[A] Missouri health director quits over harassment for telling the truth about pandemic

[A] Missouri health director quits over harassment for telling the truth about pandemic


I live just on the border of more rural MO. I also work in health care. Those who come from the suburbs mask up, those who are further out wont. I go to a meat market further out of the suburbs and not even the employees are masking. I drive 15min toward the suburbs and we're masked again and covid is real again. It's astounding.


I’m in semi-rural Washington and see the same thing. Where I live: it’s a hoax, the government is trying to suppress our freedoms, etc. Where my office is? Everyone masks and everything is closed. Edit: drove past the one bar in town today. They had a hand-written sign on the door stating “closed by order of the king.”




I’m near Lake city as well and love the nonexistent morning traffic since Covid started.


I hate that the traffic has come back, and COVID is still here. 😔


> The divide is so wild here isn't it? It's not just there. Go fifteen minutes outside of any suburb and it's the same way. Same thing here in NC; if I am in a city or suburb, COVID is real. Drive fifteen minutes outside of those areas and COVID is a conspiracy aimed at preventing our great leader from a second term.


I regularly have to drive between Chesterfield and Wentzville for work and let me tell you the difference is literally night and day. It's like a gradient slider of mask compliance as you slide across St. Charles.


I live in Creve Coeur and work in St.Peters. It’s night and day. I used to hit a Quiktrip on my way to work right off of 70 for coffee. Nobody, not even workers wear masks because it isn’t in STL city limits which means they never had to follow the mask mandate. It’s a trucker gas station as well which means probably hundreds if not thousands are in and out of it each day. I’ve been once or twice since March and I’ve seen maybe 4 people with masks. I’m not sure what’s going on as of late but I can’t imagine much has changed


West of the river they just straight up don’t think covids a thing


Those people from rural Missouri end up at the hospital my sister and brother-in-law work at. They are currently being assigned 10 patients each with roughly the normal number of techs they would have for 3 to 5 patients. Something that would be illegal under normal circumstances but because of the pandemic all safety regulations are basically ally out the window. They still don't have proper PPE either. These people make awful choices that hurt themselves and the ones they love then go die horribly while my sister can do nothing to save them. She literally had to watch a man die by drowning in his own blood because he and his relatives did wanna follow the basic rules that existed to keep him from literally killing himself on accident. The worst part is that many don't learn even after watching their loved ones die in agony. I honestly don't know what to do.


Yep. I work at a hospital that’s in a medium-sized city surrounded by rural counties. Despite our city having the same population as the 10 surrounding counties combined, only ~30% of our CoVID pts are from our county. It’s all the people in rural counties who think it’s a hoax or that it’s “a city disease” or some other bullshit who are filling our beds.


City disease...? What is this, some sort of fucking fairytale folklore from the 1800s?


Just propaganda


I live in a medium sized city in Missouri. 80% of the COVID patients in our hospitals are from the surrounding rural counties. These are the people who, every time another mask mandate is extended or social distancing rule put into effect here happens, get on the local news to scream about how they won’t be spending their money in our fascist town. But they’ll fill up our hospitals apparently. My schadenfreude side hopes they all end up with huge hospital bills that funnel right back into our city.


Those people are also probably the ones that can’t pay for those huge hospital bills, yet would also likely vehemently reject universal healthcare 🙄


The only answer I've been able to think of is to just write off all the idiots. They want to endanger everyone around them by going against the scientific medical guidelines? Fuck 'em. If they die, they die. I'm all out of sympathy for the brainwashed.


Paramedic here and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm quickly approaching the same mindset. The sheer amount of people who call 911 with severe difficulty breathing who are so obviously COVID positive, yet refuse to believe it, is astounding. We enter a patients' home and they laugh at us for wearing a mask - in between their coughs and chest pain and exhaustion of course. I've seen the same thing the nurses have talked about where people are literally dying on their sofa and refuse to believe they have COVID. Nope, you're right dude. You were a perfectly healthy guy with zero issues who suddenly and for no reason became gravely ill to the point that you can barely speak. But it's definitely not COVID. Makes perfect sense to me.


Dude. Please keep yourself as safe as possible. We need you. And right now you have to put yourself first.


Same in OH.


OH is pretty bad. I work in a dental office and have patients tell me daily "oh this will be over when the election is over". Riiiiiight. I break out in hives on my chest when someone gets me worked up and a guy did this to me this past week because I had to bite my tongue and listen to every bit of bullshit he said. He even commented on my chest turning red and then went back on fake ballots and covid results


"Why's your chest turning red?" *"I have an allergy to bullshit"* "Wow, your last patient musta been a Biden fan! Anyway, let me tell you why...."


What happened to my beautiful state. They've all lost their freaking minds.


Columbus is pretty good with masking from what I can tell. Same as every other state, the big cities full of educated young people ("libs," if you will) are doing a hell of a lot better than rural areas. There are still plenty of morons here dining indoors and throwing house parties, don't get me wrong. We have a ton of cases here. But I do think the general culture is at least moderately pro-mask.


It is odd. I live in rural Scotland and everyone follows the rules.




It’s Scotland, the whole population is half crazy.


You've just made an enemy for life!


Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!


That's their secret, captain.


That's because your rural population hasn't been fed a steady diet of fox ~~news~~ propaganda for a few decades.


