4 mass shootings in 6 hours leave 39 wounded, 5 dead across US

4 mass shootings in 6 hours leave 39 wounded, 5 dead across US


>The chief said the targeted home is the same one someone sprayed with bullets on Tuesday, a shooting that left no one injured. "We don't think it was a coincidence," Minter said. Good detecting there


"Now, back to my hunch.."


"Chief, the killer left pools of blood and semen next to the body." "Hmm... gross."




You mean lunch


We’ll draw a line around the body.. that way, we’ll know where it was


"Fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again."


I was still a supporter when this quote happened irl. It was funny then, it is funny now, and it will never not be funny


I think he said in a later interview that he was going to use the actual phrase but realized midway through he didn't want to end up saying "shame on me" for everyone to run with so he pivoted into what is one of the funnier things we've had come out of a politician.


Finding out about those gunshots I heard down the street on Reddit is wild.


You can have this experience several times a week, depending on where you live and if you subscribe to the local subreddit.


I just looked at mine for my city, its all bronies…


Better to find bronies than active shooters[.](https://youtu.be/jb2GiMSXJsg) *Where have all the bronies gone, long time passing?*


LBC represent! Always fun to read Nextdoor and the Long Beach sub. Things happened right next door and I'd read about it on Reddit. After the middle school brawl I just stopped paying attention to the shit going on in my neighborhood.


Nextdoor is my favorite. Ours recently helped catch a nighttime [creeper](https://kdvr.com/news/problem-solvers/man-accused-of-trying-to-drag-women-from-denver-walgreens-following-others/) The police complained about all the reports cited on Nextdoor and said they don't have access to it. So much drama.


Hilarious, they can get your deleted text msgs but can't seem to figure out how to view things on an app. lol. I swear they don't try hard unless stuff is served to them on a silver platter when it comes to stuff like that. Props to your neighbourhood!


Texts are easy since telecoms are established utilities with a history of working with police. Cops don't have a relationship with every tech company that has an app and many of those companies are pretty firm on user privacy. Can't forget that Apple refused to unlock an iPhone for the FBI. Was quite the statement (even if the FBI did end up cracking it themselves before the end of the month)


If only the cops lived in the neighborhoods they police they might know what's going on.


Ding ding ding


Nah that's just our city's year-round firework spectacular! Also, while it's just the two of us here, fuck Huntington Beach.


Also from Long Beach and I'll second that statement. Fuck Huntington Beach.


3rded. Fuck HB. Zaferia represent!


Haha I live in Newport but I agree, fuck HB. If they didn't have such fun surf I'd literally never drive up there


Dude! Northside ftw! My dad and I were working on his car last Saturday when we heard the familiar ‘pop-pop-pop’. He just turns to me and was about to ask if they were, I just start nodding my head and we keep working. Cue Sunday morning reading about the dude that was shot in his car off LB Blvd


Fireworks or gunshots is the best game.


My go-to response when friends/family ask about my gunshots in my neighborhood: “Well, they’re not shooting at me, specifically.”


Fireworks are typically evenly spaced pops while gun shots typically slow down or vary in spacing as people's fingers get tired. We play this game a lot where I live.


Dude, I found out about the London Bridge terror attack on reddit when I lived on Tower Bridge Road. i.e. The next bridge over. A few minutes walk away. I laying on my bed in my intern housing just sorta hanging out, thinking about going to sleep when my supervisor called me. >"Hey man, you doing okay?" >"Uhh, yeah." >"What're you up to right now?" >"Just in my room... On my bed. What's up?" >"Oh nothing, just checking in. See you tomorrow." Cue me thinking, "wtf?" and going to reddit to check news. Lo and behold, the London Bridge terror attack. And a realization of why I kept hearing all those helicopters...


I found out about Pulse on Reddit before I found out about Pulse from my friends that were actually there. It was a horrible ride- but be dammed if Reddit didn’t have the fastest information.


what a harrowingly awful night. i'm sure i learned on reddit as well, i was the one in my friends' group like... ok, who do i wake up...


I hear gunshots most days. It usually doesn't mean anything here. Bored neighbors I guess.


I used to live in bedstuy Snd I heard a few shots one night very close by. Found out via Reddit someone walked up to a cop car and shot both of them maybe 100ft from my apt.


