Hackers breach Electronic Arts, stealing game source code and tools

Hackers breach Electronic Arts, stealing game source code and tools


They’ll have those Battlefield hacks nice and perfected come October.


And of course if it's like bfv there won't be anyone to ban them from dice servers


Or BF1 for that matter...


I legitimately think that when you report someone there, the report gets moved to a virtual box full of complaints like the HR guys have in the office. That also means reports won't end up doing anything.


They instantly pipe those into /dev/null.


Alot gets smoked in the /dev/null pipe nowdays.


Which is a bummer because when the game was at its peak the anti-cheat worked fine. It was soon as BFV dropped the anti-cheat just stopped working, I've never seen so many blatant hackers in a single game as BFV


I miss BF2


I miss BF1942: Desert Combat mod


Yeah the Frostbite engine source being leaked is... really not good. BF6 may very well have hacks on day one.


Had to scroll down super far to find the voice of reason here. Yes everyone is shitting all over ETA but you're right. Battlefield 2042 and other yay properties are going to have all kinds of crazy problems now.


> and other yay properties just curious, was this a voice-to-text translation? If not, that is one wild typo




I’m kind of morbidly fascinated and impressed how people sometimes actually manage to create hacks for games before they’re even released. I mean it sucks, but I am still weirdly impressed


Fun fact: even hardware is vulnerable to this. An internal tech demo for the Game Boy Advance was leaked sometime in 2000, and *multiple* emulators were available when the system launched. Honestly that whole scene was nearly ideal. The demo-based early emulators encouraged homebrew more than piracy. Nobody had mobile hardware that made emulation a real alternative to owning a GBA. Commercial games ultimately benefited from the community, because those low-level hackers showed what the hardware was capable of, and several went on to make commercial games themselves. Nintendo pitched it as a handheld SNES and some games were closer to PS1 titles.


Angry Simmers steal code to release better Sims games


Sounds about right. I still play Sims 3, even though it’s slow as hell for modern systems, because it is way better than Sims 4.


This here! The sims 4 is kind-of the epitome of "1 step forward, 2 steps back". Every single aspect of it has some minor new features coupled with massive scale back of existing features. Coupled with the massive slap in the face that is DLC ($860 on steam now), I refuse to give them another cent. Playing sims 3 now & hoping paralives turns out to be a viable competitor (so far it looks like it will be).


How about the complete failure of sim city? A tiny third-party developer jumped in and made the game they should have made and instantly became a huge success. Its now the definitive title in city building games because EA fell flat on their face.


>How about the complete failure of sim city? It basically came down to them doubling down on the wrong thing and making a broken game, then being forced to push it to market. The agent based "everything is simulated" design they had was fundamentally broken and thus unreliable, and didn't scale at all. For example water and electricity were agents that would calculate how they would flow along pipes and power lines, with the issue being they would often fail to reach certain places and you would get dead patches in your city. There was zero reason to have these be done this way, and it was annoying as all hell.


The major failure was in them thinking "We don't need to bother making good games because people will buy what ever shit we shovel out with a popular name slapped on it" This is what a lot of big publishers live on and EA is very comfortable with this concept as its something they do with all of their sports series and many other milked franchises. Unfortunately it tends to work a lot of the time but thankfully in this case unlike with something like the NFL, they couldn't just buy the license to city building games. So someone else came along who actually cared about the genre and improving it and completely embarrassed EA.


The one game that I've played that did the "everything is simulated" design right was Dwarf Fortress.


SimCity? Is that like a Cities Skylines knockoff or something?


Someone call the coroner! There's been a murder!


Showing my age, but in 1992 My parents sent me to a Sim City PC camp. I must have been in 6th or 7th grade. It was a few hours per week and they taught us how to use a PC & play Sim City while learning about city planning. It was awesome.