From [here:]( https://www.rawstory.com/2020/11/missouri-health-care-worker-tells-shocking-tales-of-positive-people-lying-about-while-shopping-at-walmart/) “We hired 10 contact tracers to track the spread, starting in August, but the real problem we keep running into is community cooperation. We call everyone that’s had a positive test and say, ‘Hey, this is your local health department. We’re trying to interrupt disease transmission, and we’d love your help.’ It’s nothing new,” Amber Elliott, health director in St. Francois County, wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post. “We do the same thing for measles, mumps, and tick-borne diseases, and I’d say 99 percent of the time before COVID, people were receptive. They wanted to stop an outbreak, but now it’s all politicized.” Elliott added, “Every time you get on the phone, you’re hoping you don’t get cussed at. Probably half of the people we call are skeptical or combative. They refuse to talk. They deny their own positive test results. They hang up. They say they’re going to hire a lawyer. They give you fake people they’ve spent time with and fake numbers. They lie and tell you they’re quarantining alone at home, but then in the background you can hear the beeping of a scanner at Walmart.” Elliott observed, “I’ve stayed up a lot of nights trying to understand where this whole disconnect comes from. I love living in this county. I know in my heart these are good people, but it’s like we’re living on different planets. I have people in my own family who believe COVID is a conspiracy and our doctors are getting paid off. I’ve done press conferences and dozens of Facebook Live videos to talk about the real science. Even with all the other failures happening, that’s the one thing we should be celebrating: better treatments, nurses and doctors on the front lines, promising news about vaccines. But the more I talk about the facts, the more it seems to put a target on my back.” The statistics are “scary bad,” Elliott shared. “I go off of facts and evidence-based science, and right now, all the data in Missouri is scary bad. We only have about 70,000 people in St. Francois County, but we’ve had more than 900 new cases in the last few weeks. Our positivity rate is 25 percent and rising. The hospital is already at capacity.”


That is one of the most depressing things I have read in quite some time.


Try living in Missouri. You get used to reading depressing things


Judging from the read, it's always a bad day for science over there.




Dude I've been saying this for weeks. Just look at a Trump rally. Look a the people there. We know these people. Especially redditors. We've been making fun of those people from pics linked to [peopleofwalmart.com](https://peopleofwalmart.com). ​ These are fucking tweakers. Plain as the teeth rotting in their mouths. These are the people that made shit like honey boo boo a hit show, pawn stars. It's tweakers and pillbillys. ​ Do not let these weirdass tweakers feel like they should be listened to about anything just because they bought a red fucking hat.


But they've always been the backbone of this town


Except now the spine is full of metastases from malignant colorectal cancer.


I was going to go with "then society has a collective case of scoliosis" but I think yours is better.


Those Damned Blue‐Collar Tweekers are beloved in this here town.


Heeeeeeey yuh Heeeeey yuh Shit, now I gotta go put that album on


Gravity has a way of educating those who don't believe in it.




It's just a theory!~~1


This is a good one. If you don’t mind, I’ll be using it in the future!


I’m not falling for it


True, Missourian here and can confirm.


You know what they say about Missouri: it loves company.


Also a true Missourian, lived here all my life. We are fucked.




Now imagine living there and being too poor to leave any other way than by joining the military. Unless you’re too old or disabled. Then the only way out is Jesus or oxy. Suddenly some rich guy from the tv shows up and promises economic and mental salvation for you, the first powerful person to do so in decades, plus some cathartic revenge on the “real enemy” ie those damn elitist liberals, black activists, and “job-stealing” immigrants. It’s like the high school quarterback stud suddenly asking the least popular girl in school to prom. Of course someone ignored and derided for so long is going to swoon over the lavish attention, the sudden elevation in social status and power, and thus devote herself to pleasing and defending her precious quarterback at all costs. She will also do everything she can to ignore the blatant fact that the star quarterback only asked her out so he and his friends could throw a giant party at her parents’ house, raid their wine cellar, fuck his girlfriend in her bed, and pee in her pool. Just like any narcissist, Trump spotted the most vulnerable people in our nation and exploited them. He put them on a pedestal, making them for once feel special and valued, and called their racism and sexism beautiful instead of ugly. But like any narcissist, he only used flattery as a way to gain control. Once a vulnerable person feels the high (and political power) that attention and flattery brings, their self-esteem quickly becomes tied to, addicted to, maintaining that high. Which means doing whatever it takes to please the narcissist, mentally contorting themselves into ever-more demeaning positions just to demonstrate their undying loyalty and keep that sweet flattery flowing. People deeply enchanted by a narcissist will go so far as to destroy their own lives in a vain effort to gain the narcissist’s approval (been there, done that). Trump’s followers have been given a taste of political power for once in their lives, or so they think, been told that their racism is a source of pride, not shame. At this point they are so addicted to his bullshit they will even destroy their own democracy just to try and retain his attention, and the false flattery and illusion of political power that goes with it.


This is a nice read, but I don't think it's fair to characterize liberals as "ignoring" these populations. Quite the opposite, actually. Liberals have frequently pointed to science, logic, and economics for their positions. The main fault of their delivery is that it comes across as "ivory tower" and the response from these communities is essentially "don't tell me what to do." When Al Gore told people in 2000 that climate change was going to be a problem, he was called a hypocrite and people went out and bought hummers. Trump didn't approach a segment of society for the first time, he just told them that nothing is their fault, and they don't have to change anything to get back what they lost. He'll get it for them. What he told people is that they don't have to fix things themselves, they don't have to adapt, they don't have to learn something new and they don't need to leave their homes. He told them he will bring back the past when things were better for them. He also made it very clear that this was primarily aimed at white people. Trump told these people exactly what they wanted to hear. That the problems were someone else's fault and they don't need to do a damned thing themselves to solve it. That itself isn't even a new message, but Trump pulled it off due to not being a lifelong politician at a time when populism is on the rise.


Hes gonna take you back to the past. To mine some shitty coal and find gas.


