Texas man caught trying to smuggle 350 lbs of meat across the border

Texas man caught trying to smuggle 350 lbs of meat across the border


"Agents were initially tipped off when the 47 canine units on duty swarmed the vehicle and attempted to chew their way in."


I’d just like to add that FL. v. Harris found the indications of a drug dog finding something we’re false positives 80% of the time But probobly not this time.


I was illegally pulled over two weeks ago in Texas because of my Colorado plates. I refused to allow them to search my car, because it was the tail end of a 15 hour drive and I just wanted to reach my in-laws. They brought out a police dog that signaled, which is impossible as we don’t have or do drugs. They tossed our car completely then brought out the dog for our hitch rack, which it had ignored previously. After a few minutes of back and forth the dog signaled again and we had to remove the toe straps, tarp, open each box and tear open each plastic bag. After the cop went through everything, we had to put it all back together again and limp away without so much as an apology. I’ve legitimately never been so scared. He had lied about the reason for pulling me over and the dog lied about drugs, so I fully expected him to find a baggy of something to justify his illegal search. We drive home tomorrow and I’ll be fully prepared to record everything should it happen again.




I remember this infamous case: https://jalopnik.com/new-jersey-cops-destroy-bmw-searching-for-weed-that-was-5871909 https://www.nj.com/news/2011/12/in_futile_car_search_for_drugs.html The cops totaled this guy's BMW, deliberately and with malice, finding no drugs or anything else illegal. When they gave it back to him it was junk, not repairable. Edit to add: The guy did turn out to be a drug dealer, he got arrested a few years later and went to prison. That, however, does not retroactively justify what the cops did to that poor BMW.




Anyone who goes to Texas or Florida should be expecting the cops to give them a hard time.


Almost the same thing happened to me I. Wyoming. After doing the physical and breathalyzer he insisted I was on some substances. I should have never complied to a blood test. All in all they never returned my driver's license and I had to fly my girlfriend in from Cali just to get my car out of impound. I spent a day in jail for no reason basically.


I wanted to sue the state for damages but no lawyer in Wyoming is willing to take my case. Called so many lawyers and tried again and again with BAR


The problem you run into, is that a court case would be in front of your “peers” in BFE Wyoming. Those people probably know the officer well and aren’t going to side with you. I was arrested in eastern Washington and ran into the same problem.


Weirdly enough the highway patrolman said he hadn't made an arrest in 5 years. This is why I never want to drive cross country ever again.


Being from Wyoming imma call bullshit on that. They make as many arrests and hand out as many citations as they can (especially to out of staters) to generate revenue because they have a few months out of the year that they can cash in on the tourists and people that are driving through. 100% that mofo was lying out of his ass on that one. "No arrests for five years Johnson!? What in the sam hell liberal agenda bullshit is this!? Tender your resignation if you cant hand out 118 M.I.P.'s by the end of your shift!" - The conversation he'd have with his boss were that true. At least I imagine so.


Lol thanks for making me feel better with that


Cops destroyed my business while searching my car. Found nothing, insisting I had a gun and drugs. When I was trying to put my stuff back together they told me to leave. I said the tools they threw about were hypersensitive and probably broken so I just wanted to put them back in their boxes. They laughed and told me to bill them. Nothing ever happened. Had to rebuild my business, still doing it. I hate cops.


Sorry that happened. What kinda business? What kinda tools?


It was my side business which I take seriously and have done serious work in. Audio Engineering/music production. They lost software keys and broke delicate expensive microphones.


I can’t imagine the mental trauma that must have created. I’ve tried to use the experience to understand the perspective of minorities who deal with such things on a regular basis. It gives me a glimpse into an ugly world.


They (corrupt police) just “practicing” on African-Americans and created an arsenal of dirty tricks for the general population. They (corrupt corporations) took notes on the lucrative nature of the crack epidemic and Perdue Pharmaceuticals (and others) duplicated the incalculable devastation on Americans of European descent, throughout the east and Midwest.


They are called Fly. Over. States. for a reason.


That's rough, cops really should require search warrants to do that type of shit. They're given way too much space to just be an asshole for no reason.


