Delta-8 THC is illegal, Texas Department of State Health Services says

Delta-8 THC is illegal, Texas Department of State Health Services says


I’m in Texas, DFW area. So far only a handful of stores took off Delta 8. I spoke with some major shops in the area and all of them said it’s a BS. One major shop even called their suppliers in Dallas, and they said same thing. It’s just DSHS being DSHS. They got sued many times, and lost. And now they are being sued again, as it’s not their first time trying this.


They tried the same with just CBD and got sued to the ground. While the lawsuit was going on, CBD was being sold and they lost the lawsuit. This is them throwing a baby bitch fit for failing to pass legislation outright banning it.


Yeah the DSHS has no legal grounds here. It’s basically just an opinion piece.


It's the fact they are the government body in control of the regulations of selling hemp products. They have the full legal capacity to fine and revoke the license to sell hemp products. Outside of that, they can't do anything.


Smokable hemp products have already been contested in court. The State of Texas lost. Considering this precedent, they have no case.


Texas finally taking a hard stand on the delta variant


Can they actually afford to test it? I've read that quite a few states (Texas included) didn't have the lab capacity to test for CBD vs THC. If you can't test it how can you prosecute? People of the jury, I have no idea if the defendant was in possession of an illegal substance or not. Please convict them.


The roadside tests cops use to arrest people are known to detect drugs even if the only thing you put in them was air. [People have been arrested and held in jail for months because cops 'mistook' drywall dust and Krispy Kreme donut glaze for crystal meth.](https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/16/558147669/florida-man-awarded-37-500-after-cops-mistake-glazed-doughnut-crumbs-for-meth) Drug tests are only as accurate as the people being arrested can afford them to be, not the cops or the prosecutors.


Why aren't they illegal and every previous case using them as primary evidence thrown out?


Dude Cops train their dogs to "signal" on command and courts do not check. If they get the dog out, they can search your car without a warrant, nobody will stop them. When cops search your possessions, they are not careful. They cause damage and nobody reimburses you or even acknowledges it happened. When cops arrest suspects (no trial yet) they can very easily game the act of processing them into jail. It can take 24 hours or more. They keep you awake, they shove you, it's dirty and unsafe and the phones gouge on prices. If you're poor you can't bail out and the public defender will lazily tell you to just confess to the crime for time served and probation. Even if you're innocent, because the other option is stay and jail until trial, which might take a while, and you might lose and go to prison. Do you take the deal, get out on probation, fail a faulty drug test at a traffic stop and now you've violated probation and you're going to do time. You'll also never get hired again. There's no real consequence for arresting and charging someone with not enough evidence. If they confess, nobody cares. You can grab some kid that hangs with the gangbangers, slam a stack of fake text logs and fake screen shots of DMs saying someone snitched that the kid did a shooting. The kid will be in jail with a public defender and nobody else, and will legit believe the gangsters are pinning him with a drive by they did, and the defender is saying to just take the deal and go home and see your mom today or don't and go to trial and maybe prison. And if that kid takes the plea then the cops "solved another crime." Vast majority of criminal cases involving violence in areas experiencing poverty end in deals like this.


I have tried to teach my kids, cop literacy. As in know your rights, don't confess to something you didn't do. Most importantly: Cops lie!


Remember to shut the fuck up! https://youtu.be/sgWHrkDX35o


>Cops train their dogs to "signal" on command and courts do not check. It is actually a bit more problematic than that. Dogs have amazing noses, and they can certainly smell drugs in many cases. But what dogs are more amazing at is making their human happy. If the handler wants to gain probable cause, the dog picks this up from subtle body language that is nearly impossible to avoid. Handlers *unconsciously* signal dogs, and it is nearly impossible to avoid it.


Agreed plus many times in the jurisdiction where I had experience in we would make an arrest and due to judges not being available over the weekend they would typically spend the entire time waiting until Monday when they showed up to be charged.


Yeah that happened to me, after 24 hours of the crap they let me go and I thanked them for the short vacation resort and that I had fun. Really pissed them off. What they didn't know is that I had gone through Army Ranger SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) course a few years before. But for a normal person yeah it can be tough in a jail cell


I wish I had more than one up vote. I went through Ranger school in 88


I have Air Force and Army training, got in two fights and was maced twice in 84 days. There are many ways to apply SERE


Shit even basic training prepares you. Getting yelled at, shitty food, you cant leave, mentally unstable bunk mates.


