Cashier dead, 2 wounded during argument over Georgia store's mask policy: Sheriff

Cashier dead, 2 wounded during argument over Georgia store's mask policy: Sheriff


The irony is that prison is full of stuff they don't allow you to do


My bother is in prison and they definitely still wearing masks. He can't even take his mask off for visits and he's fully vaccinated.


Well yeah, if any place needs masks and social distancing hardcore, it's an enclosed space where people can't be away from each other.


Just like retail :(


That’s… really damn ironic, good point.


People willing to murder and also throw their life away over a mask…unfucking real.


Unfortunately very real.


She was just doing her job.


He left and came back just to murder her over a face mask: > Tucker left the store without making his purchase, but immediately returned inside. Tucker walked directly back to the cashier, pulled out a handgun and shot her," the GBI said in a statement.


First degree murder for sure. No other way to spin this


In Georgia it’ll be malice murder and felony murder charges. He’s going to get double stuffed fucked for this.


I hope they lock him up for life.


Pretty certain whomever at the Office of the DeKalb District Attorney gets this case will proceed with a life without the possibility of parole in mind (meaning he’ll die in prison).


Wearing a mask too




He ain’t getting sympathy in DeKalb County for shooting someone point blank who told him to put a mask on and then shooting a cop. Not for murder. Not when we’ve had so many murders.


Oh, he shot a cop? He's probably gonna be executed in the courtroom, lol.


Off duty cop (sheriff’s deputy?) was working security for the store.


the distinction doesn't really matter, he is a cop.


Sadly a lot of people on the right think the mask of breaching our rights and freedoms. So doubtful that the people who killed a cop at the capitol and they still defend those actions care about a cop being shot for defending the right of private businesses to make people wear mask. You can’t have these people beat a cop to death with a thin blue line flag pole and act like they care about cops much. They just like that the cops hate the same people as they do.


That was in response to a reporter's question about whether or not he understood the gravity of his actions, i.e. whether there was any indication that capacity (e.g. temporary insanity) could be an issue. The answer you quoted is the sheriff's summary/paraphrasing of *why* the answer to that question is *yes*, based on the impression the investigators had after interviewing him: >When asked at Wednesday's news conference if Long understood the gravity of his alleged crimes, Cherokee County Sheriff's Capt. Jay Baker said, "I spoke with investigators, they interviewed him this morning. And they got that impression, yes -- he understood the gravity of it." >"And he was pretty much fed up and had been, kind of, at the end of his rope. And yesterday was a really bad day for him, and this is what he did," Baker said. He's repeating the words of the suspect, because the words of the suspect indicate that *yes*, he understood the fact that he was killing people. If he didn't understand the gravity of his actions, then the answer would've been about the suspect having appeared surprised to learn that he hurt anyone. But it wasn't. The suspect said he was angry for a long time, had a bad day, and "this is what he did". Capacity established. For some reason, people singled out this 20-second interchange out of a 20-minute-long press conference and misrepresented that this was the sheriff giving *his own* gloss on the situation, "expressing sympathy". He's not. At all. People also complained that the sheriff was "focusing on the suspect's justification rather than his misogynist, racist motives," which is also categorically false. Again. This is one single snippet of a 20-minute press conference, during which the sheriff and other officials *were* asked multiple times about the suspect's motives. And in response to those questions, the sheriff talked about the sex addiction and what not. [Here is the full press conference with time stamp](https://youtu.be/BDrGdIgHJ0A?t=1107)


Yeah when I saw that press conference it was clear to me that the sheriff meant to explain what the shooter said was his state of mind but it came out awkwardly and was easily misunderstood to be the sheriff's view. That's exactly the kind of mistake I'd make in a press conference. Everything would be clear in my head but I'd word it wrong and people would misunderstand. There's a reason large departments and companies have professional spokespeople. It takes a certain nack and experience to not screw up what you're trying to communicate.


Thank you for taking the time to write this!


Chuds and Qanons are probably already donating to a gofund me for his legal fees.


Have you seen a photo of him? I highly doubt they send him a penny.


Ain't no way the Qs are crowdfunding a black man.


Chuds? Canibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers?


Imagine spending life in prison cause you didn't want to wear a mask.


I know eh. A heartless thing to do, the person was just doing their job. Now they get to go to prison for a long time for something that never had to happen.


And on top of that someone’s loved one will never return home from work. Over a mask rule. One that they themselves didn’t even make and was probably told to enforce.


Throw the fucking book at him. I'm sick and tired of all these sovereign citizen types who think rules apply to everyone but them. Fucking scum.


Left and came back with a gun, sounds like premeditation?


