To loosely quote Prop Joe: *"Why is it that every Baltimore motherfucker think that running the fuck away means crossing downtown? Shit, you should be in New York or Philly or some shit.*"


Remember when Afluenza kids parents took him and fled to Mexico... hold up, I read that wrong. They fled to a Mexican resort that, IIRC, wasn't that resort so popular for people fleeing America that the FBI has a drive thru to pick up fugitives or some shit?


Lol yeah I was like… east detroit? Wasn’t Oakland northwest suburb? No actual geography knowledge of the area, but from what I remembered it seemed funny.


Yeah, they travelled roughly an hour from the HS. Maybe they were thinking of crossing into Canada? Still not the best idea lol Edit: I meant it wasn't the best idea because they probably couldn't get in even with a $1M bribe- not because Canada is a bad place or anything.


Not their worst idea recently.


They were going to have a tough time getting into Canada, or going places in there without vaccine cards. But seriously, they were abandoning their own kid, whose issues they clearly played a significant role in creating.


It’s a 50 minute or so drive. I used to do it everyday. If I were a piece of shit parent, I would opt to go up north, not Detroit where the population isn’t mostly an ethnicity I am.


Every TV show ever "he was spotted here 3 hours ago he must be somewhere in the city." Why? They act like the city doesn't take 30 minutes to leave.


These are terrible parents.


It's sad that their terrible parenting not only ruined their son's life, but the lives of many more people.


And they are also terrible runaways. Can’t get anything right.


To be fair, a nationwide BOLO is pretty hard to run away from -- especially given the amount of media attention they received, and especially since the parents were a pair. Interesting to think that even Qinxuan Pan, the MIT grad student who murdered a Yale student, only lasted about 100 days. (Presumably, he was much smarter than these parents, and I think Pan had a longer head start and more cash on hand.) The long arm of justice will eventually reach you.


Right? The idea that you’re stupid if you can’t successfully flee from the FBI and US Marshalls is wild. Stupid to try to flee? Absolutely. But I would expect that most people that attempt to flee aren’t successful.


I mean you have to be smart about it. Like trying to cross at a busy area into Canada? Dumb move. Smart ones go up to the dakotas and Montana where the only thing separating the borders at times is a simple 2 foot tall wire fence.


For what its worth - the majority of the Canada/US border has absolutely nothing separating it except a strip of clear cut, and the occasional sensor. I only know about the sensors, as I've been involved in a Missing Persons case for work that was right along the border, where US officials had to be contacted. If anybodys interested how close it gets, i know theres a town split down the middle out East somewhere. Plus Zero Ave in BC. Your neighbours across the street are flying different flags.


Derby Line, VT. The border actually runs through the library.


Well now I just imagine someone wanting to check out a book and the librarian goes: “sorry, that must be checked out on the Canadian side of the building.” And there’s, like, book border patrol.


The smart ones just go full homeless hermit in the woods I suspect. You don’t get to retire to a villa on the beach as a wanted criminal. If you want to successfully evade law enforcement, you need to go full Unabomber.


Ethan Crumbley: Gets charged for murder His Parents: Ah shit they got him lets split


Behaviour like this makes me think that the parents contributed to this kid’s issues and resultant actions.


This may be controversial, but regardless of what we learned now after the fact, Parents are almost always contributors to their kids severe mental health issues when they exist. People don't start off wanting to shoot up a school. Its a process to get to that stage of missing red flags and ignoring/dropping the ball on cries for help. Most of the times these red flags are missed due to ignorance of mental health (which we need to fix). In the case of the Crumbleys, they had giant billboards infront of them basically depicting what their kid was gonna do and how he was gonna do it but didn't react.


I'd say "didn't react" would be putting it very kindly. They bought him a gun and, on the day of the shooting and then blocked the school's attempt to send the kid home and get him help.


Can’t a school force a kid home though? They suspend and expel kids all the time. I’m so confused why he wasn’t forced by the school to leave regardless of what the parents wanted.


They may have had trouble doing that if he didn't actually break a rule that has suspension as a punishment. I know at my highschool, unless you broke some other rule multiple times, the only thing that would guarantee an expulsion is bringing a firearm to School. You could also get expelled if you brought a deadly weapon, but you may have needed to threaten someone with it to not just receive a suspension.


