Woman hoarding gas catches on fire following car accident in S.C., deputies say

Woman hoarding gas catches on fire following car accident in S.C., deputies say


The first thing I thought when I read the headline was, "it was only a matter of time before something like this happened to someone panic buying gas." Then I read the article, it was a stolen vehicle, they crashed fleeing the police, multiple explosions?! Did Micheal Bay direct this?


It feels like every day now I read at least one news story that I would think was way over the top if someone wrote it into a movie.


The human race slowly putting The Onion out of business....


Trump gave humanity a headstart against The Onion


there's a reason the saying "truth is stranger than fiction" exists


"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities, truth isn't." -Mark Twain


"She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck Thighs like what, what, what All night long Let me see that thong" \-Sisqo ^(Admittedly not particularly relevant here.)


You should now make an alt account that only responds to posts in Sisqo lyrics


But nobody except Sisqo knows any other Sisqo lyrics!


Love your username. I miss that show.


Thanks! Me too. I’ve mentioned it to a few people, self-professed Nickelodeon kids, who had no memory of it. Almost had me second-guessing its’ existence.


WHAT?! Who hasn’t heard of Wild and Crazy Kids with Omar, not Cuba, Gooding?!?!


I never knew there was an end to that saying and I like it even more now! The more you know! Thanks


That's just a normal day on the road in South Carolina. People here drive like they're trying to out-Florida Florida.


I spent some months working in South Carolina. It seemed like everyone either drove five miles per hour under the posted speed limit, or fifteen over. There appeared to be no one driving at speeds in between.


*laughs in montana*


Oh shut up- like you ever encounter other drivers.


My dad once crashed into a snowbank trying to pass another car. That car drove off, but a friendly man in a big ‘ol truck pulled over and had us out in less than 10 minutes. So I can tell you for a fact that there, at one point, were at least three cars in Montana.


I'm pretty sure we actually have the most driving infractions per citizen of any state in the country here in SC


You can look to the beautiful mountains during your frustrating road life! In SC its a lot of crazy billboards and maybe some of those basket selling shacks and a ton of other stuff but not those mountains!


Montana did away with their “reasonable and prudent” daylight speed limits in 1999 after the state supreme court struck the law down in 1998 as a result of the excessive discretion being granted to police, prosecutors and juries due to the vagueness of the law as far as what “reasonable and prudent” actually *meant*. It’s a max of 80 in the state now, with most roads now set at either 70 or 75.


I'll see your Montana, and raise you a Taiwan... I have to step aside on the sidewalk (where there is one) daily for idiots on their scooters that are riding on the sidewalk instead of the road because they don't want to have to stop (or they are rightfully afraid of the equally bad drivers in bigger vehicles). Still not as bad as Vietnam, though. I am a good 1000 miles, with an ocean between me and Ho Chi Minh City, and I still worry about one of those guys running me over...


We’re almost at 400 drunk driving deaths already for the year and it’s not even summer yet. 17 is a fucking nightmare, this year especially


What is it about there that there’s so many auto deaths? Is it because the roads are poorly designed, or are South Carolinians just really that lawless? I lived in Myrtle Beach for 3 years and there had to be at least one to two fatal road deaths per week. And there was an accident on 501 every.single.day. Although I mostly attribute that to the fact that a four lane highway with traffic lights is way too inadequate to handle the amount of cars on that road.


I chalk it up to a bunch of factors. Tourists, massive amount of drunks, poor infrastructure, the elderly, and the cellphones. People stopping literally multiple car lengths away from the car in front of them at traffic lights so they back it all up through intersections. The Carolina Mile is when instead of stopping at the line on the ground in which you are supposed to stop at, you stop a car and a half length away. OH and everyone just sits around when the fucking lights turn green! Like they forgot they were in a car and have to remember how to drive all over again. It’s mind boggling


> everyone just sits around when the fucking lights turn green You've got to give it a second, or you'll be hit by one of the six people running the red light.