Because like I said: you get the accuracy you can afford. Say the cops pull you over, use one of those shitty tests, and then arrest you for meth possession. Then they tell you that you can take a deal for a lesser charge and be out in a few days (with a shiny new criminal record), or you can fight it until they send the stuff off to an actual lab for an actual test. But fighting it means now you have to get a lawyer, and you'll have a couple court dates, and if you can't make bail you'll be spending all that time in jail. Which means you'll lose your job, and then with a couple missed paychecks maybe you won't be able to afford rent or to feed your kids ... and so you take the deal because you can't afford to buy justice.


This was a thing when herbal hemp got legalized in the farm bill. People said it basically legalized weed since no DA in their right mind is going to spend like $500 to test a sample in a misdemeanor possession case. Well guess what, a whole bunch of DA had “hold my beer” moments where they did exactly that so they could teach the potheads a lesson.


This is the middle class loophole. Make enough money to afford a lawyer and you don't have to worry about it. Otherwise you take that plea deal because the DA's office is recommending 2 years and 10K in fines.


The Joe Rogan loophole is just going out to dinner w/ Greg Abbott and ending the night with a little tummysticks


Joe Rogan is a true Libertarian. Talks the talk and then votes conservative because libertarianism is a lie.


I’ll never understand why anyone puts much faith in Joe Rogan. He’s the ex-host of fear factor, a fighter, and a talk-show host. I wonder if people would put this much emphasis on Drew Barrymore.


Right. He got famous forcing morons to eat animal testicles. I feel like we're living Idiocracy real time.


Yes they would just look to Gwyneth Paltrow and her goop army as an example.


Ahh goop, a vague way to say shit.


He’s male Gwyneth Paltrow. Rogan nutsack candle I’m sure is in the works.


His MMA analysis is on point. His discussions with comedians can be entertaining. It all gets a little squirrely when he delves into science and I wish he just wouldn't. He himself usually says "don't listen to me, I'm an idiot when it comes to these things". Non-stop covid bro science and endless "cancel culture" discussions have put a stop to my listening at all. Too bad because his MMA stuff is great, there just isn't enough of the stuff he knows about.


Man I agree, I used to enjoy JRE when it was just him and his buddies passing around a couple joints talking about anything, then he went and got all political and went nuts


His MMA analysis is not though, and that's been proven since DC and Felder came into the UFC's commentary when they correct him on stuff more frequently than should happen. Stopped listening a while ago too, simply because he would have good guests on but have a habit of talking over them frequently. There's much better MMA pods out there anyways.


Oh my God... That's why that name is familiar! I totally forgot about fear factor! TY!


"I shall move to Austin TX, the most progressive place in Texas, in order to show how conservative I am!"


Of course he did. The progressive places are the ones that are actually livable.


He doesn't even talk the talk anymore, he's straight up far right anti vax now and doesn't hide it


Simple. Only prosecute poor people who don't know any better, and can't afford a competent private attorney. Toss any cases against people who look like they have the resources to defend themselves in court. Done.


> can't afford a competent private attorney. I really wish this notion that public defenders are incompetent would die. People don’t become public defenders because they’re incapable of finding a job at a private firm. They do it because they’re are passionate about helping people. I would expect you’ll often get more a more zealous defender through the PD office than with some attorney running a defense mill whose interest ebbs as soon as the retainer check clears. I’m sure there are bad public defenders but people act as if having a PD means you dont have a “real” lawyer. I suspect the situation is different where you have a lawyer in private practice who takes court appointments, but the lawyers who go to work for an actual Public Defenders office are often people who are skilled and care so much that they’ve forgone the opportunity to make more money in private practice.


They aren't incompetent, they're overworked. Almost universally. The alternative many poor people face is to hire a really bad private lawyer instead, which is, perhaps, a shittier choice than the public defender. A public defender is often trying to do the most good they can with limited resources.