I think this is the most accurate description of the trump cult that I've ever seen


Fantastic post. It can be hard as hell to recognize, but in a lot of ways Trump's cult members are desperate victims. People who want their livelihood and stability back and will buy whatever is being sold in the hopes of getting it. They don't just want social safety nets to keep them from drowning (though those are important), they want to get back on the boat that's slowly leaving them behind.


It is more than that - they want their livelihood and stability back as long as they have to change absolutely nothing about their lives, their culture, their location, their beliefs, their education, their knowledge of the outside world, etc. As someone who has lived in the Deep South and has tons of relatives there, I hate this perpetual story that rural America has been "forgotten" and "abandoned." You know what, no. So many people have tried to help and change things, but any compassionate and intelligent person who has actual ideas gets run out of town on a rail, because the only suggestions they will accept is doing the same things they've always done - like pray, or listen to more right wing radio. They call liberals the elitist snobs, but who is the real elitist when the liberals will LEARN FROM THEIR BETTERS AND CHANGE, adapt new systems that work better in the modern world after admitting that there is a better way to do things than how we've always done them. I live and work in oncology in Boston, Ma, in one of the world's top research centers. Our state has the nation's best medical system and best medicaid system. Yet when I go down south to where theirs is the worst, I can't even open my mouth and talk about healthcare, because some guy who has never left the state, barely graduated high school, and is involved in 5 different pyramid schemes tells me I'm a got-danged communist trying to brainwash them with my evil librul ways, and I better shut that mouth of mine if I want to get along in their town. I even had one person ask me if I was a witch - SERIOUSLY, in THE UNITED STATES, in 2015! People try and help them, including their own people. They run them out of town while demonizing them. Just like they take in billions and billions of dollars from more successful, better run blue cities and blue states year after year, all the while claiming that the blue states are the takers, and they are the real capitalists of America keeping the country running - even when the only exports from their ruined town are teenage pregnancy and meth.


For clarity, you were asked if you were a witch but you did not state you are not infact a witch. That sounds like something a witch would do.


I’m from the South. Can confirm the witch allegations. After I moved away my Dad accused me of being a witch and “remotely controlling my stepmom’s blood pressure through spells”. She was having to wear a heart monitor and instead of actually acknowledging her rampant alcoholism and anorexia, it made more sense to them to I was casting spells on her.


The result of so many people voting against themselves for years


I drove from stl to KC in late September. the Trump to Biden sign ratio I saw outside the cities was wicked depressing. like.... I get wanting policies that you think will be best for the country, but this shit is just a sport. they want their guy to win and they want to buy his merch and pretend like they have a legitimate interest. it's really sad. I just want people to have their best possible life.


People *really do* treat politics like a sport. Their party becomes a solid part of their identity the same way that "Cubs fan" or "Fuck Tom Brady" does. Which is fine for sports but politics actually had an effect on people's lives. My favorite team is the Jets, but at least I can openly admit they're an embarrassing dumpster fire. And when my favorite team sucks, it doesn't cause millions of people to get kicked off their insurance.


Missouri here too, my neighbor doesn't believe in it and he knocks on our door every fucking sunday morning, like, bruh.


Get a sign write "positive for covid" on it and put it on your door. Make it look all biohazard like. Problem solved.


I'm pretty sure at this point, nothing would work, I mean, even after Trump was diagnosed and got treatment, he still doesn't believe it's real.


I live in Missouri too, my parents still don't believe it's real even after several people from their church that they *personally know* have died from covid. Some people have made a choice to be ignorant and all the facts and reality in the world won't change that. I'm in a rural part of the state and zero people wear masks in stores, schools, churches ect. It's so bad here.


Thanks to Mike Covid Parsons. A worn out shoe would be more effective at governing our state.


I prefer the newest and best nickname of Governor Hee Haw.


Username checks out?




I can’t believe that shit. I thought Galloway had a good chance.


There's only so much the tiny blue dots can do against the mural of red.


having to drag 60% of the state kicking and screaming into progress is fucking exhausting.


Agreed 1000% percent, source is Missouri born and lived there until I joined military and moved on.


Read more stories from doctors and nurses who are all on the verge of tears, one nurse said she often thinks of just yanking her car into a tree on the way to work to not have to face it anymore. works 16 hour shifts, comes home jumps in the shower and does a gattica like scrub to keep from infecting teh family and just time enough to go to bed and start again.. its effecting their marriages and family. they are at the breaking point and then they get a patent dying still calling it a hoax. and they see people refusing to do even the basic help to help alleviate the workload. and a president that constantly encourages it.


Bascially: covid isn't visually deadly enough to convince dumb people its real. It doesn't cause you to bleed like Ebola, it looks like the standard flu for the vast majority so dumbasses aren't scared of it. People are only afraid if the disease displays horrible visual symptoms like Measles and Ebola.


[“It first struck me how different it was when I saw my first coronavirus patient go bad. I was like, Holy shit, this is not the flu. Watching this relatively young guy, gasping for air, pink frothy secretions coming out of his tube.”](https://www.propublica.org/article/a-medical-worker-describes--terrifying-lung-failure-from-covid19-even-in-his-young-patients)


But see that's only in the Big Hospitals where the Deep State Dems are pulling a hoax and using CGI! In other words, until people start spontaneously developing boils or frothing pink shit out in public they won't care.


This is what I think too. But i can't believe when people test POSITIVE they don't care. I think that is insane.


A man I knew, died yesterday from Covid. He was in his early 70's. His wife died earlier this year from Covid. Their 47 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Covid. All 3 refused to wear masks, all 3 claiming as loudly as possible and to as many as possible, it's a hoax, nothing more. Both parents cussing at the nurses before being intubated, how Covid is NOT real but a hoax and using every cuss word they knew, yelling at these overwhelmed and overworked health professionals to the point that it was obscene. When the man died yesterday, I didn't feel any sorrow. The daughter is still hospitalized and carrying on the same as her parents did, the constant cursing and abuse. No way could I tell her sorry for her loss. Some of us sane people, like me, know Covid is very real and appreciate the health professionals who are trying to control a monster.