This, but for real, I went through a protected left and got halfway through and it turned yellow, was in 1st, so was going about 15, some fuck in a Nissan juke flys through and hits me, insurance says it was my fault because left turn...there had a fucking red light.


Damn, that sucks. That's why it's always good to have a dashcam, that way you can be like "uh, no. Look at the footage, I had the green light."


> People stopping literally multiple car lengths away from the car in front of them at traffic lights so they back it all up through intersections. The Carolina Mile is when instead of stopping at the line on the ground in which you are supposed to stop at, you stop a car and a half length away. These two things get me in such a rage. These assholes prevent so many cars from making it through the intersection, and it compounds. Why do they do this!??


Let's be honest. Florida is just the state honest enough to admit what's its people are like. Every state is Florida. Kinda like how Spain got blamed for the Spanish flu of 1918, because all the countries spreading it around were in a war with each other and hiding the truth, while they were trying to keep their civilians safe.


Out-Florida Florida is the name of my sex tape....


Wh-what are you doing step-florida


I mean technically they are now. [I thought this guy lock to win bozo of the week](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/05/14/hummer-gas-fire-florida-texaco/5089276001/).


"How come it didn't explode?" "I don't know, I really thought it was gonna explode!"


I’m confident there’s a non-zero chance someone would still choose to smoke in their vehicle.


I saw a story about someone setting their truck on fire like that just yesterday. The original story doesn’t mention the cigarette, but that’s what folks are saying (and hey, a hummer full of gasoline probably doesn’t spontaneously ignite). https://www.chronicleonline.com/news/local/hummer-destroyed-in-fire-one-person-hurt/article_b7d2ba02-b34f-11eb-a432-cb80308881fa.html


Damn that’s a fucked up series of events and she’s still alive… probably doesn’t want to be alive after a gas fire.


I feel bad I thought it was funny. Not her catching on fire, but how stupid are these people putting gasoline into plastic bags and why is no one stopping them?


This is what gets me. I just don’t understand. In the U.K., the staff will see you’re not pumping petrol into either a proper petrol can or a car and just switch off the fucking pumps.


I used to work a gas station in the US. We would stop people from filling up fuel in random containers, but unless you're keeping an eye on the pumps, you may not notice. We typically just had 2 staff at a time, one who's on the register and the other was usually cleaning and stocking unless we got a rush and needed a second register. While on the register, you can watch the cameras if it's not too busy, but really can't when there's a line. If you're stocking and cleaning, you really don't get much of a chance unless you're cleaning outside or refilling the window-washing stuff. I don't know what stations are like in the UK, but the one I worked at had 16 pumps and was nearly always busy. Also, in every case but one, telling people they can't pump gas into a milk jug or soda cup resulted in anger and yelling for me. Considering how many people were shot, stabbed and attacked over mask mandates, I don't know I'd step in, if I were still working there. That's the real American problem.


Exactly. Everyone that's been saying "why dOn't thE AttEndAnts jUst stOp thEm" has clearly never worked retail.


All while I'm making $8 an hour.


Exactly. Try telling Karen she can’t pump gas into a plastic bag. She’ll likely assault you


Most gas stations are self-serve and often only one person is on duty, usually behind the counter as a cashier, far from the pump. Most people pay with credit card at the gas station pump. Especially given they can be busy with customers buying snacks, alcohol, or other goods, I don't see how they can track everything. Also the violence they face. An uncle of mine used to work that job and narrowly avoided robbery at closing time when he locked the door on would-be robbers.


I work retail and I can tell you I am not paid enough to give a single fuck. People are stupid, entitled cunts, and I don’t have the energy, the desire, or the wage to give a damn if their own stupidity results in their grievous bodily injury. You don’t wanna wear a mask and you refuse to get vaccinated? Cool. Don’t bother coming to the hospital if you end up with COVID. You wanna put gas in a trash bag? I’ll bring the marshmallows for your imminent immolation. Might as well let the idiots sort themselves out. We don’t even have to bother with taking warning labels off because they obviously don’t read them anyway.