Wow this is incredibly fluffy and warm hearted, but just plain missing the point. Are there noble, good PDs out there? Of course there are. The way it works in my little town is that if you are a lawyer in my county you need to take turns as a public defender for the county. So if I got arrested I could end up with the most expensive lawyer in my county, or I could end up with a 24 year old that just passed the bar and opened up a shop to write up Wills at the local nursing home. This system has serious flaws that leads to inequality in justice based on luck of the draw. But I do think it is better than the system that most municipalities have for their PDs. You could 100% be correct and every single public defender could be like ben matlock. The system would still be broken because of how underfunded it is. I dont care how good a lawyer you are, how much you care about doing the right thing, if you have so many clients that you can literally only spend seconds with each one, you cannot provide that person with a quality defense. I'm not exaggerating. Some PDs have SECONDS to meet with clients and plan a defense. Seconds, As in less than 1 minute. It just doesnt matter how zealous of a person you are. The quality of defense you will get is directly correlated to the funding of the PD department, and how many clients your PD has. There was no other metrics that correlated like that. Not what school your lawyer went too, or how long they had been a PD. Just how much they are paid and how many clients they have. Watch the Last Week Tonight episode on PDs. I think it was in the first season, maybe 2nd.


they don't necessarily have to. a person on parole can be sent back to prison after eating a poppy-seed bagel and failing a drug test for opiates. (edit: in California). I wish I were kidding.


In Texas, they use a Pantone Chart to determine guilt in drug cases. Are you darker than Sandstone? If so, I've got bad news for you.


The war on drugs is alive and well.


In Republican parts of the country yup. Meanwhile I can legally take hits from my bong in front of the police in NYC. Don't vote Republican not even once.


They better watch their asses on this one, it's a losing battle. Too many people like weed.


The Lt. Gov is an evangelical & thinks very poorly of the devil's lettuce & will ride this out of office. Hot wheels is a rat who will would legalize before giving up power


They just don’t get it. I’m convinced they don’t understand how the internet works either, as in, they don’t understand that when they utter foolish fuckery on TV, they don’t get that it never ever goes away now. That’s why they hate “cancel culture” so much, they’re so scared of it because they feel like it comes out of nowhere, striking then down without warning. They can’t fathom that it’s on YouTube now and what that really means. Old dumb fucks.


Then why do they keep getting re-elected?


There's so many republicans I knew who were enthusiastic supporters of prohibition, while being outrageous potheads. At least one of them said it was because "cops only arrest blacks, and punk ass liberals". And it's obvious that this is the justification that most of them have for what's otherwise a blatant contradiction.


> At least one of them said it was because "cops only arrest blacks, and punk ass liberals". And then probably claims Biden and the DemonRats are the ones tearing apart America instead of trying to bring us together.


Glad I live in a Pro Recreational Marijuana state and finally tried in a legal way.


Unfortunately there's Republicans that want legal weed (aka LiBeRtArIanS) that keep voting R and wondering why it's never legalized.


This is true. NY state lets you smoke weed anywhere you can legally smoke tobacco. Freedom, baby! *Guitar riff while an eagle takes flight*


Isn’t it funny how Texas likes to say they are more libertarian. Then ban abortions and weed.


And try to prevent immigration. And harass LGBTQ individuals. And restrict voting rights. And wage endless war. There's nothing libertarian about the modern GOP at all, they are 100% authoritarian boot licking weasels. The GOP trying to co-opt "libertarian" infuriates me as an actual libertarian, and it is seems to be working based on the the number of people on this site who think libertarians are just Republicans who like weed, which is so far from the truth. Libertarians at this point align more with the Dems on more topics, especially because the GOP doesn't, and frankly never has, actually supported small government. Libertarians do support ending the drug war, but they also support defunding the police, allowing easier immigration, ending the Patriot act, deeply slashing the military budget, separation of church and state, LGBTQ/Trans rights, getting rid of agencies that violate civil rights, and that the government has no right to interfere if a woman wishes to have an abortion. The whole "muh roads" is a strawman about anarchist extremists. I don't personally think (all) taxation is theft, but if you take my money and use it to slaughter children with bombs 5000 miles away then yeah, that's fucking theft.


What beliefs do you think distinguishes you as a Libertarian rather than just a, non Democrat, Liberal?


Last year when weed was newly legalized in Illinois, local police were helping with traffic control at the dispensaries. It was a trip having cops actively facilitating my weed purchase.


The President isn’t republican. Weed is still illegal. It’s just stupid at this point. States are doing good work, but it’s ridiculous at the federal level. Just legalize it already so we can feel like we live in a free country. We aren’t criminals.


Truly remarkable how republicans convinced the average stupid American that they're simply temporarily disenfranchised millionaires and if they work hard enough, they too can enjoy the American dream. Everything wrong with this country can be found in the perspective of a republican.


Made even more stupid when you realize that the Democrats could easily beat them if they just stopped advocating for gun control.


I voted for Biden and probably will again, particularly if Trump runs, but couldn't he deschedule Marijuana if he wanted to? Or is it more complicated?


