Arkansas state trooper sued for allegedly causing a pregnant woman's car to flip during traffic stop

Arkansas state trooper sued for allegedly causing a pregnant woman's car to flip during traffic stop


The Arkansas Driver Handbook advises drivers to do exactly what she was doing if they feel it's unsafe to pull over where they are. He PITted her after she had passed the sign indicating the next exit was a mile away, so... less than a mile from the exit. She wasn't speeding or evading or driving erratically. He was likely just impatient and feeling miffed because someone didn't immediately hop to and submit to his authority.


Yeah, I can't for the life of me see how she could lose her case. Unless they just dismiss it outright. In which case we also need to burn down the legal system.


The City and police are going to settle. This is not a case you take to trial. You just pay




"There's no excuse for not knowing the law unless it's me, a cop!"


“I feared for my life.”


Probably what he will use. Say he was worried he was going to be led into an ambush. First episode of Rob and Big back in the day had a similar thing. They got pulled over cause their tint was to dark and when they pulled into a mall parking lot the cops gave them a hard time cause they didn’t know if it was an ambush or something.


I would of waited your honor but I smell marijuana.


I recently got pulled over in town by a state trooper. He initially put his lights/siren on as I was turning through an intersection, but I drove further so we weren't stopped in the middle of a busy area. I drove *maybe* a quarter mile to the nearest side street, and the first thing out of his mouth was questioning why I didn't immediately pull over. I thought I was doing the right thing for both of us but he clearly did not like being challenged in any way.


They don't actually care that you didn't immediately pull over. They will use absolutely anything to put you on the defensive. It gets you talking, which they can then manipulate into any direction they want.


One of my buddies drives a truck which is governed at 70mph. They cop pulled him over and said he was going 85mph. My friend (understandably) got upset because if that ticket goes through, he will lose his license and probably won't be able to continue being a driver. The cop kept asking him "Why are you so upset?". Maybe because you're threatening his damn livelihood and he's worried about his family?


Yep, "why are you nervous" is probably the ultimate example of a question designed to put you on the defensive. They know why you're nervous. They're glad you're nervous. It gets them off. It's best to completely ignore that question. There's no good answer.


"Why did you stop here?" or "Why didn't you stop there?" Derfed if you do, derfed if you don't.


"It was unsafe for \*YOU\*. \*I\* was looking out for \*YOUR\* safety. \*YOU\* are welcome :)"


This is what makes me irate and also incredibly concerned. If we follow the rules and STILL get punished, what’s the fucking point??? We’re screwed either way!


>We’re screwed either way! That's the point.


This. A huge swath of the system is designed to give cover for cops to go after "the wrong element", and generally keep the people in their place, unwilling/unable to challenge their betters.


He flips this woman's car, walks up, and responds to being told she's pregnant by giving her a fucking lecture! While she's trapped in the car! He's just standing there berating her for doing something she was within her rights to do.


Reminds me of when I was in college and refused to pull over on a clearly unsafe road with no shoulder, while making it clear I saw the cop and signaling I’m pulling over soon. The cop flipped out on me and told me I should have pulled over right away (in the middle of the lane on a 60mph road with drunk college kids everywhere). I wrote to the department chief complaining about the dangerous demand by the cop. A week later I got a reply back, *by the cop who pulled me over, lecturing me again.*


I was driving on I-76 through the laurel highlands in PA (absolutely gorgeous drive, especially after an ice storm). The highway travels along a ridge of the mountains with a sheer rock face on the right and a cliff on the left. This state trooper decides to pull someone over on this particular section of highway. Forces the guy over at the crest of a blind turn on an interstate with no shoulder, then gets out and stands in the lane angrily waving his arms for people to get over. I almost hit him, the guy behind me almost hit him. I'm sure anyone else who was following almost hit him. The only thing that outweighs their constant, panicky fear is their demand to be obeyed immediately and without question.


We were driving down the freeway in PA over spring break 20 years ago and a cop nagging speeders started to pull out in front of us we slowed to a crall and he motioned us to keep going. Five minutes later he drives up behind us with another car following him. Turns out he had actually been trying to motion us to pull past him and pull over as he was trying pull over both us and the car behind us for speeding. Having only got the second car he told them to follow him, racing to catch up to us, to get us as well.


Oh my god


Must of been hurting for his revenue quota that quarter.


Yeah, I definitely would not follow him. I would have told him no and to write me a ticket. That cop is a nut.


The concept of accountability got lost


I got pulled over on my way home for speeding, which I was doing because I had stomach issues and had a sudden eed to take an emergency shit. There was nowhere to stop, no gas stations etc. for miles. He pulled up behind me, turned on his lights and I just kept going. Turned my hazards on, but didnt slow down at all until I got to the first gas station. Jumped out of the car as he is getting out of his. He yells at me to stay in my car. I tell him to do what he's gotta do, but if I dont go inside right now I'm going to shit myself out here. I run in, do my business, come out to him writing me a speeding ticket and a ticmet for illegal tint. He then asks me why I was driving so fast, which, at this point I thought was already obvious.


