EDITS BC I TRIED TO BETTER FORMAT :/ Below this is a copy and paste comment. I swear I am not a bot; I’m truly proud of RU: and excited to share her work and some of her background… I hope this is the right community to post this to… I think it is. RU: is a Richmond VA, USA native and part of a music community that’s been working tirelessly to bring more awareness to the talent and creativity our city has to offer. We’re tired of people leaving our city, or not exploring their talents, because they feel like their city offers no support. We’re tired of seeing people not allowing themselves a bright future because they can’t even think about going to these other cities of dreams. I’ve worked with RU: and her team personally, and they are great people. They love their community and uplift others. I’m so proud of her work and wanted to share her newest video/single with everyone I can. Thanks and hope you enjoy!