The prosecutor said around 1:22 p.m. that day, Jennifer texted her son, “Ethan, don’t do it.” About 10 minutes later, James reportedly called 911 to report a gun missing from their home. It was stored in an unlocked drawer in their bedroom, McDonald said.


This, after the parents heard there was an active shooter at the school. Edit Source: prosecutor's press conference, e.g. [CNN's clip of the timeline of events](https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/12/03/michigan-oxford-high-school-shooting-suspects-parents-charged-timeline-vpx.cnn).


Their kid is so fucked in the head that the first thought when they heard about the school shooting was to assume it was him? And they still bought him a gun less than a week before the shooting? *Why*


The parents were called into school earlier that day because a note was found by a teacher from the kid drawing the future shooting basically and him writing "The thoughts won't stop. Help me." The parents refused to take their kid out of school for the day for counseling. Also, didn't check if he had the gun while they were there, instead they went home to do that. Stupid, negligent, or malicious, I don't know.


What I don’t get, is why the school didn’t force the issue. My sister made an anti-gun poster that was deemed ‘too violent’ and they made my mother come pick her up and suspended her for 3 days. *for a school project*. Since when do the parents get a choice?


I don't understand either. If the school says to take your kid home you just do it, it shouldn't be a choice.


Because spineless administration roll over for parents all the time. Source: am a teacher


This is a fact. They’ll roll over for students half the time too.


Agreed! I was physically threatened by one of my students and my admin told me if I pressed charges that it would make headlines and they asked me if I wanted all that attention? Like really!


My youngest, at age 5, was suspended for a week for using his hand as a gun on the playground. I did not have the option not to immediately pick him up, so yeah, WTF Edit: happened in 2012, a zero tolerance policy. I thought it was incredibly stupid


>since when do the parents get a choice Depends if the kid had an IEP or other plan. It can be very difficult to remove students with needs, and if this kid had been diagnosed as someone with a disability of some sort (seems pretty clear he was not mentally fit) then it can be extremely difficult to suspend. Especially if the parents appeal it, which these two morons seem likely to have done


Couldn’t the school have checked his bag and locker at that point to make sure there wasn’t a gun though before sending him back to class? Unless maybe it was hidden in the bathroom that he walked out of


This was my thinking as well. I’m a special ed teacher and when kids have an IEP for emotional disturbance it’s incredibly difficult to remove them - especially if the parents appeal it. We had a seriously disturbed student with parents that refused to take any responsibility and blamed the school for everything. It took him having criminal charges filed against him before he was removed.


Because they are either A. Criminally negligent parents, or B. Wanted this to happen. When you're child is talking about how the voices won't stop it's probably long past time to get him help, not give him a gun and leave him unattended


It's also possible they were just shitty parents to the kid all his life. He probably does have some mental deficiencies but if the parents let it just go on without help they are culpable regardless.


Maybe they were hoping he would just kill himself...


I suspect this is the actual answer.


Shit. That's actually darker than I ever thought of. I kept asking myself why they would give him the gun... That sadly, actually makes a lot of sense. These parents were well aware of their son's issues and still chose to give him a gun that was "his". Edit: McDonald said James Crumbley bought the gun four days before it was used in the shooting. His son Ethan was with him and later posted on social media about the gun, calling it "my new beauty." Jennifer Crumbley also posted about the gun on social media, calling it "his new Christmas present," McDonald said. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/12/03/us/michigan-oxford-high-school-shooting-superintendent-message/index.html


Reminds me of that "I don't like Mondays" school shooter (Brenda Spencer). She said she asked her dad for a clock radio for Christmas. He got her a gun. He was so abusive and neglectful that she said she figured he was hoping she'd kill herself with it. That girl also had a brain injury from a bike accident and had been in therapy but he pulled her out. These people sound similar. Dad was also a deadbeat not paying child support to his first wife. Just weirdos all around.


I mean but at the same point aren’t you worried about the son killing you before he does that?


Yeah, that never sat right with me. Especially now that we know what happened Tuesday morning, neither parent probably thought to do anything until they heard the news of an active shooter at their son's school, and then immediately realized it was him.


After they knew what he had done. Trying to cover their own asses after getting four people killed.


I don’t understand her logic behind that text. It was 20 minutes after it happened. If she was trying to make it look like, “Hey at least I tried!” does she not know about time stamps? She only made it obvious that she was fully aware of what he would do yet did nothing to stop him.