And then if they had found cash they could’ve just kept it.


Jokes on them! We’re poor! Edit: Well, lower middle class, but definitely don’t have piles of cash lying around for emergencies.


They picked on you because you have Colorado plates. They assume that everyone here is high and always smoking marajuana.


And I have long hair, so I must be one of them there druggies.


My very law abiding sister got pulled over in UT for "not signalling long enough" but it was really because she had Oregon plates


I was once pulled over in Ohio, in the town I lived in, with Ohio plates for, and I quote “driving suspiciously”. After I was pulled over and the cop spoke to me, he said he smelled alcohol in my car (I don’t drink, ever… so this couldn’t have happened) and he wanted to haul me in for a DUI. I don’t drink and insisted on a roadside test, I got taken to the back seat of his patrol car, and blew a 0.0, and then once I passed it, he “escorted” me back to my car, where he had me out of view of their dash cameras, and slammed my head into a tree. Told me to remember the lesson and not challenge his authority or judgment next time. Then he left.


what in the actual fuck??


are you black? Although in Ohio, a shitty state, this doesn't surprise me too much. I do know that with cops it's best to be yes sir no sir oh thank you sir, they seem to love that.


Not quite. They did it because if you’re from out of state it’s a lot harder to fight it in court. So you’ll typically just pay whatever fine they say because it’s cheaper.


>They picked on you because you have Colorado plates. They assume that everyone here is high and always smoking marajuana. They don't assume anything. They just hate our freedom.


Yep, never carry any more cash than what you're willing to lose to robbery, either to a thief or a cop.


Agreed. I told my wife to expect me to go to jail, to head on to her parents and get a lawyer.


It's Texas, the one star state.


it's Texas, they don't give a fuck about legality or reason. if you are an outsider or not a white christian, they will look for a reason


Ironically, I’m a white, Christian pastor, but I actually try to follow the teachings of Jesus.


Guaranteed there's a staggering amount of people doing time across the country for drugs that they've never even tried much less possessed. A police officer can ruin your life on a whim, even if you've done nothing wrong. Are they all criminals that would plant evidence to get an arrest, or just because they don't like where you're from or the color of your skin? Of course not, but it only takes one.


>Are they all criminals that would plant evidence to get an arrest, or just because they don't like where you're from or the color of your skin? Of course not, but it only takes one. It's quicker to count the one who isn't corrupt. My friend is an analyst in law enforcement... this is not "a few bad apples". It's a system that actively recruits bad apples, trains them to treat every person they encounter as a threat (but especially minorities), coaches them on how to retroactively use the perception of threat as a boiler plate justification for every single use of force... They commit felonies on a regular basis, cover for each other, and collectively shun any kind of accountability through their police unions that bully city managers into complicity. And one or more of them will invariably reply to this post with some "not all cops" bullshit... or they'll talk about how hard it is to make split second decisions, yada yada... as if they're not the ones escalating 99% of their interactions to the point of needing to make a "split second" decision they could have entirely avoided if they weren't sociopaths who have to have their psych evals hidden from public view. If you ever get pulled over by a cop, you turn on a camera from the second they're about engage you and don't turn it off. It is against the law for them to prevent you from recording the incident as long as the camera is out of the way and not impeding the officer's actions. They don't assume you are anything but a threat, you shouldn't assume anyone in their department has an ounce of ethics when it comes to accurate documentation (or anything else).


My brother is MP for the marines and when he finished his first contract he thought he’d be a cop in a small Midwestern city. He told me the training was so disturbing he couldn’t do it. He went back to the military.


Can you talk more about the logistics of recording interactions with the police? Would you hold up your phone the whole time? What if they confiscated your phone for a “search” or whatever? Do you have to tell them you’re recording to make the evidence admissible in court?