> He then asks me why I was driving so fast, which, at this point I thought was already obvious. It might be situationally obvious, but what he really wanted is a verbal admission of guilt that he could legally state in court. "Yes your honor, the defendant admitted to speeding. I asked them why they were going over the speed limit and they responded with "Because I had to use the restroom". Bullshit but that's how it works. That's also why you don't answer questions.


Fuck it, the cop is the one who has to stand outside a car on a dangerous road. Comply and let em get hit.


Forreal, after seeing this incident, if some cop wants to pull me over on a dangerous stretch of road then that's his call. Not my fault he wants that stretch of highway commemoratively named after him.


Which would be fine by me, except that it also puts the driver at risk as well. A scary number of cars sitting on shoulders get hit by other drivers who get distracted and accidentally veer into them.


With a narrow shoulder it woulda been dangerous for the lady as well. Plenty of dashcam footage out there of cars on the shoulder getting clipped or even fully rear-ended by other idiots on the road.


I will never forget the 1st and only time I ever had a loaded gun pointed at me. I was coming home from work my senior year of high school and driving 54 in a 45. I saw the cops lights come on, stopped in the half median on the left side of the road and waited. Cop was not getting out of his car for a while so my teenage brain said “hmm maybe he wants me to pull toward the full median up ahead on the right.” Apparently that was the WRONG assumption. So after pulling over to a safer location he immediately gets out, gun drawn, gets me out of the car, cuffs me and then two more sheriff cars and a state trooper show up. So now there are 4 cops just standing around watching the spectacle. I then got lectured for “evading” and accused of getting rid of “evidence” when I pulled to the other side of the road. My car and wallet were searched and they found nothing. They skimmed the 100 yard stretch of road between my original stop point and where I ended up, looking for anything I might have disposed of for good measure. Finally, cop 1 uncuffed me, handed me a speeding ticket and told me I was lucky I wasn’t getting charged for evading and sent me on my way. I doubt any of those cops remember that night, but I sure as hell do. Edit: grammar


Not just her rights, but from a post I saw yesterday, doing exactly what the cops told her to do, if you don’t feel safe stopping, put your four ways on, slow down and proceed to a safe place, off ramp, gas station etc. This poor lady


what the rules of the road are, this is what the teach in drivers ed


Yep. She did nothing wrong. This was a criminal act by the cop. And all that happens is he is sued.


He also told her to come out/get out like she didnt just go through something traumatic and was worried for the child. .. .


Yeah ordering her out before medical gets there could have resulted in serious further injuries. This cop is weapons grade stupid.


He’s got all the makings of a great supervisor


That's not stupidity. It's criminal. That's at least the second crime he should be being tried for.


"It's just a prank, bro. Get over yourself. We're gonna go viral with this..."


It’s kind of terrifying even on camera what these cops will do. They seem to have complete immunity and nothing happens until public outcry or it gets taken to court. It’s no wonder the fear everyone feels when they have any interaction with a cop.


Nothing will happen until the laws change or the public gets so outraged that cops get routinely shot in the same terms of “self defense” that cops use to murder anyone they want


I’ve watched so many videos wondering when we’ll reach the point that an officer is so obviously assaulting/endangering an otherwise compliant suspect that a court would justify use of lethal force against them. And what happens to our society when that judgement come down. That’s where it feels like we are. Don’t get me wrong, I 100% understand there are good cops out there dealing with bad people. But there are also some real “tough guys” out there that appear to be looking for their first victim. People like the “Your not that guy pal” dude from TikTok lol.


There have been cases of cops doing "no knock" warrants and breaking into the wrong house, getting shot, and it being ruled self defense. The odds of you actually surviving in that case are pretty slim to none once you start shooting at the cops though as they have more men and guns than most.


If there were good cops, this cop would be in jail right now, arrested by his fellow officers. To become a cop, you knowingly join an organization that has, for decades, intentionally victimized people simply because it can. What good person does that? I stepped back from the more inflammatory version of this comment, because I honestly want to ask you: what good person would join the institution that policing is today, or has been for the past 50 years? And that's putting aside the victimization of people of color for centuries: that was endemic to all society, not just police. I'm speaking purely to the last decades, when this vicitmization with impunity is not an element so intrinsic to our society, but is still so intrinsic to policing. What good person participates in that?


First off, I totally understand your logic. I’ll elaborate after stating that I once considered becoming a cop because I felt like I could make a difference (in the behavior, arrogance, etc). I showed up for the examination which were all but impossible to fail for the average person. 2 hours later we had the physical test. I’ll preface here by admitting that I’m a 6’5” 300lb white guy. We had 3 officers present for the testing, 2 older (say 50’s?) and 1 younger (mid 30’s?), and all was going well. The final test was run 300m in 90 seconds. I’m certainly no track superstar but that’s near walking speed lol. We line up in groups of 5 to run with the only requirement being finish before 90s is up. The younger officer (pasty chubby balding guy) tells us to “run like we want a job” to which I chuckle and wondered if this guy could bench press more than his mom whose basement he was living in. Lastly, they give you packets to fill out and send in to which he states something along the lines of “we’re not gonna hold your hand and help you get this in, you came to us for a job.” They had driven 2.5 hours from their own city to do this hiring event. I realized change had to happen from the top down and I’d probably have the douche canoe as a superior for some time.