“The baby and the two teenagers, ages 15 and 16, suffered non-life-threatening wounds.” That’s a very lucky baby. I can’t imagine there are many places a bullet can hit a baby for this result


Probably not the luckiest baby.


Agree, not the luckiest baby, perhaps the luckiest baby that has been shot.


I'd imagine that is a pretty small pool of babies.


That’s a very discomforting pool. Also does the pool has water and they all float there or it’s a dry pool and they all just piled up there?


Hopefully not an inflatable pool. Those things are hard to patch after getting bullet holes in them.


The baby pool is always warm because of pee.


Have a 3 month old. Can confirm. His bathwater is usually at least 5% pee by the time we're done. Kinda defeats the purpose of the bath a bit... The little jerk


Medium lucky baby.


The Goldilocks of luck baby...


You saying the baby’s luck was just right?


Newbie luck?


They just spawned, so they had a few moments of invincibility


Tried for the spawn trap


Wait, babies have spawn protection!? Hold on a minute I have to try something!


Oh no.


slightly lucky baby? Right on the cusp between lucky/unlucky? 51/49 lucky? US Senate Lucky? (who will still not to shit).


Babies don't do shit so maybe Senate luck and baby luck have more in common than we thought


Babies do shit. Babies do a lot of shit. That's practically all babies do. Babies are like a house plant, that shits.


And screams. And won't sleep unless you're right there. And do weird breathing things that cause you to panic. And require calories every few hours.


The luckiest of the babies that were shot in America today.


I hope the number of babies shot was only 1 tho. After seeing the happy baby after open heart surgery on the front page a couple days ago this made me surprisingly depressed.


‘Gun violence was the leading cause of death for all children and teens ages 1-19 in 2018, surpassing motor vehicle accidents for the first time in history.’ Not looking great. [source.](https://www.childrensdefense.org/glossary/gun-violence-was-the-leading-cause-of-death-for-all-children-and-teens-ages-1-19-in-2018-surpassing-motor-vehicle-accidents-for-the-first-time-in-history/) You can follow their research to the CDC website where they compiled the data.


Its vehicles getting safer, right? Please tell me this is about vehicles getting safer


¿por qué no los dos? You want the good news first?


I'm sure that does actually have a lot to do with it. But the gun violence in America is sickening.


I was going to say, the baby who didn't get shot would probably qualify as a tad more "lucky."


This is America, there's gonna be a certain number of shot babies - this one is luckier than other bullet wound-bearing babies.


Freedom babies!


Does anyone remember that statistic about toddlers and guns? It was either one toddler per week dies by an accidental firing, or one toddler per week kills someone else accidentally with a gun (in the US, of course). EDIT: Apparantly, it's that "On average, someone gets shot by an American toddler a little more frequently than once a week, similar to previous years." (Washington Post, 2017, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/09/29/american-toddlers-are-still-shooting-people-on-a-weekly-basis-this-year/ ), but also "Last year, at least 30 people were killed in accidental shootings in which the shooter was 5 or younger, according to Everytown For Gun Safety, a gun control advocacy group that tracks these shootings, largely through news reports." (NY Times, 2016 https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/06/us/guns-children-deaths.html )


If the baby had a gun, he could have defended himself ^^^^s


The only thing that can stop a bad baby with a gun is a good baby with a gun


In some places, you could be elected to office on that platform alone.


Are "stand your ground" laws applicable to abortion?


Limbs start forming at around 6 weeks Texas Doctor: “Oh shit, it’s armed!”


Castle doctrine at minimum.


Non life threatening is not the same as not life altering. A bullet could easily basically sever a babies arm or leg o would imagine. But yeah you’re right


In the UK you hear "life altering" or "life changing" injuries on the news, it's always quite jarring because they don't give details but you know that person is going to have a long journey ahead.


When there was a theme park accident in Australia the news report said something like "Police have said that one of the deceased recieved injuries incompatible with life." Recieved injuries incompatable with life.


That's a defined term in Australia. It sounds callous, but it was what he knew.