Even if he did, it wouldn't make it legal in Republican states. But no, the only way to avoid a Supreme Court challenge would have to deschedule via an act of Congress, which Republicans can filibuster.


no, but it would take away all that sweet sweet drug interdiction money the dea pays local departments to arrest kids with joints in their pockets. marijuana arrests are a major form of revenue for police. if the fed legalizes it, states can keep it illegal, but enforcement falls 100% on them.


Actually, since it is considered a valid medical treatment by HHSC, they can just attach the requirement for availability as part of the CMS regulations, and can just bypass the states and require them to pay for the treatment too. LOL, Texas could be forced to pay for people to get stoned, according to them.


I'd like him to pardon or commute the sentences of everyone imprisoned for pot offenses, (not big-time dealers who committed other illegal acts too, of course). This injustice must be reversed, and it's within his power. worse still - now that several states have had it legalized for YEARS now, there's absolutely zero evidence of supposed bad health effects that were previously claimed as justification for prohibition. There's only one justification for it as far as they're concerned, and that's the operational arm of a racial war of extermination.


He can only do that on federal offenses. Biden has 0 say in state level arrests. So the question becomes, how many people have been charged with a federal crime (not state crime) for cannabis without intent to distribute or doing something crazy.


It's more complicated, Biden cannot directly reschedule Marijuana with the way federal laws work. What he CAN do via executive order is force the FDA to redo the tests and analysis that determine where a given drug is scheduled. He can't legally influence the outcome of that process, just trigger it. That said, technically if he uses his legal abilities to first put in a bunch of administrators at the FDA that a pro-pot and then orders them to redo it all, the outcome is guaranteed and this is quite legal. Congress has the power to basically say "Too bad, so sad. It's legal now." as a legal override of the FDA.


No it's not. Drugs won years ago. These idiots are like that Japanese dude trapped on an island after WWII ended.


So are their jails not full enough? Wth


Gotta keep the private prison industry a float


It's a good thing that Texas Department of Health doesn't make laws and can't enforce this viewpoint. > "There needs to be legal action. There needs to be a judge that issues an injunction so that this is no longer a ‘maybe it's legal, maybe it's not’. It needs to be affirmed yes or no," he said. Literally nothing to see here


Seriously, these headlines are getting annoying. It is NOT illegal in TX


This. Also, most cops won’t enforce it because, they don’t want to pay to have it tested. Doesn’t make this god forsaken state any better, but maybe this will help fuel a federal legalization. Here’s to hoping.


Lol you think the cops are the ones who are gonna pay to prove what it actually is if they book you for it? They'll field test it, then it'll sit in evidence till your court date unless you got a good lawyer you're paying for.




It’s not about tax revenue, it’s about cutting into the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries. Both industries lobby against weed and the GOP (and a lot of democrats) go along with it.


Don't forget the culture war and racism.


I think its mostly culture war posturing. The pharmaceutical industry is only interested in unique products it can get patents on. Maybe 30-40 years ago, they could have gotten patents on simple D9 extracts (or at least process patents), but the ship has sailed on a lot of these low hanging fruit in terms of patent protection. There's a reason India has a huge pharmaceutical industry, it's to make all the off-patent mainline drugs used in volume because there's no money left in them. If anything, the pharmaceutical companies probably want it legalized so they can bring their high tech research muscle to bear and create 2nd/3rd generation cannabinoid synthetics with more proven therapeutic value than what the guy at the dispensary can do, along with pipelining them into the existing pharmaceutical distribution network. I think the alcohol industry probably was bothered by this, but honestly, people in legal states don't seem to have stopped drinking, either, and really it seems like people who use cannabis generally also continue to use alcohol. You could probably light a joint at a craft beer tap room and the dynamic would be a giant debate about hybrids vs. landrace strains, not "why are you slowing my beer sales?" I think Republican refusal on cannabis legalization is really driven by culture war stuff, which is why its been slowest in states with big red voter populations. Its a great wedge issue with areas that have aging, rural populations. Voters in their late 50s and above in a rural areas are still sold on the war on drugs mindset, still reeling with meth problems, and its easy to taint cannabis legalization with all these unrelated problems and misinformation. The senate judicial committee in my local legislature is stocked like the board of directors for one of those punitive military "academies" for bad middle class kids -- an ex-cop, and ex-prison guard, an ex-military officer and some guy who is an insurance salesman and part-time evangelical minister. And they're all at least 68 years old, some over 70. Those guys still think Vietnam could have been won if Nixon hadn't been railroaded by Congress and Daniel Ellsberg.