My theory is that they probably thought the school was overreacting to their sons behavior. Obviously they didn’t take its seriously. But then they heard someone was shooting up the school after just that morning being called in by the administrators because their son was drawing pictures of shooting up the school. Their blood runs cold with the realization of just how badly they’ve fucked up, not taking the warnings seriously, unsecured guns, etc. The mom texts him not to do it because she knows that it has to be him. The dad speeds home to verify that the gun is still there, and it’s not so he reports it to the police. These aren’t good people, they’re culpable in this crime with their negligence and arrogance and stupidity, but I don’t think they wanted their son to shoot up a school like some people in this thread are saying.


I think that sounds the most plausible version. There’s all sorts of people with stupid entitled personalities which crave conflict and hate authority (and pass their to their kids) but it would be really really weird for them to want their kid to kill others and get killed/blamed. That wouldn’t add up to me. It’s strange how so many people grasp for the most bizarre theory and then go ‘Oh they most probably…’ when it’s absurd.


And how she texted him “lol” when earlier the school told her a teacher caught him looking up ammo. These people need to be tried by a jury.


And told him he just needed to learn how not to get caught. She's not very good at that herself apparently, given this idiotic situation and the fact she'd been arrested a few times before. Moronic sociopaths, the whole family.


What had she been arrested for before?


DUI(2005), check fraud, and driving with a suspended license in 2003 [Source](https://www.news4jax.com/i-team/2021/12/02/i-team-suspected-michigan-school-shooters-parents-have-lived-worked-were-arrested-in-jacksonville/)


Aaaand they were from Florida.


They withdrew $4,000 from an ATM as well. Good luck in court idiots. Edit: seems I was incorrect, they actually walked into a bank branch to withdraw the money per [NBC News.](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/parents-suspected-michigan-high-school-shooter-are-charged-involuntary-rcna7479) "The Crumbleys walked into a bank Friday and withdrew $4,000 for reasons that weren’t immediately known, a source with direct knowledge told NBC News."


I was going to say, nobody is withdrawing $4k from an atm. The most the bank ever allowed me was $1k and at some point they dropped it to $400 at a time with a $1k daily maximum.


You can call your bank and have them raise your ATM limit. It's more an issue of finding an ATM that will allow larger withdrawals. I have a non-local bank and needed $4k asap one time, you can absolutely do it if you hit a few different ATMs.


Huh. Caught hiding out in a building just blocks from the bridge to Canada. That's gonna look real good as a parent, let alone as a fugitive.


The chuds probably got turned away from Canada because they weren’t vaxxed lol


They'd be turned away for their DUIs as well




I used to think about 90% of people are normal/smart... after starting our own business in healthcare that number is now only 10% of people are. I'm not even confident on what category I'm in anymore 🤣 I think we're all pretty blind to how messed up some people are. There are to many repeated trends in situations like this one. Yes they deserve what's coming and I also see systemic issues too. I don't think these unfortunate events are a total surprise anymore.


If you assume you're stupid, you can always make yourself smarter. If you assume you're smart, you run the risk of being stupid forever.


Well at least now we can now officially rule it out. These people are not criminal masterminds. I might go so far as to say that they are complete fucking idiots.


These two abandoned their car and were preparing to swim across the Detroit River into Canada, apparently. Swim across the river in the middle of the night in winter. Criminal masterminds, they are not.


Did they think they wouldn’t be caught in Canada and sent back.


Well, they certainly wouldn't have been caught in Canada if they tried crossing through the water.


Currents + winter = death.


the thing is 800m wide at least. in winter. at night. Heavy ship traffic. The currents are just the cherry on top


Pretty much this. They could be extremely skilled swimmers and that wouldn’t mean jack shit in the cold / boat risks. It’s pretty much suicide to go into water without multiple ways to immediately warm up the second you leave… even then.


That river and the current is no joke. It is one of the most, if not the most difficult waterway to navigate in the US. I have a 30’ boat and use this same river in a different location than Detroit with it. I haven’t seen any actual indication that is what they were planning other than reading it here, but just hearing the idea sounds extremely risky to me.


Someone died last year (2 years ago?) about 20' from Belle Isle trying to rescue a drowning girl. Twenty feet. And he worked for the fire department (assuming SOME level of fitness there). And they were planning to swim across the river? As Morgan Freeman once said in a movie, "good luck".