Usually you need a doctor to declare a death. "Injuries incompatible with life" is a definition that allows a death declaration without gathering the pieces in a bucket to take in to the hospital. ed: varies by jurisdiction but as an example from [NSW Australia department of health](https://www1.health.nsw.gov.au/pds/ActivePDSDocuments/PD2020_011.pdf): > In situations where the person has injuries incompatible with life (e.g. decapitation, severe incineration or extensive trauma), or has been deceased for some time (as evidenced by rigor mortis, dependent lividity or tissue decomposition), the death is considered obvious and no clinical assessment is required.


Exactly. And in places with a duty to help it also means you don't have to attempt helping. I.e. head missing don't need to do CPR. Head still there you better do something.


Yeah technical term to signify it is pointless to try cpr. Usually those are the more gruesome injuries like bodyparts missing, head squashed, gaping hole in the chest, etc. When you hear that phrase you don't want to ask any further questions.


When I did CPR training session, the instructor told us we were legally bound to give CPR, save for three exceptions. We asked him what those were. « You’ll know ». « Tell us so there’s no ambiguity. » « Ok. You asked for it so here goes: body is burned, legs are separated from torso. Head isn’t attached to body anymore. No need for cpr in those situations. »


I saw a woman get hit by a public bus in a way that essentially ripped her torso in half. It was a situation where it was obvious no first aid would help.


Must’ve been traumatizing. Sorry that you had to see that.


My sisters friends saw a motorcyclist a fall under a lorry and his head literally pop under a tyre. Traumatised them for life.


"Alas, poor Yorik...didn't receive CPR."


I really like that they’ve introduced this phrase because it also acknowledges that you can look “fine” but be living with the consequences of an injury or accident for life. Eg, the policeman who got exposed to Novichok IIRC. Looks fully recovered but has life changing injuries that probably involve mental/physical disabilities, medication for life, maybe reduced life expectancy, etc. It’s an important reminder that survival is rarely as black and white as we see in the movies.


Severed arm would definitely be life-threatening considering the massive bloodloss that it cause.


I was once a baby, and I assure you I was luckier than this baby.


Everyone finally starting to get their freedom back after lockdowns, and all they can think to do is fucking kill each other.


They forgot how to deal with people at the same time that everyone went all introspective and went further down our on rabbit holes becoming weirder.


I lost my temper and yelled at someone at a gas station a week ago... I feel bad, I wish I hadn't done that,


Everyone accidentally loses their temper on occasion, sometimes we forget that strangers have their own shit going on. The important thing is that you can reflect on your behaviour. Try not to beat yourself up too much. Leave a note, or do something kind the next time you're there. You may not see the person ever again but at least you'd be taking the time to improve from your mistake.


> sometimes we forget that strangers have their own shit going on Exactly why you I tell people not to start or continue road rage. Let the person be pissed off. Just leave them alone. Just last year, two cars got into it in my town. One stopped and the second got out of his car to talk to him. The guy shot him and drove off. The victim's wife was in the car and was the only way to identify the car as we don't have that many cameras on that side of town.


Reminds me of the guy who got out of his car and was trying to shoot a woman in road rage. Instead of the mother, he shot and killed a kid in the car.


Yeah that story was in LA. That guy threw his life away because of some dumb road rage incident. Now a kid's dead and he's going to have to live with that guilt for life.


Hope he never sees the light of day again. Unforgivable.


We just read a story this week about a guy accidentally shooting his own son while in a road rage situation. He tried to pull a gun out while driving and ....it doesn't matter what he says happened. He's a fucking idiot


Naw man his stupid ass was putting it *away* while driving after brandishing it during a road rage incident. Dude couldn’t even be bothered to ensure the safety was on after getting home, he shot his own child in their driveway


> Exactly why you I tell people not to start or continue road rage. Let the person be pissed off. Just leave them alone. Agreed. It's *never* worth it. I never started anything, but I used to be bad for yelling back or flipping someone off. But people have gotten *crazy* recently, and I'm not trying to die because someone else cut me off and got pissed at *me* for it. Last week, some guy at McDonald's pulled a gun on someone else in line for "cutting (him) off." He didn't cut him off, the asshat had pulled of to the side, so the guy in front of me went ahead and got in line. Cops arrested him by blocking off the exit, but it was baffling. Pulling a gun on someone because you might have to wait an extra 2-3 minutes for McDonald's? I'll bite my tongue until it falls off before I'll engage anyone these days. I have a CCW, but I'm not so arrogant to think that means I can't or won't be shot in the head because I dared to dent someone's pride for some minor -- or even perceived, as in the above; no one cut that guy off, he wasn't anywhere near the line -- slight. (And anyway, I don't want to ever *have* to defend myself. I had to shoot someone in self-defense as a teenager, I *never* want to do that again.)