You could always sail the high seas to play Sims 4. I agree the DLC is fucking atrocious. Most games with multiple DLCs will at least sell a bundle that makes it much cheaper. I was scrolling through the PlayStation store recently looking at the sales, and there were so many Sims DLC on sale for like 15% off or something stupid. Enough that I was getting irritated having to scorll past them all. I'm just like, who the hell is paying $15 for a few more items like 30 times?!


People actually buy The Sims? Damn. I actually helped install FitGirl's repack for a friend's Dad, who's like 50 I think


I think Sims is the only major game in the world that people openly talk about pirating and the vast majority don't care.


TBH I judge people more harshly for actually buying it. Seems like a bad financial decision.


Seriously this is what these fucking companies need to understand. I don't have a problem paying for a game or software to support the developers. However this gets harder to justify when it's clear the goal is to screw over customers by limiting features then forcing a dozen DLC packs on them to squeeze their wallet as much as possible. Especially when they then use that money to buy up and/or push out competition. I'm at the point where some monopolistic companies I won't name are so out of control that I'd rather install cracked software even though I already have to pay their software subscriptions for work. The official copies require constant logins, a dozen data analytics services running in the background and frequently break themselves with unnecessary updates. It's inexcusable for the amount of money they're paid. IMO cracks are the only thing keeping some of these companies from going mad with power.


I'll say it. Fuck Adobe.


Exactly. I was a licensed user for years (prior to CC) and paid the subscription too for a few years when they switched to that model. However quality has gone down so I've cancelled my subscription and now use an older cracked version that doesn't randomly crash or get ruined by some update. Do I feel bad about it? Not at all. They could just get their shit together. I need to get my work done to make money and their recent shit make it too difficult at times.


Yea dude. I remember legit cs6 keys being sold when cc came out and I was like "I should do that" but I didn't.


Would have been a great option if you were happy with the features available in CS6. I guess I could sort of live with the limitations it has but I have no clue where my old license is. Overall its a complete joke how constant updates have actually made things much worse than it used to be when the technology is sort of supposed to do the opposite. I miss the old days where you stamped a ton of CDs for millions of dollars and whatever was on there had to work. Now you can just realese shit because it can always be "fixed" later down the line by adding even more shit. Argh!


Yeah, the sims is literally the only game I pirate. I have no problems paying for games usually, but EA release The Sims base games with extremely sparse content and major features cut and then spread out features over absurd amounts of DLC. I'd even be fine with paying for the base game and then a few DLC if the DLC had lots of content, but they don't. And each iteration takes away features that were in the previous game. Fuck that.


Apparently they know this, have you seen the prices on steam for 3 vs 4? They'll damn near let you play 4 for free and the prices for 3 and it's add-ons are probably the original prices.


Came here to say "did they find the spiral stair files?!" Cuz they said bunks weren't going to be possible yet here we are (and what about actual ponds?)


They said they were never doing farming either. And guess what pack was literally announced today.


Paralives could be of interest for anyone looking at the above comment.


Yeah but who knows when it will ever come out?


As of right now, the target is 2023.


Angry Fifa Career Mode players steal code to release better Career Mode


I hope they improve player career too...


*The hackers ignored the NHL series just like EA has for the past decade.*


Don’t feel bad. Legacy code on Madden is so old it’s just ridiculous as well.


I have a theory that EA set out to make a game as unplayable & unenjoyable as possible and succeeded with madden.


Have you ever heard of the story of Disney's 2d animation studios? Basically, these films made too much money to stop, but not enough to really be big blowout hits. Meanwhile Disney saw on the horizon CG animated films coming and recognized they'd have significantly higher profit margins. Long story short (and the part where this may become relevant) Disney pulled the ad campaign and intentionally sabotages the film Treasure Planet, causing a flop that justified ending 2d animation production. Part of me wonders if this is what EA is doing with some of these properties, like Madden. Maybe they make money, but not as much as other things they could be working on. Maybe they want out.


No, the problem is Madden has no competition, so they can make it as shit as they like and it'll still sell millions of copies a year, and bring in hundreds of millions in UT card packs.