I mean imagine if you were an armed citizen in this woman's position. a LEO is pulling you over, and you're complying in the safest manner you know how. And then they fucking attack you like this, completely destroying your property in the process. What's more, they're not just attacking you, they're attacking *your family.* I'd think consideration and respect for the LEO's actions under "color of law" goes out the window at a certain point and defending yourself from someone trying to kill you kicks in.


I agree. In so many videos I see, the people have the human right to defend themselves from police threatening to murder them


A minor ticketable offense ends like this? That officer is a danger to others.


That’s what really gets me. If you’re riding around in a car shooting people randomly, it makes sense that the cops would ram your car to stop you if necessary. At that point lethal violence is happening, and the situation needs to stop. But you’re speeding a little bit and the cop goes Mad Max and flips the car about it? That is an insane, violent escalation of the situation for literally no reason, completely disproportionate to the actual “crime”. Also, at that point, the damage he’s causing HAS to cost more than any ticket amount that they could have gotten out of it. So even if we’re not talking about how cartoonishly fucked up it is on a moral level, it can’t even be worth the money they’re making. It starts to make it obvious that the point is the cops want to pretend they are Billy badass in a car chase movie or something, And their entire existence is just about terrifying people into accepting absolute authority.


Where was she gonna pull over? The road had a divider on it


Yeah, the cop is so wrong in this case. First of all, they are trained not to pull over cars in an area that could be dangerous to himself or other vehicle operators, and second, not to stop in a area that obstructs the flow of traffic. On top of that, the Arkansas motor-vehicle guide explicitly states if you are being pulled over in an area you believe is unsafe, put on your hazards to acknowledge the officer and continue to a safe place to stop. This cop did everything wrong and acted in an incredibly irresponsible manner. There should be consequences if not outright dismissal.


It was a year ago, and this only came out because of the lawsuit. Guy still has a job and nothing is going to happen to him now.


Now that it's national news, there might be a slap on the wrist.


'dismissal'? There should be jail time.


Because he knew he was *wrong*


Actually, I'm not so sure about that. The fucking god complex that's prescribed by PDs to their officers means that even amidst the rash of police brutality last summer, cops still thought they were right continuing enacting violence on peaceful people.


Nah. If cops feel like they did something wrong, they dont apoligize. They go into a big speech about how it still isnt their fault because their victim did something that **made** the cop do something wrong. They're self-rationalizing their own behavior to themselves. The speech wasnt for the pregnant woman in the car the cop almost killed. It was the cop talking himself into believing he still did the right thing and nothing he's seeing is his fault.


This is pretty standard abusive behavior. Like, “if you had just listened to me the first time, I wouldn’t have to beat you because dinner isn’t ready” type shit. Fuck this dude.


It’s “you made me do it”. Plain and simple. People with abuse issues generally think the world is the influencing factor to their behavior because it’s easier to blame others for your violent behavior than confront your own shitty personality and abusive self. This ends up being a lot of victim blaming and creates fear in the partner who then fears to leave. Also, no abuse happens in a relationship to get out of it, abuse happens to possess and cage a helpless partner. I honestly believe there’s only a few who can actually hone and try to recover from these types of toxic anger, but I also believe bad cops are a lost cause when it comes to reversing that, versus a person with unresolved mental health issues getting in a situation they then recognize as a proponent of their issues and work to hone and diminish those angers. A cop who perpetuates violence and uses authority over others to obtain strength or advantage continuously is not savable though, because their position of power is like having an ex-addict house-sit your heroin stash.


Well, cops do love to hit their wives.


Hey, some of them are women and hit their children too.


Hey some of them are men and hit their children too乁( •_• )ㄏ


New term? “Coplighting”


Goes well with all the copaganda you see after instances of unwarranted violence against citizenry. How long until we see another article about a "good cop" just shooting some hoops with the neighborhood kids or pulling over motorists to give them some kind of a reward? I know that there are good people who happen to be cops, but there is no such thing as a good cop until they start policing their own without risk of being Serpico'd.


> They go into a big speech about how it still isnt their fault because their victim did something that made the cop do something wrong. Ah yes. My favorite copism: "I'm just a mindless automaton that reacts spontaneously to stimuli."


Yeah it's the same shit my mom would do. Caught in a fuck up, she goes and rationalizes it, and scolds you for what you did to cause her to fuck up.


he lacks basic human compassion or empathy.


They're called psychopaths...and unfortunately organizations like this are rife with them.


They're called cops.


I got berated once by 2 cops in a squad car who were mad I got a flat tire and pulled into a nearby empty church parking lot to wait for a tow truck because I had no spare. They saw the flat and saw I was alone and sober yet were pissed off at me. Cops are so overpaid and worthless. Another cop car showed up so I had 4 cops sitting around waiting I guess for my tow truck driver. They weren't concerned for me or helping me. They berated me for being in a well lit parking lot and out of the way. Then, the four cops spent like 45 minutes standing around and talking about sports and whatever. Yeah. Cops are overpaid, overvalued, and undereducated.


