Fauci: CDC Actively Considering Changing Mask Guidance as COVID Cases Soar

Fauci: CDC Actively Considering Changing Mask Guidance as COVID Cases Soar


Too late, the clubs/bars last night were PACKED


Pretty sure have been packed since may


Earlier in a lot of places. Nashville’s been buzzing since like February


Everyone in Nashville immediately upvotes.


I live in Wisconsin. Famous for beer drinking. Bars have been packed since the 3rd week of the pandemic here.


Good luck. Can’t put toothpaste back in the tube.


People where I live haven't cared since this started so it is too late to undo any damage.


"The greatest danger to our future is apathy." - Jane Goodall


So can I WFH again? Because I really liked not wearing pants or dealing with parking.


Nope. Nothing's gonna close down again. No stimulus again. Just gotta mask up again lmao. I say this depressed as hell. Worked in a place where I couldn't WFH. But we're not going to close down again.


Work in management at a food factory. The business / office building just did a big launch of everyone returning to work with prizes and raffles and free drinks. Meanwhile all of us that have been working in the factory side for the long haul are rolling our eyes, missing out on the parties.


Companies are like people, and treat their backbones (the people who actually make everything work) just like people treat their own backbones: we abuse and overwork the hell out of them, and pay no attention to them until they scream in pain. ... That analogy got a little more violent sounding than intended, but it still works.


Great analogy tbh, violence and all.


I think this analogy is spot on


>we abuse and overwork the hell out of them, and pay no attention to them until they scream in pain. Or just stop working, whether slowly or in an instant.


If we close down again I'm screwed. rip my house, my car, everything. * A bartender


A lockdown with government support would work. We're not getting government support


Nope. We decided to use our excess money to build you a new office, instead of considering going full wfh and giving everyone one a raise and saving money. Lots of jobs probably


Once covid happened I made my company work from home and everyone loves it. We just had everyone take whatever office supplies, computer stuff, furniture, etc from their office and take it home with them. We are never going back. We just send people a cake on their birthday and call it a day.


God I wish there were more bosses like you


There are some really great companies out there that take care of their staff and run for the employees benefit, like Bob's Red Mill. I met him once, an awesome dude, when he retired he gave the company to the employees. He's my inspiration. Some other awesome companies are once again nut butter, Dave's Killer bread, and King Arthur Flour. In my spare time I am working on a shopping guide to help people support companies like that at worker focused. If we all support companies like that then more jobs and companies will become like that.


King Arthur’s Flour makes the best gluten free pancakes.


Companies would probably use wfh as an excuse to cut wages. Source: lots of companies are threatening to cut wages from those working from home.


"We dont need all of this office space anymore, we can save money by downsizing our physical space, and while we're at it we can cut our employee's wages and say that it's because they're working from home, it'll save the company millions that we can use to pay our top executives more money" -Bezos probably


Fuck me, I'm not any more productive just because I have an extra hour and a half of driving every day... If anything I'm less productive in the office out of spite.


It’s too late. There is no way you’re gonna get any sort of moderate compliance rate at this point. Things have been allowed to open up on an honor system; no way that anti-mask/lockdown/whatever folks are gonna take it. edit: RIP inbox. I’m reading all the direct comments and the issue is evident. Everybody has a strong opinion and they’re all different. Guidance has changed often. Guidance has differed at different levels. Guidance is different state to state, city to city. Everybody is tired of being pulled in every direction and that’s why you won’t get good compliance with any change in the restrictive direction.


Came here to say exactly this. The people who need to wear masks are the people who won’t listen to the CDC.


You’ll save some lives of people on the periphery. There is a lot of confusion right now. I’ve heard that vaccinated people are fine, I’ve heard that vaccinated people can get mild but highly infectious cases and I’ve heard that a small but certainly not negligible amount of vaccinated people can get infected, get very sick and even die. If I need to be masking, I don’t want the cdc to dither about telling me so.


Damn. If it wasn't so contagious to others who *do* mask I'd say fine. Natural Selection. Will correct the issue. But unfortunately it'll infect people who have the unfortunate moment of contact with these loons as well.


Can confirm, I am vaxxed and got COVID from someone who was unvaxxed who knew they had been exposed and still sat next to me at a wedding like nothing was up


How was your experience being vaccinated and having it?


My experience with it was pretty much like my second Pfizer shot. One day of an absolutely brutal head cold where all I wanted to do is sleep. Then a day of feeling rough with congestion, but functional. Then after that it’s just annoying congestion for a while.


Good range of experiences here. Thanks for sharing.


I can speak to this too, just finished quarantine. I had moderna got covid from a high risk area (with some other guys also vaxxed). We had varying experiences, I think I was a bit worse off. I had a sustained low grade fever for a few days, slept an insane amount. I would sleep 10-11 hrs wake up for a few and fall back to sleep. I woke up in sweat each time. I lost my taste/smell. I previously was running with a lower resting heart beat, not so much right now. Im about 12 days past positive test. I am moving around now though. During quarantine i attempted one isolated walk and was very breathless. Previously I ran 6 miles, really hoping I can again soon. I worked hard for it. I still have a lingering cough, some congestion and not 100%. It was less of the most miserable sick but just drawn out. I am hoping my breathlessness resolves next week. My taste/smell is just starting to return luckily as it's depressing to only feel textures.