Yeah there's no incentive for them to really improve. It's just a cash cow with no competition.


We need blitz to come back


We need 2K to come back.


This. nfl 2k5 was arguably the best football game, and for $20 at the time for a brand new game compared to a then- $40-ish price point for Madden made it a no-brainer


Hell yeah! I've always said the same thing! 2k5 is amazing, the gameplay still holds up. Graphics are a little rough these days but it took madden until 09 to look as good.


And NFL street. I would kill for all the EA Big games to come back along with NFL Blitz and NHL Hitz.


Worse, EA has the video game rights to the NFL teams and players. Even if there was a competitor, they wouldn't be able to put any recognized players or teams in the game.


I'd say this is the primary reason there is no competition


Some one needs to make a knock off with quarterback stett barve


All the players wearing "Mike" shoes xD


I'm waiting for a company to steal fire pro wrestlings approach. The devs of fire pro Couldn't afford the rights for any feds or wrestlers likenesses. So what do they do? They made a game with an extremely comprehensive create a wrestler. Someone should do that with football


Damn, I thought you were gonna say all the wrestlers were NFL players.


Just as much the NFLs fault as EA's. We got a decade of trash starwars games for the same reason and thankfully Disney pulled their exclusivity.


If i remember right Disney's big problem was more to do with just how few SW games EA was making. At the time it was like 2 in nearly 5 Years with the 3rd supposedly being cancelled.


Tbf sports games are so fucked to even make because the managing orgs all want money from it. You have to create a fake roster of players just to have a game and even then a chunk won't buy it because they aren't real players. There is no legitimate way to compete.


Bring back blitz


Hell, bring back all the games that could give EA a run for their money. Madden really was a better and more comprehensive game two decades ago than it is now.


Two words. Tecmo Bowl.


This was the *perfect* football game. Well, Tecmo *Super* Bowl to be precise. What I loved about it was that it was complex enough to still be rewarding long after you'd mastered the game and yet it was simple enough that you could get anyone playing in five minutes. Even more amazingly, you could take a master TSB player, give them someone like the Colts and take someone who had never played a full game, give them the 49ers and still have a competitive game. The master player could still win but they would have to work at it and the beginner could still luck out with a Montana to Rice touchdown to win the whole thing in the last minute of game play. There aren't many games out there like that.


Blitz II may just be my favorite football game ever, only rivaled by NFL Street 2


I love me some Treasure Planet


Its a masterpiece


It's my cat's favorite movie.


You think they want out of something that they can just update the players and sell every year for full price?


> Have you ever heard of the story of Disney's 2d animation studios? Basically, these films made too much money to stop, but not enough to really be big blowout hits. Their traditional theatrical animated releases were still profitable but the ROI kept shrinking as CGI became more and more common. I don't buy Disney sabotaging Treasure Planet as they were already shifting their art departments to learn CGI. The real problem with that movie is that Disney had the confidence to release it against James Bond, Harry Potter and the Santa Clause in its opening weekend. I don't care how much advertising you push, you're not going to win against that competition.


>release it against James Bond, Harry Potter and the Santa Clause in its opening weekend. That's a rough lineup to go against.


Hello, Police? Yes, I think I just witnessed serious arson


Hello, Police? Yes, I think the arsonist is back to look at his work.


This makes me sad. NHL is the best suited for videogames.


Honestly though, NHL is the most fun EA Sports series.


Correct, and honestly, it peaked around 2012


NHL 14 (the final one that was only on PS3/Xbox 360) was the peak IMO. Then they went back to removing features and re-branding them as "new."


The EASHL in 14 was so good.


i'm going as far as to say that it's good they "ignored it". Look at the state of FIFA. You dont want that


Hackers pls release the NHL series on PC since EA won't kthnx


The intent is to provide hackers with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking EA's source code.


Achievement: "The Codehackers" Reward: FBI investigation


Their real crime was curiosity


They didn't hack They just paid for the hidden dlc


Surprise mechanics!


