Royal Caribbean delays cruise ship after 8 crew members test positive for Covid-19

Royal Caribbean delays cruise ship after 8 crew members test positive for Covid-19


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I’d like to think cruise ships would mandate all employees and staff to be vaccinated


They had started to vaccinate on June 4th. Those infected were not fully vaxxed although it seems they had some of the vaccine.


RCC should not let them work unless fully vaxxed


They aren't. The crew members are quarantined on the ship in individual cabins for two weeks prior to starting work.


second paragraph of the article. >"During routine testing, eight crew members received a positive test result for Covid-19," company CEO Michael Bayley said in a statement. "All 1,400 crew onboard Odyssey of the Seas were vaccinated on June 4th and will be considered fully vaccinated on June 18."


It wouldn’t be enough


They could not pay me to go on a cruise ship right now.


Same, although I felt the same way in 2019.


I used to hate cruise ships. I still do, but I used to too.


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I've never been on one, but would consider an Alaskan cruise in 2025. I'd rather eat my own feet than be the sucker to book the first cruise at the supposed tail end of a goddamned pandemic.


I’ve actually been wanting to go on a cruise and have started planning, but there’s no way I’d do it this year. Next year is the earliest I’d even consider it, and even that depends on how things go this year. An Alaskan cruise is definitely on my wish list.


I've been on cruises before. When you are a member of a large friend group or family group sometimes you got to do things you don't want. Im an adult I can adapt. Ive had fun on some of them and not so much fun on cruises. But imagine being stuck on a cruise ship now....nope If somethings happens and no country wants to take you in....lol And with my luck in life i'll get the New New New Super Covid or something. I don't want to end up being in science medical journals someday as Typhoid Mary.


I’ve never been at a Walmart and thought, you know, I’d like to spend a week with these people.


> I’ve never been at a Walmart and thought, you know, I’d like to spend a week with these people. That sounds like its straight out of Bill Burr's mouth.


Bill Burr did a bit where he just went off on cruise ships. He didn’t touch on all the pollution or the fact they literally dump their garbage and sewage in the water though. He also failed to mention how so many cruise ship destinations hate having them. They don’t really contribute to the economy, the buy cheap stuff and complain, overwork the locals for a couple hours, create huge traffic from all the extra pedestrians, and leave never to return. Cruise ships are a fucking menace, and the laziest/shittiest way to travel while barely seeing the places you travel to.


Go to Skagway, Alaska. Streets are virtually empty, but when the cruise ship comes the streets are flooded. I got a crazy picture after the cruise ships left standing in the middle of the Main Street with no one else in view… just 15 minutes prior it was all hustle and bustle.


Sounds like most Alaskan towns outside of tourism and the state fair


Alaska can get away with all sorts of regulations that cruises don't have to deal with anywhere else. Everything's stricter in Alaska from the type of shops to increasing the distance from land that ships can dump bilge or blackwater. They'll still keep coming though because those Alaska cruises fill up fast. It let's the locals get in more on the money action when you have places like cozumel where all the cruise owned shops are in a walled-off port area to discourage any of the guests from leaving it.


Been to Skagway (hiked the Chilkoot) so many jewelry stores for so little people. All owned by the cruise ship company is my understanding. Some of the other hikers were local guides who told us stories of how cruise ships pull 100 feet off the dock and just unload all the septic tanks into the harbor.


That being said, most of Skagway is pretty stoked to have their economy back. No doubt they need to diversify a bit but the options are limited for somewhere so remote. I made pretty good money in the summer in Skagway and all the restaurants and shops being open was nice too. Not a fan of cruise ships but it's difficult for people to make it up here otherwise.


Yeah.....really sure he was lying, they legally cannot do that


Locals really dont get jack shit. I grew up in one of the prime Alaskan cruise cities. Tourists are a god damn menace and the jobs provided by the tourism industry pay shit wage. The cruise industry can fuck off.


IIRC the best part of the rant was sinking cruise ships to reduce the population. "you get about 3,000 people a pop and traffic on Monday is lighter."


He recycled that one for COVID chatting on Conan's show https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=znI046F4FKg&t=204


Bill just really hates traffic.


6000 if you count the crew.


Also all the crimes that occur and never get investigated.


I managed a small local restaurant. Eventually a cruise ship terminal spring up next door. Literally the worst guests you would ever have, when you saw people lined up outside with their luggage.