He knew he was wrong so he immediately went on the defensive.


Well I mean he obviously didn't give a fuck about the lives of the people in the car prior to that...


Cops love to play that stern fatherly role. Go find any episode of the TV show COPS that was ever filmed and there will be one of these moments. After they arrest the person and they are in the back of the patrol car in cuffs the cop will walk up and lecture them on how bad drugs are and how they need to clean their life up. Usually this person is still shithammered drunk or high out of their mind but it never stops the cops.


COPS is part of the reason officers beating up “bad guys” and treating people like crap become so normalized.


Yeah he's 100% Farva


Its worse than that. The woman literally did EXACTLY what is stated to do (blinkers, slow down, look for safe area to pull over) in the Driver's license study guide. If you watch there video, there is NO excuse for what the cop did


From their own Facebook page on June 5th which they’ve since deleted: "IF you see blue lights behind you, and you feel scared that it is not a real police officer OR you would like to drive to a safe or lighted location: first SLOW DOWN, and turn on your hazard lights - this will let the officer know you see them. Move to the farthest right lane, and continue to drive to a location where you feel safe (ex. under a street light, a gas station, an exit ramp, or side road). If you do not believe that the vehicle behind you is a real police officer, immediately call 911. You will NOT BE charged with fleeing if you are doing these things. You have the right to be safe!!!"


"Allegedly"? It's on video, he pitted her fucking car!


Terms like allegedly are used to avoid Libel situations.


They’re used too much. There is no way in hell a libel lawsuit would make it anywhere if they omitted “allegedly” from this headline. The legal system must presume innocence until guilt is proven in court, no matter how obvious, but the news shouldn’t be so rigid. They’re happy to state facts without these qualifiers in many other circumstances where the facts are less clear.


Heck. He even admitted it in the video.


You are spot on. The media wants to soften stuff and they have way too many apologists who just parrot the reasoning they read online. Let’s let one of these people bring a libel suit and enjoy the discovery of the video being played.


I find it mildly interesting how calm the officer is, as in committing a possible double murder is the most nonchalant thing you can do on the job


He had no way to know if there were 5 people in the car or one. He didn't care either way.


Don't think he cared about the other people at all. He saw a potential situation to pit the car and did it, the other people were at fault to him and deserved it. I don't think there was anything beyond that.


Because regardless of the danger that he himself actually caused in executing the unnecessary pit maneuver, he felt completely justified in his actions. In his mind, anything that happened to the person(s) in the vehicle was *their* fault -- not his.


I know that the word "allegedly" has to be used because of innocence until proven guilty, but it still seems really weird to see it used in front of a description of a *very* specific action that was caught on dashcam, instead of towards the name of the crime he's being sued for.


Especially when you watch the video and while he is berating her for not pulling over he explains what a pit maneuver is and that it was what he did to stop her car because she did not pull over instantly when his lights were on. So moral of the story is to not worry about the cops safety and stop in the middle of the road. Just assume that he won’t get run over because people love cops so much.


Cop: "Stop speeding or you could cause a car accident! You might hurt someone!" Same cop: *causes accident; hurts someone*


Yep highways are dangerous to stop on the side of the road (especially this one) and many drivers and cops get rear ended and die, just for a simple speeding ticket


Cops are routinely causing more unsafe conditions than the people driving too fast on the freeway. It's to the point I would rather take my chances with bad drivers than maniac cops. The other day on my street three cops cars chasing one stolen car almost ran over some kids. All to chase stolen property. GTFO


Cops where I live in Houston disregard traffic laws all day long. Run red lights, speeding 20 over, changing lanes without signaling, all without lights or sirens. My favorite is when they’re stopped at a red light and get bored and flash their lights for half a second and then gun it through the intersection. Yesterday I saw a motorcycle cop driving in the interstate while messing around on his phone with one hand.


Another day of an idiot cop hurting someone and then American taxpayers getting punished for it by footing the bill for the lawsuit. I didn’t see it anywhere in the article, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the cop will face zero repercussions and will probably be on the roads doing the same stupid shit for decades.


If this suit changes police procedure regarding traffic stops and/or PITs (doubt it), it'll be a start. At the least, that officer needs to be driving a desk, but procedural changes will be a step in the right direction.


There are states that don't allow the use of PIT Maneuvers. And many municipalities that don't allow pursuits period, so its trending in the right direction.


I'm glad we're going in that direction. 1 dangerous idiot driving recklessly vs 2+ dangerous idiots driving even more recklessly is a win even if the 1 idiot manages to get away.


Yes. It was stated in another article that officers in that state are immune to prosecution for what they do on the job.


That's for civil lawsuits. There is no immunity for criminal lawsuits and once criminally convicted the protection from civil lawsuits disapears, too. If the cop isn't being charged for a crime it means that the prosecution doesn't want to ruin their relationship with the cops. It's corruption.


