Ohio 'incel' charged with hate crime for plotting sorority mass shooting, officials say

Ohio 'incel' charged with hate crime for plotting sorority mass shooting, officials say


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>He is accused of having searched online for topics the same day. Officials said some topics were "how to plan a shooting crime" and "When does preparing for a crime become attempt?" Lmaoo fucking idiot.


> "When does preparing for a crime become attempt?" that is so fucking meta, dude.


Haha there you have it. Intent, plus motive, plus a substantial step towards completing the crime, equals attempt. Dude can now write his own post for future incels who are stupid enough to google this.


It gets crazier, they actually have an incel wiki now. Going one step farther, in the wiki they try to explain why toxic masculinity is a human trait and that women are sexually attracted to it. >[Toxic masculinity is a label for exaggerated, societally unproductive displays of violence, status seeking, antisociability, and other forms of aggression. In other words, when male intra-sexual competition becomes maladaptive to society.](https://incelwiki.com/w/Toxic_masculinity#:~:text=From%20IncelWiki.com%2C%20the%20largest%20incel%20encyclopedia%20Toxic%20masculinity,when%20male%20intra-sexual%20competition%20becomes%20maladaptive%20to%20society.) >[Men are toxic masculine because women are sexually attracted to it. Those who campaign against toxic masculinity the most vocally today also ridicule men for not being able to compete to secure sexual intimacy efficiently. This is odd, as the main reason men are toxic masculine is because of this competition for women.](https://incelwiki.com/w/Toxic_masculinity#:~:text=From%20IncelWiki.com%2C%20the%20largest%20incel%20encyclopedia%20Toxic%20masculinity,when%20male%20intra-sexual%20competition%20becomes%20maladaptive%20to%20society.)


Wait, they call *themselves* incels?


Yes, and then they establish it as an identity. It started as a support community as the other poster said, but then it turned into [crabs in a bucket](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab_mentality) and radicalized against women.


It's amazing how quickly that expression became a derogatory term because I'd say the term went mainstream less than five years ago and it was coined by that "community": "involuntary celibates". They see themselves as victims, they can't get laid and it's someone else's fault, women's, other men's, anyone's but their own.


According to Wikipedia, the term was coined by a Canadian woman in 1993 to describe her own experience (or lack thereof). Kinda fascinating tbh. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incel


Women are attracted to *confident* men which pathetically fragile men confuse it as “toxic masculinity”. “Women are only attracted to assholes!” No, dude. You’re just a whiny fucking loser that no one can stand to be around.


Its like my roommates. Both Trump supporters. Both in their mid 30s. They never clean. Rarely shower. Obviously, this is part of why I'm getting my own place. It's sad- I remember when they were both good people I'd want to spend time around since it also helped to save up money to start my business. But since 2017 or so they went down the rabbit hole of toxic loneliness and instead of working on themselves they opted to wallow in self pity. Paranoid, doubting covid, listen to alt right channels. So now they're greasy, angry, hateful people. They're going to die alone.


Q guys, yeah? or floating in the Q-adjacent sovereign/libertarian/paranoic/oann slurry. I hope they can dig themselves free, but thank God you're getting yourself away from that.


I hope they can to. But I dont know how one would go about socially reprogramming themselves when self introspection may be required first. These dudes actually hate women. Or at least one does.


I just hate these people so much honestly, they want everyone to feel so fucking bad for them because they won't shower and eat healthy and actually make themselves presentable and friendly enough to not be awful to be around, then their logical conclusion to these issues is too murder a bunch of completely innocent people who they've likely never even met before? Like fuck you dude, what fucking right do you have? Even if you worked your absolute fucking hardest at being an incredible person (you haven't.) And still no one wanted to sleep with you doesn't give you the fucking right to hurt other people because of it But that's the fucking thing, they could get women to like them, they could be and do better, but that's work, and these lazy assholes hate work so they take the fucking easy route to notoriety and try to murder a bunch of innocent people for the crime of.. not even like not dropping to their knees and sucking them off for acting like basic ass decent human beings, but in cases of mass shootings where they don't even know the people, murdering them just for fucking existing, it makes my god damn blood boil. Some of the ugliest physically and emotionally and socially serial killers to have ever existed in the history of this planet have been married or had plenty of relationships, or in some cases multiple wives, what is your fucking excuse? Oh yeah, you won't put it the fucking work then you cry that no one will sleep with you as you do nothing more than exist in the background and not act like an awful person to every woman you meet, great job, you've met the bar of not being someone universally hated, you've gotten nowhere near the bar of being pleasant to be around.. get a fucking grip dude I'm sorry I totally got off on a rant, but this kinda shit legitimately makes my blood boil, wanting to murder innocent probably nice good people in most cases because you refuse to put in the effort to meet and get to know someone and build a relationship by being a decent person who's pleasant to be around. Just so infuriating


I know. I'm mad on one hand on their views judging minorities and the opposite sex, really everyone... but I'm sad who they probably both could be if they put the effort in. But they're in their 30s. I dont have faith this is a mindset they can overcome because I suspect these are seeds of a real and manifesting mental illness. For some it leads to addiction. For others apparently it leads to toxicity and resentment toward others and oneself.