>But people have gotten crazy recently Used to live in AZ, staying the fuck away from any road ragers has been necessary for several years. Just drive away to win.


I work from home but my wife and I work full time so the only time I leave mostly is to drop off my son at daycare. Hes 1.5 years old. Last week, some Nissan maxima cuts me off and I honk. Thats it. He immediately slams on his brakes. I change lanes. He tries to side swipe me. I go all the way across 3 lanes and hit the median with hazards on, he does the same. At this point I finally call the cops and explain what's happening while continuing this careful song and dance this maniac is doing trying to hit me on a 3 lane highway. Eventually he gave up and took his an exit. If youre the kind of person who goes out of their way to run a car off the road, clearly with a baby seat in it, then I wish nothing but the worst to you.


There are lots of people for lots of reasons that shouldn’t be allowed to have a drivers license. Your road nemesis is definitely one of them.


At some point in society, the car horn went from a warning or alert system to an instrument of pure unbridled rage. And I don’t mean just people who honk, legitimately, some people view people honking at them as an act of aggression, even if it was meant as a “hey, abort lane change, there is a car in your blind spot” type of safety warning. And I post this a lot, but everyone should get a dash cam. They are cheap and important have with how people drive nowadays and how comfortable people are lying or hit and running.


If there is one thing to kill in life, it’s to kill your anger bc 99% of the time anger either is the problem or will make things way worse. Angry men are scary and unnerving even if you could take them. (Kill your anger by observing it without engaging or succumbing; mind is like the mountains and the blue sky: solid and still yet free and abundant.)


It would be meaningful if you left a note even if they never come back and other people see that you're sorry. Everyone feels sorry for wrongs they've done. Not everyone leaves a note. Be a note leaver


>Everyone feels sorry for wrongs they've done. Gonna have to disagree with you there.


Narcissists exist.


and that's why you always leave a note


Unless that note says: "I am sorry I hit your car. I am just writing this because people are watching me, and assume I am leaving my contact and insurance information" That note made me kind of mad.


My parents caught someone doing this once. Guy hit a parked car in a parking lot, and my dad told him to write down his contact info and leave it for the other driver. When he drove away, the note on the dash just said "sorry, sucker". Too bad for him, he didn't see my mom take down his license plate #.


This will always make me do this any time I see it now. That's fucked, but at least double checking would be helpful.


"And that's why you don't teach lessons! "


And that’s why you don’t yell.


are you telling me we will see more and more mass shooting?


Naw, I'm sure these were the last ones


Just had to get it out of our collective systems. We're good now. No more. Pinky promise.




congrats everyone! 🎉


Surely the thoughts and prayers will stop them any minute now.


We made Grandpa invincible when we made sure he beat cancer, I'm sure we'll believe in something hard enough


They were killing each other during lock down too - it was just their family / spouses instead of strangers.


Yeah the comment you replied to gets *upvoted every time in the last few months. I’m pretty sure the murder rate was pretty crazy over the pandemic.


Huh, TIL. [Indeed, although data is incomplete, it seems there was an increase of +20% in 2020.](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/16/upshot/murder-rate-usa.html)


God this is upsetting, I'm genuinely worried about how many murders haven't been reported or discovered because of the lockdown.


The most haunting thing I've heard is Houston teachers saying they had children just completely vanished. No school work turned in online, no phone calls or emails answered, nothing.


Normally these kids (usually special Ed) just drop out and are removed from the roles, but a lot of the student accounting changed with online learning.


We're facing that in my school right now, in Southern Ontario. Some students just ghosted. It's scary to think of, but we can only have faith that the school board, and in turn our school and teachers would've been notified by now if something bad happened.


I moved during lockdown because the apartment I was renting had 4 shooting deaths on the corner in a month


People never stopped. Homicide was up in 2020 over prior years. 2021 is just following the trend.


The pandemic has revealed how shitty most people are, imo.