Imminent immolation is a good bad/album name 👌🏾.


I like your style.


They are not paid remotely enough to confront crazy People.


The gas station workers literally don't get paid enough to care if idiots want to increase their chances of spontaneous combustion


Or theyre too busy dealing with some idiot trying to get up by spending their whole paycheck on scratchoffs.


But I'm due for a win cause I haven't won in a long while.


My favorite one is how people think they're up and not down they always exaggerate their winnings and ignore their losses.


My in-laws do this. We won $1500 yesterday! ...but I know it cost them $3000 the past month.


How can afford $3k in scratch offs? Are they rich and it's a weird side hobby? Or super poor and dumping entire paychecks into it? Lol


Some context, they got some money from a car accident. They usually play the slots and bingo. They're in their late 70's and retired already so they're not eager to save.


That's the difference between amature and professional gamblers, a professional never exaggerates their wins while ignoring their loses, they are very honest about the amounts they've won while still ignoring the losses.


Had me in the first half ngl


I can feel it, it's so close.


If I play more, my odds will surely rise.


"Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win and never quit are idiots."


Oh god, I went to the gas station last week and a guy had camped in the doorway not moving scratching off like 30 tickets. Then he cashed in what little he won, for more tickets.


The perfect guy to give a little free cocaine to. Next paycheck goes to YOU and not the gas station. There's free money for the taking from these simpletons we have today.


Hello, I am a guy who might enjoy some free cocaine


I’m here for the free crack giveaway.


It’s always when I’m in a rush that there’s a person holding up the line buying lottery tickets


I don't care when they buy them. But the counter isn't your own personal casino, go scratch them somewhere else.


My pet peeve is the people who stand smoking next to the entrance, scratching off on the top of a garbage bin. It has happened less since covid, but is endemic problem to my locale.


This right here is the real reason why. My boyfriend tells me about the regulars who will come to buy scratchers up to 5 times in one day. Scratcher addiction is a big problem.




At least he was polite enough to not do it at the counter, holding up the line for the next dozen people who just wanna pay for their shit and go about their day. Buy 10-15, scratch em right there, cash in the winners, keep going til he's out of cash and redeemable scratchers. Attendant just standing there waiting for someone in line to say something, cuz the guy isn't budging otherwise. He's 100% absorbed in his little dopamine rush.


I really think it needs to be more acceptable to cuss those types of people out. They broke the social contract first by being discourteous and selfish, why should I stand there and quietly accept it?


They're still assholes even if they're not holding up a line. I have many other things I need to be doing and very little time in between customers to do them. Some motherfucker hangs around for 3 hours scratching that's 3 hours where the bathrooms aren't getting cleaned, coffee's not getting made, things aren't getting stocked, messes aren't getting wiped up, and I'm getting endless shit from everyone.


Dude when I used to work the graveyard shift at a Circle K near a strip club I would sell *thousands* of dollars of scratch tickets some nights. I have never seen anyone win more than $50. We had one taxi driver named Ron or Roy or something like that who was known for blowing around $400 for scratch offs in a single sitting.


After people attacked employees for enforcing mask mandates, nobody would raise a finger to stop a dumbass.


Employee/Dumbass E: "Ma'am please don't put gas in that-" D:"FUCK YOU THIS IS *MINE*! I PAID FOR IT I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT! THIS IS AMERICA I KNOW MY RIGHTS!" E: "But" D: -pulls gun- This is (barely) a dramatization. [Not pictured: employee getting write up for harassing dumbass]


This is exactly why these pics of people putting gas in trash bags are showing up. And I was just mentioning to a friend that its a matter of time before one of these dummies gets into a wreck with all that extra gas in their car. Look at these people, everybody. This is how your fellow Americans will act when there is an ACTUAL crisis. God help us when the power or water goes out.


For some reason people are more civilized in those situations. See the NY blackout or Houston this year.