I know this guy off discord. He's severely depressed and suicidal part of the reason is he's very lonely. I always wondered why because he's cute and he's very interesting has ton of cool hobbies and he's an intelligent dude. Then I realised why - he opens his mouth and bullshit like "women can never be lonely" starts spewing out. What woman in her right mind will be with someone who doesn't even see her as part of the same species?


It can be done. The right environment and enough success to relax their defenses. I've seen it more than once in real life. But it's rare and difficult to make happen intentionally. It's kind of like an addiction. They have to want to get better, and something usually has to break for that to happen.


I feel bad my patience ran out then. But this is on their souls journey.


I mean it's possible to reject even very strong, lifelong conditioning (source: was raised in a cult), but there's not a whole lot of ways of "forcing" that self-discovery process externally. All of these sort of socially malignant movements are naturally in tension with reality because they are based on incomplete or counterfactual understandings of the world and human behavior. The whole reason that so many adherents of these ideas are frustrated and angry all the time is because it's impossible to avoid noticing the numerous ways that their false worldviews are constantly contradicted by others' experiences, and the cognitive dissonance that arises from this perceived mismatch between how the world "should" be operating according to their paradigm vs how it actually is operating is a painful thing that they want to avoid or mitigate. It creates a feedback loop of social isolation because interaction with the outside world increases the cognitive dissonance and the thought of being so fundamentally wrong about the world is too much to bear, so they retreat to their ingroup because they are the only ones that will reinforce their worldview and provide apologetic explanations for the contradictions they see everywhere. So what can people on the outside do to help? First and foremost is to stand with their "enemies" against the hateful bullshit that these ideas spawn. Trying to forcibly "deprogram" an incel, Q follower, or religious fundamentalist is an exercise in futility, but standing up for the rights, safety, or dignity of the people they demonize will always make a difference, even if it doesn't change any minds. The second thing to do is be willing to call out bullshit and bigotry when you hear it. You might not change the mind of an incel spouting misogyny, but you can shut down a lot of misplaced sympathetic curiosity from other listeners and prevent the ideology from spreading further. Lastly, if you want to make a difference in the life of someone you love who has seemingly been lost to a movement like this, make sure that they know you are always there to listen to them. Establish clear boundaries and make sure that they know it's not ok to vent about the "others" they blame for how they feel or preach their message at you, but let them know that if they choose to open up about their feelings that you will be willing to listen and try to understand.


Had a friend like that. Was kind of going weird for a while, then snapped at our whole group, threw a hissy fit, and relocated to the trumpeteer side. A few of us still keep tabs on him. Apparently, his rants are quite amusing. For example, his Plan A, is to nuke all of coastal China in case of a war, then march in. That will show 'em and secure a US victory. I could not even decide where to start taking apart that idea, and I did not even bother with the moral issues, or the fact that China (supposedly) has full second strike capability...


That’s what I don’t get about these chuds that fantasize about war. Why would anyone attack the US? Is China gonna invade and then once we’re overthrown just move people in to live in our houses and work at amazon or what?


I think their entire media consumption revolves around fear. Fear of other races, other religions, other countries, etc. Like they're in a constant state of existential fight or flight.


Not that I'm trying to defend the CCP, but lately I've been noticing that any post related to Chinese people suddenly has people in the comments accusing the post of being Chinese propaganda. A post about an old man who is muscular in China for example had people highly upvote a comment calling it propaganda to humanize Chinese people.


Americans have been told their whole lives that the world is out to destroy them and their way of life. I believe it is a testament to the human spirit and intelligence in general that so many Americans are not weird, paranoid morons.


>Men are toxic masculine because women are sexually attracted to it. Yeah *incels* are certainly the world's leading experts on what women are sexually attracted to, I'm sure.


It's like someone who is allergic to alcohol creating a wikipedia about beer drinkers lmao


Fuck every educated asshole who tried to promote evoPsych as established facts. "Women *like* violent displays because back in the primitive days, hunters who could demonstrate their physical strength by spearing and stabbing were ... [20 pages] ... and that's why she gets wet when you punch the wall! if she says she doesn't, she's a lying brainwashed feminazi."


I feel like clicking on this get you put on a list.


I had a quick look at that wiki just now. Boy, these guys live in another world, how they must view reality doesn't make sense to me.