What's funny is for whatever reason I came across that thread ealier today while browsing reddit. >600k downvotes on that post now


Most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit. It will never be beaten.


I'm missing something, what post? Edit: [found it](https://reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7cff0b/seriously_i_paid_80_to_have_vader_locked/dppum98?context=3)


EA's response to star wars battlefront 2 controversy [Here's the link](https://old.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7cff0b/seriously_i_paid_80_to_have_vader_locked/dppum98/)


Man, 3 years ago... Still feels like yesterday. Is this how witnessing history feels like?


Was proud to find I was one of the many who downvoted this post, but so strange to think how much time has passed


and somehow u/EACommunityTeam has POSITIVE comment karma on their account. No idea how that's possible since they have 6 whole comments that aren't bombed down to hell.


There is a limit to how much negative karma a single comment/thread can contribute to the account, regardless of the actual down vote total.


To be fair, looks like they just abandoned the account after the debacle


-667,000 but the thread itself only has 130,000 karma. That is an amazing achievement. I hope u/EACommunityTeam feels that sense of pride and accomplishment.


10 years worth of FIFA source code stolen and the only different in the code is the $YEAR variable value.


hope hackers reveal how EA cheats out their players in FIFA


Yah, I wonder if they have the actual stastics on rarity for loot boxes.


They don't print the odds somewhere? That's messed up.


That's not what they do. For years there is players who claim that if you are winning your players are worse. Some sort of catch up system.


Rubber-banding is present in a lot of gaming AI. Devs either use it or blatantly have harder AI cheat for difficulty purposes, like in Civ games harder AI literally just get more resources.


Civ also gives them faster build times and faster times across the board except on Monuments. The AI just cheats it's not that it's actually good at the game which is why I don't bother to play it unless it's an actual player game.


It’s always the same end result too. You either get rolled by turn 60 because you had a slow start and the extra resources the AI got at the start did you in, or you survive past that early game phase and then you roll the AI because even with cheats a weak AI is still a weak AI.


I remember in Gran Turismo 2, they completely sussed out the rival cars and ruined them from the previous installment. They didn't give proper classes to all cars and AI rivals could cheat in two different ways, either by breaching the only existing regulation of horsepower or giving the car more horsepower than you could put with max tuning. Also even with these cheats, they were mostly dogshit in endurance races as they didn't know how to manage corners in worn tyres and would just spin out every lap untill they pit.


they probs are just going to sell it to some Chinese company who can directly rip off the games with no legal recourse


LMFAO. Funny because it’s 100% true. Fifa and 2K must be laughing their asses off for the past half decade for the huge cash cow they can milk to infinity. Reviews are absolute dog crap for 2K these days and people still buy it.


Don't forget about Madden.


Madden is the worst. In late 2000s, it was such a feature rich game. Combine exercises, better scouting, all sorts of stuff. Deep franchise mode. Now it’s a fucking shell, and has been. Pathetic. Their idea of a new feature is, “Introducing REALGRASS 2.0, every blade of grass rendered in 4K! Authentic stadium noise! Broadcast camera cuts!!! Also, MUT is all we want you to play give us MORE MONEY PLEASE” Would it kill them to have a good franchise mode? Apparently.


It's sad the amount of time and money they put into useless pregame intros, commentary, replays, etc that all just get mashed through because we want to play the game


That drives me insane. Do a play. 10 seconds of camera angles. Quarter ends, 15 seconds of camera angles. I don’t give a shit about TV broadcast, shit I don’t even need to see them walking to the line after huddle and getting set. Just keep it moving so I can play.


In the old PS2 NCAA games, when your game wasn't "on tv" there would be no announcers in game. Made the bigger games feel more special in a way, IMO


That last Madden story mode was fucking infuriating. I had fuckin’ Tye Sheridan following me around my entire career just to cause frustrations the entire time. The narrative makes zero sense. You can win 51 - 0 and the story will be like “Your coached is going to bench you because of reasons.” So stupid.