I was affected by the blackout, albeit not in New York. We lived in a somewhat rural area, life was pretty normal but hotter and real dark at night. Folks kept the lights on at our restaurant with generators and we worked. Houston this year, eh again I wasn't there, but we all saw Ted Cruz turn tail and flee to Mexico, most of us were appalled but his sycophants were saying "well thats what I would have done!" I'm in the South, we got calls from our utility company asking us to turn down our heaters to reduce strain on the system. Me, not being a selfish simpleton reluctantly did just that. Wonder how many folks bumped up the thermostat just out of spite? Things are different, from the 03 blackout to now. Every man for himself, in some folks eyes. The same folks that tend to rely on other people for nearly everything.


Watched a guy blow his whole paycheck one day buying one 20 scratcher after another and winning nothing. He kept saying one of them had to hit and went through nearly $700, nothing. He then left to go home to the wife, wonder how that conversation went.


You can buy the entire roll and not hit anything significant. Wtf


Machine was broken one time and so was selling two dollar tickets for one dollar . I cleaned out the entire machine must have been 200 tickets and I broke even , which means had I paid the correct price I would have lost 100 dollars . I never bought another one after that .


I have friends who work at the gas station near me and they’ve been nearly assaulted by people for just asking them to wear a mask, I highly doubt they want to put themselves in the line of a unhinged redneck and his six trash bags of gas.


Yep. Want workers like that to care more? Pay them more.


Or just back us up when we have to make that call, had one boss who would slam into us every regulation, moment you follow them and potentially cost a customer thats a write up. Retail is a fucking joke until theres some standards upheld for the management.


I got written up working at Safeway gas station for asking a customer to put out a cigarette.


I'm somehow not surprised, but that is ridiculous. Worth reporting to OSHA.


Yep, can't expect people to get blown up by some wild child who was trying to fire a warning shot at them over their constitutionally possessed law abiding bags of gas for ten to fifteen dollars an hour, it's insane


This was an exercise in self-immolation.


It's usually one guy and he's busy at the cash register ringing up snacks and drinks.


Yeah but the petrol station attendant won't get shot for switching off the pump in the UK


We have a chain of gas stations here - circle k - who are known to be lax in security. Their pumps are regularly opened and fitted with cc skimmers. They've known about the problem for years. Their solution? Tamper evident tape. The average idiot lines to peel it off. This makes the pump look tampered with. They often don't go check it. Indeed, there are often too many customers for the staff to adequately serve. They are always a convenience store, so they can't go outside to check anything. If they can't see the fuel going into bags, they can't stop the gas going into bags. The government fails in its responsibility to hold bad companies to task.


I think at this point, it's best for the US if we let the stupid people kill themselves off.


I wish this was the solution. The problem is a lot of them would take way too many innocent people with them.


Similar to how cost of living is going up even though wages aren't (anywhere near as much, anyway), they're taking innocent people with them already.


In redneck parts of US this is how you get shot. The employees don't get paid enough.


Dude, they're out there stabbing people telling them to wear a *mask*. Who da fuq is going to tell them not to pour gas into a bag?


That's what I'm saying fuck it ain't nobody dying for less than 15$ an hour these companies better hire rent-a-cops to police that shit.


Large sections of the American populace are terminally incompetent and don't like being told what to do. It's a recipe that compels bad decisions.


Something something 50% of people are dumber than average.


"Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that." -George Carlin


You think minimum wage gas station attendants are going to go tell people not to do something they should already know not to do? Hell the gas pumps have it written all over them


>why is no one stopping them? People have been killed for telling other people masks are required where they are required. How do you think it would go telling someone crazy enough to store gasoline in a plastic bag that that's a bad idea?


Scary how many uneducated and small minded people live in this country


I live in small town Indiana and I swear to god a bunch of these people just stopped all maturation in middle school. Forever stuck acting like little sociopaths, who have no control over their emotions.


People don’t want to deal with that shit. It never ends with the person being reasonable and changing their mindset.