Cracking up at the incoherent sentence "Men are toxic masculine because women are sexually attracted to it." which on its own proves they have little idea what they're talking about; they don't even know how to use the words! Men are sooo toxic masculine!!! lmao


I know we're all just having a laugh at this loser, but just to be clear for those interested in the law, searching those two things did not (and would not) constitute a substantial step sufficient to constitute attempt. The things this guy did that *did* constitute a substantial step(s) were gathering materials to be used in the crime's commission, including: > tactical gloves, a bulletproof vest, a hoodie bearing the word “Revenge,” cargo pants, a bowie knife, a skull facemask, two Glock 17 magazines, a 9mm Glock 17 clip, and a holster clip concealed carry for a Glock possessing materials that are specially designed for unlawful use: >police officers found a modified Glock-style 9mm semiautomatic pistol, with no manufacturer’s marks or serial number, hidden in a heating vent in Genco’s bedroom. and investigating the potential scene of the crime: >Genco conducted surveillance at an Ohio university on Jan. 15, 2020


>a hoodie bearing the word “Revenge,” >a skull facemask It would be funny if it wasn't paired with a Glock.


Is it? Asking those questions doesn’t make it an attempt. The general framework in the US is you have to take a substantial step towards committing the crime (which this guy did, but not because he googled, but because he bought weapons/armor, wrote a manifesto, and was in the act of proceeding towards the crime). Those are pretty foundational google questions for an aspiring lawyer at least. Doesn’t mean that merely searching that equals an “attempt.” It’s just corroborating evidence here.


Same, I’m also curious what an actual lawyer has to say about the answer.


Why don’t you google it? I’m sure there are lots of good sites about the topic.


He forgot to add "asking for a friend" and then they could have never nabbed him


Just add 'minecraft' to the end and they'll never figure it out.


Oh. Holy shit. I just finally figured out what was happening when people post "[something truly terrible] minecraft." Thank you.


Its like watching monty python and the bridge asks, "what is your favorite color?!" Lmao.


When does preparing for a crime become attempt? *hits enter* Answer: 0.5 seconds ago


> "how to plan a shooting crime" And here I was thinking that *how is babby formed* was the dumbest search phrase I'd ever seen. Chrisjen Avasarala observed that "My life has become a single, ongoing revelation that I haven't been cynical enough." I have a deep appreciation for her comment today.


How girl get pragnent We need to find way to instain women who kill their babby because theyr babby cant fright back


Am I..... *pregante*




*"Can you burn a Luigi board?"*


I am sorry for your lots


Does women have starch masks?


Yes, we must instain all women.


God, Shohreh Agdashloo's gravitas is so intense that you can't help but read this in her voice.


Hard not to read that in her voice, and without throwing an f-bomb in there.


I feel that today, Chrissie. I feel it.


The expanse!


I am that guy ... Who appreciates this quote.


I think his hopes for a bodycount equal to 9/11 was the real giveaway. 3000 people dude. Idiot.


This dude was like a pro-tip on how to fuck up your life forever in 5 minutes lol.


That's actually only like .82 people, not sure how he'd pull that off.


Still, I’m glad they caught him before he had a chance to kill.


I really hope the top link sent him to a page that said “It just did”.


Damn auto complete


That dude invested hard in the idiocy tree.


The amount of effort he put into becoming a tag for the term idiot is astounding.


But I’m sure it was incognito mode!


Truly a visionary, asking the hard questions.


"Siri, how do I get rid of a body?"


"call 911 they will assist you"


What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Does Google immediately report any of these searches and that’s how folks get caught? Or is Google contacted in conjunction with some other suspicion?


I don’t think Google does anything, because I had a friend in high school who thought it was hysterical to Google shit like “hardcore child porn near me” and “best time to bomb the White House” on other people’s computers to freak them out, but nothing ever happened.


Yeah he was prolific on incel websites so that’s probably a clue. I feel like too many people google the randomest shit that itd be hard just to go off that. For instance, someone seeing breaking bad and just curious about how criminals dispose of dead bodies or when people go down a rabbit hole of true crime stuff. Idk, we all google random shit, I have doubts the FBI can just use that.


Damn that's pretty shitty


If i had to guess The Police Found his PC upon arresting him and found the searches.


Jesus fuck he didn’t even know any of these people. He literally just googled sororities and penciled in the first thing came up.


women aren't humans to guys like this, so literally one sorority is as good as any other


I wonder what curriculum designed to combat this psychotic outlook would look like.


Probably one where you meet the people you hate and have to work together to solve problems. Just being with people and forming micro-communities is typically enough to reduce extremism.


Yes but what incentive is there (for the hated person) to work with people who hate you? Especially when it only benefits the extremist. What woman or gay man or Muslim is going to sign up to have to spend time with someone who hates them just for existing? Thinking about it though, I could probably put up with it if you paid me enough.