Texas sure does love 'big government'


Can let consenting adults purchase and consume reasonably safe substances. Better to have them hit up the liquor store instead or buy their weed from some unregulated guy.


I wish I stuck to weed. After college it just wasn’t as easy. I went to booze, fucked mysrlf off bad. I’m honestly surprised that it’s the illegal substance.


The government doesn’t want you to succeed. I quit drinking 2 years ago at 36 and I wish I would have so much sooner, so much wasted time. My life is indescribably better. Alcohol is here to subdue us.


100%. My then-girlfriend (now wife) told me she didn't like my behavior at all when i drink, and that i could drink if i wanted but she didnt want to be around me during those times. It was the easiest decision i ever made -- i've been sober (from alcohol) for 2.5 years now. I only ever smoke weed and its just fantastic. My skin looks better, i lost weight, my mood stabilized, i got a better paying job AND a promotion, and i never ever forget the things that ive said the night before. Oh and hangovers? Never again.


Amen to all of that and congrats!


Look at the current rhetoric from elected officials and corporate news outlets surrounding the labor shortage. They definitely do not want us folks to succeed and have a nice life. They hate us and dont view us as humans.


For such a free state they sure do like to make things illegal.


A 2 year prison sentence and up to $10k fine. That seems reasonable./s


Also since it's a felony, I believe you lose your right to vote.


Not in Texas, one is allowed to vote after their sentence is served via release from prison after full term stay or after discharge from parole.


Really? Today I learned.


That doesn't matter much considering they only want one kind of person to vote.


Almost like they're trying to do something stupid to distract from something else. Useless anyway. How many people are hard on to get their Delta 8?


It's about them putting you in prison.


D8 can be synthesized to D10. Mixed together they mimic D9 ( pot) pretty closely, same high without brainfog. Recently one of the hemp companies rediscovered some old chemistry formulas from the 50s. It shows how to synthesize THC-0 and THC-P. Raw THC-P can be concentrated to a point its 4 or 5 times stronger then weed even more in some cases. 0 has a paralyzing effect in high doses. Since all this can now be made with legal hemp its everywhere. After using 0 and P. I couldn't care less about buying weed again. Source: im a vape shop employee and 40 year pothead. And we cant keep these items stocked, and if our sales data is average a lot of people feel the same way.


“synthesized” “old chemistry formulas” “4 or 5x stronger than weed … paralyzing effects” This is why I’m cool with my legal regulated weed grown organically — all these synthesized variants are just attempts to stake market in prohibition states.


Yep. Pure plant for me, thanks. Fuck all this "better living through chemistry"


I smoke weed, but it's pretty obvious to me that a synthetic concentrate is going to be more 'pure' than a whole flower.


We have tons of D8 and D10 in my area and I've just recently got into it. Is there something I should be looking for? Never heard of the THC-0 or THC-P. Is it marked on the packaging?


Right now the big two i tried are delta effects p carts and flying monkey thc o with p added. You can buy them online for half rhe price of a smoke shop. Flying monkey - https://delta8resellers.com/product/heavy-hitter-blend-flying-monkey-thc-o-delta-8-disposable-1g/ Thc p https://delta8resellers.com/product/delta-effex-thc-p-disposable-1gram/


Ok - I’ve got a lot to learn. I lived in FL, had a medical card and it was nice being able to buy weed online and earn bonus points for it. Then moved to Texas. I like weed but not enough to get arrested for it. I discovered delta-10 while in Louisiana (knowing nothing of this whole delta thing). I had the nice good feelings a nice toke has without the stupidity/brain fog as you say. I’ve been buying delta 8, and it’s great but doesn’t have that same effect. There was just something differwnt about the delta 10.


THC-O was developed by the CIA during MK Ultra as pseudo truth serum. Check out the podcast "Midnight Climax" for a crazy story on it


You might be a good person to ask since you're here. My local vape place also sells D8 and 10. I've been considering picking up some edibles for my father since he has bad lower back pain and is stuck on some pretty bad pain pills at the moment. Between D8 and 10, which of the two do people usually find better luck with pain relief? I should also note he's tried CBD but hasn't had much luck with that though.


I know alot of people here in Texas buying it since they didn't have to worry about it being illegal lol. Did you read the article? It's cites millions of people buying that shit all over Texas


I am. Its so much cheaper than regular distillate.


