Im gonna run for office… everyone in jersey gets 3 chickens and a coop… and this problem goes away… until the chickens take over


We have 6 chickens in our backyard, and they will gladly eat them off the ground and our plants. PS plant milkweed in your gardens, not only will you attract lanternflies, but also monarch butterflies. The milkweed is poisonous to the lanternflies.


I have a delicious solution to that kind of problem, fortunately


I feel it will become family guy where the chicken just come out of no where to punch peter.


Let the chickens take over? 😂


Yes, and then…


???? Profit


those things are frightening when surrounding a car by the hundred+


I figure it’s either lantern flies or chicken overlords… theres no middle ground here


Former mailman here, and I dealt with the turkey vultures too. Chop the lead bird or two in the neck and they all back off. That's the key to keeping those twats away


Are turkey vultures aggressive?


We've had aggressive turkeys in our neighborhood but I've never seen a vulture act that way.


I hate how fast they jump 😤


But they only have three or four jumps then they get tired.


Little bastards seem to have infinite amount of jumps when I try to squish them 😤


I fake the first squish; they jump like little bitches..when they land is when I attack. They use a lot of energy on those jumps..also they can only jump forward..know thou weakness and ye shall prevail..make spotted lantern tattoo for ground.


Attack from the front!


Attack from all sides!!!


Attack on Titan!


Nein wir sind die Jäger!


If you try to jump on them from behind they fly away. It's much easier to get them from the front like u/twoheadedhorseman says. If you come from in front of them, they either don't move or they fly right under your foot.


It’s infuriating!!!! 🥵


I find using a dish towel or small blanket and whapping at them works because they jump into it.


They always jump forward. Stomp in a backwards direction. We


Did you have to end your comment there so you could kill one? Lmao.


The laternflies got 'em. RIP


Wait, hold on brb....


I hate how they fly on your neck always fr behind too. The front would be worse actually. You automatically feel it body reacts you grab your neck and throw the bitch down.


Oh god thankfully that hasn't happened to me yet 😳


Yeah its the worst they always go toward the back of the neck. Probably because they think it is a tree trunk lol.


Buy Bug a salt bug salt gun.


I put the Dawn Dish Soap and Water mixture in a knockoff Super Soaker I bought at Stop and Shop and coated a branch with it that had dozens of the babies on them. They are supposed to die but I’m not sure. It was fun, though.


you have to really coat them with soap bubbles, they will curl up and die with a few sprays


When I first came across them doing a job like 3 years ago in PA the school I visited they were using Dawn dish soap mixed with water and Listerine. And they had hundreds of these fucks just flying down and landing around the school.


Need something bigger like a salt antitank rocket launcher.


Took many aggressions out on them


I keep a spray bottle with a dish soap mixture but the front door. If you hit them with that, it makes it difficult for them to jump far. Usually they fall to the ground for a good old fashion stomping.


Ya know, I thought people were exaggerating with these things but they really are fucking everywhere. I step on a few every single time I walk the dog.


Next time you're in a park, take a close look at the trees. They blend in on them so you don't notice.




i went to the edge of the pine barrens a few weeks ago, they are in there. they are everywhere. like if they're literally breeding in the barrens on top of everywhere else, i don't even want to know how many we have.


Man at LEAST 11.


yeah we have them in the Great Swamp also, not sure how the park system is planning to control them.


The Pelosi’s bought stock in these things….


What a retarded thing say


Spray with a 50/50 mix of dish soap and water. They drop immediately.


Is that right? That wouldn’t kill them though would it?


It does, dish soap + water is fatal to insects.


They need to be killed. They will kill trees & plants.


they said "wouldn't," like they were concerned this was not deadly enough, not like they were concerned for their well-being


We already lost that battle unfortunately. I remember a video posted on this sub like last year showing what looked to be thousands swarming somewhere in South Jersey. We’re just delaying the inevitable.


I grew up in Maryland when the stink bugs invaded one summer. We were instructed do this and it worked like a charm. I remember nothing but videos and photos of people with filled up buckets of dead stink bugs in soapy water


it does


…and then burn that MFer up


Was much more aware of the nymphs this year around my house so there’s definitely less full-sized ones now (or so I think)


Except they'll fly over from your neighbors, lay eggs on your trees, rinse and repeat, season after season. I think the only way to really solve it is get everyone involved (which will never happen) or the state, which will probably do nothing as well... we're on our own and it sucks!