Hard to see how it isn’t malice murder.


Georgia’s a death penalty state. Wonder if they’ll go for it here…


Yeah, there is no other way to spin.


He basically came back to execute her. Wtf.


How fucking braindead do you have to be to think this was a good idea? Besides the fact it takes a certain kind of person to murder someone in cold blood like that, what exactly were they thinking was going to happen? That theyd just get to walk out and go home and live their life? Did they not think they'd get a life sentence for first degree murder?


One thing I’ve noticed on my journey to emotional stability is how on the edge other adults are at all times. Whether it’s a Karen who didn’t get immaculate customer service , or a dude in a large white pickup truck stuck in traffic, so many people are just … immature I’m sure internet echo chambers have something to do with it too. You can tell some people are repeating talking points they’ve heard on Fox News like they’ve been waiting their whole lives to argue about it. They do a good job of “othering” populations they dislike. It’s easier to be an asshole or murder someone if you think they’re less than human.


A lot more people than I thought have no concept of self reflection or introspection. They essentially have stayed teenagers their whole life. Ready to snap and get really emotional over pretty trivial things.


"Tucker, who was arrested by officers as he allegedly tried to crawl out of the store." Like the maggot he is.


I have a much higher opinion of actual maggots.




Literally getting life in prison over having to wear a face mask for a few minutes…wtf is wrong with people.


Yeah, this is why no one at the gas station I was working at during the pandemic enforced our mask policy. People get crazy over it real real quick. One younger girl said something to a guy one time. He spent 5-10 minutes berating her and telling her he was gonna sue her for violation of hipaa or some crazy shit like that. She was.....17? She was just doing what she was told. Had another guy pull a knife over it a couple weeks later and then we stopped enforcing it at our store. After covid I'll never work in customer service like that again. People are fucking insane.


The most eye opening thing about service jobs like this is you learn pretty quick how many people who walk among us lack basic empathy. You're not a person to them with a life and an ego. You're just a tool. And they get bent out of shape like how you might a dysfunctional power drill or vacuum. The customer service tool isn't working how they want. Drop in some existential threat-level conspiracy theory bullshit and people get violent. Source: I am in tech support/customer service. I took some leave to be a new dad and, honestly? I don't want to go back. I don't get paid enough to deal with daily verbal abuse. At least they can't physically harm me; I suppose I'm privileged in that sense.


>You're not a person to them with a life and an ego. You're just a tool. And they get bent out of shape like how you might a dysfunctional power drill or vacuum. This is super accurate lol >I don't want to go back. I don't get paid enough to deal with daily verbal abuse. That's why I moved on, although I know it's not always that easy. It definitely takes it's toll over time. I've become a much happier person not having to deal with it. I hope an opportunity presents itself and you get to go kick ass doing something you like doing every day! Congrats on becoming a new father!


Thank you. I'm actually going back to school because I realized I could be doing what I do with a lot more autonomy for a lot more money. Here's hoping it works out.


And it really is verbal abuse. I worked in a really big store which gives out free little pencils and sells meatballs. I had been called a racist, a piece of shit, to go fucking die, to being flipped off, even threatened to be murdered. We walk amongst many very shitty people. It's fucking scary.


> I had been called a racist, a piece of shit, to go fucking die, to being flipped off, even threatened to be murdered. I got called racist for making sure $20/$50/$100 bills were real with a UV light before. Like I did it for every bill, no matter who gave it to me, most people joked about making it fresh that morning but some people get really pissy about it and can fuck off. Surprise surprise the people who got caught with fakes were the most aggressive ones.


That doesn’t surprise me that the ones who gave you a hard time about it had the fakes. Getting aggressive with you was a tactic used to make you uncomfortable in hopes that you wouldn’t check.


I respond by biting the coins to check if they aren't chocolate.


I worked in an Australian branch of that particular store. I have never been abused as much as when I worked there and I later went on to work as an insurance claim assessor.


> We walk amongst many very shitty people. It's fucking scary. This is by far the worst thing about getting older and the reason why people become shittier and more selfish with age…. You realize how the VAST majority of people are terrible, self centered, and cruel. I mean just imagine if religions or fear of the law didn’t hold people back? We would literally be killing each other in the streets. And the platitude that “people are basically good”, is utter horse shit, there’s no way everyone’s **weekly** good deeds could even outweigh the casual cruelty service industry people endure every **day**.


I think that's why lasting positive friendships become more important as you age. You really need that close knit group of good people to help keep your sanity. If I didn't have my buddies or my wife, I wouldn't be even close to as put together as I am now. The world is a dark place


I had a close knit group of friends. Had then since middle school (almost 40). Covid tore us apart as some of them believe it wasn't real, refuse vaccines, and never followed lockdown rules or mask regulations. Sad really.