I am not a lawyer. However, the right to record law enforcement is a Constitutional right. Because police can seize things that are in plain sight, but do not have a right to search without probable cause, it's best to keep the recorder concealed from view. This too has been upheld in a [recent case](https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2021/04/first-circuit-upholds-first-amendment-right-secretly-audio-record-police). All Circuit Courts of Appeals [except the Tenth](https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2021/04/tenth-circuit-misses-opportunity-affirm-first-amendment-right-record-police) have ruled on recording, so it's unclear whether the right to secretly record police clearly exists in Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas or Wyoming—though Colorado has since passed a law establishing a right to record police and another law protecting citizens from attempts to interfere with or destroy recordings. You do not need to inform police you are recording, nor do they need to consent to it regardless of the state's consent laws concerning recording communications between private parties. The courts have repeatedly ruled that police have a "diminished" expectation of privacy when performing their job in public, and that the public interest in reporting on law enforcement as a public good outweighs any expectation of privacy officers may think they have. The police also cannot delete content on your phone if they find it. However, if they do violate the law and delete content or destroy your phone, the evidence is gone. So, there are apps made by organizations like the ACLU which immediately save the video to a remote server. There's no law that inherently prohibits surveillance footage from being used in court.


People always say a few bad apples, but fail to remember the entire quote. “A few bad apples spoil the bunch.”


> Are they all criminals that would plant evidence to get an arrest, or just because they don't like where you're from or the color of your skin? Of course not But they *will* lie for the guy who did it. Corrupt cops need to hide behind other corrupt cops.


Yeah, we chatted with the backup officer for over half an hour (the whole ordeal took almost an hour, but we didn’t feel like chatting at first). He seemed very pleasant and more than a little embarrassed at his colleagues behavior, but he still did nothing to help us.


That was the ‘good cop’


>He seemed very pleasant and more than a little embarrassed at his colleagues behavior, but he still did nothing to help us. But not pleasant enough to call his fellow officer on their bullshit harassment...still not a good cop. In the future ask to speak to their sergeant if possible, make his ass drive all the way out there and see how much he likes these harassment tantrums.


We’ve proven that death row cases, the most scrutinized cases in the legal system, have a 4% wrongful conviction rate and the real value is estimated to be 12%. We also know that a lot of people take plea’s because charges they might not even be guilty of are so punishing if they’re wrongfully convicted. There are a lot of people in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. But, we have no idea how many.


Back in 2019 I was driving home from work. I got pulled over for a missing front license plate. (Legit reason, I didn’t know it was gone at the time) anyway the state trooper insisted on searching my car because it smelled like a bar. I explained I work for a bar that’s why I’m on my way home at three in the morning. He then switched it to I smell weed. After a good ten minutes of back and forth I caved and let him search my truck. About 20 minutes into him poping everything apart, cracking my dash open etc, he starts to go in and search under my seats. Thing is we had just had a terrible storm and I forgot to roll my windows up during it. The satisfaction I got from seeing a state trooper hurl from a wet carpet smell still makes me laugh my ass off. He stopped the search after that and let me leave. Didn’t put anything back together for me though. I sat on the side of the road dumbfounded for awhile and just went home. My truck was an old 1997 and he cracked the dash and stealing wheel trying to pry them apart to look. Also conveniently forgot about my front license plate. Some cops I just don’t get. I was expecting him to plant something as well.


At least there was some immediate justice. I’m grateful we had no permanent loss or damage. All things considered, we got of light, which is insane to say, considering we did absolutely nothing wrong.


File a complaint. It can matter to a judge. You might help someone who was illegally searched


I don’t have the police name or badge number. I thought about it at the time, but I was honestly too unsettled to be defiant. Edit: This was in Jacksboro, Texas. I have no problem naming and sharing that horrific little community.


Complain anyway. They will know who it was.


Where do I submit a complaint?


http://www.cityofjacksboro.com/directory.aspx Start going down the list and call everyone in a relavent department, including city hall, human resources, etc. Anyone who carries more weight than a patrol officer should be notified.


I legitimately don’t think anyone who works there will think the officer did anything untoward. Harassing godless liberals is a part of the job.