Delta-8 THC is associated with pain relief. What a twisted fucking choose to make.


Holy shit how absurdly regressive. Texas government needs to be utterly dismantled


Would like some government over reach with it?


At this point just give it back to Mexico. At least then the women there will have abortion rights.


That's nice. Texas Department of State Health Services doesn't determine what chemicals are and aren't legal. Fuck them.


I hope this doesn't hold up. I don't live in Texas, but I use D-8 and CBD to assist with managing my chronic pain. I've only been using it for about a month, but it's been the best month of the last 10 years of my life.


As illegal, as say, women's reproductive health, you backwoods shitkickers?


Yet all the stores are still selling LOL. The Department of State has zero enforcement authority.


In a world where most states are making progress, you can always trust Texas to actively try to regress. I saw a thread on reddit yesterday about this, posted by some poor panicked person. They had chronic pain, and had been on opiates for years. Found delta 8, and it worked. Got off opiates. Got special permission from their job (the job drug tests). Now they're worried a drug test will come back positive and they'll be labelled a felon for doing something that was legal a month ago when they put it in their system. Oh and they'll probably have to go back to opiates. Can't have people safely treating chronic pain with cheap, non-addictive medicine, can you Texas?


LOL cancer patients can ***finally*** get weed. bass ackward ​ ​ ***AUG. 11, 2021*** Texas cancer patients and people with PTSD will soon be able to join state’s expanded medical marijuana program [https://www.texastribune.org/2021/08/11/texas-medical-marijuana-program/](https://www.texastribune.org/2021/08/11/texas-medical-marijuana-program/)


Who was getting medical marijuana before if not cancer patients??


My stepdad has cancer in Texas and may or may not need to procure weed illegally as the only way to avoid throwing up every morning. Meanwhile where I live I can just walk a couple blocks to get legal weed recreationally. Shits fucked


It's a shit program. The thc content is capped severely, making what's available legally expensive, and basically worthless.


So Texas is now denying palliative care to terminal cancer patients.


I live in Texas. I would liken it to being in a grade school nazi teachers class, but for adults. For a state obsessed with MUH FREEDOM they sure do like telling people what they can’t do.


Texas is just getting worse by the day at this point.


I hate it here.


I spent 27 years there and moved last month, mainly because I'm tired of the political environment and the effects it had on the people around me. Being left to fend for ourselves during the deep freeze enraged me, while our politicians just decided to leave the state or tell us, “No one owes you or your family anything; nor is it the local governments responsibility to support you during trying times like this! Sink or swim, it’s your choice!" Interesting how I paid my taxes and bills, yet received no electric or water services that week. Figured I was owed something since, ya know, I paid for it. I still love many of the people that live there, even if their political ideology is, in my opinion, terrible. I still love the environment, even if its all mostly privatized and somewhat wrecked (didnt enjoy being covered in oil/tar balls on more than half of my visits to the beach). I really wanted to stick around and vote the other way because I think this next election may sway, but I'm done. Ill miss it, but I'm done.


And now, Elon Musk is moving there. . .


Texas has always been the bacteria-infected haemorrhoid of America. We're seeing it now but it's always been like this.


the fucked up thing is, Delta-8 barely gets you high. if you smoke a whole joint of delta-8 flower, it doesn't feel like much of anything at all. BUT it is cheaper than actual weed so grinding it 50/50 with your high octane jazz cabbage is one way to stretch your stash, and it hits pretty nice.


Connecticut allowed d8 up until they legalized weed. Now it isn't legal anymore. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


the joke being all the vape shops still sell delta-8, and if you’re really in the know a couple shops sell 90% full spectrum THC carts under the table.


Wish I could find this in Colorado... Real THC triggers my anxiety but D8 was so chill. But D8 is illegal here now. FACEPALM


That’s what happens to me pretty much. D8 just better for me.


Of course. Because Texas is hell now. Texas where they won't make a 9 year old wear a mask to school but they will make her giver birth to her rapist's baby.


Yet, you can buy a frozen margarita at a drive through fast food place. Way to look out for people TDH.


An inactive weed extract is dangerous. How many assault rifles would you like my young 18 yr olds?


Since when does a health department declares something illegal?


Delta 10 is pretty good though


Thc-o and thc-p are also available for use. Chemists are always ahead of the law enforcement


>If you're caught with Delta-8, as much as a cartridge for vaping, or even gummies, then you could be charged with a felony possession and that could be facing a two-year prison sentence as well as up to $10,000 in fines," said Maxwell. **Stop**, Stop this, just FUCKING stop, STOP, ENOUGH! fucking end this bullshit already! Just fucking **Stop**!, FUCKING STOP! ENOUGH of this shit! Just motherfucking **Stop**!


