they say whatever they had to say. Was a shitshow when they said lockdown, not a drill a few months back


This is now the 9th deadliest mass shooting in United States history.


Only the 9th…?! Holy fuck


It’s now the 7th


It's also the 2nd deadliest k-12 shooting. The top two are both elementary schools. It's so fucked.


The suspect was 18 years old. What drives someone so young to do something like this?


As an elementary school psychologist I feel implored to say: there are not enough of us to deal with the mental health crisis affecting our American kids. We need more school psychs, we need more counselors, we need more social workers. At least one in each school nationwide. We need to make this a priority in our legislation. The National Association of School Psychologists recommends a ratio of 1:500 (one school psychologist per 500 students). In Texas the average is 1:2,656. [(And that’s not even one of the highest ratios in the country.)](https://www.nasponline.org/assets/Documents/FINAL_NASP-Ratio-Chart_update.pdf) We want to help but we are drowning. EDIT: [Please see this resource from NASP for help with talking to kids after events like this.](https://www.nasponline.org/Documents/Resources%20and%20Publications/Resources/At%20a%20Glance/talking%20to%20children%20about%20violence%202021.pdf)


I’m a psychologist who works at an academic medical center. Our current wait time for mental health care is 12 months.


I’m a parent. Thank you for what you do. What, if anything, can parents do to help?


Please monitor your kids and their mental health. If you see any changes, check in on them. Be annoying if you have to. Reach out to professionals if you have to.


The sad thing is the kids that survived will probably have life-long PTSD. These kids will probably be scared of even going to school...


Tomorrow- for the umpteenth time in my career- I will have to reassure multiple classes of students that yes, we have a plan if a shooter comes in, yes, we have a fire ladder I bought in case we ever need to climb out the window two stories down, yes, we can pile all the desks and chairs in front of the door if we need to, and yes, I will always do everything in my power to protect them. Teachers tomorrow will have to reassure groups of children that there is a plan in place in case someone comes to their school and tries to murder them. Sit with that for a moment and realize exactly how grotesquely messed up that is. I have lost hope. As a teacher of more than two decades and parent, my heart is aching and angry… yet again. The systems that run our country are broken or woefully inadequate and NOTHING CHANGES.


Thnx for being a teacher and a good person


This is never going to end.


Damn 14 students dead, 1 teacher, and the shooter is also dead. This is one of the worst ones yet... ​ https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/texas-elementary-school-shooting-05-24-22/index.html


apnews is now saying 18 dead total, death toll is expected to rise.


21 total, 18 children.


I feel like an old man for remembering when we only had to worry about school shootings at high schools.


I was just talking to my brother about this. We were out eating lunch when we saw what was happening on TV and it came up. I was born in '87 and remember life before Columbine and 9/11 while he was born in '96 and doesn't really have as much of an impact on him as it does for me. It's weird and sad. Edit: I'm getting a lot of replies and DMs about this comment from people around my age and younger. A lot of people are sharing personal stories etc and I know it's numbing that this keeps happening but at the same time for a lot of us it's a collective/shared trauma that we grew up with and lived through the change of the aftermath so please don't forget to talk to people in your life if it's overwhelming or need further help. It's a bitch to talk about online because it's so matter of fact but you can still vent if needed.


Blew my mom's mind when I explained to her how kids view school shootings compared to how someone like her might. She had no idea we did active shooter drills. She was shocked when a friend and I confirmed we both suspected the same kid of being the eventual school shooter if it happened to us. It was damn near normal to us. Edit: I should say my mom did know about the active shooter drills but more so not how often they happened. Also just to add to this, I think I had a bomb threat like 4/6 years between Middle and high school. Non-Legit but I'm wondering how normal that is now.


My mother retired last year from her job in administration at an elementary school. When she told me one time about how they were struggling to do active shooter drills because they had to follow pandemic guidelines, it was such a surreal moment.


My wife is an elementary school teacher. She had to go through the same thing. Luckily her classroom was relocated to a trailer that was scheduled to be decommissioned 9 years ago far away from the main building so her Covid/active shooter risk is lower.


There it is. The most depressing string of words I’ve ever seen.