At what point should people forfeit the right to be saved?


Medical student here. Assuming they want treatment they never forfeit the right to be saved. There's a bunch of reasons for that but suffice it to say never.


I respect that perspective - but their actions aren’t just endangering themselves. Maybe I’m just a bad person but part of me just wants to let people like this die


So many people live within a very constricted mental bubble. They know what their religious leader tells them; they know what their political leader tells them; they know what their facebook circle tells them; and then....nothing. That's their worldview and they don't see anything outside of it.


Religious leaders advocating for the plague Pretty sure they're just devils in disguise


Its not a new thing. How many faith healers have there been that have said that all you need to do to be protected, to be cured of whatever ails you? That treatment would be spitting in god's face! Or, on the other hand, naming it righteous punishment from above for our sins and thus something to be outright embraced. The devil needs do nothing. Humanity makes his case for him.


This is why America has become the latest addition to the shithole club. A bit less than half the country are asshole reality deniers and make it way worse for anyone else. If anyone ever complains about welfare bums again, be sure to remind them of the massive economic drain that republican covid deniers are. They infect others and destroy economic confidence.


It is a fundamental reality that we need media reform in this country. Until facts matter, nothing matters. If it means we need to amend the first, so be it. You cannot have a functioning democracy when some asshole can say covid is fake to his 10m followers online and the TV he watches, social media he consumes all confirm his conspiracy theory.


I respectfully disagree. What you are suggesting is a sticking plaster over a gangrenous wound. What America, and especially states like Missouri actually need is a functioning education system. Republicans have been attacking the education system for generations specifically because poorly educated people are easier to scare and indoctrinate. If people were brought up to be able to think critically and raise their eyes beyond what’s going on just in their backyard it would not matter how many assholes are saying COVID is fake, it would not matter how many conspiracy theories are floated. Educated people would look at these assholes and just ignore them.


I know plenty of fully educated people that deny COVID. It's most definitely the media they are consuming that's the problem.


Well, looking at Facebook, most of the anti-masker wackadoos from my high school are college educated professionals. My sister in-law works at a surgery center where physicians downplay COVID. I took my son to an orthopedist for an ankle injury. The doctor wanted to fist bump me as he greeted us. His mask kept falling off. I told him he had to twist the strings before he put them on his ears for a better fit. These people are capable of logic, reason, and cognitive thought. They have been indoctrinated. The propaganda coming from conservative media and the White House is all they listen to and believe all of it as factual information. I feel like I live in an alternate universe.


I make vaccines at my work. I work with anti-vaxxers. I gave up trying to wrap my head around it.


Missouri loves company


Wow. This really explains why the woman that called me for contact tracing (though I am in TX) seemed to be happy to talk with me. She was super nice so it's sad to hear she might be getting a lot of harassment.




What?!? Why? People are harassing nurses just because they are nurses?




Holy shit. I wish you were making it up too. I'm sorry to hear your wife has been harassed. I'm embarrassed and frightened to read about these things happening in the USA. What the hell happened to us.




I'm struggling with feeling like everyone around me is stupid too (I'm in ohio in a very red rural county). I was just telling my dad about it yesterday, it makes me feel like I'm being a nasty bitch because I can't help but think a lot of these people are just too dumb to handle this situation. I'm not that smart, I was a bartender for 17 years until I became a stay at home mom, I only have like 12 college credits lol I know I don't know everything, but god damn these aren't my personal opinions that I invented with all my ignorance, I'm listening to experts and scientists! I shouldn't have to feel like a stuck up asshole for that. Everything is just so weird right now, I fucking hate it.


Hey I just wanted to tell you please don't sell yourself short by thinking that you aren't that smart because you tended bar and have 12 college credits. It's not necessarily the education level of the person that helps them think critically, it's the personality factor of being open to new experiences that allows them to be curious enough about the world to even look outside their previously accepted world views and this can open the door to the intellectual curiosity that is connected to critical thinking. There are PhDs that believe in creationism and that HIV doesn't cause AIDS.


My good friend is a nurse and a woman told her to leave the store aggressively because she was "spreading it around". She wasn't wearing scrubs but forgot to take her badge off her jacket (wears clothes to work, changes to scrubs, changes back to leave).


People were trying to invade hospitals when all this started to "prove they were empty". People harassed Medical staff while pumping gas. Idiots have been validated into violence.


I used to occasionally see nurses in scrubs shopping at the grocery store and ever since covid this summer, I just don't see them. Something had to cause it. I'm starting to wonder if that might be very common.


The reality is probably just that they aren't allowed to wear their scrubs home anymore. They have to be kept at the hospital so they can be cleaned a specific way. My mom used to wear hers home and sleep in them (working 12 hour shifts with a 2 hour long drive). Now she wears her regular clothes and changes into scrubs at the hospital.


This brought tears to my eyes. I am so embarrassed for America. My sister is a nurse working in Dallas right now. She has told me about people in the hospital with covid who are very sick who still believe it’s all a conspiracy. Imagine having a disease put you in the hospital and STILL thinking it’s fake.


This is the power of the big lie. This is what Rupert Murdoch and Trump have wrought. It’s sad that so many humans are so easily controlled.


"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." ~ 1984


*This did not start with Trump*. Lies about guns and gun control, lies about violent crime, lies about drugs, lies about economics, lies about labor unions, lies about people of color, lies about LGBTQ people, lies about fossil fuels, lies about pollution, and on and on. 50+ years of those lies, all of them as easily disproven as these lies about coronavirus, all of them destructive of health and happiness, and all of them woven into the fabric of day to day public discourse of policy.