Well you probably have to catch them *before* they've gone too far down the rabbit hole.


It's what scholars who study terrorism call a "fungible target" it stands for a group who the individual perceives to have wronged him whether any of the victims actually did anything to him personally really doesn't factor in. It's the same with the massage parlour shootings, the New Zealand shooter. Many consider it an important characteristic that distinguishes terrorism from other violence.


3000 with a pistol. Bold strategy


Was he planning on shooting a red barrel?


A red barrel near a bunch of other red barrels, I guess.


Is bold the right word?


From *incel* to *in cell*.


Now I'm angry this isn't the article headline. Or even simply > Incel in cell


Real eyes, realize, real lies


Real wise.


Four months ago a Toronto self-described ‘incel’ was convicted of 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder. This is a total insanity to kill INNOCENT people because of some incel thoughts.


That the guy who ran people over with the van who was friends with the dude from California who also shot up a bunch of people for the same reason? Oh and they became friends on reddit...


For anyone interested, his interrogation was incredibly bizzare to watch. https://youtu.be/z4Dck7J4Ks0


*Is advised by his lawyer to stay silent* *Proceeds to tell the detective he was interested in learning how to use large guns when he was in the military and that he specifically enjoys playing violent video games* 🤦🏼‍♀️


Ad how he converted the life status of people


No definitive word yet on whether he was an r/Canada mod.


Canadian incels are a potent breed, due to the vast distances and being stuck inside for half the year. Then the other half is winter and the drive through gets icy.


I feel more confident in my decision to never ever befriend anyone on Reddit, every day. I mean, don't get me wrong, you guys are tops, but I've got friends.


>but I've got friends You're on Reddit, we know the truth, my guy, no need to lie to us.


I mean, Reddit is def the social media choice of incels it seems


It's the only social media with a down arrow.


Facebook is rolling out downvotes right now, actually.


Never thought I'd see the day. Totally awesome.


There’s a reason why Brooklyn 99 joked about Reddit being home to the cannibal forum. And not just cause of Reddit’s actual past, but being known to be some shady stuff whilst still being popular enough to be known unlike 4chan.


They hosted the_donald for years of reddit policy violations and only banned it after a bit of media coverage.


Years before that they kept things like r/creepshots up until CNN literally did an international story about it.


Reddit used to have a huge incel community but those have gotten shut down over the years


You should watch his interrogation video where he's unironically talking about Chad's and Stacey's and pepe the frog


The detective keeps saying 'celebs' instead of 'incels' and you can see how upset it makes him. He corrects him the first few times and then gives up, but the guy is literally embracing the ridiculous memes like it's not absolute insanity.


It's intentional. The detective is not dumb. Any normal human would pick up on their mistake and correct it. He's using it as a tool to upset composure and leverage more information out of the subject. Its an 'on switch' to get him to talk.


Lol all that projection from incels about being able to manipulate females and the detective here plays this fuck like a 12 stringed fiddle


Interrogation is a whole production. Take their phone, wallet, and watch away. No clock in the room. Set the temperature a little too cold, or a little too hot, or low airflow to make it stuffy and stale. Pick a crummy chair for them to sit in, that maybe leans, but doesn't squeak. No control over noises or objects in the room for the suspect. Lights on and harsh. Bright and clean. Too bright to put your head down under and nap. Make a bleak room with no distractions at all. Then let them stew a bit. They dont know if it was an hour, 30 minutes, 4 hours, etc. Walk in, tell them you're waiting on some 'results,' and it takes an hour. Then return 20 minutes later, have 'results.' Ruin their sense of time. After that, make a connection with them. Listen to their concerns, feign interest, etc. Then make sure you are 'interrupted' and walk away. Let them 'sweat' and get bored. That's when the actual interrogation starts. This dude was being played before he even set foot in the room. The detective used the wrong phrases to make him talk more, try to correct him, and make him feel smarter. Like he's smarter than these dumb ass cops who cant get the word incel right... Nothing is as dumb as someone who confidently believes they are smarter than their opponent in a game of wits.


JCS: https://youtu.be/z4Dck7J4Ks0


These psychos think they are wronged by women every day of their lives. Talking to them you can hear the vile hatred they have towards women. They chalk up their romantic failures to it only being one sided with women being the antagonists, yet when they are given any sexual attention by women who they deem "unacceptable," they believe that they deserve better. A close family member of mine is an incel and honestly it's depressing as fuck. They go from "woe is me! guess i'll die alone because there's no woman out there for me!" to "ew, that chick? no thanks. there must be something wrong with her." Fucking pathetic the lot of them. edit: changed "unattractive" to "unacceptable" so it's open for interpretation. I shouldn't have use physical appearance as a factor for these incels because although they want to have an attractive partner, it's not always about looks.