Have you ever tried to stop a stupid person, a fucking giga Karen, from doing something dangerous? They'll bitch and yell and possibly get violent with you over the perceived slight against their rights. Well if they want to set their own house or car on fire by accident I say that's their prerogative.


Dude this is America, gas station workers arent getting paid enough to deal with some survivalist nutjobs who would probably shoot them over it. Better to just let Darwinism work itself out.


We really shouldn't interfere with natural selection.


Gas station that I stopped at yesterday turned off all their pumps except one in the back that was being monitored. Long wait, but at least prevented people from doing dumb things


I don’t know about you, but I try to stay away from idiots with liquid explosives. You want to blow yourself up? Fine, just don’t do it around me.


It’s Always Sunny did it first anyways


When I was a kid I was hit by a car on my dirt bike. I was in a parking lot riding around the high school on a weekend ( I was only 7). I came around the building in a one way zone and to my surprise a car was coming the wrong way; I was young and remember just not reacting .. I just said “shit..” and blam... head on collision. My belly caught my body on the handle bars and I stayed with the bike as I went over the windshield and off to the left. I landed on the curb with my leg under the fairing and pinned against the curb when it caught on fire. Almost instantly my right leg was seared and had yellow fairing melting into my leg. It felt numb and cold more than it felt hot. I tried to wiggle kick my leg to put flames out and my everything from the middle of my thigh down just stayed on the ground, and everything above the fracture lifted up. So I could see the fractured bone moving my skin around in the middle of my thigh as the rest of my leg laid dead. I was put in a medivac and flown to the nearest children’s hospital. EMS kept asking my injuries and where I was hurt and the only thing I could think of was to scream how bad the burns hurt. I had broken femur, broke growth plate on my knee, broken clavicle, and two broken wrists. Severe concussion as my helmet hit so hard it broke off my head, and of course typical cuts and bruises. My belly was black from hitting the handle bars. Catheter felt like nothing. But those burns. It was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt to this day. Edit: Way more detail than I meant to give Looks like I’m doing an ama under here if you want more details lol


How are you now? Did you heal up okay? Did the person who hit you face any consequences??


I’m 100% in working order. There was a chance my leg wasn’t going to grow anymore, which thankfully didn’t happen. Only lasting effects are scars from surgeries. Burns have almost no scar, just a discoloration that looks like a birthmark to most. Kids are resilient as hell. Though I got some pains catching up to me nowadays ;) My mom was too poor to sue, my dad paid all my medical debts. We talked to a lawyer, I told him I thought it was both of our fault, and that was that. She wasn’t charged with anything.. she was going the wrong way but I was speeding and trespassing. She never cared to see me in the hospital though, which I think is kinda fucked up? Idk it’s always bugged me that she didn’t seem to care what she did.


She was most likely told not to visit or send flowers by her attorney. It can be seen as an admission of guilt.


If it makes you feel any better, she might not have been able to handle the idea of what she did. So she might not have seen you out of shame instead of not caring at all.


Yeah I could see a lot of parents being pissed if she would come to the hospital. Better to avoid that situation.


It sounds like a really awkward visit that wouldn’t be good for anyone involved


Yeah even if the kid was 100% at fault, you never know if a parent would react like a nut. The only communication should probably be through a lawyer.


If I did something like that to someone else I would probably think THEY wouldn't want to see ME let alone anything else. But idk it's hard to say until you're in that position. Hopefully I never will be, but in case I am I'll keep this in mind...


Damn what was recovery like


3 weeks in children’s hospital with the worst headache of my entire life. I suspect it was the comedown off opioids. I remember visualizing two hippos smashing my temples together in a way that wasn’t painful as much as it felt like my brain had too much pressure.. Nothing came of that, and cognitively I’m okay lol. Small graft from my booty cheek and a hard cast that went up to my hip. Rods inserted into my femur in a x fashion which I got removed a few months later. Two surgeries total. Sling for collarbone and two soft casts for my wrists/hands I remember recovery being exceptional after I got home though actually. I don’t remember pain but I’m sure it was there. I remember lots of itching in the hard cast. Friends would come wheel me outside every morning and walk me to school. I couldn’t do anything myself so my mom sponge bathed me for a year. Super sucked.