> The most eye opening thing about service jobs like this is you learn pretty quick how many people who walk among us lack basic empathy. You're not a person to them with a life and an ego. You're just a tool. And they get bent out of shape like how you might a dysfunctional power drill or vacuum. The customer service tool isn't working how they want. Drop in some existential threat-level conspiracy theory bullshit and people get violent. It's not even really that, at least with Covid shit. The problem with the Republicans in this country is they are taught to fear and get angry over ***EVERYTHING***. In the case of covid, they have been told OVER AND OVER AND OVER that masks don't work and anyone that enforces masks are bad people looking to manipulate you. That covid isn't real and they're actually after your liberties. This gets their viewers upset, angry, and violent. That festers and then lays dormant in their minds. And then, just like Pavlov's Dog, the trigger word is uttered and all that anger and frustration immediately comes to the for front and you get someone who is then irrational and violent. That kind of anger that boils and then boils over. They can't think straight or listen to what anyone says. They only know how to yell and berate. I see it ***ALL THE TIME*** with hardcore family that are Trumpers. You mention any of their trigger words and they lose their fucking minds. They spout near identical talking points (because they get it mainly from the same general source) and you can't reason with them. It's fucking fascinating and also terrifying. We have a real problem with a highly radicalized right wing populace that I think people don't realize or just don't want to think about.


If people don't want to think about it, they better get over their hangups real quick because we're living in some fucking Weimar Republic shit right now. I mean, how far does this have to escalate? I'd really rather it not get to point where I and everyone I love is being carted off to a death camp before people wake up to the serious problem we have. This is personal for me because I've seen family I care about be indoctrinated over the last six years or so by this reactionary brain rot. It breaks my heart seeing them all collectively lose their minds.




The worst parts of the USA already had a protective barrier T point of sale, and it was because people were shooting min wage workers before the pandemic even started.


I remember when Philly banned bulletproof glass because it was an "indignity" that was hurting the feelings of the patrons. Apparently the feeling of merchants who didn't want to get shot was not a consideration. - [Philadelphia is considering whether to ban barrier windows inside shops](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/on-small-business/wp/2017/12/04/philadelphia-is-considering-whether-to-ban-barrier-windows-inside-shops/) - [Philly stop-and-go bill passes, giving city power to remove bulletproof barriers](https://whyy.org/segments/philadelphia-city-council-approves-stop-go-legislation-remove-bulletproof-glass-stores/) - [Local business owners refuse ‘stop-and-go’ law: Philadelphia City Council passed a law that requires some businesses remove bulletproof glass surrounding registers.](https://temple-news.com/local-business-owners-refuse-stop-and-go-law/)


bet they left bulletproof glass in banks though.


Send this comment to the top, my man hit the nail so squarely on the head it's painful. Bank gets robbed? 100 cops on the scene at the drop of a pin. Local grocery store gets robbed? Eh, we're busy, might be there in a couple of hours.


That’s exactly why smart armed robbers don’t go after banks but liquor and convenience stores. When I was in my late teens I worked in a restaurant. We often left the back door propped open until a manager set us straight: it’d be too easy for someone to walk in and rob the cash register in the kitchen. They’d face nothing but one or two unarmed dishwashers and a frightened cashier. They’d walk away with much of the night’s take (cash was still king back then) and be across the state line in minutes.


Fuck that I’d close up shop and roll out. Every single liquor store and most fast food joints have these plexiglass barriers where I live and I don’t even notice them, let alone get offended by them


Mostly I just get jealous that the clerk gets to be behind the barrier and I'm stuck out here with the other crazy fuckers.


This is normal in some places. Early 70s Brooklyn, NY. The KY Fried Chicken had inch-thick plexi and a plexi turntable. Put your money in, rotate, get food back.


Same with Brooklyn White Castle during the early 90’s. But man to a drunk college student those burgers were worth it!


Yup this is every convenience store in my area, and has been for years and years. Some pharmacies and other places have things like this too depending on where you are in the USA.


an essential worker


and paid shit to die.


And would have been bankrupted had she survived due to America's fuckshit healthcare system.


For almost no pay probably




This legitimately pisses me off more than it should. How is enforcing a piece of clothing for public health reasons during a pandemic less valid than enforcing a piece of clothing because the sight of a torso makes you uncomfortable? I don't understand these people.


> This legitimately pisses me off more than it should. No, it pisses you off *exactly* as much as it should.