I mean the currents aren't even necessary tbh. They weren't going to make it either way


They looked at the map and thought it wasn't that far


Can’t even imagine the thought process. “Well, Canada’s like white Mexico issinit? It’s foreign annit’s white so then let’s go!”


Canada=“White Mexico”. My day is off to a great start with that one lmao


I prefer when people refer to Canadians as Snow Mexicans




It's funny, because the mother complained to Trump about immigrant students having their parents locked up for being criminals...and here we are 5 years later.


Mother complained about immigrants swimming across the Rio Grande. Flash forward 12 months and her and her moronic husband are considering illegal entry into Canada by swimming across the Detroit River. Mental midgets.


Also mentioned those "illegal students" threatening to murder teachers. But sure, when *your* kid shoots up a school, your first reaction is not only to jump the border but do it in the most idiotic way possible.


Well that's completely different because those people are \*checks notes\*... brown ^/s


Curious what the rest of their plan was after reaching Canada. Even if Canada didn't care about their warrants, they'd still be illegal aliens.


I somehow doubt they planned that far ahead.


I'm sure any irony of Trump voters illegally crossing a nations's southern border would be totally lost on them.


Somehow Detroit is north of Canada. Looking at a map of Detroit tonight was surprising.


Even more surprising: there are more Americans living North of Toronto than Canadians.


Conversely, 72% of Canadians live south of Montana and Washington states' northernmost border (the 49th parallel). 50% of Canadians live below the 45th parallel.


America is not sending their best.


Detroit: become idiots


That plan didn't go so well in the game either.


8 km Explaining the joke: Come on people. It's 8 Mile, but they're a few yards shy of a mile (if you catch my drift). Also, Canada. This ain't rocket science.


They would die if they attempted to swim across the river. There are also helicopters and coast guard boats patrolling.


Half a mile wide (minimum) and 41°F (800m, 5°c) Now I have some dumb ideas, but even I know better


The current would probably drown them before hypothermia or drowning from exhaustion.


Quite possibly, I have literally no clue about the river beyond a 10 second google and (sounds cold) so I didn’t even think of that


I grew up in this area. It was always stressed to us how risky it would be to try and swim in the river because of the undertow.


All fairness it could be the calmest water on earth and the cold alone would do them in. Much less the boats that are completely blind to them, or just trying to swim that distance when they probably aren’t the best at it. The currents are just the last now the world really doesn’t want this to be possible addition.


The current is crazy strong in the Detroit river.


4 grand cash and a few hours head start, swim a fucking river is the move? They could have been more than half way to Duluth by now, have a hell of an easier time finding a way across from there


Being that far north, that river has to be icy cold and I don't even want to think about the strong currents and undertows involved. If these two grey matter challenged bozos were seriously considering swimming to Canada, they should have the book thrown at them for being dumb as a box of rocks in addition to the other charges. Actually, the rocks in the box are probably smarter than either Jim or Jen. Ethan was doomed from the get-go with these two for parents.


It’s below freezing and then some when you consider the windchill in my section of Ontario so I can only imagine it’s about the same temperature there plus they’ve had a fair bit of snow


Wait... has that been reported? They were going to swim?


That's what I was wondering. The way this article reads, it sounds like they got caught because they took their car to their hiding spot.


They just happened to be very close to the border and river. I don’t think even these two would be stupid enough to try to swim that. They were in the basement of a nearby business. Maybe they wanted to try to sneak to Canada the following day (good luck, those border agents will get ya!)


I haven't been able to find anything about that. Only one article stating they were "very likely" trying to get to Canada.


Would have loved if they both caught hypothermia and were promptly shipped back to the states by Canada


Some parents of mass killers I have some empathy for. They might not have been great parents and might not have been emotionally available, but they didn’t recognize the signs. These idiots were confronted with their son’s troubling thoughts and did nothing. The blood of those four people are on their hands.


They saw the signs, and bought him a gun. :(


And then when he murdered people with it, they thought the right thing to do was flee from authorities. Fuck these tools.


"Just don't get caught next time" kinda goes with their whole philosophy on the matter


The parents will go to jail. They made the same mistake(crime) as the mother of the asshat who shot up the elementary kids. He had issues so she got him a gun to make him feel better. Then he killed her, followed by a bunch of little kids. It turns out guns don't cure depression.