Glad none of your injuries were permanent 👍🏿


I guess it’s punishment for hoarding and being stupid? Also, wasn’t the pipeline issue fixed yesterday And the pipeline was only out for a day and the real “shortage” was created when everyone decided to hoard?


The pipeline was never empty. There was no shortage other than people panic buying. What probably would have turned into low supplies for a couple of days turned into outright empty stations because of idiots. It is now back running at full capacity, but it'll take a few days for deliveries to catch up to demand.


And those idiots bought all that gas at a higher price too. Prices will probably be back to normal by next week. Pure karma really.


Thats honestly the best outcome of this dumbass situation. The dumbasses are losing money.


The article is even crazier than the headline.


I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge that if you're going to hoard gas and illegally transport it in dangerous containers, you have to use a stolen car.


This is why you only break one law at a time!


But I don’t want that gas smell in MY car!


The headline image is just a straight up stock image of giant flames. Honestly cracked me up before I even got to the article.


The caption was real helpful, too. Fire.


She seems to have spent quite the series of bad choices. Bill came due.


I appreciate the fact that the article included a picture of a fire along with the caption "fire". I was curious to know what fire looked like and now I know. Thanks WBTV!


There's actually a reason there are so many obvious captions! If a news site isn't designed to support a certain browser, pictures can fail to load, while simple text will often stick around. Its basically for all the Microsoft Edge users out there


Also, people use screen readers all the time and some website will just bulk up captions instead of creating alt text


Hey hey there, Microsoft Edge is great now! It’s running on the Chromium engine now so no more awfulness (finally)


Edge was excellent before chromium, it was IE that was bad.


I’m just surprised it took this long


This is peak Darwin awards right here. Hoarding gas in a stolen vehicle and fleeing from the police. It’s like a great comedy of stupid life choices.


"When you are running down the street and you are on fire, people will get out of your way." --Richard Prior


"If you are flammable and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit." \-Mitch Hedberg


Unless you're a table. - also Mitch


“I put the cookie in the milk and shit blew up!” - richard prior on why how he blew up his house


"I say: God, thank you for not burning my dick."


Lmao. It's so simple but so funny


These idiots are going to kill someone.


Most likely themselves, any one living with them, and possibly neighbors, especially if they live in an apartment complex. Even more so if they are holding a volatile, corrosive, and extremely flammable substance in unapproved containers. Gasoline breaks down alot of household plastics. The the fumes can ignight when they go to cook dinner that night and blow the whole block up. Last bit may be exaggerated but thats how my brain works. Worse case scenario is top of the possible outcome list. Edit: a word. I can't spell and auto correct hates me.


I get nervous transporting an approved 2.5gal tank home in my car. People using random storage totes are fucking insane.


They are actually already killing hundreds of thousands by not believing in common sense during a pandemic.


NJ and Oregon: "This is the moment we've been waiting for!" Can't hoard gas in noncompliant containers when you can't pump your own gas!


That's actually a fantastic point. I've always thought those laws were pointless until now, but gas station attendants are a bulwark against shenanigans like we're seeing everywhere else.


She was driving a *stolen car*... Tried to **outrun the cops**... Was horrifically burned... ...And we're all talking about the *hoarding* angle???


If we told Americans that there was a shortage of education in USA would they rush out and get it ??


No, they'd ban education to avoid running out of it.


There already is a shortage. I don’t see any mobs forming though.


> According to Brooks, as the deputy approached the car, the driver, a woman exited the car and ***was observed to be on fire.*** "Why, I say, Wilson! She seems to be on fire, the poor thing!" "Hmm" Wilson squinted, peering carefully. His pipe puffed like an engine as his mind raced. After a moment he concluded. "You're quite right, Gobbs. Be a good man and jot that down, would you now?" "At once, sir." Gobbs wrote into his notes that Mrs. Mulberry was indeed, quite on fire.