Ding ding. This cop/attempted murderer should get his life ruined.


Yep, they could nail his ass for reckless driving at the very least. The fact that they won’t even try has nothing to do with the law, just that the system loves to protect cops.


He should be in jail for reckless endangerment.


That town / city should also be looking at the police department as a whole. If you don't fix the system that made it ok for him to do this maneuver, then it's bound to happen again


If she wins this lawsuit that money will simply come from the taxpayers and this officer will suffer no consequences, end of story.


The officer will claim PTSD from this event and retire with a pension.


I’ve seen plenty of people defending this officer because she was “fleeing”. Un fucking believable. I’m glad she and the baby are okay and I really hope she wins.


Same. Saw this on Facebook earlier and the comments were infuriating. So many people defend cops jumping straight to extremes like flipping cars and shooting people when there were other, safer ways to handle the situation. Cops go on hours long high speed chases all the time. He PITed her after 2 minutes going 10 miles under the speed limit. She wasn’t endangering anyone. He was just impatient and annoyed and wanted to punish her for it.


r/protectandserve had a predictably victim-blaming approach on this. Some delicious takes: “It took her two minutes to pull over. Hold your breath for two minutes. That’s a long time” “If lights and sirens are on, you pull over. We’ll tell you when it’s safe.” “It took her two minutes to stop. At highway speeds that’s 2 miles. If you can’t find a place to stop in two miles this is what should happen” Other hilariously hot takes: "You don’t decide where the stop happens, I do. You don’t get to drive for 2 miles after I turn my lights on." And the classic slippery slope > Drove 2 miles. Failed to stop when the trooper activated his siren. > Like if 2 minutes of driving is acceptable, is 3 mins acceptable? How about 5? Maybe 10? Ridiculous. Just pull over especially when officer turns on siren. Of course, the other comments are no better: >She decided that she is the one in command of the stop and not the Trooper. > People are spamming the comments citing "advice" that was posted by one of the department's PR people that states that you can put your hazards on, and proceed slowly to a safer place. Obviously the advice means "if you see an exit or a parking lot 100 yards away, it's fine to stop there". Yeah, because fuck doing *exactly what you're told*. Of course a heavily pregnant woman, at night, on a dark highway with an 8 ft-wide shoulder with an exit 1.5mi away is going to do exactly what she's told when there's suddenly lights and sirens on her and stop dead on a narrow shoulder on a trafficked highway.


"Hold your breath for 2 minutes. That's a long time" I don't think the sub that defended George Floyd's 8.75 minute chokehold really has much authority to talk about how many minutes without air is a long time. Edit: As has been pointed out, those in the sub who supported Chauvin's chokehold were heavily downvoted, and my recollection from that time was flawed. There are plenty of valid reasons to critique these defenses, but this was not one of them.


I wish they’d all stop breathing for a long time 🙄


I'm reminded of the Virginia police who drew guns on an black Army lieutenant because, instead of pulling over on a dark side road, he drove to a well-lit gas station instead. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/police-pull-guns-on-spray-black-latino-army-officer-during-traffic-stop-lawsuit/ar-BB1fvSrF


Didn’t they also spray him with pepper spray when he was still in the drivers seat with his seatbelt on?


Yup. And when he said he was afraid to get out of the car, an officer replied "yeah, you should be." He was pulled over because they didn't see a temporary tag in his back window ... but, when he got to the gas station, they could clearly see that it was there. Guns drawn and pepper spray used on an black Army lieutenant *because they thought his new truck didn't have a temporary tag*.


When he said “I’m honestly afraid to get out” my stomach turned, because I was thinking the same thing before he said it. Why the hell wouldn’t he be afraid to move.


The officer screamed* at him, “YEA YOU SHOULD BE” Thats just simply not the way to handle yourself as a grown man


Protect and Serve is probably one of the best subs that exist if you want to cite a real-time source showing people how psychotic and malevolent American police officers actually are.


How has this psychotic sub not been quarantined?


I wonder how much of that sub is actual police officers, and how many are mall ninjas who own tactical equipment and fantasize about the life of being a police officer with unlimited power.


As long as you indicate you have noticed the police officer (she did) you can take an hour to pull over if there aren't safe places to pull over. Side of a highway is not a very safe place.