I did some searching and found the below. I think it’d be valuable to have your experience at least documented on a federal level. It says to report constitutional violations by local police to the FBI. [found on justice.gov](https://www.justice.gov/crt/addressing-police-misconduct-laws-enforced-department-justice) > This document outlines the laws enforced by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) that address police misconduct and explains how you can file a complaint with DOJ if you believe that your rights have been violated. > "Police Misconduct Provision" This law makes it unlawful for State or local law enforcement officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (34 U.S.C. § 12601) > If you would like to file a complaint alleging a violation of the criminal laws discussed above, you may contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is responsible for investigating allegations of criminal deprivations of civil rights. You may also contact the United States Attorney's Office (USAO) in your district. The FBI and USAOs have offices in most major cities and have publicly-listed phone numbers.


How the times change. When I live there decades ago, the highway patrol was the politest I had seen. I remember as a new driver driving in an old caprice that looks like a drug dealer's car at 77 miles (at 70 mph highway) to reach an appointment on time. The highway patrol stopped me asked me to step out. not knowing what to do, and as this was the first time I was stopped I put my hands on the trunk like you see in the movies. The guy just laughed and said it won't be necessary. I got a ticket but later took defensive driving course to avoid points.


Why do americans accept this kind of insanity? Most other western countries have police forces that might be underfunded or slow at solving crime, but they're not actively terrorizing the population.


Because many Americans want the police to terrorize a subset of the population. Always have.


I absolutely feel your pain. My elderly father and I were pulled over coming home from a concert a few years ago. The cop justified everything because we were leaving Chicago, so we were obviously bringing drugs from there back to central Illinois, where we live. He was bored and had the drug dog in his car. I used to be a smoker, and when the dog “found something” in my car, it was my ashtray with absolutely nothing aside from tobacco ash in it. He stripped my Jeep out and went through our bags. I watched the cop take the Bible that my mom bought for him and crunch a bunch of handfuls of pages while “searching.” I’m not religious, but it broke my heart to see him do that to something clearly important to someone else. Kind of knew it was a retaliatory action for not finding anything. My dad is handicapped, has a placard that we brought with us and hung from my rear view window. He decided to do my dad’s pat down in the middle of the road. He repeatedly asked him if he was drunk. My dad kept saying, “No, but I need a walker or cane to assist me to stand.” The cop called him a liar. He took me far away from the view of his dashcam to pat me down and groped my breasts and buttocks. I had a bad cold, so much so that you could hear the snot in my voice. I handed him the Mucinex that I had in my pocket and he was determined it was Molly. I told him he could take it to a lab and have it tested and that it was just store brand sinus medication. He accused me again and I told him to just google the numbers on the pill if he so wished. He never gave the pill back, of course. We didn’t get arrested that night, but it wasn’t for a lack of the officer’s trying. He threatened us with arrest, despite our politeness and compliance. I tried three times to file a FOIA report for his chest cam footage of the incident. They claim there is no record of the event. One of the local police officers even tried to file two separate FOIA reports. No dice. He never filled out the paperwork and I have no evidence of it happening. It’s a shame, but it’s just another great reason to invest in front and rear cameras in your car. Boredom, cops, and drug sniffing dogs combined are a recipe for a disastrous night for someone, guilty or not.


I’m so sorry that happened. A dash cam will likely be something I invest in for the future.


Don't wait until the future, get one now. The most expensive dashcam you can buy is the one you buy after you needed it. You can get a fairly good single camera setup for $100, and a nice dual-cam setup for less than $200. You can go to /r/Dashcam for recommendations and advice for dashcams, and using a cigarette lighter adapter you can be up and running within an hour of getting your new camera.


Thanks, I’ll check it out. I’ve a lot of mileage on the road coming and it would be great to have the extra security.


Once you get it, go ahead and install it with temporary power until you get around to a more aesthetic installation. The only dashcam more useless than the one sitting on a warehouse shelf is the one sitting on your desk still in its box.


The fact they tear all of it apart and won’t bother to put it back is so tyrannical.


We found it deeply violating. It felt like being burglarized, but nothing was taken.


I’ve been searched before, they don’t do it anywhere near delicately. Tossing stuff on the ground, tearing things apart, just like a dog trying to get into its food while the owner is away.