Aren't we being a bit naive in thinking that these can be safely eradicated let alone controlled? I have to believe there are already billions of them all around us and until predators develop a taste for them, we're fucked.


I’ve perfectly maintained my bird bath and bird feeders this summer, so my backyard is always full of birds. Lots of gray catbirds. Obviously this is anecdotal, but the number of these bastards in my yard this year is a fraction of what it was last year. I credit all my birb friends for it.


They apparently spread in a wave. They seem to infest an area heavily for a year or two then move out from there. Predators are figuring out they are food.


I have read a bit here and there about certain birds preying on them this year. We had a bunch of nymphs a couple of weeks back but I haven't seen any others since then. Woodpeckers and Jays seem to like the buggers but who knows. Glad to see another bird bath owner out there. We started leaving shallow bowls and trays of water out for other thirsty critters lately too. The heat and lack of water is tough on wild life for sure and they need our help. Only a matter of time before we find a bear chilling in the pool here.


The lanternfly feed on Tree Of Heaven (Ailanthus) as a main host plant. The TOH itself is a noxious weed in North America, and grows uncontrollably, crowding out native tree species. Lanternfly also feasts on other native trees, causing them to die. The combination of Tree Of Heaven and Spotted Lanternfly will not be balanced out naturally in our ecosystems without heavy manual intervention.


Where is this? I'd spray them immediately. They jump but are pretty slow. They've made it to the way northern parts of the state & NYS too. We need a good long frost.


I saw them in Midtown Manhattan yesterday. They are spreading everywhere.


My cousin saw them in the oculus! 😭


I saw them in an oculus rift! The fuckers are going virtual!


Zuckerberg...I knew it.


I literally squished 50 of them waiting to get into a building at the bottom of Manhattan yesterday


Supposedly people in very tall highrise buildings are complaining that the Spotted Lanternfly are covering their windows on the 21st floor. I dont know anyone that lives in the buildings but I'd imagine they crawl up there pretty easily.


Central NJ. Not my property so I can't do anything about them. This is a tree of heaven. They seem to leave other trees alone. The state really needs to work on taking out these trees, kill their food source.


Take some [copper nails](https://www.hunker.com/13424362/how-to-kill-trees-with-copper-nails) and a hammer along next walk. 😉


Holy shit


Old farmer trick. Cutting a tree down can leave a root that continues to sprout for years. Killing the tree first usually prevented this.


Tell the owner.


With what


Someone else in the thread said 50:50 dish soap and water.


I've been seeing these guys around north NJ since 2020. Long frosts won't help at all


With all the mild winters we have nowadays thats not happening. I hate how the local weathermen always celebrate 70 degrees in December.


Rip and tear until it's done.


I killed my first two today, I felt like a conquering hero!




Hoboken has tons of them, I check my car before coming home, luckily I have tons of tree frogs and toads and wolf spiders hopefully it keeps them at bay at home


Burn down that whole tree




Holy heck. Any safer options instead of fire or Raid?


Neem oil; insecticidal soap (potassium soap.) I haven't had them in my yard yet. I've seen plenty where I work (urban district in Northern NJ). I kill 3 or 4 of them walking to my car in a parking lot each day!!! Smash them or spray them!!! (And hope for an early frost!)


Carful, that’s how it starts..then they make a nest on your vehicle and it happens to hatch in the comfort of your driveway..🤦🏻‍♂️


Horticultural oil


BUG A SALT it's a big gun that sprays salt kills them instantly but you have to be close. Don't know how it works on adults but I expect it would give the same results.


Use their instinct to jump against them by trapping in an old water or soda bottle, [as seen in this video.](https://youtu.be/zyggQJz46PE) We’ve had em in Philly the past few years and use littered bottles to catch them. Win win. Please enjoy our delightful accent, and watch to the end to see what the egg patches look like. In the Fall you’ll want to scrape those off and put them into a plastic bag with alcohol based hand sanitizer, killing hundreds with each pass. Godspeed, bug slayers.


Get an empty spray bottle and mix 50/50 dawn dish soap and water. If you spray them with that they will die.


Is Raid so bad when you’re fighting a plague?