Sorry you got it. Also the fact you can still lost taste and smell while vaccinated sucks. That's the main symptom that scares me.


Believe me, the symptom that really scared me when I got covid was difficulty breathing, thought I was going to die and it lasted for 2 weeks. Wish I only had loss of smell. Gasping for oxygen is a nightmare.


As an asthmatic that's what's terrifying to me as well. People take breathing for granted


That's what I got, too. I tried my asthmatic wife's nebulizer and rescue inhaler, and neither touched the symptoms.


That's not the one that scares me, it's the potential mental deficiency and permanent organ ramifications.


I lost my sense of smell in january 2020 when I lived in Washington state. I never had any other sort of symptoms. I was never able to get an antibody test to see if it was covid related. I still can't smell anything and can only taste with my tongue (sweet, salty, sour, bitter). Food has absolutely no flavor. I hate it.


I think this is the thing we need to drive home to the "99.9% survival rate" people. Sure, you have a decent chance of surviving, but we have no clue what it's going to mean for people in 10 or 20 years.


Those people would just claim the exact same thing about the side-effects of the vaccine--that "we have no clue" what will happen to people who take it. Yes, they genuinely believe that the vaccine is more likely to do more lasting damage than COVID itself.


Showing my age, but people used to go out and deliberately get their kids infected with chicken pox before people knew about shingles.


Yeah. I've been trying to do that in my area. The people who care masked all year and got the vaccine. The trouble is, there's plenty of people who do not give a single shit. There is nothing that will convince them.


My fiancé cared for a patient who lost both legs to blood clots from COVID. That’s what fucking scares me


You can take my kidneys but please don't take my mac and cheese


Yeah, this is the one that scares me. Dementia/Stroke/Coma/Alzheimer's are my worst nightmare. COVID being able to present similar symptoms or cause those conditions long-term scares the shit out of me.


It should scare you, not being able to smell ruins quality of life trust me.


I've been vaccinated and got moderately sick, losing taste for 4 days. Though I tested negative for COVID. Eating became physically tiring because all you experience is the physical labor of moving your jaw and the sensation of chewing on wax. It felt like I was chewing and not eating. Was so relieved when taste started trickling back. I had other COVID symptoms with that, but the taste was the most depressing part of it.


That one doesn't scare me as much because I view it as the best sign to show you have COVID. It's easy to say you have the flu with most of the other symptoms.


yeah but some people are saying it doesn't come back. that is miserable


It scares me because for a lot of people it's gone on for months and hasn't showed any improvement and if I end up with that it's impossible for me to do my job as a professional cook.


I have partial smell loss from an upper respiratory infection years ago. Please disregard anyone who minimizes the importance of olfaction. I've seen it for years. It's really common to hear people say stuff like "I *wish* I didn't have to smell anything!" and you're just like "yeah it sure sucks to smell the damp earth in a beautiful forest, the spray of the ocean, and the unique smell of your partner, yeah dude it sucks."


My boss's son just got diagnosed with COVID and he was vaccinated. Sounds like he's doing reasonably well in quarantine, but he also lost his sense of smell. This whole thing is just fucked. We stopped wearing masks way too soon.


Ya a lot of people lost 1/3 lung capacity and can’t smell or taste food :/


That sounds amazingly like regular unvaccinated COVID (that didn't progress to needing hospitalization) that a few people I know experienced. I was under the impression that outside of a few breakthrough cases that if you were vaccinated your symptoms would be a lot less than what you're describing.


I think the "breakthrough" cases that result in hospitalizations are the ones where there's only a few, the vaccine stops severe reactions in almost all cases.


Check w/ a Dr. to see if a steroid inhaler could help. (If not already being used) Had family members have great success w/ a steroid inhaler helping breathlessness recover faster and while getting back to normal pace. Read lots of articles on this too- just can’t find links atm.


The NHS have trialed the steroid asthma inhalers as a long covid treatment, so far the only confirmed one which works. Although I can personally confirm they only help you get though it a bit easier. The long covid still turns you over like you won’t believe. https://www.ft.com/content/63b42236-1c8e-4454-8088-1364f901cfe1


Rough. I am a health care worker and truly feared after 6 months of getting the vaccine in January that I would be as risk of getting covid come July. Annnnd here I am with covid. Thought it was just a summer cold, but once I lost taste and smell I knew it was covid. This delta variant is coming back and we all need to be better about wearing masks to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Just waiting patiently for my taste and smell to come back :/


I got covid in between vaccination shots and I barely got sick. I’m in my mid 20s and healthy. First day I had a mild sore throat (but I hadn’t smoked weed in months and went hard the week b4 with friends so still unsure if it’s from that), second day I had a isolated headache related to nasal drip. I was symptom free by day 3. Still completed a quarantine then CDC cleared me and I got my second shot a week after originally schedule. So it all worked out, and ngl I feel pretty invincible right now between the fake antibodies + the real ones I possess. 😂 Def a false sense of security.