“Hold your breath for two minutes. That’s a long time” Going to use this next time I disappoint my girl, but change it to 1 minute


These comments show how cops think, and surprise surprise, it's not good. Being a cop shouldn't be about being an authority figure. It should be about improving your community and making it safe. But no. These guys see the use of lethal force as okay in any situation if they aren't being obeyed fast enough, even when that individual is following the law. Instead of watching this, learning from it and coming up with better solutions in the future- they deflect, deny, and accuse the victim like they're a fucking domestic violence perpetrator. "SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!?! YOU MADE ME ALMOST KILL YOUR BABY! ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELF!?" Even though that sub is full of trash, I'm happy it exists. Because they are a Beacon highlighting all the issues police deny they have. Future generations can look this up and see what a disgrace they were. How their appalling behavior was viewed as not being a problem. So much so that they publicly posted about it. Fairly soon these thugs are going to fuck up the wrong person. Some person of color who has the power and the following to gut the system. Or the riots will become more widespread. One way or another this ride is ending. It may not be quickly, but public opinion has significantly soured. We are finally seeing cops being held accountable and punished. We have a ways to go. But this is a start. Cops have literally proven in studies that they cause more damage to communities than being absent does. They exist to fine us, and feed us to the for profit prison system. At this point if you are a cop and aren't ratting out these people and calling them on their shit, then you're just as bad. If they feel like they can't rat these people out for safety reasons then they need to quit. Because they are just contributing to the problem at this point. Ugh, I have to stop reading these threads. This shit just infuriates me.


So well said! Citizens should not have to utterly *fear* having an encounter with the police, thinking if they make the wrong move their life can be eliminated within the blink of an eye - Over the years, the increasing frequency of seeing law enforcement officers decked out from head to toe in military grade equipment also seems extremely unnecessary, imo - Do they really need to look like a literal storm trooper to successfully navigate and resolve a general traffic stop? There's definitely a long road to redemption.......And I do hope that we can start seeing some major systematic overhaul/oversights, lest more violence is simply inevitable...


Have you been banned from the sub yet? I was once banned for linking the sub like you did. Apparently 'look what these pieces of shit say in their safe space' is 'brigading' to them. It's a bunch of authoritarian lumps of scum with power complexes in there. Pretty good cross-section of cops, really.




Same, I have two young daughters. Normally I would insist they wait to pull over in a public and well lit area. We live in the country so it's very important to not find yourself alone miles away from help. But now what the hell do I tell them? It seems like they are going to have to risk it, since doing that could literally kill them. Idk. Maybe I can invent a panic button that immediately begins recording audio and video with a livestream, and calls me to alert me they're being pulled over and their GPS location. This is just getting ridiculous.


I'm a visible minority. I never went there in the first place.


"Protect and serve" their own self interests. Cops are all a bunch of fucking losers, plain and simple. They get off on the little power they have, makes em feel big.


I lived in Arkansas, that should is not 8ft in the spot shown on video having driven it myself. It is the minimum required by law which is around 5 or 6 ft, it doesn’t usually fully cover a cars width. Definitely not enough room to stop there at all


Total bullshit move. She had her indicator lights on and was already slowing down and this asshole pulls this shit and has the nerve to continue talking shit after her car flips.


More than bullshit. He literally didn't give a shit whether he killed her or not. And as she points out, he didn't know if she was in there on her own, if she had kids in there with her...this cop should 100% be charged with attempted murder, but of course will probably face the terrible consequence of paid leave while the department investigates themselves and determines they did nothing wrong. Getting real fucking sick of cops thinking, and being proven to be, above the law. These fucks need to be prosecuted when they commit crimes and face more than a slap on the wrist. Put their pensions at risk, make them carry insurance similar to medical doctors at the VERY least.


Yo, this incident happened *last year*. July 9, *2020* > paid leave while the department investigates themselves and determines they did nothing wrong. DIDNT EVEN HAPPEN. Literally nothing happened to the cop. The typical paid leave administrative whatever, none of that even happened and this took place 12 months ago. The police department clearly doesn't give a fuck at all and we're only hearing about it now because the woman filed suit and got the dashcam footage out to news outlets. I feel so bad for her having to deal with a fucking lawsuit over this shit after she just gave birth, which is a fucking miracle after what this cop did to her.


Shit would have gotten really interesting if she had a miscarriage


They would have just charged her with murder.


Cops are above the law, along with many other positions, like the President and the senate. They get away with more things than regular people.


If you pull up the Arkansas drivers manual, in the section about being pulled over by a police officer, it clearly says that if you doubt the person is a police officer, you should slow down, put on your hazards and drive to a safe place. That is what this lady did. That man should never be in law enforcement again, and they should outlaw the PIT for anything less than pursuit of a violent felony.


Even if you believe it is an officer, you can slow down, turn on your flashers to indicate that you are looking for a safe place for the traffic stop to occur


Not only can you do that, this idiot officer's own PD requested that drivers do that because an officer got hit the day before he pulled this bullshit.


Wow, it's definitely not ok to use a PIT maneuver on a vehicle for going 14 mph over the speed limit. The only person in that video putting other people's lives in danger was the officer.


Especially when she slowed down considerably and put her hazards on.


Yeah, I’m not pulling over there either. I’m not trying to get killed by someone who isn’t paying attention, especially when there’s not a lot of room to begin with. You have the license plate, and worst case scenario she just keeps on driving, and you charge her later. What you do not do, is jeopardize someone’s life for something as trivial as that.


From the article, "Arkansas Driver License Guide, when drivers are being stopped by the police, they should activate their turn signal or emergency flashers to indicate they are seeking a safe place to stop and pull over to the right side of the road." The video clearly shows she's following the law and this cop is fucked.


Yep! She legitimately followed the driver's manual to a fucking T as soon as that cop put his lights on.