Pretty much. My 911 center takes calls for the SF Bay Area. I'm done. I'm so fucking close to quitting its sad. Its non stop. And it doesn't make sense. Everyones angry , and hurting each other. Like yall was locked up inside for months and we didn't have this drama. Why are you killing each other now that you're allowed to go out and play? Do we need to ground you again? Cuz I will


Sorry to hear that. There was a study showing an increase of violence in the summer. They thought it was due to the temperature (like people are thermometers that explode if they get too hot or something, also was used to explain why there’s more violence in the south). Turned out in summer people saw each other more and that’s the more likely cause.


We have a saying “When the sun comes out, the guns come out.”


I live in the South Bay and work in the peninsula. I noticed this week that people are really angry. Road rage, fights on the street…just angry angry people of all types. I drive a lot so I see some crazy shit on the roads


I think some of them may be people that were doing WFH and are forced to go back to the office now. I've had to do it now too and the rage I'm feeling every day as I am commuting is seriously unhealthy. I'm more of a "aim my rage towards myself" kinda type, so I'm just suicidal instead of murderous at least.


Try driving The Mass. Pike. ( Total Frickin Anarchy)


> Like yall was locked up inside for months and we didn't have this drama. Sounds like the SF Bay Area was just lucky, then. [Murder rates generally rose by 20% or more in 2020.](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/16/upshot/murder-rate-usa.html)


Holy shit


Best way to see how a thing really is happens to be to take a break from it and come back. In this case we see that: - people suck at driving (yes, I'm talking about you, fucking leave some space and use your signals ya dick, oh and stop blocking people in the left lane. Pass in it then let others pass you.) - people can't handle emotions well - stress has taken us all - people should be taught about guns properly (2nd amendment is important but we simply don't teach people to respect this stuff. Toss a rattle snake at people and I can guarantee most will respect it, give someone a gun and they'll treat it like a car, assuming that they know how and when to use it...) - oh and - everyone thinks that they're right...(includes me) but not everyone is correct Honestly, the number of people that I've heard say "just fucking kill them" or "someone should shoot them" has skyrocketed in the past few months. Maybe that's anecdotal but this comes from a very red part of California as well as a very blue part (I have homes in SoCal and the SF Bay Area and split my time between them for my businesses). We've had a pandemic and MASSIVE radicalization of people in the US. And no, I'm not talking about BLM people. Anyone saying BLM people are the problem is an idiot who watches too much Tucker and Fauxy news. We legit need to protect our diversity in the US and recognize that there's a massive disparity in how people are treated by the police, as well as simply reform how policing is done. Add some mental health service people, some crisis management, and a does of DONT FUCKING SHOOT FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER. If you need me to, I'll happily rattle off the list of some of the real baddies in the US. And yes, you assholes out there will call me ANTIFA for calling your snowflakey dumbasses out. I figure 90% of you won't read this but for you special cream of the crop 1/10, even those who don't like what I wrote: **I love you. Keep going and just be fucking good to each other.**   **Edit:** thank you all for the great discussions! Lots of you are bringing up the second amendment. For full transparency - I am not a gun owner and I am not an expert on the 2nd amendment. Some of you will take this as an opportunity to pounce, I'm sorry for you choosing to do that. However, despite not being a gun owner nor being an expert on the good ol bearing arms, I stand by it. I think that there is a reason that America is the way it is and it's not so trivial as people would paint it. Perhaps the good ol 2A needs a modernization, but not a complete removal. I hope that gives you an answer from me as well as more fuel for our discussion. Again, I think people are easily polarized and highly opinionated about it. There's balance to be had here.


I’m surprised no one has touched on the big two which line up with stress. The amount of people who lost their jobs or who were this close to offing themself is too high. Mental health has deteriorated in a lot of countries but unfortunately we have the perfect cocktail for people to lash out. I don’t want people to lash out or inward. We just have easy access for someone to harm others or themselves. Once their life has completely kicked them down in the dirt.


Remember, we're still under an eviction moratorium set to end later this year with some courts already challenging it sticking around this long. We are going to see a sharp spike in homelessness across the country by the end of the year.


Yeah damn, when they told Americans things were ready to start getting back to normal this is not what they ment...