You should have recorded it the first time!


We were so tired from the long drive and we were caught completely off guard and then I was too scared of being arrested to be defiant. I’m ready to be defiant for the return.


ICE works under DHS which means they basically operate under any law or directive or desire that they want to. They are not held to the same standards as police, and as we know, police already have abysmal standards to meet.


Loser needs to get a real job. He's clearly a total failure at his current one...


The reasons to avoid Texas just keep coming. Hope your trip home is uneventful.


Drug dogs are trained to alert on command in order to justify a search. In actual double blind tests of their ability their accuracy is around 50%, basically random chance.


“Oh I got some wieners in my pocket”


You can file a complaint against the officer. I believe you can do so at the state level and potentially local level. That the dog signaled wrongly could have an impact on other cases or potential future encounters.


I just learned you can do it on federal level, too. [found on justice.gov](https://www.justice.gov/crt/addressing-police-misconduct-laws-enforced-department-justice) >This document outlines the laws enforced by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) that address police misconduct and explains how you can file a complaint with DOJ if you believe that your rights have been violated. >”Police Misconduct Provision" This law makes it unlawful for State or local law enforcement officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (34 U.S.C. § 12601) >If you would like to file a complaint alleging a violation of the criminal laws discussed above, you may contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is responsible for investigating allegations of criminal deprivations of civil rights. You may also contact the United States Attorney's Office (USAO) in your district. The FBI and USAOs have offices in most major cities and have publicly-listed phone numbers.


This happened to me in a damn airport. Arrived at my destination, grabbed my checked bag and two cops come up to me and asked me to walk with them. I was a 21yo college student flying from my university in Miami to Milwaukee to see my family. They claimed a dog signaled drugs in my bag. I was so scared I let them search it. I was shaking. Worst flying experience ever.


I was pulled over in Texas for going 2 MPH over the posted speed limit. I'm pretty they just pulled me over for having California plates.


Probably. Also be careful in AZ. When driving to Phoenix from PNW, I was shocked (and a little scared) by drivers in California. And I grew up driving around Chicago! Anyway, after passing the state line into AZ, all the CA drivers around me slowed way down. I kept going 5 over. I saw CA drivers getting pulled over, but I never did.


Sometimes the cops will tell the dogs to signal, even when the dog has found nothing and therefore didn’t signal on its own. It can be as subtle as a head nod


Next time they say they're bringing the dogs ask if you are being detained. If not say either right me a ticket or I'm leaving.


If your encounter with LEO involves them bringing dogs, rest assured you are being detained and you ain’t leaving. Once they initiate a contact with you your best bet is to comply.1. Your not in court and they will not hear your side of anything especially if they suspect you of something.2. The best thing you can do is nothing don’t speak a word until you have legal representation. Most people won’t bend this far and the cops know it. They know your most likely not willing to be arrested and go through the hoops just to have your. Day in court only to learn they are not usually going to be held accountable for their misconduct. So it comes down to how much time, money and energy are you willing to put into it? I agree it’s all wrong, but it’s where we are.


I’ve had the same thing happen to me in Tennessee. Fuck the police, they’re nothing but terrorists.


Welcome to the world of foreign national legal residents of USA when driving back to USA from Canada


I’m Mexican, just to add, he tried to smuggle “Chimex”, which is the cheapest “meat” that you can buy. I wouldn’t even feed that to a hungry animal, is just nasty.


And in a twist they completely missed the cocaine in the tires...


Take your gold you magnificent bastard. Thanks for the laugh.




Please show a picture of the person, this could have just been for personal consumption. Everything is bigger in Texas.


Lol… you know I looked, just in case it was there. Was disappointed. 😆


I got caught with a kilo of chorizo-seca and some machaca once. They took it away from me and I cried. I hope they ate it


I guess I'm the only one on this thread who saw that old Sophia Loren movie where she got busted by customs at LaGuardia for trying to smuggle mortadella into the U.S.