I use Ortho Home Defense. I spayed all of our tree trunks. Our neighbor got rid of their Tree of Heaven and this year is minimal.


Thats like saying are nukes bad when we're out of bullets. Dont spray raid outside.


Because of wildlife?


Yes, we don’t want to kill other insects or birds


I have found raid doesnt work


Holy crap just came from Long Island City working on a data antenna. And me and the guys literally went on a killing spree. Not cool at all but there screwing up our eco




Probably electric lantern bugs


I was getting a ton of young ones on my balcony. Not so much recently. I've been blasting them with the bug-a-salt gun I bought.


How well does that gun work? Kills them instantly how close you have to be. Does it work on adults too.


Doesn't work well on adults but it does help stun them for a stompin


Well that works too one tonstun and then just finish them yourself. Not shoot it again.


If you hit them from the top at their wings it mostly just knocks them down. If you get their side/under them you can get a kill. Usually I'll hit them once to stun and another to kill.


naw cuz my friend sent me a pic saying “look how cute these are”…. bless her soul.


Still crazy to me that it didn’t really hit NJ til now. I went to college in Pennsylvania and campus was completely infested with these guys back in spring 2019


No they've been here a couple years. Just getting worse Also depends on part of NJ. Near me, been bad. Coworkers down south were shocked last year


I see them all around my town, but not in my town. Case in point: I live 15 minutes from the beach. I saw tons dead and washed up on the shore. I also see them at Dorbrook park in Colts Neck when I go there. I live in Monmouth County and I’ve never seen one in my yard.


All over Kutztown Fall 2018. So many of them that they would fly into you as youd walk to class


They hit Morris county last year. Funny I was in Strasburg, PA mid-August last year. They were all over the place there. Within a week or two, they appeared here. I first spotted them in my bedroom behind the shades, which made me wonder if I had brought one home with me. The large amounts I saw at work in the parking lot convinced me otherwise. This year, I'm already spotting the first groups of adults and still seeing nymphs.


I saw a bunch in Morris County in 2020, apparently they've been in the state since June 2018


My town was posting about in in September 2019. We only had a few then. Now it's apocalyptic.


They were in NJ in 2016, so


It still hasn’t hit south jersey, like true south jersey Cape May county, Atlantic County. At least I have yet to see one. I see a fair amount working in Philly and I’ve seen them in Cherry Hill and Swedesboro.


I blame Pennsylvania entirely


Ughh the worst! The fact that they will fly into you and the jumping! They are also huge now as adults.


Damn, I was hoping it wasn't as bad this summer. I'm only just starting to see adults and not nearly as many as last year.


They’ve left a greasy, sticky mess on my patio, too. A nasty tree of heaven branch is overhead. Ugh.




Ugh I'm worried I'm not diligent enough. I work during the day so I never see them and I'm worried I'm not doing my part to kill them


I was on the beach yesterday and they kept landing on our chairs and umbrella. On the freaking beach. No trees to be seen.


Some [useful info](https://www.farms.com/news/spotted-lanternfly-experts-debunk-myths-about-the-prodigious-pestilent-pest-164065.aspx) on common myths about the spotted lanternfly.


I am pretty sure we already lost the war. I see them everywhere. The good news are that our birds are starting to recognize them as preys.


Carp, snakehead, Covid, now this???


Throw out the entire forest.


Burn it with fire


I legit have not seen one yet. I guess I’m lucky.


We need phasers.


I saw them for the first time ever in Brick today, ugh.


They are all over East Brunswick.. including Midstate mall Best buy..


This was right around the corner from there.


My kids’ favorite pastime is filling their water guns with a little dish soap and doing target practice on these. I’ve also noticed my dogs catching and eating/biting them.


Please be careful with the dog eating them. They're too new to the area to know if they are toxic or not. My dog tries to eat them. I grab her, run in the house, and lock my door. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|scream)




Nah it was Trumps fault for not finishing the wall


I no longer kill them. I have brokered a peace with them. They have agreed to let me be among the trusted humans when they take over. I will have my own home and access to food and entertainment.


Oh, so your saying that they’ve teamed up with Alexa. All hail our insect and robot overlords.


I don't understand. We know what works. We know of the adhesive trunk traps, we know. We can fix it... and the townships do nothing. They're going to ruin our trees completely... and they do nothing at all.