That's just ridiculous. Of course there are roster changes. *Edit: it was a joke, I'm sorry if I offended some sensitive coders.


.. and features removed.


They’re just commented out


Added back next year as NEW


And the art of the cover.


> the art of the cover. Tell me you haven't seen the FIFA21 cover without telling me you haven't seen the FIFA21 cover. [This](https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-tuE9VqhQKEg/XxhbdT0VsdI/AAAAAAACYlw/2bmayS4erdIoqzDKdfcUB9Xbv-XLXM42gCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/fifa-21-cover-kylian-mbappe-3.jpg) bullshit took minutes to throw together.


Spent millions for the right to use famous athletes. Spent $100 for the graphic design. Lol kidding I don't know how these things work


Reminds me of playing Skyrim, when I would steal everything in the Thieves Guild building.


ITT: an outpouring of support from EA's supportive fans ❤️


The sad thing is back in it's early days EA was a great company but mid 90's saw it start to transform into a talent destroying, IP eating blob.


Fuck EA. All my homies hate EA.


Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of people.


Hopefully they let EA buy their code back in loot crates using micro transactions. 1% chance of actually getting what they want


1% chance of getting a part of the repository. You need 1000 parts to make the whole source code


"They stole the source code for FIFA 22 but found it was the same exact code as 21"


"In fact, it matched code leaked 10 years ago"


It matched every NBA2K code as well. They just changed the color of the ball and field/court texture. Then flipped the player models so they use hands instead of feet.


I'd like to offer you a job, I can sack my entire studio with someone like you on the team.


Required skills: Ctrl C and Ctrl V


"But the cover used a different player"


Whatever they stole, I'm sure EA will notify them with the option to buy extra as DLC.


Hi there! Could we interest you in the customer data DLC for $14.99?


That's a good price, not realistic.


£1.99 per customer's details. It's a random customer in a lootbox system. You can get the same customer more than once.


They're also sorted after rarity. The more they spend, the higher their rarity. Common rarity customers are bots.


This guy EAs


Its also programmed for no more than 1 actual rando for every 69 tries.


There's a 0.001% chance of getting the Premium rare "Employee Data" drop.


I see the confusion, it’s $14.99 for every customer’s data on their own. You can buy them all for a whopping $5 discount though with the security by-pass.


Jokes on them, they now have EA's ransomware.


Upon receiving a paid ransom from EA the hackers stated that they wished to provide EA with a sense of pride and accomplishment by allowing them to pay for something that they already owned.


and then the hackers pull the EA card, offering DLCs and shits


Uh, let's hope employee data isn't included in that...Friend of mine had his SSN and former home address leaked in the Sony hack. He's still dealing with identity theft issues some 6 years after it.


Yeah. This is a much bigger intrusion than people realize. The average time a hacker is in a system is nearly a year. They could have gotten Waaaaay more than just a code base.


Tomorrow's headline: Hackers return stolen EA game source code after realizing how worthless it is.


In before someone uses the source code to create a giant patch that turns The Sims 4 into something that isn't a steaming pile of shit (I can dream)


Like the Sims 3 with updated graphics? 🤔


Sims 3 source code would be amazing - Imagine if it actually ran well!


I would be happy with a fix for the invisible objects. Ruined so many good homes.


It's okay just lower or start giving away expansions. They make so many expansions and they barely discount them.


I dunno, I've been getting the buccaneer discount this whole time. Fuck no EA ain't taking my money.


100% discount you say? Don't mind if I do, matey.


Aye, it be like that.


I'm old and bought sims 2 way back in the day and it wouldn't let me install the CD I bought from the store because I had that old alcohol 120 CD emulator software on my computer. I was dumb enough to buy their game brand new for full price and they fucked me. No tears being shed by me right now


And then EA sues for IP violations, seizes the code, and releases it as a new sims game and dlc.