In the movie scooby doo on zombie island, scooby and shaggy are customs agents and they get fired for eating all the cheese


I believe their boss's exact line was that they "ate all the contraband." It was definitely a lot more than just cheese. Which... just goes to show that that was an incredibly memorable movie because I haven't seen it in twenty years.


must have been some good mortadella


Not a meat story, but a destroying story. In my country, you are only allowed to fire firecrackers between 23:30 and 02:00 AM on New Year's eve/New year's day. We (13 year olds) were caught firing firecrackers on New year's eve morning. The police was going to confiscate our firecrackers. We asked what they were going to do with it. Destroy them. Well, we said, that is just what we were doing. Just give them back. They did not give them back.


I was leaving a wedding reception with an open bottle of wine in my hand. Security (off-duty police officer) stopped me and said "get rid of it", so I immediately chugged the rest of the bottle, and the groom had to step in to keep the officer from cuffing me.


It said agents destroyed meat. I hope they did that with their stomach.


Destroyed through use of a BBQ.


They have to destroy the meat, There is a massive pandemic across the entire world regarding pork right now. Like half the pigs in China died last year.


It’s been happening for awhile. There was a bunch of pork smuggled in early 2019 mixed into containers filled with stuff like Tide to cover the smell, but the pork dogs smelled it out. If any of the tainted meat made it into our pork supply, it could decimate the industry. It’s safe for us to eat, but if some made it into a blue bin at a restaurant that was then turned into hog slop, it would spread.


https://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-biz-trump-china-trade-war-pork-farm-bailout-20181023-story.html https://www.pilotonline.com/business/vp-nw-smithfield-pork-exports-china-20200206-xkdjbvdo6jatlmiuscuqnkgeli-story.html


Oh those cocksuckers "destroyed the meat" alright.


Did they use the meat to destroy the>!ir!< meat?


Idk. This guy was willing to risk smuggling across the US border, he's a guy that would risk not properly kitting out his car with a refrigeration unit. Not sure I'd want to try out what he was packing, tbh.


Salt bro. Salt.


Love the picture. Did it like they do with confiscated drugs.


Just need two cops in Oakleys with tribal arm tattoos posing behind it.


And the local mayor holding a shotgun for a photo op.


I was thinking someone must have found that really satisfying to do.


Imagine the fun you could have slapping that meat around.


Oh, someone took one to the face, and many deep passes were thrown.


Snorted it all up?


What a bunch of bologna.


Who touched Rolf's load of bologna?!?


I hope border control is prepared to experience the Almighty Three Shoe Beating.


They know better than to mess with the son of the shepherd


By confiscating this they are only raising the street price and the bologna cartel will just send more.


They send over dozens of shipments like this a day. They let customs get one as a decoy. This is a tiny fraction of the illicit meat that crosses the border each day, endangering our way of life.


Customs officials "destroyed" the meat. *With some bitchin' sandwiches!*


Thank you for your service Captain


The man said, “How can it be smuggling if she’s my wife?”


Haha. Bologna smuggler.


I miss Rodney Dangerfield.


Can we sue him for $10,000?


Everyone should sue everyone else for $10k, we'd all be rich!


I will sue you first and then you can sue me. Deal?


If it’s worth smuggling a car load across the border I would like to try some. What is this mystery Mexico meat? What else is our government hiding from us?


Oh man I’ve never had chicken as good as rural Oaxaca chicken. Not the tiny, watery 6week breast we get here. I saw it being prepped and roasted- this bird’s breast was three times the size, fatty, yellow and tasted like it had been pumped full of herb infused proper European butter.


That specific product is some weird chicken "paste" (I don't have a better term) with pig fat and chunks of chile morrón, the end product reminds of mortadella for its consistency and texture, but with a very different taste of course.


I'm sure you're joking but I recall watching some food-travel show where they were talking about different types of meats you can get south of the border, I think because of laxer laws. Lung meat was the specific example they were talking about I think.


You can get lung meat here. It's just hard to find because it's not popular. The processors made contracts to sell most of the beef lung to Japan where it is popular. There are still several smaller snack companies that make things from organs. Personally when I have an animal custom butchered I request the liver, heart and lungs be ground into the sausage or ground beef. It's not a lax law, it's purely demand.