The traps are dangerous to mammals and birds. Also, citizens and townships putting out traps and going on Rambo soap+water assaults isn't going to do anything, since they can repopulate comfortably in wooded areas and come back. This problem needs the state to invest in an organized insect eradication plan, not telling people to waste their efforts killing a handful of bugs when they reproduce in batches of 30-50 at a time.


I saw something about the adhesive traps were getting birds stuck on them , maybe that's not why theure using them. Either way something has to be done about these things.


I really doubt there isn't a glue that is strong enough to catch a bug but weak enough to let a bird free itself easily. Bears don't get caught in mousetraps.


Anecdotal from a random chatty man in Shop Rite, but apparently birds are getting stuck.


A bird got stuck on mine but then flew away. It’s fine- the thing literally catches hundreds of lanternflies in only a few days of being up.


Kill. Them. With. Fire. 🔥


I have been noticing, after a large group of them in trees, they leave a large black stain on the trunk. Almost like the tree is immediately dying.


Yes that is essentially lanternfly urine. That doesn’t mean the tree is dying, but what happens is that sticky substance attracts other insects to also feed on the tree, accelerating its decline.


I only noticed because I was sitting under the tree and was getting dripped on by some sap and Iooked up and saw them.


Yup, frickin nasty.. I even tried scrubbing & power washing it, only a very little came off.


It's sticky honeydew, that turns to black mold


[NJ’s Lanternfly Website](https://www.nj.gov/agriculture/divisions/pi/prog/pests-diseases/spotted-lanternfly/) [You can report your sighting to the state.](https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/1d6503488aab4deab3dc9a2a874483a6)


I read don’t bother reporting now, just kill. …we’ve been reporting for weeks and nothing.


It's statewide now, no point in reporting. I got hit in the face boating at the LBI shore by an adult. It's over.


I do pest control for a living for anyone dealing with lantern flys near your house/buisness, you can grab a sprayer from home Depot and grab a packet of alpine wsg from Amazon. So far from every chemical I've tried it's worked the best for them. The only problem is spraying trees and other vegetation does come with extra rules. Alpine wsg- https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.com/Alpine-Water-Soluble-Granule-Insecticide/dp/B00OZ9C6WC&ved=2ahUKEwi0tZPDpLP5AhXBrIkEHSNfAeUQFnoECGIQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0S0vlJwQ7L1NpHe6JxsOe2 1 gal sprayer - https://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-1-Gal-Pump-Sprayer-1501HDXA/307766754


Spraying strong pesticide outdoors in wide areas is an awful idea. I see this stuff you linked to is meant for ants. Treating ants in just one's own small backyard or in the home is a totally different consideration because of the smaller scale (and the lack of rainfall indoors.) You're suggesting this to random people on reddit, not to a co-worker who knows what they're doing. I do not want to see Joe public with these professional grade poisons spraying down the trees in their local jogging trail. We do not want this crap in our local streams, parkland forest floors, and wetlands.


First no, it's not for ants, If you know about pesticide labels it's registered for later flys, roaches and other general pests. i also said about spraying trees and other vegetation in my post being more rules oriented. Most of the new pesticides we use have detailed labels included to help with pesticides. If they're here and read enough to get here and click the links I think they may be able to look at included labels.


>alpine wsg Wtf NO! Do not start spraying that stuff around your property! It's highly toxic to honey bees, among other things. (And as a rule, almost nobody reads fine print and warning labels. They should, but they don't. Telling a bunch of laymen to use a very harmful pesticide is a very bad idea.) Here's a fun excerpt from its [safety data sheet](http://legacy.picol.cahnrs.wsu.edu/~picol/pdf/WA_archive/61430.pdf.2014-09-19): ​ >ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS > >This pesticide is toxic to aquatic invertebrates. DO NOT apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. DO NOT apply when weather conditions favor drift from treated areas. Drift and runoff from treated areas may be hazardous to aquatic organisms in water adjacent to treated areas. DO NOT dispose equip- ment washwaters or rinsate into a natural drain or water body. > >This product is toxic to honey bees. The persistence of residues and potential residual toxicity of Dinotefuran in nectar and pollen suggests the possibility of chronic toxic risk to honey bee larvae and the eventual instability of the hive. This product is toxic to bees exposed to residues for more than 38 hrs following treatment. > >DO NOT apply this product to blooming, pollen-shedding or nectar-producing parts of plants if bees may forage on the plants during this time period, unless the application is made in response to a public health emergency declared by appropriate state or federal authorities. Dinotefuran and its degradate, MNG, have the properties and characteristics associated with chemicals detected in groundwater. The high water solubility of Dinotefuran, and its degradate, MNG, coupled with its very high mobility, and resistance to biodegradation indicates that this compound has a strong potential to leach to the subsurface, under certain conditions, as a result of label use. Use of this chemical in areas where soils are permeable, particularly where the water table is shallow, may result in groundwater contamination. > >Alpine WSG is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds. DO NOT apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds if bees are foraging in the treatment area.