"You don't need confidence when you have ... a gun!" -- Professor Farnsworth (as the wizard of Oz)


"No world, you put YOUR hands up"


“I saw the signs and I bought my son a gun, I saw the signs”


The mother texted her son, after he'd been caught using his phone to look for ammunition: "Lol, I'm not mad. Just don't get caught next time." The charges against them are 100% right -- they were complicit in the murders of those kids.


Another reddit thread about the shooting contrasted these parents to Sue Klebold, the mother of one of the Columbine shooters. Sue Klebold has since become an activist who's dedicated her life to -- among other things -- promoting mental health care and awareness. If your child does something horrific, try to be like Sue.


She has a really moving TED Talk, just search for her name.


I read her book about the Columbine shooting recently, it was very good. Gave a great insight into their lives and what might have been going on in Dylan Klebold's mind. She doesn't ask for pity, either (but you really can't help feel sorry for her), her focus is very much on the losses suffered by the victims' families.


They also left their son to face the law by himself on top of straight up neglecting their child's mental health to the point where they were encouraging it They're worse than scum, as Kakashi would say


[Here's the mom's love-letter tor Trump on wordpress.](https://web.archive.org/web/20211201040643/https://justagirlgoignthroughthisworld.wordpress.com/)


Wow. She wanted Trump to cure cancer and change her grade 4 son's math curriculum.


> A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy. Well, that's a nice way to end a letter.. -_-


You made it to the end? You made it to the end! You weird mad-person. Edit: > Yours Truly, > A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy. It really ends that way. You weren't joking. She typed all those words and with a sense of pride and accomplishment she published it. At least somebody had the good sense to delete this.


It's odd she calls herself law abiding when I just read in another comment she was arrested for a DUI, check fraud, and driving with a suspended license. I'd love to know what her definition of "law abiding" is...


In these situations, "law-abiding" always means "white."


I'm sick of getting fucked in the ass so I'll vote to continue to get fucked in the ass!


“I hope you uncover the cure for cancer, because there is one, we all know it, but you are the one to prove it.” Wow


>I have a very strong intuition and I personally have always learned to go with my gut feeling (thanks mom). A very strong intuition indeed, for the fan of the very stable genius.


" I can’t afford a Tutor, in fact I sacrifice car insurance to make sure my son gets a good education and hopefully succeeds in life" Appearances, especially online, are deceiving..


"I can’t afford a Tutor, in fact I sacrifice car insurance to make sure my son gets a good education and hopefully succeeds in life" Narrator: He didn't.


Arrested Development indeed


Maybe it was okay if they raised a fish, or a dog (maybe) but they probably had no business trying to raise a kid.


They shouldn't even raise animals Edit: Or any microbial life.


Imagine how many sad under watered plants they must have owned.


I wouldn't trust them with fish.


" LOL, ... you have to learn not to get caught." They can't even follow their own advice.


Yeah, they should’ve flown to Russia as soon as they had suspicions, but instead they did this


Real patriots only fly to Russia on Independence Day. /s in case that isn't obvious.


> The Crumbleys left town on the night of the tragic shooting for their own safety. But they didn't give a damn about the safety of the kids their son was going to shoot with the gun the father bought. Great parents.


They cared enough to send their kid a text saying "dont do it" just after he started killing people. Stellar parenting there


After the “lol - don’t get caught text” she sent instead of actually answering the phone when the school tried to reach her. I’m equal parts disgusted by it and thrilled they left a digital trail to prove what garbage they are. Usually I can feel some empathy for the parents in these situations. Presumably most parents don’t think their kid is capable of doing something like this & it has to be awful to realize your child is a monster. But these assholes seemed well aware and just didn’t give a shit.


Tbh, it seems to me like they *facilitated* this, not just ignored it but *stoked* it. Who would text their kid “don’t get caught” when buying ammo at school? Like… bruh. That’s a co-conspirator at best!


Their weird ass letter to Trump let's you know what type of person the mom was can't imagine the dad was much different


He got another kid to his ex-wife which he supported for $67 a week until he turned 18 while he earns 6 figures. The guy is a scumbag.


[The day after James Crumbley bought the weapon, a woman in Florida filed a complaint against him for thousands in unpaid child support, according to court records reviewed by The Daily Beast. ](https://www.thedailybeast.com/ethan-crumbleys-parents-james-and-jennifer-crumbley-charged-in-wake-of-oxford-high-school-shooting) I guess $67/week is a lot when you've got guns and ammo to buy...