It is illegal to sell lung meat as human food anywhere in the U.S., though it is allowed in pet food. [Source](https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CFR-2010-title9-vol2/pdf/CFR-2010-title9-vol2-sec310-18.pdf)


The guy got caught trying to resell cheap Mexican meats on the U.S. market. The reason why the pork meat was a major issue is that there is a big outbreak of African Swine Fever across the Caribbean area and the U.S. does not want it to spread here.


Why is it a problem to bring meat across the border?


Disease and parasites


Which is a dumb reason for these products because are fully cooked.


Most of the meat laws came about around the time mad cow was first a major issue, since that disease survives cooking, and you don't want prion diseases floating about.


Prion diseases being one of the most terrifying things out there.


And also exceedingly rare in humans, since we don’t generally tend to ingest each other’s brains or spinal fluid, and most of us don’t hunt for our own potentially infected game. [If anyone wants to read more](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creutzfeldt%E2%80%93Jakob_disease)


African swine fever virus can survive in cooked and cured products. http://www.npa-uk.org.uk/African_Swine_Fever1.html >The most likely route of the disease into Britain is via infected meat products getting onto a pig unit. African swine fever will survive for many weeks, even months, in raw, cured and cooked meats, and on objects such as vehicles, equipment and clothes.


But we get meats from Mexico and this is a commercially processed product.


The virus is present in Central America and it survives in commercially processed pork products. It is, in fact, listed in the article as the reason it's important not to import pork. We have banned pork products from the Dominican Republic to prevent the spread of the virus into the United States. Although this man was caught at the Mexican border, it doesn't mean his pork was sourced from Mexico. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/newsroom/news/sa_by_date/sa-2021/asf-confirm https://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/mercosur/alert-in-central-america-and-mexico-on-african-swine-fever-outbreak/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6609336/


Approved imported meat comes from approved and inspected facilities. If someone is just driving it across the border, we have no idea where it came from.


Don’t let being wrong stop you from sharing your opinion


oh in that case.. taxes


Why do people jump to strong views of something being “dumb?” We’ve of course got many good responses below but there are so many farmers and food processors here in the states, and the world renowned USDA. Don’t we place trust that the decisions were made intelligently? I read some of their papers and positions, which are lengthy and thoughtful. Some can be 100 pages to provide fairness from all angles. It amazes me how often folks online will make harsh statements and completely disregard the thought process of those professionals.


You really shouldn’t still be surprised after the last year or more of armchair Facebook researchers deciding they know what is best medically over actual medical professionals that spent a decade or more in school and many years more actually practicing their trade.


They say they are, but you don’t know. Also prion diseases


Prion disease sounds like a shitty way to go.


Nope, it’s not dumb, your ignorant assumption is.


It's a short article, but it answers that for you.


First of all, *smuggling* 350 lbs of anything across the border is likely a problem, since you’re not paying proper taxes on it. In the case of meat (and food in general, especially fresh fruit), there are all kinds of laws about when and how you can import things for food safety reasons. It’s very difficult for a layperson to bring any type of food over an international border if it’s above the duty-free exemption.


The biggest current reason is African Swine Fever in a thing that contains pork. We do not want the disease in the U.S. It is carried in the meat and not easily destroyed by cooking. It poses no risk, currently, to humans. However it would nearly destroy the pork industry. There are a whole host of other molds, viruses and insects that infest agricultural products we do not want in the U.S.


Upon further inspection, international border. I thought it was a weird state to state thing with Texas


Yeah, states don’t have the authority to restrict what comes over their borders as the commerce clause gives the federal government that power.


This gets tricky. I know of several states with agricultural inspection stations. I’m not sure if these are set up in cooperation with USDA or what. For certain states, a single piece of fruit with a non native pest on it could wipe out an entire industry.