It really drives me nuts because the Government will mandate certain clothing on the mere basis of gender (for example, a woman cannot be topless in most states). Why aren't these people upset about that??


Because they are the same people who get offended by seeing a torso, and logical consistency doesn't even cross the minds of people who actively ignore logic.


In that case, a few people get upset when women do get partially topless, i.e. when breastfeeding in public.


the mask issue or really the entire pandemic was made political and divisive by the leader of the GOP, then the GOP in general. you want to wholesale blame someone, blame them and their media that they and their donors control. Bush Jr. was worse than Trump in many ways but even he wouldn't have done this shit. this a long time coming, a slow build over the years and here we are.


no shirts no shoes no service is ok in their eyes because it was originally aimed at hippies.


Hippies and homeless people, probably


Like.. it's a fucking tiny little face mask. I legitimately don't understand people being anything past 'slightly annoyed' at having to wear one. Something has to be mentally wrong with you to be angry to the point of killing someone over such a stupid reason.


Not as bad as someone getting **murdered** over face masks, but a couple weeks ago I was at McDonald's standing in a parking spot (Curbside Pickup, but no car). Guy gets out of his truck, and as he walks by me to the front door he asks "they won't let you in?" and I said "of course not, but it should be different on the 15th (California)". He surprise surprise, can't open the door. Then he bangs on it, storms off back to his truck and shouts "THIS ISN'T AMERICA ANYMORE!" Motherfucker, you can go through the drive-thru or have the wage slaves come out to the parking lot to hand you your garbage food, but not letting you walk inside to order is somehow un-American? Especially knowing it ends in a couple weeks? Bitch, please. People are god damned babies.


The correct response to that is to say in agreement, "I know, it hasn't been America since they started forcing me to wear pants in public!"


They wouldn't get it. They wouldn't walk away thinking, "Man THAT GUY was a nut!"


I'm starting to think this is the way, just go fully on the crazy. Do something like: "Fauci says we have to wear masks, and he also says we can't drink while pregnant. Well my Mom drank everyday with me and I'm smarter than Fauci!"


But then some people will agree and start drinking while pregnant, and you'll never be able to convince them to stop. "Go fully on the crazy" is never the answer. It's amusing until people start unironically believing it.


All I know is that if we have a much more deadly and contagious virus in the next decade or so, a *lot* of stupid people are going to die because there is no way they will wear masks again. Covid was a dress rehearsal and we failed as a country.


It's actually much deadlier than people give it credit for. The reason it's done this damage is precisely because it has a relatively low fatality rate compared to SARS or MERS. Helps it spread more. The USA failed because it wasn't willing to enforce anything that controlled the virus. The UK failed because privatised care systems didn't want to make sacrifices and incompetent politicians refused to support the people fighting. Italy failed because of the nature of transient work there. There's always going to be fatalities it's just that people didn't want to make hard sacrifices.


Most McDonalds I've seen (LA) still allow walk-ins. Not everyone has a car, and you can't walk through the drive-thru or they don't allow you to just stand in a curbside pickup spot. Of course, every location is different, according to how its respective franchisee runs it. And as well all know, the Constitution dictates that McDonalds franchisee policy is what determines what America is.




There are some people that literally inject politics into everything. Like, I swear that some of my conservative family thinks that I read the liberal rulebook, and form all of my actions and opinions off of it. I'm liberal *because* of my personal worldview, I don't artificially construct a worldview to try and be liberal. It's a consequence, not a motivation.


This is an insightful observation that holds true with my deeply Evangelical far right family members. They start at a conclusion and work backwards from the answer they want to be true, rejecting any contrary evidence. I left the faith and those beliefs a long time ago because I realized they didn't line up with my moral convictions and ethics, as well as data. When I started at zero and simply allowed my observations and empathy to lead me, vs starting with what my faith or prior political party held as incontrovertible hard truth, I found I wound up with wildly different conclusions and beliefs. I try to let my beliefs and opinions be malleable in response to new information. Over my lifetime, I've changed my mind about so much in the light of better data. If I had been married to the "identity" that my erroneous beliefs conferred, I might've stuck with them in spite of being wrong, if all the fundamentalists I live around are any indication.


Doesn’t help that someone spent the better part of a year making a virus out to be a political issue


"I'm also a democrat!" Is their version of "I have a black friend"


I am going to "press (x) to doubt" on the "hardcore democrat" line. That sort of seems like the "I have \[insert minority\] friends" after they same something or get caught doing something they shouldnt be.