And their children.


And then your children. And then those who can’t get the vaccine, and then those of us who’ve had it once our immunity wears off. And then our pets… This is amazingly stupid. We have the technology to end the pandemic, and getting it was a phenomenal feat, but collectively, we lack the intelligence to use it.


> We have the technology to end the pandemic Textiles are like a T1 unlock too. This is pathetic.


I think peer pressure can come to bear in some cases. Almost everyone in my church has the vaccine. Small town and people know each other. Idiot came to church last Sunday who people knew was against the vaccine, and he was not wearing a mask. He got bashed by a whole group of people yelling at him for being a jerk. What needs to happen, make them a social pariah.


Maybe. But a change in CDC recommendations might affect policies at large state/federal institutions, like public universities. As a college instructor teaching in-person, no mask mandate, no vaccination check, no temperature check, no decreased class capacity courses starting next month, this seems far from pointless (if extremely late).


This. I’m in the same exact boat as you. Our VP of Academic Affairs declared this week that individual faculty can not require students to wear masks in their classrooms. Our university is actually “requiring” that students (not faculty or staff) be vaccinated, but they’ll grant exceptions based on medical, religious, and *strong personal beliefs* Last time I posted this info I got several replies and private messages saying to “just quit my job”. Sure thing, perfect time to quit with all of the pandemic related safety nets expiring.


I had to be current on all my shots to start college. How is this not required?


Enforcement and social responsibility has always been the issue. Prior lockdowns and mask mandates were ignored here since this all started. Who thinks people will honestly pay attention now. It’s nothing but theater to say they did the right thing at this point. The same people ignoring this will continue to do so.


Here in St Louis we’re starting a mask mandate again tomorrow, and I imagine it’s going to be a fucking nightmare for all the people who have to attempt to enforce it.




Hope you get well. Out of curiosity, what were your symptoms? Also, how long after your second dose is this?


The few people I've known had it that were vaccinated (I'm in the scary hot zone that keeps popping up on the news), it's like getting hit with a bad set of allergies. Annoying and you feel blegh, but certainly not the worst thing.


Huh that’s what my brother in law said. He had the vaccine and he thought it was just allergies. Compare that me getting Covid last April at the beginning and feeling like I was dying for three weeks, then being sick with long haul symptoms for a year


Have your long haul symptoms went away?


Yes! Thank god. I had persistent brain fog, my sense of taste was just so gone. I had to have my daughter test all my cooking because I just could not taste things like normal. My short term memory was gone. I was forgetting everything. I had to write notes to myself all day or I’d just forget simple things. And worst of all my migraines increased in frequency by a lot. I have meds for them but I was taking them so much more than is safe to do so. I just felt terrible all around. I got the vaccine back in may and June. After a few weeks I noticed that I hadn’t been having as many migraines. And I just feel better all around. You know when you have like the flu and you just feel “wrong” like a general malaise? That’s how I felt all the time for a year.


Same for me, two doses of Pfizer. Life changer.


I’m so glad to hear you’re better! That’s honestly what gets me so nervous back last summer and this time around was the long Covid. It’s like even if you survived the initial 3 weeks you still had a good chance of having these symptoms that remained far longer than anyone could’ve predicted. I really feel like this time around with all the rules relaxed and people thinking it’s over, is when a lot more people who never had it are the ones who get it. Me being one of them.


^ this, describes my situation exactly


This is me right now 😭


I mean, that's what the data around the vaccine has been telling us. It lowers the risk of you getting it, and if you do get it, it greatly reduces you being hospitalized or serious complications from it. If you are vaccinated, you can still get CoVid, and that's pretty much OK, because you'll be fine...the folks that are unvaccinated, those are the people that are in a lot of danger here. Just get vaccinated, ffs


It's like driving a modern car vs. a really old one... and then getting into a head-on accident. Won't keep you from getting hurt, but damn if airbags and crumple zones aren't helpful.


My wife and son had something very similar, loss of taste and smell and heavy bronchial congestion. Took 3 weeks to fully recover.


Woah I wonder if I got it... I thought for sure I had allergies but I haven't had allergies in years. Like one week of snot dripping out of my face and a very phlemy cough, followed by a week or so of tapering symptoms.


Oh fuck that's been me. I've been thinking it's just a cold. Thankfully I haven't really gone anywhere.


Mild fever and cough. Fatigue. Nothing crazy.