About 5 years ago I had a ski trip cancelled suddenly and was in a "use it or lose it" situation with vacation days. I looked around and found out there were tons of deals an incentives to book a cruise last-minute so they could fill the boat (it was also not peak season). I figured, "What the hell. I've never been on one. I'll give it a try." I had an interesting experience. Sort of made my own fun. Drank and ate *a lot*. But so many of the people were just... gross. And I get it. I'm on the cruise. I'm technically one of them. But, like, I wasn't perpetually black-out drunk at the pool and bars (which essentially looked and sounded like an episode of Jersey Shore). And on our main stops I ventured more than 10 minutes from the port and completely ditched everyone. Like, I toured a museum, an old fort, and a rum distillery in Nassau. And on a private island the cruise line owned I went snorkeling all day. In both cases I was almost completely by myself because 95% of the people stepped foot on the dock, walked to the first tourist bar they saw, and spent the day drinking the same neon margaritas and Bud Lights they had just been doing for 48+ hours on the boat.


Everywhere that is a tourist destination is like this: everyone complains about the tourists, but they want to keep all the money they bring in. Tourist locations that allow cruise ships should charge the ships a huge yearly fee for cleaning the streets of trash, etc.


They charge them per-passenger fees - they’re generally called “head taxes”. Of course the passengers are generally also paying sales taxes when ashore.


I'm living in a tourist city for the first time and it's annoying, but I've accepted it comes with the territory of living in a desirable place. Everyone complains, but damn did they miss them when covid hit.


the cheap form of gasoline cruise ships burn is absolutely horrendous on the environment. Gasoline-powered cruises need to be taxed astronomically high to persuade people from partaking in them.


In one of his podcasts last year, he talked about how he had a cruise ship gig when he was first starting out and how much he hated it.


Walmart at night is a blast. Acres of aisles, and nobody to bother you. I’ve told my friends I’d like to do night tours of Walmart just for giggles, sort of like the vampire tours in NOLA


But working there any shift is absolute hell.


Depends on the cruise line, if you're on a Carnival ship or something along those lines... yup, that's exactly what you'll be getting! Some of the nicer cruises though are a very different crowd. Mostly boring old people and rich / middle class families.


Yeah, I've heard a lot about Carnival, and I've been on both Royal Caribbean and Holland America. Carnival, from everything I've heard, is more of a Walmart crowd, Royal Caribbean is what I'd call the Target crowd, and Holland America is wherever retired people shop.


> and Holland America is wherever retired people shop. Cracker Barrel gift shop?


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it's for the church


Those rocking chairs are the fucking best though


Thank you for the laugh! When ever we would go visit my grandparents we had to eat at Cracker Barrel for breakfast... Every dam day.


So Royal Caribbean for MILF hunting, got it.


On a Princess boat you could 100% find an Aussie cougar whose husband has recently had her tits done for her.


I believe there are only two cruise lines though just price point differences. Carnival is the biggest and they operate Carnival, princesss, Holland America and seabourn. Which range from 200 bucks a night carribean to a fully staffed yacht for up to fifty people....


Man I want this kind of descriptor for all kinds of things. Where my Target people at!!


Hmpf. It's Targét. Tar-jay. Sorbet, flambé, Targét


Is there a HUGE cruise ship for single millennials who don't have to go with anyone else and wants to just do whatever the heck they want, alone and unbridled? That's me. I still want to keep some of those "elder benefits" like buffets and shopping malls though.


The new virgin cruise line is basically this. Kids aren't allowed, and it's supposed to be for people who don't like traditional cruises.


That's basically what Viking Ocean Cruises are. No kids, no casinos, small ships (like 950 passengers). Everything is all-inclusive for the most part, and every cabin has at least a window or a veranda. It costs more than your average Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise and is mostly filled with bluehairs who eat supper at 4:00 PM, but they do treat you very well and you definitely get what you pay for. I've taken three cruises in my life (2 on Royal Caribbean and 1 Viking) and I would only go on another Viking cruise if I did take another one.


When I was a kid my parents booked a Bahamas vacation that included a short cruise from Florida. We didnt realize until boarding the ship that my parents had signed us up for a "spring break package". Dad loved it, mom hated it.


Oh Dad knew


Oh no, I can't believe what happen by accident. An aww shucks, it looks like they gave us separate rooms. Jeez, they gave me the presidential package aww gee. Complimentary Beer Bong to make up for all the mistakes. It wasn't *that* bad honey.