Number of people killed for being required to wear a shirt: 0 Number of people killed for being required to wear shoes: 0 Number of people killed for being required to wear a mask: way more than 0, and way too fucking many Edit: Oh no! Anti-maskers are downvoting me. LOL


It would almost be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad that being told to wear a mask after the fire mentioned articles of clothing is the hill people are choosing to die on, while crying *their fundamental rights as a human being are being violated* while likely calling you a sheep for wearing a *mouth diaper* and the new world order taking over and it being a global plot even though no two countries can even manage to agree on using the same brand of toilet paper I don’t think there’s a lot of coming back from the mental damage at this point


I've had people throw shit at me and spit at me for telling them they had to wear shoes and shirts in a 711. But shot no... thank god


Also if he was at the cashier he would be wearing it a while...5 ish minutes, probably less time than he spent arguing with and shooting her


It's not about the mask, it's about 'disrespect'. "How dare someone disrespect me by telling me what to do". Probably compounded by her being a 'mere cashier'. People smell their own farts and think they are important and that what they say is law.


I was annoyed at the masks at first. I was pregnant, and already had trouble breathing at times without having to wear cloth over my face. They seemed to trigger my claustrophobia for some reason too. But then I read the studies, decided it was something that could help keep me and people around me safe, and bought a bunch of masks. After a month or so, I got used to wearing one and they didn’t bother me much anymore. Now that things are opening up and I’m vaccinated, it’s been great being able to go into a grocery store without one. But if we had another health crisis, I’d don one again because *its just not that big a deal*.


It's nice in the cold regions in winter - keeps your face warm! Also nice if you have allergies, or if you have a really bad case of cold sores, hah.


It's warmer now but in the winter they kept my lips / nose from getting chapped *at all*. Might depend on where you live but I literally slept with as mask on for a few nights when it was well below freezing + dry and it was downright pleasant.


>Like.. it's a fucking tiny little face mask. I legitimately don't understand people being anything past 'slightly annoyed' at having to wear one. You haven't seen the rhetoric on the conservative media channels then I imagine. They literally call this a star of david patch, the end of democracy, etc... like the next fucking step after "masks to not spread your filthy germs" is a gas chamber. 24/7 of this for six or 8 months and you start buying into it. Then you have the sociopaths and wannabe sociopaths who think that it's fine if they infect other people and those people die. They literally have told me "serves them right for getting out and getting in my way" and shit like that.


This is what weapons-grade media engineering, which the far-right engages in on social media, will do to people. They become victims of their own messaging and it turns into a vicious cycle spiraling further and further out into extreme right ideology. Constituents, representatives, and media personalities are all caught up in it.


The irony of someone who doesn't like following rules murdering someone over it and then going to prison where they tell you when you eat, sleep, etc...gonna be a whole lot more rules there and mask wearing is the least of your concerns. Really sad someone had to die over this idiot's stupidity...I just hope that he is never released or granted parole, we're far too soft on murderers these days, life in prison without parole seems perfectly reasonable for this type of crime and anything less is a slap in the face of what little justice can be rendered in a sad situation like this.


Funny part is that depending on when you got put into prison you had to wear a mask anyway.


Or the irony of anti-maskers who say that the masks infringe on their “freedoms,” but do shit like this and get all other freedoms permanently taken away for the rest of their lives. Have fun in jail, psychos.


Imagine going to jail for life because you couldn’t be assed to wear a face mask for the 5 minutes you were in the store?


He’s going to jail for murdering someone because they asked him to wear one. That’s the even more ridiculous thing.


Seriously. Anyone who has the ability in them to not just draw a weapon but use one and end someones life because they are asked to follow a stores rightful rules, ones with over 250 million Americans have been following for over a year...doesn't need to be on the street ever again honestly


Even if the rules were insane, illegal, whatever...you don’t fucking kill someone over them.


ESPECIALLY not a store employee! Have we all forgotten "Don't shoot the messenger"?


If that’s all it took, someone was going die on this guy’s account eventually. Someone who got his food order wrong or hung up a sign for the other candidate or accidentally crossed onto his property. A fuse this short would have gone off eventually.


Not necessarily. The political right has turned masks and covid into a political issue and done a masterful job of radicalizing countless folks who see masks as a symbol of “government oppression”, even though it’s the right that’s clearly working towards fewer individual rights and a stronger central government.




This is Georgia. I hope he gets the death penalty. It was pre-meditated and especially heinous. Hopefully it was on camera and it was in front of an off duty officer.


The guy shot and wounded an off duty LEO. So yeah, it was in front of a cop


Imagine taking away someones wife/daughter/mother forever because they asked you to wear a mask.