Exactly. Anyone who remembers the HIV/AIDS crisis should not be surprised by the lies or by the behavior of the public.


The thing is: you have to trust the "system" (in this case doctors) to believe the diagnosis. If for some reason you think there's a huge conspiracy, then you might be convinced your symptoms are from something else, but the left/Bill Gates is classifying it as Covid to further their agenda. You can't prove yourself that it's Covid, you can't even prove that Covid exists because you need to be an expert to do this. Same with voter fraud. We (I.e. people who think the election is legit) don't "know" there hasn't been fraud, we haven't seen all the ballots and observed how they've been counted. We trust the system, the observers, the courts and (parts of) the media to bring it to light if there had been fraud. But if you think all of them are not trustworthy and think Trumps words are gospel, then yeah, you'll believe That's why what Republicans are doing is both showing in what a bad state the country is and damaging it further. To get to this point, trust in these institutions has to have been eroding for some time, but now they are further accelerating it with these baseless accusations


Crazy thing is Trumpers have 0 trust in the system that is run by Trump himself!! WHAT THE FUCK


As someone who graduated college with a bachelors in public health, this whole article depresses me. It makes me feel like I wasted all these years learning all about how to stop diseases from spreading and how to better educate the public, but the public doesn't want to be educated. Even my own father thinks he knows more about epidemiology than me because of something that was shared on Facebook. Really makes me lose faith in this country.


We are on completely different planets. Conservatives *can't even mention the possibility of a Biden administration starting on Jan 20* without fear of backlash from *their Republican base*. They can't even prep to be the opposition without being called Traitors. Yeah, Traitors - and without any irony at all. This is not just Giuliani looking stupid on TV - by the way, conservatives don't think he looks stupid. They think he's great and he's being unfairly attacked by the media. Again, we're on different planets. And people who think Jan 20 will be some magical day are in for a rude awakening. There is going to be administrative fuckery all the way down the line, supported by top level Republicans *because they're afraid of angering their base*. There is not going to be *any* leadership from the Republican side besides Trump Tweets. If you think otherwise, you are dreaming. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/11/18/conservatives-biden-presidential-transition-437945


“I have a night off from the hospital. As I’m on my couch with my dog I can’t help but think of the Covid patients the last few days. The ones that stick out are those who still don’t believe the virus is real. The ones who scream at you for a magic medicine and that Joe Biden is going to ruin the USA. All while gasping for breath on 100% Vapotherm (a high-flow respiratory aid). They call you names and ask why you have to wear all that “stuff” because they don’t have COViD because it’s not real. Yes. This really happens. And I can’t stop thinking about it. These people really think this isn’t going to happen to them. And then they stop yelling at you when they get intubated. It’s like an [expletive] horror movie that never ends. There’s no credits that roll. You just go back and do it all over again.” – JODI DOERING https://ktla.com/news/coronavirus/south-dakota-nurse-says-some-patients-deny-covid-19-is-real-even-as-they-die-from-it/


It's right wing conspiracy driven media. It gets crazier and crazier every day and it's normalized. Calling sources like AP and Reuters left wing media. That's the divide.


>Calling sources like AP and Reuters left wing media. You think that's bad? Just the other day, I was lurking on r/Conservative, and I found a video of a Fox News reporter cutting away from a news conference held by Kayleigh McEnany because she was spouting some bullshit about how the left was advocating for illegal voting. Went to the comments, and saw people whining and complaining about how Fox News is fake news, and how it's turning into liberal media. In other words, they're so far gone, they're willing to shit on Fox News and accuse them of left-wing bias if they even TRY to be more factual and decent. I was just utterly astounded by how far these people are willing to go to hold on to their lies. Like, Jesus Fucking Christ, that shit damn-near gave me a seizure.


I've seen people on that sub say fox news is far left. The fuck.


They are telling people that Newsmax and OAN are the bastions of truth these days...


This is why its so easy for the wealthy to stay super wealthy. So many stupid people that are too dumb to think for themselves.


Fox news is pivoting though and OAN is now the crazy right wing outlet. Fox has to at least attempt to be believable so that their more underhanded deception goes undetected. Which leaves room for more of the crazy sounding conservative outlets to increase viewership.


Between Hannity and Tucker they have the fringe right more than covered. They water it down a little bit when it’s just the news like in the afternoons or mornings, but prime time comes and out comes the poison kool-aid.


Man, every time I see the r/conservative link I click it to see what’s going on over there. I would say a good 3/4 of them are so far gone on trump there’s no turning back. I read a comment that said something to the effect of Fox News alienated their base. I’m pretty sure that no news source should have a base.


I don't have anything to add, except my distress that this country, and the world, is in fucking shambles and it's devastating. It didn't start with Trump, but by god did he cause the most damage to this country. We are in for a hell of a ride as america *plummets,* the actions of him and his cult are literally destroying this country, while simultaneously the global situation (climate change and growing unrest between global powers) becomes a huge threat. This is truly one of the most critical times in history, where we as a species can't just act as we have since we existed. We are in a position were we need to be better than we as a species have ever been, and frankly we've taken too many steps backwards recently for even the most optimistic outlook to come true.


I know this is evil/sick/etc but I am starting to think hospitals should have these denials sign a paper denying treatment for covid and then kick these people out of the hospital and say they won't be treated. Because really why waste precious resources on people that deny having covid? Sure the death rate will go up more, but nothing is going to get through these people no matter what. As even on their deathbed they will deny it.