A buddy of mine got covid, fully Pfizer vaccinated. He had a dry throat for a couple days, then had a bad fever and body aches for like 4 days, then lost his sense of smell and taste for like a week and a half afterwards A bunch of us (15ish) went out drinking for his birthday, he felt sick the next day (assumed hungover), then started asking if "two day hangovers" are a thing, and then on day 3 teated positive. Everyone else is also vaccinated and nobody else tested positive Shit luck I guess. We all think he woulda died had he not been vaccinated (dunno if that's how it works lol)




More people need to hear exactly this comment. It’s not supposed to be a miracle cure-all. But now Mr Miyogi isn’t in an ICU, he is just sick. Good Mr Miyogi! Be like Mr Miyogi and get vaccinated. EDIT: Putting the I in Miyogi since just right now


I actually had this conversation just yesterday and someone replied "they're calling it a vaccine but it's not a vaccine - you can still catch covid!" I feel like people don't even know what a vaccine is or what immunity means anymore. It doesn't mean you *can't* get sick, it means your body knows how to fight off the illness and will do so *if* you get sick and will often do so without you even knowing you've caught something. We still need boosters for vaccines we've had for decades and therefore know are perfectly safe for the population at large. I'm sick of these YouTube viewers who think they're more knowledgeable than immunologists because they have to work within the system.


I’m vaccinated. I’ve been sick in bed after testing positive the other day. It’s probably the worst I’ve ever felt. I can’t imagine what it would be like if my symptoms weren’t more “manageable”.


It just seems to hit people differently. My grandparents (in their 80s) got it. Grandpa went to the hospital after becoming weak in the night - not sure if covid or not, but he tested positive. Grandma was fine though she definitely got sick. My mom went to take care of them. She got it. Had no idea until she had to take a test for a surgical procedure. My wife got it - had no idea until she was tested as a practice before a procedure. Her sense of smell is still messed up though, which sucks (though it probably benefits me if I fart at night..). It's just weird how it affects everyone differently.


What even are your symptoms? I feel like this part has not been reported very well.


Like really bad allergies to start, was sneezing so often for two days. Then fatigued for about 4-5 days. Took another few days to feel normal again. I honestly felt worse the day after my 2nd dose of the vaccine, but couldnt believe how long it took to really feel over this. Usually a cold is 3-5 days and you feel better, this just sort had me feeling malaise for 7-8 days. On the worst day it really was a chore to even get up and go to the bathroom just felt so tired. Only reason I got tested when it was just the sneezing was due to a golf tournament I was going to play in and being overally cautious. Couldnt confirm it was delta, but Im in an area its been confirmed to be spreading. Edit: wanted to add that I did not have a fever at any point. That is the main reason I belive it was the delta variant as Ive read fever doesnt seem to be as prevelant a symptom in this strain.


Your comment made me look it up because I thought sneezing wasn't a symptom of covid. That's still the case *unless* you've been vaccinated and are a breakthrough case. That's really interesting, I wonder what the mechanism at work there is


I too am fully vaccinated and just got COVID. It was a very mild illness. So glad I got vaccinated


i know this is going to sound super whiney, but whatever. i am just so god damn fucking sick of all of this. my wife and i followed every rule to a tee for the past year and a half - got vaccinated early, have quarantined like crazy... and it's all gonna be for nothing. we've got tickets to a ton of concerts going through next spring already--probably jumped the gun on those, eh. man, i hate people. fuck me in the goat ass i am sick of this shit.


Thank you, my wife and I feel the same. Followed every rule, got us and kids vaccinated, kids were awesome about masks, so "Yeah back to normal! Go to concerts and no masks at restaurants!" And tons are not vaccinated and upping chances of new variants and us vaccinated folks getting COVID. People fucking suck.


It's literally like in elementary school when the one idiot won't shut up and ruins it for the polite kids.


...only elementary school for you huh? Every year had one up through college for me lol


I’m with you. I’m so goddamned over doing the right thing when people can’t be bothered to get vaccinated. I haven’t traveled in a year and a half. Hadn’t gone to anyone’s home. Masked religiously. Got vaccinated the day I could. All so some assholes can ruin everything for us again.


If you're vaccinated you're good. Go outside, travel, go to restaurants and parties. Live your life. If unvaccinated people get sick and die, oh well. Sucks to be them.


Sad to say it, but this is basically where I'm at. At this point, fuck these selfish assholes. Safe, free, effective protection from death by covid is now widely available. If you decide you don't want to participate in that, well consider this your Darwin awards nomination.


It's strangely reminding me of the old testament story of the angel of death passing over the houses with blood on the door. Like all you had to do was paint the blood, it's not that hard.


It's a violation of my HIPAA rights for you to ask me whether I want my first-born son killed.


They need to have a question at the hospital “are you voluntarily not vaccinated? You are? Ok here’s a handful of malaria medicine and the fucking door - good luck!” Stop filling hospitals with these selfish assholes.


It would be this simple if not for kids and the immunocompromised :/ I don't care how many anti vax adults die, but I do care if they get people who can't be vaccinated sick.


I’m stationed in Okinawa in the marines. I haven’t seen my family since I was 19 because of this, I’m 21 now.


I'm in Florida and it's fucking maddening. I keep making my mantra "just because you're over it doesn't mean it's over" I'd been relaxing on the mask indoors when it wasn't very crowded and starting to feel like things might be getting back to normal, but now cases have fucking TRIPLED in the last weeks back to near our max from the middle of winter, and still Desantis said we won't out any rules back in place, my kids don't have an eLearning option, and my company expects me back.