The way she signed off on it especially.


Yup, these are broken people https://archive.vn/rRL9y


Holy shit.


She self owns and admits to not even being able to do math at a 4th grade level LMAO 😂


Wow. That letter is ... something. She sure cared a lot about the world in which her 10 year old child lived in 2016. How'd that work out ... all three of you are going to prison. Good job mom! PS Trump's not going to do shit for you


She’s sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy.


"I'm not racist. My grandfather was Italian!" Lol, wtf.


>"The Crumbleys left town on the night of the tragic shooting for their own safety. They are returning to the area to be arraigned. They are not fleeing from law enforcement despite recent comments in media reports," the attorneys added. LOL, they took $4k out of an ATM, drove to a different city and hid in a basement. Also shut off their cell phones. Suuure, no evading there at ALL. I hope they get fugitive charges too


This statement was made early on by their lawyer to save face. Once the lawyer realized he couldn't fix this shit, he then admitted that he hadn't been able to contact them and reported it to the sheriff's office.


Props for this comment. It's really shocking to me how many people are shitting on the lawyers for making the statement they made. They are doing their jobs, I don't think people understand the level of obligation lawyers have to giving their client the best possible legal defense possible. It looks bad on their firm, and they can be disbarred if they are caught being especially negligent. I can almost 100% guarantee what happened here, is the lawyers told the crumbleys Thursday evening the prosecutor was planning on posting their charges, and they were going to have to turn themselves in, and that the lawyers were going to work out a deal with the sheriff to maybe arrange that turn-in happen at the end of the weekend so they could get their financials in order. Unfortunately these lawyers are defending some of the dumbest people on the planet who likely assumed that the lawyer was just out to get them, removed their batteries and fled.


I can't remember if it was their lawyer or just some lawyer that was quoted saying that it's not uncommon for clients to find out that they're being charged and think that a better/different lawyer could somehow prevent it so they'll shop around for a better answer and then panic when they don't get one. This explanation rings true to me because I've observed this behavior in people who get bad news all the time. There are entire "alternative" whatever industries built around giving people the answers the want to hear but unlike alternative facts, "alternative" lawyers are only for the people who can afford them.


Police chief says it wasn’t a break-in. They were helped by someone to get into the building. Possibly the owner?


Wait so someone helped them to hide after knowing what they and their kid did?!


What do you think the $4K was for?


You liquidate your life savings while going on the lamb. That’s the best they could do.


What if the person who let them in just wanted the reward for turning them in?


Hadn't thought of that. My mindset was on who the fuck would let strangers into a light industrial complex in the middle of the night in Detroit and how would they spin that?


They abandoned this kid *long* before they abandoned this kid.


The mother is deranged and I quote.. “A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy.” This is how she signed her letter to Orange man


> Middle Class Law Abiding I'm fascinated by the fact that she sees and describes herself this way in the exact same letter that she describes having to forego car insurance ([you MUST have car insurance in order to legally drive in Michigan](https://www.michigan.gov/documents/cis_ofis_ip202_25083_7.pdf)) in order to pay for her son's tutoring--so much for "law abiding." And obviously middle class folks are not immune to financial difficulties, but it's interesting to me that she identifies this way while being living proof of the growing wealth/class divide--no hardworking American with a full time job should *need* to sacrifice something like car insurance for something like remedial tutoring for their child. She describes how difficult it is to raise a family on just $40k, having a disabled spouse, and not being eligible for any aid--and does not see the irony in writing to Trump about this.


Alot of people who came from middle class families don't want to admit that their own families are no longer middle class. They think it reflects some personal failure on their part, when in fact it is simply that the American economy has been eroding the middle class for years.


Okay that's fucking looney


Bail set at…remanded




Their boy needed help. They gave him a gun.


God how I want to watch the bodycams of them being discovered cowering in a basement.


I really hope that this sets a precedent for parents and other adults that somehow enable these things to happen.


This is such an extreme case that I doubt it can really be used for a major precedent. They almost cartoonishly enabled it to happen, and then reacted horribly. The kid essentially wrote "I AM GOING TO DO A SCHOOL SHOOTING" on paper and the parents fought to keep him in class that day, and didn't check if the gun they gave him 4 days earlier was at home or not. It's an over the top amount of blame that can be put on the parents here. And it's also worth pointing out some parents of school shooters are not horrific monsters who fucked up their kids. Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine shooters, seemed to have pretty normal caring parents. [His mother talks about it pretty openly and it's very interesting.](https://www.ted.com/talks/sue_klebold_my_son_was_a_columbine_shooter_this_is_my_story?language=en) The family of shooters are often victims as much as anyone else who lost a child that day. Let's not blanket judge them just because these two are terrible beyond belief.