They hate themselves so much that if anyone actually shows interest they can’t believe it and something must be wrong with them. Bunch of sad pricks


I'm too picky for my own good, but never do I blame women for not sleeping with me. There's a huge difference between having too high standards and being an outright incel.


So its a r/choosingbeggars situation but with sex?


I have an ex-friend incel who has been with a woman for more than a decade. He has two kids with her, but she's not hot enough for him. He tries to cheat on her all the time (I doubt they last more than a few dates, and am sure there's no sex). He posts incel shit all the time. He claims he's still a virgin (despite 2 kids!!) because she wasn't hot enough, and hot girls always reject him. He's also fat, unemployed (his baby mamma pays for everything), not the most hygienic person, and not exactly what people would call attractive. Spends his time smoking weed, playing video games, and shit posting. WTF? When we were younger and friends he was one of the smartest and most charming dudes that I knew. And most of the nice looking girls we hung around were completely enamored with him I just don't get it.


I think it's got nothing to do with failure in relationships but it's got everything to do with failure in life. The dude couldn't get a job or do anything useful except be in a relationship, clearly. Ironically.


That's part of it though. They don't see their victims as innocent. They see their victims as their oppressors. Reality has gone out the window long before they ever decided to pick up a gun.


There was one in Montreal, Canada in 1989 too > The École Polytechnique massacre (French: tuerie de l'École polytechnique), also known as the Montreal massacre, was a misogynist terrorist mass shooting in Montreal at an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal. Fourteen women were murdered and 10 women and four men were injured. > > On December 6, 1989, Marc Lépine entered a mechanical engineering class at the École Polytechnique and ordered the women and men to opposite sides of the classroom. He separated nine women, instructing the men to leave. He stated that he was "fighting feminism" and opened fire. He shot at all nine women in the room, killing six. The shooter then moved through corridors, the cafeteria, and another classroom, targeting women for just under 20 minutes. He killed a further eight before turning the gun on himself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89cole_Polytechnique_massacre


I think Lépine is something of a hero or messiah to the incel community.


Yes, I think he's basically the "Protomartyr" of incelism (i.e. he didn't technically belong to the incel community as that word hasn't been invented by the time the killings happened, but his actions and his motivations perfectly line up with incel beliefs).


My grandfather was across the street working when that happened and heard the gunshots. Absolutely terrible.


I’d really like to know which Ohio university as I live here lol


In his mind they are guilty of choosing asshole chads who will only hurt them instead of genuine good guys like him.


"How dare those sluts choose asshole chads who will only hurt them?! They should choose *me*, a nice guy who will murder them and all their friends if they don't!"


>>He is accused of having searched online for topics the same day. Officials said some topics were "how to plan a shooting crime" and "When does preparing for a crime become attempt?" That last one should have been his sign...


Damn. Now I'm curious when a plan becomes an attempt. But I don't want to Google it in case I end up on a list. To Bing it is.


It’s been over a half hour. I think they locked this one up.


PreCogs got him


Duck Duck Go is the only secure option!


What I want to know is how exactly they caught on to him? Patterns, concerning messages on forums, direct messages to informants, or something more sophisticated altogether? Just genuinely curious as to whether they were tipped off to him, or he was just generally a bit too gung-ho on incel boards and authorities found him suspicious, or if some more sinister software that ultimately did a good deed was involved. *edit- Oh wait, he probably posted his manifesto and got outted immediately.


He threatened his roommate


I'm just glad that they caught him BEFORE he went through with it.


Wonder how?


The Daily Beast: 'Incel' Plotted to Slaughter Thousands of Women at an Ohio University: Police. https://www.thedailybeast.com/incel-tres-genco-plotted-to-slaughter-woman-at-ohio-university-police-allege?source=us-news&via=rss looks like someone he lived with turned him in after he threatened them


Thanks, that’s a much better story.


Shout out to Individual 1, the real MVP


Dodged several hundred bullets. The people who worked on preventing this tragedy are heroes!


Seriously. So many times, when there’s a tragedy, everyone is like this could have been avoided. Or the authorities failed to act on the leading indicators or whatever. And maybe that’s true and all of those events are tragic. So in this case, it was a successful arrest prior to anyone getting hurt or killed. We need to try and make this a bigger story, or as big as possible to inspire other investigations to be taken seriously. They are heroes and should be seen as such.


hoodie with the word "revenge" on it lol Even in their fantasies they’re the lamest people on Earth


Pour one out for the KotakuInAction mod team losing a valuable member today.


Fucking perfect. I just searched for incel subs, and that came up as a suggestion. Was happy to see incelswithouthate finally got banned, but r/foreverunwanted has some excruciating posts on their front page right now. Including one "heterosexual" guy who has decided to settle for dating men since he's "too short to attract women" I maintain that 80% of their problems stem from this self depircating, self devaluing, echo chamber that they get into. All they do is tell each other how hopeless and worthless they all are. Those subs also have an established pattern of members discouraging other members from receiving therapy... Ya know, like a cult.