I've been graduated highschool for over ten years. Happened to be near my elementary school recently and the "temporary" trailer they built for us in the 5th grade was still there


My kid’s In kindergarten and I had to explain to him why they do these drills. It’s my biggest fear when I send him to school :(


during the January 6th insurrection, many congressmen said when the were all trying to hide/evacuate, it was all their young staffers that spring into action and knew what to do because of all their school shooter drills they had to do.


God, I'm just old enough to remember pre-Columbine. Didn't even have to worry about shootings.


I just turned 40 and was in high school when Columbine happened. My school had a bomb threat shortly after that and I remember going to school the day the supposed attack was taking place and there being maybe five of us in my trig class, just bullshitting the whole time. This shit has really been going on more than half my life at this point.


The shit has been going on for even longer than that. Ever heard "I don't like Mondays"? That song is about a 1979 shooting where the 16 year old shooter shot across the road at an elementary school - two adults dead, eight children and one police officer injured.


Why can't these shooters just kill themselves and be done with it. How screwed mentally must a person be to decide to murder children. My heart hurts.


Precisely because they want you to hurt.


A LOT of people really only get joy out of their lives from hurting others. See also all those people who are overjoyed to "trigger others", etc. They absolutely want you to hurt. They get off on knowing others will be hurt. That's the only reason a lot of people exist. To make sure others will be hurt. It's messed up.


It's never going to stop, is it. My granddaughter is the same age as the Sandy Hook kids. Those children would be 16 years old now.


This one is so bad that I'm not even numb to it like the others. 14 kids.


I audably gasped at the news. This one hits hard.


I'm so, so tired of this happening.


How much of a coward do you have to be to shoot kids.


Why schools too? Never understood that.


How else do you get talked about for the next 15 minutes? Save a life? Won't even be remembered. Take a life? They will remember you, take 16 lives, some in school? Congrats, you're internet famous. The next school shooter is going to learn all about this dude, see how NOW they pay attention to the man who just wanted to be heard. He will think "if this is what it takes, count me in" Rinse, repeat.


Yep. There’s a teenage boy out there in America who’s finishing up his own dumbass manifesto and plotting how to carry out the next massacre. More than one, probably.


I’m an elementary school teacher and mom to a 5 & 7 year old. I’m September we had an active shooting in the neighborhood and the suspect ran from the police by hiding at the school. We were on lock down for several hours. I had to swallow my tears and push it all away and keep comforting my class of 10 year olds who were crying for their parents. We didn’t know the situation except that the police put us on lock down because there was an armed suspect on campus. And we could hear the helicopters. I hid them in a corner, in the dark and quiet sobs. And I moved quietly and slowly, crawling on my hands and knees to spend time rubbing each child’s back and to tell them it was ok. For hours. In my heart I decided that I had no choice but to do everything I could to protect these kids and I hoped that didn’t mean talk a shooter out of it or worse. And as a mom, that’s what I’d want my kids’ teacher to do. And as a mom, that meant I was deciding to die if I had to. Luckily the police apprehended the suspect (who had no intention of being at our school or harming kids) and everyone got home safe. School teachers should never ever have to be in this position. But here we are. The students & teachers in Texas were not as lucky as we were. This is a huge problem, no one really feels safe in elementary schools anymore. Every time the bell rings or we have a drill the students start welling up with tears. It’s not right. My heart aches because I know the teacher who died was put in an impossible position, for what? Is it finally enough? I just can’t even imagine the pain those families are feeling. Hopefully their deaths won’t be forgotten and will bring about change.


Thank you for sharing. You sound like an incredible teacher and person. I commented this elsewhere in this thread, but this just furthers my absolute hatred at people pushing the idea that teachers should be carrying guns. Teachers shouldn’t HAVE to carry guns. Teaching SHOULD NOT be a LIFE OR DEATH PROFESSION. I am so sorry. My heart hurts.