Poor dad had a case of tennis elbow after the cruise, and mom wondered, "That's odd, we never played tennis...?"


A hidden secret of the Disney Cruise Line is there are many areas for adults only. Disney level customer service with no kids.


It's even better because Disney has a moving schedule of kid activities and attractions, which means at any time, the majority of the kids and their parents will be congregated in a single part of the ship. As a single adult, you have basically 3/4 of the ship to yourself. Source: have been on one both pre and post kids.


You might have actually convinced me to look into a disney cruise


Mickey Mouse's 2018 Masked Gangbang Ballroom Blitz was a real hoot. 5/5 Stars. Would recommend.


Minnie's a princess in the streets and a freak in the sheets.


Oasis of the Seas is still one of the largest cruise ships in the world, and I thought the Royal Caribbean line seemed pretty good for millenials. There are still a lot of families, but not like what you'd probably see on a Disney cruise. That being said, I was on Freedom of the Seas, which IMO was really pushing it as far as the size of ship I'd want to go on. A ship that size really starts to push the capacity of some of the smaller ports you might go to, and the lines to get on and off of it are already pretty lengthy. That being said, you could probably get on Oasis and see only a few people more than once if you go do different things every day. You could be alone and nobody would ever notice.


I actually have a friend who is a single millenial who writes for cruise websites and is frequently cruising by herself. She seems to have a blast doing it, although it's personally not my thing. So if you looked around, you could absolutely find it.


[Virgin Voyages](https://www.virginvoyages.com/). Really cool concept, and awesome looking ships.


If you like music festivals friend ship is a thing. I went to the pre cursor (holy ship) with a group of friends and it was the only cruise I've enjoyed.


Second this, holy ship was a blast. The best time to have a full free buffet nearly 24/7 is at a 4 day music festival that goes nearly all day and all night.


Richard Branson's new cruise ship is adults only




Wow ok they don't have to package it like I'm a sad sack Bridget Jones on a speed-dating event. I'm not looking lol


There are sex cruises...


If you go on a more expensive line the crowd is upscale and it's pretty chill.


Never go on a cruise where you don't get off the ship on most days to go into various cities in various countries. Never. At sea cruise with no stops? Stuck at Walmart. At sea cruise with stops most days? You're not on the boat most of the time you're awake and the boat operates as a hotel and food and drink while you go from city to city.


Same. I think the Navy ruined me for going on cruises. Just don't think I want to be out at sea anymore. Plus I'd probably wake up in the middle of the night thinking I'm late for watch or something.


I'm a former Merchant Mariner. The idea that people pay to go to sea with thousands of other people is so...weird. I'd go back to sea with 20 others, tops, and only if paid the union rate.


Why do people hate them? I’ve never been on one but it looks fun, with pools and shit and your own room and you’re out on the ocean traveling to a new destination.


I’ve been on a cruise. It’s like a shitty theme park. Everything is “nice” in such a homogenized, inauthentic way. It’s like going to Olive Garden instead of the local authentic Italian joint. It reminds me of what my grandparents think is a really nice time. There isn’t much to do on the actual ship. Both cruises I have been on don’t have great pool areas and didn’t have nice weather on sea days. Alcohol, spa, shopping, the “fine” dining, etc., all cost money. Otherwise it’s just a moving hotel with a free buffet. And the rooms are tiny. We had a suite and my bed was the couch, plus our shower was tiny. When you dock at port, these beautiful natural areas are ruined by the image of multiple cruise ships. Thousands of tourists come in on these ships every day. It’s hard to avoid the touristy stuff on a cruise because everything is so pre packaged for you. All of this, plus they are TERRIBLE for the environment. Cruises just dump all of their waste into the ocean. It’s horrific. And I was seasick the whole time. I only went because I knew it meant a lot to my grandma. But cruising is just not for me. I would never want to do one again.


I think it's because the overall quality of the experience varies wildly from Cruise Line to Cruise Line and ship to ship. My wife and I took a cruise out of NY and loved it. We had an absolute blast and over all it was a great experience. But I also know people who had unpleasant trips on the same line to the same destinations. I think it's a vacation experience that isn't for every one. And that's ok. I'd say give it a whirl. Worst case scenario you never do it again.