And the cop waited only 15-20 seconds before using the PIT maneuver. He went out of his way to kill someone that day.


Don't forget the PIT maneuver requires authorization before it can be used.


>The video clearly shows she's following the law Yes >and this cop is fucked Nope


> and this cop is fucked. I wish I shared your naivety.


Oh I'm totally pulling over. Right fucking there. Of course I'm on a motorcycle and about 22" wide, but that's not my problem. I make them assholes earn it. I once pulled over between the center barricade and the HOV lane on I5 in Seattle proper on a triumph. Your move.


Getting hit while giving tickets is actually the 1# reason cops die in the job. She was looking out for the cop and he did this.


Im trying to figure out if her car is registered under hers, or her husband’s name. Her husband is a black man…


Fascinating development… good catch.


Oh ho ho, that definitely spices the soup, doesn't it?


His actions remind me of the quote, "Stupid is as stupid does".


Putting on your flashers and reducing your speed is textbook what drivers are SUPPOSED to do when they are acknowledging and officer and saying “I am complying and will pull over when it’s clear”. He should never wear a badge again.


> Putting on your flashers and reducing your speed is textbook what drivers are SUPPOSED to do when they are acknowledging and officer and saying “I am complying and will pull over when it’s clear”. That is what makes this so concerning. We all know what the rules say, but when following the rules ends up like this, what the fuck EXACTLY are we supposed to do? Don't bother telling me what I am supposed to do because I know it is not what I am REALLY supposed to do, as this so clearly demonstrates. The only logical thing to do is to just stop. In lane. And wait for further instructions. Anything else risks getting killed by the police. Of course, stopping in lane means you will get killed by the other drivers, but once those lights are on, the threat is real and now. They will attempt to kill you if you do not stop immediately.


Cops will be viewed and treated better if we know they are being held accountable for their actions. Full stop.


"Why didn't you pull over?" "It wasn't safe!" (Following state law) "Well this is where you ended up." He just seriously endangered someone's life for absolutely no reason and that's his response? God almighty I hope she takes that municipality for all its worth.


His decision to lecture her while she was hanging upside down by her seatbelt makes me want to rip his throat out with my bare hands.


I saw this video pop up on TikTok a few days ago, half the comments were blaming her for not pulling over after 2 minutes even though she had her hazards on, had slowed down, and was on a highway with a very small shoulder, and the officer's response could've easily killed her. As if that justified a death sentence. The bootlicking in this country is wildly out of control (and it has seemed to just intensify after the George Floyd death and Chauvin trial imo).


There’s some people that will defend cops no matter what. If the lady pulled over in this video was black we would’ve seen tons of articles come out about how she shoplifted 10 years ago so it makes sense for the officer to try to kill her.




> fatal 126 mph PIT into a tree Over fucking shoplifting. Fucking ***shoplifting***. What the fuck. This fuckwit cop put himself and countless bystanders in danger over *fucking shoplifting.* And killed someone ***over fucking shoplifting.*** Fucking cops. God fucking damn it.


All hail the sacred profits.


I hate driving through Arkansas. Their state patrol is ridiculous. That makes my life difficult though living in West TN if I want to go any further West. Last time I drove through there, I got pulled over by a cop because he said he didn’t see that I was wearing my seatbelt. He was a good 100 feet off the road in a gas station parking lot and it was completely dark out. There’s no way he could have identified if I was wearing a seatbelt or not from that position. My passenger and I were both wearing our seatbelts. Then he wanted to ask questions about where we were going and what we were doing out here. Pretty much if you have out of state plates, you’re going to get stopped.


Yeah, that maneuver has a range of accepted speeds to be performed to avoid going airborne beside the fact that she was doing the right thing looking for a safe spot to stop. How did this idiot get a badge? She's literally following the drivers manual issued by the state. I assume he's already run the plate and knew it wasn't stolen or a desperate criminal.




Sounds a lot like these cops should be banned from watching action movies




Seriously. You do this shit to some random innocent taxpayer, should get your ass 20 years of busting rocks. Unbelievable.


I can’t say in public what would happen if this was my pregnant wife.


Two counts.


It *is* Arkansas after all...


That is actually a really good point I had never noticed before. Thanks


He valued his authority more than her life & her baby’s. Any normal human being with a conscience would be alarmed / guilty and call for help immediately.


The worst part of this to me, is when he scolded her for not pulling over soon enough, when HIS safety was what was on her mind when deciding to find a wider shoulder for them. I can’t help but imagine this police officer has been itching for an excuse, to PIT someone, anyone, since they joined to force, otherwise why do so barely 2 minutes into pulling over a vehicle that has not only slowed down and moved over to the right lane, but signaled properly? I’m glad to hear mom and baby are both safe but she deserves compensation and this cop needs to find a new line of work. One in which he’s not allowed to make life and death decisions.


The fact that he has no chance of facing criminal charges if this represents the problem that people have with American policing. We should support cops, but should demand professionalism and responsibility.


United States need to fix their law enforcement and justice system ASAP.