Then they'd just go out and spread it more. I get the frustration you're feeling though. People are so selfish and it's literally killing our population and torturing our medical workers.


> I have people in my own family who believe COVID is a conspiracy and our doctors are getting paid off. The conspiracy nuts are the weirdest to me, it's like "Yes, the entire rest of the world, including countries that couldn't give a rat's ass about who runs the U.S. and countries that like the current president of the U.S. all banded together to make up a disease that didn't even get to the U.S. for the first three months of it's existence in some grand plan to make the president look bad..." Like if it was really some democrat conspiracy to make the president look bad **it would have fucking started somewhere in the U.S or at least got here sooner than three fucking months!** Like most conspiracy theories at least have some tiny little shred of making sense that people can latch on to make them popular. But this? Like WTF...


Not to mention that it requires believing that all these other countries completely tanked our economies, causing damage that will take many years to recover from.. why? Just to make the Trump administration look bad!?


Yeah, especially countries like Mali or Mongolia that aren't big players on the world stage and really barely care about who the U.S. President is. Yeah they totally would cause more damage to their economy than Trump ever would just to make him look bad.


Country is basically doomed. It's good to come on reddit to see like minded people who know the virus is real, gives a lot of hope. Then you go on Facebook or Twitter, just lose all faith. The country has dumbed itself down so much i feel like its irreversible.


I made a comment on Instagram On the daily show interview with Bill Gates about how it’s a shame he’s vilified for trying to help people with his money and just got bombarded with anti Vaxxers making outrageous claims. It was surreal.


I once read that just one bottle of motor oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of water, that’s enough for 100 people for a year. Trump came along, and he just toxified everything. Between him and Murdoch at Fox, let’s face it, they ruined this country.


That's letting the Nixons, Reagans, Gingrichs, and McConnells off farrrrrrr too easy.


Yes, and Rumsfelds, Chaneys, Wolfowitzs, and Bushes (TeeHeeHee, bushes)


Don't go forgetting the Kochs now!


The Prince family stands present as well.


If they don't say or do good things, what makes them good people? They're victims, sure, but "good" intentions do not a good person make.


>The statistics are “scary bad,” Elliott shared. “I go off of facts and evidence-based science, and right now, all the data in Missouri is scary bad. We only have about 70,000 people in St. Francois County, but we’ve had more than 900 new cases in the last few weeks. Our positivity rate is 25 percent and rising. The hospital is already at capacity.” At least they aren't South Dakota.


I own a business in that county, it was another punch in the gut when I read that. Seriously considering curbside only service.


Why not. Say you have a very sick relative. You “don’t know exactly what’s going on but you want to be cautious for your family member.” Seems like a low-key approach. And curbside is very popular in Arizona, for instance. Even parts of Utah. It’s not crazy.


The day I realized I’d never be able to understand the viewpoint of a trump conservative was about two years ago. There was a shooting at the mall where I worked and I was hiding with some coworkers in a back room. Obviously texting my fiancé and having no clue what to do and went to Twitter to see if I could get more information. After all was clear and we were gotten out of the mall I posted about it on Twitter and this MAGA guy tweeted “crisis actor.” I was there. In the mall. Hiding and contemplating what I’d do if a gunman barges in and I have seconds to live. This guy immediately jumps to it being a conspiracy theory. Maybe it’s because it’s not happening to him? But I don’t think that’s it; personally I think it’s because his reality is far different than ours. Fuck them. They are our enemies. They are enemies of the United States.


> Maybe it’s because it’s not happening to him? But I don’t think that’s it; personally I think it’s because his reality is far different than ours. There are people who are dying of covid right now who literally deny they are dying of covid right down to the moment they die of covid. So don't give them an inch of benefit; they will doubt that a crisis is happening right to the moment a bullet goes through their skull. A lot of Conservatives are the type of people that die first in horror and action movies: panicky or paranoid; rush to action without enough facts, make hasty decisions, and don't make any effort to trust but verify; no intelligent pragmatism of any kind, the only person they trust is their own self at the end. ***In short: they are absolutely brick stupid morons.***


>I know in my heart these are good people, but it’s like we’re living on different planets. No, they're not good people. Their behavior and beliefs make them bad people. Maybe they were good people at one time, but they're certainly not any longer.


....said it before and ill say it again ***i am NEVER forgiving trump, trumpsters or the GOP for what they did during this pandemic. I hope they fucking rot***


They will. The question is whether or not the rest of us rot with them. At this point I don't see us coming back from things in anything better than a dystopia that would have, only a few years ago, been relegated to bad scifi movies.


Rupert Murdoch.


there will be walkouts at every level if cases continue to climb, people won't keep putting themselves at risk to help people who refuse to be helped while subject to constant backlash for it


You would think, but the problem is that if people walk out they lose their health insurance, they lose their money, they could very well wind up homeless, dying of starvation, dying of preventable illness, dying of suicide because they can no longer see the psych that's helping them keep it all barely under control. That's why someone might tell those contact tracers the truth "i tested positive for covid." and then a lie "i'm at home". Because they have a shit choice, and unfortunately, catching and potentially dying of covid seems less inevitable, and less terrifying, for most folks in these situations than losing what little they've been able to hold on to if they play it safe. And, well. They might be right. Our society is messed up. It's horribly messed up. The systems that keep people working under these conditions and refuse to treat them like people (capitalism) are messed up. And nothing is going to get better until we address that. Not now. Not ever. Only worse.


Contact tracers don't take your money, inforce anything or turn you in. They just want a list of others to call to let them know that they might be infected. There is nothing lost by cooperating.


Trump is a clear and present threat to our country for a lot of reasons but politicizing this virus is unforgivable. I hope that’s what people will remember him for when he’s dead.