There’s a ban on importing pork products into the USA right now because of some weird Dominican swine virus. Honestly, I wonder how often these types of crazy diseases happen but we never hear about them because they were nipped in the bud


The article has like a 20 second read time and you still somehow missed this? >"With the recent detection of the African Swine Fever in the Dominican Republic, it is important that no pork products are brought into the U.S.” said CBP El Paso Director of Field Operations Hector Mancha in a statement. “Pork products have the potential to introduce foreign animal diseases that can be detrimental to our agriculture industry.”


>When the man, a 20-year-old El Paso resident, presented himself for inspection at the border around 6 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 26, agriculture specialists discovered 31 rolls of bologna and two rolls of turkey ham concealed under blankets, under seats, in the car’s center console, and inside a duffel bag, according to the release. So in the middle of summer, the meat was not refrigerated. It was just hidden all over the vehicle? I'm sure that meat was in great shape.


maybe it was smoked?? even so, i'm sure it was really gross.


Oregon Trail led me to believe that it's impossible to carry more than 100lbs of meat.


350 pounds of meat , my nick name in school 🤙🙈


If you ever fly into Illinois and rent a car, ask for one with IL plates. They will pull your ass over if you are 3 over the speed limit and driving with Michigan or Wisconsin plates. Blues Brothers weren't lying, IL cops are bad news.


350 lbs? kinda low but specific amount.


The man also weighed 350 lbs!


He was the meat


Arby’s is jealous


Jesus, Click2houston is a dumpster fire of poorly written Javascript. Couldn't even get the article text to show properly. Never going there again.


Some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Aspen.


That's the same excuse they used when they took some Hungarian Salami I bought at the duty free shop, in FRANCE, for my father a couple of years ago. They left out the Dominican Republic part.


Texas is the new Florida. Change my mind.


Lived in Texas growing up. Live in FL now. When I arrived in FL 6 years ago I distinctly remember thinking "Jesus, this place is basically Texas with more greenery". This was 6 years ago. I doubt it was different 10 or 20 years before that. I firmly believe TX has always been dehydrated FL.


> I firmly believe TX has always been dehydrated FL. So the Texas gulf coast is just Florida, then?


Actually never been to that part of Texas. Your guess is as good as mine. I'm talking central/west/north/some of the east and a bit of the south


I grew up in Houston. Hot, humid, large stretches of swamp and marsh land. I remember a story (true or not, I have no idea) from my Texas History book when I was in 7th grade. Supposedly the argument about where to put the Texas capitol after the revolution came down to Austin or Houston. The downside of Austin is that the Comanche (I think...7th grade was several decades ago at this point...) would raid it now and again and try to burn it down. The downside of Houston was it was a fucking swamp and malaria regularly killed lots of people. So they decided the building a better fort and fighting the Comanche was a better option even if they did have to rebuild every now and again rather than the legislators regularly dying from malaria.


Nobody got caught because of smuggling meat in Florida!!!


I mean, there’s a very famous meat smuggling [Florida Man](https://www.cnn.com/2014/04/30/us/florida-winston-shoplifting-allegation/index.html)


but if they did, they would have defended themselves using a live alligator


Otherwise known as 'Doug.' He tried to smuggle his buddy Doug across the border.


Didn’t this happen last year as well?


Smuggle meat? It's a holiday weekend, MFer was just trying to have a barbecue with the boys!


This already happen s couple months ago. https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/local-media-release/cbp-seizes-194-pounds-prohibited-bologna


its not kittens, its chicken


DA's case is a bunch of baloney


Bologna of all things hahaha


you know if he'd gotten thru god knows how many Texans would be in absolute agony from eating that on top of covid today. I remember when I was a kid I was a restaurant manager and I had to take a bunch of food safety classes and whenever I think about what I learned about how under the right circumstances food can turn to poison fast, I can't think of a lot of things that terrify me on that level


And in other news Taco Bell announces a meat shortage.......


First you get the bologna...


So how many abortions can you sue him over for that. 1 per pound?


So he smuggled one average Texan male?


In Texas, traveling with 350lbs. of meat is usually known as 'vacationing with the wife.'


Across the border goes penis Pete, with 350 lbs of swingin meat.


“Texan man”. “350 pounds of meat”. But I repeat myself.


Also known as kidnapping a fat girl.