Two weeks ago, I arrived at school in the am and hadn’t even made it out of the parking lot when we heard over the loudspeaker, SHELTER IN PLACE! GET TO THE NEAREST CLASSROOM. Kids were running everywhere, falling, confused parents were dropping off kids and I’m urgently telling Kids to go to the nearest classroom. I had asked a fellow teacher, is this a real one? A parent with a newborn and two small kids was getting out of her vehicle and I told her to leave campus because I didn’t know what was going on. Nobody knew. I had to pee and I didn’t want to get trapped in a room peeing in a trash can with fifty scared kids so I proceeded to the staff bathroom. I didn’t hear gunshots, so I took the risk. My boss was welcoming kids on campus- we hadn’t even served breakfast yet- and telling kids to go to the cafeteria. I stayed outside with him, encouraging students to enter the cafeteria instead of proceeding all the way across campus to class. And then my boss forgot to lock our gate, leaving us exposed. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It turns out there was a homeless person with a stick about a mile away, and in an abundance of caution, they locked down every school in a two mile radius. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We had injured kids, because they fell or ran into things. I can’t even believe parents were just letting me pull kids from the car and telling them to go to random classrooms. Most scary, bizarre way to start a school day. .


My mom is a teacher there, she apparently texted my sister that she is ok. We haven't been able to contact her since. Edit: She's home now, didn't get shot.


I'm so sorry, this must be horrible for you both.


Sickening honestly, i have family with children in that school, haven't heard anything at all so I hope everyone is ok.


Nothing I can think of to say feels adequate to the situation, but my thoughts are with your family, and I hope you get good news soon.


She's home now so at least that's good.


Glad to hear. Sorry she went through that. I can't even fucking imagine.


I’m so sorry :( I’m so glad she is ok.


Cell phone towers go down sometimes due to the high volume in the area at one time after an event


Sitting my my elementary school classroom right now, the kids just left for the day, and I am sobbing. I told them all how much I cared for them and that I am always here if they need me, even if they have scary feelings. Ugh. Such a tragedy.


My son is having a water play day in kindergarten today. I am just sick. Absolutely fucking sick. Two days left of school and I'm sitting here crying and wanting to keep him home. AMERICA IS NOT OK. Thank you for being there for them. I know how much your kids mean to you and, as a parent, I'm so thankful there are educators like you out there.


I lost my son almost 2 years ago. It wasn’t a shooting but it was unexpected. Those parents will never be the same. My heart breaks for them.


Live in San Antonio l and contemplating not sending my son for the last two days. Some sick fuck probably looking at repeating this shit. Edit: my wife (teacher) and I had a conversation so my 8 year old could know what was going on because he heard after school. What a fucking world we live in that we have to have this conversation with our elementary kids. I don’t care what others think, I couldn’t stop tearing up and hugging him. My son… cried and asked “I feel so sorry for those kids, I wish they had a second chance, I wish they had a second chance, it’s not fair”. You’re right son, it isn’t fair.


I recommend spending the next two days staying home with your kid and doing nothing but kid stuff. Breakfast for dinner, blanket forts, tea parties with the stuffies, the lot. That's what I think I'd do.


I don’t think you’ll be the only one doing that. I imagine lots of parents will be keeping their kids home. Sending your kids to school after a shooting like this would be so difficult. I’m sorry. Edit: I saw the superintendent said the school year is finished now and everything is cancelled


You don't need to send your kids to school. You are a good parent. I'm so sorry you have to have these feelings about something that should never ever ever happen.


I know, I agree. I subscribe to the "worry about what you control" mentality (I try too at least) and this is something I can control.


I legit feel like I’m going to throw up. Those were children man. Entire futures was ripped away.


I feel so fucking hopeless as a parent. Those poor babies. Those poor parents. How can I keep my baby from being brutally murdered at school?


Imagine being the parents whose kid doesn't show up as everyone is anxiously waiting to be reunited with their kids


Just saw someone on Twitter say : “After Sandy Hook, I read about how the group of parents waiting in a firehouse had dwindled until finally they were told that if they were still there, their children were dead. The reporters wrote that the screaming could be heard from the street.” I can’t even fathom the pain of waiting.


The kids have all been evacuated to a community center to be reunified with their parents. It's going to be precisely that scene, again.


Hell couldnt think of a torture worde than that.


I bawled just reading that.


I read all the parents are being told to wait to get their kids until everyone is accounted for. I can’t even allow my brain to simulate that experience of waiting. Good God.


The only thing on your mind would be to rush in and hug your child and never let go. To be waiting and not even know if your child is alive or not…I can’t comprehend that level of pain for those parents.