Reading this from Canada makes me realize how ass backwards republicans are


I thought Texas was all about freedom?


Texas is all about "slavery is freedom"


I guess I don’t really get Texas. People love it there and are moving in droves but it seems like they have so many needlessly restrictive laws


I think that if the Feds legalised marijuana today, Texas would toughen the laws against it tomorrow.


why does Texas hate freedom


God am i happy to not live in Texas


Shout out to Texas Health Services because I had no idea about this about "Delta 8 THC". So I got some and they're right, it's fucking awesome!


Sure, because my body… my choice?


I'm blown away that anyone besides racist, backward, right-wing nutjobs would actually want to live in this godforsaken state. Can Texas just fuck off already.


If you're in the space industry you have maybe five choices: ruthless Washington DC, absurdly expensive north-end Los Angeles, the madness of Florida, the conservative dystopia of Texas... or Alabama. AHA! You didn't think it could get worse, did you? But yes, you can be a rocket enthusiast, live in Alabama, and the anti-science Alabamans are cool with it because all those space guys used to be Nazis.


Speaking as someone who grew up in alabama, you're pretty far off. I mean, even the racists I met hated nazis usually. It's not even related. Not to mention most people love Huntsville's space and rocket center and support space exploration. 95% of alabama is a shithole or below average shittiness, albeit there are a few nice places. But what you're saying is just absurd. Most people don't even know of Nasa's past with Nazis. The shit people spew on reddit is discouraging, and posts like this are just the tip of the iceberg.




Texas is an ultra majority Conservative one party state. The GOP are busy dismantling individual rights here.


> Texas is an ultra majority Conservative one party state. In terms of political power, yes. In terms of population, it's practically a swing state and was surprisingly competitive in 2020, which is partly why Republicans here are pulling out ALL the crazy now while they still have the chance.


Live in a very blue state that explicitly outlawed delta 8 after the farm bill.


Texas Department of State Health Services is guilty of criminal perjury, fraud, and is fake science. I support the prosecution of the state of texas. Lock them up.


Reason number 1038 not to live in Texas


Telling women what to do with their body’s SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO TEXAS


Can anyone tell me why? Thc has been a miracle for me (i cannot fall asleep at normal times no matter what i do) with sleep schedule, and recovery from the world and gym. Legit nothing short of a miracle for me for sleeping.


That’s why. Because instead of using your insurance, paying a doctor, getting a prescription for an addicting sleep med, paying for it with insurance- you just went to a store and bought some gummies for $10. How is the government, insurance company, and drug company going to get there money then?


Yea i forgot we live in a Walmart Dystopia.


CBD and hemp are barely legal in the state, not surprised.


How exactly do you make nature against the law? Do you arrest the Earth?


They don’t have the authority to make it illegal, so they can quite literally choke a big bag of dicks. The people leading Texas have become some of the biggest hypocrites in politics. They tout: “We want small government”, meanwhile trying to pull shit like this that isn’t harming anyone, and instead has probably been a net benefit.


I honestly think a big problem is that these people have probably tried pot before in their lives but since they don’t actually know anything and don’t have any kind of tolerance they green out and think to themselves “wow that was terrifying”. Bam, class A drug.


Build a wall around Texas.. Please!


Yes, weed is still illegal under federal law. You better pop some legal Sackler made heroin pills.


Whatever happened to the rugged individualism in Texas? I mean, no 2-bit bureaucrat should be telling me what to do. Yet another ironic piece of legislation from the Lone Star state.


Guns totally ok though, no license or training required. Yee haw.


It's weird, I feel bad for Texans. But then I remember they'll happily vote for people who will cause them to freeze to death, die of Covid, lose power like a third world country, etc, and just wish we would let them secede and stew in their own self-inflicted bullshit.


Just over half of us vote this way, it’s not like they have a huge lead here. Hopefully it flips soon.


More like a third of you vote that way, a third are fine with it enough to not bother to vote, then a third vote against it.


OK, but voter apathy is a problem in *every* state and political party.


Somebody voted for Abbott and Ted fucking cruze. It's self inflicted shit.