I'm right there with you. My wife and I did everything right. This is the outcome of using an honor system with a society of uneducated and selfish people.


If phish in AC gets cancelled I’m gonna headbut a freaking knife


I hear you. I planned this epic trip to Vegas for Sept back in March. I'm talking poolside room with private patio... the works. I figured that was plenty of time for the country to all get vaccinated and for Vegas to be completely open. I've got 24 hour cancellation on everything I booked and with each passing day I get more and more depressed thinking I am most likely going to have to cancel. I have a friend who still hasn't gotten the vaccine and I just can't even talk to her anymore. I was so excited back in March! Now I'm just so disappointed with people.


Thank you Adam Sandler for you very accurate and shared feelings. Couldn't agree more.


You have a big day of drinking and beating the fuck out of me tomorrow.


People will lose their fucking minds. I really don't see Americans complying with any Covid measures again, sadly. And you know what? I might get crucified for this, but I did my part. I got vaccinated the second I was able to. I followed all the rules. And now, because antivaxx idiots aren't getting it, I have to go back to locking down and masking and social distancing? I get punished for their stupidity? Frankly I don't wanna go back to that shit and basically get my life taken away from me again, when I did my part!


"And now, because antivaxx idiots aren't getting it, I have to go back to locking down and masking and social distancing? I get punished for their stupidity?" Exactly this. We're fortunate enough to live in a country with a very good vaccine rollout, and a lot of idiots chose not to get vaccinated. At this point, it is their fault if they catch Covid, I'm sick and tired of protecting them when I've done everything right and sacrificed my life enough.


Your not the only one who feels that way. I recently went back to the gym and started feeling great about myself again. I feel better than i did in months. I can't have that taken away again. I don't think id be able to handle it mentally.


Yeah me too. Fuck this


Just wanted to say, my sentiments exactly. This pisses me off so much. I did everything right. My family did everything right, and now we may all have to suffer, whether it be from lockdowns or COVID because selfish people love their Facebook conspiracies. I'm going to go make fun of anti Vaxxers on Twitter now.


CDC recommended mask removal too early, and was completely ignored the obvious outcome of non vaccinated people not wearing masks and spreading it around. Their recommendation relied on the honor system of having unvaccinated people voluntarily wearing masks. They used vulcan social science but ignored human social science.


This. They dropped the change out of nowhere and gave businesses and public officials zero time to get policies in place. You can't verify if people are vaccinated or not so the jackasses refusing the vaccine have no incentive to get it and can just go about their merry business.


> They dropped the change out of nowhere It was absolutely of of a desire to carrot/stick people into getting vaccinated so that July 4th could be the marker of "a grand reopening!". I am all for reopening safely, but that game just didn't fly. If I am gathering all of this together correctly, ~23% of eligible people just *will not* be getting vaccinated. Kids under 12 *can't* get vaccinated. The rest of everybody ***should*** be getting vaccinated, and there are *very* few reason's people ***can not*** be vaccinated. Unfortunately, vaccinated people can still get and spread Covid-19, even asymptomatically, and that is something everyone hoped was far less prevalent than it is. ~20% of the world has been vaccinated so far, and that gives lots of room for variants to emerge and vaccine hesitation isn't just an issue in the USA. Let alone logistics for mRNA vaccine transport and storage in the most needy of places.


> It was absolutely of of a desire to carrot/stick people into getting vaccinated Exactly! It was not out of 'an abundance of caution' or based on *the science* (unless you count attempting to psychologically manipulate huge groups of people). The CDC has fucked this up almost every step of the way. Everybody remember [February 2020](https://twitter.com/cdcgov/status/1233134710638825473) when they 'did not currently recommend facemasks' to fight against a fucking respiratory virus?! Even though we have known for 100 years that covering your faceholes cuts down on the spread of such diseases?


I still blame that one on a dissimilar notions of what we called masks back then, *and* the need to save them for front line workers, particularly medical workers. Masks at the start were nearly any thing that you cover your face with. Some people still do that, but most people use some sort of actual barrier. That is not the same as an n95 respirator, or even an actual surgical mask. Can you imagine the run on those things by the civilian population had it been announced otherwise? We literally had to convince ourselves that this was a primarily airborne pathway of transmission, as most assumed it was mostly a disease transferred by touch early on.


There was no need for CDC to lie about masks not being effective if we were worried about shortages for healthcare workers. I'm a dumbass and even I knew that made no sense to say masks were not effective.


Home Depot and other stores sold out of N95 type masks by mid-February, so clearly a lot of other people saw through it too. Even by then it was too late to try that lie for supply reasons.


They did that because there was a shortage of N95 masks and everyone and their mother was trying to buy them which took them away from hospitals.


> This. They dropped the change out of nowhere and gave businesses and public officials zero time to get policies in place. Exactly. As someone who works with the public, months later I am still pissed about the lack of warning. That and the fact that I feel like they made that sudden announcement mostly because they were hoping it would work as an incentive for the vaccine hesitant. We all knew it would backfire like this. Especially with that honor principle shit.