Damn, I'm feeling out of the loop. Last I remember, r/incels had just been banned, and r/braincels was where they had migrated to.


What’s a bra incel?


r/braincels is like “brain cells”. They prided themselves on having more wit and smarts since they all lacked the physical traits of being conventionally attractive. Then all their issues became exacerbated because they spent all day on that subreddit circlejerking their depression, self-deprecating views, anti-women and anti-anybody rhetoric, and all the misguided aggression at women and minorities you can imagine.


A guy who fucks but isn't allowed to touch boobies


Sounds complicated




Had me in the first half.xml


> Including one "heterosexual" guy who has decided to settle for dating men since he's "too short to attract women" So, not only is he wasting his own time, but now he's leading men on and wasting their time. Anyway, his excuse might actually be cover for actually being gay or bisexual. There's a lot of weird denial stories among LGBT people who can't fully accept themselves.


Almost certainly option B. I realize it's a spectrum, but if you're 100% straight, you don't "decide" to start dating men. Odds are he has always either been gay or bi. I realize I'm being a reddit psychologist, but his denial over this fact is probably tied to self esteem and confidence issues, which in turn doesn't help with his relationships with women. If he is 100% straight, nobody is going to have a good time. Or maybe what he actually needs is a friend.


The last time I paid any attention to the braincells sub, it seemed like a looooottt of deeply closeted and damaged dudes desperate to hate anyone more than they hated themselves.


A lot of them are teens and just above that. I thank God there weren't any incel groups when I was that age, I would have been prime material to fall for that garbage.


In the comments below that post, the OP said he didn’t enjoy it and felt worse after. I feel for him.


Why is that sub named Kotaku? I don't get it. What's it a reference to?


It started as a Gamergate sub that was supposedly interested in highlighting poor journalism standards and conflicts of interest in video games journalism (hence "Kotaku"). It almost immediately morphed into a culture war sub that firmly stands on the right/far-right wing. So mostly now it's about being anti-feminist, dogwhistling white supremacy, anti-transgender, etc. It's not hard to find people defending Trump's election fraud claims there. At one point the original creator tried to kill the sub but the admins intervened and restored it. There's also a KotakuInAction2 sub formed by people who thought the original is too left-leaning and censored.






They targeted gamers. Gamers. We're a group of people who will sit for hours, days, even weeks on end performing some of the hardest, most mentally demanding tasks. Over, and over, and over all for nothing more than a little digital token saying we did. We'll punish our selfs doing things others would consider torture, because we think it's fun. We'll spend most if not all of our free time min maxing the stats of a fictional character all to draw out a single extra point of damage per second. Many of us have made careers out of doing just these things: slogging through the grind, all day, the same quests over and over, hundreds of times to the point where we know evety little detail such that some have attained such gamer nirvana that they can literally play these games blindfolded. Do these people have any idea how many controllers have been smashed, systems over heated, disks and carts destroyed 8n frustration? All to latter be referred to as bragging rights? These people honestly think this is a battle they can win? They take our media? We're already building a new one without them. They take our devs? Gamers aren't shy about throwing their money else where, or even making the games our selves. They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us? We've been called worse things by prepubescent 10 year olds with a shitty head set. They picked a fight against a group that's already grown desensitized to their strategies and methods. Who enjoy the battle of attrition they've threatened us with. Who take it as a challange when they tell us we no longer matter. Our obsession with proving we can after being told we can't is so deeply ingrained from years of dealing with big brothers/sisters and friends laughing at how pathetic we used to be that proving you people wrong has become a very real need; a honed reflex. Gamers are competative, hard core, by nature. We love a challange. The worst thing you did in all of this was to challange us. You're not special, you're not original, you're not the first; this is just another boss fight. [Sauce 4 ur pasta](https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/3o68ia/feminists_did_it_to_scientists_they_did_it_to/cvukxx8?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


And this is to go... even further beyond!


> At one point the original creator tried to kill the sub but **the admins intervened and restored it.** What the fuck


Reddy want their ad munneh


Legitimately, what the fuck is up with this shit? God I fucking hate this website and the fact that everyone running it seems to be either incompetent or, questionably, malicious. Fuck this and fuck me for using it and for the fact that I will use it for a long time still, probably.


So it's a sub for angry racist losers. Got it.


angry racist loser *incels*.


guys, cmon now, if you aren't going to hate women and minorities how can you possibly hope to stand up for ethics in video games journalism?


What happens that leads you to declaring yourself an "incel"? It has to be just rejection from one girl, right? And then these guys twist themselves into somehow thinking they are owed sex but it is being withheld against their will so instead of, like, fixing whatever is fucked up about you so that you can be lovable you decide to murder women, seemingly at random? There's leaps there I don't know how to make. I don't understand how this happens.