If anything this should set a standard for how schools deal with this situation. Even with the parents insisting, he should have never been allowed back in class that day. At a bare minimum before being allowed back in class he should’ve been searched.


Agreed, It's just a shame kids keeping having to die so we can keep 'setting the standard' and it's only like a micrometer closer to where we need to go. I'm unfortunately thoroughly convinced that if Sandy Hook won't spur the proper changes that need to happen, nothing will.


Yeah I didn't expect the run to last long. It's not particularly easy to just run away from the cops. Particularly if you don't know what you're doing. Unfortunately for them, fleeing like that will add to the charges they're already facing. In short, they're fucked. Edit: also, there was a chance they'd be allowed out of jail pre-trial before this. Now? No chance. One of the factors they consider is flight risk (running away, not airplanes). Trying to escape being arrested in the first place? Not great.


For some reason I don't think the judge is gonna say "LOL I'm not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught."


How far will $4k get ya?! About 45 minutes from where you started, clearly. 'A' for effort guys.


Couldn't even purchase some cheap car cover or tarp to hide their BOLO'd car while it was parked lol


And they basically had a 6 hour head start on police. They could have left the state in that time. Or found literally any other hiding spot lol.


They have dead eyes too


They complained about illegal immigrants... Yet here we are, them trying to be illegal immigrants...🤦‍♂️🤔


The icing: they are actual criminals trying to cross illegally. They're their own worst nightmare.


NGL, I expected this story to end with the headline, "Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect killed in shootout with police."


Maybe if they actually wore their masks, the mom wouldn't have been recognized.


Well they parked their car with its highly recognizable plate on it in the parking lot so that might have been a mistake. Thing is, if you’re going to try to duck a federal manhunt then you have to have a plan and be willing to execute it. That means ditching your highly recognizable car or stealing the plates from another similar car. Instead they parked outside the building they were hiding in (not a few blocks away or around the corner, in the parking lot) and left it uncovered, with the plates on. Maybe it’s because they weren’t hiding after all? They tried to run on foot when the cops were called (weird because I thought you weren’t supposed to run from the cops, if you just comply with their commands then you don’t have problems). These people basically just spent 12 hours erasing any shred of sympathy they may have had while deeply compounding their problems. They managed to choose the worst of all worlds.


These people are right wing psychopaths. In the wife's Trump manifesto she talks about how illegal immigrants are ruining this country. She says that her parents are high school teachers and that the children of illegal immigrants are violent and threaten to kill them. No bitch you and your shitstain son are the ones ruining this country.


"yeah, but it's different when we do it!" - her, probably.


It's always projection with these people.


These must be some of the most panicked dumb people in the news today. They thought they could escape in their own vehicle with $4,000. I hope they go to prison just like their terrorist kid.


Guess the Crumbleys are about the same quality fugitives as they are parents. They should have taken their own parenting advice: "Don't get caught".


that's the way the cookie crumbleys


They're going to say they were hiding because they were scared for their lives and that they fully intended on turning themselves in at daybreak.


Exclusive video shows arrest of Crumbley parents https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/12/04/james-and-jennifer-crumbley-arrest-michigan-shooting-newday-vpx.cnn


As if buying their emotionally unstable son a gun wasn’t terrible and incredibly stupid. Running away was such a garbage move. No wonder their kid is crazy. In my opinion they knew their son was homicidal. His parents are such horrible role models. They should absolutely be charged.


Does anyone actually ever get paid for these bounties? Do people call it in and the responder goes "We already know, you were a bit late to call but thank you!" And then turn to their colleague like "We got him, move out!"


They do pay it out. Advertising you just got paid by the cops for snitching is generally unwise so it's uncommon to advertise it.


Apparently mom didn't take her own advice...they got caught...


Holy shit these fools really ran with their kid in jail. I was still giving them some benefit of the doubt that maybe there was some kind of miscommunication, but nah these fuckers really ran. Makes me wonder if they were culpable than we already know, or if they're hiding something else nefarious.