Who the fuck is the author? "Rolled up" and "sprayed with bullets"? Someone clearly has a hard on for gun violence...


This is modern day “journalism.” You should fully expect every article to be half misspelled, poorly edited, feature zero fact checking and sound like it was written by a twelve year old who loves Twitter.


> sound like it was written by a twelve year old who loves Twitter It probably was.


Or more realistically, a bot.


It's all contracted out for minimal pay and whoever is quickest


>minimal pay well yeah, not like any of us pay for journalism any more and you get what you fucking pay for, as they say


Yup, this, this right here. If you don't pay for something, and it's for profit, you're not the customer, you're the product. Most news, especially local news, has the option of either going bankrupt, or writing whatever attracts people. It's all either sponsored content or half-clickbait for the ad revenue. You can't really even get mad at them either, journalists have to eat, and if consumers won't pay them, well, they have to get paid somehow. Larger news organizations, such as AP or Reuters, are pretty good, since people visit them mainly because they are factual and non-biased. But local news is struggling hard. Nobody wants to read about boring corruption at city hall, they just want a compilation of cute cat photos. Even more worrying, most national news relies on local news to do the actual legwork. You will hear the phrases "as first reported by" or "according to" on a lot of national news channels. Those stories were investigated and reported on by local news, and the national news just piggybacked off of them. If local news stops reporting on, say, abuses of power by a mayor, then that information will never reach the rest of the country, no matter how crazy it is. Local government accountability is fading fast. I'm not even too sure what the solution is. Government funded broadcasters are a mixed bag, you can end up with something like the BBC, which is pretty good, but you can also end up with Russia Today, which is little more than a propaganda arm of the Russian government. Even if you just had the government paying news subsidies, you could run into issues with who counts as news, and governments leveraging that to squash stories. Imagine if a president was able to withhold funding to any group that wrote a critical story about him. I honestly think consumers just have to start paying for their news again. But I really don't think that's going to happen, since you can barely even get people to donate to charities unless it's for tax deductions.


As a reporter once succintly put it at a meeting where they were informed about budget cuts: "It's going to be a great time for corrupt politicians."


What I find appalling about this article is that the author didn’t even bother to specify the different states in which these cities are located.


That's fair, for Americans the cities are pretty well known but that doesn't help international readers. The states are Texas (Austin), Ohio (Cleveland), Illinois (Chicago), and Georgia (Savannah).


Tbf I'm from Europe and wouldn't know where any one of these cities are except texas


It’s pretty ameri-centric not to but these are fairly well-known, IMO as an American.


If these are what counts as a mass shooting Chicago gets similar numbers everyday.


Yeah the "mass shooting" definition these days literally can be 1 person is shot in a situation where 3 or more people were involved somehow. Really blows the statistic up when you start to break it down and see what the numbers actually say. New York and new jersey have these kinds of defined shootings all the time but no one calls it that


It also makes it incredibly difficult if not impossible to identify the best remedy for the problem. The "answer to"/"reasons" behind a guy shooting his ex and her family, some bloke shooting up a school and a shooting among (dis)organized crime associated people are vastly different and require different approaches to a solution.


That’s why the only acceptable place to get the mass shooting numbers is through the FBI reports.


Who decides what gets covered and what doesn't? [Chicago alone saw 24 and 3 yesterday evening](https://abc7chicago.com/amp/chicago-shootings-violence-weekend-shooting/10780543/) Weren't all of those "mass" (by US media definition) also gang violence? Why are they covered and not Chiraq's or East St Louis' dozens/couple per day?