Living in rural Missouri, none of this surprises me. Most people refuse to wear masks, the schools aren't even trying to enforce mandates, older teachers are looking at retirement options and young ones are talking about switching careers. We *just* handed Parsons a full term as governor after seeing how he's handled this thus far, so whatever happens to Missouri, we asked for it.


Sadly it's not just rural Missouri. On the news here in KC a few days ago there was someone from the school system saying the same exact thing about contact tracing. That people won't cooperate, are intentionally lying about contact to make the job harder, and are even outright denying the positive test sitting right in front of them. This is a social media problem. While the results do increase in rural areas, this isn't about educational funding or population density anymore. This is an echo chamber problem. A lawyer in a major city with multiple degrees is just as susceptible to propaganda. I think it's time we all stop assuming we aren't one of them.




Also from Missouri. This is why I finally broke down and deleted Facebook. All the “memes” that a) weren’t funny b) didn’t make sense and c) were factually wrong. “Share this to make a lib cry!” Like what are we? This is shit children do. No one ever really posted original thoughts any more. It was just people sharing these stupid images. When Facebook introduced the “share” feature is when shit hit the fan and made it unusable. So glad to be gone from there.


Sounds like those dumb fucks aren’t reslly your friends


So true. Your conclusion is beyond accurate. Without correction and people understanding fact from opinion we are doomed. I read a statistic saying o 86% of students could not tell the difference between factual statements and opinions. I can imagine this might be similar in the adult population. We need change in social medi and a guiding hand to lead us to the truth. We should be arguing about budgets and how to solve problems not basic fact.


> read a statistic saying o 86% of students could not tell the difference between factual statements and opinions. [Link for the lazy](https://bigthink.com/amp/opinions-facts-2641549962)


Holy shit. Take the quiz they link to in the article where it asks you to differentiate between a fact statement and an opinion statement. It is incredibly easy, but only a *quarter* of American adults get them right. 75% of this country literally does not understand the difference between a fact and an opinion. No wonder we are so fucked.


Boy am I happy I got all of them right. Of course, it literally wasn’t hard at all to me but the fact that that many Americans get them incorrect worries me.


Fuck Parsons, completely and totally


Anti-intellectualism is a pandemic in and of itself jfc


As an outsider looking in, I can’t help but feel America has had its time in the spotlight. It feels like you’ve stopped functioning as a society and have been bear baited against one another by your corporate masters. Pretty sad to witness but also terrifying to think that China will likely take your spot as most powerful country on earth over the next few decades.


Their 'freedom' mentality has been abused by the elites, and now they are so uneducated and brainwashed that they really have no way out. Every great empire in history eventually collapses or recedes. America is on its way out.


Amber is actually a good friend of mine and I work in the area as a community pharmacist. This has been an incredibly stressful time for area healthcare workers, as it has been across the world. I genuinely cannot put into words how incredibly frustrating it is to deal with so much self-sabotage and ignorance from the community. I genuinely don’t think that I have had a single day at work that I haven’t had to try to convince someone that Covid should be taken seriously. It has finally started to really hit the area hard which is not good news. We have an incredibly high rate of heart disease, COPD, and obesity. I’ve been saying since December that our area will get absolutely wrecked if it gets a foothold. My sister works at the health dept. with Amber and cries most days. They have physicians in the area that are opposing mask mandates. The day they announced the mandate, my sister had to be escorted to her car by police because people were being so belligerent. We have done nothing but serve the community for years, myself the better part of a decade. That apparently earns no goodwill or trust from them. I am genuinely disgusted with the area and think daily how nice it would be to be able to speak to them collectively and try to explain why this is happening and that it is the fault of people like them. Alternatively, it would be nice to line them all up and, in an orderly fashion, slap the actual shit out of them.


I keep hearing “it’s not Ebola!” What happens when it IS something even worse than covid? This is getting dark. The way to take down the US seems to be as simple as to infect one person and then watch the shit show.


The crazy part is that covid-19 is far *less* deadly than the last two coronavirus outbreaks, SARS and MERS, although much more contagious. MERS has something like 35% mortality. We got super lucky that this one is relatively mild.


COVID-19 is doing so well *because* it's less deadly. Since people aren't dropping like flies on the streets people don't see it as a big deal and proceed to do nothing to stop its spread because they think they'll be able to survive just fine even if they get infected. As the saying goes, overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.


I saw a lot of people talking like that at the very beginning of the outbreak, but nobody actually seems to think that anymore. Now everyone either takes it seriously despite the relatively small risk it will kill them because almost everyone knows at least one person who had died from it, or they deny it actually exists and claim it's a vast global conspiracy against Donald Trump. COVID-19 is doing well now because belief in it's existence has somehow been turned tribal. There are huge swathes of this country now where acknowledging that the virus is real will get you disowned and ostracized by your family/church/social circles.


So that NY Times article is quoted in saying “we’re nearing the point where everyone knows someone who has *had* COVID,” not died. The deaths in the US is at 250,000 (this is still very serious) which is far too small to say nearly everyone knows someone who has died from Covid. I’m your counter example if you want it. I don’t personally know anyone who has died from it.


Diseases with high morality rates tend to be less infectious purely because people are very obviously dying and therefore quarantined or self-quarantine. Sometimes it’s purely logistical - you can’t go out if you’re lying in bed dying of pneumonia.


Why you gotta play politics by telling the truth?^\s


Ask a climate scientist.


The small grocery story in the tiny rural Mo town I live in took all covid regulation signs and posters about masks and distance the day after the election. I'm certain it's political as I've heard every week how the "scamdemic" would be over as soon as the election is done.