You'd think with as greedy as they are with microtransactions they'd have a bigger cybersecurity budget.


They probably cut costs in that department so more money can go to upper management salaries.


This is absolutely what would happen


This is absolutely what happened


This absolutely happened


Usually what happens is the cyber security exec identifies 10% cost savings by "trimming the fat", gets a promotion for it, and the next guy does the same thing, and so on, until one day there's literally nothing left to cut, and the exec running the show is stuck there because he can't make his department leaner without adding to his own workload and since doesn't actually know what he's doing anyway, he wouldn't dare do that.


I mean if Equifax will hire people with no experience to head up their cybersecurity \*cough\* *admin; admin* \*cough\*, it doesn't surprise me that a video game company would have crap security.


It's a shame more people don't know about that, or I forgotten, or that in general it just doesn't seem to be in the public eye anymore. What a cluster cunt that was


It's crazy that we keep doing that. Because we know we do. It's not the first time something happens in the media, we go "I wonder if something will happen out of this, probably not, I'm so jaded and cynical... but I don't know, this seems big this time, maybe?" *aaaaaaannd* nope. Nothing.


You would be surprised.. if there isn't a PCI or HIPAA requirement for security a lot of companies just pretend like it's not a problem until it is a problem.


I'm really not, Satan. I work in tech, and I know what my company's security controls are like - it's like yelling into the void. "MFA will be inconvenient for the engineers! I can't remember a long password! How are we supposed to remember passwords for all five of our VMs if they're all different?! I don't have time to enroll my phone in MFA, I'm too busy closing this huge deal!" And then you patiently explain how these things work and suggest spending money on a password server, and then the bean counters come back and say it's not in the budget, so you have to muddle through, and pray to God that nobody realizes that the password to all the VMs on your network is '*companyname' .*


I work for a company with strict HIPAA and PCI requirements and I could honestly say every engineer in our org spends 30% of their time on security related tasks. It's VERY expensive.


Oh no what a pity So anyway.


EA sucks couldn't have happened to a worse game producer.


Activision. Oh wait, that shit happens on Warzone constantly and they don't give two fucks.


Konami is worse. Decided to just stop making games all together and focus on gambling and mobile while also nuking their franchises and not letting anyone else use their IPs.


I miss silent hill


Did someone say remaster mgs3 as a pachinko game? I think so


If you ever want to be violently upset, google the MGS3 cutscenes rerendered in Fox engine for pachinko.


Perhaps they can buy back their info by purchasing Loot Boxes from the hackers... The hackers can provide EA with a sense of pride and accomplishment *Posted this on another post of this, sorry if it's a repeat


They could be getting random code snippets delivered to them depending on their luck. Legendary packages will contain whole files, gold packs whole functions but normally you'll only get a few random lines from the code. Mostly the same two lines to keep you hoping.


In common crates you tend to just get comments rather than runnable lines of code.


``` // TODO Fix this logic ```


Honestly, comments should be legendary. It’s basically instructions.


Oh man, I hope they release Madden 22 through 30


Same code, different rosters


I bet they found nothing but DLCs


nah actually it turns out EA doesnt exist as a corporation and is just a cell based financial terrorist organization designed specifically to destroy independent game studios


I remember when EA were the good guys. You know, back when they were Electronic Arts and got famous for treating their devs like rock stars.


They should sell it back but each piece separately.


It's almost like companies should invest in cyber security, instead of executive bonuses.




Can they fix fifa while they are in there?


`year++` Done, your next FIFA is ready !


They've been saying it's "in the game" forever, their own fault for telling hackers where it was.


*There’s always money in the banana stand*


> Brett Callow, the cybersecurity expert and a threat analyst at Emsisoft, said losing control over source code could be problematic for EA's business. "Source code could, theoretically, be copied by other developers.” Or copied by the same developer every year and sold for $60




Nestle would like a word, and your water.


EA Team: “they stole our code from 2007!” EA CEO: “what about our new code?” EA Team: “what new code?”