Chicago's weekend, per heyjackass.com 7:00p Peaceful Tally: 4 killed, 35 wounded 2020 weekend tally: 2 killed, 39 wounded 2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 24 wounded 2018 weekend tally: 12 killed, 46 wounded 2017 weekend tally: 14 killed, 55 wounded 2016 weekend tally: 13 killed, 46 wounded 2015 weekend tally: 7 killed, 32 wounded 2014 weekend tally: 6 killed, 24 wounded Friday 6/11 2:05p 900 S Independence, Garfield Park, M/26 3:30p 6900 S Laflin, Englewood, M/22 6:50p 7500 S Kingston, South Shore, M/29 6:50p 7500 S Kingston, South Shore, M/33 8:05p 8500 S Parnell, Auburn Gresham, M/28 8:50p 4700 S Rockwell, Brighton Park, F/20 11:15p 6200 S Stony Island, Woodlawn, M/25 11:50p 10400 S Aberdeen, Washington Heights, M/15 Saturday 6/12 12:10a 7600 S Marquette, South Shore, M/21 1:10a 3700 W Augusta, Humboldt Park, M/22 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, F/29 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/23 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/23 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/26 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/27 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/30 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/32 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, F/34 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/41 2:05a 7500 S Prairie, Grand Crossing, M/46 2:05a 4300 S Champlain, Grand Boulevard, M/42 10:20a 11800 S Eggleston, West Pullman, M/35 [1:20p 600 S Wells, Loop, M/23 (story)](https://cwbchicago.com/2021/06/60-shots-fired-killing-23-year-old-man-in-the-loop-on-saturday-afternoon.html) 3:25p 3500 W Cermak, North Lawndale, M/17 3:25p 3500 W Cermak, North Lawndale, M/17 6:45p 6500 S Champlian, Woodlawn, M/14 9:50p 4600 S Drexel, Kenwood, M/43 11:00p 4400 S Champlain, Grand Boulevard, M/39 Sunday 6/13 12:35a 4900 W Rice, Austin, M/29 1:25a 3800 W Arthington, Garfield Park, M/39 1:45a 6300 S Wood, Englewood, M/34 2:45a 3900 W Gladys, Garfield Park, M/34 4:10a 1300 S Morgan, Near West Side, M/31 4:10a 1100 W Columbia, Rogers Park, M/30 5:00a 800 W 75th, Englewood, F/? 10:15a 5900 Northwest Highway, Norwood Park, M/40 3:20p 1000 N Cicero, Austin, M/40 5:25p 5300 S Laflin, New City, M/30 6:15p 1000 N Springfield, Humboldt Park, M/31


What the actual fuck


This is pretty tame for a weekend too. I live on the north side and come July (usually the 4th) is when the shootings peak. What’s equally as shocking is how even our local news stations will only cover a small fraction of the shootings. The typical requirement for the news to give a shit is for the incident to be north of 82nd and/or involve children or innocent bystanders. Anything else they just don’t report on. It’s wack.


Not sure how much is related to gang violence, but the local news outlets have a shared commitment to not highlight gang related violence in fear that doing so would increase the violence. At least, that's what they experienced back in the '60s through early '90s and finally took action to purposefully ignore the violence. EDIT: The news outlets have the same commitment against highlighting suicide unless its a well known figure. Suicide and gang violence are the two topics that are taboo within the local news industry.


> Not sure how much is related to gang violence The vast majority of murders in Chicago is drug dealing gang activity. Gangs fighting gangs, fights within gangs, etc.


The vast majority of gun violence in America overall is related to gang activity.


Well it doesn’t matter much anymore because social media reports all the gang related shootings within their social group. So they’ll hear about it before the news comes on anyway.


Gang shooting: don't report or more will happen Suicide: don't report or more will happen Mass shooting: put on as many headlines as possible


That's interesting. I would never have even considered that.


In fact, some researchers have suggested that the quickest way to clamp down on active shooters would be to stop publicizing them. Something like 60-70% are directly copycatted off of previous active shooters. They theorize that people driven to the point of desperation to the point of committing heinous acts are encouraged by the potential of going out with one final fuck you to be heard by millions.


Wasn't there one mass shooter (I think out in Washington maybe?) that left a diary/manifesto/whatever saying that he wanted to kill as many people because the more you kill the more time you get on the media?


Only one shooting in BotY/New City. I think that's an improvement


This is insane. I’m from Austria. In November, there was a shooting in Vienna, 4 killed. The shooter was taken out by special forces in a matter of minutes. There is STILL backlash at the government because of what they could have done better.


I remember going to Chicago 20 years ago and the first thing I asked is “at what street do you stop driving south?” It was a hard 65th


65th?! I myself wouldn't go anywhere south of 51st


The times are a changin’.


If it helps (or hurts), I don’t even think Chicago is on the top 10 on murders in America. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/murder-map-deadliest-u-s-cities/52/


TIL Perth Illinois has a higher murder rate the Chicago.