My mom immediately started in about how she hadn’t heard a word about COVID since the election about 2 days after votes were cast. Meanwhile we were having our highest number of cases as a country ever. It’s just fucking pathetic.


I work at a grocery store in this god forsaken state, and around 25-30% of our customers refuse to wear a mask. They’re belligerent and rude about it too but that comes with little surprise. It’s gotten so bad that we’ve been instructed not to say anything when someone comes in without a mask because we’ve had numerous yelling matches and employees getting harassed. I say fuck that and still hawk them down until that mask covers their nose but it is really sad what’s going on in this backwards ass state


Gotta say, here in south STL everyone in the store is wearing a mask. Every once in a while you’ll see an elderly person with theirs under their nose, but that’s about it. Get out in St. Louis county, and it’s a different story... Any further out than that and people just do not give a fuck. I also never saw a single Trump sign in my neighborhood. Went out to the county and they were EVERYWHERE.


I’m a laboratory scientist in one of Missouri’s larger hospital systems. Our 7 day average has been getting close to 50% and it’s still climbing. Our staff are getting it and we are all getting overworked. We had a patient come in as a trauma and was covid+. We did not have the ability to treat him for everything he needed in our hospital. When I left the doctor had been rejected by 16 other hospitals. He did not make it out of our ER. People are going to start dying in ER rooms and basically in the street waiting for treatment and half our population is licking trumps nuts thinking this thing is over.


I think we've entered a neo-dark age, just as Carl Sagan predicted we would, and it seems like it happened largely within the span of just a few years. I realize that there have always been yahoos, but this is just ridiculous.




Just a few decades ago you were considered a wiz if you could connect to the internet and go on forums. Technology, the internet, and communication had a barrier of entry; that meant, for the most part, it was intelligent people talking. Not saying there weren't complete assholes or nutjobs. It's just too easy to be heard nowadays. A social media account takes seconds to set up and you're ready to connect with other idiots thanks to engagement algorithms and then it's off to the races with tweets, posts, and shares. It's braindead easy to get a website set up, or to write for a blog or Medium, so you're suddenly a "source of information." Having your idiotic takes be heard and finding like-minded fools is far too easy. The irony of living in the information age.


Jane Jacobs wrote a book in 2004 called Dark Age Ahead. I read it years ago but it didn’t resonate. I’ll have to read it again since our society is loosening at the seams. Edit. “The collapse of one sustaining cultural institution enfeebles others, making it more likely that others will give way. With each collapse, still further ruin becomes more likely, until finally the whole enfeebled, intractable contraption crashes. Beneficent corrections of deterioration are not guaranteed.” (Jacobs, p.28)


She made the right choice. Her life is vastly more important than theirs, so now she just needs to pack her shit and leave Missouri.


This is the real deal truth right here.


Problem with that is when all the smart people leave, everybody suffers. And those people who have nobody smart to learn from spread their stupidity around online, creating stupid people in other places. Those stupid people will cause smart people to leave their jobs in other towns and cities and you end up with more stupid people spreading stupidity. Everybody loses when stupid people force smart people out of a job.


Brain drain is real. There is reason why college educated young adult want to move to the cities.


I was born in that county and have family still there and this doesn't shock me at all.


I have band practice in that county. Every time I stop at a gas station to get beer heading in, I'm almost always the only person with a mask on besides sometimes an employee. Scary bad is correct...


Good smart people quitting is the down fall of humanity. When all the smart people quit you're left with stupid people in charge, and when stupid people are in charge they don't treat anything seriously so things get worse and worse.


We need more school funding, but all of it goes to military and politicians’ pockets


I want to cry. I’m pretty sure my uncle was one of the pieces of shit harassing this poor woman.


The really sad part about this, it is not just Missouri, it is happening everywhere. People who are infected are in denial and won't cooperate with Contact Tracers if they are contacted at all. People dying of COVID-19 are in denial of even having the infection. There are 70 million people in the US who voted for Trump and most if not all believe that the pandemic is a Democratic "hoax".


America is seriously fucked.


It’s the media. When a major figure in the media says NEWS FAKE/FAKE NEWS Or FACTS ARE FALSE That little suggestion runs rampant in people minds. So with those suggestions they will doubt the truth and see it as “bad” It’s basically beliefs>facts You would be surprised at just how blind, greedy and selfish some people are when it comes to the mask thing.


God fucking damnit.......Mike Parsons is such a fucking piece of shit. I work in a St. Louis hospital, and let me tell you.......we're fucking full again with covid. The St. Louis Metro Taskforce Pandemic leader asked him to make a mask mandate, and his response? Basically "Nah son we good we'll just monitor LOL" I mean, Ole bulldog ass having face Parsons JUST got coronavirus at the end of September. He's such a fucking joke, the typical old white republican politican. It makes me fucking livid because he basically spits on all healthcare workers.




What is happening is the [Paradox of Tolerance](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance) playing out in real time live action. >if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them


I also like the parallel sentiment attributed to Raphael Cohen-Almagor: > ...to allow freedom of speech to those who would use it to eliminate the very principle upon which that freedom relies is paradoxical.


moved out of there ages ago, best decision of my life


Wasn't expecting this to literally be the county I live in when I clicked this link, but in retrospect, it makes sense. There are a lot of anti-maskers in St. Francois County, and more than a few of them are the conspiracy types, it's just horrible that it's gotten to the point where Amber has had to resign. I've actually met her in the past when I was doing some minor work for the SFC Health Center, and they're really just a bunch of great people over there. Even before the pandemic, they were operating on a shoestring budget and providing a lot of essential services for the community. It is utterly heartbreaking that, in the middle of one of the greatest health crises our county will ever face, they're getting threats and harassment instead of the respect and cooperation they deserve.