I’ve been a cashier for the last few years and am finally quitting this week. The amount of stress and harassment my coworkers and I have had to endure this last year and a half has been indescribable. Grown adults reduced to toddler tantrums after being told what to do. Threats of violence. Actual physical altercations. Thankfully no deaths, but it still is a constant fear for all of us. We’ve been wearing masks 8 hours a day for 1.5 years and these people lose their shit over wearing one for 20 minutes while they shop. Retail workers do not get paid enough to deal with this bullshit. I hope this man rots in prison thinking about his actions. EDIT: grammar fix


I had some toothless ogre of a woman try and walk off with shit from my register today without realizing half the shit she was buying wasn't covered on EBT. Then leaves her shit and she proceeds to go out to her car and magically find no money to pay for anything else which was a lot. I had to suspend the transaction because I had other customers waiting and I reversed the tender so she would just redo the whole thing once I was certain she could pay. She then proceeds to come back in (btw maskless and she really could have used one) and say she wants to just take the shit she paid for and leave the other stuff. I say ok fine but I have to ring your card up one more time because I had reversed the tender. She clearly has no idea what reversing tender means and I made it super clear after she tried to argue that she had already paid for some of the stuff. Literally the dumbest person I have yet to encounter in this world. Simultaneously a nice older couple offers to pay the full charge and were incredibly generous. Meanwhile she basically disregards them and says ok well I shouldn't have to pay for the stuff I already paid for. My eyes roll into the back of my skull as I call the store director to basically clean up this bullshit and he says the exact same thing I said but she cannot fathom that she didnt complete the prior transaction. This dumpster fire of a woman doesn't even thank the people who paid for her and literally she is still arguing for no reason. Her bill has been paid. She starts gaslighting me in front of my manager and telling him how rude I was. I guess silver lining of the situation was afterwards my manager basically escorted her out he loudly told me good work and walked off. I am by no means a superior human being but I cannot believe that I get paid so little to babysit homeless people, consistently deal with the mentally ill, all the while dealing with a plethora of Karens both male and female who are so fucked in the head that it makes me question the immorality of eugenics. I wish this entire class of people would nut up and strike, our unions are weak as shit and won't take a stand. I cannot wait to leave this shit job. Luckily my time there is ending in a few months. Fuck retail. On the nose with the maskless thing btw. People bitch and moan to me about wearing it like it hasn't been a whole goddamn year of finding a comfortable mask. Complete pussies, all of them.


Absolutely correct! Working in Berlin retail and dealing with psysical unstable people is like day-to-day business. It's the worst because you are supposed to be always smiling and nice, because customer is king, but people don't understand that the overall behaviour of people changed a lot during the last few decades. How can you expect that retail workers are nice to you when they literally have to clean human shit out of the aisles multiple times a week, people with literal meltdowns over nothing, half of the people treat you like shit. One year ago, some homeless guy threw a used vaccine after me missing my torso closely because I'm black, i mean, wtf? And then I myself treat nice people like shit because my day sucks and it feels bad because in my free time I'm always happy and open to people but arriving at work, I become another person. Reading someone gets shot over mask discussions breaks my heart on so many levels...


Retail workers face the absolute worst a country has to offer: its consumers


This is so sad, and so unfortunate. A person was **murdered** for asking a customer to wear a mask 😞 Who in their right mind—oh, wait—thinks “oh, I don’t like what you told me to do, and I’m so angry that I’m going to go get my gun out of my car and come back in and shoot you in your head.” Smdh.


It really is crazy, isn't it? You'd think you'd cool off or start to regain your senses by then. Or go sit in the car for a few minutes and get it out of your system and then drive off. I say this as a very hot-headed person who has been working on controlling their short fuse. I can't imagine being more quick to anger than myself. It's a shitty way to be. He must be fucking miserable and so much the people around him. I bet everyone who knows him saw this shit coming. I'm beyond sad that this woman's loved ones and co-workers and the customers who were there have to live with this. That this woman gets snuffed out without any say in the matter. Her body didn't betray her even. Some scumbag shit got his pride hurt by her doing her minimum wage job and felt it was egregious enough to take her life. I cannot fathom this.


If you don’t agree with a store’s mask policy just go somewhere else. Duh.


Use your *freedom* to go somewhere else.


I work store support at a grocery store in the south and I think about something like this happening every time I have a hostile customer. Which is practically daily. This is horrible. People can be terrible.


I work in a bank. When people get belligerent because I won't cash a check written to someone else or I notice they're having fraudulent credits, or even that their checks being held the thought they'll come kill me occasionally pops into my head. People are unstable and completely unhinged. Its terrifying


This is one reason I'm happy I live in Seattle. I have not gone to any store and had to see someone without a mask indoors. Never caught covid either.