A little surprised that Bmore is #2 but also... not


*When you walk through the garden*


Wow, number 65 on that list is still 8x what it is here in London UK, and our gang violence problem is a big topic in local politics.


A lot of it is gangs killing gangs with civilians occasionally caught in the crossfire. Not just in Chicago, but in many major cities.


In fact, three of the shootings in this article seem to be exactly that


Because young minority kids killing each other doesn’t help push racism or gun control.


Ha, came here to say this. It's summer, Chicago going off. They're mostly on the Southside tho, easy to ignore for the media. Unless there's a small child involved it doesn't generate any outrage clicks so there's no point in covering it.


Ending the war on drugs would do far more than gun control to reduce those types of shootings.


The old joke applies. In the war on drugs, drugs won.


The whole point of the war on drugs was to jail minorities and hippies tho. The drugs won because they were never the enemy to begin with.


100%. It was never about drugs it was always about control.


you'd think with all the fines, court fees, and jail time they'd have used all that money and free labor to make this country a better place. Those FBI "winners don't use drugs" ads in arcade games just mocks us now


They have never wanted to make this country a better place. Self enrichment is the only goal.


Rescheduling marijuana would take away cop's number 1 excuse for fucking with people. This itself would help


End the War on Drugs Universal mental and physical healthcare More affordable Pre-K and trade school/community college No-questions-asked gun storage at police or fire stations if you are 1) feeling suicidal 2) traveling, because most guns used in crimes are stolen and your guns are safer at a station than an empty house Teach gun safety (along with finances, drug harm-reduction, and comprehensive sex-ed) to every high school student in the country It really doesn't matter if you are the most anti or pro-gun person in the world. If you truly want to stop gun violence, policies like this that alleviate the conditions that push people into violence should be a no-brainer.


nah this makes too much sense


Londoner here. We’ve had a spate of stabbings recently which has largely been attributed to bored teenagers in gangs...the recent spate of shootings in the US seem random, is this the case?


Why are everyone commenting “it’s only gang violence” as if it’s not a problem that needs addressing?


It's not that it's not a problem, it's just the affected population and how we solve the problem. When you say 'mass shooting' people think of lone wolf, random attacks that happen without rhyme or reason. These terrify people because they are random and you can do little to protect yourself against them. The comments about calling them 'gang violence' are because these attacks all take place in relation to other criminal activity or at places like night clubs or large, often illegal, gatherings/parties. People can rationalize these as explainable and avoidable, and largely they are, because by simply not being a criminal and not being at an illegal night club at 3 AM you largely avoid being victimized. So people naturally find these shootings less worrisome because they can control their own exposure.


It should also be noted that attacks that are essentially part of an illicit business model and attacks that are random expressions of violence with innocent people as the primary target do not have the same solutions.


Well said


I think the main reason is that people don’t want the more easily swayed to read this and get confused. We never used to refer to gang killings or shootouts with the term “mass shooting.” Mass shooting was used whenever someone went on a rampage killing as many as they could. It was also commonly used during heavy political seasons as a talking point for more gun control. Calling gang fights mass shootings makes it sound like there has been more rampages when in reality it’s just another day in the life of the normal crime in our country. Does it need fixing? Yes. Is misleading the masses with deceitful journalism designed to swing them into a frenzy the right way to do that? No. We need to be honest about every talking point, and shit like this is not helping our country get better. It just turns people against each other.


>It just turns people against each other. And it's working.


The media only cares about gun violence when they have to make some political point. Shootings happen weekly and they only get covered when it suits the political narrative. The recent Austin shooting was covered in such a stupid way. They literally didn’t release a description of the perpetrator because they were not white and didn’t want to stereotype. Like fuck right off tell everyone the news and description of the person so they get caught no one gives a fuck about woke propaganda and being sensitive towards a shooter just because they are black.


I think it's safe to say that all 4 of these incidents was committed by a black person. If it were a white guy his name or picture would have accompanied the article.


Should really have a different word for gsng shootings and spree killings.


They're totally different but they both are an issue that need attention Gang violence gets swept into the same category as homelessness and drug abuse as "it doesn't directly affect me so it isn't a problem worth worrying about"


‘mass shooting broke out about 1:24 a.m. and appeared to have been prompted by a dispute between two groups.’ >mass shooting