Agree 100% I failed to understand why the CDC did a complete 180 a few months ago. I’m in TX and have heard many people saying they won’t get the vaccine until the state holds a lottery like they did on other states. I’m seriously lost for words on this attitude


Abbott is going to be running for president, so he doesn't want to look like a lib by advocating for the vaccine. His message is "get it if you want it". Truly the kind of leadership this country needs /s


if abbott got the vaccine on national tv, at a ~~Garth Brooks~~ (Insert Joe Rogan or Republican #1 Country Music star) concert and magically walked off stage, half of texas still wouldn't get it.


Garth Brooks is an LGBT ally and performed at Biden's inauguration. He might as well be a commie to the right at this point.


But what about Chris Gaines


If Michigan is any indication, the lotto doesn't help bring numbers up any meaningful amount.


"I won't help protect people and bring an end to this pandemic unless you give me a super slim chance for free money" What?!!!!!!


Don't worry, in places with a lottery the goal posts change anyways. The new narrative is to the effect of, "If it were really just about a vaccine why are they trying to bribe people to get it? If it really worked wouldn't that be a good enough reason to get it?" Says the person that refuses to get it even though it's shown to work extremely well. I know someone using this "logic" to continue to refuse vaccination despite his wife's pleas for sanity.


The majority of the world isn’t vaccinated. The entire continent of Africa is basically unvaccinated. Russia as well. I’m assuming huge swaths of other places won’t see a reliable vaccine for a year or more. All these places are variant factories. You will see these variants, some much more dangerous than other, for probably years to come. Get the shot because it may only get worse


Yeah good luck with that. The thing about an honor system is that it only works if people have honor, and the people who haven't gotten a free vaccine at this point are completely lacking it in the first place.


Lockdown Two - Delta Variant Boogaloo


I doubt it. It will be up the the states. There will be a lot of states who just won’t enforce it


I work for a hospital network that covers a few red states. We've been static at 70% of our staff being vaccinated since March. That 30% was the people who don't want it (and the few legitimately medically exempt). Last week, they announced that covid vaccinations will now be mandatory. About 20% of my direct reports were pissed. And I have no pity. I'll be more than happy to write their paperwork when they aren't vaccinated by the set deadline. We've followed CDC guidelines on masks since the beginning. When/if we're told to wear masks again, it's gonna be the same nonsense all over. Don't get me started on the pissy patients that refuse to wear masks.


Friend of mine is a nurse that I'm sure works for the same network, and who refuses to vaccinate, even though everyone else in her family has (even her Trump loving mother) The second that news came out she was PISSED.


If it's the same organization, they didn't warn supervisors or managers before sending out that announcement. I was in an hour long meeting when the email came out and had 5 replies from upset antivaxxers within 5 minutes. Really wish they had announced this a few weeks ago when I was assigning annual raises. Definitely would have made the decisions easier.


See what I don't get is that from my non-health-care-worker perspective, I'd just assume that if you're in a hospital, you'd want to be as fully protected (for lack of a better term) as possible. So I just assumed they all got the vax immediately as soon as it was available. Now that it's coming out that 20-40% of health care workers aren't vaxx'd, I'm a bit astonished. Like, I get if you're administrative and don't deal with patients....but a LOT are people who directly deal with patients. I just totally assumed my friend was vaxx'd and when she blew up on FB the other day I was like "abuh?" Hell, I didn't get a choice when I was in the military; I got a ton of shots, and I don't even know what most of them were. It was just part of boot camp and Uncle Sam owned my ass, so they could do what they wanted. I'm probably immune to diseases that haven't even cropped up yet. But that does suck not notifying the supervisors/managers ahead of time. Gotta give people SOME heads up that it's coming.


I was in the military too. Funny enough, I had an old pamphlet titled "What you need to know about the Anthrax vaccine." I was given this to read during that 5 shot series and just held onto it. Now I keep it on my desk for a laugh when when people complain about this vaccine.


I don't think people would comply with Safe at Home orders anymore.


What is there to consider? You sparked an "honor system" where unvaccinated people run free and get all the benefits of being vaccinated, and now cases spiked exponentially. Doesn't take a genius to figure this one out. Give us a quick and reliable method to verify vaccination status if you're going to say only unvaccinated people need to wear masks. We saw this coming from a mile away.


I said this when they first started to weaken or drop these mandates. It's obvious. It's almost as if these people haven't been watching the politicization of the virus for well over a year. It's seriously maddening.


You go to a place and see everyone unmasked, but you know the vaccination percentage isn’t 100%… something clearly doesn’t add up.


I also wonder what percentage of masked people you see are actually vaccinated. I’m fully vaccinated but wear a mask when I go out because I’m paranoid about accidentally giving it to my kid, who can’t get vaccinated yet. In my neighborhood I’d say it’s more like 5% who mask. We are nowhere near 95% vaccinated.