Subject: Fire. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to inform you of a fire that has broken out on the premises of 123 Cavendon Road... no, that's too formal. [deletes text, starts again] Fire - exclamation mark - fire - exclamation mark - help me - exclamation mark. 123 Cavendon Road. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours truly, Maurice Moss.


Somebody emailed us about a fire?




I too concur. That woman was rather aflame.


Hmmm, indubitably


Perhaps she had spoken a falsehood, resulting in her britches being set ablaze?


Thus igniting the fumes from the gasoline, by jove, I do believe you’ve cracked the case!


It’s finally starting to happen. The effects of this will be quite damaging for those who did the dumb thing. I can’t imagine hoarding gas. Before I got my electric mower, I filled a gas can. I live super close to the station, but I drove like a bomb could off any moment. What people are doing is just so insanely stupid, especially those with the wrong containers. What happened to her is terrible, but she won’t be the only one. Hopefully, these people don’t hurt someone else.


You know how to make a gas shortage worse? Hoarding gas. You can always count on selfish assholes to make everything worse for everybody.


The hoarding is what caused the shortage


Headline should read "officer prevents natural selection"


She should lose driving privileges permanently and never be allowed to handle a firearm.


In this case I am forced to assume that 'firearm' refers to her actual arms, which are on fire.


Having your arms burned off after playing with gasoline is a right not a privilege.


The right to extremely bare arms


>A deputy in a marked patrol unit saw a Pontiac G6 traveling on Jameson Road in Pickens and determined that the vehicle was displaying a South Carolina license plate that had been reported stolen, Brooks said. >According to Brooks, as the vehicle approached the intersection of Jameson Road and Wolf Creek Road, the deputy activated his vehicle’s emergency lights in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop. >The driver of the Pontiac turned left onto Wolf Creek Road and accelerated the vehicle in an attempt to elude law enforcement.  I get the feeling she's not going to have to worry about driving or firearms for a while.


Less than zero sympathy. None.


And there it is. I was wondering what was taking so long.


Takes a lot of guts to take off from the police when you're hauling extra gas cans.


Officer reportedly heard her screaming, "Help me Tom Cruise! Help me Oprah Winfrey!"


Do you think she was all hopped up on Mountain Dew?


I’m gonna come at you like a **spider** monkey


Darwinism at it's finest


Everyday I think people can't be this dumb. I'm proven wrong every day, too.


To quote the great Carlin, imagine how dumb the average person is, now realize half are dumber than that


This pandemic brought out the stupidity of a lot of people


You clearly don't read r/Conservative You will feel like a genius after reading that sub.


I don’t feel like a genius after reading that sub, I feel like moving to another country.


Only if she hasn't yet had any children, and she was actually killed, which from the article is surprisingly unclear.


Personally, I'm very very surprised there aren't more of these stories. Do people not know gasoline is EXPLOSIVELY flammable with vapors everywhere? One spark of any kind and it's a real life reenactment of an action film explosion.


Queue Alicia Keys “this girl is on fire”


I wonder if this woman considered herself a survivalist prior to incinerating her car. How embarrassing.


Wasn't even her car. It was stolen.


If you are buying supplies when everyone else is rushing to buy supplies you are a very bad survivalist.


More like a junkie in a stolen car trying to make a quick buck on gas.


How long was this shortage? Like 1-2 days right? Crazy to imagine what would happen if there was a gas shortage that lasted a week or more.


Pipeline was down for over a week. They finally got up and running again yesterday after paying the ransom and fixing shit. They say "it will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return to normal" https://www.colpipe.com/news/press-releases/media-statement-colonial-pipeline-system-disruption


It wasn't actually down that long though. They had it running on manual control for a while. Functional but not at full capacity. They got back to 100% yesterday.


Reason number 501 not to hoard, and despite warnings why Karma had to intervene during a national security emergency.


Shortages are caused by hoarding, if people weren't greedy selfish cunts there wouldn't be shortages these people literally can't get out of their own way