Went in 2020 RIGHT before the big covid wave in end of February.. was surprisingly chill with no issues


Serious question- if I'm vaccinated what's the worst that would happen? Get a mild case? I've already had covid previously so is it pretty low risk?


It is low risk. The vaccine protects very well against severe COVID. Now whether you wanna deal with all the red tape now on a cruise ship. IDK.




You could be stuck in the ship as it is impounded in a harbor under health orders. Even if you're healthy and vaccinated, they might not let you leave. The Diamond Princess was in Yokohama for weeks. I think they were running out of food before they were let go.


So long as I got wifi.


Have you seen how much cruise ships charge for wifi?


There are more diseases you can catch on a cruise ship than just COVID. The regular flu is a common one, salmonella is another. But really, anything that can be transmitted by touch you can potentially get. They are really floating petri dishes. (also huge contributers to global polution)


You forgot the most popular one, Norovirus. Won't kill you usually, but you may wish it did while you simultaneously diarrhea-shit your insides out, and projectile-vomit your insides out.


Norovirus: 48 hours of hell.


"my parents told me I could be anything when I grew up so I decided to be a fountain!"


This is fuckin funny and I'm gonna think of it next time I have to be a fountain. Hopefully it will raise my spirits. Thank you


After two cruises the only issue I’ve had is sunburn. But that’s on me for not reapplying. It’s a fun way to see a few places (clearly not in depth) see a few shows and eat and drink. Sure there is more exciting travel but a cruise makes for a fun Low key trip.


The only reason I'd go is for a good buffet. I want to eat unlimited shrimp for a week and see what it does to my body.


I got gout when I went on a honeymoon cruise from all the seafood. My wife and I invented a fourth meal… 5 o’clock sushi.


Nah 5 o'clock is oyster happy hours, sushi is 3 o'clock


I feel like cruise lines should have those scooters for ankle injuries/gout attacks on hand for this reason.


Next port of call: Miami /s What could go wrong?


DeSantis wants this fight and won't allow cruise lines to check passengers for vaccinations, and I have serious doubts that the cruise industry is going to prioritize safety over profit.


Carnival is saying they are going to require vaccines no matter what he says. They can't afford to have another shutdown so I'm sure they are going to do whatever they can to mitigate outbreaks. This likely happened because the ship just brought in employees from all over the world, some of which from areas without widespread vaccine availability yet, and vaccinated them themselves so a few brought covid on board with them it appears


Same with Celebrity. Proof of vaccinations before boarding for anyone over 18 and two mandatory tests onboard for those under 18. DeSantis can bitch about it all they want but it’s a private company. If people have a problem with it, don’t go.




> will fold like the Buffalo Bills at the superbowl Wow. That's pretty harsh. It's a good analogy, but, ... harsh.


Florida and the Bills both have terrible history with things being too far right.


Gee, it's almost like regulations help both the business and the customers and aren't automatically bad.


Well in the case for the cruise industry, the majority of them are registered in different countries precisely because they are circumventing US regulations. Yet the govt continues to hand them bail outs hand over fist


The US govt didn't bail out any cruise lines. The cruise industry is cyclical and saves money for this sort of thing (not this severe of course). When COVID hit they slashed costs as much as possible, hunkered down and tried to wait it out before their cash reserves dried up.


Gee it's almost like industries should be regulated MORE or something.


You'll get no disagreement from me there


> prioritize safety over profit Having COVID spreading on a cruise ship (again) is bad for profit.


It depends how many hear about it. And if it's 0 cruises vs some cruises opening with setbacks, I think they'll take opening and the money all day.


We’re seeing news about crew getting it, guarantee any instances of more than 1 passenger or 1 family getting it will make the news and scare people from cruising for longer. Anyone booked on Royal Caribbean right now can cancel for a full refund up to their cruise date.


If someone gets too sick, they have to take to port. It's worse for their image to have someone die on ship. So they have to report it to save face. And they have an interest in having everyone vaccinated, they likely don't want countries preventing them from docking again.


>I have serious doubts that the cruise industry is going to prioritize safety over profit. They’re pretty much the same thing in this case, which is why cruise lines appear to be fighting for safety.


Royal Caribbean has moved the Odyssey from Haifa, through the Med, offloaded 5 positive crew members in Palma de Majorca and then arrived in the US on June 4th, after which the entire 1,400 member crew *began* vaccination(s). Why not vax the crew prior to arrival? *edit* one too many zeros.