Probably a lot. I honestly assume the masked people I see are vaccinated and the unmasked are a mix. I don’t trust any unmasked people right now unless it’s outdoors.


The people who wore masks without screaming at store workers during last year got their vaccine. I think most mask wearers are those around kids or other unvaccinated people, or those worrying about Delta or further variants defeating the vaccine


I still wear a mask just being courteous and for that little extra insurance. Everywhere I go employees are still wearing masks which is great to see but rarely anyone else. We should all be in this together and vaccinated or not we should still try our best to be as preventative as possible until it is finally over.


It’s frustrating for me, as a young person that masked up and stayed inside for the entire year. Then I waited patiently for the vaccine to be available and got it as soon as it was available to me. I did everything that I needed to do to get our country out of this mess. I (and most other young people I would guess) fulfilled my side of the social contract. And now, I’m probably going to be expected to start masking and sheltering again because a big part of our society chose not to uphold their end of the deal. At a certain point, I need to get on with living my life again. I hate that I feel guilty about feeling this. I know it’s selfish, but the pandemic way of living just simply isn’t sustainable for me. I know the immunocompromised who can’t get the vaccine are in danger, and the blood of those lives is on the half of our society that chose not to uphold their end of the deal.


*should* ...there in lies the rub. Too many selfish assholes out there.


I lived in Japan for a little while and got used to wearing a mask whenever something was going around or if I felt like I was coming down with anything, even if it was likely just allergies. I have a compromised immune system, and this pandemic and that time in Japan are the only two stretches of time more than a few weeks long where I never got sick, and even my seasonal allergies were more manageable. I have scarred lungs from a childhood chemical accident and several subsequent rounds of pneumonia and breathe just fine with the mask. I do tend to use breath mints more often, though. Masks are goddamn awesome in high-density population areas and I just cannot fathom why anyone has an issue with them.


I was just at the library on Friday and wore a mask even though I'm fully vaccinated. It's not a horrible inconvenience for me and I want to model good behavior, and bridge that extra bit of risk as well as I can. Nobody else was wearing a mask there, and it's been the same at other stores that I've been in. This may have just been in my head, but one woman seemed to give me a concerned look, and I wondered if she was thinking that I should be avoided since I'm wearing a mask. The signs at this library say to please wear a mask if you're unvaccinated. At a different library nearby, in the same county, the signs say this as well, but also to please consider wearing a mask even if you are vaccinated and if it's not too much inconvenience, and they explain about the increased protections. I appreciated that effort by this second library. I think it could be even worse than what you are referring to with percentages. People who are vaccinated are possibly more likely to still be avoiding public places, when it's a non essential trip. So it could be an even bigger percentage of the unmasked people in public spaces that are unvaccinated than one might think.


Right man, i'm used to wearing a much heavier duty mask at work for the last 20+ years. Sometimes even full face with fresh air white doing industrial construction. These little surgical mask aint shit. I'm vaxxed and still wear an n-95, from work indoors, and the cheapo surgical mask outdoors. There has only been a few days in the past year and a half my wife hasn't seen someone die from covid being a pulmonology specialist. No excuses, for being lackadaisical with this thing man. It's serious.


Yeah I'm with you, i'm a mural artist that mostly works in spraypaint - these goons complaining about shopping for twenty minutes in a surgical mask should try 8 hour work days in direct sun with a full face respirator mask.


Been fully vaccinated for 3 months now. I haven’t stopped wearing my mask nor changed any of my pre-vaccination measures. You can’t trust others


Same here. I’m usually about the only one masked wherever I go but 🤷🏻‍♀️ y’all don’t need to see my whole face anyways so it’s fine


People shit on vaccinated people who mask up, but if the vaccines are only about 88% effective against the delta variant, and you’re surrounded by maskless (potentially infected) people all day, everyday (think people who work public-facing jobs) then it makes a lot of sense.


You can't even trust large populations of the country to keep up their personal health or hygiene let alone go get vaccinated, if those people care so little for themselves they definitely are not going to give a s*** about anybody else


I agree--you can't trust anyone. That's the harsh reality that COVID has taught me.


It never even crosses my mind that anyone I see with a max is unvaccinated. It seems like a near guarantee they aren't .


In my area it is pretty much a guarantee anyone with a mask is vaccinated and is concerned because nobody else is wearing one but the two of us when we chat yet our county vaccination rates is like 38%.


My one coworker and I are the only two at work that still wear our masks (other than our dipshit boss who made the mistake of loudly broadcasting that she refused to get vaccinated and is now on the hook). My coworker asked if I get worried that people will think I refuse to get vaccinated (both my coworker and I ARE fully vaccinated, I wear my mask because both of my kids aren’t yet vaccinated). I told my coworker I’m not worried about people thinking I’m not vaccinated because everyone knows that people refusing to get the vaccine are the same people who are anti-maskers to begin with. Fuck everyone. I knew this would happen. So glad I’ve made the choice to keep masking up and making my kids do it too.