13 people died in Columbine and it dominated news media and academic study for at least 2 years, and remained an active memory for long after. Now the same number or double can die and it won't be news in 10 days. What the fuck is going on???


The normalization of mass shootings man, such a fucked thing to exist


The number of people I've encountered who had never heard of or had totally forgotten until reminded of the 2017 Vegas shooting where 60 PEOPLE DIED is still shocking to me.


With over 400 injured in the gunfire and another 400 injured in the chaos that ensued...


Probably also forgot about Pulse nightclub, and Charleston, and VT, and Sutherland Springs, and El Paso, and Aurora, and literally anything else longer than 6 months ago


Not to mention the Orlando shooting.


Columbine was the first one like the ones we have regularly now. It was unheard of and completely shocking at the time. It also happened in a very upscale area, and I recall at the time that people were shocked that one of the shooters lived in a million dollar home. It was honestly thought at the time that your kid couldn't turn out that fucked up if you just provided them with a "good home" and sent them to good schools.


Specifically at Robb Elementary: https://bnonews.com/index.php/2022/05/active-shooter-at-robb-elementary-school-in-uvalde-texas/ Couldn't find another source that was acceptable to the sub's filters, so more details in the link above so far.


“… one of the deadliest ever to happen at an elementary school.”


They should stop calling these things mass shootings and call them child massacres because that’s what this was


Those poor kids had only two days of school left before summer vacation.


>It was the deadliest shooting at a U.S. grade school since I'll take "Ways I Never Want Sentences to Start" for $2000, Alex


"it's not a guns issue, it's a mental health issue." Ok, will you fund mental health? "....no. "


Another Sandy Hook tragedy, every parent’s worst nightmare come to life.


Hey Abbott......other countries have mental health issues but no daily shootings. Why is that?


https://twitter.com/ElizLanders/status/1529212065432457216?t=uf5nmHNCkO6WCN6Na9awgg&s=19 an enraged @ChrisMurphyCT on the Senate floor: "What are we doing? Why are you here? If not to solve a problem as existential as this? This isn't inevitable. These kids weren't unlucky. This only happens in this country and no where else."


I just went to my 1st graders end of year celebration today at her school and I’m just mortified by this. I hate that this shit keeps happening. Those poor little babies.


Seeing “21 dead” on the update made my heart drop. Fuck man


"Arm the teachers" say the right. So you're going to give them weapons that can get through the body-armour of these shooters, so high-powered guns. Then you're going to give them body armour, so as to give them a chance against these shooters' high-powered guns. And you need to train them to a level of marksmanship where they're able to defeat the level of markmanship of a self-trained shooter. So basically, **in every single classroom in the country**, you're going to have trained marksmen, in full body armour, with a high-powered gun at their side, at the front of the class, teaching basic mathematics?


It’s the fact that they’d rather turn schools into military grounds and teachers into soldiers before even thinking of removing the very weapon itself. America is fucked.


I have a third grader and a fifth grader and I can’t imagine the absolute anguish I would feel finding out my child died scared and alone at school in this way. I’m also a teacher and I can’t even begin to think of how scary this would be if it happened at my school. When sandy hook happened I was pregnant with my now third grader and remember thinking that I had so long before I had to worry about something like this and I cried then like I have today. We as a country are so broken and I know in my heart it’ll never end. There was a first grade baby with 20 bullets in her body in Sandy Hook and our country did nothing then. These people affected will never recover. It’s so sad.


Another god-damned Sandy Hook...


At least we can rest easy knowing absolutely nothing will be done about this


We didn't do anything after Sandy Hook, can't see another elementary school being any different. Maybe if it were a private school where the politicians' kids went they might be bothered to make the slightest change.


Im here in Uvalde, no way in hell im not going to the blood drive tomorrow, my mom's a fucking teacher here, her school isnt near robb but if she was one of those killed idk what the fuck i would do with my self man, this is the first time ive cried in years.


I just found a list of things that will be done to remedy this:
















MSNBC just confirmed 18 kids, 3 adults dead


Twenty 6 and 7-year olds were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary Schools, and no real change was made to at least help prevent it from happening again.


CNN just reported that all victims were inside the same classroom.


Sad thing is we won’t even be talking about this in a week. And then there will be another one 😥


There will still be Johnny Depp coverage by the time people get over this