Vaccines are *a lot* easier to get in the US than in most other countries. There are exceptions of course, but what matters is how easy they were to get wherever those crew members were.


Several US ports have started vaccination programs for seafarers


In many places in the US it's fairly easy to get vaccinations as a tourist too. Outside the US options for non-residents are pretty limited, and in many countries it's pretty hard for residents too. So it makes sense to get the the US and vaccinate the crew here.


I’m a travel agent. DeSantis is making my job hell. Up until his bullshit, cruise lines were saying vaccinations required. Norwegian is threatening to not sail from Florida at all. They may have caved though idk. I was really optimistic for like a week because cruise lines were standing up to this dumb fucking law. Royal Caribbean buckled immediately. Which isn’t all that surprising because of all the cruise lines with shitty business practices, Royal Caribbean is one of the worst. They have been an absolute nightmare to work with over the last year.


It sucks that people just trying to make an honest living are the ones that have to deal with the downwind effects of these short-sighted choices. Heres hoping things get easier for you


Which cruise line is the best?


Depends on your budget. Viking has treated their customers very well over the last year but are super expensive. Of the more budget brands I would say Norwegian has been kindest to their customers. Their deposits are always refundable until final payment. Not usually the case with Carnival or Royal Caribbean. Plus Norwegian actually is fighting DeSantis on vaccine requirements I haven’t seen any news that they’ve folded on this yet. For mid-range I would probably say Disney is the best quality but I haven’t dealt with them much this year. Princess has been pretty accommodating but their reputations are shit right now because of the whole Diamond Princess COVID outbreak.




Win/lose doesn't matter, it goes to court and from there it will take years to actually sort out and DeSantis won't be governor. It is all about announcing something to look good.


I had a cruise in October out of Orlando that does not require vaccinations, so my friend and I canceled it. It's not even being worried about get sick, and worrying about the cruise getting shut down or quarantined over infections isn't even my biggest worry. But without vaccinations, CDC requires masks be worn and social distancing and reduced capacity, and who knows if ports will want the ship, and if the port does allow the ship doesn't let you get off and explore the port on your own like you always have been able to do. They make you book an excursion with them and get herded around in a huge group.


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And every "conservative" I know loves him. Every. Fucking. One.


This guy wants to be a dictator, not a president.


Apparently, most republicans want a dictator.


They're totally fine with it as long as it's their guy. But when a Democrat's in charge they suddenly want bipartisanship and smaller government.


They don’t want bipartisanship even. They want a complete halting of government when a dem is in power.


This is not going to go the way they think.


I hate the cruise industry, but the situation is that the cruise ship wasn't planned to depart until July 3rd, which was already more than 2 weeks beyond when all the crew would be considered fully vaccinated (which was June 18th). And they are shifting the departure date another 2 weeks later than planned, and they seem to be doing routine testing on all crew in the meantime. It pains me to say, but at least in this instance of a cruise ship behavior, it's quite responsible, at least as far as they can handle their crew. Passengers/general public being something else entirely, but at this point people have decided how they want to personally handle the pandemic.


“Personally handle the pandemic.” That is a positive spin on things. You’re a generous person. I would say “some people have decided to get the disease, and infect others.”


I used to have sympathy for that line of thinking before vaccines became readily available.


And yet the outcome is still highly predictable.


"Who could have seen this coming??" Pretty much everyone not on the cruise ship, it seems


Cruise ships are petri dishes even without COVID.


I thought the worst upon seeing the headline, but at least they have to undergo vaccination and they're being tested. This sounds like a good thing - taking precautions seriously.


So I'm sure I'll get downvoted for this, but everyone is acting like there are passengers on this ship. There aren't. This is a test run with only crew, and they have an approved contingency plan for exactly this scenario. Several thousand crew, and because the majority of them are from much poorer countries, the ships themselves have been vaccinating them as they returned to work. However they can't leave them at a hotel for two weeks until their last dose and then go back and pick them up, so a smaller percentage have to recieve their second dose on board. (Which led to this exact scenario, and yes, they should have found a way to wait till everyone had both does before boarding) So out of almost 2,000 people confined in a tight space, having two now isolated cases with any type of symptoms at all in a mandatory vaccinated facility is I think... Not as terrible as it seems. To be honest, I'd rather be on a ship with 100% vaccinated people who have to prove it to get on board, and employees that have 100% mandatory Covid tests every week and a CDC approved quarantine plan than at my local Walmart where over half the people there are unvaccinated, wearing Fuck Your Feelings shirts while touching all the damn avocados.