Sad but true


From what I've seen some harbor a hatred toward women, because the women won't become the way they want them to be. Like they believe women are toys or models that need to shape themselves in the way the man sees fit. Its mind boggling just how off the rocker their are. They have this warped toxic masculinity in their minds that they are the master of the women they deserve.


If you grow up never viewing women as independent people and get to an age where you’re “expected” to be married or at least dating, a lot of these guys then see the problem as the woman’s behavior instead of their own. Thanks to a lack of introspection and being surrounded by toxic masculinity.


I'm sure a lot of these guys have mommy issues, as well. My dad wasn't an incel obviously, but he had mother issues and had quite a disrespect / discomfort with women.


I have unfortunately met many, many people in life who are utterly incapable of accepting that something might be their fault. Incel is what happens when that "something" is loneliness.


Genuinely? It's all about externalization. It's a lot more psychologically tolerable to put the blame on anybody but yourself. I was a proto-incel in my early 20's. I refused to abmit that it could possibly be an aspect of my personality that was off-putting to women. I was owed sex. It was my inheritance as a man. It was feminists that were the problem! They were withholding sex as a means of controlling men. But I refused to be controlled! So *that* was the problem! It wasn't a personality problem. I was a victim of male persecution. The fact that every nicety wasn't repaid with an instant blowjob was just more evidence of how far we'd fallen. The thing that absolutely terrifies me the most is that the only reason I figured out that I was being an insufferable douchebag was some very patient friends and a lack of reinforcement. If I had had 4chan when I was going through that cringey part of my life, I may never have been forced to change. Having a community of other people with the same toxic personality defects only amplifies it. The hilarious irony is that once I started really trying to adjust myself and began treating potential partners as equals, I really began to open up sexually and had a much more active social life. Edit: Seriously. Thank you to everyone commenting who had to go through a similar phase. This was something that I had always buried and tried to forget. I feel now that we (in the general sense) can assimilate the worst parts of pasts and still come out as functional adults.


> Having a community of other people with the same toxic personality defects only amplifies it. I think this is what takes it over the edge. In my late teens I also was very lonely and resenting being the "nice guy" passed over in favor of assholes. When I started working I made friends who helped break me out of that mentality, not only by building up my self esteem but also pointing out signals that I was blind to when I assumed I was being overlooked. Had I found others like me it could have gone very much in the opposite direction.


>I was owed sex. It was my inheritance as a man. It was feminists that were the problem! They were withholding sex as a means of controlling men. But I refused to be controlled! So that was the problem! It wasn't a personality problem. I was a victim of male persecution. The fact that every nicety wasn't repaid with an instant blowjob was just more evidence of how far we'd fallen. How did these opinions come to form in the first place? I'm honestly curious as this was far from my own experience as a young man, and I'd like to know how this came to be for you in order to better guide my own son as he enters that stage of life.


There are a lot of movies/books/video games featuring schlubby protagonists (because the authors are schlubby dudes) who get beautiful women dropped in their laps as a kind of reward by the end of the movie. It plants the seed that as a man, if you accomplish anything, you get a hot girlfriend automatically. See it enough times, and the seed blossoms into the idea that a hot girlfriend is your rightful due, just for existing.


For example, a large part of Seth Rogen's career, and all the TV sitcoms where some losery dude has a knockout wife actual less attractive guys might succeed on other positive qualities like being goodhearted, wealthy or funny but in-character I don't see how many of their characters are appealing




> Boys not told that when she says no, she means no, not "try harder." Just think of all the times in movies where the main woman says no and the main character does that forced kiss move, usually pushing the woman against a wall or whatever, and the woman's about to beat the shit out of the guy...and then they go limp and lean into the kiss. That's even fucking in Ratatouille for gods sake!


In Gone with the Wind, Scarlett finally realizes she loves Rhett after he commits marital rape. One of the most famous romances of its time, yet they treated each other horribly.


Like in Kings Men, main character saves the world and gets to do it in the bum.


Fucking proud of you, man. Some people never grow past this shit.


Yeah. We thought that when we could talk and find people like us the world would get better. We now have echo chambers where you can find a ton of people to reinforce and legitimize anything and give validation that your worldview isn't warped. I was kind of around when the incel thing was first getting started and initially it was supposed to be kind of support and men getting advice. It was just a little sad and I remember checking out one of the boards and there were a few bad apples but it was mostly guys really trying to figure it out. Now. Jesus wept.