And the few people you do see wearing masks are the vaccinated ones. I live in a zip code with 89.4% vaccination rate, thankfully, and I still see quite a few masks. But, when I visit my parents in a conservative town and vax rates are low Literally no one is wearing a mask


Where I live it’s a bit both. You never saw ANYONE not wearing a mask when the mandate was in place, and we have a high vaccination rate (I think something close to 80% of my state has had at least one dose). Within a couple weeks after the mandate ended almost no one was wearing masks.


I'm dutch, i go the store often, usually, around and in the store are roughly 200 people. Mask mandate is cancelled here, and as expected shit has hit the fan. I still wear my mask. I am literally the only one out of those 200 who wears it. People look at me and give me the eye. I think in the last 2 weeks I've seen 2 others wear a mask. I rather get an eye on me while walking around then get eyes on me during a funeral. And in the end, whatever the statistics are, even if masks literally did nothing, i don't care. It takes me 5 seconds to put on, put off, and that's it. And it keeps the summertime flying orgy of bugs out of my beard. 🌞


Same, and yet was told by countless people that I'm not "trusting science" by questioning the CDC's decision. It's like these people can't tell the difference between a scientific finding and a recommendation made by a political body (that's mostly made of scientists but still has demonstrated itself not to be above bending to political will very recently). Or, almost as if the argument was never made in good faith to begin with.


This entire situation flew out of control at the jump when bars were allowed to stay open but we closed schools.


Schools have unions, bars and tattoo parlors don’t


Bars tend to have extremely strong “interest groups” with local politics, though. The Wisconsin Tavern league is no joke, for instances.


Interest groups composed of workers tend to have different, often times competing, interests than those consisting of owners. The Wisconsin Tavern League is an association of business owners, while things like unions are an association of workers.


It’s off topic but fuck the tavern league. Corrupt, worthless, assholes.


Yeah, they desperately needed a psychologist and a sociologist on their advisory panel. You may have experts on the science of the vaccine itself, but you need to take human nature into account when setting public health measures. We all saw this coming.


This is not Fauci’s first rodeo, I can’t understand this. We knew that was wrong to drop the mandate/advice


Yeah, it's not that I never trusted the science. I just know that humans are gonna human, and their whole honor system thing was doomed from the start.


Honor system doesn't work with leaving out Halloween candy, why they thought it would work at this level is beyond me.


They need someone who has interacted with another Human at least once in the last 20 years. My god I actually am starting to wonder if the government has been taken over by lizard people with the complete lack of understanding of basic human interactions from these people and no one saying "hey people don't behave like that".


The people who aren't wearing masks when they need to aren't going to wear masks when told to. Its stupid to assume that any kind of mask mandate will help the unvaccinated when the only people that will wear the masks are vaccinated.


When the mask mandates were in effect, in my area what happened is that many people wore masks right away and some people tried not wearing them (such as not wearing a mask until a store employee tells them to), but eventually almost everyone in public areas were wearing masks. The outlier being gas stations not enforcing masks. Out in rural areas though mask usage even late into the mandate was low.


I don't think this is true. in my area 40% are unvaccinated. However when I go out anywhere there is maybe 10% at best wearing masks. Before mask mandates were lifted you saw maybe one or two people out not wearing masks. There is a lot of power in social shaming, and even more in private property kicking you out if you don't follow the rules.


> However when I go out anywhere there is maybe 10% at best wearing masks. My guess is that most of those wearing masks are also vaccinated at this point. I know my family is often the only group wearing masks when shopping anymore, and the only one not vaccinated at this point is my son, who is 4.


I will say the US totally fucked up by not making the vaccination cards the size of a credit card, so they could easily be carried around.


We've got digital cards where I live, if I need to prove my status I just log in to my health profile and find the proof + international qr code.


Here's the thing, the people that benefit from everyone wearing a mask are the same people that won't wear a mask or get vaccinated. These are also the people who won't take any precautions for the sake of their children. So, will mask wearing really help? I doubt it, it's just the government trying to do something so they can say they are doing something. In the end, everyone knows the idiots will keep dying.


Please get vaccinated if you haven't yet and are able. We're all sick of this shit.


“Don’t tell me what to do” -some idiot probably


-a frightening amount of idiots across the US (and other counties)


“I’ve survived this long without the vaccine” means you don’t understand how diseases, vaccines, or survival works.


holy shit there's some crazy people in here


Time to sort by controversial


I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I'm strong enough to do it


If into controversial you go, only pain will you find.


Sadly the people who need to wear them never will. So this will just continue like this for years probably either the pandemic will go away or parts of America will just always have it. I don’t see any solution to make the 40% of idiots realize how badly they’ve fucked up. Guess this is the preview for when climate disasters start occurring on a bigger scale.


Who didn’t see this coming?


I am vaccinated and have Covid. My symptoms consist of general tiredness and congestion and slight achiness. I felt worse the day after I got the vaccine (J&J) but I am quite certain my symptoms are this mild because I am vaccinated. Please just get the shot so we all don't have to go back into lockdown again. This is extremely manageable with just a little effort.