I actually work on a cruise ship right now and you’re right. Passengers had to be vaccinated and the crew has mandatory Covid tests every week. Edit: mandatory Covid tests not vaccinations


>local Walmart where over half the people there are unvaccinated, wearing Fuck Your Feelings shirts while **touching all the damn avocados**. In what location does the demo you describe touch anything green other than Mountain Dew?


in Texas, where they relentlessly bitch about Hispanics but can't get enough guacamole


The heck? Texas will literally be majority Hispanic by like 2025 Not arguing that what you said isn’t true about not getting enough guac but like, who’s bitching?




This article doesn't mention human trafficking. It just talks at length about people going overboard / missing.


The fact that 6 of the 8 were asymptomatic and 2 of the 8 had mild symptoms means that the vaccines are working as they should. Maybe this is weird, but I find this to be good news. My thought process on the virus is that if vaccines make it no worse than a common cold, we will have won. The fear should be severe illness and death. I've known a few people who suffered severely from it and I don't ever want to see that again. Fortunately, no one I know has died.


they weren't fully vaccinated


You are absolutely right, I forgot what the current date was. The article says "they will be considered fully vaccinated as of June 18th" which is Friday. Frankly, that tells me the cruise line wasn't being as responsible as it should have been with the vaccinations, how frustrating.


You can thank Gov. DeSantis for that.


>Frankly, that tells me the cruise line wasn't being as responsible as it should have been with the vaccinations, how frustrating. And it likely cost them a shitload of money now. Good job, geniuses.


These honestly scare me all its going to take is a couple of people with fake vaccinations to spread covid to numerous ports around the world again.


In my country people are buying fake vaccination cards, just to not get the vaccine.. Which by the way is free.


Wtf... what country?


People are doing this in the US for sure


Oh yeah, they are. I met a guy at a bar who told me he works at the hospital and is also selling fake vaccination cards… 🤦‍♀️ Edit: I have bad memory and don’t remember his name, but I vaguely remember how he looks! If I see him again I’ll ask him about the vaccine cards and report him if he’s still doing it. It’s just horrible how people can work in healthcare and be so corrupt over a vaccine anyone can get for free.


Report him. That’s a felony.


This, call the police and ID him in person if you have to, risking people dying is BS just because you wanna be a little conspiracy bitch and make money on the side.


Please report this sack of shit




Dominican Republic, but I am sure other countries are suffering from the same idiocy. The worst of all is, this is the same people who would cry to the government when they get sick, and can't get into a hospital because they are full.


US. A lot of people have fallen for the conspiracy theories that the vaccine is somehow more dangerous than the virus, my own dad included.


There was a story on NPR where they sent a reporter to Croatia when they started accepting vaccinated tourists. Apparently he had a bit of an issue at Customs because they didn't believe that our American vaccine card are so unsecure and basic.


Look I'm happy things have opened up for the most part but going on a cruise is just not a good decision right now. Edit: and after reading more comments apparently the cruise industry is awful and can just fuck right off.


Cruises are just nasty, I wouldn't want to be on a cruise where everyone caught norovirus, or something worse like covid, but catching noro on a cruise ship is downright awful. Noro spreads like wildfire once it gets onto the ship, the passengers will drop like flies and nothing can stop it, just hope the toilets work...


['Poop cruise' Carnival Triumph set sail with problems | CNN](https://www.cnn.com/2013/12/17/travel/carnival-cruise-triumph-problems/index.html)


"Carnival’s court filing says the “ticket contract makes absolutely no guarantee for safe passage, a seaworthy vessel, adequate and wholesome food, and sanitary and safe living conditions.” " Just wtf? I already had no desire to go on a cruise, but this has solidified that feeling for the gazillionth time.


Hey I’ve seen this one before.


You know. Maybe I'm wrong in my thinking. But if everyone just stayed the fuck inside for like 3 weeks 2 years ago we'd be laughing about how we killed a pandemic by being introverts for a few weeks. Yet here we are, and here we will be in 5 years.


Some people seem to forget that you can still contract the virus regardless of whether you have your vaccine or not. While getting the vaccine will boost your immunity, it doesn't stop you from contracting the virus, similar to how getting a flu shot doesn't fully stop you from getting the flu itself.