Long, long ago -- much of it was young men with serious, genuine problems for which there were just no good solutions. That was why they were there. The one who described himself as 'physically deformed' was not using hyperbole; he went on to describe reconstructive surgery that could not accomplish miracles. One who I spoke with personally had a degenerative illness; his terror was of meeting the perfect woman -- and they fall in love -- and they marry, oh so happily -- and mere years later she's become his literal nursemaid, because his illness inevitably worsens. That's why he was celibate. He couldn't bear the thought of it. And just a few years later, it's just actual assholes bleating about rape-farms. Guts me, man.


Yes. I was hoping someone would draw attention externalization in this thread. There’s evidently an issue with how we’re socializing men and boys. Research is showing that while women tend to internalize problems and blame themselves, men have more of a tendency to externalize their problems and blame others. So men are more likely to take their life frustrations out on others instead self-examining, and some of those men do it violently. [Book excerpt about it](https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/handbook-for-the-study-of-mental-health/gender-and-mental-health-do-men-and-women-have-different-amounts-or-types-of-problems/73098CA54932BCA238693EAED341212B) [Article touching on it](https://www.livescience.com/15658-mental-illness-women-men-differences.html) [British scientific Journal mention](https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1467-9566.2010.01266.x) [American Scientific journal mention](https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/1557988316630953) We need to figure how to change that.


Thanks. I know this is more common than I realize, but that's largely because I came from a place that was the total opposite. Everything was on me and if something sucks it's entirely because I fucked up somewhere. That has its own set of problems. I still don't know how you move to part where you start shooting people, but I am okay not knowing. Good on you for climbing out of douche valley.


It's both pushing your lack of sex as a problem of women (I want it but they don't therefore they are the problem, not me) plus, especially on college campuses and late high school, seeing other men around you having sex. It's really rudimentary logic but it is still a form of logic. People dismiss it because at its core it doesn't make sense but when you're inside, when you accept what they accept, it makes perfect sense. You see women and men having sex. You know women want sex and that they do in fact seek it out. You see men that you consider to be your equals or less having sex easily; whether or not you are actually an equal with them is beside the point. Then you have to wonder 'why is it that I can't have sex?' And quite frankly it is very difficult for people to come to the conclusion that they are the problem because we justify our own actions to ourselves every day. So it then moves to the next candidate - the other people. You lose at the stock market you can blame the market, but its a stretch to say you lost money because of any one person. Here, you have people who have rejected you or have, more likely, just chosen someone else, even if temporarily. That stings, and it provides a target - she hurt me therefore she is the problem. It's certainly not a feat of intellectual elitism by any means. But there is a logic to it that will make sense if you are young and sophomoric. It takes a lot to conceptualize the world around you, not to mention the thoughts and feelings of other people. People are limited to their own perspective - when your perspective is small and you are in (emotional) pain, you're not going to be thinking that you are the problem.




"unlawful possession of a machine gun" You know, Glock 17 machine gun. eta: Literally a Glock G17 semi auto modified to fully auto. https://us.glock.com/en/pistols/g17


>" When does preparing for a crime become attempt?" Idk, buddy, you tell us.


A lot of people out there in pain and the only way they know to deal with it is to join a group and inflict pain on others.....


Incels are so fucking insane to me. I had a dry spell in my 20s, that's all it was a dry spell, I didn't make an entire culture/philosophy around not getting laid. Then they go get advice from other incels?! Like that's not going to perpetuate things. It's like asking that kid who is flunking all his classes to tutor you. Edit: dude is 21 and not getting laid and I'm not allowed to called that "a dry spell"?


Did you have female friends at the time? Incels seem to want female approval more than anything else. They’re constantly demanding to be “chosen” (hence sex workers don’t solve their problem.) If you have female friends you’ve already got verification that All The Women^TM don’t hate you.


Hard to explain to them to just be happy with female friends. They quickly lose them because they demand sex for being nice for like a week.


It’s more like you’re more likely to see women as people if you have female friends so you’re less susceptible to incel ideology in the first place.


Ah, a "Supreme Gentleman" type.


Tracked down by modern day fedora and neck beard recognition software Edit: I was joking .. then I did a Google image search.


Lmao he’d literally go to the trouble of planning a mass murder instead of going to the gym and getting some damn hobby to improve himself. Incels are the laziest and weirdest group of people I’ve ever come across.


Honestly, though, the core of the incel philosophy is "it's not my fault". If what's happening is not your fault, why would you go to the gym to better yourself, since your entire worldview says that that won't help, that no matter what, women won't give you the time of day? It's a self-defeating feedback loop.


Its not the effort, it's the discomfort of self analysis. They would go to the ends of the earth to avoid accepting they have controllable flaws. Too short? That's fine because there is nothing they can do. Selfish, entitled attitude? DON'T DARE EVEN CONTEMPLATE IT


I don’t understand how they’re not embarrassed? Like they must know this would broadcast their shameful selves to literally everyone and be forever immortalized as an incel online if they got caught?


Well he’s sure in cell now.