We'll get right on that right after we fix the healthcare system....


End qualified immunity.


This is a classic case of "respect my aurhoritaa".


I'm surprised he didn't get his nightstick out for a beat down.


"allegedly" Nah, I saw the video. That was a pit maneuver.


He even says he used a pit maneuver in the cideo


That piece of shit should be in prison. The fact that his fellow cops are standing by him proves they are all scum.


That's the thing: if shit like this happened, and the department immediately called them out and didn't defend this type of potentially murderous behaviour, we could work towards fixing the system, but they always stand by these scumbags, so how can anyone NOT think they're all dirty and bastards?


Nope, they did jack squat until they were sued a year later, then the chief Bill Bryant put out a victim blaming statement: "In every case a state trooper has used a PIT maneuver, the fleeing driver could have chosen to end the pursuit by doing what all law-abiding citizens do every day when a police officer turns-on the blue lights – they pull over and stop" Basically, "it's your fault we tried to kill you bitch". Their response is almost as disgusting as the actual incident.


Oooo, that response is so damn infuriating. Like, "yeah she did exactly what she had always been told to do in this type of situation, and was trying to comply in the safest manner possible, but she slightly inconvenienced our officer, and made him feel like he wasn't 100% in charge, so of course that warrants a possible death penalty."


i saw that clip and that irresponsible officer was caught on bodycam asking her why she just didn't pull over on a busy highway when he turned on his lights. And you can clearly see she put on her hazard light & slowed! I don't even think they went a mile before he decided he was going to take her out with a pit maneuver. This officer is a danger to the public.


She did nothing wrong. From Arkansas DMV- put hazards on or indicator on if not in a safe area for you or the officer. Next time stop right in the middle of the highway and let the officer get out


> Allegedly causing The mother fucker rammed her tail, caused her to lose control and hit the other wall. She is fucking lucky that all she did was flip over... if another car wasn’t paying attention to the idiocy of that shitty excuse for a “law enforcement” officer (mind you, no laws were enforced aside from “respect my author-it-tay”) she could have had another car slam into her already unstable vehicle. But, qualified immunity will pull through again. He will get a vacation, get back pay once people forget about this/this is no longer a headline, and will get a promotion for his troubles.


We need an unbiased organization to be in charge of investigations into the actions of police. Give them a quota that they have to bust so many shitty cops a year and to get bonuses...play the game against them


"Allegedly" is doing an awful lot of lifting here, considering there's dash cam video of the entire fucking incident. I know it's too much to hope for that he gets nailed to the wall, but I'll hope anyway.


Taxpayer dollars will be used to defend the actions of this idiot. He will likely be suspended with pay. In the unlikely event of termination, he may need to go work at a different police force. Awesome system America.


Hey look, if you don't want to be flipped over in your car while pregnant, you should pull over for the police when they've got you dead to rights after fleeing a bank robbery where a security guard was killed. What? Oh, she was being pulled over for speeding? And she had turned her emergency flashers on and had slowed down on the shoulder? And it was at night where she couldn't possibly know for sure that the car pulling her over was definitely a state trooper? Ummm...were they able to sprinkle some drugs on her at all?


Some people: i don't understand why people are so mad at cops RN. If you do what they say or what you are supposed to do you are fine. Cops: flips pregnant women's car while she is looking for a safe place to pullover for him. Some people: cricket cricket cricket 🦗🦗🦗 Something needs to change. I'm tired of seeing terrible cops continue to get jobs and work. Exonerated within 24 hours.


I've always held State Troopers to higher standard to county/city cops just due to how much more difficult it is for the 9th grade bully to become a future State Trooper. You need intelligence in the math to be a Trooper, yet this fuck stick on a power trip of "HOW DARE YOU CHALLENGE ME" didn't use that grey matter to figure out she was looking for a safe place to pull over when concrete barriers were blocking the shoulder.


Worst part is I feel like the solution is simple. Cop fucks up he is fired. This isn't burning a burger. It is peoples lives and the community needs to trust the cops. Also need a database tracking cops so everyone knows what he did. I do feel a little bad for them. I think most of the cops out there that fuck up just don't have enough training due to systemic issues. They also deal with mental illness and other things they shouldn't have to. It's a tough job and some people aren't qualified. It makes things a lot worse when the teachers defend the pedophile though. Breaks the community trust.


Attempted double homicide and nothing less. 25 to life. Put his name and mug shot on the front page.


The lady had her hazard lights on and was obviously waiting for a safe place to pull over. There was no safe place on that road to pull over that wouldn't jeopardize the officer's life if he were to get out of his car. And if he blocked a lane because she pulled over, he is impeding traffic for a speeding ticket? It's one thing to be naive and not be aware of your surroundings and how your actions will impact others, but it's a whole different level for this cop to force this stop the way he did. This officer committed vehicular assault and attempted murder and should be charged as such. He should also lose his license, have to attend driver safety courses, pay fines, pay the cost of all the medical/tow/officer hours incurred and damage he caused and never be allowed to hold a position of authority in the government or security sector again.