That Abbott one is gonna hurt for ages. Sending all those kids to school without masks is likely going to lead to health issues for decades. It's like people out there think if you don't die, you're going to be perfectly fine. Like it's one or the other and they don't see the plethora of health issues in between.


You seem to be under the illusion that Conservatives are going to actually buck up and handle the consequences of their actions themselves. They're going to come crying to the government for help, and they're going to be in for a shock when they find out all the different doors guys like Gregg Abbot shut behind themselves to make sure they don't get that help.


Doesn't the federal law that made it legal supersede state law?


No because state law can be more strict than federal law. The state law cannot be less strict than federal law.


Except with marijuana, where instead of making it legal federally, the government just decided to turn a blind eye.


We still have state law, but state law in recent bill states only delta 9 is illegal. DSHS just misunderstood it. They got sued many times and lost, and now they are being sued again.


Too bad, because one needs some kind of drug to deal with living in Texas.


They won't do anything to actually keep people safe. They won't do anything to actually help people in Texas. Only thing they care about is keeping the hate alive in the GOP. Hateful, evil people dwell here and they have evil intentions for you. Be on the lookout if you pass through here, the evil eye is on you.


>"If you're caught with Delta-8, as much as a cartridge for vaping, or even gummies, then you could be charged with a felony possession and that could be facing a two-year prison sentence as well as up to $10,000 in fines," Jesus fucking Christ.


I'm a nurse an I'm glad they are finally doing something about this deadly drug! I spent all of my last shift slamming Ativan in to someone withdrawing to prevent them from seizing/dying. They ended up in the icu! Oh wait, that was alcohol! My bad! The weed guy got a warm blankie because he was freaking out. He walked out after a nap...


Can we just give Texas back to Mexico?


I thought Texans believed in freedom?


🤣🤣🤣 Freedom for White Christians whose only vices are guns and liquor.


Man, there are so many smoke shops around me that popped up JUST to sell this stuff. They even had banners screaming ,"DELTA 8 THC SOLD HERE." The profit loss from business owners must be huge, meanwhile here's one more thing the cops and prison industry can rake money and cattle in with.


How bad are your laws against cannabis in Texas? I’m Canadian and reading this while high lol but I never really took the time to think how bad it is down there


Everything cannabis related is a felony with jail time in Texas, yet it’s everywhere. It’s becoming evident that these laws are targeting lower income individuals who can’t afford legal representation.


Republicans only believe in two things: abortion should be illegal and lower income people should be in jail.


Question: is the Texas Dept of State Health considered a legislative body? Do they write and/or enforce civil and criminal laws. If not, they can fuck right off. KY “authorities” attempted to do the same thing.


>Delta-8 THC absolutely gets you high, but since the source product is hemp, Delta-8 products remain **federally legal** Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrisroberts/2021/09/17/the-feds-are-coming-for-delta-8-thc/ Posted September 17, 2021 I think until a federal judge rules otherwise or a law is passed against it statewide, legally they can keep selling it.


Is delta 8 like the delta variant?


Seriously, Fuck the state of Texas.


I work at a store in DFW that sells D8. No way we’d take it off the shelves. It’s a huge money maker. This is similar to what happened with Hemp. And this is the first I’m hearing of it. We have cops that come in regularly and purchase it so…. Edit: Stopped by work and they have removed it! Crazy… hope it doesn’t last


I have a legitimate question, delta 8 can be made synthetically so does it have any relation to synthetic cannabis or “spice”? I was hooked on that garbage when it was still popular and quitting was a miserable experience. I’m just wondering if maybe the synthetic nature of it is what’s causing them to single it out.


Nooooo. It’s nothing like K2. It’s just a different strand than Delta 9, what you’d buy from your corner store pharmacist. And if you’re eating the edibles/gummies they both convert to 11 hydroxy after ingestion so they are the same. Edibles are very strong. As a daily smoker and lover of edibles 100mg of D8 kicked my butt. But yeah I never touched spice. I use D8 daily. It’s less of a head high with their disposable vapes and I was getting panic attacks from regular bud.


Ah Ok, so it’s basically a natural drug that can be synthesized and is safe. Got it. Thank you! I don’t smoke or even drink anymore but I do think legalization is the best policy. That spice crap was awful and I only ever tried it because it was “legal” and I didn’t want to get arrested buying weed. People should be able to use substances that are relatively safe and the government should stick to regulating hard drugs.


Just legalize the real shit already.


Good lucking raiding the tens of thousands of stores that primarily profit off delta 8


TX: "Come for the BBQ, leave for the politicians."