Refusing to wear a mask is just pettiest bullshit to get catch yourself a murder charge over. Like, why don't you get this twisted over being asked to wear pants if a tiny cloth mask is tyranny? It's so bizarre


So he murdered a woman who asked him to wear a mask, but someone who doesn't bother taking his mask of when he drives is the one that is insane. What is wrong with these people. What has happened to our country. Even if you think it is a hoax, you wouldn't murder someone over wearing a mask.


25 to life over a mask. How stupid would you feel sitting in prison for life over something like that? That makes killing your ex-girlfriends new boyfriend almost look logical.


He's going to feel dumb having to sit in court with the mask on too


Or jail ! Half the jails make your wear them and the other half take them away if you wear one in.


He will spend at least a few years thinking himself a modern day martyr.


He can think whatever he wants, he's dying behind bars.


And that’s where the leap from insane to stupid takes place.


Welcome to the dumbing down and destruction of our education system. Idiocracy will become a documentary instead of a parody movie soon enough.


I dunno probably be told I am assuming too much but... this looks like right wing propaganda coming home to roost. Tell a person that their freedom to do what they want is unlimited, tell them the pandemic is fake and that masks equal communism. The guy went outside got his gun and marched back in believing everything he was doing was right.


Imagine being a piece of entitled shit that your actions lead to people dying over your own selfishness.


And this is why mask mandates really haven’t been actually enforced by businesses.


Which member of /r/NoNewNormal was this?


God those are the absolute dumbest people on the internet.


/r/conservative has entered the chat.


/r/conspiracy sees them and raises the bet.


It seems like 75% of them are the same people.


The funny thing is looking at the activity of NNN's creator, their whole first page consists of posts only in r/NoNewNormal and r/conspiracy. Like nothing else, just these two subs. I guess they are yet to discover /r/conservative.


They were probably banned from /r/conservative because it's/r/conservative


That venn diagram is one circle.


I'm sure there are still a couple of outliers who are confused as to why their post about [Texas Republicans suspending their own rules to approve the latest voting restrictions bill](https://www.texastribune.org/2021/05/30/texas-voting-restrictions-senate/) was deleted.


We can check with subreddit stats. Here's the stats for [NoNewNormal](https://subredditstats.com/subreddit-user-overlaps/nonewnormal) The one for [Conservative](https://subredditstats.com/subreddit-user-overlaps/conservative) And finally [Conspiracy](https://subredditstats.com/subreddit-user-overlaps/conspiracy) There certainly are some interesting overlaps. Walkaway shows up quite a bit. A subreddit dedicated to people who have walked away from the Democratic Party. You'd assume that people would walk away in both directions but they seem to all walk in a single direction. Also Crowder shows up for all of them which is just...huh...didn't anticipate that one.


They’re all the same people


It's the same damn people. Conspiracy got taken over by the_donald a long time ago.


yea it went from pedo's and lizard people to trump shit overnight


I legitimately saw a comment there just the other day that black people were better off before the civil rights act.


Don't get me wrong, I'm anti-propaganda in all respects, but it's truly mind-boggling to me how people on the right are so much more easily invested in stuff that is easily provably false, and fails even the most basic logic tests. I hate to be that guy, but I really do blame religion (like, all of them) for most of the problems in this country... and I say that as someone who genuinely believes in a higher power.


Current top post on that sub is a picture of kids with masks on, 6 feet apart with the caption "Kids raised like this will never fight for freedom". It upsets me to no end that these people have strayed so far from rational thought that far-fetched conspiracy theories become more believable that facts. I wonder why they don't challenge their own beliefs and just go along with whatever feels right. It's easy to call them names, but I seriously want to know how society failed them that this is their reality.


Wow, that subreddit is so … WOW! So many things posted with no hint of irony. Just sad.


{Checks link to see if a real sub} Holy shit, it's real and as active as a scorching herpes outbreak. {Turns off computer}


it’s literally a place where people on the fence can be radicalized


Radicalized is the fucking correct word here


> active as a scorching herpes outbreak ...but with less intelligence


Those guys are so painfully ignorant and hateful, and it's legitimately scary when people like that come together and amplify each other's hate and ignorance.


Shame this kind of garbage festers on reddit and social media. Wonder when it'll end.


People are scum. She was just working and trying to make a living.


This fucker said he shouldn't have to wear a mask because it violates his rights. Then he fucking murdered someone. If this isn't absolute proof that people like him have zero empathy and care only for themselves then I don't know what is.


Yea murder is the pinnacle of depriving someone of their rights.