Had my place sprayed for mosquitoes...also gets the lanternflies. I need to sweep the dean ones off my de k...


Yes, pesticides will kill all the bugs indiscriminately. Not a great solution.


I recently bought the sprayer from home depot, and then 4 oz of Bifen IT, if you are familiar. My brother swears by it for deterring lanternflies. Any opinion on the bifen?


Not fully familiar with Bifen but it's a synthetic pyrethrin. We use a lot of these mixtures and the closest one to this talsar p, which is one of the chems we use for termite and big mosquito jobs. It's formulated to kill a large spectrum of bugs so I would recommend it if you have a lot of pollinators around your house as it could also kill them.


This is flame thrower worthy.


Put double sided tape to get em stuck


Not sure this is recommended any longer since birds wings are getting stuck too.


Sure is, I’ve seen one every day so far.


Just burn the whole area.


YouTube videos on 'How to make a trap'


What if they ate the Green Heads?


What if they bread with the green heads?


Good Lord


Side topic. Anybody else dealing with this horse fly nonsense?


Burn them with fire and acid. These things are just horrifying. Nymphs aren't any better.


Common Maryland L


Saw one in Clifton today.




kill it with fire


I work in Jersey City and they showed up in force last week.


WTF is this? I have been through the 17 year cicadas in Illinois and that was horrible, but I have never heard of this? Do they actually light up like a lantern at night to redeem themselves?


no, there’s nothing cool about these cunts. they are weird as all fuck and will fly directly into your face / hair / neck. they can fly but have awful flight control so will literally fly into you. i am a grown man but scream like a child when i see them, no insect has ever caused such a visceral reaction in me like these do. i DREAD walking outside this time of the year because of them


Holy shit, these are the things I kept seeing floating around coney Island Beach yesterday. There really are a plague.


I kill these daily when I walk my dogs. 🫠


They’re everywhere! Central jersey feels like we’re under attack smh


Can you take back Oz please? You can keep the those thou lol


One tried to snatch onto my leg while I was walking in to work. I flicked it off. Mfers.


Saw one, it saw my cat. Laters fly fucked off real fast and i havent seen another yet. Maybe I'm lucky


Kill them! Kill them all. Use a computer freeze spray Canister before they have a chance to flee . The little b&st&rds won’t know what hit them like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man . The Looks like they like the north side of a tree, must be something they enjoy feasting upon when they are there.


Flame thrower 🔥 and of course a extinguisher for safety 🧯






Here we go again


I work at the Airport in Philly my manager said millions of them came in on a Lafthaunsa plane out the luggage part


If it's this serious what is the government doing? If they wanted they could annihilate them. It's like they don't care Why don't they spray for them and send out crews. I reported a siting and nothing happened.


Why don't you talk to the owner and tell them they are there and kill them please. You can report a sighting but the government usually doesn't give a shit. Nothing happened when I did.


I was just in Philly and they are all over the city


You can line the tree trunk with sticky tape ‘skirt’ to catch them. Kinda like fly-paper but it circles the tree. Kill them if you see them!


Squirt bottle with soap and water and squirt from below so they get flipped over. They die once they’re on their backs.


Why tf don’t i have any of these in my yard. I hear about them constantly, but haven’t seen a single one. Not that i want them, it’s just weird




Problem is the tree of heaven which they are attracted to, grows like a weed out here and is invasive. Those trees (or the beginning stages of them) are everywhere, even in between cement cracks and places with little to no sunlight. It’s crazy.


I've killed a few but I haven't seen anything like what's in the pic.