I shouldn't have to wear pants! It violates my rights! What? I can't be naked outside the elementary school? What about freedom??


Heart breaking. I work retail and stories like this terrify me. I really think people go into stores ready to argue with employees about the mask policy. We offer them masks if they don’t have one, but I don’t have the time or energy for their reasons to not wear one.


I'm so burned out of fighting people on the masks at my store. Then hearing stuff like this, just not worth the risk


I feel for you. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm also tired of telling people and having them fight me on it. Stay strong.


"No shoes, no shirts, no service" \-ok, I can live with that "wear a mask" \-It's murder time


All over a piece of fabric over their face. How disgusting. How awful.


This is why I refused to tell people who may have been on campus at work they needed a mask. I'm paid to maintain computer systems, not direct/enforce policies. People are freaking crazy.


Someone so casual about killing another human - you know this wasn’t the first time he murdered someone. This was the first time he got caught. So the cashiers life was taken and his is over, he’ll get at least life in prison over this… for what? Being told to wear a mask? So tragic. So stupid.


Can you imagine, this man really is dying on this hill. A face mask, just wearing one briefly to buy groceries. He left and had time to rethink his actions, and still returned to kill. I hope he never sees daylight


The saddest thing about all this. He could've made a choice. **HE COULD'VE JUST GOT A FACE MASK AND CAME BACK TO BUY HIS GROCERIES**, maybe get angry at the cashier & throw a tantrum like a baby. But still bought what he wanted and be on his way, another day he will never remember. Instead he consciously chose to say "Fuck this" grabs a loaded gun, goes all the way back their, on the drive there still consciously thinks "i'm really gonna do this, i'm going to go kill or at least mortally injure that girl for not letting me buy my \*\*\*\*". Walks in the store, sees her and still decides he wants to kill her, goes up to her and actually does it, doesn't even try to talk to her or anything. With all this shit he could've literally stolen whatever meaningless bullshit he bought, sure he might have gotten caught but its a lesser crime. Now he will be locked away for the rest of his life, thinking about how he threw away his freedom & livelihood & killed someone for nothing.


Its seems to be the tail end of the pandemic too. Many places are lifting their mask mandate. Couldn’t hold out just a little longer before he went absolutely looney.


The right wing media is just going nutters over masks since it's been announced we're almost done. It's really bad.


God I am not looking forward to the next pandemic; very much we got lucky with covid that it was only mildly dangerous. So yeah... there's going to be a next one and it will be worse because its probably not going to be as "kind" towards its victims either, don't lie to yourself if you think otherwise, humans have create multiple super breeding grounds for zoonotic diseases, this is a part of life now; and its been warned about for decades. Imagine a pandemic with this kind of bullshit with the death rate of something like Spanish Flu or worse, and that's basically what we are racing against right now honestly. Can stupid kill us all before we are able to pass laws to protect society from stupid people, basically.


As a service worker... This is why I don't fuck with the customers. It's not my life's duty to protect or tell anyone shit. People steal all day long, I'm not running out to the parking lot to get shot over some cheap merchandise. I'm not getting shot or in a fight over someone else not wearing a mask.


I recently saw that a couple was murdered because they where shoveling snow and it was on the neighbors property. That already was to me 'wtf, why kill over something so smale', but this just takes the cake.


If he thinks wearing a mask is so horrible, can’t WAIT to see how he fairs in prison.


Imagine being so fucking ignorant and stupid that you would rather murder someone and go to prison for the rest of your life instead of just putting a piece of fabric over your mouth for 15 minutes to keep others safe.




1st degree, premeditated murder. Two families irreparably damaged .... for fucking what?!


Since so many people are rightfully talking about the sheer madness that is shooting someone over a mask, I feel we need to give respect to the poor woman who was killed. She was doing her job and was completely innocent. My hearts go out to her friends and family.


Should get immediate death penalty.


Why the hell is anyone killing each other over this of all things? We aren't shooting each other over seat belts... morons.


Can you anti mask/vaxxing morons just calm down and stay the fuck home?


Throw that fucker in a hole and cover it


What a fucking lunatic


Imagine getting life in prison because you didnt want to wear a mask for a few minutes. And you already know him and his family are gonna bitch and cry about how its unfair that he has to go to prison now. Its getting increasingly difficult to be proud to live in the US.


It's terrible that throughout my eight years of military service I faced less danger than minimum wage "essential" workers have faced over the last year and a half.


He’s exchanged his freedom from not wearing a mask, for his personal Liberty. In Prison he’ll be told what to do 24/7 for decades.


For life*


It's the unemployment compensation that's keeping people from taking these jobs! /s